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Unread 03-11-2018, 04:37 AM
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Default Mental Attributes

Reason: To counteract the ease at which young, skilled workers can be exploited and pushed, as well as provide incentives to utilise older members of your roster.

The Idea: As is seen in many sports simulation games (most notably the Football Manager series), add a category of stats relating to the ‘mental’ ability of workers. A couple examples of these ‘mental’ attributes would be:
  • Composure: The worker’s ability to perform under high pressure situations. Examples of varying ‘pressure situations’ could include headlining a TV Show, headlining a major show, competing in a championship match, etc. The higher this value, the better a worker will handle pressure situations, with minor pressure situations (such as competing in a mid-card championship match) requiring a lower amount of composure to avoid a penalty than with higher pressure situations.
  • Maturity: A worker with low maturity is more likely to develop bad habits (such as drinking and drug use), is more likely to become egotistical due to a push, is more likely to react negatively to handling of backstage incidents. A higher level of maturity with negate these effects, and in the highest levels, cause opposite effects: workers are more likely to drop negative habits, will generally respond better to handling of incidents.

These stats would only improve through experience and aging. To ensure that the games remain unpredictable (just as a CornellVerse worker’s potential is set to ‘random’) these stats could be set to random, with a score being generated when the game begins.

Composure would go up through interaction with locker room leaders and other veterans, but there would also be elements of past successes/failures impacting the stat. For example, Spencer Spade starts the game with 50 Composure, and through a rather quick push reaches 60 in time for a big main event match at The Supreme Challenge, against a veteran in the shape of Angry Gilmore (who would have exceptional composure due to his experience and history of performing well). The match doesn’t hit its full potential because of Spade’s composure penalty, but doesn’t bomb and is an overall ‘good’ experience for Spencer, raising his composure further.

However, if this match for whatever reason was particularly below par (perhaps tied with event prestige to define this, so an event with Legendary prestige like SC would expect at least an 80 rated main event) Spencer takes a knock to his composure. This means that rushing young workers to the top could actually hurt their long-term ability.

Composure would also gradually go up as the worker spends more time in the industry, so by the time Spencer Spade is a 15-year veteran his composure should reach a comfortable level, especially when combined with title reigns and some headlining spots.

Maturity would rely on spending time in a stable locker room, interaction with locker room leaders and vets, handling of incidents (if Spade decides to have an argument with a fan and I do nothing, both his behaviour and his maturity remain the same or get worse) and age.

This obviously needs a lot of polish and expansion, but I feel like it'd be a good step towards making players take things a bit slower with young workers, risking damaging their long-term use if they don't handle the early years of their careers properly. It also gives some more purpose to the veterans on your roster.
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Unread 03-11-2018, 05:35 AM
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What would differentiate composure from consistency in the current game mechanics?
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Unread 03-11-2018, 06:28 AM
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Consistency is a mostly flat stat that just means how often a worker performs at their usual level. Composure would change based on the circumstance of the pressure situation, increases through experience in said positions, and would be lower in young workers.

An example would be, say KC Glenn is working an indie show for MAW. He has good consistency (85) and his composure level would likely be enough to get through the match. Now say it's a guy with low consistency and identical composure - this guy has a chance of screwing up the match because of his poor consistency, even though he isn't feeling 'pressured'.
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Unread 03-11-2018, 07:32 AM
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To expand as well, workers often lose consistency as they get older, but as we’ve seen dozens of times, they can still pull it together for the biggest matches to make sure they hit their high marks when it counts.

So while the younger, less worn down star can perform better on a night to night basis, it doesn’t make them a sure fire upgrade from a declining legend who can deliver when it matters most.
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