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Unread 01-12-2018, 03:19 AM
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Default WCW Monday Nitro on TNT (Show #88)

Week 4, October 2000
Orlando Arena, South East (14,711)

Welcome to Monday Nitro on TNT! We kick things off with a bang, as DDP makes his way to the ring. Page doesn't leave anyone hanging, he's a true People's Commissioner! Dallas hypes the crowd up and shares his thoughts on the upcoming Halloween Havoc pay-per-view. The event is big as it is already, but DDP has a surprise for all of WCW fans that they may like. DDP is interrupted by Triple H, who's accompanied by Ric Flair. "The Game" says that nobody is interested in what the man in charge has to say, so he better stop hogging the spotlight and enlighten them both about their nearest future.

- Funny you should say that, Triple H! That surprise announcement was about you, believe it or not... I do have big plans for you, swear to God! But I think those big plans won't make you much happier.
- Cut the crap, DDP. We both know you only care about yourself, about your image and about looking good in front of these morons! You don't even care about your own friends, let alone the schmucks that paid to see me and Ric Flair live!
- I don't care about friends?? That's funny coming from you, Hunter. I wonder if Scott and Big Kev are laughing at your remark too somewhere backstage right now, but that's not important. I am more interested in handling the business with you and fixing your attitude!
- What's there to handle, Page? You screwed me over already, by not giving me a chance for the world heavyweight title. Goldberg got the nod after eating the pin in the main event of Fall Brawl! If you mean personal business between us two... I beat you in the middle of the ring last week. And that means I'm a better man!
- I don't think you got that right. Your dear friend Ric Flair hit me below the belt, and it hurt like a **tch. If it wasn't for him, I would drop you with a Diamond Cutter for the 1-2-3, simple as that.

Ric Flair grabs the mic out of Hunter's hand and says DDP can talk the talk, but he never walks the walk! "Naitch" brings up his wins over Page at Superbrawl and Uncensored and caps it off with a simple "woo" in Page's face. "Yeah, I remember that. I couldn't forget how you weaseled out the first time with some help from Charles Robinson, and a second time thanks to Lex! God, whenever I think of your triumphs, there's always a bad taste in my mouth. I feel the same for you too, Hunter, you're literally following Flair's footsteps. I know I can beat both of you one on one, and you know what? I'm gonna prove it to ya! Ladies and gentlemen, Ric Flair will compete in tonight's main event against yours truly, Diamond Dallas Page!! If I fail to beat "The Nature Boy", I'll step down as an acting commissioner on the spot. But if I win... I'll get that jacked up monkey Triple H for Halloween Havoc!!" Triple H tries to hide his emotions, then puts on a fake smile and whispers something into Flair's ear. Ric closes the opening segment with the following words: "Dallas, you can pack your bags and move out from your office now, because "The Nature Boy" will wrestle circles around you and beat you for the third time, WOOOOO!" Page smirks, Ric throws the mic away and Hunter goes nose to nose with DDP just for the sake of it.

In an extremely short match, Rey Mysterio Jr defeated Wilhelm in 5:14 by pinfall with a Springboard Hurricanrana. 65/100
A really good way to start the show! Wilhelm dominated Rey for the majority of the bout, but got caught with a flashy move that brought the "w" to Mysterio. Rey didn't want to hurt Wilhelm and he did just enough to protect himself from the unhinged german. After the match Rey asked for a mic and told Wilhelm that he has no connection to LAX, who did all of those sick things to Jacob just to set him up. "Konnan, I want nothing to do with you. You stepped over the line!" K-Dawg is quick to answer, flanked by his goons. "Is that your final decision, Rey? Because you are either with us, or you're against us! As a former friend I just want to warn you. So what's your answer?" Konnan, Hernandez and Homicide form a triangle around Rey. Mysterio makes a step towards the leader and BITCHSLAPS him with no hesitation! Rey is in trouble now, attacked by all three. Wilhelm has a change in heart and steps in for the luchadore, trying to get his hands on all three gangsters! German brute certainly helps, but LAX is still in control. Wait a minute, it's John Cena!! The young rookie makes the difference in this brawl. He shoulder blocks Konnan and clotheslines Hernandez over the top rope! Rey dropkicks Homicide on the ropes and adds a feint kick... spin out powerbomb by Cena on Homicide! John gets his dog tags back and checks on Rey Mysterio, who's holding on to his knee. Tenay sings praises to Cena, Heenan immediately switches the topic to something else, not giving Cena any love.

Hall and Nash are chilling backstage, they are never stressed about anything. They just saw how a newcomer tackled K-Dawg out of the ring, and that amused them. "This new guy has something about him, but let's be fair, Konnan is not as tough as people think. You will expose him tonight! Remember that time when I threw him against a locker room like this one and Paul Wight had to step in? Good times... now he's their main champion for a calendar year. God help them with that!" Shade thrown at The Giant, Outsiders don't like the guy for beating X-Pac and HBK recently. "What about those two mexicools, chico? The bigger one even uses my move..." - Hall says. "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery that mediocrity can pay to greatness..." Hall is impressed by that quote, Nash adds that he has a plan on how to handle the goons on Sunday. They too sweet each other and ask Shelley if he got it on tape. Alex nods, he has a black eye after Buffy T beat him up last week. "Come here, Alex. Don't be afraid, we won't hurt you... I think. C'mon, just kidding!" Nash gives Shelley a fat envelope and thanks him for the job well done.

- That's our apology for that time when NWO thought you were a rat. Now we all know it was Sanders, so take it and don't say a word.
- Thank you, Mr Nash. You didn't have to, really. Konnan gave me all the bruises that time, not you.
- Konnan is a jackass. He was a bad representative for the New World Order. Scotty will beat him tonight for you, right? We were thinking about inviting you back to our kliq, and maybe call Steiner too. Tell him that, ok? Detroit strong, baby bear.

Bill DeMott is standing in the middle of the ring with a live mic in hand. Bill just saw Cena make a save for Mysterio, which only baffled "The Bully". DeMott said Cena can make friends all he wants, but nobody will step in for him if Bill himself will pick on John. Shamrock's entrance cuts Bill off, Ken wants to fight!

In an extremely short match, Ken Shamrock defeated Bill DeMott in 3:29 by DQ, when DeMott hit the referee. 63/100
Instead of fighting a legit tough guy Ken Shamrock, Bill punched the ref in the face to get an instant DQ. Bill likes to pick on people who he thinks he can beat... The bad night for our official is not over, as Ken takes the striped man down and puts him in the Ankle Lock! Ken twisted the leg of a poor guy, while yelling that at Halloween Havoc he wants a real fight!! Let's hope DDP heard the man.

Two unknown faces are pacing up and down the corridor, anxious before their debut match on national television. It's Andy Douglas and Chase Stevens, former NWA Wildside tag team champions! They don't know who they will be facing yet, but you can see the spark in their eyes when they spot living legends walking casually backstage. "The Naturals" are approached by two more unfamiliar faces, Mark Jindrak and Sean O'Haire. Taller guys ask the two what did they forget in WCW, before getting called over by Mike Rotunda, who's very angry at the youngsters. "You are not supposed to get on camera, fools!" O'Haire and Jindrak walk out and The Naturals assume that they will be their opponents for tonight. "Let's show 'em rock'n'roll, man. We got this!" - Chase drops. Andy nods, they fought Jindrak and O'Haire before and won. Mike Tenay was the only guy who knew youngsters by their names, unsurprisingly. Camera switches to Scott Steiner, who's lifting some weights before his return match against Sid Vicious! Scotty is approached by Tammy Sytch, who flaunts before "Big Poppa Pump" in her provocative robe. Steiner is focused on his reps, but then drops the dumbbells and tells the freak to kiss his peak! Tammy does exactly that and asks if she can manage "The Freakzilla"!? Scott says the only part of his body that needs a manager is his big dipper! Is that a no?

We get one more backstage skit before the next match. Konnan is mad at his goons backstage. K-Dawg punts the box and asks what the hell were they doing out there? "We got swatted by that stupid rook! Sh!t's embarrassing! Homie, how did you drop those dog tags? Now that cabron will go on pretending about being all cool, representing the troops. Motherf**ker wasn't even in the military! If you want to roll with me, you gotta step your game up, compadres!" Homicide and Hernandez nod, they got the message.

In a match that had some good action and average heat, Scott Hall drew with Konnan in 6:31 following a double count out. 66/100
Konnan and Hall had a short chaotic brawl that didn't give us a winner. Both men were violating the rules, but the fight ended when the brawlers were counted out. Hernandez and Homicide joined their mentor and put their hands on Scott. Three on one and a Border Toss on the floor for Hall! Nash rushed out to aid his good brother, but was a bit late to the party. Nash and Konnan got into a verbal confrontation, but they were eventually separated by security guards, who calmed the two down... for now. Trash talking between the two never stopped, with Konnan telling Nash to count days till bloody Sunday! Big Kev helps Hall to get back on his feet, sporting an unusually serious expression on his face.

Eddie and Benoit prepare for their match with KroniK, Chris is silent and doesn't seem too happy with Guerrero for getting them into a 573 lb trouble a week before the pay-per-view. Kronik requested a match so that Eddie could "pay them off".

- Ese, I said I'm sorry! I made a mistake, like we all do. I didn't think it would lead to Clarke and Adams jumping you. What can I do so you would forgive me?.. Hey, don't look at me like that!
- Eddie, I couldn't care less about the attack. But I do care about me and you becoming new WCW world tag team champions. I'm not sure you are serious about it, about the match. You poke fun at Booker T and Buff Bagwell for weeks, you are not focused on our goal.
- Oh vato, I'm focused! You will see how serious I am when we get into that ring on Sunday! "Latino Heat" can crack a joke, but when it's time, I'm all business.
- Ok Eddie. Show me how serious you are TONIGHT!
- Orale, holmes!

In a match that had some good action but not much in the way of heat, Eddie & Benoit defeated KroniK in 9:07 when Eddie Guerrero defeated Brian Adams by pinfall with a Frog Splash. 74/100
Looks like our challengers are ready for their big match! Bryan and Adams did not make it easy for the number one contenders by throwing them around the ring with some power moves. Eddie eventually got the hot tag and jumped right into the action by busting out a Headscissors-Armdrag combo on the dudes. Dropkicks and leg lariats, then a Tornado DDT on Adams for two. Eddie went straight to the third rope, but was knocked out from there by Clarke! KroniK were seconds away from putting a Doomsday Device aka Total Meltdown to use, but Benoit chopped Clarke so hard that Eddie could comfortably reverse a Powerbomb attempt with a Hurricanrana that sent the man out of the ring! Adams tried to chokeslam Benoit, but only got himself into the Crossface! Brian reversed that submission hold into a pin, but Eddie broke the cover with a Frog Splash to save Benoit and win the bout! Great match. Booker, Buff and Trish come out and simply pose with their titles on the ramp. The rematch should be even better than their first match!

Hey, Hulk Hogan is in the house! Hulkster is talking to Sid Vicious about his boxing match from last week and how it was Steiner's distraction that saved Vader from his left hook, brother! Sid eats it up, says Hulk is the man. "Big Poppa Pump" enters the frame and says Hogan got knocked the puck out because he has a glass jaw and a flabby physique! Hogan stands up and acts like he wants to shut Steiner up, but Sid stops the US champion and says he will handle Steiner. "You can't handle Freakzilla, Sid Bi*chas*s!! Just like your mom can't handle my 8 inch python! HOLLER IF YA HEAR ME!" Vicious almost has a seizure, he's royally pissed off. That match is next, right after a commercial break!

Before the match of two maniacs we get a hype video for our world heavyweight champion Bret Hart! Highlights from his biggest matches of this year are showcased. "Hitman" is undoubtedly a world class wrestler that is laser focused on proving he's the best there is, the best there was and the best there ever will be! If he beats Goldberg at Halloween Havoc there would be no doubt that Bret is the greatest champion in WCW's history. Just recently Bret talked about how he single handedly carries the company to the number one spot, which rubbed many WCW workers the wrong way. Although Bret is not wrong, his attitude gets worse every day. In that same radio interview Hart said that he will retire as a champion, which could be either a farce or a real possibility in the nearest future for our #1 star. Nobody knows how much fuel there is in Bret's tank. When you are under so much pressure for such a long time, body might just give up on you.

In a bout that featured great action and a good crowd, Sid Vicious defeated Scott Steiner in 8:24 by pinfall with a Chokeslam after Mike Awesome interfered. 79/100
And now Mike Awesome is back in action too! He ran out and smacked Steiner with a chair in the dome with all his might! Stunned Steiner couldn't avoid a Chokeslam from Sid, who picked yet another big victory this month! "Career Killer" jaw jacked something to Steiner, who thought his war with Awesome was over. Hogan comes out looking as smug as he possibly can be. Hulkster asks "Big Poppa Pump" how did it feel to be knocked out by his big dude? No answer from "Freakzilla" of course, not even a cuss word. Hogan throws off his US belt and runs up for a Leg Drop, when Vader comes out! "The Mastodon" tells Hogan to hold back his horses, because they are not finished! Hogan invites Vader to the ring, flanked by Vicious and Awesome. Vader says he is not the only one who wants to throw haymakers... Ken Shamrock steps out and shakes Vader's hand! That alliance makes Hogan nervous, brawlers are heading to the ring with a purpose! Huge brawl breaks out between all six men! Steiner makes a come back and floors Vicious with a swinging belly to belly! Awesome and Vader trade punches, Shamrock almost gets Hogan! Heenan says that he will be very surprised if this doesn't lead to a wild three on three at Halloween Havoc!

Tammy continues to look for high-profile clients, and now she's talking with Ric Flair. She badmouthes Hall and Nash to find a common ground with Ric, who also had some issues with the bad guys lately. Tammy then flatters the double digits world champion, calling him the greatest performer of all time! "Ric, you are like wine. With age you are only getting better!" Flair smiles somewhat forcefully, he doesn't like it when people talk about his age. "Diamonds are forever - and so is Ric Flair! Women like diamonds, and I like women back, woooo! Oldest ride and longest line, girl!! You wanna go broadway with the dirtiest player in the game after I beat DDP tonight??" Ric proceeds to land his hand on Tammy's curve, but then she reveals she would like too actually be his manager. "You just want to marry me, don't you? Nature Boy is not falling for that trap again!" Flair adjusts his colorful robe and leaves Tammy empty handed once again.

Raven is wandering backstage on his own. He looks for someone, or something. After he loses patience, he just calls Sting over. No response, maybe Sting decided to sit out the TV shows to minimize the risk of losing the hardcore title?? At first Stinger himself searched for Raven, now it's other way around. After all, Sting is a brilliant puppet master. Once he played mind games with Hogan and nWo for the whole year, so he has lots of experience. Raven starts whispering something under his nose. "You can't hide from me forever, Sting! I know you are in here, come out and play!" Raven admits his shortcomings today, he couldn't find his enemy. Funny enough, Sting is right behind him. He lets Raven leave, doing no physical damage to his future opponent. Sunday's gotta be different! We're set for our next match, The Naturals against the mystery opponents! Andy and Chase are already in the ring, waiting...

In an extremely short match, Road Warriors defeated The Naturals in 5:23 when Road Warrior Animal defeated Chase Stevens by pinfall with a Running Powerslam. 49/100
Another run in the park for the undefeated tag team! Naturals were animatedly scared when they found out who they would be facing. Cameras caught their reaction and put extra emphasis on it. "You can actually pinpoint the second when their hearts rip in half!" - Tony references The Simpsons. Heenan says that being a big deal in developmental doesn't mean crap in the big leagues! After the squash match set to calm the crowd before our main event, Hawk picks up the mic and asks where are those damn Dudleyz? "You talked about us running from you to Japan, but now we're here and calling you out!" Team 3D is actually here! Brother Devon and Brother Ray opt to stand on the ramp though, talking about how their contracts restrict them from kicking Warriors' asses right now. Ray says they don't want to miss out on some sweet money and just blueballs the fans, saying they would have to order the pay-per-view to see them fight! Road Warriors now openly mock Dudleyz about their new goody two shoes attitude. Following the rules is not cool, kids. Warriors state they couldn't care less about Dudleyz accomplishments and will run over them sooner than later! Devon says that beating Road Warriors would indeed be one of their biggest accomplishments in the business, and that's an accolade not Animal nor Hawk would be able to ignore! Ray adds that they are making Warriors a favor by not attacking them before the pay-per-view, because if they did, the match would be canceled due to old hogs being injured! "OH MY BROTHA, TESTIFY!!" Devon and Ray grin and hit their pose, leaving the legends red from anger.

DDP is taping himself up before the main event. He's of course approached by Kanyon, who offers DDP some help and backing in that all important match. Page values Kanyon's urge to be helpful, but says it would make more harm than good. Page is fully aware that Kanyon is young and hungry, raring to go, but it's just not the right time for him. Kanyon is saddened to hear those words, he feels not needed. DDP spots that and promises an opportunity to his friend, a match on Thunder! Kanyon is not that thrilled to feature on the B-show and answers with a downed "sure, whatever" line. Page starts his stretching, asks Kanyon to inform Buffy T that they have a match on Thunder too. "Benoit and Guerrero had one tonight, so it's only fair they would wrestle too. Tell them to be ready, ok?" Kanyon leaves feeling insulted. We follow him out of the room, as Naturals are holding on to their bodies after the beating they recieved. Tammy is fed up offering big boys her service, so she just tells the rookie's she will be their manager. Douglas and Stevens cheer up, Tammy herself will be hanging out with them!

We have a couple more minutes before our last match. They are used to promote "The Man" - Goldberg! Our number one contender is talking about his arm injury, other minor setbacks, his lack of luck and overall frustrations. Goldberg knows he has everything to right the wrongs and put his career back on the track. Bill chased the title for quite some time, meeting Bret Hart on numerous occasions. He reflects on beating the nWo in a War Games match at The Great American Bash, his decision to Spear Hogan through the barricade at Bash at the Beach, his big fight with Triple H at New Blood Rising and of course the result from Fall Brawl. Goldberg is confident this time he will make the most out of his opportunity! He's been on a roll lately, picking up five clean victories. The only words he has for Bret? "YOU'RE NEXT!!!" Cameraman holds the focus on Goldberg's face for a couple more seconds to sell the intensity and anger coming from the juggernaut. Bret vs. Bill, Goldberg vs. Hart! Live on pay-per-view, pre-order now!

In a bout that featured great action and a good crowd, Diamond Dallas Page defeated Ric Flair in 13:39 by pinfall with a Diamond Cutter. 86/100
A perfect way to end the show! Nice match between two established names, with the fan favorite picking up a clean win! It wasn't all pretty though, as Triple H was ever present in Ric's corner. Hunter was looking to roll the dice in Flair's favor, but got stopped by Kanyon! He never listens to DDP, but on this night it was for the better! Flatliner was followed by a beautiful Diamond Cutter! Flair couldn't kick out even with Charles Robinson counting at a very reluctant pace. Page is over the moon with this result, he poses on all turnbuckles and hits the pose for the fans, when suddenly... a group of young guys jumps over the rails and surrounds the ring! Tenay questions what Jindrak, O'Haire, Palumbo, Sanders, Orton, Johnny The Bull and Samoa Joe are doing on Nitro, but nobody has an answer to that. The pack of guys easily floors Kanyon! Mike Sanders recommends Flair and Triple H to leave, organizing his group to swarm DDP! Ric and Hunter decide to let the new blood do what they want, heading to the back without any arguments. Page wasn't expecting so many guests tonight, they came uninvited! Seven guys got into the ring at the same time and completely destroyed "The People's Champion"!! Palumbo struck the boss with a Superkick, dazed commissioner then was greeted with his own move! Randy Orton floored the man with a cutter and posed with a cocky smile on his face. Joe, Bull, Sanders and Jindrak picked DDP up with a Sky Lift Slam, elevating Page very high! Rough landing is not the end of the line though, as Sean O'Haire makes a statement with a picture perfect Swanton Bomb! "I don't know who are these guys, but they are awesome!" - Heenan says. The group of invaders are standing tall over DDP's limp body. "Wow, I don't remember seeing anything like this before" - drops Tony, before closing the show. What a night for WCW!

Final Rating: 88/100 (7.65 on TNT)

Well, my dudes... Been a long time, like always. I really enjoyed writing this show. I don't know if bolded names in segments help, but it's easier to spot your fav guys that way I suppose. This was the last Nitro before Halloween Havoc, so hopefully you are sold on the matches I'm trying to promote. Crackerjack wanted me to debut a new stable, using his high priority owner goal. I couldn't say no to that, so I hope he's happy with The New Blood coming in with a BANG, pun intended. It's not a Spirit Squad and not exactly a Nexus either, you will see why very soon. Of course I couldn't leave Natural Born Thrillers in their true form, that's why I put Samoa Joe for Reno and Randy Orton for Shawn Stasiak. Not only Randy and Joe are massive upgrades, but they fit the gimmicks played by Stasiak and Reno too. Sanders is a mouthpiece, just like in real life. Decided to let Orton use RKO off the bat, it fit our angle thanks to DDP. O'Haire hitting the last move is not a coincidence - he will be booked as a real leader of this lot. Just like a lot of other people, I saw him as the next big thing. May he rest in peace... Thunder is the last stop before the pay-per-view, don't miss that one
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Unread 01-14-2018, 07:59 AM
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Default Last stop before Halloween Havoc

Can Big Sexy put a stick in Goldberg's wheels once again?

Current Standings
1. Beejus - 50
1. Crackerjack - 50
3. Destiny - 16

A very close battle for the number one position. Beejus made a huge come back, good for him. Him and Crackerjack are both tied, I like this a lot. One of them can take a lead before the pay-per-view too! Ok, here's my card for go home Thunder...
  1. Great Muta vs. Psicosis
  2. Disco Inferno vs. Norman Smiley
  3. Mike Sanders vs. Finlay
  4. Ernest "The Cat" Miller vs. Kaz Hayashi - Karate world championship match
  5. Buffy T vs. ???
  6. Kanyon vs. Triple H
  7. Kevin Nash vs. Goldberg
Bonus question (1 point): Name the "???"
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