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Unread 01-12-2018, 03:19 AM
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Default WCW Monday Nitro on TNT (Show #88)

Week 4, October 2000
Orlando Arena, South East (14,711)

Welcome to Monday Nitro on TNT! We kick things off with a bang, as DDP makes his way to the ring. Page doesn't leave anyone hanging, he's a true People's Commissioner! Dallas hypes the crowd up and shares his thoughts on the upcoming Halloween Havoc pay-per-view. The event is big as it is already, but DDP has a surprise for all of WCW fans that they may like. DDP is interrupted by Triple H, who's accompanied by Ric Flair. "The Game" says that nobody is interested in what the man in charge has to say, so he better stop hogging the spotlight and enlighten them both about their nearest future.

- Funny you should say that, Triple H! That surprise announcement was about you, believe it or not... I do have big plans for you, swear to God! But I think those big plans won't make you much happier.
- Cut the crap, DDP. We both know you only care about yourself, about your image and about looking good in front of these morons! You don't even care about your own friends, let alone the schmucks that paid to see me and Ric Flair live!
- I don't care about friends?? That's funny coming from you, Hunter. I wonder if Scott and Big Kev are laughing at your remark too somewhere backstage right now, but that's not important. I am more interested in handling the business with you and fixing your attitude!
- What's there to handle, Page? You screwed me over already, by not giving me a chance for the world heavyweight title. Goldberg got the nod after eating the pin in the main event of Fall Brawl! If you mean personal business between us two... I beat you in the middle of the ring last week. And that means I'm a better man!
- I don't think you got that right. Your dear friend Ric Flair hit me below the belt, and it hurt like a **tch. If it wasn't for him, I would drop you with a Diamond Cutter for the 1-2-3, simple as that.

Ric Flair grabs the mic out of Hunter's hand and says DDP can talk the talk, but he never walks the walk! "Naitch" brings up his wins over Page at Superbrawl and Uncensored and caps it off with a simple "woo" in Page's face. "Yeah, I remember that. I couldn't forget how you weaseled out the first time with some help from Charles Robinson, and a second time thanks to Lex! God, whenever I think of your triumphs, there's always a bad taste in my mouth. I feel the same for you too, Hunter, you're literally following Flair's footsteps. I know I can beat both of you one on one, and you know what? I'm gonna prove it to ya! Ladies and gentlemen, Ric Flair will compete in tonight's main event against yours truly, Diamond Dallas Page!! If I fail to beat "The Nature Boy", I'll step down as an acting commissioner on the spot. But if I win... I'll get that jacked up monkey Triple H for Halloween Havoc!!" Triple H tries to hide his emotions, then puts on a fake smile and whispers something into Flair's ear. Ric closes the opening segment with the following words: "Dallas, you can pack your bags and move out from your office now, because "The Nature Boy" will wrestle circles around you and beat you for the third time, WOOOOO!" Page smirks, Ric throws the mic away and Hunter goes nose to nose with DDP just for the sake of it.

In an extremely short match, Rey Mysterio Jr defeated Wilhelm in 5:14 by pinfall with a Springboard Hurricanrana. 65/100
A really good way to start the show! Wilhelm dominated Rey for the majority of the bout, but got caught with a flashy move that brought the "w" to Mysterio. Rey didn't want to hurt Wilhelm and he did just enough to protect himself from the unhinged german. After the match Rey asked for a mic and told Wilhelm that he has no connection to LAX, who did all of those sick things to Jacob just to set him up. "Konnan, I want nothing to do with you. You stepped over the line!" K-Dawg is quick to answer, flanked by his goons. "Is that your final decision, Rey? Because you are either with us, or you're against us! As a former friend I just want to warn you. So what's your answer?" Konnan, Hernandez and Homicide form a triangle around Rey. Mysterio makes a step towards the leader and BITCHSLAPS him with no hesitation! Rey is in trouble now, attacked by all three. Wilhelm has a change in heart and steps in for the luchadore, trying to get his hands on all three gangsters! German brute certainly helps, but LAX is still in control. Wait a minute, it's John Cena!! The young rookie makes the difference in this brawl. He shoulder blocks Konnan and clotheslines Hernandez over the top rope! Rey dropkicks Homicide on the ropes and adds a feint kick... spin out powerbomb by Cena on Homicide! John gets his dog tags back and checks on Rey Mysterio, who's holding on to his knee. Tenay sings praises to Cena, Heenan immediately switches the topic to something else, not giving Cena any love.

Hall and Nash are chilling backstage, they are never stressed about anything. They just saw how a newcomer tackled K-Dawg out of the ring, and that amused them. "This new guy has something about him, but let's be fair, Konnan is not as tough as people think. You will expose him tonight! Remember that time when I threw him against a locker room like this one and Paul Wight had to step in? Good times... now he's their main champion for a calendar year. God help them with that!" Shade thrown at The Giant, Outsiders don't like the guy for beating X-Pac and HBK recently. "What about those two mexicools, chico? The bigger one even uses my move..." - Hall says. "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery that mediocrity can pay to greatness..." Hall is impressed by that quote, Nash adds that he has a plan on how to handle the goons on Sunday. They too sweet each other and ask Shelley if he got it on tape. Alex nods, he has a black eye after Buffy T beat him up last week. "Come here, Alex. Don't be afraid, we won't hurt you... I think. C'mon, just kidding!" Nash gives Shelley a fat envelope and thanks him for the job well done.

- That's our apology for that time when NWO thought you were a rat. Now we all know it was Sanders, so take it and don't say a word.
- Thank you, Mr Nash. You didn't have to, really. Konnan gave me all the bruises that time, not you.
- Konnan is a jackass. He was a bad representative for the New World Order. Scotty will beat him tonight for you, right? We were thinking about inviting you back to our kliq, and maybe call Steiner too. Tell him that, ok? Detroit strong, baby bear.

Bill DeMott is standing in the middle of the ring with a live mic in hand. Bill just saw Cena make a save for Mysterio, which only baffled "The Bully". DeMott said Cena can make friends all he wants, but nobody will step in for him if Bill himself will pick on John. Shamrock's entrance cuts Bill off, Ken wants to fight!

In an extremely short match, Ken Shamrock defeated Bill DeMott in 3:29 by DQ, when DeMott hit the referee. 63/100
Instead of fighting a legit tough guy Ken Shamrock, Bill punched the ref in the face to get an instant DQ. Bill likes to pick on people who he thinks he can beat... The bad night for our official is not over, as Ken takes the striped man down and puts him in the Ankle Lock! Ken twisted the leg of a poor guy, while yelling that at Halloween Havoc he wants a real fight!! Let's hope DDP heard the man.

Two unknown faces are pacing up and down the corridor, anxious before their debut match on national television. It's Andy Douglas and Chase Stevens, former NWA Wildside tag team champions! They don't know who they will be facing yet, but you can see the spark in their eyes when they spot living legends walking casually backstage. "The Naturals" are approached by two more unfamiliar faces, Mark Jindrak and Sean O'Haire. Taller guys ask the two what did they forget in WCW, before getting called over by Mike Rotunda, who's very angry at the youngsters. "You are not supposed to get on camera, fools!" O'Haire and Jindrak walk out and The Naturals assume that they will be their opponents for tonight. "Let's show 'em rock'n'roll, man. We got this!" - Chase drops. Andy nods, they fought Jindrak and O'Haire before and won. Mike Tenay was the only guy who knew youngsters by their names, unsurprisingly. Camera switches to Scott Steiner, who's lifting some weights before his return match against Sid Vicious! Scotty is approached by Tammy Sytch, who flaunts before "Big Poppa Pump" in her provocative robe. Steiner is focused on his reps, but then drops the dumbbells and tells the freak to kiss his peak! Tammy does exactly that and asks if she can manage "The Freakzilla"!? Scott says the only part of his body that needs a manager is his big dipper! Is that a no?

We get one more backstage skit before the next match. Konnan is mad at his goons backstage. K-Dawg punts the box and asks what the hell were they doing out there? "We got swatted by that stupid rook! Sh!t's embarrassing! Homie, how did you drop those dog tags? Now that cabron will go on pretending about being all cool, representing the troops. Motherf**ker wasn't even in the military! If you want to roll with me, you gotta step your game up, compadres!" Homicide and Hernandez nod, they got the message.

In a match that had some good action and average heat, Scott Hall drew with Konnan in 6:31 following a double count out. 66/100
Konnan and Hall had a short chaotic brawl that didn't give us a winner. Both men were violating the rules, but the fight ended when the brawlers were counted out. Hernandez and Homicide joined their mentor and put their hands on Scott. Three on one and a Border Toss on the floor for Hall! Nash rushed out to aid his good brother, but was a bit late to the party. Nash and Konnan got into a verbal confrontation, but they were eventually separated by security guards, who calmed the two down... for now. Trash talking between the two never stopped, with Konnan telling Nash to count days till bloody Sunday! Big Kev helps Hall to get back on his feet, sporting an unusually serious expression on his face.

Eddie and Benoit prepare for their match with KroniK, Chris is silent and doesn't seem too happy with Guerrero for getting them into a 573 lb trouble a week before the pay-per-view. Kronik requested a match so that Eddie could "pay them off".

- Ese, I said I'm sorry! I made a mistake, like we all do. I didn't think it would lead to Clarke and Adams jumping you. What can I do so you would forgive me?.. Hey, don't look at me like that!
- Eddie, I couldn't care less about the attack. But I do care about me and you becoming new WCW world tag team champions. I'm not sure you are serious about it, about the match. You poke fun at Booker T and Buff Bagwell for weeks, you are not focused on our goal.
- Oh vato, I'm focused! You will see how serious I am when we get into that ring on Sunday! "Latino Heat" can crack a joke, but when it's time, I'm all business.
- Ok Eddie. Show me how serious you are TONIGHT!
- Orale, holmes!

In a match that had some good action but not much in the way of heat, Eddie & Benoit defeated KroniK in 9:07 when Eddie Guerrero defeated Brian Adams by pinfall with a Frog Splash. 74/100
Looks like our challengers are ready for their big match! Bryan and Adams did not make it easy for the number one contenders by throwing them around the ring with some power moves. Eddie eventually got the hot tag and jumped right into the action by busting out a Headscissors-Armdrag combo on the dudes. Dropkicks and leg lariats, then a Tornado DDT on Adams for two. Eddie went straight to the third rope, but was knocked out from there by Clarke! KroniK were seconds away from putting a Doomsday Device aka Total Meltdown to use, but Benoit chopped Clarke so hard that Eddie could comfortably reverse a Powerbomb attempt with a Hurricanrana that sent the man out of the ring! Adams tried to chokeslam Benoit, but only got himself into the Crossface! Brian reversed that submission hold into a pin, but Eddie broke the cover with a Frog Splash to save Benoit and win the bout! Great match. Booker, Buff and Trish come out and simply pose with their titles on the ramp. The rematch should be even better than their first match!

Hey, Hulk Hogan is in the house! Hulkster is talking to Sid Vicious about his boxing match from last week and how it was Steiner's distraction that saved Vader from his left hook, brother! Sid eats it up, says Hulk is the man. "Big Poppa Pump" enters the frame and says Hogan got knocked the puck out because he has a glass jaw and a flabby physique! Hogan stands up and acts like he wants to shut Steiner up, but Sid stops the US champion and says he will handle Steiner. "You can't handle Freakzilla, Sid Bi*chas*s!! Just like your mom can't handle my 8 inch python! HOLLER IF YA HEAR ME!" Vicious almost has a seizure, he's royally pissed off. That match is next, right after a commercial break!

Before the match of two maniacs we get a hype video for our world heavyweight champion Bret Hart! Highlights from his biggest matches of this year are showcased. "Hitman" is undoubtedly a world class wrestler that is laser focused on proving he's the best there is, the best there was and the best there ever will be! If he beats Goldberg at Halloween Havoc there would be no doubt that Bret is the greatest champion in WCW's history. Just recently Bret talked about how he single handedly carries the company to the number one spot, which rubbed many WCW workers the wrong way. Although Bret is not wrong, his attitude gets worse every day. In that same radio interview Hart said that he will retire as a champion, which could be either a farce or a real possibility in the nearest future for our #1 star. Nobody knows how much fuel there is in Bret's tank. When you are under so much pressure for such a long time, body might just give up on you.

In a bout that featured great action and a good crowd, Sid Vicious defeated Scott Steiner in 8:24 by pinfall with a Chokeslam after Mike Awesome interfered. 79/100
And now Mike Awesome is back in action too! He ran out and smacked Steiner with a chair in the dome with all his might! Stunned Steiner couldn't avoid a Chokeslam from Sid, who picked yet another big victory this month! "Career Killer" jaw jacked something to Steiner, who thought his war with Awesome was over. Hogan comes out looking as smug as he possibly can be. Hulkster asks "Big Poppa Pump" how did it feel to be knocked out by his big dude? No answer from "Freakzilla" of course, not even a cuss word. Hogan throws off his US belt and runs up for a Leg Drop, when Vader comes out! "The Mastodon" tells Hogan to hold back his horses, because they are not finished! Hogan invites Vader to the ring, flanked by Vicious and Awesome. Vader says he is not the only one who wants to throw haymakers... Ken Shamrock steps out and shakes Vader's hand! That alliance makes Hogan nervous, brawlers are heading to the ring with a purpose! Huge brawl breaks out between all six men! Steiner makes a come back and floors Vicious with a swinging belly to belly! Awesome and Vader trade punches, Shamrock almost gets Hogan! Heenan says that he will be very surprised if this doesn't lead to a wild three on three at Halloween Havoc!

Tammy continues to look for high-profile clients, and now she's talking with Ric Flair. She badmouthes Hall and Nash to find a common ground with Ric, who also had some issues with the bad guys lately. Tammy then flatters the double digits world champion, calling him the greatest performer of all time! "Ric, you are like wine. With age you are only getting better!" Flair smiles somewhat forcefully, he doesn't like it when people talk about his age. "Diamonds are forever - and so is Ric Flair! Women like diamonds, and I like women back, woooo! Oldest ride and longest line, girl!! You wanna go broadway with the dirtiest player in the game after I beat DDP tonight??" Ric proceeds to land his hand on Tammy's curve, but then she reveals she would like too actually be his manager. "You just want to marry me, don't you? Nature Boy is not falling for that trap again!" Flair adjusts his colorful robe and leaves Tammy empty handed once again.

Raven is wandering backstage on his own. He looks for someone, or something. After he loses patience, he just calls Sting over. No response, maybe Sting decided to sit out the TV shows to minimize the risk of losing the hardcore title?? At first Stinger himself searched for Raven, now it's other way around. After all, Sting is a brilliant puppet master. Once he played mind games with Hogan and nWo for the whole year, so he has lots of experience. Raven starts whispering something under his nose. "You can't hide from me forever, Sting! I know you are in here, come out and play!" Raven admits his shortcomings today, he couldn't find his enemy. Funny enough, Sting is right behind him. He lets Raven leave, doing no physical damage to his future opponent. Sunday's gotta be different! We're set for our next match, The Naturals against the mystery opponents! Andy and Chase are already in the ring, waiting...

In an extremely short match, Road Warriors defeated The Naturals in 5:23 when Road Warrior Animal defeated Chase Stevens by pinfall with a Running Powerslam. 49/100
Another run in the park for the undefeated tag team! Naturals were animatedly scared when they found out who they would be facing. Cameras caught their reaction and put extra emphasis on it. "You can actually pinpoint the second when their hearts rip in half!" - Tony references The Simpsons. Heenan says that being a big deal in developmental doesn't mean crap in the big leagues! After the squash match set to calm the crowd before our main event, Hawk picks up the mic and asks where are those damn Dudleyz? "You talked about us running from you to Japan, but now we're here and calling you out!" Team 3D is actually here! Brother Devon and Brother Ray opt to stand on the ramp though, talking about how their contracts restrict them from kicking Warriors' asses right now. Ray says they don't want to miss out on some sweet money and just blueballs the fans, saying they would have to order the pay-per-view to see them fight! Road Warriors now openly mock Dudleyz about their new goody two shoes attitude. Following the rules is not cool, kids. Warriors state they couldn't care less about Dudleyz accomplishments and will run over them sooner than later! Devon says that beating Road Warriors would indeed be one of their biggest accomplishments in the business, and that's an accolade not Animal nor Hawk would be able to ignore! Ray adds that they are making Warriors a favor by not attacking them before the pay-per-view, because if they did, the match would be canceled due to old hogs being injured! "OH MY BROTHA, TESTIFY!!" Devon and Ray grin and hit their pose, leaving the legends red from anger.

DDP is taping himself up before the main event. He's of course approached by Kanyon, who offers DDP some help and backing in that all important match. Page values Kanyon's urge to be helpful, but says it would make more harm than good. Page is fully aware that Kanyon is young and hungry, raring to go, but it's just not the right time for him. Kanyon is saddened to hear those words, he feels not needed. DDP spots that and promises an opportunity to his friend, a match on Thunder! Kanyon is not that thrilled to feature on the B-show and answers with a downed "sure, whatever" line. Page starts his stretching, asks Kanyon to inform Buffy T that they have a match on Thunder too. "Benoit and Guerrero had one tonight, so it's only fair they would wrestle too. Tell them to be ready, ok?" Kanyon leaves feeling insulted. We follow him out of the room, as Naturals are holding on to their bodies after the beating they recieved. Tammy is fed up offering big boys her service, so she just tells the rookie's she will be their manager. Douglas and Stevens cheer up, Tammy herself will be hanging out with them!

We have a couple more minutes before our last match. They are used to promote "The Man" - Goldberg! Our number one contender is talking about his arm injury, other minor setbacks, his lack of luck and overall frustrations. Goldberg knows he has everything to right the wrongs and put his career back on the track. Bill chased the title for quite some time, meeting Bret Hart on numerous occasions. He reflects on beating the nWo in a War Games match at The Great American Bash, his decision to Spear Hogan through the barricade at Bash at the Beach, his big fight with Triple H at New Blood Rising and of course the result from Fall Brawl. Goldberg is confident this time he will make the most out of his opportunity! He's been on a roll lately, picking up five clean victories. The only words he has for Bret? "YOU'RE NEXT!!!" Cameraman holds the focus on Goldberg's face for a couple more seconds to sell the intensity and anger coming from the juggernaut. Bret vs. Bill, Goldberg vs. Hart! Live on pay-per-view, pre-order now!

In a bout that featured great action and a good crowd, Diamond Dallas Page defeated Ric Flair in 13:39 by pinfall with a Diamond Cutter. 86/100
A perfect way to end the show! Nice match between two established names, with the fan favorite picking up a clean win! It wasn't all pretty though, as Triple H was ever present in Ric's corner. Hunter was looking to roll the dice in Flair's favor, but got stopped by Kanyon! He never listens to DDP, but on this night it was for the better! Flatliner was followed by a beautiful Diamond Cutter! Flair couldn't kick out even with Charles Robinson counting at a very reluctant pace. Page is over the moon with this result, he poses on all turnbuckles and hits the pose for the fans, when suddenly... a group of young guys jumps over the rails and surrounds the ring! Tenay questions what Jindrak, O'Haire, Palumbo, Sanders, Orton, Johnny The Bull and Samoa Joe are doing on Nitro, but nobody has an answer to that. The pack of guys easily floors Kanyon! Mike Sanders recommends Flair and Triple H to leave, organizing his group to swarm DDP! Ric and Hunter decide to let the new blood do what they want, heading to the back without any arguments. Page wasn't expecting so many guests tonight, they came uninvited! Seven guys got into the ring at the same time and completely destroyed "The People's Champion"!! Palumbo struck the boss with a Superkick, dazed commissioner then was greeted with his own move! Randy Orton floored the man with a cutter and posed with a cocky smile on his face. Joe, Bull, Sanders and Jindrak picked DDP up with a Sky Lift Slam, elevating Page very high! Rough landing is not the end of the line though, as Sean O'Haire makes a statement with a picture perfect Swanton Bomb! "I don't know who are these guys, but they are awesome!" - Heenan says. The group of invaders are standing tall over DDP's limp body. "Wow, I don't remember seeing anything like this before" - drops Tony, before closing the show. What a night for WCW!

Final Rating: 88/100 (7.65 on TNT)

Well, my dudes... Been a long time, like always. I really enjoyed writing this show. I don't know if bolded names in segments help, but it's easier to spot your fav guys that way I suppose. This was the last Nitro before Halloween Havoc, so hopefully you are sold on the matches I'm trying to promote. Crackerjack wanted me to debut a new stable, using his high priority owner goal. I couldn't say no to that, so I hope he's happy with The New Blood coming in with a BANG, pun intended. It's not a Spirit Squad and not exactly a Nexus either, you will see why very soon. Of course I couldn't leave Natural Born Thrillers in their true form, that's why I put Samoa Joe for Reno and Randy Orton for Shawn Stasiak. Not only Randy and Joe are massive upgrades, but they fit the gimmicks played by Stasiak and Reno too. Sanders is a mouthpiece, just like in real life. Decided to let Orton use RKO off the bat, it fit our angle thanks to DDP. O'Haire hitting the last move is not a coincidence - he will be booked as a real leader of this lot. Just like a lot of other people, I saw him as the next big thing. May he rest in peace... Thunder is the last stop before the pay-per-view, don't miss that one
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Default Last stop before Halloween Havoc

Can Big Sexy put a stick in Goldberg's wheels once again?

Current Standings
1. Beejus - 50
1. Crackerjack - 50
3. Destiny - 16

A very close battle for the number one position. Beejus made a huge come back, good for him. Him and Crackerjack are both tied, I like this a lot. One of them can take a lead before the pay-per-view too! Ok, here's my card for go home Thunder...
  1. Great Muta vs. Psicosis
  2. Disco Inferno vs. Norman Smiley
  3. Mike Sanders vs. Finlay
  4. Ernest "The Cat" Miller vs. Kaz Hayashi - Karate world championship match
  5. Buffy T vs. ???
  6. Kanyon vs. Triple H
  7. Kevin Nash vs. Goldberg
Bonus question (1 point): Name the "???"
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Great Muta vs. Psicosis
Disco Inferno vs. Norman Smiley
Mike Sanders vs. Finlay
Ernest "The Cat" Miller vs. Kaz Hayashi - Karate world championship match
Buffy T vs. ???
Kanyon vs. Triple H
Kevin Nash vs. Goldberg

Bonus question (1 point): Name the "???" CM Punk?
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Default WCW Thursday Thunder on TBS (Show #89)

Week 4, October 2000
The Pyramid Arena, South East (16,203)

Thunder is underway! Welcome everybody to the last TV show before a stacked Halloween Havoc pay-per-view. Our usual team of announcers hypes that show, selling big matches to the viewers. They are interrupted by those youngsters who beat the snot out of DDP on Monday! They are making a group entrance to a "Rage Against The Machine" inspired theme. Bulls on parade? Not the song, those guys... They fill the ring and Sanders gets a mic. Quite clearly they are breathing freely, and it doesn't look like they are treated like outsiders. "Above Average" Mike Sanders introduces the newest force in WCW - New Blood. Mike hypes his fellow wrestlers as "generation next", bold united souls that are here to change the face of history. Sanders on behalf of all the boys wants to thank one man for making their breakthrough a reality... Roddy Piper!

"Hot Rod" is back! Piper has a big, almost crazy smile on his wrinkled face. Announcers hype up the fact that Piper was gone for quite some time after DDP beat Curt Hennig for the TV title at New Blood, thus forcing the boss out! "Did ya miss me? I know you did hahaha! Some of you may ask yourself, what Hot Rod is doing here in WCW again? Well the answer is simple, he's taking the power back! You heard me, good ol' Roddy Piper is here to save WCW from DDP's reign of terror! That man has lost the plot! He gives Goldberg another chance at the world title when clearly Triple H is the legitimate number one contender! He gave Bill a chance because he helped him to get rid off Jeff Jarrett! Hell, the entire Revolution gang! I didn't like those guys either, but at least I didn't force them out of the company! Same thing with Outsiders... DDP was ok with two big stars sitting at home in the middle of our war with WWF! Diamond Dallas Page is blinded by his power, and he needs to be gone! And that is why you saw that attack on him last Monday. These young lions are here to help me regain my position and lead this company into the bright future that it deserves to have! Just look at them! Stars in the making, I'm telling ya! Here for example is Randy Orton, the son of my good friend Bob Orton! He has the right genes to be a big deal in this business, and he looks better than his father too! Speaking of looks, here's Mark Jindrak! Put this fella on the posters, he will make ya some cash! Chuckie and Sean are two badass guys that even I am a little scared of! You know "The Bull" already, but I know him better and I can tell the guy is the real deal. Fell in love with my Ms. Hancock, but a wise guy after all. Here we have Samoa Joe, tough as they come and can wrestle too! Finally, the mastermind of this faction and a very reliable source of news, Mike Sanders!"

DDP's song cuts Piper off. Page is bandaged heavily, he suffered an injury or two after those natural born killers assaulted him. Page came out with a mic, so confronted Piper from the get go. "Roddy, I thought we had an agreement. I thought you were a man of your word. Quite clearly you are not! Not only you use these kids to take me out, but you come to my show uninvited. That doesn't fly with me, Hot Rod! Tell me just why I shouldn't kick you out of the building right now?" Piper and New Blood start laughing. Roddy says his guys can deal with guards just fine. "You probably don't know, but some of these guys actually worked as security members here. Of course you can always try to shove them out of the door yourself, but I wouldn't be so dumb in your place. I got them all signed, so they will be back. Ted thought we needed a core of young guys to replace the striking Revolution and I made a move. Now I am their manager and mentor, to your big disappointment!" Piper is once again interrupted, now by Bret Hart! The world heavyweight champion is heading straight to the ring. "Hitman" says he couldn't agree more with Roddy. DDP has no business running the ship! Bret adds that lack of promotion for his big match forced him to go on the stinking radio show to hype a main event of the pay-per-view! "This man is drunk from his power, he tried to put himself in the main event spot! He and Goldberg planned out a rematch of their Halloween Havoc match from 1998! He's nothing more than a politician who comes out of his way to screw guys like me!"

Finally DDP loses his cool and says he had enough! He doesn't like this job one bit. His friends are always unhappy that they don't get enough chances, his wife becomes spoiled with too much spotlight, he has to deal with numerous primadonnas on a daily basis. It's not fun, after all. "I want to thank all of my fans for their tremendous support while I was trying to do my best in that role. I guess DDP is better at just being "The People's Champion". I learned that commissioner is a very dirty word, so Piper, you can shove it! I'm out of here!" DDP just quit! He dropped his commissioner role like a bad habit and is now a free man. Piper and Hart pushed the man over the edge. "It looks like this place needs a man who can deal with the pressure. Welcome back, Roddy!" - Bret says and shakes Piper's hand. Roddy jokes that Turner probably has no idea about the happenings of his company, so they can act like nothing happened, like he never lost his position in the first place. What a way to start the show! Tenay is in shock, Heenan says he always knew DDP wouldn't last long... Schiavone just looks in his papers and plugs tonight's main event - Goldberg vs. Nash! We'll come back after a short commercial break.

In a bout that had solid in-ring action but not much in the way of heat, Disco Inferno defeated Norman Smiley in 5:22 by pinfall with a Chart Buster. 53/100
Stacy Kiebler is bringing Disco luck, because it's his third singles victory in a row! During the match Norman asked Disco a couple of questions, specifically about Stacy. "How is she better than me and The Cat, man?" Smiley feels like his friends left him behind, forgot the bond they shared together. I mean, we can understand Disco. Kiebler is a 10/10 kind of girl. And we also can relate to Norman, stuff like this happens all the time. Smiley offers to go watch Mermaid 2 after the bout, even allowing Kiebler to join, but Disco just walks away with his valet from the ring, ignoring his former friend.

Bill DeMott is cutting a backstage promo on John Cena. "For a guy who treats military with so much respect, you have no clue about subordination! In these walls I am a general, and you are a stinking private! You are a nobody, a flash in the pan! I dare you to disagree with me, punk. I have seen guys like you, and you know what? I broke them all. They cried like little girls and ran away in horror, talked about how horrible of a man I am! They didn't understand that I was testing their toughness, mental and physical. I am really curious about your limits, and for that reason, I challenge you to a Bootcamp match at Halloween Havoc! I hope to see your rookie ass on Sunday, and you better be prepared for a fight of your life! Don't even think about being respectful now. You brought it on yourself!"

Piper is walking around the corridors like a king of the jungle. Some road agents are happy to see him, some not so much. Self-appointed captain of the ship meets Buffy T, who greet "Hot Rod" with fake smiles. Buff goes out of his way to say how happy he is to have Piper back! Roddy laughs, says he missed them too. Piper knows that Buffy T are set to defend their titles against Benoit and that low life Guerrero, who should be blacklisted for all Piper cares. "Sadly I can't do that, but I have a different idea. If they lose to you at Halloween havoc, they will never tag again! How's that?" Champs dig the idea, Piper knew it was a good one. Roddy makes a step forward, but Booker stops the boss. "What about our match tonight? It's not fair that we have to compete while Benoit and Guerrero get some extra rest! If you ask me, that's a conspiracy!" Piper nods and says he will find them suitable opponents, no problem. Trish milks Piper further, trying to ensure that she will be the face of the women's division. Roddy starts laughing again, stating there will be no female wrestlers under his watch! Trish is not happy to hear that, while Booker praises the lord behind her back. Buff looks kinda bummed too, he wanted to support the lady wrestlers like only he can.

In a bout that had solid in-ring action but non-existent crowd heat, Kaz Hayashi defeated The Cat in 6:11 by pinfall with a Final Cut. Kaz Hayashi wins a karate world championship. 47/100
You might be thinking, what in the blue hell is that championship? Well, then you probably didn't pay much attention to Ernest Miller bragging about that accomplishment of his. Ernest was so sure that he would whoop Hayashi's as* that he put the literal belt on the line. Surprise-surprise, Kaz won! Cat sold his loss very well, complaining to the referee and refusing to give up his accolades. Unfortunately for him, he had no other choice. Hayashi didn't need them as much, but seeing that they mean so much to The Cat, grabbed them like a candy. Miller is fuming, he just flushed his legacy in the toilet.

New Blood annoys everyone backstage with their antics. A bunch of youngsters with no etiquette is a nightmare for the vets. They didn't shake any hands, they didn't introduce themselves. Finlay was not having that and confronted the group, only to be mocked by Mike Sanders. "Look boys, it's that guy who lost all of his recent matches! Your losing streak makes you uneasy, am I right? Looks like this cloverleaf doesn't work. Well I tell you what, when we wrestle tonight, you'll be S.O.L once again, and you *know* what that means!" Finlay doesn't seem to know what Sanders is talking about, but he never backs down from a fight. New Blood dickishly small talks Finlay like a bunch of jocks they are. Joe was the only one who just stared through the legendary brawler down with his mouse closed...

It's not only hostility in WCW, we have some normal relationships here too. For example, Shannon Moore and Lita are talking to each other like normal people! Essa Rios sees them together and flips out. He thought Shannon was sincere with his apology last week, but now he sees with his very own eyes that he's talking to a woman that broke Essa's heart! Moore of course didn't mean any of that, he just has common friends with Lita and he didn't want to be rude to her. Rios says that for some reason they are going to be partners tonight... and they will be facing Buffy T next! Imagine if those two upset the reigning champs? That would be legendary. Lita walks away and spots her idol Rey Mysterio, walking down the hallway on crutches. Redhead is very confused, she asks what happened to him? Mysterio opens up that he suffered an injury last Monday, and that his long awaited title match is in jeopardy. Lita feels sorry for Rey, he got the knock trying to fight off LAX. "I'm not going to pull out from the match though. I'm going to risk it and fight Psicosis for the cruiserweight title. I've been waiting for too long now!" Lita wishes Rey luck, she will root for him.

In a match that had some good action but not much in the way of heat, Buffy T defeated Essa Rios and Shannon Moore in 4:33 when Buff Bagwell defeated Essa Rios by pinfall with a Yellow Jacket Suplex. 67/100
Booker and Buff finally got the victory! Just in time for their all-important title defence. They celebrated their success like this was the biggest match of their lives! During the match we also had Trish distracting Shannon with her looks, before getting irish whipped in the ring post by Lita! Rios didn't want her around and told her to leave, but only got dropped on his head by Bagwell in return. Buff saw the opening and picked up a pinfall on the distracted luchadore. Eddie and Benoit were scouting the tag team champions backstage and they weren't impressed. Stakes are high for the rematch! Benoit drops that if they lose, there would be no sense in tagging together for much longer. Eddie doesn't like that, but tries to show no irritation. Guerrero is in it to win it, orale!

DDP drops down on the bench backstage and exhales. He dropped the weight from his shoulders and can concentrate on his in-ring career now. DDP stretches and is about to enter his "zone", but he's approached by a really loud duo of Kanyon and Kimberly! They are unhappy that Page decided to quit his position like that. Without any warnings, without any discussions. DDP questions the real motivation of his friend and his wife. Do they really care about him? "Bro, I've made my decision. If that makes you angry, maybe you're hanging out with me for wrong reasons. Kim, you know how stressful that work is for me. It would make me insane, sooner or later. The question I have for you two... are you still with me?" Kimberly and Kanyon assure DDP that they are, of course. "Good! Then act like it! Chris, I will support you as a friend in your match tonight, I will! But I want you to promise me one thing... after you beat Triple H, we will go out for a drink. Just one, cause I have plans for my wife tonight. Deal?" Kanyon nods, it's been a while since they spent time together like normal friends. Beating "The Game" is a heck of a challenge, but "The Innovator of Offense" wanted just that... a challenge.

Raven is still looking for Stinger! He can't find "The Icon" anywhere, and that starts to frustrate our twisted villain. Raven is a minute away from giving up, when a black trenchcoat catches the corner of his eye! With a spark in his usually dead eyes, Raven follows the shadow. He's patient, he doesn't want to miss this opportunity. He strikes! His target collapses on the floor, caught by surprise. Raven is stomping on his prey like a man possessed! Only after a dozen of stomps Raven realizes he is beating on the wrong man! It's Crowbar! He helped Sting fight Paul Orndorff off last week, and was left with a trenchcoat as a gift. Daffney comes in to rescue her friend, with a high-pitched scream and a sledgehammer in both hands! She drags the heavy weapon behind her, and in fact it's only slowing her down. Somehow she manages to swing it in Raven's direction! Raven smartly steps out of the way and a sledgehammer shot breaks one of the backstage monitors! Daffney has a priceless expression on her face, knowing she screwed up. She tries to wake Crowbar up, before running away in horror. Confused Raven wipes his nose and leaves the area too, but only because his search for Sting continues! Sledgehammer that was stuck in the monitor is picked up by non other than "Mean Gene" Okerlund! "That will be in high demand!" - he says, calculating how much money he can get for this item.

In an extremely short match, Finlay defeated Mike Sanders in 4:41 by pinfall with a Celtic Cross. 52/100
An overdue win for the irish veteran! Sanders was cheered on by his peers, but that wasn't helping him against a savvy ring general. Mike got punished for his big mouth here, but the last word was still his. After the match the group of angry youngsters jumped the winner and put him down with a Sky Lift Slam! Sean O'Haire wasn't content with that and added a Swanton Bomb on top of the vet! Those rookies are not messing around, grounding one of the toughest men in our business! A message sent to the locker room. And Finlay is indeed sh*t outta luck!

Goldberg is looking for DDP backstage. He's not in a good mood, of course. Just like Kimberly and Kanyon, he wants some explanation from the now former boss. Before he can bump into DDP, he finds Piper! Roddy flashes his smile at Bill, who looks at "Hot Rod" with a grumpy face. "You have any problem with me, Goldberg?" - Piper asks, while being joined back by The New Blood. It's obvious that Goldberg is not a fan of that change in the office, but he doesn't say a word and leaves. New Blood guys say that if Goldberg touches Roddy, he will regret that very fast. Piper looks over his squad and says he needs to get them busy in time for the pay-per-view! Out of the blue, Disco Inferno approaches Piper. He asks what Johnny The Bull is doing in WCW, after the incident that happened not even 2 weeks ago with Stacy Kiebler? "Oh that! Ha, nonsense. Johnny didn't do any wrong, pal. A witness told the police that Stacy herself got herself in The Bull's car! All charges against him are dismissed..." Johnny approaches Disco and tells him to stay away from that snake, she's not as innocent as she looks. "That's what she will do to you. Seduce you, use you for her own good and leave you behind like you never existed!" Disco has doubts on his mind now, and Piper tries to cheer him up. "I've heard you are on a three match winning streak! That's a good record, and I think you are ready for a big match this Sunday... against the returning Jeff Jarrett, for the television championship! It's been a while since that title had a good hand holding it, so make sure you get the most out of this opportunity!" Two bombs dropped on Disco, he didn't expect to hear any of those things, especially from Piper. Could it be that Stacy Kiebler walks around in the sheep's clothing? Disco will have a chance to become a three time world television champion this Sunday, so he also should think about that.

Torrie Wilson is looking at herself in the mirror, that mirror has a Kidman photo pinned to it. She's clearly missing Billy in WCW, but it's better to let things go their natural way. To those of you who forgot, Billy overdosed and is now going through a rehab. CM Punk comes over to the woman and calls her dumb for having feelings towards the weakling that is Kidman. Punk is sure that Billy will relapse and get back to treating Torrie like crap, he won't change in the slightest. Some of the Nitro Girls stand up for Torrie and tell Punk to leave her alone! "Shut up all of you! Your opinion doesn't matter! That's why there will be no women's wrestling on this show, you are here only to be an eye candy! Only one woman in this building knows what to do inside that ring, and her name is Madusa!" He's not wrong, but his delivery makes him sound like a douche. "I'm only saying the truth. Truth hurts, everyone only wants to hear sweat little lies. I'm not like everyone else, I'm straight edge! And that means I'm better than you..." Punk smirks and spits on Kidman's photo, before walking out. What a disgusting human being he is! Girls call him a jerk and try to comfort Torrie Wilson. What is his problem, honestly?

In a bout that had solid in-ring action but non-existent crowd heat, Psicosis defeated Great Muta in 8:15 by pinfall with a Sky Twister Press after Vampiro interfered. 54/100
Vampiro does not forget and he surely doesn't forgive. He cost Muta a match here and laid it on thick on the legend after the bell. Vamp and Psicosis double team the loser, until Rey Mysterio comes out on the crutches and asks them to stop. Clearly unable to make a normal save, he tries to address their humanity. Vampiro clearly has none of it, and Psicosis is stuck somewhere in between good and evil. Rey slowly makes his way to the ring and the beating stops, because our cruiserweight champion pulls Vamp from Muta... Psycho Stunner on Vampiro! Even Rey is surprised! Psicosis asks for a mic and tells that on Sunday he will show no remorse. He put his title on the line to finally get a chance to beat Rey Mysterio one on one. Champ tells Rey he won't have a second chance if he fails, to which Mysterio nods. At Halloween Havoc he will prove to the world that he is the greatest luchadore to ever step foot in the WCW ring! Psicosis takes Rey's crutches and breaks them across his knee... "No debes mostrar debilidad!" Rey must show no weakness, especially when he's sharing the ring with Psicosis.

Hall and Nash are with "Mean Gene" backstage. Okerlund asks Scott Hall about being dropped on the floor with his own move this past Monday, but Nash interrupts the man and asks him about a sledgehammer. "Are you going to put that thing on auction or what? I guess Hotline is not that hot anymore..." Outsiders are approached by Latin American Xchange, and you can feel the tension between the units from your couch. "Hotline just spread some rumors, Kevin. Just like you did on Monday, talking some trash about shoving me in the locker. You and Scott can talk the talk, but you can't walk the walk. Oh wait, only if it's not the walk to your home, orale!" Hall says all he hears from Konnan is a lot of barking.

- There's a difference between a dog and a wolf, chico. You know what the difference is?
- I don't see any wolves here, Hall. Just a pair of bit**es who are sticking their tails between the legs. You're not running away from us on Sunday though!
- Usually we don't fight for free, but we will make an exception for you!

Hall and Nash attack Konnan, Hernandez and Homicide first! Kev throws Homi head first in the Okerlund's set, big boots K-Dawg and helps Scott floor Hernandez with an assisted powerbomb! Hall grabs a sledgehammer out of Okerlund's hands and jams the muscle of the group with it! LAX did not expect that kind of reaction from Hall and Nash. Kev and Scott "2 sweet" each other and throw the weapon back to "Mean Gene", so it would look like the old man beat all three gangsters himself. There's a place for comedy even in the moments like this one...

Ric Flair meets Piper backstage and gives him a big hug. "Nice to see you again, Roddy! At last we have someone competent in charge, woo!" Piper is also glad to see "The Nature Boy", he also introduces his new proteges to Ric. Flair looks over the bunch and says that he smells a world champion amongst them, and it wasn't the case with Revolution! Youngsters now start to argue who that breakout star will be, but they are quickly silenced by the boss. Piper wants Ric to make sure that Kanyon will fail tonight, and Flair is all game for that. "That guy sticks his nose where it doesn't belong. And it surely doesn't belong in the main event! Take him to school, Naitch, do that for me!" Ric and Roddy shake hands. Both men are very respectful to each other, and it looks like they will be dealing with each other much more often now, since NWO is pretty much dead.

In a bout that featured great action and a good crowd, Triple H defeated Kanyon in 14:53 by pinfall with a Diamond Cutter. During the match we also had Ric Flair distract and attack Kanyon. 81/100
It was much closer than it should have been! Kanyon was showing "The Game" that he is no pushover. After Kanyon connected with a Flatliner, Ric had to put Hunter's leg on the bottom rope to keep the match going. DDP was right there to confront Ric, but Kanyon made the move himself and took the legend away with a Suicide Dive! Fans got behind Chris, who was determined to outright steal the show. Kanyon jumped back in the ring, with Triple H hitting the ropes, driving them into Kanyon's crotch. "Suck it!" followed by a Pedigree... kick out! How did he do that? Triple H asks our official the same question. DDP fires up the crowd, hits his hands across the apron! HHH ducks the superkick from Kanyon and strikes him back with a DIAMOND CUTTER!! Triple H rolled the years back and got the victory with the move he used during his first run in this company. A move that DDP fell in love with! After the match Triple H got on the turnbuckles and posed over DDP, who was understandably pissed! Hunter got back to Ric and walked off, leaving Kanyon and Page in the ring. Both guys were given a lot of cheers, DDP even raised his friend's hand to them. They will have another chance this Sunday though, and maybe the outcome will be different.

Piper is talking to Bill DeMott in his office, granting his loyal worker a "Bootcamp" match at the pay-per-view. "Knock yourself out, Bill. Don't beat that young boy too badly, I don't want another harassment case on my hands!" DeMott leaves the room with a grin on his face and bumps into Hulk Hogan, who's not that happy to see Piper in the chair. "Oh, you again!" - Piper says, with Hogan adjusting his US title on the shoulder. "I know there's no love lost between us, brother, but I am sure we will find a common ground!" Piper laughs once again, doesn't look like he wants to cooperate with Hulkster. "Hogan, I didn't miss you one bit. And I'm positive that whatever you have in mind won't sit well with me. If you think that you can avoid Vader, Shamrock and Steiner on Sunday... you're wrong. Because it's going to be a six man elimination tag!" Hogan puts his lips tight, says that he was wrong about Roddy Piper. He's still jealous of Hulk's success and won't get over it! Hogan walks away, knowing that on Sunday he could only rely on himself, Sid and Mike Awesome. That is a blockbuster brawl if we ever had one! New Blood members were mesmerized by Hogan's presence, but were quickly reminded that Hulkster is their enemy.

Hogan, Awesome and Vicious vs. Steiner, Vader and Shamrock is not the only big tag team bout on the card though! The dream match between Team 3D and Road Warriors is happening on that same night, and it promises to be an unforgettable fight. Announcers talk about other matches, such as Mysterio/Psicosis and Raven/Sting. Talk of the devil! Raven is here! "I looked for you everywhere. You won the game of hide and seek, but I'm not done playing. This Sunday we will have a special match... it's called a Clockwork Orange House of Fun match! I have a destiny. I have a destiny to be WCW world heavyweight champion! I came in here with one goal, one purpose. But then I was sidetracked by a madman called Sting and his outrageous hypocrisy! So Sting, I'm gonna put Bret Hart on the backburner and take you to my playground. Originally, it only existed in my head, but in a few days I will bring that creation to life! Sting, I'm the way to the city of woe... I'm the way to eternal sorrow.. walk with me Sting, for I am Raven. Walk with me to the Clockwork Orange House of Fun match! On the top it will say "abandon hope all ye who enter here". The loser will be dumped unceremoniously from my perch through a pair of tables here. The rest of the creation you will have to wait for till Sunday, because if I were to speak about it, it would not do it justice... So Sting, come out and play. Quote The Raven, Nevermore!"

We're moments away from our main event. Okerlund is now standing with the main man - Bret "The Hitman" Hart! Bret is asked about Raven's comments about his destiny of becoming the world heavyweight champion. Bret is not surprised that he has a huge bullseye on his back. Everyone thinks they've got what it takes to beat him for this title, but at the end of the day, they all came up short. Bret is asked about Goldberg's momentum, and what it would take to stop "The Man" from becoming the new champion. As always, Bret says he is the best there is, the best there was, and the best there ever will be. Being on a hot run is not enough to match Bret's greatness! He's the Excellence of Execution, the greatest technical wrestler to ever lace a pair of boots. Goldberg wouldn't come close to his level even if he had 100 years worth of experience... Triple H comes around after his match and bumps into the champion. "I don't care who wins on Sunday, I'm coming for that big gold belt after Halloween Havoc! You can't hold me down forever, Hitman. It's my time to be the king!" Triple H then puts his hand out... and gets a sledgehammer from "Mean Gene", who had no choice but to return the valuable weapon to it's original owner. Scepter-like item is in Hunter's clutch... Hart is not impressed in the slightest, Flair follows the lead of his associate. Time for our main event!!

In a bout that featured great action and a good crowd, Goldberg defeated Kevin Nash in 8:24 by pinfall with The Spear following Konnan's interference. 82/100
Flashbacks of that infamous match that ended Goldberg's winning streak were present here, but the roles were reversed. Kevin Nash himself got a taste of the cattle prod! Who tased "Big Sexy"? Of course it was Konnan! A spear after that interference sealed the deal. Goldberg ran over everybody this past month, he's white hot and ready to challenge Bret Hart. After the bell rung, Piper came out once again. "Hot Rod" was not a huge fan of the finish and called Goldberg out on cheating and getting Konnan involved in the finish. Bill swears he had nothing to do with it, just like Rey had nothing to do with Jacob's abduction! Piper doesn't believe "The Man"... "Konnan, I can see that you're trying to make things a little more violent. So at Halloween Havoc, your goons will face Hall and Nash in a Street Fight! I hope you got what you looked for, amigo. Goldberg... I can't let my main match finish like this one. And for that reason... I appoint myself as a special guest referee for that match!! No more shenanigans allowed, you got it!??" Goldberg went through that before... Starrcade 1999. He is boiling over from rage. He turns to Konnan and SPEARS him out of his boots!! That's not enough. Jackhammer! Goldberg punished Konnan and sent a message to Bret Hart, who was watching the man closely from the comfort of his VIP lounge. "Bret Hart... YOU'RE NEXT!!!" Next stop - Halloween Havoc! Goodnight everybody.

Final Rating: 86/100 (4.39 on TBS)

1. Crackerjack - 54
2. Beejus - 50
3. Destiny - 16

Beejus missed the round, this could be crucial. Official card for Halloween Havoc pay-per-view will be posted in the next few days, maybe even sooner. Hope you enjoyed this Thunder edition and I also hope you're interested to see what will happen next. Thanks for dropping by and sorry for a couple of dirty finishes!
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Default WCW Halloween Havoc 2000 Preview

WCW Halloween Havoc 2000 Card

How did we get here?

- This poster may suck, but this is one of the biggest events of the year! The show will be split in two halves, 6 matches each. First off we have Rey finally getting a singles match for the title that eluded him this year. Psicosis does not consider himself an underdog, prepared to show the world who the greatest luchadore around really is! Plenty of history between those two, but they always come up with new stuff. You can rely on both workers to put on a decent opener. Or maybe even to steal the show?

- Then we have a "Proving Ground" match for John Cena. Bill DeMott did not like Cena from his first day, and made sure to make John's first month in our company as uncomfortable as it can possibly be. John showed his guts in matches with the likes of Goldberg and Hogan, but so far he has no victories under his belt. Could this pay-per-view open the floodgate of victories for "The Prototype"? DeMott picked this to be a Boot Camp match, to test Cena's toughness and willpower. Military background is not a random thing, but a setting to emphasize John’s upbringing. Some say Cena never was in the military, this match will show us if that’s the case.

- It's also no secret that Meng is the most dangerous figure in the WCW locker room. That's why Raven decided to become close with the savage and even trusted him with a briefcase that contains a world title opportunity! Meng did a fine job of guarding the golden ticket so far, but with the whole roster coming after him, things are going to get very busy. Toughest man in our business is ready to fight tooth and nail for the item he fell in love with. We wish our boys luck… after all, they are risking their lives!

- Disco Inferno is a completely different man with Stacy Kiebler in his corner. The usually funny and easy-going guy is now a legit threat to the returning TV champ Jeff Jarrett. Disco put on some mass and is looking ready to make a statement and add another title to his collection, while Jeff is coming back in hot form after a month long tour in Japan. Disco has 15 minutes to make an upset!

- Road Warriors are as bad and as tough as they come. The legendary brawlers didn't lose a single match this year, running through competition like knife through warm butter. There's virtually no team that can stop them from eventually challenging for the tag team titles, but there's a catch... Bubba Ray and Devon are obsessed with an idea of breaking the Warrior's streak in their debut match with our company. Team 3D waited for this opportunity for many many years, and now this dream match is real. It won’t be pretty, folks.

- Raven and Sting are perfect enemies. It's an old school battle of good and evil, where the heroic figure of Stinger is opposing a psychotic genius with sick intentions. Raven is on quest to expose "The Icon" and make the life of a fan favorite a living hell. Sting lost his friend Lex Luger and a bit of sanity, fighting through the numerous obstacles, so raven can pat himself on the back for those mind games. Stinger is trying his best to oppose the temptation for excessive violence, but when black touches white, it's no longer pure. Two polarizing figures will meet for the first time in a bizarre match concept, never seen in pro wrestling before.

- We also have a gang warfare unwrapping in front of our very own eyes. Big Kev and Bad Scott saw their creation get murdered by "The Hitman"! nWo is no more, but the Kliq is for life. Notorious big men are now in a limbo, while Konnan is slowly but surely builds a faction that strikes fear in everyone who has a bit of common sense. God knows what happened to Wilhelm, one of the german brothers that guarded Berlyn, and God knows what Rey Mysterio got himself into, refusing to join the movement. One things is for sure - LAX are not messing around. K-Dawg promised us a "bloody Sunday", and so far he didn't give us many reasons to question his credibility.

- The bout between Kanyon and the great Ric Flair got approved two days before the big show. It all fell into place when Kanyon sided with DDP to battle a powerful of alliance of "The Game" and "The Nature Boy". Kanyon is determined to "break the glass ceiling", having all the tools to pull it off. Youthful hunger against the most decorated figure in pro wrestling... it's a natural conflict. Flair is ready to take "that punk to school" and show him what the stars are made of!

- A rematch for the world tag team titles promises to be even better than the first match between two units. And while Guerrero and Benoit have better record fighting on their own, they are still very interested in getting the gold on their waists collectively. Booker T and Buff Bagwell can up the ante and get serious when it's needed, and with Trish watching on they can sweep the underachieving contenders and put an end to their future together. As of now, momentum is on the side of "Latino Heat" and "The Crippler", but everything can change in the nick of time. It is an ultimate test for both teams, may the better men win.

- Now free of his commissioner duties, DDP wants to focus on doing what he does best - busting Diamond Cutters on some jacked up monkeys. Hunter felt that Page was showing favoritism to certain superstars, pushing friends to places where they had no business being in. After all, Triple H can certainly claim that he's the right man to challenge for the world title in the future, showing plenty of promise in a triple threat match from Fall Brawl. "The Game" will do whatever it takes to claim his place on the top of the mountain, no matter who stands in his way. A former boss meets the ambitious up and comer on his terms, it's going to be feisty.

- Hogan and Steiner hate each other's guts. Everyone knows that! "Freakzilla" doesn't treat our US champion with any kind of respect, instead mocking the legendary wrestler and threatening to "make him humble". Tensions between two megastars gave us a brutal and mind blowing feud between "Career Killer" and "Freakzilla", which appeared to be over until Mike Awesome introduced a chair to Steiner's back on the last Nitro edition. Hulkster got to recruit Sid Vicious to his camp, to protect himself from unwarranted competition, but that didn't help the man in a boxing match against Vader. This melting pot of brawling maniacs and bad blood resulted in a bout that promises to overwhelm our testosterone charts! Foul language and full contact shots are guaranteed!

- Finally, the main event! Bret Hart meets Goldberg one on one, hoping to once again defy the odds and prove he's the greatest wrestler that ever lived on this darn planet. "The Man", on the other hand, wants to kick Bret's whiny ass and change a landscape of the company that gave him so much for the better. A string of impressive wins and ungodly amount of motivation drive the juggernaut to the holy grail of our beloved sport - the big gold belt. Hart will treat this meeting like a game of chess, where cold heads and excellence of execution prevail more often that not. Cold-blooded and calculating champion, hot-headed and reckless challenger. An authority figure looking over certainly adds up to the narrative, there will be a lot of drama, you can bet on that. We have all the ingredients for an instant classic. Bill Goldberg. Bret Hart. World Heavyweight Championship... live on pay-per-view!
  1. Rey Mysterio vs. Psicosis (c) - WCW Cruiserweight Championship Match
  2. Bill DeMott vs. John Cena - Boot Camp Match
  3. Meng vs. WCW Roster - Trick Or Treat Match
  4. Disco Inferno vs. Jeff Jarrett (c) - WCW Television Championship Match
  5. Road Warriors vs. Team 3D
  6. Raven vs. Sting (c) - Clockwork Orange House of Fun Match for the WCW Hardcore Championship
  7. LAX (Homicide and Hernandez) vs. The Outsiders (Scott Hall & Kevin Nash) - Street Fight
  8. Ric Flair vs. Kanyon
  9. Eddie Guerrero and Chris Benoit vs. Buffy T (c) - WCW World Tag Team Championship Match
  10. DDP vs. Triple H
  11. Team Hogan (Hulk Hogan, Mike Awesome and Sid Vicious) vs. Team Steiner (Scott Steiner, Vader, Ken Shamrock) - 6 Man Tag Elimination Match
  12. Goldberg vs. Bret Hart (c) - WCW World Heavyweight Championship Match, Roddy Piper is a Special Guest Referee
Bonus Questions:
a) Which match will get the highest rating?
b) Who will get the biggest popularity boost?
c) How many people we will pack in our house?
d) How many title changes will we have on this night?

As always, thanks for dropping by. Love all of you, but especially Crackerjack, Beejus and Destiny
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I'm not missing this one!

Rey Mysterio - Rey-Rey makes a good Cruiser champ, this is a nice place for him to win it again.
John Cena - Because he has a future as a future champion, while Bill has a future as a JTTS.
Meng - I actually figure someone will show up and win at the end other than Meng, but since I can't think of anyone who that will be, I'll go with THEMONSTERMENG
Jeff Jarrett
No Contest - This one is going all over the building to a count out, then a DQ next month, then they can have a big stip blowoff at Starrcade.
Sting - Raven doesn't really need to win his big fun matches to stay relevant in them.
Outsiders - The Wolfpac are back to cause mass destruction.
Kanyon - This could be the start of a nice big push for him.
Guerrero and Benoit
Team Steiner
Bret Hart - Roddy as ref makes me feel he's likely to give the match to his very good best friend Bret.

1. DDP vs. 3H
2. John Cena
3. 28,515
4. 1
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Rey Mysterio vs. Psicosis (c) - WCW Cruiserweight Championship Match
Bill DeMott vs. John Cena - Boot Camp Match
Meng vs. WCW Roster - Trick Or Treat Match
Disco Inferno vs. Jeff Jarrett (c) - WCW Television Championship Match
Road Warriors vs. Team 3D
Raven vs. Sting (c) - Clockwork Orange House of Fun Match for the WCW Hardcore Championship
LAX (Homicide and Hernandez) vs. The Outsiders (Scott Hall & Kevin Nash) - Street Fight
Ric Flair vs. Kanyon
Eddie Guerrero and Chris Benoit vs. Buffy T (c) - WCW World Tag Team Championship Match
DDP vs. Triple H
Team Hogan (Hulk Hogan, Mike Awesome and Sid Vicious) vs. Team Steiner (Scott Steiner, Vader, Ken Shamrock) - 6 Man Tag Elimination Match
Goldberg vs. Bret Hart (c) - WCW World Heavyweight Championship Match, Roddy Piper is a Special Guest Referee
Bonus Questions:
a) Which match will get the highest rating? Goldberg versus Bret
b) Who will get the biggest popularity boost? Cena
c) How many people we will pack in our house? 30,231
d) How many title changes will we have on this night? Two
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Rey Mysterio vs. Psicosis (c) - WCW Cruiserweight Championship Match I'm guessing you'll want to build to a bigger Cruiserweight match for starcade, so Rey is the guy. Unless LAX shows up
Bill DeMott vs. John Cena - Boot Camp Match Demott stink
Meng vs. WCW Roster - Trick Or Treat Match Funny line-up. I'm guessing WCW Roster is a sneaky way to sneak a surprise winner in there
Disco Inferno vs. Jeff Jarrett (c) - WCW Television Championship Match Jeff stinks, but so does Disco really
Road Warriors vs. Team 3D
Raven vs. Sting (c) - Clockwork Orange House of Fun Match for the WCW Hardcore Championship Raven and the Hardcore championship just go together for me
LAX (Homicide and Hernandez) vs. The Outsiders (Scott Hall & Kevin Nash) - Street Fight Unless LAX follows Konnan's lead and literally tells them to stab Nash and Hall
Ric Flair vs. Kanyon Kanyon deserved better
Eddie Guerrero and Chris Benoit vs. Buffy T (c) - WCW World Tag Team Championship Match Feels like Buffy T's time is up. Team 3D will hunt for Guerrero/Benoit
DDP vs. Triple H Buried
Team Hogan (Hulk Hogan, Mike Awesome and Sid Vicious) vs. Team Steiner (Scott Steiner, Vader, Ken Shamrock) - 6 Man Tag Elimination Match - Sneaky way to get Hogan to job
Goldberg vs. Bret Hart (c) - WCW World Heavyweight Championship Match, Roddy Piper is a Special Guest Referee I think this build has been great, but I still think Bret/HHH is destined to main event Starcade.

Bonus Questions:
a) Which match will get the highest rating? Goldberg/Bert
b) Who will get the biggest popularity boost? Cena
c) How many people we will pack in our house? 35,000
d) How many title changes will we have on this night? 2
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Default Halloween Havoc 2000 (Part One)

Week 4, October 2000
Career Dome, Tri State (39,665)

Welcome everybody to Halloween Havoc 2000! What a night this promises to be! Our three man announce team is hyped more than usual, and they also put the arena set over. Pumpkin on the stage is back! There's more reasons to be excited though, Mike Tenay hypes up the opener that is going to happen right now! Bobby "The Brain" Heenan tells Mike not to forget about The Road Warriors and Team 3D. Tony Schiavone talks about John Cena's first pay-per-view match, with Heenan rolling his eyes and asking his colleague if he was paid to talk about that guy? Ok, time for some wrestling!

WCW Cruiserweight Title Match

What better way to hype up the crowd than to have two world class cruiserweight competitors fight for the title? Rey came out first, in some orange pants and blue boots. Champion sported his usual black and white outfit, his classic colors. It’s a regular one on one bout, with plenty of stories to tell. Mysterio and Psicosis are very familiar with each other, and that leads to a lot of sequences that end with both guys just stopping for a second to give people a breather. Mysterio’s performance is slightly hindered by his knee injury, and that slowly affects the flow of the battle as we progress.

Psicosis did not shy away from working Rey’s leg and targeted it with various holds and stomps. At one point Psicosis shook the ropes, while Rey was preparing for a springboard attack, thus bumping the challenger to the outside. A huge Senton Psychosis out of the ring took a few years out of both luchadores, but gave the fans something to remember for decades to come. Rey returned back to the ring just in time, he was nearly counted out. A low dropkick to the knee of Mysterio, perfect time to hit a Psycho Guillotine!? No, our cruiserweight champion misses and gets dropkicked in the face! He finds himself on the apron, where Rey catapults him over the ring post with one leg!!

Dazed Psicosis adjusts his mask, Rey runs up and swings around the ring post with a Feint Kick!! Innovative and very cool, Psicosis never saw a move like that before! The champion is back in the ring, Rey connects with a West Coast Pop! 1…2… Psicosis kicks out, and Rey can not believe it. This has to be one of the few matches where Rey fights an old rival unmasked, so we can see Rey’s emotions that tell us more than a hundred fancy words. Mysterio turns right into Psycho Stunner and also kicks out in two! Psicosis cackles and signals for the finish… he sets Rey for a Tombstone Piledriver, but that deadly move is reversed into a Spike Hurricanrana!! Stumbling Psicosis uses the ropes to help himself stand up, only to be Feint Kicked in the face again and splashed for the 1-2-3! Rey Mysterio can finally say that he is the new WCW cruiserweight champion!!

Almost a year long quest is completed, and Rey is left to celebrate with his manager Jimmy Hart! "Mouth of the South" puts the strap on his client, who also throws his hands up to thank God. Rey is now a six time cruiserweight champion! This win happened exactly four years after Rey dropped the title to Dean Malenko and three years after Rey's legendary mask vs. title match with Eddie Guerrero! Also this match marked Rey's fifth consecutive year of winning the cruiserweight title.
In a match that had some good action but not much in the way of heat, Rey Mysterio Jr defeated Psicosis in 12:32 by pinfall with a Springboard Splash. Rey Mysterio Jr wins the WCW Cruiserweight title. 65/100
Konnan, Hernandez and Homicide watched the match on the TV backstage. K-Dawg was not surprised, he almost expected this to happen. Lita on the other hand was very happy for her idol, but had to restrain herself from celebrating near the LAX. Gangsters did spot the fiery redhead, and gave her some threatening glances. Rey himself is back now, limping slightly. He's over the moon, so the injury doesn't bother him. Eddie Guerrero and Chris Benoit come up to hug Rey Rey, with Mysterio teasing them to join the champion's club. "Ese, after tonight we will throw a fiesta to celebrate our success. I'm pumped, holmes!" Naturally, Buffy T and Trish come up to their challengers and talk trash, thus forming an interesting standoff. Booker, Buff and Trish stare down Eddie, Benoit and Lita with Rey standing in between them, and LAX in the background.

We get a recap video of Diamond Dallas Page arriving to the building earlier today. "Paparazzi" Alex Shelley follows him, Kimberly and Kanyon, asking the former boss what's going to happen with WCW now? Piper is back, and he already made some questionable decisions like putting himself as a referee in the main event between Hart and Goldberg. DDP says it sucks for Bill, but he can only wish "Da Man" luck in that match, nothing he can do about it now. What he can do, is drop Triple H with a Diamond Cutter later on, BANG! Kanyon uses the opportunity to talk about his match with Ric Flair, that was added to the card last minute. "To be honest with you, I'm not bothered getting on the card so late, I'm really looking forward to my match with Ric Flair. Like him or hate him, he's one of the greats, and it's an honor for me to share the ring with "The Nature Boy"! But don't get me wrong, my respect for the man will not be an issue, and after I beat him clean in the middle of the ring, there will be only one question remaining... who's better than Kanyon?" Shelley probably didn't get the answer he looked for, but it's something.

Road Warriors are with Mean Gene, their pre-match promo is full of intensity and it's obvious that Hawk and Animal can't wait for the match to be underway. Tell 'em, Hawk! "YOU ACT LIKE YOU WANT TO FIGHT US, TALK ABOUT US DUCKING YOU, BUT THEN YOU HIDE FROM US, TALKING ABOUT CONTRACT OBLIGATIONS AND CRAP LIKE THAT! ROAD WARRIORS ARE SICK OF THAT BS, TONIGHT WE WILL RUN OVER TEAM 3D, AND YOU HAVE MY WORD ON THAT, MEAN GENE!" Okerlund wipes his face from Hawk's saliva, when out of the blue Devon and Ray attack the legends from behind!! "WHATCHU SAY, HAWK? YOU READY TO FIGHT? WE TOLD YA WE'RE COMING DOWN!" - Ray yells, stomping on his opponent. Devon laughs and drops his usual "TESTIFY!" Team 3D just beat up The Road Warriors, they waited for this moment for a very long time, and couldn't resist laying their hands on the invincible before the bell! Team 3D leads Warriors through the corridor and onto the entrance aisle. They brawl all the way to the ring, smacking Warriors' heads on the railings and launching Hawk into the steel steps! Hawk hurt his shoulder upon contact, newcomers tossed Animal in the ring and told the ref to make it official!

Tag Team Match

Animal is back to his feet, debutants tag in and out, attacking the powerhouse with swift blows. They stomp Animal in the corner, switch in and out never slowing down the tempo. Hawk shakes off the early beatings and gets in the ring, shoving the official out of his way. Ray hides under the rope and tells ref to get the guy off him, when Devon pushes Hawk's head against the rope! Ray immediately pushes Hawk to the corner with a Big Boot, hooking them horns to greet the rabid fans. Ref insists on Hawk getting back to his place, with Animal grounding Ray with a sick Lariat! Ray rolls to his corner and tags Devon in, who's taking the moment in. Both men hit the ropes and put on some speed on their leaping shoulder blocks! OOOOPH, plenty of contact! Devon tags Ray first, he runs over and knocks Hawk from the apron! Stomps Animal, who's not having any of that. A shot right in the kisser, stiff and solid! Animal pushes Ray into a Military Press position, but the guy fights out and floors Animal with a Bubba Bomb!!

Tag to Devon, who is going on top. Ray hooks Animal's legs and screams "WASSSUUUP??"! Diving headbutt right into Animal's crotch! Team 3D is circling around the center of the ring, Ray shoves Devon, who can't even ask his brotha "what?" because Hawk is back in with a signature Diving Clothesline!! Ray saved Devon with that push, and he was ready to pounce with a lifting reverse DDT on Hawk! He jumps right back in, not feeling the impact!! Crowd goes wild, he is about to run Team 3D over! But no, he's stopped by the referee who tells him to tag in first. Nick Patrick is playing with fire, Hangman Neckbreaker!!! That will teach him! Hawk and Animal are unleashed, they get their heat back, knocking Team 3D over and over. Devon takes a sit on Animal's shoulders, Doomsday Device time! Ray gets up and hits Animal in the balls from behind! Devon is free, he shoves Hawk off the turnbuckle and teams up with Ray for a Dudley Death Drop! 3D connects, Nick Patrick fast counts the cover, giving former Dudley Boyz a tainted win on their debut!!
In a match that had some good action and average heat, Team 3D defeated Road Warriors in 11:23 when Brother Ray defeated Road Warrior Animal by pinfall with a 3D. 74/100
Team 3D just broke the Warrior's streak! They get an enormous win on their debut night, upsetting the grizzled vets with a little help from Nick Patrick. Winners get the hell away from the ring with the official, celebrating their victory! Animal would have kicked out, but result is final. Dream scenario for Ray and Devon, it's the biggest accomplishment of their careers!

Raven is sitting somewhere backstage with Meng, in the dark corner. "The Face of Fear" just found out that he was put in some strange match, and he's not happy about it. Raven tells Meng to save all his anger for later, for the Clockwork Orange House of Fun match. That's also a new match, even Meng has no idea what that actually is, judging by the look on his face. Raven says he can't go into details right now... then he spots a pay-per-view poster with Stinger on it. "Look at this atrocity Meng, it's ridiculous! What about me, what about Raven??" - he asks, and tears the poster down. Raven is clearly insecure about himself and extremely jealous of "The Icon"!

Bill DeMott is standing next to "Mean Gene", sporting a camouflage gear. He also wears a heavy helmet for some reason. Okerlund compliments Bill on his look, but DeMott is too hyped to catch a sarcasm in his words. Basically, DeMott warns Cena about entering a warzone. Rookie must respect not only him, but also a battleground. "Quite frankly, he will have no other choice, after I drag his ass all over that ring!" Cena himself steps into the frame and just adds "see you there" before walking out. DeMott is infuriated! "Is that how you talk to the veterans? Mean Gene, how can he be so disrespectful?" Okerlund just shrugs and sends us to the announce table.

Boot Camp Match

As Cena was passing his dog tags to the ref, DeMott jumped him from behind and started pouring shots at his back. Cheap shot is acceptable in war, at least for Bill. Couple of ugly chops to Cena, DeMott stomps a mudhole in young John, looks over the ring and smashes Cena with a Cannonball in the corner! Couple of face washes with a boot to wake up his victim. Cena rolls out of the ring to get a breather, DeMott yells John is not ready for him. Newcomer catches Bill's leg and drags him out of the ring and into a short arm clothesline, knocking Bill's helmet off in the process. He starts looking around the area, checking for weapons in this military inspired set. DeMott is quicker, he breaks John's nose with a mock up rifle! DeMott hits Cena in his Adam's Apple and throws him back in the ring. Punishment continues, DeMott gets Cena's wrestling boot and flaps it across his nape. "You don't deserve to have those, punk!" Irish whip in the corner and an avalanche, Cena is laid out. Cover, but John kicks out in two. DeMott grabs his helmet and lays Cena out with it. "STAY DOWN!" - he screams, but Cena is not listening. Sitout powerbomb! DeMott signals for his finishing maneuver, a No Laughing Matter Moonsault! Bill takes his time... and misses!! This is a chance for Cena! John puts his hand on Bill's chest, who is not having that. Two men start trading punches, Cena is stronger! Lariat missed by DeMott, Cena delivers a Protobomb!! Cover... one... two-o-o... no! That was the strongest move in Cena's arsenal. John is trying to breathe, but his nose is wrecked. If you can't breathe - you can't fight well, right? Cena has an idea... he gets the gas mask from the ring post and puts it on Bill! Running neck snap from Cena, Bill can't see him. John taunts Bill about it, gets the belt from his pants and wraps it around his neck!! Goodness gracious, that is some ruthless aggression from John! Bill has no choice but to tap out!! Cena just got his first major victory in WCW, and he celebrates it with the crowd!
In a bout that had solid in-ring action but not much in the way of heat, John Cena defeated Bill DeMott in 9:38 by submission with a belt choke. 42/100
Roddy Piper looks intrigued, he asks his New Blood guys about Cena. "Do you guys know him? What is he all about?" - he asks, and nobody seems to know much about him, except Samoa Joe.

- I've trained with John. He's a pro, no doubt about it, but... you may not like him.
- Why is that?
- I don't know if I should tell you this, but he's a type of guy who emulates Hulk Hogan, not Roddy Piper.
- Oh... I see. And you Joe, you emulate me? Good on you, smart and bright guy! I didn't like that that Cena fella anyway.

Right before his match Disco Inferno tells Stacy Keibler to stay in the back. Stacy asks why, but gets a "you know why" answer. Doesn't look like she knows the reason behind that decision, but she listens to the challenger. Usually goofy Disco is making a quasi serious entrance, waiting for the arrival of "The Chosen One"! Here he is. People give Double J a decent reaction, he was absent for quite some time. Jeff picks up a microphone and says that he didn't miss any of the stupid slapnuts behind the scenes and in the seats. Jarrett gives his TV title to the ref and we start the match with a 15 minute time limit.

WCW World Television Title Match

Lock up, a standard beginning to the wrestling match. Headlock and hammerlock from Jarrett, he gets the initial control over his opponent. JJ throws a victory sign, putting one leg on the second rope, but gets dropped neck first on the top rope! Disco moves Jeff from the ropes and climbs on the top turnbuckle, but champion rolls out of the way before Disco can even leap off. They start a mini-chase around the ring, with Jarrett stomping on Inferno on his way back to the ring. Ref asks JJ to calm down, gets yelled at. A lariat attempt, reversed into a swinging neckbreaker! Quick cover, Jeff kicks out of course. Chinlock transitions into a low dropkick to the head of Jarrett's head for another near fall. Stacy Keibler peeks from the ramp, but as soon as Disco mentions her, she hides behind the wall. That distracts Disco and gives Jarrett an opportunity to slap on a Sleeper hold and talk trash right into Disco's ear. Inferno pushes back and frees himself, with champion bumping into a corner. Disco goes for ten punches, but only connects with 5, as Jarrett drops him face first in the padding. Roll up, Jeff puts his legs on the ropes and gets caught... Dropkick pushes Disco against the ropes, he rebounds, eats a scoop powerslam for a two count! Jarrett tells the official that it was three, makes a couple of steps towards his guitar.

Ref stops the man and gets guitar out of the ring... Jarrett kicks Disco low, when ref is not watching and busts out a Jumping DDT. Cover, ref returns a bit late, cause it's yet another near fall. More bitching from TV champ, Disco is fed up with Jarrett's cheating... we can see people moving in the stands. It's Dustin Rhodes and Steven Regal! Jarrett came back with his company, of course! Revolution stablemates get to the ring from both sides. Dustin jumps on the apron to pull the ref's attention away from Regal passing a guitar over to JJ. Swing and miss, Disco hits a Chart Buster instead!! Disco grabs the guitar and smashes it across Dustin's head for good measure, and knocks Regal from the apron with an Atomic Elbow! Inferno is all fired up, he ducks a lariat from JJ, busts a Reverse Atomic Drop and flattens Jarrett with a lariat of his own! Disco goes for a high risk Diving Leg Drop, but Jarrett rolls out last second. Disco is now nursing his right leg, that got hurt upon landing. Jeff immediately locks in a Figure 4!! As much as Disco wants to tap out, he makes his way to the ropes, stands up with the hold still applied and turns Jeff on his belly! Disco holds it till 4, and gets punched in the face by Regal! Groggy Disco loses the match after Jarrett connects with a Stroke...
In a bout that featured great action and average heat, Jeff Jarrett defeated Disco Inferno in 11:34 by pinfall with The Stroke. Jeff Jarrett makes defence number 5 of his WCW World Television title. 76/100
Title is in Jarrett's hands, he is celebrating over Disco with Rhodes and Regal. Piper comes out to confront the champ, promising to punish him! As a cue, Palumbo, O'Haire and Bull come out and chase off "The Revolution"! Jeff and company get the hell out of their way, leaving through the crowd. Trio is itching to fight... Palumbo superkicks Disco!! Military Press Powerslam from Johnny and another Swanton Bomb take Inferno's breath away! Piper doesn't mind, he lets it slide for them. It must be said, if Disco wouldn't snub Norman, they would be counting bright lights of this arena together. Stacy Keibler doesn't want to cross The Bull, so she stays in the back.

A video package recaps the displays of hatred shared between Outsiders and LAX. Hernandez and Homicide made their first appearance on the show fittingly named “New Blood Rises”, where they helped Konnan get the briefcase with a guaranteed contract for a US championship match down the lane. K-Dawg started a movement the same time NWO ceased to exist, with his loyal goons playing a huge role in that. By attacking Kevin Nash with a fork, latino thugs sent “Outsiders” home, who were reportedly scared for their safety. The leader of the LAX faction mocked his former friends for being absent when their faction was killed off by “The Hitman”, but now Kevin and Scott claim they’re back and acting like nothing ever happened. Scott Hall in particular was outraged that the bigger guy was using his move, before tasting his own medicine last Monday. They had a bit of revenge on Thunder, beating the guys backstage, but ultimately Nash got stun gunned and speared because of “Latin Fury”. Roddy Piper felt it was necessary to make this match go under “street fight” rules, and that’s what we are getting next! Konnan comes out on the ramp with a mic, to some “rowdy” hip-hop beat. He introduces Homicide and Hernandez by performing an entrance song by himself! This night was dubbed as “Bloody Sunday” by K-Dawg, and his impromptu rap was certainly rated “R”!

To this sick beat...

Bloody Sunday, Black Sabbath
Scott Hall’s infantile drug addict
He's clinically depressed, he got Big Kev manic
Nash keep swallowing dem pills, so he can stay erotic

Hernandez in the house screaming out, Fu** y'all!
Homicide in the house screaming out, **ck y'all!

Hey yo back from the dead, back at it again
I'm the antique pistol with the antigen
Rey, I'll shoot you, don't get hissy then
You act up again - you getting clapped, my friend

This coka familiar vibe alone 'll kill ya
King Kong aint got sh!t on this here, Gorilla
Classic off the wall just like Mike from Thriller
A monster in a legend, eat shit, Freakzilla

We got the heat for the streets
The bag for the drop
The kid body blow out your back with the pop
The move and the shake
The move and the wake
Welcome to Hell, the Devils here to open the gate! x2

Street Fight

Konnan’s freestyle got a good response from the crowd, but not so much from Outsiders. Kevin Nash and Scott Hall looked very angry, power walking to the squared circle. They were greeted by a Somersault Plancha from Homicide, who took them out before the match even started! “BRRAP!” Hernandez looks at his partner, shrugs his shoulders and takes Outsiders out again with a HUGE over the top rope splash to the outside! LAX bask in the limelight, with Konnan going crazy in the ring. K-Dawg forces ref to start the match, it’s a street fight! Homicide and Hernandez waste no time and put their fists on the stars. Hall pushes Homicide so hard, the guy bumps into a guardrail. Hernandez tried to pick Nash up, but Big Kev fought out of it with an elbow. Nash irish whips Hernandez in Scott Hall’s direction, who’s slow to react, and thus ends up taking a shoulder block. Konnan sneaks from behind, but misses with a briefcase shot. Big Boot from Kevin, he also grabs Homicide and throws him in the ring. Hernandez smacks Hall across the face and gets raked in the eyes as a response.

Nash is throwing Homicide in the corner, but misses a follow up elbow. Lil thug ducks the shots and low dropkicks Nash in the knee, knowing the history of injuries “Big Sexy” has. Nash staggers, tries to catch Homicide and fails. Meanwhile Hall sends Hernandez face first into the steel steps, and throws him in the ring. Baseball slide from Homicide to Hall, a switch between men! Hernandez and Nash now exchange punches in the middle of the ring, when Hall settles Homicide into Konnan with a Fallaway Slam! Nash successfully hits Snake Eyes on Hernandez, Hall gets in the ring and attempts an Outsider Edge! Hernandez powers out, hits the ropes and takes both men out with a double clothesline! Big dude poses and gets a steel chair from Homicide! Powerhouse punishes both big names with some nasty shots to the back, Konnan tells him to put the chair on Kev’s knee, but the timing is wrong and Hernandez ends up eating a Hall Buster on it!! Nash swats Homicide from the turnbuckle and tries to pin Hernandez, who kicks out! Outsiders stomp on the guy, with Konnan getting in the ring, taser in hand. As soon as Nash hears the sound he steps over the top rope and slowly jumps off… to lay a deadly stomp on Homicide, which the crowd loved. Scott Hall made his signature hand gesture, showing that he’s not scared of the taser, pushing ref into Konnan. The item landed right near Hernandez, who zapped Hall with it from the back. He sets up a Crucifix Powerbomb! BAM! Covers him, but ref is knocked out.

Hernandez comes to Homicide’s aid, Nash turns his back and gets a chop block from Homicide. Hernandez gets a table from under the ring and pushes it in the ring. Homicide puts Nash in the STF on the outside, putting some extra pressure on the bad knee. Hernandez sets the table in the corner, and Konnan puts one up on the outside. Hall crawls over to Hernandez and low blows that dude to buy himself some time. Hall now gets Homicide off his bud and smashes his head across the apron repeatedly. Konnan smacks Hall in the head with a chair, he's dizzy!! Nash picks up Konnan’s briefcase and knocks the leader out with it! Homicide gets a fork out of his boot and is ready to hit Nash with it, when suddenly… Alex Shelley stops him and throws a big TV camera at him, thus saving Big Kevin. Nash puts Homicide in the Powerbomb position, and drives him through the table, set up by Konnan! Hernandez teases another “Air Mexico”, but gets a stiff chairshot to the face and an Outsider’s Edge into the cornered table! Ref counts three and we have our winners. Alex Shelley gets some revenge on Konnan and raises hands of Hall and Nash to mark their hard-fought victory.
In a bout that had solid in-ring action but non-existent crowd heat, The Outsiders defeated Latin American Xchange in 10:50 when Scott Hall defeated Hernandez by pinfall with an Outsider's Edge. 70/100
Konnan promised us some blood, but we didn't see any here. Alex Shelley ruined K-Dawgs plans big time, that fork shot from Homicide could of lead to something ugly. Looks like Shelley joins Kev's party, with DDP out of his position and Piper back in power. LAX were not easy to deal with, Konnan, Homicide and Hernandez are looking very angry in the ring.

We get a nice little video for our next match. A recap of the feud between Raven and Sting, that also involves Lex Luger, Meng and Paul Orndorff. Ring crew is setting up everything for this grudge match, while people are reminded of the happenings between two men to a "Come Out And Play" song. You gotta keep them separated, that's for sure! Raven comes out first as a challenger, to his theme song from ECW. Who expected this? Raven gets in the ring and architects his playground, in his own twisted vision. Finally satisfied, Raven drops into the corner and waits for Sting to show up...

"Seek & Destroy" plays! Stinger is here. "The Icon" descends from the rafters, Raven just looks at him from the corner. Sting already has a bat in his hand, he came prepared! Sting looks over the ring, spotting steel chains that hold various weapons on them. He's kinda impressed, a signature howl greets the fans. He then points his bat at Raven, it's showtime!!

Clockwork Orange House Of Fun Match for the WCW Hardcore Title

Sting drops the hardcore title down and throws his new robe away. He's swinging his bat like a madman, clearly hyped for this grudge match. Raven leaves his corner and grabs a trash can lid, and a kendo stick. He uses the lid as a shield, how smart of him! He blocks the first baseball bat shot and then hits Sting in the head with a kendo stick! And there's blood already! Sting cracks a sarcastic smile, he didn't expect to draw claret so early in the match. Raven hits his usual pose, holding his weapons in hands. Raven throws a trash can lid at Sting like if that was frisbee, but Sting swats it away with a bat! Baseball fans would appreciate the moment, I think. Raven then swings his kendo stick again, but Sting is faster, as he hits Raven in the gut!! Sting grabs Raven and gives him a kendo stick assisted Russian Leg Sweep into the corner! Sting gives Raven two knife edge chops and prepares to hit the Stinger Splash, but Raven escapes. A little chase around the ring breaks out and stops abruptly, when Raven catches Sting with a Drop Toe Hold on the hardcore title that was left near the steps! Raven outsmarted "The Icon" right there, started choking him with a TV cable. Raven cut down the oxygen supply to Sting's brain, and then started punching the cut Sting had on his forehead! Raven smothers blood around Sting's face, making that paint a mess. Then he gets the padding off the floor, exposing the concrete floor... Sting with a dropkick that sends Raven ribs first into the guardrail! Stinger runs up, jumps from steel steps onto the barricade and catches Raven with a Stinger Splash!! They both end up on the floor near the fans, people are loving it! Raven tries to hide in the crowd, but Sting gets him by the hair... Hanging Scorpion Death Drop from the guardrail on the exposed floor!! "Holy sh!t" chant breaks out, one or two guys started chanting E-C-W. It's all about WCW for Sting, folks!

He tries to throw Raven back in the ring, but that man gets under the ring! Well, those hide and seek games start again. Sting is looking around every side, asking the fans where did he go? As Sting gets to the last corner, he gets a fire extinguisher load right in his face!! That will buy Raven some time. He lunges with the extinguisher on Sting, but quickly loses interest in that item. Now Raven is throwing Sting back in the ring, breaks the kendo stick over his knee and puts the sharp end to Sting's skull!! "Do you like this game, Sting? Are you having fun?" - Raven asks, and kicks him with a boot to the face. Raven puts the "Aspen Stake" on the corner padding, that's risky. Sting uses mounted up steel fence to get up, while Raven gets a steel chair and the steel chain that held it. SMACK! Big shot to the back sends Sting back on the ground, Raven wraps the steel chain around his opponent and locks in a Kneeling Reverse Chinlock with it! People get involved, chanting for Sting and giving him powers to fight off. A dramatic comeback is on our hands, Sting is not feeling Raven's punches and yells at him! Inverted Atomic Drop leads straight to the Scorpion Death Lock!! Raven is in pain, but refuses to tap... he could do that, as rules of this match don't recognize submissions. But he gets his hands on the steel chair, and uses it to free himself! Raven picks up a table and pushes it into the ring, but gets welcomed back with a chairshot to the head! It was so loud, the whole world could hear it. Sting sets up a table, then teases a suplex through it... Raven is busted wide open after that chairshot, by the way. Sting grabs him for a suplex, but Raven blocks with his leg. Second attempt also unsuccessful, so Sting headbutts Raven and gets him off the ground! Raven hits Sting with a knee in the air, DRIVES STING'S HEAD THROUGH A CHAIR WITH AN EVENFLOW DDT!!! Both men stay on the mats for a minute, with people going crazy. A little breather for them, Raven is up first... Raven grabs Sting and plans to hit him with a Bulldog move off the second rope on it, but gets Military Pressed through it! Sting beats himself in the chest, going crazy with our fans! Raven crawls to the corner, slowly gets up. Another howl from Sting, another Stinger Splash attempt... RAVEN DUCKS AND STING JUMPS CHEST FIRST INTO AN ASPEN STAKE!!! REBOUND LARIAT!

Wow! Raven knew what he was doing when he put that sharp end on the padding. He's standing over Sting, then looks up to the wall of instruments he erected before the match. Raven points at the staple gun!!! Tenay begs Raven not to use it, Heenan is taken aback by this match. Raven proves the staple gun is legit by using it on the corner padding... He milks the crowd, who a scared for Sting now. Crowbar and Daffney are here!! The deranged slob that is Crowbar stops Raven from using it on Sting, taking the shot himself!! Holy... Daffney screams, of course she does! STINGER SPLASH THROUGH THE FENCE!! BOTH MEN END UP SCATTERED ON THE FLOOR!! Fans are losing their minds, Daffney screams even louder. Now Sting is the first on his feet, as he follows Raven, who crawls to the back on all four! Raven hugs the announce desk, dropping blood on Tenay's papers. Sting bashes Raven's head across it, gets the monitor and hits Raven in the head with it! Sting is in control, they are near the steel WCW logo now. Catapult sends Raven face first into that logo! Raven now tries to escape, and Sting calls him out on it. "Cm'on Raven, I'm having so much fun!! I love this game!" Raven starts climbing the steel bar that is a part of the TurnerTron construction. He really wants to get away from Sting, but he's not done yet! Sting climbs after Raven, they get up pretty high. Raven tried to push Sting down with his boot, but almost fell on the floor himself. Raven saves himself by picking the opposite side of the steel beam and raking Sting in the eyes!! Raven drops down quickly and calls for Meng!! Here he is! Raven tells Meng to push Sting off there, and the monster grabs the steel beam... HE PUSHED THE WHOLE CONSTRUCTION DOWN, STING ENDS UP GOING THROUGH THE STAGE!!! HE WAS KNOCKED OUT FROM RAVEN's PERCH! RAVEN IS THE NEW HARDCORE CHAMPION!
In a bout that featured great action and a good crowd, Raven defeated Sting in 15:13 by knocking Sting off The Raven's Perch. Raven wins the WCW Hardcore title. 82/100
Paramedics and a couple of guys from the locker room tried to get Sting from the debris, while Raven stood on top of the ramp with his hardcore title back on the shoulder. Raven hits his pose as he looks down on helpless Sting! This match exceeded all expectations. We will come back to you after a short intermission, with six more matches to come! Meanwhile you can talk about the first part of the show using this link.
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Default Halloween Havoc 2000 (Part Two)

Intermission is over and we're ready for our next match! Announcers are confused about this one, they have never seen a match stipulation like this. "Trick or Treat match? I don't know what it is, but I wanna see it!" - says Tenay. "Well, if Tenay doesn't know what that match is supposed to be..." adds "The Brain", mocking Mike a little. Schiavone actually has some info on it, and he reads it from his paper. "One man will start the match in the ring, while other wrestlers will enter the match after every 60 seconds or after every non-target elimination. If our guy manages to survive for 10 minutes, he gets a treat! But if not, he must obey to the one wish of a man who pinned or submitted him! Well, that's something new. Let's give it a chance!"

Trick Or Treat Match

And the man who will play this game is... MENG! The toughest fighter not only in WCW, but the entire world! Question is, who would actually want to play with that monster? Islander makes his way to the ring and we're underway! The first man to try his luck is Finlay! Of course, he couldn't miss a fight on this night. Irishman headbutts Meng and immediately regrets his decision! New Blood comes out on the ramp and watch on, clearly interested in this contest. Mike Sanders bets 5 bucks on Meng, but nobody from his squad is willing to bet against the monster. Couple of European Uppercuts from Finlay, Meng is unphased. Time for the next entrant, Vito! Our italian had a brief stare down with Johnny The Bull near the TurnerTron, but then proceeded to join the action. Savate Kick from Meng and a Finlay Press! Things are not looking good for the mobster, as Meng locks a Tongan Death Grip on him!! Vito immediately taps out, while Finlay grabs his shillelagh and smashes Meng with it from behind! Stunned Meng goes through the Rolling Hills, but still kicks out!

Berlyn slithers into the ring, stomps on both men... bad idea. Meng and Finlay apply a Double Nerve Hold on the german, who lasted in this match only a few seconds. A brawl between two bruisers continue, when it's time for Wilhelm to enter. Powerhouse big boots Berlyn on his way to the ring, gets in the squared circle and misses a double clothesline! Finlay and Meng work together once again, flooring the big man with a Double Suplex! Consecutive elbow and leg drops wear down that lonely twin, he could surely use some help from his brother, but where is he? Instead of Jacob, CM Punk enters the frame! Springboard Lariat to Finlay, Running Knee straight to Meng's chin! Bulldog on the first entrant, Meng lands on top of Wilhelm and pins him! Finlay jumps on Punk with a High Knee of his own, tries a Celtic Cross, but gets rolled up for three!! Punk gloats about it, but falls down after the second shillelagh shot! Meng puts his foot on Punk's chest and awaits for his next opponent! Who's that gonna be?

Shannon Moore's titantron starts playing, but the guy is not walking out. He's scared for his life! Arn Anderson tells the boy to go there and fight like a man or never come back to WCW. Moore opts to bite a bullet, enters the ring sliding between Meng's legs! Shannon leaps off the second rope with a Crossbody, but Meng reverses it into a Samoan Drop and pins the poor fella. Number six is a weird luchadore that goes by the name Halloween! He crawls to the ring and seizes the monster, oblivious to the fact he is getting into a fight he can't win. Meng ragdolls the scarecrow and pins him after an Asiatic Spike! Up next is Norman Smiley who's wearing a Syracuse Orange outfit, blatantly playing up to the fans in the Career Dome. He's heavily padded, which is smart on his part. Roundhouse Kick from the dominant Meng and a Dragon Sleeper crush the mascot, it's unlikely that anybody will beat Meng. Out comes Rick Steiner! Woof-woof! His leg is finally healed, welcome back! A Dog-Faced Gremlin is getting a good reaction with his dog noises and even shakes Meng up with a Steiner Line, Scoop Powerslam and a Diving Bulldog! Still not enough to beat the guy! Meng sandbags a Steiner Driver and busts out a Piledriver that sends Rick to the back. Number 9, second to last is Great Muta!

This is an interesting match up, with two men going toe to toe! Meng is a bit tired from wrestling already, so a lightning quickness of Muta is catching up with him. Rolling Savate Kick send him into a corner, Space Rolling Elbow connects too! High Kick from Meng is reversed into a Dragon Screw, Muta is feeling it, as he adds a Flashing Elbow to the mix! Meng is on his back, Muta calls for a Shining Wizard! BAAM! Muta goes for cover, one, two... WHAT THE HELL? Someone poured a bucket of blood in the ring from the rafters!! That's not Stinger's style... oh, it's Vampiro!! Vamp is here seemingly not to challenge Meng, but to attack Muta! Nail In The Coffin, blood splatters all over the canvas due to the impact of that move! Vamp puts Meng's hand on Muta's chest, it's over for the "Pro Wrestling Genius"! Meng beat nine men already, it's time for the last person to enter. Perry Saturn! More Revolution members in here than we expected. He hits a "Ring of Saturn" pose on the ramp, while Shane Douglas enters the ring with a steel chair in both hands! BASH! Right across Meng's back! One to the head for good measure, Saturn jogs to the ring and hits a DVD on the monster! He makes the cover... One. Two. NO! Meng is alive! Douglas wraps his hand with a Pittsburg chain, punches Meng with it... PITSSBURGH PLUNGE! Unreal Fisherman Buster from "The Franchise" and an unlikely victory for "The Revolution"! They didn't play by the rules, but ref was too confused due to being unfamiliar with this match concept. Those 10 minutes were surprisingly good, fans loved it! Meng had to endure only a couple of seconds to win the bout, but Revolution members made the task too hard for him.
In a bout that featured good action, but not much in the way of heat, Shane Douglas defeats Meng in 9:56 by pinfall with a Pittsburgh Plunge. 57/100
After the match Shane Douglas gets a mic and runs his mouth about his victory! People boo the guy, they got on Meng's side near the end of the bout. Douglas tells everybody to shut up, as he wants Meng to hear his wish! Meng is out of breath, standing on one knee. "Meng, I want you to pass over that shiny briefcase to me!!!" Meng shakes his head, no way! He will never let anyone touch it! "Come on, you lost! Give me that thing!!" Shane's demand gets us Raven!

Our new hardcore champion is limping after the match with Sting, but he can't stand aside when people are talking about his property. "Franchise is right, Meng. You lost and therefore you must make his wish come true. After all, it's my property, and only I can decide it's fate. Give him the briefcase right now..." Is he crazy? One too many chairshots to the head? Raven drops the mic and walks out, Meng is confused. Douglas cackles and tells Meng to hurry his fat ass up! After a bit of milking he finally surrenders the prize that would give the owner a world title opportunity! Shane poses with it on the turnbuckle, overjoyed with himself! Revolution now owns a guaranteed chance at the world heavyweight championship! Shane can't wait, he opens the briefcase and kisses the paper. He looks at it with eyes full of love, but then his facial expression changes. "What the..? That's not what I wanted!! It's not a title match contract... it's Meng's contract!" Meng turns his head, looking at the camera, fans, ring crew. Shane Douglas realizes that he has no use in the item and rips the paper in half!! He just terminated Meng's contract with WCW, and Raven was the one to set the monster up!! He didn't give Meng his golden ticket, never did. "The Face of Terror" realizes that this whole time he was walking around with his own contract, and Raven decided to trick everybody with an option to dump Meng from the company. Meng jumps over the ropes and runs after Raven!! Douglas is livid too, what a waste of time for him! Perry looks puzzled, as always.

Meng is chasing Raven now, who had a bit of time to get away from the savage. Raven is joggin' to the parking lot, while dropping things behind him to slow Meng down! He goes through toolboxes and trash cans like a bulldozer, but can't catch Raven! The hardcore champion jumps into the window of a car that leaves the Career Dome with a screeching sound! Meng wasn't fast enough. Arena workers use this opportunity to close the gates behind Meng, as he's no longer working for us. "Face of Fear" power walks to the door and starts screaming in rage, hitting it with his head. Such is life, Meng. Such is life...

Ric Flair is ready for some in-ring action, “Nature Boy” looks sharp and ready. “Kanyon, you stupid little boy, you’ve made a big mistake when you crossed both me, The Dirtiest Player in The Game, and Triple H, The Cerebral Assassin! You are not good enough, you’re not strong enough, and especially you’re not smart enough to go one on one with me, let alone two of the greatest wrestlers to ever live! When I look at you, I just see a discount version of Diamond Dallas Page… Some may think it’s not too bad, but people who have some class know that’s an insult and a half! DDP sucks, and discounts suck even more! Obviously there are not so many classy people in this hellhole, so they go crazy about both things… Speaking of hell! Pal, you booked your ticket there a long time ago. And I’m not talking about your sexual orientation, I wouldn’t joke about that. Whether you were born like that, or sucked in later, I will not talk about that. I’ll tell one more thing, Ric Flair is in a class of his own. A class that guys like Kanyon will never even get close to! If you don’t like it, learn to love it! I’m the man and will always be one! Stylin', profilin', limousine riding, jet flying, kiss-stealing, wheelin' n' dealin' son of a gun! This ain't no garden party, Kanyon, this is wrestling, where only the strongest survive, WOOOOOOOOO!”

Singles Match

Kanyon interrupts Flair's grand entrance and goes to work early! He strips “Naitch”, tearing his robe down. “That is worth 10,000 $!” – Flair yells. Kanyon is not listening, he kicks Flair in the head with a Jumping Enzuigiri Kick… Flair takes it, makes two steps forward and flops! Kanyon turns him on the back, covers, but gets in a crucifix pin! One, two.. NO! Ric Flair is backing off on his rear end, asking Kanyon to cool down. Kanyon unloads a lot of angry stomps on Flair, he’s clearly not happy about Flair’s words before the match. He takes charge in the corner and misses with a Hesitation Dropkick, crashing in the corner! Slick Ric rolled out of the way and grabbed Kanyon’s legs. BAM! Crotch first into the ring post! Now Flair is working on the right knee of Kanyon, bashing it across the steel beam, but the guy frees himself, pulling his legs and driving Ric face first into the post! Flair is busted open! Huge double axe handle from Kanyon! He throws Ric back into the ring, limping slightly. Ref wants to close the cut on Ric’s head and stops the bout! He tells Kanyon to wait in his corner, fans start chanting “BS” to that. Kanyon doesn’t want to wait, but also he doesn’t want to be disqualified! Flair takes his time, wiping his face with a towel… Kanyon is fed up, he gets closer to Ric and gets an eye gouge!

Effortless Snapmare and a Head Lock to slow it down. As Kanyon gets out of the headlock, a knife edge chop meets his chest! WOO! Kanyon answers back with a chop of his own, the exchange continues with the crowd eating it up. Flair’s age is a huge factor, Ric drops on his knees with a telling “Oh Gawd” reaction. Kanyon towers over him, so Ric grabs his cojones and twists them out, to buy some minutes for himself! Ref gives Ric a stern warning, sure thing. Flair grabs Kanyon by the hair and punches him in the forehead, probably looking for some blood aswell. Quick Hip Toss on Kanyon, Sleeper Hold. Ric then puts his fingernails into Kanyon’s back and delivers a Belly to Back, but only for a one count. Ric continues to work on Kanyon’s right knee, dropping an elbow on it and working it in the various holds. Flair starts dancing around the leg, ready to put his opponent in a Figure 4, but gets pushed off into the corner by the free leg! Push was so strong, that Flair did a turnbuckle flip, landing on the apron! Kanyon doesn’t let Ric escape, he hooks his arm around his neck… SUPERPLEX FROM OUTSIDE AND IN! "The Innovator of Offence" nickname wasn't given to him for nothing!

Slingshot elbow drop for good measure! Cover and a kick out, Kanyon hits the ring with his palm in frustration. Ric slowly gets up, floatover Russian Leg Sweep for another near fall. Ric grabs Kanyon in a front facelock, but finds himself on the receiving end of a beautiful Northern Lights Suplex! It could have been over, but Ric put his leg on the bottom rope. Kanyon starts losing his head, jumps on that leg like a relapsed maniac! Kicks, stomps, Inverted Boston Crab!! What a fancy looking submission hold, but Flair finds his way to the bottom rope again. Kanyon looks over the sold out crowd, raising his hands, ready to hit Ric with something big... STUN GUN! Ric hit a Shin Breaker on his opponent and locked in a Figure 4! All that work over Kanyon's knee now pays dividends, and he's very close to tapping out. Kanyon bites his fist to somehow make it easier to endure, he is slowly crawling over that rope he was mad at minutes before... and GRABS it! Ref pulls Ric off Kanyon, but "Naitch" holds till 5! The cut on his forehead is not closing, really deep cut needs some medical attention. Flair asks for a towel again, wipes his face, throws it in ref's face... HITS KANYON LOW! Ric needed one second to execute the kick, and three more to get a victory after a fruity roll up on Kanyon.
In a bout that featured great action and average heat, Ric Flair defeated Kanyon in 16:48 by pinfall with a quick cradle. 79/100
Kanyon can't believe it! He tells ref that he got hit below the belt, and asks the official to go look for some footage! Flair tries to shut Kanyon up by offering him a handshake! "That's the baddest son of a *itch that I ever knew was gay! Ever!" - Ric shouts. He looks Kanyon in the eyes and slowly nods, he respect him now? Kanyon thinks about it for a sec, shakes Ric's hand... FLATLINER!! BANG! "Just like Diamond Cutter, you never saw it coming!" Kanyon limps to the back, he has nothing to be ashamed of. Flair won, but he was also forced to kiss the ring.

Trish Stratus looks as hot as ever, adjusting her cowboy hat and posing in a huge mirror. She's approached by Lita, who tells Stratus that she will not interfere in the title match under her watch. Trish sarcastically laughs it off, claiming that if women's division was in place already, she would totally kick her in the face! "But sweetie, looks like Roddy Piper doesn't want us girls to fight, so leave me be. I knew I would only waste my time with those training sessions..." Lita is taken aback by that sentence. Is she for real? No women's wrestling in WCW under Piper? Way to spoil the mood.

We get a sweet recap of the first match Buffy T had with Guerrero and Benoit, at Fall Brawl. One could argue those four guys stole the show, but the finish didn't sit well with our challengers. It was clean, and it made it far worse. Booker and Buff did a better job that night, it's as simple as that. Since that pay-per-view, Eddie and Benoit really started to feel the heat under them, a need to prove they're so much better. As a result - they beat Buff and Booker in singles matches, repeatedly, week after week. Main question is, can they do it when it matters? Well, if not - they are breaking up. Stipulation added by Piper on the go home Thunder didn't even bother Eddie and Chris so much. All to play for here, folks!

WCW World Tag Team Championship Match

Benoit and Eddie make their entrance first, laser focused on getting the result they want. They've held tag titles for a little bit in the start of the year, but decided to vacate the belts due to being unable to sustain a regular partnership, all due to personal rivalries they got going. Now it's different, they only have tag team gold on their mind. We can't say same about Booker and Buff. Everybody knows what's going on in Bagwell's head, let's be real. They come out with Stratus and pose for the fans, who boo our champions a bit. We get a title introduction, this is big. Let's start the match! Benoit hits a Running Forearm Smash on Buff a couple of times, he's unhinged. He keeps such a high pace throughout the initial beating, that Eddie is looking impressed. Chris sets the tone with a Snap Suplex, some angry stomps and a vicious chop that has Buff's chest all red! Eddie asks for a tag, he wants to show how fast he can go to! Snappy punches, two or three explosive hip tosses, dropkick right in the moneymaker and a cheeky Spinning Face Wash! Guerrero not only showcases his aggression, but also does his thing with unprecedented finesse. Benoit likes what he sees, flashing his teeth at Eddie. Trish tells Bagwell to get up and tag Booker in, but it's not as easy as Trish may imagine. Double Suplex from challengers on Bagwell, who's weaving in pain. Benoit his the ropes, gets caught with a High Kick from Booker! Ref tells Booker off, Buff finally gets an opportunity to regain some momentum. He sends Chris in the ropes, meets him with a Shoulder Block and flashes his signature cheesy smile, paired up with some necessary flexing. Tag to Booker, who has a size advantage over Benoit and uses it to his advantage. Body Slam, signature Knee Drop of his and a Spinaroonie! We haven't seen that move for a long time, but what's the matter with this showboating? Benoit locks a waistlock on Booker... GERMANS INCOMING! One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six... Seven... Eight... Nine! How did Benoit manage to hit so many? Oh, it's a TEN! A suplex for every tag team title reign Booker had in WCW! Cover, Buff has to break it up.

Booker gasping for air like a fish on the shore, Trish looks worried. He extends his arm to Buff, like he's asking for help, but that only makes things worse, as Benoit busts out a sick looking Dragon Suplex, that hurt Booker's neck! For two... Guerrero is slightly pissed that he isn't getting that much time, tags himself in! Benoit is surprised, but let's it slide. Three Amigos! It's a match of one thousand suplexes, ladies and gentlemen! Booker grabs his back, he might be injured. Or maybe not, but he's still in a world of pain. Eddie stretches him a bit, rolls over for a smooth cover that gets him a two count. Buff doesn't want to enter... Eddie smiles, drags Booker to the opposite corner, tags the guy out! "WHAT ARE YOU DOING, EDDIE??" - Benoit yells. Buff gulps, enters the ring once again. Guerrero is cocky confident, that might backfire! Lock up, "Latino Heat" runs circles around Bagwell and makes fun of him, by pushing his pants up his crotch. Buff would actually prefer those pants to be pulled down, I reckon. Benoit not happy this turns into a comedy match, asks for a tag and gets denied! Settles Buff in the ropes, picture perfect Tilt-a-Whirl Backbreaker right here! Eddie goes on the apron to hit a Hilo, Benoit uses that to tag himself in!! Guerrero connected with his move and was already climbing the turnbuckle, when ref told him he's not a legal man. "What you mean, vato?" - he asks, but then gets to see Benoit giving Bagwell a high angle Backdrop Suplex! "Crippler" locks Buff into a Sharpshooter, but Eddie is now asking Benoit about that tag. Benoit talks back to Eddie, turns his head and screams at Buff to "TAP!!"... Eddie slaps Benoit! "Don't turn your face when I'm talking to you, ese!!" WOW. Benoit lets Buff out and has an intense stare down with Eddie. They are standing nose to nose and talk to each other, tension is obvious. Booker is back in, shoves Chris in Eddie's face and tries a roll up... ref counts, ONE-TWO. NO!

That heated conversation between teammates almost cost them this match. Booker now firmly in control. Sidewalk Slam, Harlem Sidekick! AAAGH, Booker is feeling it! Benoit is dizzy after that accidental headbutt from Eddie, he can't see Guerrero asking for a tag. x10 champ is waiting for Eddie to get up, looking to Book End his opponent! Eddie reverses with a Tornado DDT! Booker is in a dangerous position, and Eddie feels froggy! Buff is quick on his feet, he knocks Eddie from the top rope, and he lands right on Benoit!! That won't help their case, certainly. Ref checks on everybody, Buff picks up Eddie and throws him back in, runs back to his corner and asks for a tag. Gets it! Guerrero eats a Buff Blockbuster in the middle of the ring!! One... two... NO! Eddie still has something left in him! Buff is shocked, what's left for him to do now?? Hangman Neckbreaker countered! Backslide Pin from Eddie!! One, two, Buff nervously pulls the shoulder off the mat and tags Booker back in... Heat Seeker sends Eddie to the opposite corner, where Benoit is already waiting. Normal tag, oh boy! Benoit comes in with some rabid intentions, knocking Buff off the apron and chopping Booker like crazy! Eddie runs over and sends Buff face first into the barricade with a Headscissors Takedown! That will keep him out for a while. Trish gets the title belt and wants to hit Benoit in the head with it for a DQ, but Benoit stops her from doing it! Stratus panics, she gets hip tossed into the ring!! The expression on her face when she hits it is priceless. Utter shock, combined with a grimace of pain. Girl never took a bump in her life, and that completely knocked out the wind from her. Lita ran out and dragged Stratus away by her hair, under the eye of the ref, so there would be no distractions!! While ref was supervising the girls, Booker grabbed the title and hit Benoit in the back of the head with it!! Everything in place for an Axe Kick! He connects, hooks Benoit's leg and... FROG SPLASH! Eddie breaks up the cover with his biggest move! Booker couldn't block it, nor avoid it. Benoit locks a CROSSFACE ON BOOKER!! Booker is in the middle of the ring, and his partner is swatted away with a Plancha!! HE TAPS!! WE HAVE OUR NEW WCW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS!!
In a bout that featured great action and a good crowd, Eddie & Benoit defeated Buffy T in 18:02 when Chris Benoit defeated Booker T by submission with a Crippler Crossface. Guerrero & Benoit win the WCW World Tag Team titles. 84/100
They have actually done it! Not only they saved their tag team from breaking up, but they won the damn tag team titles! Place is happy to see a title change, Eddie and Benoit are presented with the championship belts! Buffy T got manhandled tonight, no other way to put it! Eddie and Chris hug in the middle of the ring, they defied the odds and made it clear - they're not going anywhere!

With Benoit and Guerrero having a feel good moment, we switch our attention to the next match on this stacked card. It’s Diamond Dallas Page and Triple H going one on one! Those two have never met before, so this is a huge attraction. Triple H has utmost confidence that he’s worthy of the world heavyweight title, and also feels like DDP was bias to Goldberg, giving him one more chance to try and dethrone “The Hitman”. Since NWO broke up, Triple H stopped pretending like he can work for a common goal with Bret Hart, so the death of black and white faction can be partially regarded as a relief for “The Game”. DDP played his role in that occurrence too, he was an interim commissioner when it happened, after all. But this match is not about New World Order, and not about Bret Hart. It’s a young, hungry and determined “Cerebral Assassin” bashing heads with “The People’s Champion”!

The latter one makes his way to the ring first, through the crowd. Triple H takes a different approach, preferring an elaborate and heavily choreographed entrance with spotlight, water spitting and posing. Whatever floats your boat, Hunter. Charles Robinson is going to be our referee, hopefully there would be no foul play. Let’s go!

Singles Match

Collar and elbow tie up, they lock up and drive each other to all four corners. Triple H makes it look like he’s going to back out, but tries a cheap shot. DDP saw that coming from a mile away though, he avoided the sucker punch and started brawling with his opponent in the corner, driving his shoulder into Hunter’s mid section. Ref dragged DDP back, which almost gave Triple H an opportunity to strike Page with a Flying Knee! He missed again, and only made Charles flinch. Contact avoided, DDP tries his luck with a Small Package. One, two… Haha, no! Was close, but HHH kicked out. Chin lock from DDP, he tells Robinson to be careful. “Lil Naitch” nods and watches Triple H in the hold. Couple of elbows to the gut, he irish whips Dallas into the ropes, misses another shot and ends up on the mats after a Lariat Takedown! Triple H wasn’t very efficient so far into the match, he needs to focus if he wants to get a positive result. Trips spits out his bubblegum, now it’s serious. They circle a bit, Triple H hits DDP in the ribs with his foot. Headlock into hammerlock and into a headlock takedown, Triple H slows the tempo down. He regained control, we will give him that. DDP wants to fight out of it, but Trips holds him tight. DDP finds a creative way out, hitting HHH with an Atomic Drop! Snap Russian Leg Sweep, runs up for a big Elbow Drop and misses! Triple H gets up and tries a Knee Drop, on target this time! Homage to great Killer Kowalski! Quick cover leads to a two count, nothing to worry about for DDP fans…

Triple H picks DDP up, but the fan favorite fights out with a Shoulder Jawbreaker! A little runaround ends up with HHH catching DDP into a Sleeper. Not so fast, Dallas. Triple H doing a smart thing by stopping DDP’s momentum time after time, even though it’s not as exciting. DDP wants to give fans a show, so he will try to do risky things that sometimes will not be ideal for beating a tough guy like Triple H, in order to entertain the WCW faithful. People chant “boring”, but Triple H couldn’t give a damn about their opinion. DDP backs out into the corner to free himself, catches his rival in the nose with a Back Elbow! DDP sits Triple H on the turnbuckle, but eats a boot to the face instead. “The Game” starts blatantly choking “The People’s Champion”, Charles counts till five. A mounted punch to DDP’s face for good measure! Trips tells Page to get up, sets him for an early Pedigree… Back Body Drop attempt from Page lead to a Facebreaker Knee Smash, which made the good guy groggy. Flowing DDT, cover! One, two... no, not yet. Triple H removes his knee pad and runs up for another Knee Drop, Page avoids the contact! Hunter now holds on to his knee, may this be a factor later in the match? Fans are cheering DDP to take over the match, and he does! Diamond Clash! Triple H hit his knee while landing, DDP notices that and locks the guy into an Inverted Indian Death Lock, Triple H’s own move back from the day!! A nice callback from the veteran, he's one upping Triple H and people love it!

Triple H dropped Kanyon on Thursday with a Cutter, so now Page returned the favor. HHH ‘s knee is under severe pressure, he won’t use it until the end of the match. Or maybe he would, but that would be a desperation maneuver, and Triple H rarely looks desperate. DDP eventually drops the hold and lays down an Elbow Drop. Page hits his pose, calling for the Diamond Cutter! Triple H pushes DDP away, who tries to catch “The Game” with a Discuss Lariat, only to be dropped once again with a Swinging Neckbreaker! Another cover, Triple H puts his legs on the second rope, but Charles catches and tells the villain off. Short arm clothesline misses, Page tries a Side Slam that gets blocked, and gets a painful looking Pendulum Backbreaker! Page likes to tape his ribs up, so Helmsley takes his time working over them. Abdominal stretch, DDP somehow reverses it into a Diamond Dream DDT! Huge opening for the “People’s Champ”! Diamond Bomb, cover!! One.. two-o.. almost got him! Time for some high risk maneuvers, DDP goes on the top rope! He's not the flashiest one, maybe it's not a good idea. Huh, look who decided to join the party! Hall and Nash come out on the stage to support their dear friend Triple H! Robinson immediately notices that, Page is distracted, but proceeds with his "flying nothing" move anyway… SPINNING SPINEBUSTER!! Rough landing on the weakened spot, Triple H has all the chances to take the victory home now. He raises a “Wolfpack” sign to greet The Outsiders, picks DDP up and puts him in a powerbomb position, hooks one arm, Pedigree incoming! DDP doesn’t give his other arm, twists out… DIAMOND CUTTER!!! BRILLIANT!! TRIPLE H NEVER SAW IT COMING!

Cover! One. Two! Nash grabs Charles’ leg and drags him out of the ring!! DDP is beyond angry with that interference, rightfully so. Hall picks up Hunter’s water bottle, takes a sip and spits it out right into Page’s face behind referee’s back! Charles sends both of them to the back, and now they’re all well behaved. Triple H hits blinded DDP in the gut and drops the man with a Pedigree! Surely, it’s over. One… two-o-o… KICK OUT!! Triple H can’t believe his own eyes, starts yelling at Robinson for counting so slowly! Don’t blame him, you nosey bastard! Would you believe it? DDP actually kicked out! People are firmly behind him, they want DDP to get this victory. This is one of the best matches in his career, same could be said about Triple H! DDP crawls on his knees and hits Hunter in the belly! Page gets back on his feet, STARTS SETTING TRIPLE H UP FOR A PEDIGREE! HE HITS IT, COVER! ONE…. TWOOO… Triple H’s foot is under the bottom rope! You lucky son of a bi*ch! Page is baffled, he doesn’t know what else he can throw at his opponent. Oh no… wait. DDP picks up the dead weight and lunges it on the turnbuckle again! HITS THE DIAMOND CUTTER POSE!! No way. Page climbs up top, slaps on a reverse headlock! Triple H with a sneaky shot to the ribs. Another one, pushes DDP to the ground. “SUCK IT!” – he says, motioning his taunt on the second rope. UNPROTECTED HIGH KNEE FROM BRET'S ROPE!! Page drops on the floor again like a sack of potatoes, Triple H lays his arm on opponent’s chest and gets a three count!
In a match that had excellent in-ring action and great heat from the audience, Triple H defeated Diamond Dallas Page in 22:32 by pinfall with a Second Rope High Knee. 93/100
What a match, ladies and gentlemen! Triple H and Diamond Dallas Page stole the show with this performance. Instant classic, DDP can’t help but deliver MOTY candidates at Halloween Havocs! Kanyon and Kimberly come out to check on him, while Triple H is soaking the reaction in with a Motorhead song playing in the background. "Bow down to the king!" Triple H came out to "The Game" theme and left the arena to a "Bow Down To The King" one! That's unusual and... quite awesome.

Team Hogan against Team Steiner is next. This is our semi-main event, people. Hulkster and his crew will come out first, with Hogan front centre, flanked by two big dudes in Vicious & Awesome. They seem to be on the same page, at least while Hulk is present in front of them. Two maniacs can’t coexist together, one may say, but look at Steiner’s team! Scotty alone is mad enough to make his unit go off the rails. Vader, Shamrock, Big Poppa Pump… a dream team of dudes who you don’t want to meet in the dark alley. Same could be said about Hogan’s guys too, we have six big men who are looking to beat each other to a pulp. All six of them deliver 20 second promos, filled with intensity and unnatural amounts of energy. It's like they're trying to outshout each other, feels like a call center. This contest is handled under elimination rules, so it’s not like we should expect a lot of teamwork in this match. Just do your best and hope your side wins…

Team Hogan shows some unity by coming out to a "Voodoo Child" theme song. That's awesome, eh? Not as vicious though. Hulk plays up to his theme with his United States championship taking on the role of an air guitar. Hulkster does stand next to a mountain, even two of them! Steiner and his partners all go their separate ways. "Heavenly Thunder" for Vader, then "Welcome To The Jungle" hits and... Steiner and Shamrock start arguing about it. "THIS IS MY MUSIC, YOU TRAILER PARK TRASH!" Shamrock has those mad eyes, but Steiner doesn't even look at Ken. They both used it before, and are too stubborn to find a compromise. Hogan makes fun of them in the ring, with Awesome and Vicious laughing loudly.

Six Man Tag Elimination Match

Shamrock and Sid start the brawl, they had one before, when Ken was a ref in Vader’s boxing match with Hulk. Vicious has a granite chin, but you don’t want to be hit there anyway. It’s a kicky and punchy affair for most of the time, although “The World’s Most Dangerous Man” pops the crowd with a sudden Hurricanrana in the middle of the ring! Ken surprised even himself with that move, way to go! Ken mounts Sid and punishes the guy with some relentless ground and pound, so Awesome gets in and saves his new friend. He eats a shot for that, but now Sid is in control. Sidewalk slam, runs up for a leg drop, but then realizes times have changed… and tags Hulkster in! Hogan puts his palm to the ear, runs up for a Big Boot! ANKLE LOCK!! Hogan did not expect that, luckily Sid grabbed his arm and pulled the guy to the rope in order to break the submission. “See, I’m smart!” – Vicious says. Ken lets Hogan go, starts beating Hogan with his elbows, but Hulk is getting fed up with it and points at Shamrock. “YOU!!” Fujiwara Armbar! Don’t extend your limb in front of Shamrock, he might bite it off! Hulk now grabs a rope with his free arm and lets Awesome jump in. Steiner is requesting a tag now, and Ken gives it to him.

Steiner and Awesome get in each other faces, talking trash. They exchange big shots, Steiner is stronger. He shows off his peaks and drops and elbow on Mike, later doing push ups to mock the guy. Some stomps, time for a suplex? An overhead Belly to Belly! Mike saved himself from landing on his head last second, rotating for safety. Steiner is distracted by Hulk and Sid, and Mike pounces with a running elbow strike to the back of Steiner’s head! Sid is in, puts some boots on Scotty, and decides to tempt the fate, locking a Camel Clutch on Scott!! That will only piss him off more. Fans are on “Big Poppa Pump’s” side, he’s fighting through the hold and picks Vicious up! Electric Chair Drop!! Steiner weakened his back while picking up Sid, so he tags Vader in. Wasting no time, The Mastodon goes on the top rope!! VADER BOMB! One, two, Awesome saves the day! He can’t pick up huge Vader and ends up receiving a Powerbomb himself! Hogan is nervous, ducks the Backfist and holds Vader’s leg from outside! Cobra Clutch Slam from Sid, only for two!! Vader has to tag Shamrock back in, with Awesome also back in the mix. Calf Kicks for everyone, Ken’s in his zone!! People are hot for that, Sid and Mike both jump in on the guy when he touches Hogan, so Vader makes it even. Vader saves Ken from a double chokeslam, starts giving away free Vader Hammers! Amidst chaos, Ken gets a Backfist right in the kisser! He jumps back in and starts attacking Vader with forearms!! He’s your partner! Belly to Belly, Hogan gets back in the ring and eliminates Vader with a Leg Drop!

Steiner yells at Shamrock, who just walks away from the bout. It’s a three on one situation for Steiner! Hogan tags out right after pinning Vader, to avoid Scott’s wrath! Steiner Line to Sid! “HOLLER IF YA HEAR ME!!” Steiner gets one back on Sid, by locking him in the Recliner!! Steiner tells Sid to tap out like a bi*ch, but gets a steel chair to his injured back from Hogan!! Ref DQs Hulkster, who just broke up the submission hold of Steiner, saved Sid and inflicted some serious damage on “Freakzilla’s” back! Hulk is really smart, ya know. Plus he won’t have to risk meeting Steiner face to face, so that’s nice. Sid now starts working over Steiner’s back… Front Powerslam, Leg Drop! Steiner kicks out at one!! Hulk is not as happy now, but still. Awesome wants to beat Steiner once and for all, he enters the ring. Gutwrench Suplex, cover... one, two, no! Scotty holds on to his back, but continues fighting. Awesome goes for a Slingshot Crossbody, gets caught! Fallaway Slam into Sid! Awesome sneakingly tagged Sid in, he managed! Steiner Screwdriver… ref says Sid is the legal man! Steiner starts losing his mind, giving ref a hairdryer! Turns into a Chokeslam from Sid!! Still kicks out!! Tag back to Awesome, who goes on the top rope for a finish. Mike is cocky, he poses on the top turnbuckle, and Steiner somehow knocks him down, crotch first on the corner! That maniac looks to bust out a Frankensteiner, but Sid clubs him in the back once again, keeping both guys on the top rope… AWESOME BOMB!! That’s it. One… two….. three!
In a bout that featured great action and average heat, Hulk Hogan and Vicious & Awesome defeated Scott Steiner, Vader and Ken Shamrock in an Elimination match in 14:48; Vader was eliminated first, then Ken Shamrock via count out, then Hulk Hogan via DQ, and finally Scott Steiner. 74/100
Team Hogan goes over, brother! Sid and Mike pose over Steiner’s beaten body. Gotta give him credit – he’s one tough SOB. Hulkster will be really smug about this win too! Don't be sad though, main event is up next! Are you ready?? Goldberg certainly is! He's walking around his locker room with a very serious expression on his face. Bret is no different, he laces his boots and adjusts the world heavyweight championship on his shoulder. Triple H and Ric Flair are sitting in their own business class locker room, with a bunch of women. "Nature Boy" pops champagne and intentionally pours some on some blonde's breasts. "Don't worry honey, I'll fix it!" Nice and relaxed atmosphere for Triple H and Flair, but that changes back to focused when Triple H overhears Goldberg's theme and his steps down the hallway. "Hey, get out!" - Triple H says, and those women oblige. "The Game" turns on the telly, he's interested in the result of that main event.

WCW World Heavyweight Championship Match

Roddy Piper is a Special Guest Referee

It's time for your main event! Both superstars make their usual entrances, with Goldberg doing his police escort shtick and golden pyro. Hart doesn't need a fancy introduction, he just poses with the big gold belt to show everybody he's the main man around this block. Finally, Roddy piper is in, sporting a striped t-shirt. That's one really charismatic referee, he will have troubles blending into the background. Goldberg's nostrils widen at the sight of our commissioner, he smells a screwjob! Bret gives Roddy his title belt, "Hot Rod" lifts the championship up and tells time keeper to ring the bell! No hurry here, both men patiently scout the mats with their feet. Bret hits the ropes for a warm up, Goldberg is ready to tackle "The Hitman" at any time. No test of strength, no lock up - Hart kicks Goldberg in the mid section a couple of times. No effect, Goldberg absorbs the damage and takes Bret down with a stiff lariat! Bret rolls out of the way, returns to the ring with Goldberg sitting on the second rope, inviting the champ back. Bret takes the steps instead, Piper tells Goldberg to let champ be. Corner lariat from Bill! He sets Hart on the turnbuckle, but gets a boot right in the face! He shakes it off, gets another shot to the kisser. Double Axe Handle from the second rope is reversed into a Belly to Belly!! Explosive move, Bret crashes hard on the mats again! Goldberg walks around the champion, picks him up for a Powerslam, but Hart slips out and locks in a Sleeper. Goldberg has no problem charging into the corner again and pressing Hart with his own back to break the hold. Irish whip into the ropes, catches champion for a Military Press and transitions it into a massive Powerslam! BAM!

Bret is not looking good for a victory tonight, Goldberg is too powerful. He starts charging for a Spear, Piper "accidentally" gets in the way. No contact though... Goldberg tells Roddy off, but Piper only smirks. European uppercut from Bret, right under Bill's jaw. And again, and again. Bill catches Hart's arm on the third time, thinks about his Snap Rolling Neckbreaker, but only sets himself up for a Swinging Neckbreaker of Bret's arsenal! That's the first time Goldberg ended up grounded in this match. Pointed Elbow Drop from the second rope, cover.. Goldberg bench presses Hart off himself! Impressive stuff. Hart sends Goldberg back on the mats with a Dropkick, stomps Goldberg's lower abdomen and adds a Headbutt to that same spot! Roddy closes his eyes on Bret catching Goldberg below the belt, no warning or anything like that. An old school elbow drop to the inside of Bill's leg, but he transitions it smoothly into a Cross Armbreaker!! Bret is in a dangerous place, he can tap out any minute! He wriggles all around the mats and finally forces the hold to break, touching the bottom rope with his legs! Piper assertively tells Goldberg to let Bret go, and our challenger listens. Bret is holding onto his arm, Bill had it far worse. Bill grabs that arm and busts out a nice looking Pumphandle Powerslam for twoooo!! And now he's looking to hit the Spear again, warning Piper to get out of his way. Charge, run up, low dropkick to the knee! Bret stops Goldberg with a precise kick, that knee took a lot of damage! Hart wastes no time and tries to execute a Sharpshooter! Goldberg knew how to avoid this, and reversed it into a Leg Lock!! It shouldn't surprise anyone, as Goldberg watched that Starrcade 1999 match a lot of times while being on his hiatus. Bret saves himself, grabbing the bottom rope...

Props to Goldberg for surprising everyone with his improved mat work and vast knowledge of submissions. He is charging for the Spear again, third time is a charm? YES!! He connects, and the impact of that move knocked Bret right out of the ring! That's not ideal for Goldberg, who has to pick up the champ and throw him back in the ring for the cover. Walking slowly, he does exactly that. Gets back into the ring, Bret hits the middle rope to drive it into Goldberg's crotch! A smart low blow, Goldberg is stunned. Bret looking for a Spike Piledriver!! Just looking, because Goldberg powers out with a Backbody Drop! No more Spears, Goldberg drags Bret in the middle of the ring and applies an Ankle Lock!! Piper asks if Bret wants to tap, gets nothing for an answer. Hart rolls over, sweeps Goldberg's feet from the ground and finally locks in a Sharpshooter!! What a way to escape the Ankle Lock! Bret in control now, Goldberg's knee is under a lot of pressure. Piper nods to Hart and says they "go home" now, but Bret was against it! "He will tap! I know he will, don't ring it just yet!" So they did conspire against Goldberg, they're not hiding this fact. Goldberg endures the pain for about a minute. He's not quitting in a match like this, or any match, in fact. Goldberg slowly, very slowly reaches the bottom rope!! Piper is acting irritated, he knew he had to ring the bell when he had a chance! Hart is sure ho got this... GOLDBERG HITS BRET WITH A SUPERKICK! Just like at Starrcade, it was an unforgiving impact! Bret is knocked down, he certainly has a concussion. He can't stand up properly, Hart falls on the ground three times. Goldberg looks at it with a bit of guilt in his eyes... Roddy has no other choice but to end this. After consulting with a ring announcer, we hear this. "Ladies and gentleman, due to the referee stopping the match, Goldberg is your new WCW world heavyweight champion!!" WHAT!!???
In a match that had excellent in-ring action and great heat from the audience, Goldberg defeated Bret Hart in 11:55 when Goldberg beat up Bret Hart so badly that Roddy Piper had to stop the match. Goldberg wins the WCW World Heavyweight title. 91/100
ARE YOU SERIOUS, PIPER? How come?? WHAT? But why? So many questions! Piper walks over to Goldberg and hands him over a championship belt! Goldberg is confused, he imagined his coronation to be different. "I am sure you're very proud of yourself, Bill!" - Piper adds. This is surreal... Solemn Goldberg stands there with the championship he chased for so long, but the taste of victory is very bitter. Well, accidents happen. Thank you for joining us, see you on Nitro!

Final Rating: 92/100 (3.34 Buy Rate)

My short intermission lasted about a month, business as usual. Hope you guys enjoyed the show, the write up of matches and some twists in my storylines. Show was a success of course, it's our record breaking buyrate and the absolute best show rating. We could do even better, so stick around for Mayhem and Starrcade. I decided a long time ago that I will finish this diary when we will get to a year 2001. Love ya'll, Nitro match card will be posted tomorrow.
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Well, finally

Nooo not Meng!

Also dig the shenanigans in the main event, I almost can't believe Bret's reign finally came to an end.
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Originally Posted by Beejus View Post
Well, finally

Nooo not Meng!

Also dig the shenanigans in the main event, I almost can't believe Bret's reign finally came to an end.
Yeah. Good things come to those who wait, eh? Just kidding, this is Mike Sanders level of diary at best, but I'm having lots of fun with it.

Who's Meng? I dunno him. Never met him. Haku, on the other hand... he's taking his talents to Connecticut.

Last match I wrote was actually HHH/DDP, I don't know if that's obvious or not. But heck, if you felt something while reading it... good!
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Default WCW Nitro Card (Week1, November 2000)

______They came for stiff, man!

Before I talk about the upcoming Nitro card, we need to look at our predictions contest! Beejus and crackerjack went toe to toe for a long time, but in the end we have a decisive winner.

1. Crackerjack wins Critical Priority Owner Goal - 65 (+11)
2. Beejus wins High Priority Owner Goal - 58 (+8)
3. Destiny wins Medium Priority Owner Goal - 25 (+9)

Many thanks to all three of you, lads. Everyone wins in the end, we're just like those sports events for kids - it's impossible to lose! I did give crackerjack a bonus point for picking the closest number to our actual attendance, but it wasn't deciding much anyway. All of you were right on Cena gaining the biggest popularity boost, way to go. There were four title changes, a bit more than usual, so it's ok to be incorrect on that one. Beejus said HHH vs. DDP will be a MOTN, and was absolutely right. Once again, good job! I will PM you in a couple of days with more details. Now to the future...
  • Sid Vicious, Mike Awesome, Team 3D vs. The Road Warriors and The Steiners
  • Lisa Marie Varon vs. Daffney - 1st round of the WCW Women's championship tournament
  • CM Punk vs. Finlay
  • Raven (c) vs. ??? - WCW Hardcore championship match
  • Vader vs. Ken Shamrock
  • Kanyon vs. Ric Flair
  • Buffy T vs. Eddie Guerrero and Chris Benoit (c) - WCW World Tag Team championship match
Yep, women's division is kicking off already. You'll see a lot of new faces coming in too, I'm excited. Of course match ratings would be hideous, but who cares about that?
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Really, if you're playing to match grades, you should be doing Ring of Honor, not WCW.

Road Warriors and Steiner's
Daffney - YES, Daff's time to shine!
CM Punk
Ken Shamrock
Kanyon - He'll have a plan this time.
Buffy T - I noticed the little things in that match at Havoc, someone is turning soon.
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Sid Vicious, Mike Awesome, Team 3D vs. The Road Warriors and The Steiners
Lisa Marie Varon vs. Daffney - 1st round of the WCW Women's championship tournament
CM Punk vs. Finlay
Raven (c) vs. ??? - WCW Hardcore championship match
Vader vs. Ken Shamrock
Kanyon vs. Ric Flair
Buffy T vs. Eddie Guerrero and Chris Benoit (c) - WCW World Tag Team championship match
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