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Unread 01-10-2019, 07:16 PM
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Default ROH Announces Two New Signings

Ring of Honor Exclusive: Two Rising Stars Set To Debut in Toronto

With the War of the Worlds tour about to kick off with three weeks of television and a pay-per-view, Ring of Honor and NJPW will once again showcase some of the best wrestling that both of these companies have to offer. One week before the tour kicks off Ring of Honor returns to Toronto for the first time in over a year and a half and with it they will be bringing two international superstars to Ring of Honor for the first-time.


"The Brass" Mark Haskins has wrestled all over the world, and now he is bringing his hard-rock, fast-paced, in-your-face style to Ring of Honor. Having impressed ROH officials two years ago with partner organization RevPro, Haskins has long been on the radar of Ring of Honor and after a lengthy negotiation, Ring of Honor is thrilled to be bringing him in full-time.

On the other end of the spectrum, and also making his debut in Toronto will be Haskins first ROH opponent, Bandido. The Mexican Luchador who has been dropping jaws online with his breath-taking blend of flawless aerials and impressive technical skills. Bandido recently joined NJPW for his first tour of Japan and will be making his American debut full-time with his deal with Ring of Honor, but first he'll be making his Canadian debut as we head to Toronto this week. He will take on Haskins in what will prove to be an incredibly challenging debut, and will also take part in the War of the Worlds tour representing NJPW and ROH on the undercard. The 24-year old Bandido has unlimited charisma and despite the mask is clearly one to watch!

OOC: Definitely agree with BHK1978 to some extent re: AEW. Would force a total recalibration but also would bring some new names to the forefront and potentially create a third diary in this Universe (joining the MLW diary that I'm keeping just for a way to interact with different wrestlers that we won't see in ROH and a different way of story-telling). It would also present a big challenge in logistics. I did just add NXT UK to my game world just so the WWE has more of a real-feel. Again, I'm having fun making this realistic.

I think my compromise with myself in leaving AEW out (for now) is that I am running the All-In style show this quarter as the second quarter exclusive on Honor Club. That show will likely determine the direction I'll go, but that's a bit away... I will probably call it Double or Nothing instead of my planned name of Independents Day, but we shall see.

Regardless... having a lot of fun with this.
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Unread 01-12-2019, 01:56 AM
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Join Date: May 2009
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Default ROH TV: April 2019 Weeks 2 and 3

ROH TV, April 2019, Week 2

Fresh off Supercard of Honor, Royalty makes their way to the ring to bask in the glory of their victories. Cody proudly holds the ROH World title aloft while Brandi polishes his other titles he's captured in Japan. Meanwhile Austin Theory proudly has the ROH Television title draped over his shoulder and Marty Scurll is prancing about, discussing the defeat of Zack Sabre Jr. They begin to cut a promo only to be interrupted by Jeff Cobb. Cobb comes out with fresh stitches above his right eye. He says he knows what Theory did but that's beneath him now... he doesn't care about the Television Title... He turns straight to Cody and says that this one isn't over... He'll step aside for now but Jeff Cobb will climb that mountain and dethrone the King, he looks straight into the camera and tells ROH officials that on the upcoming War of the Worlds tour he wants to face the best that NJPW can send his way to prove that he is still the best.... This leads the Aerial Assassin himself, Will Ospreay to come out! Ospreay congratulates Royalty on a successful night, but says they seem to be forgetting that Cody's next challenge is already here, and that man is WILL OSPREAY and he's going to end the tyrannical reign of Cody.

Our first match sees the newly minted Kings of the Night (Brian Myers, Rhett Titus and Kenny King) accompanied by their personal security detail easily defeat three enhancement talents that Ian Riccaboni identifies as Sean Maluta, Anthony Bowens and former ROH punching-bag, Grizzly Redwood!

Backstage we see Flip Gordon, Hangman Page suddenly walks up and mentions that both of them haven't exactly had the "breakout" people predicted. Page challenges Flip to a match later tonight which Flip gladly accepts.

The End (Odinson and Hammerstone) easily dispose of the now Dalton Castle-less "Boys" Brent and Brandon Tate. Post-Match, Matt Taven says that losing the 6-man titles hurts, but "The End" is now focused on destroying and annihilating the tag division, and with Matt Taven leading the charge that's a given!

Flip Gordon and Hangman Page had a fast-paced, fun bout, meant to highlight both mens strengths. In the end Flip hit the Star-Spangled Stunner on Page for the victory, but both men did well here and both will be featured in a months coming.

We get a promo from "The Farm" with the Briscoes and their newly captured Tag Titles. The Briscoes say that they ended 2018 on a high-note in Japan by capturing the World Tag League and then started 2019 (in April) after a sabbatical on a higher note by becoming the ten-time ROH Tag Champions. Through that experience they've come to realize that the two of the best in the world reside in Japan and that those two are who they are granting the first title shot of this reign... STAY TUNED.

Wrapping up their stints with ROH, KUSHIDA and Titan defeated Coast 2 Coast in a very solid bout that showcased all four men and made Coast 2 Coast look like a team that may one day have a legitimate shot in the tag division!

The announcers inform us that after Supercard of Honor and the disappointment of losing the titles Jay Lethal has requested to take this month off to refocus and come back stronger than ever so that once Low-Ki is medically cleared to compete again, No Gimmicks Needed will go straight for the belts.

In the main event, Marty Scurll tapped out Jonathan Gresham. Gresham hasn't done a ton in ROH, but he's a solid worker and one that may be looked to solidify the midcard in the future.

ROH TV, April 2019, Week 3

Again this week, Royalty makes their way to the ring to bask in the glory of their victories. Cody proudly holds the ROH World title aloft and Austin Theory proudly has the ROH Television title draped over his shoulder. Marty Scurll speaks first and taunts Zack Sabre Jr., Theory is next and says that after last week only solidified that the Future isn't a Theory, but Statement of Truth. And Cody says that he isn't afraid of any man in Ring of Honor... and he's certain none can beat him.... Of course he's interrupted by the Aerial Assassin himself, Will Ospreay! Ospreay says that he doesn't love to talk but Cody's arrogance drives him nuts and at War of the Worlds that belt will no longer be around Cody's waist.

In our first bout of the night we saw two debuts as Mark Haskins defeated Bandido in a match that showcased both men. Haskins is the more experienced worker and he took advantage of that to secure a win, but Bandido is currently gaining valuable experience in Japan and now with ROH and will be a star to watch!

As the match ends, Marty Scurll makes his way out again and says that he may not have a belt, but he is the Villain and Villain's always get what they want... He says that he appreciates that Haskins is here in ROH, but that the two of them have never gotten along, and Scurll is going to teach Haskins a lesson next week on ROH TV.

Up next Fred Yehi defeated Jonathan Gresham in a technical bout that showcased both mens acumen for chain wrestling and counters. This one didn't quite see the 1000 counters that Yehi claims to know, but did see Yehi escape the Octopus Hold and roll it into Rear Naked Choke for the victory.

Post-match Tom Lawlor and Josh Woods joined Yehi in the ring and cut a promo reminding the fans that Team Filthy is here in Ring of Honor and they will tap you out by any means necessary.

We get a highlight package from Supercard of Honor. Jeff Cobb's valiant effort, but ultimate failure is highlighted first and then the explosive Ladder War is highlighted with major highlights including Jay Briscoe chaining Lethal to the barricade, Steven Walters and KC McKnight attacking the Young Bucks after the match, and of course the Briscoes standing tall for the tenth time.

In our television main event, Brian Myers defeated one third of the new ROH Six-Man tag champions, Chuck Taylor. The Prince of Queens showed that he has put his failings in the WWE behind him and showed a new mean streak that fans hadn't seen from him. After the victory the Kings of the Night, Kenny King and Rhett Titus, entered the ring and popped a bottle of champagne to celebrate.
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Unread 01-13-2019, 09:04 PM
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Default ROH TV, April Week 4, 2019. Night one of the War of the Worlds Tour and Announcement

ROH TV, April Week 4, 2019

As we hit the road to War of the Worlds at full speed this weeks episode began to to set the table for the Pay-Per-View that will be seen in the middle of May.

As the show goes on the air we hear their is a conflict in the back and our cameras catch-up to see The Top Guys, K.C. McKnight and Steven Walters getting directly into the face of the Young Bucks. They say that they've been antagonized for long enough, but that at War of the Worlds it is put up or shut up time and the Young Bucks better be ready to put up. Security steps in and separates them before anything else happens.

Our first match of the night sees Hangman Page defeat Bandido in a bout designed to help both men stand out to the crowd. Page and Bandido wrestle a similar style and both take risks to wow the crowd. In the end Page gets the win but appears to have respect for Bandido...

Royalty are partially out next as just Cody and Austin Theory make their way to the ring. The announcers mention that Marty Scurll is warming up backstage for his bout with Mark Haskins. They begin to talk about how untouchable they are, but this only prompts Will Ospreay to make his way out and lay out a challenge to the boys of Royalty. Next week, in the main event it'll be Austin Theory and Cody tagging against Will Ospreay and his guest of honor... A fellow Brit, and a man currently tearing it up in New Japan Pro Wrestling... Nick Aldis.

Back from break Marty Scurll defeated Mark Haskins in an excellent match that really showcased both mens strengths. The recent British rising in Ring of Honor continued as a promo aired after the bout with a voice saying: "Marty! I have something I know you want..." and an image of the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Title. The announcers then confirm that Zack Sabre Jr. is returning to Ring of Honor and has demanded a rematch with Marty Scurll at the War of the Worlds Pay-Per-View and that he'll be in action on Night two and three of the tour!

Jonathan Gresham tagged with the debuting Tracy Williams to easily defeat The Boys in a bout that was designed to showcase the submission and technical skills of both Gresham and the debuting Williams. Post-Match: Team Filthy surrounded the ring but and stared down Williams and Gresham but left without a fight...

In the television main event The Best Friends and Dalton Castle made their first defense of the ROH 6-Man Title defeating the King of the Night Security team of Brian Milonias, Beer City Bruiser and Bob Evans. The announcers put over that at War of the Worlds the champs will face off against the Kings of the Night (Kenny King, Brian Myers and Rhett Titus).

We then had a final segment with the Briscoe Brothers coming out and announcing that the team they alluded to two weeks ago, and the team that will challenge for the ROH Tag Title at War of the Worlds is the Golden Lovers, Kenny Omega and Kota Ibushi!

Ring of Honor Announces New Japan Pro Wrestling's Participants in the War of the World's Tour

As the War of the World's three night tour kicked off that will lead into the War of the Worlds PPV, Ring of Honor officials confirmed a number of names that will be on the tour from New Japan Pro Wrestling.

While we learned that Zack Sabre Jr, Nick Aldis, Kota Ibushi and Kenny Omega were all taking part, we can also confirm that there are two others who will be making their US Ring of Honor debuts.

David Finlay Jr., the son of the legendary Fit Finlay, David Finlay is a bit of a wild child and is really nothing like his famous father. Looking to make his own name, Finlay has been a six-man tag specialist in Japan, and has held the Never Openweight Six Man Titles on three occasions, including most recently with ROH's Best Friends.

Juice Robinson, another quirky character, Juice Robinson is an American who has found his niche in Japan and established himself as a star overseas. He is extremely excited about the opportunity to return home and wrestle in front of an American crowd for the first time in nearly three years and promises that the Juice will be on the loose during the War of the Worlds tour!

OOC: I know it may feel like we've had a bunch of debuts in the last month but it's all in an effort to freshen up the roster and present some new stories and characters. Ring of Honor is always about growth and development and I'm excited to bring some new guys into the fold. The War of the Worlds tour also brings in some names from NJPW and I wanted to go a different route this time by bringing in some of the midcard names to pair with the big three of Sabre, Ibushi, Omega.
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