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Unread 12-02-2017, 02:49 AM
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Default WWE2k18: A Redemption Project

This is an attempt at really dipping my toes back into the community, and anyone that finds this that even gets enjoyment out of my haphazard past or (hopefully not as much) present, I will have felt I've given back to a community I've grown up in, in a way. If nothing else, I want to prove to myself I can be consistent enough to make it to SummerSlam in-game at a minimun. This first post won't be nearly as detailed as the standard, as it's simply me starting as if WrestleMania 33 has just happened, and my own Superstar Shakeup will occur in place of the IRL one. Also, I won't be posting pictures or videos but plan to and so far have the first show on my Youtube channel, as a match reference for myself and anyone interested. With all of that said, on with the show...

Show 1

Raw 1

April 3 2017

A video of the Superstar Shake-Up from earlier in the day recaps the new faces coming to RAW. They are Apollo Crews, Baron Corbin, John Cena, Aiden English, Breezango, Curt Hawkins, Alexa Bliss and Mickie James. It is also announced that Stephanie McMahon is healing from her injuries sustained at WrestleMania, so is directing the show while at home.

Michael Cole welcomes everyone to the longest episodic show in tv history, Monday Night RAW!

New roster member John Cena’s music hits, and the polarizing, newly engaged face of the WWE for the past decade plus enters the ring with something to say.

Cena says last night changed a lot for him personally, but professionally it’s more important now than it’s ever been that he prove to himself he's still one of the best going. There’s a lot of energy here tonight and figured why wait, let’s get RAW started with John Cena issuing an open challenge.

New Universal Champion Brock Lesnar’s music hits and the champion storms down to the ring, we have a brawl on our hands here! Lesnar gets the upper-hand early, and practically manhandles Cena as only he has ever been able to. After a few minutes of beating down Cena, Lesnar works the brawl up the ramp to the announcers table,landing vicious German suplexes on the ramp. Lesnar finishes off the mugging by hitting an F-5 through the table, and arrogantly pinning the beaten 16 time World Champion.

The announcers wonder openly if Cena is badly hurt,and how long it’d take for him to recover.

Match 1 (Officially)

Sasha Banks VS. Mickie James

Mickie makes her RAW return an impressive one early, with both women trading offense including a bit where they brawled on the outside before coming in to break the referee’s count at 7. Sasha misses on an elbow drop from the top, but is quick afterwards on mounting an attack. Mickie gets some work in, but for the most part Sasha is in full control from here on out. After evading a Mick Kick and hitting the Bankrupt Neckbreaker a second time, she soon locks in the Bank Statement for the submission win.

Winner: Sasha Banks

We cut backstage to a production worker with Stephanie McMahon on speaker phone. The production worker finds Gallows and Anderson to tell them they’re still RAW Tag Team Champions. Stephanie explains that the Hardys did not sign official contracts to start performing at WrestleMania, and that therefore the title match must be nullified, and the Hardys suspended indefinitely. The crowd boos an insane amount at this news, while Gallows says the Hardys are NERDS.

Match 2

Scott Dawson VS. Fandango

Dawson is making his main roster debut, while Fandango is coming over from Smackdown Live. Two contrasting personalities, whose partners got into an altercation in catering earlier when Tyler Breeze handed Dash Wilder a fashion citation. These four men surely will have a lot to say about the other in the coming weeks. Fandango takes control early, really getting the crowd behind him. Dawson fights back in with some chain wrestling and stiff strikes.He hits a chop block and applies the inverted figure four, but Fandango is able to fight out. The Dancing Detective gets on a roll, hitting a russian legsweep to set up The Last Dance for the pinfall.

Winner: Fandango

Post match, Dawson attacks the ref, which is sure to lead to a fine at the very least. Cole is particularly loud in his “What was he thinking” tirade, while Graves defends Dawson and says The Revival has to have a plan.

RAW Women’s Champion Bayley comes to the ring now, and asks who’s ready to party? She’s so excited that she was able to defend the Championship at WrestleMania, and wants to personally welcome the new women to RAW.

Alexa Bliss now comes out, also with a mic in hand.She says that the most beautiful woman in the world has arrived to be on top of the RAW women’s division.Bayley takes exception, saying if she wants a shot, she just has to ask. Alexa is offended and says Bayley doesn’t know who she’s in the presence of. Bayley says on RAW, the women settle it in the ring. They argue some morem with Bayley saying if she’s the best, she can prove it.

The announcers immediately crap on the interview for some reason, someone must have been unhappy with it backstage.

Match 3

Nia Jax VS Brie Bella

Another competitor not seen in a long time, Brie Bella attempts to attack Nia on the way to the ring. Nia flattens Brie on the ramp and makes her way to the ring. Brie runs to the ring and takes the fight to Nia. Nia exposes the top turnbuckle pad on the bottom left post in the ring, and with that and her back focused attack goes to work. Brie counters though, and is holding her own until Alexa Bliss emerges and comes into the ring, laying out Brie. Could Alexa and Nia be friends already?

Winner: Brie Bella

Seth Rollins comes to the ring, and says that he’s the only Shield member remaining on RAW. That’s ok, he made mistakes, learned to be better and will move on. Intercontinental Champion and more importantly Smackdown Live superstar Dean Ambrose makes his way to the ring. He claims that Seth still has unfinished business with him. Seth says if he wants to fight him to feel better, they can go right now. Dean says he knows he can’t wrestle on RAW, but at the first co-branded show, he’ll put up his IC belt against Seth. They shake hands and have a stare down.

Finn Balor is back, and he’s got something to say to everyone at home. It’s an honor to be back, and it’s time to take control back for himself. He says the people are sick of Lesnar, and he wants the belt he never lost back. He thanks everyone again after vowing it will happen.

Match 4
United States Championship Match

Sami Zayn VS. Chris Jericho VS. Kevin Owens ©

The Champion gets off to a hot start, hitting big moves on Jericho and Zayn in succession for the first chunk of the match. They both get a measure of revenge before fighting each other.Zayn nearly finishes Owens off after a Blue Thunder Bomb and Helluva Kick, but Jericho breaks the count, and gets Zayn in the Walls of Jericho. Zayn gets tossed outside for Kevin to attack Chris, hit a nasty Neckbreacker and when Sami enters the ring immediately he is sent into the ropes for a Pop up Powerbomb. Owens pins Zayn to retain.

Winner: Kevin Owens ©

Around The Internet Post-RAW

Sources claim that Cena will be taking a couple of months off, and this was a good way to build Brock up even more.

The Hardys storyline is due to legal action by Impact, and the two could be held off of TV for months. This has infuriated many backstage in WWE

Sasha Banks is said to have a decent amount of heat for falling awkwardly on Mickie James during her botched elbow drop.This could affect her push even more going forward, as word has been before that Vince isn't a huge fan.
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