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Unread 02-06-2018, 04:19 AM
Danny_H22 Danny_H22 is offline
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Default What’s your favourite storyline that you’ve booked?

As the detail states, what is you favourite storyline you’ve ever booked. Go into as much or as little detail as you like
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Unread 02-06-2018, 08:40 AM
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Possibly the one where my user character dated Stacy Keibler? In my defence, this was a long, long time ago...

I think my favourite was probably the rise of Tom 'Angry' Gilmore from the SWF midcard to the top of the SWF. He went bell-to-bell in the 2010 Supreme Respect (Royal Rumble equivalent) match before being the last man eliminated, but it was sufficient to raise his profile as he gained the fans' support, reunited with Jessie (in the backstory for my diary they'd split on-screen in a botched storyline before I took over) and won the #1 contender tournament before putting in a strong showing against world champion Rich Money where he became the only man Money couldn't beat. End of Act 1.

Gilmore's showing was good, but not enough to make him a perennial contender to the title. However, he continued to put in strong showings to raise himself further up the card, and come his second shot against the increasingly egomanical Money, he was beginning to be presented as at least reasonable to include in any WOTY discussion. As in the first match, the contest ended in a draw with neither man able to top the other - but this time Money snapped and absolutely brutalised Gilmore, putting him on the shelf and solidifying his 'Money' heel turn. End of Act 2.

Gilmore returned some time later, not out directly for vengeance, but certainly out to take the title. Qualifying for the 2011 Supreme Respect match despite still suffering from the injuries Money handed out, he had all the motivation in the world going into Supreme Challenge, and the pair embarked on a brutal war to settle the score, one that Gilmore just came out on top of as he picked up the win and the title. End of Act 3.

With Gilmore as champion, the story with Money needed closing off, and after two draws and a win that did little to separate the pair, they were booked in an iron man match. That was more brutal still, with Money prepared to accept a DQ off a chairshot that meant gaining a huge lead on Gilmore - but Gilmore wouldn't stay down, and the champion kept plugging away, delivering his own brutality to Money and eventually building an unassailable - and definitive - lead to retain the title. End of Act 4.

Epilogue - Gilmore would reign for about six months before dropping the belt, but an odd thing happened in his relationship with Rich Money, who strangely bore him no ill will for the defeat. Instead Money began to show respect for Gilmore (and Sean McFly) as he cleimed that the three of them were the very best in the world, a cut above anyone else at their best. And Gilmore seemed to agree...

Alas, the diary ended before I could explore too much of a potential Money/Gilmore alliance - whether McFly would have allied with them, whether Gilmore would even have succumbed to temptation, I don't know, but it was a fun idea to tease.
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Unread 02-06-2018, 10:18 AM
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Playing 1991 Mod. I had started out as USWA, but I noticed something crazy in WCW at the start of 1992 ... Vader had some amazing developments. So, I jumped ship and went over there. However, he isn't involved in the best story.

The best story circled around Terry Funk going after the Rhodes again. Funk teamed up with Stan Hansen and Ted DiBiase to form the West Texas Brawlers' Club. Due to their connection to the small Texas university, they wanted Windham and Dusty to join who both attended as well. (Seriously, google West Texas A&M wrestlers)

The Brawlers' Club began picking on Dustin. The feud builds as the teams trade off the tag titles. The build is that Brawlers' Club wants Windham, but the swerve is that Dustin finally turns on both Barry and Dusty. Dustin beats his father at Starrcade and takes the helm of the Brawlers' Club at the beginning of 1993. Dustin was extremely over at the end of this and was ready for a main event run.
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Unread 02-06-2018, 10:52 AM
skinsfan55 skinsfan55 is offline
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I like making a cocky heel be forced to run a gauntlet at a PPV. So for instance, take Joss Thompson. He’s a future main eventer in USPW and I want to get him over fast. I have him shit talk all month about how great he is and the authority figure makes him face guys like Andre Jones, Freddie Datsun and The Force all at the January PPV... and he wins all three. The fans get behind him racist e wins all three matches but afterwards he shuts down the crowd and tells them to keep their cheers. He doesn’t need anyone, he did this by himself. He goes on to talk about all the “old men” in USPW and how they aren’t fit to lace his boots, when Enygma comes out. Now you’ve got a credible threat to beat Enygma in Feb after the Jan PPV. Maybe have them wrestle to a draw and keep their feud going for a while.

I’ve done this a few times because I can’t seem to stick to a save, and I really like it, especially when, IMO getting Joss Thompson as over as possible as quickly as possible is a top priority on any USPW save
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Unread 02-06-2018, 11:23 AM
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Gungner Gungner is offline
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Probably my "Asylum" storyline in my WCW Lives save. They formed in February 2001, consisting of Vampiro, Crowbar, Daffney and Sinn Bowdee, who at a show announced that the "leader" would be here next week. Next week, "The preacher" Christopher Daniels and his bodyguard Abyss made their debuts, revealing Daniels as the leader. The Asylum feuded with Goldberg, trying to get in his head and take his World Heavyweight title. Bischoff granted them a title-shot at Greed in March, but had to decide amongst themselves who would receive it. At the PPV, the group announced their real leader... Sting! Sting went on to take the World title, and the group soon won all the titles. Vampiro the US title, Crowbar the Cruiserweight, Bowdee the Television, and Daniels & Abyss the Tag Team titles.

The storyline lasted for most of the year, until the group attacked Sting, after he lost the title back to Goldberg and threw him out. Vampiro took leadership, but the group had by then lost most of their titles. Sting returned a month later, and defeated Vampiro at Starrcade, causing the group to disband.

Daniels is now feuding with Flair over the US title, Crowbar & Bowdee has formed a tag team, while Vampiro is feuding with Booker T. Goldberg lost the World title at Starrcade to Chris Kanyon.
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Unread 02-06-2018, 12:13 PM
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This is more of a character arc than storyline, per se. But still my favorite. I've emulated elements of it a few times. My first diary was SWF Generation Supreme way back on TEW 2008. A decade ago now.

Jack Bruce was the world champion and Richard Eisen the evil owner. I try to avoid the overdone evil authority figure approaches now, but was all in at that time. Eisen wanted to get the belt off of Bruce, who he deemed a poor figurehead for the company... a "B+ player", if you will. Eisen didn't so much care who took the title from Bruce, just that someone he could "trust" won it. Que a series of "evil planning" meetings in dark rooms that the magic camera somehow showed the viewers.

While this process was underway, I was building up Rich Money. I flat out fell in love with him as he was so fun to book and write. I had discovered TV Tropes and used the Magnificent Bastard archetype for him. Extremely talented and skilled, but smart, manipulative, and always with a plan. And a backup plan. And a backup backup plan. He had an alliance with Remo that was meant to be a genuine, long-lasting on-screen friendship. The kind of alliance that fans would expect to have fracture at some point, with one turning on the other, but the long-term plan was avoid that. Genuinely, they would stay on-screen friends. As heels. That was a small dynamic that I loved. Bad guys, but legit on-screen loyalty.

I can't recall the exact PPV - Times of Trouble? Master of Puppets? But Eisen put Bruce in a gauntlet match, with the final challenger to be decided. Bruce downs the first two challengers but is exhausted and hurt. Eisen and Emma Chase and some others argued about how the final challenger - and likely new champion - should be. Rich Money waited around, having already wrestled that night. He took the initiative and went down to the ring. Wearing a suit, he got in the ring and won the world title.

I believe the rematch was at The Supreme Challenge. A cell match. Money injured his knee in a tag match in the lead-up, so he was wearing a brace. But it was a deception - the brace was taken off and used as a weapon, helping him win the rematch to retain his title. He celebrated by climbing up to the top of the cell.... at which point "Eye of the Tiger" hit and Sean McFly made a return. He didn't say anything - just pointed at Money.

I don't think I've ever quite connected with a character like Money since. Just so fun to write and plan for.
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Unread 02-08-2018, 03:36 PM
dude-1981 dude-1981 is offline
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Originally Posted by James Casey View Post
Possibly the one where my user character dated Stacy Keibler? In my defence, this was a long, long time ago...

I think my favourite was probably the rise of Tom 'Angry' Gilmore from the SWF midcard to the top of the SWF.
Alas, the diary ended before I could explore too much of a potential Money/Gilmore alliance - whether McFly would have allied with them, whether Gilmore would even have succumbed to temptation, I don't know, but it was a fun idea to tease.
Great post. Great storyline, nicely written, felt the care and attention you put into the feud coming out.
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Unread 02-11-2018, 10:54 AM
hurri hurri is offline
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Quick prior notes.
- Wanted to make Lionheart figurehead of the company after building him up coming in.

Lion heart comes in as wolf Hawkins excessive fan / imitator. He grated on Wolf, getting involved in his matches, eventually making himself his manager of his own accord and interrupting his promos e.t.c At this point Wolf is already frustrated at lack of title opportunities in TCW and will do anything to get one, however he wouldn't sacrifice those pretty boy looks! Lion heart speaks for him, telling Eddie Peake (current champ) that wolf is so confident of the win and determined to get another shot that he will put his looks on the line vs peaks title in an INFERNO match! Wolf loses the match through lion hearts 'inadvertent' cough negative interference.
His face gets burned (it's really not that bad) but lion heart has him believe he looks like a monster and so he begins to don a mask and lose confident, becoming a shadow of his former self, taking loses. This eventually leads to wolf realising the extent of Lion hearts manipulation having then Wolf turn face and both face eachother after Wolf wins the title after gaining back his confidence and there fued came to an end at total mayhem with Lionheart going over and becoming face of the company after the year and a bit long fued ended. Before this final match Cornell and Cornell JR joined the company to play a part, where we had some tag matches lionheart and cornell jr vs hawkins and cornell as cornell sided with Wolf, seeing the struggles he had against lionheart and the respect he had for his former protege, whilst his son Cornell Jr would like lionheart stop at nothing to achieve the goal of being world champ! The ppv before the finale at total mayhem, tommy cornell was special guest ref in a triple threat lion heart vs cornell jr vs wolf, helping wolf to retain at that point against the jealous duo. The cornells had to leave the promotion after total mayhem cos the stip was if lionheart won then Tommy would take him and his son away from the promotion and stop interfering in his business. (Cornells were only signed on short term contracts for the purpose of the fued development).

Another one i enjoyed was Golden vs morpheus -
Morpheus donned a gimmick of Dr Morpheus - an esteemed doctor with doctorates, phds and a wealth of medical knowledge. His character started as a serious, intellectual one, however he soon started to remember why he left the profession, all the 'idiots' he would try to help on a daily basis but they didn't want to help themselves just like those in TCW, especially the golden boy - Rocky Golden. Morpheus injected a substance during his matches to help him win that would put people to 'sleep'. when the referee was distracted. The gimmick got really over and he won the fued with Rocky and went on to fued with lionheart for the title in around about 7/8 months fued.
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