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Unread 07-30-2015, 08:49 PM
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Default Southern Pro Wrestling: Texas Premier Promotion

Hello to any and all lurkers. This will be a diary of a custom fed not originally in the Cverse and consist of a custom roster as well. I am and have never been good at sticking to these things and I've enlisted some help from SilentDeath and DaveFan95(haven't heard from him as I vanished recently but still hoping). SilentDeath and I will share responsibility for updating this and posting shows. Thank you!

Southern Premier Wrestling is based out of the great state of Texas and owned by Texas native and millionaire, Devin Hennington. SPW's goal is to become the premier promotion in the great state of Texas and the whole of the south like TWL once was. However the product that SPW presents is much different than TWL's as they are more than just your drag em out beat em up kind of promotion. SPW cares about the matches, but they also take pride in putting on amazing shows and with the cash flow they have it would be a shock if they didn't. SPW has all the potential to succeed and it'll on be placed on the back of "Dazzling" Andrew Dallas.

Match/Angle Ratio
Events: 80%
TV: 60%


Key Feature - Traditional

Key Feature - Mainstream

Medium - Realism

Medium - Cult

Match Intensity - 20%
Match Danger - 0%
Face/Heel Divide - Yes
T&A - High


dazzling dave diamond photo: Dazzling Dave Diamond DazzlingDaveDiamond.jpg
"Dazzling" Andrew Dallas
25yrs Old

He is 6'8 and 265lbs of handsome. He hails from Dallas Texas and he's damn proud of it. He has the honor of being the first wrestler signed to SPW, and he is so obviously a star that he has been immediately pegged to carry the company. For him to only be 25 he has proven that he can go in the ring. He can brawl with the best of em and talk with the rest of em. He has claimed to be with SPW for the long haul and that remains to be seen. Although he has all this upside there are rumors that he's a douche behind the curtain. Even still multiple SPW World Heavyweight Championships are sure to be in his future.

joey poison tew photo: Joey Poison JoeyPoison_alt2jt.jpg
Brett Black
25yrs Old

"The Dark One" Brett Black is a young kid from Houston Texas. He's had a pretty crappy childhood since losing both his parents at the age of 7. He was now an orphan and soon a troubled teen as he remained in constant trouble with law enforcement from ages 10 to 22 due to drugs. He was lost with no shining light in his life but that was over when he saw his first live wrestling event by accident. He was looking for his next high, but instead found wrestling. He immediately started finding ways to train and eventually started to work indy shows here and there. Now 25, he has become a decent worker but his true skill lies in his mic work. He has added his life's pain into the dynamic of his character and has the potential to go far. Although he still abuses drugs, if he can get his demons in check there's no telling how far he can go.

spiffy stan standish photo: Spiffy Stan Standish SpiffyStanStandish.jpg
Stan Benoit
31yrs Old

The Submission Machine, All Business, Mr. No Nonesense, and many more names that australian Stan Benoit goes by. The australian made his debut around 2002 and pretty much always put on a clinic. He is so good at what he does that he can carry nearly anyone to a decent match. It has to be said that he isn't much of a talker, and it may be the reason his wife has become his arrogant mouthpiece. He and his wife Rose both packed up and headed to the states to see if they could make it big. SPW came calling soon after after Devin Hennington got a hold of some footage of Stan's work. Stan is a true veteran that can improve any roster he's on and he and his wife is destined to make a splash.

queen emily tew photo: Queen Emily QueenEmily_alt5.jpg
Rose Benoit
29yrs Old

Rose Benoit is the wife of Stan Benoit. She was once just a fan who admired her husband from the crowd. She would constantly shout and talk smack to the men her husband faced whether they were heel or babyface. One indy promoter noticed this and told Stan that his wife talks a better game than him. Although Stan laughed, he knew it was true. After that Rose would make her debut as the mouthpiece for her husband. The duo has had some success, but they decided they should move to the states in order to truly make it in wrestling. The duo are now apart of SPW and may be poised to make quick a splash in the small rich promotion.

regular joe photo: Regular Joe RegularJoe_alt3.jpg
Sean Sexy
22yrs Old

Sean Sexy is a young charismatic man that has star written all over him. His cocky cool demeanor is a hit with the ladies and even the men can't bring themselves to hate him. Although he isn't the best or the biggest wrestler in the world...he still has room to grow. SPW has taken a chance on the kid and it can't do anything but pay off.

sayeed ali photo: Sayeed Ali SayeedAli_alt1jt.jpg
Jonathan Banks
38yrs Old

A former convict, Jonathan Banks is one viewed to have no future in the world of wrestling. He was incarcerated at the age of 20 for manslaughter. It wasn't until 18yrs later that dna evidence would prove that he committed no such crime. Many would become bitter at losing their youth when they knew they were innocent from the beginning, but Jonathan didn't. He had always wanted to try his hand at professional wrestling and him being nearly 40 wasn't going to stop him. He has to be the oldest rookie to ever try their hand at pro wrestling and even still he may actually find success based on just how big and scary he really is. The most horrifying man in the room, but also the most kind.

sammy bach photo: Sammy Bach SammyBach_alt4jt.jpg
"The Coolest Man On The Planet" Micheal McCool
32yrs Old

Micheal McCool has to be exactly what his name implies and that's cool. His laid back demeanor and let it ride type personality is a hit with the fans. He isn't a bad wrestler either as he has a some good mat skills to go along with the mouthpiece he has. McCool may not seem like a future world champion, but he is is still...."The Coolest Man On The Planet".

larry wood photo: Larry Wood LarryWood.jpg
Wildman John Eastwood
45yrs Old

John Eastwood is a Texas legend and is well respected my Texans everywhere. He never made it to the heights that Rip Chord or Ricky Dale Johnson made it, but he should have. In his heyday he could wrestle with the best of them and his mic skills were on par with that of any major superstar of that era. Although approaching retirement, he seems to have one last good run left in him alongside his son James Eastwood. The two men are vicious and wild and are hated everywhere they go. One has to believe that the minute James can fend for himself he's gonna call it a career. It's sad to see a career as long as his go on without a single championship to his name, but he has respect for miles.

boo smithson photo: Boo Smithson BooSmithson.jpg
James Eastwood
20yrs Old

James Eastwood is almost Texas wrestling royalty as he is the son of Texas legend, John Eastwood. James Eastwood is fairly green in the ring and his mic work need a lot of work, but with a father like John Eastwood it won't take long for him to learn. The tag team he has going with his father is one of the best tag teams to come out of Texas in a long time. They may be the most hated tag team in the entire state.

lisa brendon tew photo: Tracy Brendon TracyBrendon_zps06847586.jpg
Dixie Starr
23yrs Old

Dixie Starr is the eye candy that accompanies Sean Sexy to the ring. She is truly a beautiful woman who could go far as a manager. There are rumors that there is a love triangle involving Dixie, Sean, and Andrew but she doesn't seem the type to be caught up in such things. She's sure to be a favorite among the men during her tenure at SPW.

Angry Gilmore photo AngryGilmore.jpg
Bruce Taylor
34yrs Old

Bruce Taylor is that Texas bad ass you just don't want to cross. He rough and tough and doesn't care in the slightest who has to go through to get what he wants. Whether your man, woman, or child you are fair game to Bruce Taylor. There's a famous story of Bruce beating down a trio of men in a restaurant brawl all because they lite a cigar in the non smoking area. One things for sure about Bruce and that's nothing's for sure at all. Bruce will no doubt raise hell in SPW.

Royce Greig photo RoyceGreig.jpg
Shermaine Hennington
18yrs Old

Shermaine Hennington is the lazy brother of Devin Hennington. He mooches off of his brother's wealth with no shame. After dropping out of school because he figured his brother would take care of him, it turned out he was absolutely right. His brother gave him a job as SPW's sole referee. Shermaine is neither good nor bad at his job, but he could still be a little more respectable to his fellow co workers. He's a spoiled brat if there ever was one.

uk dragon photo: UK Dragon UKDragon_alt1jt.jpg
Masked Dragon
28yrs Old

Masked Dragon is a very mysterious person as very little is known about him. His style is very different than most, but he can surely take every last wrestler on the SPW roster to their limits. His luchadore style has a lot more flash that is sure to shock some of the Texas fans, but it will surely get him noticed. He is a veteran of the sport as he first started wrestling at 15 and he will more than likely show the rest of SPW how it's done.

Mighty Mo photo MightyMo_alt2.jpg
Tyrone Jackson
30yrs Old

"The Alpha Male" Tyrone Jackson is 280lbs of pure man muscle. He is probably the strongest man on the SPW roster and has no problem throwing anyone(no matter the size) around like a rag doll. SPW owner chased Tyrone down in order to get him to work for him as he see's great things in Tyrone's future. It does have to be said that Tyrone is a terrible wrestler and shouldn't even be in a wrestling ring, but his look alone can help him go places. It's confusing that no one else saw any value in the big man.

Cannonball Kid photo TheCannonballKid.jpg
Devin Hennington
Colour Commentator/Road Agent
27yrs Old

Devin Hennington is a Texas millionaire and long time wrestling fan. Born and raised in Houston, he gained his wealth with a stroke of luck by winning the mega million lottery. Devin isn't some great visionary who knew what he wanted to do so he ended up purchasing a few fast food chains here and there to keep a steady flow of cash. It didn't take long before he wanted to dabble into the wrestling business and dabble is what he did. He started up Southern Premier Wrestling and decided to give it a deep fund in order to produce top notch shows and give the illusion that they were bigger than what they were. He is pretty charismatic and a well liked guy who is currently learning the business from Texas legend John Eastwood.

However every family has a black sheep and Devin gave that black sheep a job and gave another example of how kind he truly is. Though he is kind he can also be stone cold ruthless.

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Unread 07-31-2015, 12:39 AM
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SPW World Heavyweight Championship(Formerly TWL Championship)- VACANT

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Unread 05-17-2018, 02:46 AM
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I realize this thread is dead, but I wasn't around when it was posted.

I just saw this in a google search and had a good laugh. I wanted to let you guys know, I was one of the owners of the actual Southern Premier Wrestling company that made this logo. It tickled me to see it pop up here since Im a fan of the game, so I thought I'd share.
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Unread 05-18-2018, 11:45 AM
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Originally Posted by Christian_Shane View Post
I realize this thread is dead, but I wasn't around when it was posted.

I just saw this in a google search and had a good laugh. I wanted to let you guys know, I was one of the owners of the actual Southern Premier Wrestling company that made this logo. It tickled me to see it pop up here since Im a fan of the game, so I thought I'd share.
Well that's cool, but are you going to continue here though?
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