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Unread 05-15-2018, 11:07 PM
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Default Foreign announcers to mean something

This has probably been suggested before, but I can't find it anywhere... We need to have foreign announcers actually mean something. I would like to see, that if I had my TV show or event broadcast in fx Japan, then I could hire Japanese announcers and link them to the channel or broadcaster, so they'd automatically announce every single show shown in Japan. As of now, it means nothing, and when starting up as fx WWE in modern day mods, there's a ton of firings waiting to happen, as the foreign announcers has no place in any company.

Same way, if I'm a Japanese or Mexican company, I'd like to be able to hire american announcers and add them to the channel or broadcaster that airs the show in america.
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Unread 05-20-2018, 05:12 AM
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There isn't a significant penalty for using announcers who can't speak the primary or secondary language in a TEW venue. Logically, there needs to be one -- they clearly contribute to the live show experience if not using them gives you a penalty.

I've always thought the penalty should be similar to that given to workers who can't speak the language -- so what language is spoken has to be considered before airing a show -- and there is an incentive to hire/use other announce teams.

Bilingual workers -- both wrestlers and non-wrestlers -- should also cost more for large companies to hire. For example, a bilingual worker could cost 1.05 times plus x/45, where x equals the number of areas where the second language is spoken, compared to a monolingual worker.

As most small or regional companies run in a single region, this should only be applicable at Cult level or higher.

In this case, the language spoken in the most game areas is the primary language, regardless of nationality.

For example, Jimmy Cox has a base $3,000 per appearance value. However, Jimmy is also bilingual, which increases his value in the marketplace. He speaks English, his primary language, and Japanese, a secondary language. Due to this, his value increases by 22.8 percent, and his asking price is $3,684.

Right now, I actually have house rules in place where I try to use announcers fluent in the language -- but since it isn't accounted for in the mods, they can be difficult to find.
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