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Unread 02-10-2018, 08:59 PM
Matt_Black Matt_Black is offline
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This is not one storyline, but one I go back to whenever I start up USPW. Raven Nightfall starts out as a Girl Next Door, but unsuited to the gimmick, right? Basically, I rip off the Taker/ Kane Wrestlemania storyline. Raven Robinson gets totally destroyed in the ring and in a post match angle by one of the heels (Gorgon and Killer Kass are good choices), and disappears from TV. The heel goes on to try and get Melody's belt, but then the weirdness starts to happen. When the heel gets her shot, she of course loses, because of more haunting shenanigans. Finally, the heel demands a match. And Raven Nightfall finally arrives at the next PPV.

(I like to imagine her theme music is something like this right here.)
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Unread 02-11-2018, 10:54 AM
hurri hurri is offline
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Quick prior notes.
- Wanted to make Lionheart figurehead of the company after building him up coming in.

Lion heart comes in as wolf Hawkins excessive fan / imitator. He grated on Wolf, getting involved in his matches, eventually making himself his manager of his own accord and interrupting his promos e.t.c At this point Wolf is already frustrated at lack of title opportunities in TCW and will do anything to get one, however he wouldn't sacrifice those pretty boy looks! Lion heart speaks for him, telling Eddie Peake (current champ) that wolf is so confident of the win and determined to get another shot that he will put his looks on the line vs peaks title in an INFERNO match! Wolf loses the match through lion hearts 'inadvertent' cough negative interference.
His face gets burned (it's really not that bad) but lion heart has him believe he looks like a monster and so he begins to don a mask and lose confident, becoming a shadow of his former self, taking loses. This eventually leads to wolf realising the extent of Lion hearts manipulation having then Wolf turn face and both face eachother after Wolf wins the title after gaining back his confidence and there fued came to an end at total mayhem with Lionheart going over and becoming face of the company after the year and a bit long fued ended. Before this final match Cornell and Cornell JR joined the company to play a part, where we had some tag matches lionheart and cornell jr vs hawkins and cornell as cornell sided with Wolf, seeing the struggles he had against lionheart and the respect he had for his former protege, whilst his son Cornell Jr would like lionheart stop at nothing to achieve the goal of being world champ! The ppv before the finale at total mayhem, tommy cornell was special guest ref in a triple threat lion heart vs cornell jr vs wolf, helping wolf to retain at that point against the jealous duo. The cornells had to leave the promotion after total mayhem cos the stip was if lionheart won then Tommy would take him and his son away from the promotion and stop interfering in his business. (Cornells were only signed on short term contracts for the purpose of the fued development).

Another one i enjoyed was Golden vs morpheus -
Morpheus donned a gimmick of Dr Morpheus - an esteemed doctor with doctorates, phds and a wealth of medical knowledge. His character started as a serious, intellectual one, however he soon started to remember why he left the profession, all the 'idiots' he would try to help on a daily basis but they didn't want to help themselves just like those in TCW, especially the golden boy - Rocky Golden. Morpheus injected a substance during his matches to help him win that would put people to 'sleep'. when the referee was distracted. The gimmick got really over and he won the fued with Rocky and went on to fued with lionheart for the title in around about 7/8 months fued.
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Unread 02-11-2018, 11:27 AM
nebradska nebradska is offline
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Starting database: TEW 13, SWF, using the starting storylines. Long read ahead. Separated by buildup to the respective PPVs. Forewarning that I grew up watching the Attitude Era and it's probably reflective in my booking.

January/When Hell Freezes Over
Lobster Warrior picks up a few wins on TV, but Rich Money isn't impressed. At When Hell Freezes Over, Money distracts Lobby and Huntingdon picks up the win. After the match, Money assaults Lobby.

Eric Eisen and Angry Gilmore trade barbs and attacks. At the PPV, Gilmore wins, but is beaten down by Eisen and his Enforcers (Greed and Robert).

The Chase Agency feuds with Bruce and Valiant, with James and Rogue picking up a tag victory at the PPV.

February/Nothing to Lose
Money continues berating Lobby on TV until Lobby confronts him and they agree to a match. But when it comes to the night of the fight, Money reveals that he's paid Khoklov to take his place. Despite a heroic effort on Lobby's part, Khoklov picks up the win.

Richard Eisen gets involved as an Attitude Era McMahon authority (without the steroids) and warns Gilmore away from the family, starting to set him up in unwinnable handicap matches and the like. Hero Squad evens the odds against the Eisen Family, but in a 3v3 they can't overcome THE ODDS at the PPV and Eisen wins again.

Chase and Bruce keep their feud hot with great promos, culminating in Bruce accepting a challenge to face James at the PPV. James picks up the win, cementing himself as a legitimate main event threat.

March/Awesome Impact 2013
Money opens the next Supreme TV by bragging about the ruse he pulled on Lobby, and Lobby responds for the first time with wanton violence. Lobby keeps up his intensity, coming after Money nearly every show, only to walk directly into a trap as the power duo The Almighty Dollar has reformed. On the go home show, Lobby reveals that he's found a tag team partner for the upcoming match: Jack Bruce. At Awesome Impact, the two teams draw from a double count out, then Bruce is annihilated by Khoklov.

Eisen and Gilmore continue a pretty standard Austin-style outnumbered antihero face routine. Eric very much plays a HHH-like role. No PPV match this month, but a surprise twist when the show opens with Gilmore baits the Eisens into the ring only to have his new ally Dark Angel show up to help him clean house.

After defeating Bruce, James and Chase set their eyes on the champion, Frehley (who retained through the first two months but has been quite disappointing). Chase uses her numbers advantage well leading up to the PPV. In his second consecutive shock victory, James becomes the new World Heavyweight champion.

Vengeance, having lost a cage match to Faith in February, begins behaving erratically, caught by the magic camera.

April/The World Is Watching
Bruce is recovering in the hospital; Lobby confronts Money and catches a fist from Remo for his trouble. Remo goes over Lobby at The World Is Watching. Khoklov also beats Bruce, to Money's delight.

Eric adds Enforcer Prime (Primus Allen) to his team to keep his numbers advantage. Eisen goes over in an I Quit Cage match to settle the feud, to the shock of TEW players everywhere.

Frehley isn't one to give up easily and comes loaded for bear, leading to a month of these two beasts brawling weekly on TV. Chase adds Des Davids to her collective. James retains at the PPV.

May/Master of Puppets
The Lobby/Money feud continues. Dark Angel, in an continuing effort to make him relevant in the States by giving him main event rubs, takes the third man slot to rival The Almighty Dollar and Khoklov.

Frehley steps in to replace Gilmore in feuding with the Eisens. Frehley tops Eisen at the PPV.

The next Supreme TV opens with Chase bragging that no one is a match for James. Christian Faith has something to say about that. Having spent the last several months backing up faces in other feuds, it's time for him to have a high profile for a while. Faith can't close the deal, though, and James retains in one of the better matches of the save so far.

June/Times of Trouble
More back and forth angles between Lobby/Bruce and Money/Remo on TV. In a stark reversal from last month, Lobby manages to top Remo in a very good match while Bruce ends the night by beating Khoklov in the cage.

Eisen/Frehley goes on, with Valiant and Dark Angel moving in to help Frehley.

With the Bruce/Khoklov match really deserving to headline, the Faith rematch is put off a month (due to a beatdown on the go home show and a kayfabe injury) and James wins a throwaway gimme defense against Randy Bumfhole.

July/The Supreme Challenge 33
Another newcomer, Joshua Taylor, debuts and challenges Jack Bruce. Bruce blows him off, but Taylor wants to prove himself to the SWF faithful and isn't above physically provoking Bruce to get what he wants. Bruce finally accepts the challenge on the go home show and is rewarded with an attack from a returning Runaway Train, old but still an intimidating presence. At Supreme Challenge, they get my first A match of the save in a match where Bruce is pushed to his limits, but uses his experience to slap on a flash pin.

More jawing between Lobby and Money on TV, only now Lobby seems much more confident than before. Having triumphed over all the hurdles in his way, Money has no choice but to finally grant Lobby the singles match he's been wanting since January. In an absolutely classic, grueling match (my second A of the save after Bruce/Taylor on the same night), Lobby gets the pin. But we're not done yet. Money calls for the mic and explains that he's been tormenting Lobby for the express purpose of getting Lobby to fulfill the potential that Money sees in him. They shake hands and part ways with respect.

Eric becomes more of a fighting champion, starting to defend his title on TV. Davids and Gilmore get involved in the NA feud. Eisen retains the NA Championship in a 4 way elimination match, still including Frehley.

A mysterious new group shows up, calling themselves The Cardinal Sins and going by names like Avarice, Abaddon, Invidia, Lust, Pride, Belphegor, and Wrath makes their presence known.

Faith is back by the next week after Master of Puppets and cutting those great promos he always does. Finally, the moment comes: the wildman running roughshod over the promotion for the last 6 months comes face to face with a living legend. In a match with plenty of drama and back and forth (that on any other night would have been match of the night at B+, but was overshadowed by the two matches mentioned earlier), it comes down to both men exhausted. A botched move by Faith, a ref bump, Eric Eisen shows up at ringside? But why? Within moments, Eric nails James with his finisher, drags Faith on top, and wakes the ref up to make the 3 count. Eric and Faith face off in the ring. It's tense...then they hug and celebrate together. And it becomes clear to the fans that Christian Faith, commensurate hero, has sold his soul to win his first World Championship in almost 10 years.

There are 6 more months to this save, some elements of which I'm equally proud of. I'll probably type those up later, but this is getting a bit long for one post.
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Unread 02-11-2018, 03:35 PM
Vault Vault is offline
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I had a storyline span years that I'm really proud of. I brought Davey Richards & Eddie Edwards into WWE as heels in March of 2016 and protected the hell out of them. I had these guys pegged for big things. A few months later I put Jericho with them, and created the "Wolves Of Jericho" stable, figuring pairing them with a vet like Y2J would do good things for them.

I protect the hell out of all of them, and put them over major players (Cena in tag matches) and have them consistently beat active teams like the Lucha Dragons & The Usos to establish them.

Well things go good for a few months and I develop some long-term plans. But things come to a screeching halt when Jericho decides in June of 2016 he's leaving WWE. This couldn't have come at a worse time because he was Intercontinental Champion and all three were incredibly over. So I have Jericho drop the title and leave the American Wolves as a tag team.

They pick up the tag team titles in July of 2016, and this starts to date my best title reign in the entire game.

A few months later I decide to introduce a new stable, so I put Cody Rhodes with the American Wolves and form a stable with those three. This is about October of 2016. So I get all three guys in some matches together, keep their streak going, give Cody Rhodes the Intercontinental Championship, and make them the most protected group of guys on the roster.

They round out 2016 having won most of their matches and all wearing gold.

Things get incredibly interesting in January of 2017. I manage to re-sign Chris Jericho, and he returns after half a year of being gone. I toy with a few ideas but decide to get him involved in the Intercontinental Championship picture against Rhodes, also tying in Richards & Edwards. At the culmination of the feud, however, Richards & Edwards turn on Rhodes and re-align with Jericho, reforming the "Wolves Of Jericho".

The Wolves Of Jericho were on top of the world at this point. I had them successfully defend their titles at Wrestlemania. I had them closing most shows in one form or another, and I knew I had to establish their credibility once and for all, so I formulated two feuds to close the chapter on their story.

First, I reunited The Shield as a story where they saw this stable trying to establish dominance, and I had the story build up to a fantastic trilogy of matches at back-to-back-to-back PPV's at Money In The Bank, Great American Bash & Summerslam. The Summerslam bout stole the show and is one of the few 'A' rated matches I've ever put on. I put the Shield over in 2 of the matches, but both teams took each other to the limit and this really helped slot Richards & Edwards as main-event tier.

After the failure to overcome The Shield, this was the perfect seed to plant to transition into my final arc. It's September of 2017 now. I have Richards & Edwards drop the tag titles on Raw after holding them over a year. This breeds frustration, and ultimately, Eddie Edwards turns on Jericho & Richards, turning them both face and keeping him heel in the process.

So now, the former friends are turned enemies. I don't do Edwards/Richards right away. Instead I have Edwards establish himself as a singles competitor by going over Jericho at Hell In A Cell of 2017.

Then I have Edwards vs Richards finally take place at Survivor Series of 2017. It ends up being a great match, scoring a B rating. I have Edwards go over. I do the rematch at the next PPV, Over The Limit, this time Edwards wins by stoppage. This one also gets a B rating. This is the most recent time they've fought.

It's April of 2018 in my game now, both guys are on Raw (Jericho is off at the moment) and both have really blossomed as singles stars. Davey Richards held the Intercontinental Championship from January of 2018 to April of 2018, and also successfully defeated Triple H at Wrestlemania. I've had Richards flirt with the main event as well, big #1 Contender's matches and occasionally main-eventing TV.

Eddie Edwards has been the most protected, and I've got him primed and ready to go in a few months for the main event. He had a nice 3-month feud with Shinsuke Nakamura (including a Wrestlemania match) with consistently fantastic matches, the most recent getting an 'A' rating despite being the 4th time the match took place.

I don't have plans for the two to cross paths again for a while, but eventually I'd like to do a Cody Rhodes & Eddie Edwards vs. Davey Richards & Chris Jericho match for fun. It may not be in the cards, but if it is, I think it could be a nice co-headlining Summerslam bout or a good accompanying bout to one of the smaller PPV's.

It's worth noting despite protecting Edwards more, Richards is actually more over. Probably a combination of holding the Intercontinental Champonship + the big win over Triple H at Wrestlemania.

Last edited by Vault : 02-11-2018 at 03:41 PM.
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Unread 02-11-2018, 08:59 PM
shawn michaels's Avatar
shawn michaels shawn michaels is offline
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I'd have to say it was a TNA storyline involving Christian, Kurt Angle and The Rock that involved Kurt's opponents being drugged, thus making Kurt win all the time, only for people to find out that Kurt was innocent and Christian was the guilty one. Epic double turn and great triple threat matches. I've booked several variations of it and it was even included in TEW 2010 storylines pack by cappyboy. Good times. First time i booked that storyline was many many years ago, on EWR.
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Unread 02-11-2018, 10:30 PM
claxton110381 claxton110381 is offline
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In my current Modern Day Brand Split save, my brother did a storyline where Braun Strowman rigged a scale to say he weighed 204 and 3/4 pounds, so that he could challenge for (and win) the Cruiserweight title. He was a dancing cowboy riding a moped, with the Cruiserweight title around his waist...
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Unread 02-11-2018, 11:48 PM
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Originally Posted by shawn michaels 82 View Post
I'd have to say it was a TNA storyline involving Christian, Kurt Angle and The Rock that involved Kurt's opponents being drugged, thus making Kurt win all the time, only for people to find out that Kurt was innocent and Christian was the guilty one. Epic double turn and great triple threat matches. I've booked several variations of it and it was even included in TEW 2010 storylines pack by cappyboy. Good times. First time i booked that storyline was many many years ago, on EWR.
And man was that fun to put together. That storyline was so twisty and turny and switched back on itself. I could envision all the scenes in my mind as I was crafting them for the mod. Never played it beyond testing because I tend to prefer small feds but a great memory to be sure.
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Unread 02-13-2018, 11:33 AM
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Proudest storyline was USPW one which played out over about 15 months.

I knew I wanted to create a feud between Alicia Strong and her dad while also positioning her as the first female wrestler to hang with the guys.

To start with I pushed Sam Strong as the overbearing parent who was trying to set Alicia up with the golden child Nicky Champion even though it was clear Alicia wasn't that interested. This dynamic carried on for a couple of months.

I threw a bit of a curveball by then starting to hint Alicia had developed a close "relationship" with a recently signed Joanne Rodriguez which sent Sam off the deep end.

He went proper heel, ditching the reluctant and now highly moral Champion, for the aggressive Darryl Devine, wanting to see J-Ro and eventually his daughter punished for disobeying him, putting them both up against male competitors.

All lead to Alicia facing off against USPW title holder Devine in the biggest match of the year, successfully winning the title and cutting an emotional promo pleading for her dad to accept her as she is.

Never got much past this point but Alicia and Sam were going to reconcile on the TV show after the PPV only to be cut short by a brutal Devine attack on Strong senior, taking him off screen for months and throwing the promotion into chaos.
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Unread 02-14-2018, 02:29 PM
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Back in the TEW10 days I rebooted RPW. Taking some of the best indy talent in the C-Verse, I got raided a fair bit and ended up placing the RPW World title on Mean Jean Cattley since he was the head booker for MAW.

In the early going, Cattley would defend his title using all of the tricks in the book, cheating, DQ, and run-ins from his newly formed Mid Atlantic Alliance (featuring Finlay O'Farraday and Jared Johnson). These actions pissed off many people in RPW, including the new Commissioner of RPW, Alex Braun, a man sent into retirement by MJC.

The start of 2011 was the Mid Atlantic Alliance's peak, with MJC coming off of a successful defense of his title, toppling the face of RPW, Steve Flash, and his proteges, Finlay O'Farraday and Jared Johnson, holding the recently reactivated RPW Double Act titles. Using all of the pull he had, MJC was able to go behind Alex Braun's back and get the board of directors to put a clause in his title matches, that the match would be the last/only shot the challenger was going to get at the belt. Alex Braun however had a surprise of his own. While he couldn't overrule the board's decision, he could allow the challenger to pick the stipulation of the match.

And with that, Mean Jean Cattley was in for the year of his life as he defended his title against the best RPW had to offer in matches that suited the challenger the best. Highlights included outlasting Steve Flash in an Iron Man match, out-toughing Bulldozer Brandon Smith in a steel cage match, out wrestling Amber Allen in a submission match, and out smarting Panda Mask II in a ladder match.

However, the wear and tear would catch up to Mean Jean Cattley and his Mid Atlantic Alliance as the team of FoF and Johnson's reign would end to RPW's favorite couple, Amber Allen and Nigel Svensson, while MJC's reign would finally end on the last show of 2011 against the 20 veteran UK Dragon, Steven Ambrose.
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Unread 02-14-2018, 02:37 PM
shawn michaels's Avatar
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Originally Posted by cappyboy View Post
And man was that fun to put together. That storyline was so twisty and turny and switched back on itself. I could envision all the scenes in my mind as I was crafting them for the mod. Never played it beyond testing because I tend to prefer small feds but a great memory to be sure.
Yeah, I don't even know how the idea came to mind, but after I started I couldn't stop with the twists and turns. Ended up being the most memorable i've ever booked so far.
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Unread 02-14-2018, 04:26 PM
Defmall Defmall is offline
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I did a WWF save...can't remember if it was 1994 or 1996...where I did a reverse of the Mr. McMahon reveal.

In this Universe, Bret Hart was the World Champion and McMahon was still doing commentary. Scott Steiner and Ron Simmons were top-rated contenders.

Bret turns heel after a slew of anti-American comments, and McMahon takes offense. At the same time, Shane McMahon "outs" his father as the company owner, despite Linda's pleas for the two not to fight.

So Vince becomes the patriotic face, backing Steiner and Simmons however he can against Brett and Shane without actually "cheating" to give them the title. Maybe some distractions, but no blatant cheating...
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Unread 02-14-2018, 05:39 PM
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Anyone who read Worldwide back in the day will know I like my Burchill/Raven storyline.

Recently, though, in a ECW '98 save (which I'm not diary-ing - no time anymore), I've been rebooking the Shane Douglas Taz feud, which I'm quite happy with - it's been running for about three years now and, now we've hit national, I'll blow it off at November to Remember on a big PPV deal.

In short, it started as in real life. Taz declared himself FTW champion because he didn't get a title shot. Douglas' legit injury stopped him from defending the real strap for a few months but I extended that so it would slowly become clear to fans that Douglas was "faking" the length of his injury to avoid facing Taz.

When Heyman eventually called Douglas on this, Shane agreed to defend the title if Taz could go through the other members of the Triple Threat first. Taz beat Candido and Bigelow but then the storyline revolved around Douglas constantly being able to find new henchmen to hire - people who had left the WWF or WCW, generally.

The general idea is that Douglas convinced convinced these people to come to ECW to prevent Taz from "ruining" the wrestling industry... his Katahajime was a chokehold, which should not be legal in wrestling and would "break" the industry and threaten the safety of its performers. So, one by one, Taz went through these industry gatekeepers like Vader, Sid, the Road Warriors etc... leaving a path of destruction behind him.

Douglas' final gatekeeper was billed as the only man more dangerous than Taz, Ken Shamrock, because Douglas now had to fight fire with fire against his better judgement. So, Taz and Shamrock feuded until being booked in a shoot fight, which ended in a no contest when both men crashed through the cage wall.

Around this time, Francine signed a written deal with AAA. So, Heyman booked a three way for the title Taz v. Shamrock v. Douglas. Taz won the title but did so by choking out Shamrock when Douglas left the ring, afraid to finally face Taz. Losing the title so cowardly was the excuse for Francine leaving Douglas (and ECW). But Taz never got to make Douglas tap.

Since this, Taz has since lost the title to RVD and Douglas has again become champion... and Taz is still searching for his first one-on-one match with Douglas so he can finally make him tap.

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