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Unread 11-23-2018, 05:53 PM
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Overdrive Wrestling – Episode 20: Unconscious Decisions
December Week 4

Segment 1: Not picking sides

The show starts off with a video recap of last episode's ending where Jack Avatar and Purple Viper were affectionately kissing.

Jack is walking in the hallway. He stops at one of the rooms and knocks. “Come in!”

Jack: Dawn... I... I...

Dawn: Jack. Calm down. What's wrong?

Jack: I have something I need to tell you. I'm so confused. I... I... I...

Dawn walks up to Jack and puts her hands on his shoulders.

Dawn: Jack... Calm down. Breathe. Good. Now... What do you want to tell me?

Jack: Dawn... Tell Joanne... I can't involve myself in the match this Sunday at Overdrive Awakening, which the viewers at home can catch on MySelect, Rivera Pay and 1-Choice. I want to help! I'm grateful that she saved my soul. But... But I can't!

Dawn hugs Jack.

Dawn: Jack... It's okay. Go find Joanne and tell her yourself. You'll feel a lot better. Trust me...

Jack: Okay... I'll go find her.

Segment 2: Steph Blake def. Britney Hollywood

Segment 3: Hopeless

We see a recap of last show where Lindsay declares that she hates carrying the Tag Team Title. She states that it has caused them nothing but grief, and now Anna Ki is hurt. She no longer has the will to go on. Anna's hand grabs Lindsay's, blue aura surrounding both of them. Anna is still unconscious, but we hear her voice, talking to Lindsay telepathically.

Anna: Lindsay... Stay strong. Our time together has been the best I've ever felt in my life. Together, we overcame all obstacles life decided to throw at us. Meeting you was the greatest joy in my life. Alone, I was helpless.

We see visions of little kid Anna watching helplessly as the world around her is being destroyed by falling meteors.

Anna: I was always alone. Scared. I didn't know what to do. Helpless. Hopeless. I couldn't protect those I loved. But when I met you, you gave me hope.

Lindsay: Aaahh!

We return back to the hospital room. Lindsay gets up and clutches the Tag Team Belts.

Lindsay: Sorry, Anna! I'm so sorry. You're right. I know what I have to do.

She walks out. Before leaving the room, she looks back at Anna, then at Anna's Tag Team Belt, then back at Anna. She nods, renewed look of determination on her face.

Segment 4: The Strong Hunted

Huey Cannonball and Alicia Strong are sitting by a campfire. Alicia's expression is blank and she's staring into space.

Huey: Alicia... I don't know what to say... I don't think there's anything I CAN say. Just know... know that we'll always be friends, and I'll always be there for you. Nothing can bring back your father. I know it hurts, but...

We hear heavy footsteps and the camera shaking...

Huey: What... what is that...

Suddenly, the arena goes dark. We see an LED lamp (that's totally supposed to be a campfire). The lamp goes dark. Suddenly there are fireworks and the arena goes light again. Huey and Alicia are sitting in the middle of the ring with Howlin Hell Henry behind Huey. Huey turns around.

Segment 5: HHH def. Huey Cannonball

HHH beats Huey Cannonball badly. He grabs Alicia in his arms and walks off the stage with her.

Segment 6: The Skye is falling

Remmy Skye comes out with Team Splatter.

Remmy: The Northerners... Edd Stone. Or should I say PRINCE Edd Stone? And of course, Queen of the Northernly Flame, Zoe Ammis. The two of you have been a nuisance. You have invaded OUR territory and claimed OUR land. We will accept your underhanded tactics no longer. You bring fire to a wrestling match. You blindside us with your advanced Northern technologies. But at the end of the day, you KNOW that you can't defeat us in a fight. You KNOW that...

Edd and Zoe come out.

Zoe: Foolish kid. You don't know the gravity of the situation. This isn't some stupid wrestling show. This is WAR. And in a war, you pull out all the stops for absolute domination. THAT is why the North is taking over. The North is ruthless. Cruel. We will do all to achieve victory. YOU, on the otherhand, are just little kids way out of their element. Stand aside and we shall spare you. The world shall know the power of the North, and if you don't step aside, you will not be alive to witness our glory.

Edd: Hey kid. We'll entertain you. This Sunday, at Overdrive Awakening, which you can catch on MySelect USA, Rivera Pay and 1-Choice TV, we'll face you in one on one combat. No interference. No allies at ringside. You want to talk fair? We're two people. You're three.

Remmy: Now you're talking my language. One on one, fair fight. Edd. I'll see you at Overdri...

Edd: Whoa whoa whoa whoa. I never said that.

Zoe: A prince shouldn't have to dirty his hands to deal with small-fry. Your opponent at Overdrive Awakening will be ME. And if YOU TWO decide to do anything dirty, Edd will have something prepared.

Remmy: Hehehe, whatever. Whoever it is, I'm going to stand my ground and defend OWE from you good for nothing THUGS.

Edd: Indeed you and Zoe will have a most fair fight on Sunday. But that's Sunday. For today...

Segment 7: An unfair beatdown

Zoe and Edd start attacking Team Splatter. Desert Storm and Crocketts come out of nowhere and help out for no reason (why are they helping Zoe and Edd? Because they're heels, duh). Remmy, May and Tetsu fight valiantly but the numbers game is too much!

Segment 8: Alina Rose def. Lucky Lexie Littlefeather

Segment 9: Revision

Zack Zucks and Bossman are in a well lit lab looking area.

Zack: I hope you have better results to show.

Bossman: My team has created a new angel serum. We have patched up all of the instabilities of our last revision.

Zack: I don't think you heard me, Bossman. Results. Show me.

Bossman: Ummm.... sir... with Steph Blake walking out on us, we don't have any test subjects.

Zack grabs Bossman's head and presses his face against the desk.

Zack: I asked for results... not excuses. If you don't have a test subject, then GET...

We hear the sound of a door opening.

Bossman: Steph!

Bossman is hopeful of Steph returning so that he can use his new Angelic Serum on her. The camera pans to the door and it turns out to be Divine Hope.

Divine Hope: Master...

Zack looks unimpressed.

Segment 10: Chasing true power

We see a video recap of 2 episodes ago, when Krissy and Ouroboros had their dragonball fight, ending with both of them collapsing.

Krissy wakes up in a cave, dimly lit with torches. She hears footsteps. We see this mysterious person's boots, but their figure is covered in darkness. The light from the torches flickers and we see the identity of this person.

Emma: Ascended One...

Krissy tries to get up, but she's too hurt. Emma brings out the Serpent Dagger and starts walking towards Krissy.

Emma: Oh, how the mighty have fallen. Do you know what this is? (she waves the dagger) The Serpent's Claw. It has the power to absorb or take away life.

She turns to the camera.

Emma: I'm sure you've heard that many times by now (OMG 4th WALL BREAK CLEVER WRITING!). Now... which will it be...

Emma holds the dagger over her head, about to strike. Krissy coughs. All of a sudden, Vamp shows up from behind and holds Emma, right hand holding Emma's right hand (holding the dagger). Left arm wrapped around her chest. (naturally, the camera is focused on the chest) Emma struggles, but eventually drops the dagger. Vamp bites her neck. Emma just stands there and smiles.


Segment 11: Purple Viper def. Nadia Snow

Segment 12: Whose Side are you on?

Purple Viper grabs a mic.

Viper: Overdrive Awakening is upon us! Sunday night, the world will witness the end. The main event of Overdrive Awakening, which you can all catch on MySelect, Rivera Pay and 1-Choice, will be the historic break-up of the Knights of Dawn. For I will be putting my OWE Championship Title on the line and my opponent, Joanne Rodriguez will be putting her soul on the line. The special guest referee will be Jack Avatar, who will help me in defeating Joanne Rodriguez and Queen Dawn. Joanne's soul will be gone, Jack Avatar will have joined me and Queen Dawn will be Queen no longer. I will be the sole Queen of OWE.

Viper: As for Jack Avatar... You may be asking, “How do you know? How do you know that he will help you?” Well, I can read his intentions. I can FEEEEEEEL his intentions. As I did last week. Take a look at th...

J-Ro's music hits and she enters the ring.

J-Ro: Purple Viper... You may be trying to meddle in our friendship. But the bonds that the Knights of Dawn share are far beyond your imagination. I believe in Jack. I believe in Dawn. And they believe in me. And with this belief, with this power of friendship and love, we are unbeatable. I know you are trying to drive a wedge between us, drive us further apart. But by doing so, you are only bringing us closer.

Viper: HAHAHAHA. That is so sweet. I am aware of your friendship. What YOU aren't aware of is OUR relationship. Mine and Jack's. The truth is, we are...

Jack's music hits and he runs into the ring, panting.

Jack: Joanne! I finally found you. There's one thing I need to tell you. This Sunday, at Overdrive Awakening, I... I... I will not be the special guest referee. I can't do this. I can't. I'm... I'm so sorry!

J-Ro: Jack... Your friendship means a lot to me. You don't have to if you don't want to. Just... believe in me.

Jack: Joanne... I can't involve myself at Overdrive Awakening. As far as TONIGHT is concerned, let me show you my intentions...

He turns to Purple Viper... the two of them stare... Jack starts attacking her. The two of them brawl. J-Ro is about to join in, but the lights go out.

The arena is dark for around 15 seconds.

The lights come back on. Jack is on his knees, hands around J-Ro's neck! J-Ro is unconscious. Jack looks shocked.

Jack: No... No... NOOOOOOOO!

Epic Announcer Voice: Jack Avatar has done the unthinkable. He has caused harm to his beloved Knights of Dawn. What is the meaning of this? What is Divine Hope planning. How is Huey Cannonball going to deal with Ouroboros? Will Lindsay Sugar stay strong in the face of adversity? Who will stop the Northerner invasion? Find out SUNDAY on OVERDRIVE AWAKENING.

Overdrive Awakening

Advertised Matches:
Purple Viper (c) vs Joanne Rodriguez (OWE World Championship, Title for Soul)
Hooters (c) vs Performers (OWE Tag Team Championship)
Remmy Skye vs Zoe Ammis
Subject A147 (Divine Hope) returns to Zack Zucks
Alicia Strong is in the hands of Ouroboros
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Unread 11-27-2018, 03:12 PM
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Overdrive Awakening

Advertised Matches:
Purple Viper (c) vs Joanne Rodriguez (OWE World Championship, Title for Soul)
Hooters (c) vs Performers (OWE Tag Team Championship)
Remmy Skye vs Zoe Ammis
Subject A147 (Divine Hope) returns to Zack Zucks
Alicia Strong is in the hands of Ouroboros

I am loving this, I cannot believe that I did not read this sooner and am happy you have continued. I look forward to seeing what you have in store for the future.
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Unread 11-28-2018, 04:46 PM
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Sorry, but do you know what "Vince booking" means? It means that whatever the fans want, I'll deliver the opposite.

Wait a minute, Vince apologizes to noone. I'm gonna give you garbage and you're gonna like it.
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Unread 11-30-2018, 09:07 PM
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Overdrive Wrestling – Overdrive Awakening
December Week 4

Segment 1: Decision and Trust

Joanne Rodriguez is doing her pre-match stretching excercises. Jack Avatar walks up to her. J-Ro turns her head and look at him. Jack puts his hands on her shoulders. We see a quick flashback of last episode when Jack strangled her.

Jack: I'm... I'm sorry about last Friday. I don't know what got into me...

J-Ro: I can't think about that right now. Right now, my mind is on Viper and how I'm going to defeat her. A lot is at stake here... My soul...

Jack: I know. That is why... That is why I can't just sit back and watch you. I'm going to make sure there's no foul play from Viper. I'm going to be the referee for the match.

The two of them embrace. As Jack walks off, J-Ro has an apprehensive look on her face.

Segment 2: Cloud Ascension def. Crocketts Tubbs and Desert Storm

I don't even know why this match is happening aside from having the good guys beat up the bad guys from last episode.

Segment 3: Divine Return

We see a short recap of Divine Hope returning to Zack Zucks.

Zack: A147... why have you returned?

Divine: Master, please give me a second chance. I may be a failure, but I won't fail you again. I have HOPE. I will become your greatest masterpiece.

Zack: No, tainted one. If you wish to do me a favour, then dispose of yourself. End it. End this failure.

Divine: Master... I...

Bossman hands Divine a syringe.

Zack: This is the failure serum. When you take this, you will return to your original state of nothingness. Take this. Die.

Divine's hands start to shake. He reaches over. He's about to grab the syringe.


It's Honey Golightly.

Honey: Divine Hope! No! Don't. You may have been a failure in the past, but you must look toward the future. Does THIS mean anything to you? (she points to herself) Does our friendship mean nothing? Don't end it. Have HOPE.

Divine: Honey... I... I'm sorry. I must...

Suddenly Bossman grabs Honey and holds the syringe against her neck.

Bossman: The failure serum will end any of our test subjects. I have no clue what will happen if I inject this woman. Should I test it? Ooooh, oooheeeheeheeehee.

Divine: Honey NOOOOOOO!!!!

Divine pushes Bossman's hand out of the way. He drops the syringe. The syringe drops onto the floor and shatters. Zack starts attacking and beats down Divine Hope. He grabs Honey by the hair and starts walking away.

Honey: Ugghh, let me go.

Zack: Subject A147. I will deal with you myself. If you aren't going to dispose of yourself, then I will do it. If this woman means anything to you, then you will fight me at Overdrive Awakening. Bossman, hold onto your revised Angelic Serum. You said you had no test subject? Well, we have on right here.

Segment 4: Zoe Ammis def. Remmy Skye

Zoe Ammis defeats Remmy Skye. As she's leaving the ring, she turns back and looks at Remmy Skye's body in the middle of the ring. She snaps her fingers. The lights go out, and the titantron shows burning flame. Remmy Skye screams.

Segment 5: Into the fray, alone

Charity Sweet, BB Colossus and The Performers are in the ring.

Charity: Welcome, OWE Universe, to an exciting Tag Team match between The Performers and The Hooters. Whatever the end result, I'll have my boy (she pats Colossus on his ripped abs) tear up Anna Ki and Lindsay Sugar after the match. Even if they win, they'll be losing something. Oh hohohoho. Oh what is that? Anna is still in the hospital? Oh, whatever will we do? (she looks over at Colossus) Shall we? Shall we give her a visit? The people ARE looking forward to seeing her attempt to fend us off. We'll give them what they want. We will face Ann...

Lindsay Sugar's music hits and she enters the ring alone.

Charity: Well, what do we have here? What are you doing here? Shouldn't you be at the hospital with your...

Lindsay: I'm done with running away. I'm going to confront my fears head-on, like Anna taught me to. Charity Sweet! I'm not scared of you. I'm not scared of YOU (points to Jeremy Jazz), or YOU (points to Keith Vegas) and ESPECIALLY NOT YOU (points to BB Colossus).

Charity: Hahahaha. I'm sure the OWE universe appreciates your bravery. Well, I'll tell you what. Tonight, The Performers were SUPPOSED to face The Hooters. That match is STILL ON. And it's going to happen, RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW. Jeremy Jazz and Keith Vegas will take on Lindsay Sugar and Anna Ki. If Anna Ki doesn't show up, this will be a handicap match.

Segment 6: The Performers def. Lindsay Sugar

Anna Ki never shows up. Lindsay fights and fights and fights, but eventually, the numbers game is too much! Keith Vegas pins Lindsay Sugar.

Segment 7: Emma's Daring Taunt

Howlin Hell Henry is carrying Alicia Strong back to Ouroboros' hideout.

HHH: I have returned.

He dumps Alicia onto the ground.

Ouroboros: Good. But, I cannot move on with the plan until...

Emma: Until you retrieve this?

Emma emerges from the shadow, holding the Serpent's Claw in hand.

Ouroboros: You... You dare return here? I was about to seek you out, but it seems you have done the job for me. Now... return that to me.

Ouroboros reaches out to Emma. As he reaches for the dagger, a force field forms around Emma. Ouroboros reaches his hand through the force field. All of a sudden, he gets visions. Vamp is trying to suck Emma's blood, but Emma absorbed a portion of her power. Suddenly, he sees a ghost-image of Vamp and Krissy extending their hand, about to fire an energy-blast at him.

Ouroboros: UNNNGHH!!!

He falls to his knees.

Emma: Do you understand now? I seek absolute power. You cannot stop me.

She steps forward, but HHH steps inbetween her and Ouroboros.

Ouroboros: What do you want, witch? Why have you returned?

Emma: I'm looking for Freya. Seen her?

Huey: Unnngh, Ouroboros!

Huey enters the scene! He's grabbing onto his ribs, limping, having trouble moving around.

Huey: Alicia!

Emma: Hehe, looks like things are about to heat up. I'll take my leave.

Emma points her dagger towards Alicia. Alicia's heart starts to glow. Nothing happens. Emma then disappears into the shadows.

Segment 8: Ouroboros def. Huey Cannonball

Ouroboros seems to outclass Huey, but Huey shows a lot of heart, knowing that he can't fail for Alicia's sake. Every time he looks defeated, he gets back up and mounts a counter-offense. But eventually, Ouroboros' power proves to be too much. Ouroboros defeats Huey Cannonball.

Segment 9: Awaken, Dangerous One

Ouroboros: Let's go. We must go after Emma.

Huey gets back up on his knees.

Huey: No... Alicia...

Ouroboros: Back for more?

Ouroboros kicks Huey back down, but Huey gets back up.

Ouroboros: Fine then. I shall absorb your soul. Die...

Ouroboros reaches his hand over Huey's head. Huey starts to scream. Suddenly, out of nowhere, Alicia pushes Huey out of the way. Ouroboros' hands are now over Alicia.


Segment 10: Divine Hope def. Zack Zucks via DQ

Zack Zucks gets off to a quick start with a quick flurry of offense. After taking a beating, Divine Hope manages to counter Zack, but before being able to mount a serious comeback, he gets attacked by Angel Eater.

Segment 11: A New Subject

After beating Divine Hope down, Angel Eater stands face to face with Bossman. Bossman looks nervously at Zack. Zack nods at him.

Zack: Bossman, this is our chance. This Angel Eater is the perfect test subject. We will make him complete. (He looks over at Honey) You are fortunate. It looks like you have been saved. Not by Divine Hope, but by this spawn of hell. Angel Eater. You desire to tear everything down? You will have no shortage of people to destroy. I assure you of that. Bossman... Angel Eater... let's go.

Zack, Bossman and Angel Eater leave the arena. Honey is shaking, Divine Hope is unconscious in the ring.

Segment 12: Soul Referee

J-Ro, Viper and Jack all make their entrance, Jack in a referee shirt.

Viper: I am so glad you could all make it.

Viper suddenly pounces onto J-Ro. She puts her palm over her face. Jack tries to break it up, but the lights go out. J-Ro screams.

The lights come back on. J-Ro is on her knees, one hand on her forehead. Jack is asking her if she's alright. J-Ro slowly gets up.

Viper: Just so there aren't any tricks... Let me explain. I have just chained Joanne Rodriguez to the unholy rites. The conditions of the match... If J-Ro wins, she wins the OWE Championship. If I win, I win J-Ro's soul.

Jack: We already know that!

Viper: Ah, but there's more... What do you think would happen if J-Ro were to win by DQ?

J-Ro: Since I would win the match, you would not have my soul, but I would not win the championship.

Viper: That would be anti-climactic wouldn't it? What I just did to you... I have just chained your fate to the fate of the championship. If you were to win by DQ or count-out, you would still lose your soul to me. To win back your soul, you would have to take back this championship. Heeheehee, even if you win the match, you could still lose your soul.

Jack: You witch! Changing the rules at the last minute. You dirty little...

Viper: Teeheehee, I didn't CHANGE the rules. I just made them up right now. But in the end, it's up to YOU. YOU'RE the one calling the DQ. Just remember... if I were to do anything illegal, you'll HAVE to relinquish your friend's soul to me. MUUAHAHAHAHAHA

Segment 13: Joanne Rodriguez def. Purple Viper to win the OWE World Championship and retains her own soul

Throughout the match, Viper plays dirty and dares Jack to DQ her. She holds onto her submissions longer than she's allowed to. She flirts with Jack. She slaps him and taunts him.

When J-Ro has the advantage in the match, Viper grabs brass knuckles and clocks J-Ro in the face. She brings out all sorts of illegal weapons and attacks J-Ro, but Jack doesn't want to DQ her.

Viper repeatedly hits J-Ro with a chair. Jack grabs the chair from Viper. Viper starts attacking Jack and hits him with a chair. J-Ro gets up and starts attacking Viper. Viper drops the chair and J-Ro DDT's Viper onto the chair. She goes for the pin.

Jack is hurt, being hit by a chair, but he manages to count the pin.

J-Ro wins.

Segment 14: A New Beginning

J-Ro hoists the championship up in the air. She looks over at Jack. She opens her arms, hoping to embrace Jack, but Jack refuses. Jack grabs a mic.

Jack: Joanne. I appreciate all you've done for me. I appreciate our time together and I value our friendship. But... this is much bigger than us. This is much bigger than the Knights of Dawn. There is evil out there far greater than any of us can imagine. Purple Viper is only the tip of the iceberg. We cannot continue being like this. The Knights of Dawn are defenders of justice. But that is exactly the problem. We defend and we defend and we defend.

Jack: We cannot continue to stand by and wait for evil to come to us. By that point, it is already too late. Look at all the damage Purple Viper has caused. We fended her off at every turn, yet look at us. We are worse off than we were before. This whole incident with Purple Viper has made me realize... Dawn and her ideals are ineffective. She is not fit to defend this world. Joanne... Dawn... Thank you for everything, but... The Knights of Dawn are dead.

Jack drops the mic and walks off.

Post-Show comments

The show went well enough. It probably would go better if I let my wrestlers just have wrestling matches, but that goes against the whole philosophy of OWE. I don't think I'll ever get an A* show because I always want to end my shows with some craziness, and if my main event isn't accompanied by a crazy storyline, then it isn't a worthy main event program. It's just how I book.

If I just let J-Ro and Viper have a good wrestling match, I'm sure they could pull off the A* match and carry my show to an A* rating, but given the storyline, it doesn't make sense to have a wrestling match main event my wrestling show.

The Lindsay storyline went better than expected. Not good by any means, but considering the pieces in that story, it was better than it had any right to be. The way I booked it, I have to have another month of Hooters vs Performers, but I really want to move on from this. This is a bit of a filler feud as I figure out ways to get teams out of their current storylines and into the tag one.

Divine Hope and Zack are not big deals right now, but I want to eventually build them up to be big-time contenders. I thought it would be good to start them off with one another to establish a link/rivalry between them, but knew that it wouldn't produce good ratings. Hopefully, with Divine paired with Honey and Zack paired with Angel Eater, I'll be able to sky-rocket their popularity without immediately feeding them to my main eventers.

A Great 2012 – Looking forward to a better 2013

Congratulations to everyone in OWE for their contributions in making us the most improved company of the year. I'm looking to make 2013 a repeat in this regard. Getting on TV, broadcast internationally, making this thread. It really was a big year for us. The Industry is on the downturn and I don't think we'll make national, but we'll be well positioned to strike down SWF in 2014.

Congratulations to Lucy Avatar for winning Referee of the Year (oh wait, that's me).

Congratulations to Emma Chase for winning Manager of the Year, though a big chunk of that was with SWF.

Also congrats to Joanne Rodriguez, who is a bigger star than Jack Bruce.
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Overdrive Wrestling – Episode 21: A New Despair
January Week 1

I plan on making this month's storylines the cheesiest in the history of OWE for the sake of love and friendship.

Segment 1: We Fall Together

The show begins with a recap of the Ouroboros/Huey Cannonball fight. At the end of the fight, with Huey on his knees and Ouroboros about to obliterate him, the scene suddenly teleports to Celestia, a place atop clouds with a bunch of ruined castle walls (because this was completely the setting of the fight to begin with). Alicia still has a blank look on her face.

Ouroboros: There are people like Krissy and Freya. True Power. Me... Alicia Strong... we are destined to do battle and fight to prove our supremacy. We are the ones to determine the course of history. And then there are insects like you. Why do you bother to fight a fight that you can never win?

Huey: Unnnngghhh! You may be right. I may not be a God like you. I may not have had any chance to begin with. BUT! I fight for what I believe in. I fight for my friends!

Ouroboros: Then die...

His hand starts glowing red. A beam of energy gets fired at Huey. Huey screams. UUAAAAAAAAGGGGGHHH!!

Suddenly, life returns to Alicia's eyes.

Alicia: Huey!!!

Alicia pushes Huey out of the way and takes Ouroboros' red beam of light. AAAAAAAGGGHH!

Huey is pushed out of the way, Alicia is taking Ouroboros powerful ray of light. Huey looks over, a look of concern on his face.

Huey: Alicia... no...

Huey tackles Alicia out of the beam of light and they both fall off the edge of the clouds.

Segment 2: Angel Eater destroys Jake Idol

Segment 3: A Broken History

Zack and Bossman roll into the ring, look over at Angel Eater and laugh maniacally.

Zack: It looks like my trust in you was not misplaced. Your revised serum was a success. With this, the world... no THE UNIVERSE will be MINE MUUUUAHAHAHAHA

Jaime Quine's music hits.

Jaime: Angel Eater... dear friend... (she rolls into the ring) What... (she looks over at Zack and Bossman) What did you do?!

Zack: The Angel Eater of old no longer exists. We repaired him. We made him complete.

Jaime is shaking uncontrollably, unable to comprehend the new Angel Eater. Zack and Bossman leave the ring. Angel Eater follows. As he leaves, he shoves Jaime aside.

Segment 4: Gloomy Skyes

Remmy Skye is sulking over his loss to Zoe Ammis and the evil barbaric Northerners. The Inkredible Tetsu tries to cheer him up. He hands him a paint gun.

Tetsu: Hey! This is your favourite. Remember?

Tetsu shoots the paint gun against the wall. Remmy throws the gun away and walks off. Tetsu tries to go after him, but May stops him and shakes her head...

Segment 5: A Knight's Despair

We see a recap of the ending to Overdrive Awakening where Jack declared that he was leaving the Knights of Dawn.

J-Ro is sitting around moping, because this is the episode where everyone mopes.

Dawn: Come on, Joanne. Don't be this way. You saved Jack. You saved yourself and you vanquished Viper's evil plans. This isn't the way a Knight of Dawn should act.

J-Ro: The Knights of Dawn are no more. Jack was right. I thought that together, we would change the world. But... despite doing everything in my power to protect my friends, it seems like I'm powerless to do anything! Dawn! What was all this for?

Dawn hugs J-Ro.

Emma: Well, you still have each other? Or are you leaving the Knights too?

Dawn: You! Get out of here! This is none of your...

J-Ro stops her.

J-Ro: What do you want? Speak.

Emma: Oh hohohoho. I just wanted to share this sweet moment of friendship with you tw....


Emma: Fine... You know what I'd like. (She takes out the Serpent's Claw. Dawn's eyes go wide. Oh no...) I'd like nothing more than to stab you both in the back. But such a thing would be impossible against you too. Know this, Joanne. The moment you show weakness, you WILL be sacrificed to the serpent. Dawn has shown you hope. Now, let me show you despair.

A dark mist surrounds Emma and she disappears.

Segment 6: Cloud Ascension win a meaning[s]less[/s]ful 3-way Tag

Segment 7: Arise, Goddess

Freya wakes up in a bed. We get a first person view and everything is blurry. She's still not in the best of shape.

Smygi: Oh! You're finally awake! You've been out cold for two weeks.

Freya: Unnnggh... What happened... Where...

Smygi: You fell from the sky! Normally, I'm not allowed to let strangers in, but you just fell from so high up and you were in trouble. I couldn't just leave you be, now could I? Hey! By the way, I'm Smygi.

Freya: Smygi... Thank you. I'm... unnngh (she holds her head). I'm... I... I don't rememb...

Freya falls unconscious.

Segment 8: Help me Anna!

We see a recap of Lindsay getting beat in a handicap match against The Performers. Her unconscious body is in the middle of the ring. Suddenly, she teleports into darkness.

Lindsay: The Performers... I couldn't do it... If only Anna was here...

Emma: But she's not.

Emma appears from the shadows.

Emma: She's not here for you. If you want to defeat them, you'll have to do it yourself. Now... do you desire power?

Lindsay: What?

Emma smiles and starts walking towards Lindsay. She pulls out the Serpent's Claw dagger.

Emma: I said... do you desire power?

Lindsay: What are you doing...

Emma starts running towards Lindsay. She draws her dagger.

Lindsay: Anna! Anna! Where are you? HEEEEEEEEEELP!

Before Emma stabs Lindsay, the screen blanks out and we hear Lindsay screaming.

Segment 9: The Mythical Hunt Begins

We get a recap of Vamp trying to bite Emma Chase in the neck, but the Serpent Claw glowing. Suddenly, Vamp is on the floor, drained.

Krissy: Vamp... Feeling better?

Vamp: I'm able to fight. But... that Emma. Grrrrr.

Krissy: Your power... It's not quite what it used to be. We need to hunt for that woman. Emma... you won't elude our grasp.

Vamp: No... We have other options. The Serpent's Claw has the power to take away and the power to give. I need only find someone who the Claw has given power to. Our true prey isn't going to be Emma, but...

Segment 10: Howlin Hell Henry def. Nadia Snow

Segment 11: A Deal

We're in club desire. Charity Sweet is dancing and entertaining guests. She looks around and winks at someone. She starts strutting towards whoever it was she winked at. The camera pans around and shows Zack Zucks. Zack smiles. Charity climbs on his lap.

Charity: Didn't expect to see you here.

Zack: I'm famous now?

Charity: Of course. Your deeds are known across the land. But... mine are pretty well known as well...

She puts one hand on his face, the other on his shirt and starts unbuttoning it. Charity starts rubbing her cheeks against his, slowly puts her mouth close to his ear.

Charity: You're after it too, right? The anti-angel super weapon...

Zack: What? (Zack's eyes go wide open)

Charity: Don't deny it. Your actions on OWE speak for themselves. I'll tell you what. I know how to open the gates to hell. Let's make a deal...

She whispers something into his ears, then kisses him on the cheek.

Charity: Don't have to give me an answer now. Just... whenever you decide to, you know where to find me.

Segment 12: Summoning the Devil

Steph Blake walks to the ring. While that's happening, the screen plays a recap of the past few months. Steph has been experimented on by Zack Zucks and his Angel Serum. She has gained immense powers, but has since left Zack's labs.

Steph: As you all know, I've been undergoing some transformations. Some... enhancements. Zack Zucks has used his research to transform me into one of his anti-angel super soldiers. I've tasted power, like no mortal has ever had. BUT, that is not TRUE power. OH LORD, please come out and grant me TRUE POWER. (she grabs her heart) I have this to offer. My dark heart. I implore thee, OUROBOROS, SERPENT DEMON LORD, come out and grant me...

Alina's music hits.

Alina: What is this treachery? Zack attempting to play God. And now THIS. Making a deal with the very devil.

Steph: You think you can stop me? Don't make me laugh.

Alina: It's not that I THINK I can stop you. It's that I must. Steph Blake. I must stop you right here. You are commanding a power that threatens the fabric of this entire universe. Begone, Devil Woman.

Segment 13: Alina def. Steph Blake

Segment 14: Unholy union

Ouroboros shows up and attacks Alina. He stares down Steph, who slowly gets up, smiling.

Ouroboros: You, a mere mortal, dare to summon me. What makes you think you are worthy of being part of the Serpent Clan? What makes you deserving of my power?

Steph: HAHAHAHA. MWAHAHAHAHA. You really came, Demon Lord. I've been watching you. How you have impacted OWE. You are the true face of terror, ousting Freya. Even the champion, Joanne Rodriguez and her precious master Queen Dawn fear you. But there is one who eludes you. One that even YOU fear. The one wielding that dagger...

Ouroboros: Mortal, know your place.

Steph: I can locate her. The power granted to me by the Angel Serum. It has revealed much to me. As one of your agents, I will do very much for you. I will seek the only one that can challenge you. Allow me to help you, my Lord. Surely, there must be a spot vacant in your clan, after such treachery from your sister.

Ouroboros: AAAAAAHHHHHH! (Ouroboros grabs Steph by the collar, Steph is unphased, if anything she's grinning) Mortal, you dare to provoke me, to mock me, and to negotiate with me. You... (he looks into her eyes, then puts her down) Hehehe, peering into your heart, I can sense your true desire. Very well, mortal.

He extends his hand, and they shake hands.

Epic Announcer Voice: Having made a deal with the devil, who can stop the evil Steph Blake? What will become of our heroes and good friends Alicia Strong and Huey Cannonball? What exactly is Emma Chase scheming? Will Freya regain her memories? Find out NEXT TIME on OVERDRIVE WRESTLING.
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Overdrive Wrestling – Episode 22: Locked Awakening
January Week 2

Segment 1: Lost memories

Joanne Rodriguez is preparing for her main event match tonight. Dawn is urging her not to fight dangerous battles that she doesn't have to.

Dawn: Please, Joanne. Tonight's battle is far too dangerous. You don't have to fight in any unnecessary battles.

J-Ro: Don't worry, Dawn. I've been in dangerous battles before and I've always prevailed. Tonight's fatal four-way battle will be dangerous. The madwoman, Purple Viper. The barbaric flame-wielder, Zoe Ammis. The invincible demon, BB Colossus. Each of them on their own is dangerous. Facing all of them at once is fatal. But I've been in fatal situations before. This is no different.

Dawn: No! This is different. I believe in you for this particular fight, but the circumstances... Emma said that she wants to absorb your power into the Serpent's Claw. After this fight... you won't be in a position to defend youself. We still do not know what Emma's plan is.

Emma: Then I will tell you myself.

Emma materializes out of thin air.

Emma: Dawn. You are my objective. There is a dark secret, a dark power, locked away in the depths of your mind. I want to awaken you. I want you to remember who you are and what your purpose is.

Dawn: My... purpose?

Before either J-Ro or Dawn can react, Emma disappears.

J-Ro: Hey! Come back here! I still have questions for you!

Segment 2: Jaime Quine def. La Estrella

Segment 3: A Friend's Plea

After her victory, Jaime Quine grabs a mic and makes a plea to her friend, Angel Eater.

Jaime: My friend, Angel Eater. We have been there for each other in our darkest time. I understand the darkness in your heart. You were a weapon created to destroy Celestia. You aren't supposed to exist. Yet, here you are. I know the difficulties you face. I know that deep in your heart, you question whether or not you should exist. Whether you are destined to have your own hopes and dreams, or whether you will forever be a tool of destruction. But friend, please hear my plea. You are every bit as human as each and every one of us. In my darkest hour, you saved me, pulled me from my deepest despair.

Jaime: Do not go along with Zack Zucks and Bossman Brayfield's plans. Do not be their toy. If you cannot save yourself, then I will save you. Just as you once saved me.

Segment 4: Two True Evils

Krissy and Vamp are walking in a desert area, in search of something.

Krissy: You can sense it, right? Those who have come into contact with that witch, Emma Chase.

Vamp closes her eyes. The screen blacks out and we see Lindsay and Alicia's face on the screen. Vamp opens here eyes again.

Vamp: We have company.

They squint and see Brute Kikuchi standing off in the distance. Krissy looks annoyed.

Krissy: You... traitor... You abandon us in our time of need. We were so close to taking over Celestia. So close to overthrowing Ouroboros. And when we're ready to make our final play, YOU DISAPPEAR.

Brute: Krissy Angelle. My loyalty to you is undying. I was investigating those who could challenge you. I did not see Ouroboros as one who threatened you. Instead... there are two great evils that must be dealt with. My Goddess, the one and true Goddess of OWE, please forgive me. But also please hear me out.

Krissy: If you had been there and we had dealt with Ouroboros once and for all, NOONE would be able to threaten me.

Brute: Ah, I beg to differ. For your victory is merely a part of that woman's plan. Emma Chase...

Krissy and Vamp's eyes widen in disbelief.

Krissy: And you speak of two great evils. Who is the other?

Brute: That would be the true face of evil. Her sister...

Segment 5: Charity Sweet def. Yuma Maruya

Segment 6: You'll Fight alone

Charity Sweet, BB Colossus and The Performers are in the ring together. Charity takes a mic.

Charity: At Overdrive Awakening, an injustice was served. There was supposed to be a Tag Team Title match between the Hooters and The Performers. BUT, since one of the competitors was unable to make it, that title match never happened. That 2-on-1 match should have been a title match. The Performers should have been the champions. But that never happened. All because the Hooters were too cowardly to face us. But, 3 weeks from now, at Encore Evil which you can catch on MySelectUSA, 1-Choice and Rivera Pay, The Performers will once again take on The Hooters. This time, the Title will be on the line, whether or not they make it. If the Hooters do not make it, then they will forfeit...

Lindsay Sugar interrupts. She rolls into the ring, surrounded by 4 enemies.

Lindsay: You are right, Charity. A champion that is unable to defend their championship is just a joke. I agree to your terms. I have stopped being afraid of you (points at Charity), you (points at Jeremy Jazz), you (points at Keith Vegas) and you (points at BB Colossus). I will take you on. Two on four, one on four. It doesn't matter.

Charity: At Encore Evil, it will just be the two of them. Keith and Jeremy. Right now, on the other hand, is a different story.

Charity signals her men to surround Lindsay. Lindsay doesn't move, just stares the four of them down. Jeremy Jazz makes the first move and starts to attack her, but before he can do anything, the lights go dim.

The titantron shows a flashback of last week, with Emma Chase talking to Lindsay and stabbing her with the Serpent's Dagger. Lindsay screams and falls to her knees. Emma disappears. Lindsay tries to get up. She looks at her own hands. Suddenly there's a blue glowing aura around her.

Lindsay: This... this power...

The lights in the arena go on again. Lindsay is standing outside the ring, staring at the four inside the ring. The three men are on the ground, grabbing their heads, screaming. Charity is tending to Colossus, trying to see if he's OK. Lindsay leaves...

Segment 7: Friends to Death

We see a brief recap of Ouroboros firing a beam of light at Alicia and Huey saving her, tackling her out of the beam. The two of them fall off the clouds. They are now upside down in free-fall.

Alicia: Huey... I know we're falling to our deaths and this isn't the time, but... Thank you.

Huey: Alicia... Your friendship means so much to me. I couldn't just stand by and let Ouroboros use you. I... I had to do something.

Alicia: Huey...

Huey: Alicia...

They extend their hands out to each other. They hold each other's hands.

Alicia: I really thought I could see him. My father. I haven't exactly been the best daughter. I knew his health was failing. Yet, I wasn't there for him.

Huey: Don't say that. I'm sure Sam is very proud of you.

Alicia: I really thought I could see him again. If I could see him, I would hug him. I would jump into his open arms and yell “DADDY!” Like I used to. That's... That's how it used to be. But over time... things changed. I grew more distant with my father. He had... business to attend to. The kids my age feared me for who I was. I felt so lonely. I had noone to talk to. Noone to turn to. Until I met you, Huey. You were the only one that could see through my Strong name. You were the only that could see me for who I was, not what my name was. You were the only one that I could truly call friend.

Huey: Alicia... I was afraid. I don't have the same lineage as you. I don't have the power to stand up to Ouroboros. I always felt inadequate. That I would be unable to help you when you really needed it. And it seems like I was right. I wasn't able to help you. But... I'm glad... glad that you consider my a friend. Alicia... our lives may be coming to an end, but if I were to die, I would die with a friend. Alicia... I... (muted)... you...

He hugs Alicia. Alicia's eyes go wide.

The camera zooms out and shows the two of them free-falling through the air (yes, they had that entire touching conversation in free-fall). As they are about to hit the ground, a blue energy ball forms around them...

The screen blacks out.

Segment 8: Alina def. Crockett Tubbs

Segment 9: Delivering the Goods

Freya is sleeping in a cabin area. The camera zooms outside and it shows Smygi working the fields. She's watering crops, pulling carrots out of the field etc. Suddenly, the camera focuses on a horse chariot that stops by Smygi's fields. A Mountie Mann gets off from the chariot.

Mountie: On behalf of the Stone Clan, I've come to collect the goods. Here's what you owe us.

Smygi points him to a bag of goods. Mountie shakes his head and says that it's not enough. Mountie Mann hands a clipboard with a list on it to Smygi.

Smygi: What?! That's... that's far more than I can...

Mountie: What's the matter, witch? You're fortunate that the great Stone family has shown you such mercy. To exile you. To give you the honour to serve the greatness of the Stone family. Normally, those with witch powers like you are sacrificed. Executed. We show you mercy, and THAT (points at the bag) is how you repay us?

Smygi: Sorry! I... I know... I owe the Stones...

Mountie: You are already lower than dirt. I guess you will have to pull double duty on the next collection date. I don't know how you will ever pay off the debt... (Mountie starts to smile) Oh... there is one way.

He gets closer to Smygi. He grabs Smygi and starts groping her.

Smygi: Nooooo!

Segment 10: Hybrid Medicine

Bossman is in his lab, injecting Angel Eater with a serum. Suddenly, a door opens and Steph Blake walks in.

Bossman: Mind knocking?

Steph: Hey, I want some of that serum stuff. Give it to me.

Bossman: I'm busy. Geez, kids these days. So demanding.

Zack walks in out of nowhere.

Zack: Have some patience, Steph.

Steph: Oh, what? I've been dumped by this piece of trash?

She starts walking towards Bossman, who is in the process of injecting Angel Eater with the super serum.

Steph: Oh, that looks different. Let me try...

She reaches over and tries to grab the syringe from Bossman's hands, but Angel Eater grabs her hand. She struggles, trying to escape his grip. Angel Eater grabs her neck. He gets up. Then suddenly, he rams her against the wall, creating a huge dent.

Steph: Aggghhhh!

Angel Eater still has his hand around her neck. Steph weakly tries to hit his arm but it's futile. Bossman walks up to her and hands a syringe over to her.

Bossman: Now... THIS one is yours.

Angel Eater releases his grip.

Steph: You... you'll pay for this.

Steph leaves.

Zack: Kehehehehe. Didn't I tell you? She'd be back.

The camera zooms back to Steph who is outside the lab by now.

Steph: Got it... Now... do it. Do whatever it is you demons do.

Ouroboros appears in front of her and grabs the syringe. He starts laughing because he's evil like that.

Segment 11: Joanne Rodriguez def. Purple Viper, Zoe Ammis, BB Colossus in a Four-Way

Colossus is a bit shaken from the events earlier in the night (whatever it was that Lindsay did to her). His offense happens in short spurts, but he gets countered pretty easily. Viper and Zoe obviously do double team maneuvers on J-Ro because they are heels and that's what heels do. They do the spot where they try to pin J-Ro but break up each other's pin.

After a grueling battle where J-Ro took much of the offense from the three heels, she takes advantage of the heels arguing amongst each other. She clotheslines Zoe out of the ring. Viper grabs her from behind. Colossus charges into her and she dodges (Colossus rams into Viper knocking her out). J-Ro DDT's Colossus and wins because as we all know, moves hurt more when there's chaos in the ring.

Segment 12: Unlock your mind

Edd Stone and Zoe double team and attack J-Ro, who already took a beating during the match. Edd pours gasoline all over her. Zoe snaps her finger. The lights go out and we hear a BANG. We see flames on the LED board surrounding the ring.

After a few seconds, the light comes back on and J-Ro is lying unconscious. (there are no burn marks on her, but Zoe burned her. Trust me) Dawn is beside her, panicking.

Emma Chase enters. She rolls into the ring and pulls out her dagger.

Emma: This is the perfect opportunity. With Joanne Rodriguez unconscious, there is nothing to stop me.

Dawn: No... Emma. I will not allow you. I will not allow you to hurt Joanne.

Emma: I'm not after Joanne (come on Dawn, Emma told you straight up that she's after you. Dummy).

Emma charges toward Dawn and stabs her. Blood starts pouring out of Dawn's heart.

Epic Announcer Voice: Emma Chase's evil plan has finally been set in motion. What is she after? Who will be able to stop Zack Zucks from creating an army of super soldiers? What power will Steph Blake obtain? What has become of Alicia Strong and Huey? Is Smygi stuck in a life of slavery and harrassment? Will Anna Ki be healthy enough to help Lindsay Sugar defend the Tag Team Championship? Find out NEXT TIME on OVERDRIVE WRESTLING.
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Overdrive Wrestling – Episode 23: A Bad Dream
January Week 3

Segment 1: Queen of Dreams

We see a recap of last week's conclusion, when Emma stabbed Dawn in the heart. We see Dawn lying unconscious in bed. Then we see a dream sequence.

We see cities being burnt down and we see the camera pan through all of the evil heels. Dawn and J-Ro are standing back to back. There's a sphere around them. Inside the sphere, there's a lot of life and grass, but outside it is a burned city. The sphere suddenly expands and everything becomes green and nice. As the sphere expands, it hits the heels and they disintegrate.

J-Ro gives Dawn a hug. Dawn hugs her back, but suddenly, her hands glow red and J-Ro falls to the ground. Dawn looks at her own hands, in disbelief of what she just did. Suddenly, there's a red portal. There's red lightning shooting out of her hands and into the portal. The portal gets bigger and bigger and eventually, demons and monsters start coming out of the portal.

Dawn: NOOOOO!!!

Suddenly, Dawn's eyes turn red and horns grow out of her head.

We escape the dream sequence. Dawn is just unconscious, unmoving. J-Ro walks in, hugs Dawn and starts crying.

Segment 2: Jaime Quine def. Willie York

I don't know who Willie York is, or why this match even exists, but yeah, Jaime Quine wins.

Segment 3: Broken, To be Repaired

After Jaime's victory, Angel Eater comes out and stands face to face with her.

Jaime: Angel Eater. Hear me. Zack and Bossman want to use you to take over the world. I know... I know that your purpose in life has always been to follow orders and to destroy at your master's command. But it doesn't have to be this way. Angel Eater... your heart is broken. Shattered into a million pieces. But piece by piece, I will repair you. Make life worth living.

AE: I wanted to see for myself. The state that you are in. Just as I thought. Broken. I'm not the one that needs repairing. ROOAAAAAAAR

Angel Eater grabs Jaime Quine and piledrives her. Jaime lies on the mat, unconscious, because obviously, outside of matches, it takes one move to completely take wrestlers out.

Segment 4: Alone, Again

Anna Ki is unconscious in a hospital room, Lindsay Sugar is visiting, clasping onto her Tag Team Championship Belt.

Lindsay: The doctors still do not know when you will recover. It's unlikely that you'll make it to Encore Evil, which fans at home can watch on 1-Choice, MySelect USA and Rivera Pay. I always told you that you overworked yourself, but you never listened. I must not let the customers down. I must not let the fans down. What about ME? What about our friendship? This (she holds out her belt)... THIS is a symbol of our friendship. And we're about to lose it. What is THIS worth to you? If I'm going to be defending this alone, why do I even fight?

Lindsay puts her palm over her face, tears streaming down her face.

Lindsay: No! What am I saying? Anna, you were the one that gave me the strength to fight. (flashback to Emma stabbing Lindsay) You are the reason why we're champions. So why?! Why... Why do I have to fight alone? Again... Why... WHYYYYYYYYYY

Segment 5: Prey Found

We see a flashback of Krissy, Vamp and Brute talking. Brute tells them that he was hunting down the two true evils.

Krissy and Vamp are walking across a desert area. Krissy has a contemplative look on her face.

Vamp: Krissy... Are you still thinking about what Brute told us? You don't think anyone can possibly stand up to you, do you? Emma Chase and...

Krissy suddenly stops walking. She looks up and sees a huge blue ball of light.

Krissy: We've found it. Our prey...

Suddenly, the scene changes to Alicia and Huey falling through the sky. They embrace. Before hitting the ground, a blue ball of energy surrounds them and creates a huge explosion. Once the dust settles, we see a huge crater with Huey and Alicia hugging each other.

Krissy and Vamp are standing over them.

Suddenly, we see another flashback of Overdrive Awakening, right before the Ouroboros/Huey match, when Emma showed up, pointed her dagger towards Alicia, then disappeared.

Back to present, Vamp pounces toward Alicia and bites her in the neck.

Segment 6: Howlin Hell Henry def. Nadia Snow

Segment 7: Results

Zack is pacing back and forth. He seems to be angry at Bossman.

Zack: How many times do I have to tell you, failure is not an option! You promised me results. Now SHOW ME!

Bossman: Sir! The serum works, but... Angel Eater is rejecting...

Zack: I DON'T CARE! What good is the serum when you can't produce actual, usable soldiers? Go. Don't come back until you show me results.

Bossman: But...

Zack: LEAVE!

Bossman leaves. After he leaves, the door opens again.

Zack: I SAID LEAV... Oh...

It's Charity Sweet.

Charity: Hey, hun... did I catch you at a bad time?

Zack suddenly cools off.

Zack: No, not at all.

Charity: Hehehe. Well, about the gates of hell... I can open them for you. Two weeks from now, at Encore Evil. Just... show up to my boys' match, OK?

Charity leaves the room.

Segment 8: Super Soldier Hell

We see a recap of last week, when Steph handed the Angel Serum over to Ouroboros. Ouroboros laughs maniacally. The Angel Serum glows red. Ouroboros hands it back to Steph. Steph grabs it from Ouroboros hands and injects herself. She crumples onto the ground.

Ouroboros: Mwahahaha! Welcome, Steph Blake, to the Serpent Clan. With this, your transformation is complete. I hereby declare you the True Agent of Chaos. When Purple Viper vacated this position, I waited. I waited for someone with a heart of darkness to step into her place. I was waiting for someone worthy of being my sister. I was waiting for YOU. Give yourself to me. In this moment, you have sold your soul and you now belong to ME.

Steph: Unnnggghhh, you...

Steph is on the ground, face down. She tries to crawls toward Ouroboros. She slowly gets up. She looks up toward Ouroboros, grimacing, but before long, her grimace turns into a smile.


Segment 9: Jack Avatar wins a Fourway

Segment 10: Garden

Alina is walking on a path in a beautiful garden. She's wearing a revealing plant-themed bikini for no reason. There are a lot of vines moving around and dangerous looking plants.

Alina: Steph Blake. Her thirst for power... No... It is my fault. Because of my weakness, her thirst for power has been quenched. She now possesses the power of a demon. A power that will soon be unleashed onto OWE. All because of me. No... All is not lost. I must find a way to stop her, but with Ouroboros and his entire cohort on her side... How will I... Oh? What's that? You want to help me?

Alina kneels down, looking down at a group of flowers. One of them is grey and looks rotten. She puts her hand near it. The grey flower suddenly transforms into a beautiful purple one.

Alina: Yes... This is my one trump card. The one and only way to neutralize Steph Blake. Thank you...

Alina grabs the purple flower. She puts it away by placing it between her chest. The camera zooms in on the flower. Yes... the flower.

Segment 11: Dark Witch

We get a recap of last week where Mountie was groping Smygi.

Smygi is sitting at a table crying. Freya is awake, watching her.

Freya: What's wrong?

Smygi is startled.

Smygi: Oh! I didn't even notice you were awake. Sorry, but... did you remember anything? Your name?

Freya shakes her head.

Smygi: What should I call... Oh no, I can't be asking this of you. Please, you must leave.

Freya: What? What is this all of a sudden?

Smygi: I wasn't honest with you... or rather I didn't have time to be honest. The truth is... I have the power of the Dark Witch in me. The Northern Stone Tribe has been merciful with me and allowed me to live, despite the danger I pose to them. I live alone, out here, working the fields. I shouldn't have anyone with me except that collector Mountie Man.

Freya: Whoa, slow down. Northern Stone Tribe?

Smygi: Please, leave! And make sure noone notices that you came from this direction. They will suspect that you've been cursed by the Dark Witch. I'm so sorry. It's... it's dark out. Noone should notice you. Now's the chance.

Freya gets out of bed. She starts to leave, but before she leaves, she turns around.

Freya: Smygi, right? Thank you for everything. I really don't think you're possessed by some Dark Witch. I'm really grateful for everything. I have no clue who I am, or what my name is, but... who I was... who I used to be doesn't matter. What matters is who I am now. And right now, I am your friend. Right now, and in the future, you can call me...

The scene goes silent, we see Freya mouth something...

Freya is leaving the cabin (for some reason, I love having cabins in my show). As she's leaving, the camera pans to a man watching with binoculars. It is the Mountie Mann. He sees Freya leaving Smygi's cabin. Oh no.

Segment 12: Cozelle def. Charity Sweet

Yup, this is a main event now. Character who hasn't shown up in months vs character who I'm not even sure wrestles.

Segment 13: One True Evil

Joanne Rodriguez is by Dawn's bedside in a cabin. Suddenly, she hears footsteps. Very very heavy footsteps. She slowly gets up. Suddenly, the door gets knocked down and we see Brute.

Brute: Finally. I have found you. The One True Evil.

He charges toward J-Ro. J-Ro sidesteps him and strikes him in the back, but Brute no sells it, turns around and grabs her by the neck. He lifts her up and runs towards one of the walls. He slams her through the wall. They end up outside. Brute picks her up and throws her once again through the wall. The entire cabin collapses on J-Ro.

Brute walks off with Dawn on his shoulders.

Epic Announcer Voice: Sweet dreams, Queen Dawn. Why is Brute Kikuchi after Dawn? How will Joanne Rodriguez save her Queen? Will Anna Ki wake up in time to help her friend Lindsay Sugar defend their championship? How does Alina Rose plan on stopping Steph Blake? Will Jaime finally be able to reach out to her friend? Will Freya ever regain her memories? Find out NEXT TIME on OVERDRIVE WRESTLING.
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Overdrive Wrestling – Episode 24: Night of Hope
January Week 4

Segment 1: A Knight of Evil

The show starts off with a recap of what Brute Kikuchi kidnapping Dawn.

Brute makes his way to the ring with a mic in his hand.

Brute: Joanne Rodriguez, Knight of Evil. I'm sure you're wondering...

J-Ro wastes no time. Her entrance music interrupts Brute immediately.

J-Ro: Why, Brute? Why are you doing this? What do you want? Where is she?

Brute: You don't understand Joanne Rodriguez. When that sly devil awakens, OWE will...

J-Ro: I said... where is she?

Brute: If you want me to return her to you, then put your title on the line. Defend it against me this Sunday at Encore Evil, which you can all catch on 1-Choice, Rivera Pay and MySelectUSA. Your Championship is what I'm after. That is the thing that has the power to subdue your Queen's evil power.

J-Ro: So all I have to do is accept. (Brute nods) Then I accept. I will put my title on the line this Sunday. Now, return her.

Brute: Very well...

The lights go dim. When they come back on, Dawn is on the ground. J-Ro kneels beside her, trying to wake her up. Brute grabs J-Ro from behind and does a reverse choke slam. He kicks her while she's down and does a big leg drop on her. He gets up and leaves. On his way out, he turns around to get the last word in.

Brute: When Dawn awakens, her evil powers will awaken as well. When the time comes, it is up to the OWE Champion to decide the fate of the world. I cannot allow you, Joanne, to decide something so important. See you at Encore Evil.

Segment 2: Lindsay Sugar def. Lucky Lexie Littlefeather

Segment 3: Guarantee

Zack Zucks is sitting in his office with a smirk on his face. Charity Sweet is hugging and sweet talking him.

Charity: Don't worry about Bossman and Angel Eater. They're big boys. If you want real results, I guarantee you that my boys will produce. Please be there, Zackie boy.

Zack: Oh? Hehehe. How can you guarantee results? I know your boys can take on Lindsay Sugar, but what if Anna shows up?

Charity: Oh, do not worry about such things. It is all planned for. Please, just show up, OK?

Charity kisses Zack on the cheek and leaves.

Segment 4: Nightmare Scenario

Brute is walking down a hallway, leaving the arena.

Emma: I didn't expect you to know so much about Dawn. I guess you know about me too.

Brute: Emma Chase. Lord of Nightmares. I do not intend to help you. I merely wish to defeat Queen Dawn.

Emma: Oh, and why's that? You realize that if Dawn loses, that means I win, right?

Brute: Heh, I'm not afraid of you Emma. Or rather I'm not as afraid of you as I am Dawn. I have no doubt Krissy will be able to deal with you.

Emma: Why you...

Brute: Hehe, wait until after Encore Evil to curse me. Know that when I get the OWE Championship, I will side with you.

Segment 5: Edd Stone and Zoe Ammis def. The Strongest Team

Edd and Zoe have a match against Alicia Strong and Huey Cannonball. Toward the end of the match, Edd and Zoe go for a double team maneuver. They pin Huey. Alicia tries to get in to break up the pin, but suddenly collapses to the ground.

Segment 6: Worry and Evil

Alicia is resting in bed, Huey Cannonball by her side, worried.

Huey: Alicia! You OK?

Alicia: Huey... Yes... I'm sorry. I'm always causing you so much trouble.

Huey: Don't worry! As long as you're OK.

Alicia: Huey... Come closer. I need to show you something.

Huey inched his head closer to her. Alicia turned and revealed bite marks on her neck.

Suddenly we get a brief flashback. The two of them fell from the sky and caused a huge crater on the ground. Krissy and Vamp saw them and Vamp pounced. She pounced onto Alicia and bit her in the neck.

Huey: What the hell...

Alicia: Huey... I know this is dangerous, but we have no choice. This Sunday, at Encore Evil, which can be seen on 1-Choice TV, Rivera Pay or MySelectUSA, we have to go after them. The woman who stole my powers.

Huey: You can't! Not in the state that you're in. You CAN'T!

Alicia: No, Huey. I must...

Segment 7: Rejection

Angel Eater and Bossman are in the lab. Angel Eater is standing face to face with Bossman, looking scary. Bossman is trying to reason with Angel Eater.

Bossman: Come on, Angel Eater! You even told me you enjoyed the serum. Why? Why are you rejecting the serum's power? You told me that you want to fight Jaime Quine with your own power, but why? We all know how great you are, but the battle would be so much easier if you accepted its power.

Angel Eater: Hehehehehe. (Angel Eater doesn't seem to be paying attention)

Bossman: Fine, if you want to be that way, fight this ONE battle without the super soldier powers. I don't understand you. You want power. I offer you unlimited power. And now you...

Angel Eater: Jaime Quine will know who I truly am. MUAHAHAHAHAHA!

Segment 8: Barbaric Ritual

We get a recap of Freya leaving Smygi's cabin. She is now in a tribal arena area, watching some sort of barbaric festival. Criminals are chained up and beaten up for fun. Men are forced to fight each other in lethal combat.


Freya looks behind her. Mountie Mann is behind her and handcuffing her.

Mountie: Do not be alarmed. I have reason to believe that you have been tainted by the Dark Witch Smygi. Please, come with me so that we can purify you.

Freya is confused, doesn't know what to do, so she goes along with it. The two of them are walking along some dark trail.

Freya: Where are you taking me?

Mountie: To our tribal leader. There we will perform the cleansing rite.

Freya: The cleansing rite?

Mountie: We have some questions for you. Answer wrongly and you will burn at the stake. Answer correctly and you will be purified in the name of the Goddess, Freya.

Freya: Unnghhh!

Freya's head starts to ache at the mention of the word Freya. Mountie Mann asks if she's OK.

Freya: Sorry, let's continue...

Segment 9: Steph Blake def. Britney Hollywood

Segment 10: The Heaven's Poison

Alina enters the ring after Steph Blake's victory. Steph Blake grins at her. “Bring it!”

The two of them brawl, but Steph gets the upper hand. She's on top of Alina, punching her in the face. She gets up, whips her into the corner. She goes to the corner, starts attacking Alina, but Alina takes out a flower and stabs Steph. Steph screams and falls to the ground. Alina is standing tall over her. Steph defiantly tries to get up, but falls back onto the ring.

Alina: Don't even bother fighting it. You have been poisoned by the Heaven's flower, the deadliest of them all. Bred in the gardens of Celestia, this plant contains toxins designed to stop demonic blood flow. Steph Blake. Stop your demonic aspirations now.

Alina starts to walk away.

Steph: N... NEVER!

Steph gets up, runs towards Alina. Alina is frozen in surprise, but Steph falls back onto the ground. Alina walks away, leaving the arena.

Ouroboros shows up by Steph's side.

Steph: Aghh... it hurts...

Ouroboros: The Heaven's flower. To think she had something like that. Do not worry. This sunday, you will have your revenge.

Segment 11: Ouroboros def. Nadia Snow

Segment 12: Never Lose Hope

Joanne Rodriguez is unconscious, resting on a bed (one move knocks her unconscious, but I guarantee you that during a match, she can kick out of 20 of those moves). We see a dream sequence.

Joanne is getting pinned and submitted. No matter how hard she fights, it's not enough. Her opponents are quicker, stronger and more skilled. She's sitting alone, face buried in her hands crying. “I... I can't do it. It's always been my dream. To be a superstar. I'm... I'm just not good enough.”

Suddenly, she feels a gentle hand touching her shoulder. She looks up and sees Dawn, extending her hand to her.

Dawn: Don't give up. Always have hope. Fight for what you believe in.

We're out of the dream sequence, J-Ro sleeping in bed. We see a figure standing beside her. The camera slowly zooms out and we see Dawn.

Dawn: Sorry, Joanne. Never give up hope.

Dawn walks towards the window and disappears.

J-Ro's belt starts to glow bright white.

Epic Announcer Voice: In Joanne Rodriguez time of greatest need, Dawn has disappeared. The forces of evil conspire against Joanne Rodriguez as she fights for her hopes and dreams. It is yet unclear what the relationship is between Dawn and Emma is. Will Joanne Rodriguez find out the secret to Dawn's power? Will Jaime Quine be able to reunite with her friend, Angel Eater? Will Anna Ki join her partner, Lindsay Sugar in defending their Tag Team Championships? What does Ouroboros have planned to deal with Alina Rose's Heaven's flower? Will The Strongest Team be able to stand up to the Mythics evil? Find out, THIS SUNDAY on ENCORE EVIL.

Advertised Card:
Joanne Rodriguez vs Brute Kikuchi (OWE championship Match)
Hooters vs Performers (OWE Tag Team Championship Match)
Alina Rose vs Steph Blake to cleanse Steph of her demonic powers
The Strongest Team vs Mythics for the restoration of Alicia Strong's powers
Angel Eater vs Jaime Quine
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Overdrive Wrestling – Encore Evil
January Week 4

Segment 1: Dawn of a new Age

Joanne Rodriguez is walking down the hallway, championship over her shoulders. She's looking gloomy. “Dawn, where are you?” Brute shows up and stands face to face with her.

Brute: Where is she? I thought she would be by your side, but I do not sense her presence.

J-Ro remains silent.

Brute: This is bad... but no matter. When I defeat you and claim the OWE World Championship, none of that will matter. I will side with Emma if that's what it takes to defeat Dawn.

Brute begins to leave, but finally, J-Ro opens her mouth.

J-Ro: Then I will have to win. I can't afford to lose this one. Not now. Not after all Dawn has done. I don't know what the deal is between Emma and Dawn, but I have to trust in Dawn. If you will side with Emma, then I will side with Dawn. As her knight, I will usher in the Dawn of a new Age.

Segment 2: Jaime def. Angel Eater

Segment 3: Accept your Fate

Jaime is holding the defeated Angel Eater in her arms.

Angel Eater: No... This can't be... To lose to you...

Bossman: Enough. This is a disgrace. Angel Eater. Will you accept the serum's power now?

Jaime: No! Bossman. Admit it. It's over. Angel Eater will never succumb to your plans.

Bossman: That's not for you to say, Jaime. Angel Eater. What do you value? Your pretend friendship, or absolute power?

Angel Eater: Jaaai.....meee... Unnngghh. Run...

Bossman: I see. In that case...

Bossman takes out a remote control with one red button on it. He presses it.

Angel Eater: AAAGGHH!!!

The lights go out. On the titantron, we see Angel Eater getting electrocuted. The lights go back on. Angel Eater is standing up tall.

Bossman: Yes! That's it! The power. Show the world your true might.

Angel Eater beats down Jaime. “MUAHAHAHA!” Angel Eater and Bossman walk off the stage.

Segment 4: Enjoy the rest of the night

Charity and Zack are sitting in a lounge area on a couch, watching the TV screen.

Charity: Heeheehee. Now that's what I call results.

Zack: That Bossman. He's not always reliable, but when we really need it, he pulls through. With this, I will be unstoppable.

Charity: Heeheeheehee. Hey. My boys are next. Let me make your day even better.

Zack: Ah, hahaha. Is Anna Ki cleared to wrestle? It will be a glorious day to see your boys win gold.

Charity: She will be there. It is all part of my design. Now please... enjoy the rest of the night.

Segment 5: The Hooters def. The Performers to retain the OWE Tag Team Championship

A normal wrestling match, which is unusual for a OWE Championship match. Charity Sweet and Zack were sitting at ringside, enjoying the show with no interference. Needless to say, Anna Ki makes her triumphant return and together with her friend Lindsay Sugar, they defeat The Performers.

Segment 6: Opening the Gates of Hell

Charity Sweet makes her way to the ring, clapping her hands.

Charity: Congratulations, as always, for staying strong. I am very proud of you two. Anna, I am so glad you could make it tonight. You are the only one that can comprehend what is about to happen. I'd like your help on something. Tell me what you think...

Charity Sweet starts doing a few dance moves, then stops.

Anna: How...

Charity: I knew you'd be aware of it. As the one who opened the Gates to Celestia, you would be all too familiar. The dance that will open the Gates to Hell. Anna, only you have the power to open the Gates. Now please, dance for me.

Anna: You think I am yours to command? I will never help you.

Charity: Oh, you will. (she takes out a syringe) Do you know what this is? This was provided to my by Zack. (Zack has a surprised expression. What? When did you...) As soon as I inject you with this, you will listen to me. You will perform the dance. You will open the Gates of Hell for me.

Suddenly, Zack grabs Anna from behind, holding her still. Anna struggles, but she isn't able to break free from a fresh Zack Zucks. Lindsay attacks Charity from behind, but Charity was aware of it. The two of them start brawling. Keith Vegas helps Zack keep Anna still, while Jeremy Jazz helps Charity fight Lindsay. Eventually, Anna and Lindsay are subdued, unable to defend themselves against their four opponents. Charity stabs Lindsay with the syringe.

Lindsay: Ahhh!!

Anna: Lindsay, no!

The lights go out. On the titantron, we see Anna lying face down on the ground. A blue energy swirls around her and rocks start tearing off the ground and start floating in mid air. The lights go back on. Anna is still pinned to the ground, Lindsay unconscious on the ground. Anna has a defiant look on her face.

Anna: Lindsay! Lindsaaayyy!

Charity starts dancing. The lights in the arena suddenly turn red as she dances. Again, the lights go out. On the titantron, we see a city. A red portal appears and demons start pouring out.

Charity: Anna, you did it! Your powers. They are amazing. The Gates of Hell...

The lights go back on. Zack, Charity and The Performers are leaving the arena, elated that the Gates of Hell have been opened.

Anna is in the middle of the ring, Lindsay around her arms, crying.

Segment 7: Freya's Purification

Freya is kneeling down in front of Derek Frost.

Freya: Who are you? Why am I here?

Frost: Ah, my apologies. You must be afraid and confused. I do not mean to hurt you. I am the leader of the Frost tribe, a sub-faction of the great Stone Clan. We are proud defenders of the North. You are here to answer a few questions. Now... Do you know who this is?

Frost showed her a picture of Smygi.

Freya: Doesn't ring a bell.

Frost: Your eyes tell a different story. No matter. This is the Dark Witch Smygi. She works for the Dark God who opposes the Goddess Freya. We have isolated her, but we have decided that that arrangement is too dangerous. If she were to come into contact with anyone, say... you for example, she could infect the Witch's taint. In the name of Freya, she must be eradicated. Please, guest. I invite you to witness the cleansing.

Segment 8: Toxic Demon

Steph Blake and Ouroboros are together.

Steph: The hell did you do? One minute, I was curled up in a ball, unable to move. The next, I'm feeling better than ever. Not that I'm complaining.

Ouroboros: The Heaven's Flower. Hehehe... That simpleton Alina really doesn't think I'm aware of its power? Alina has made her own death bed. Steph Blake. When I modified the Anti Angel Serum, do you know what I did?

Steph: You infused demonic powers into it. That's why I feel the way I do.

Ouroboros: You're half right. I knew that the toxin from the Heaven's Flower could cripple you. So I modified the formula in case someone would use that against you. The toxin in the Heaven's Flower is now in your blood stream and it is making you stronger. You aren't any normal demon. You are one who feeds off of this toxin. Alina has made you into a monster. I did not think this would happen so soon. Hahaha, now show her the error in her ways.

Segment 9: Steph Blake def. Alina Rose

Segment 10: Witch and Fugitive

Mountie Mann shows up once again at Smygi's door. Smygi opens the door. When she sees who it is, she looks a bit nervous.

Smygi: Umm... it's not the collection date. I'll need a few more days to get the crops ready for you.

Mountie: I'm not here for that. I'm here for... ahem... a cleansing. Do you know this woman?

He takes out a picture of Freya.

Mountie: She just showed up out of nowhere with the taint of a Witch. There's only one conclusion. That you have infected her with the taint. Smygi, come with me, you are under arrest. In the name of Freya, we will take you in and execute you. The taint on this woman... well, she is currently being purified.

Smygi's eyes widened.

Smygi: Purification... No... what did you do to ever deserve this...

Mountie: Come with me.

Smygi: The taint of a witch, the purification ritual... all of this... I never asked for me. I never wanted any of this to happen. No! I can't accept. AAAAAAAGGGGGGHHHHH!!!!

Smygi gets super angry.

Segment 11: Smygi def. Mountie Mann

Smygi demolishes Mountie Mann and runs away into the forest.

Segment 12: Return her Strength

The Mythics are in the middle of the ring for no reason. The Strongest Team come out.

Huey: Give her back her strength!

Vamp: Oh, it's you two.

Krissy: Huh?

Vamp: The girl that I bit. Remember? Go away, I'm not interested in you two anymore.

Huey: You! How dare you.

Krissy and Vamp start to leave the ring (why were they there in the first place?)

Alicia grabs Vamp and starts attacking her.

Segment 13: The Mythics def. The Strongest Team

Segment 14: Disorder in OWE

Emma and Purple Viper are backstage.

Emma: Please help me, will you? I wield the power of nightmares. With Dawn away from Joanne Rodriguez's side, we will have free reign to destroy her fragile mind and usher in a new age of Disorder in the OWE. You and your sister are the only two that can pull this off. Help me bring her to a state of permanent nightmares.

Viper: My sister...

Emma: Hehehe, it'll be fun. Promise. I know you don't really care much about my ambitions, but this should atleast be fun for you. To see Joanne Rodriguez, the woman who stole Jack Avatar from you, suffer in agony for all of eternity.

Viper starts to grin. Emma nods at her and leaves.

Viper: What do you mean by my sister?

Segment 15: J-Ro def. Brute Kikuchi

Segment 16: Chaotic Allies

Purple Viper shows up and starts brawling with J-Ro. Just as J-Ro begins to gain an advantage, Steph Blake comes in and starts attacking J-Ro from behind. Viper and Steph look at each other. They smile at each other, then continue to beat down and stomp on J-Ro. Suddenly the lights go dim. When they come back on, we see Viper and Steph on the ground, seemingly hurt. J-Ro is unconscious in the middle of the ring. Dawn is standing tall over all of them.

Post Show Thoughts

I normally post my thoughts on the show itself, but I think it's better if I talk about how I felt about the month in general.

Jaime vs Angel Eater – Unfortunately, Jaime has hit her popularity cap. She's really good, but her push is limited. Wherever this goes, the Angel Eater+Zack Zucks combo should pull in highly rated segments, getting the two of them over together without wrestling a single match. Match was OK, not sure if I want to extend this one more month, but I think I should since they were my dominant tag team for so long.

Hooters vs Performers – Basically filler. I just wanted to kill time to set up future feuds. Noone really got over in this feud and it was a waste of time. It set up a few plot points, but from a “get talent over” perspective, it was a waste. Happens when you have a championship match and none of the 4 participants are over. The match itself was good and Anna carried it really hard. Next feud should be good for the Hooters. Not sure how I'm going to get Charity Sweet over, but I might not have to.

Steph vs Alina – Steph is really good overall, carrying Alina to her best career match. I just added Ouroboros to this feud because I wasn't sure if Steph could carry Alina in the storyline segments. I can go several directions with Steph's character, as I've aligned her with several heel factions, but also made her a bit rebellious, so she can really feud with anyone and it'll work.

Smygi's Canadian feud – This is going to be one huge mess of a feud. The idea is that Freya is over and entertaining, so use that to get Smygi over. The strategy is working. I'm basically planning on stuffing a whole mess of mini-storylines here that's designed to get non-over people over.

Mythics vs Strongest Team – Not sure what this achieved other than show me what I have in Alicia. She can pull out 90+ angles and get herself (and Huey) over pretty easily.

J-Ro vs Brute – I'm following WWE's method of making my main event championship storyline the filler feud. With how the night ended, prepare for more filler. J-Ro already beat Viper and Steph but THIS TIME IT'S DIFFERENT. Steph is a super hybrid, Emma is involved and there are gonna be a few more twists and turns. I'm setting up something big for Emma and Dawn.
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Overdrive Wrestling – Episode 25: Awaken to Nightmare
February Week 1

Segment 1: Bad Night to Have a Dream

We see a recap of Encore Evil, with J-Ro emerging victorious over Brute Kikuchi. Steph and Viper come out to attack J-Ro after the match.

The view zooms to a dark room, J-Ro sleeping in bed. She's having a nightmare.

Back in the ring, Dawn suddenly appears. Steph and Viper glance at her and start smiling. Steph starts attacking Dawn, Viper pins J-Ro down and forces her to witness Dawn getting beaten down. Fade to black. The ring lights up again and we see a battered and bruised Dawn standing in front of J-Ro, lying on the ground. J-Ro looks up and starts crying.

J-Ro: Dawn... no...

Dawn extends her hand. J-Ro reaches and grabs it. Dawn helps her up. They hug. When their eyes meet again, all of a sudden, Dawn has red eyes and devil horns. The music goes all scary and mysterious.

Dawn: Joanne! Thank you! Thanks to your power, I will once again...

Dawn sinks her jaws into J-Ro's neck.

J-Ro: AHHHH!!!

She wakes up in a cold sweat.

Segment 2: Edd Stone and Zoe Ammis win a 4-way Tag Match

Segment 3: Our Soil

Alina is resting in her garden, recalling her defeat at the hands of Steph Blake.

Alina: What have I done... I tried to stop Steph Blake and her demonic powers from running rampant. I tried to poison her, debilitate her. Instead... I only created a monster. What should I d... unnnnggghhh!

She holds onto her head. Suddenly, she gets visions of her garden burning down.

Alina: No...

Her garden is in smoke. She sees a silhouette of Zoe Ammis.

Suddenly, the view changes to Zoe and Edd's point of view. They're holding hands, walking.

Edd: We have made our way down here, down from the North, to prove to the Stones that I am fit to conquer. Things have almost been too easy. The South... The United States of America... Soon, everything will be mine. MWAHAHA.

Zoe: Wait... there's one more obstacle. I have a feeling this won't be as easy to overcome.

The view pans back to Alina. She's standing in front of her garden, surrounded by trees, plants and vines moving around.

Segment 4: Super Soldier Unleashed

Angel Eater is is sitting in a stainless steel chair with lots of tubes and needles sticking into him. Bossman presses a big red button. The machines start to whir. The fluid in the needles start to empty, Angel Eater being injected by whatever it is in the needles. Angel Eater roars in pain. After the injection, a smile creeps up on his face.

Bossman: I hope you won't reject your medicine anymore. You love it, don't you. The power that the Serum provides you. Zack, I want you to observe the results of our work. What Angel Eater did to Jaime Quine is but the tip of the iceberg.

Zack: Heeheehee, do not fail me, Bossman. The very fate of the world rests on these results.

Angel Eater stands up.

Angel Eater: MEAL TIME! And if Jaime tries to interrupt, I won't be so merciful this time. HAHAHA.

The three of them laugh together. MUAHAHAHA!

Segment 5: Angel Eater def. Nadia Snow

Angel Eater destroys Nadia Snow easily. Oh no!

Segment 6: A loss of hope

Divine Hope is watching the Angel Eater match. He is saddened. Honey Golightly looks on. She walks over to him and asks what's wrong.

Divine Hope: There is no more hope for me. I was the one in that position. I was Zack's prized soldier. I was his one true hope. And I betrayed his trust.

Honey: You can't be serious! You see what they're doing to Angel Eater? They're using him as a tool. He has no free will, no goals. The remorse that you feel, the pain in your heart (Honey holds her heart with both her hands. The camera zooms in on her hands that just happen to be clasping her chest. Yes, zooming in on the hands...). That is proof that you are alive. You must have hope. Hope for yourself. Hope for your future.

Divine: Thank you Honey. But please... leave me alone. I have not had a single shred of hope ever since we first met.

Honey: What?! Fine! Be that way. I was just thinking of what's best for you.

Honey starts stomping off. Divine, caught off guard, chases after her, but Honey storms off.

Segment 7: Submit to the True Goddess

Anna Ki is in a ruined city. She looks up and sees a red portal in the sky. Demons and gargoyles are pouring out of the portal.

Anna: No... What...

Krissy: What have you done, Anna Ki?

Krissy and Vamp show up with a grin on their faces. Anna turns around, ready for a fight.

Krissy: Amazing! You really did it. You opened up the portal to hell with your power. It should be fun crushing them. Have them submit to me, the rightful ruler of the world. With all these demons under my thumb, I'll be able to...

Anna: As if I'll let you...

Vamp: This isn't the one I'm looking for.

Vamp starts to leave.

Anna: Hey, where are you going?

Krissy cracks her knuckles.

Krissy: I'll need a warm-up before subduing these demons. My friend, do you not wish to watch this show?

Vamp: No, the outcome is not in question. I'll continue to hunt down my target...

Vamp leaves.

Anna: Why you...

Anna chases after Vamp, but Krissy stands in her way.

Segment 8: Krissy Angelle def. Anna Ki

Segment 9: General Joss Thomson

Joss Thomson is riding on horseback into Derek Frost's Northern encampment. He enters Frost's tent. Derek Frost, Freya and Frost's guards are in there.

Derek Frost: Ah, General Joss Thomson. It is an honour for the Stone Clan to send their most esteemed general.

Joss: The pleasure is mine.

Frost: I take it you understand why you are here.

Joss: The Dark Witch. I hear you've been having trouble with her.

Frost: Yes... I nearly lost Mountie Mann recently. Smygi viciously attacked her and ran off somewhere.

Joss: The Dark Witch roams. This is indeed a problem. I pray to Freya that none of the innocents have been harmed by her. Mark my words. I will hunt her down and bring her to justice.

Joss looks around the room and he locks eyes with Freya.

Joss: Oh? And who is this?

Frost: She has been tainted by the Dark Witch's curse. Please, for Freya's sake, capture the witch so that you can free this innocent from the wicked curse.

Joss: I see...

Joss nods to Freya and leaves.

Frost: May Freya be with you, General.

After Joss leaves, Freya starts to talk.

Freya: I don't see what the big deal is. Why is this witch such a big deal? Not like one woman can do that much harm.

Frost slaps Freya across the face.

Frost: Do you not see it? We are HELPING you. FREEING you from this curse. Freya, bless you.

Freya: Freya this, Freya that. She doesn't seem all that great.

Frost kicks her in the stomach and tosses her onto the floor. The guards surround her and handcuff her hands behind her back.

Frost: Poor soul. Once Joss retrieves the Dark Witch, we will burn her at the stake and release you from her curse. Until then, you have been blinded by that woman. Guards, never lose sight of this innocent.

Segment 10: Hopeless Struggle

Honey has run off into the middle of nowhere. She's tired from running away and takes a breather.

Honey: That... That IDIOT! Doesn't our time together mean anything? Doesn't our friendship mean anything? Zack this, Zack that. What about HIMSELF? Doesn't that idiot have any goals?

Suddenly, a huge shadow looms over her. Ouroboros, Howlin Hell Henry and Taku confront her.

Ouroboros: Isn't it a bit late for a woman to be outside, ALONE? Especially on a night when demons are on the loose.

Ouro looks over at his companions. He then looks up into the sky. We see a giant red portal (the one that Anna opened).

HHH: This one is mine.

HHH starts walking towards Honey. Honey backs away from him, but eventually hits a wall. HHH grabs Honey. Honey screams and the screen fades to black.

Segment 11: Unwinnable Battle

J-Ro is studying tape from Encore Evil. She's studying Steph Blake's (her opponent tonight) match against Alina. She dozes off into a dream.

J-Ro is signing autographs for little girls. The little girl encourages her and tells her how cool she is that she never gives up and always comes through in the end.

Suddenly she's in the ring with Steph Blake. She pins her, one two three. She starts walking out of the ring, but the ring seems to keep extending and the ring ropes get further and further away from her. She starts running towards the rope but again, she gets no closer to them. Then there's a hand on her shoulder. She turns around and it's Steph.

Steph: Hey, how about a rematch?

Steph suddenly grows demon horns and her eyes turn red. She goes all demon mode. J-Ro tries to attack Steph but she can't touch her. Steph is too fast, too fluid and dodges all of her attacks. Steph is once again behind her, puts her hand on J-Ro's shoulder.

J-Ro turns around. Steph pats herself on the stomach. J-Ro starts striking Steph's stomach but Steph takes no damage. Steph puts one finger on J-Ro's chest. J-Ro suddenly flies towards the turnbuckle. She falls onto the ground. She can't move... Steph puts her foot on J-Ro. J-Ro can't move. The ref counts. One... Two...

J-Ro wakes up and screams.

J-Ro: AHHH!!! No... focus Joanne. Focus... My match with Steph Blake... It's coming up next.

Segment 12: J-Ro def. Steph Blake

Steph Blake uses her demonic powers and gains an upper hand against J-Ro. She's faster, stronger than J-Ro anticipated. For the first time, J-Ro looks fearful and helpless. She gets a bit of offense off, but it doesn't last long as Steph is too good and too strong. J-Ro is on the ground, Steph Blake standing tall over her. Suddenly, Emma Chase's music hits. She walks toward the ring. Steph Blake gets distracted and tells Emma to go away. Emma starts getting up on the apron. Steph is about to push her, but J-Ro rolls her up and gets a surprise win.

Segment 13: Your Greatest Nightmare

Pissed off, Steph beats the crap out of J-Ro. J-Ro is helpless against the new demonic Steph Blake. J-Ro is beaten unconscious. Steph Blake is standing tall over J-Ro. Emma steps into the ring. Steph Blake turns her gaze towards Emma. She takes one step towards Emma. Two steps... suddenly she starts charging. The lights go out.

When they come back on, Emma and Steph both disappear, leaving only an unconscious J-Ro in the ring. J-Ro starts to stir. We hear Emma's voice via the speakers.

Emma: Joanne. Your nightmare is only beginning. With no allies by my side, I have been able to pull the strings and manipulate everything in my favour. And here you are, overmatched. In absence of your Queen, you are helpless. You are no match for Steph. No match for me. In the coming weeks, your nightmare will only get worse and worse. The forces of evil are moving. With you in the middle, with you in everyone's crosshairs, will you be able to survive the coming months? No. That is impossible. For I have a knight of my own. A nightmare far greater than anything you can imagine. With no allies, I have managed to control OWE. With this man, nothing will stop us. Not you. Not Dawn. Sweet dreams, Joanne.

Epic Announcer Voice: Having lost all hope, how will Joanne Rodriguez cope with the evil within OWE? Outmatched by Steph Blake, she has yet greater evils to overcome. Who is Emma Chase's knight of evil? Where is Dawn in this dire hour? What do the Mythics want with the Hooters? Will Alina be able to defend OWE from the Northerners? What will become of Smygi as the Stone Clan hunts her down? Who can stop Zack and his plan to create an army of super soldiers? In the hands of Ouroboros, what will become of Honey? Find out NEXT TIME on OVERDRIVE WRESTLING.
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Overdrive Wrestling – Episode 26: No More Hope
February Week 2

Segment 1: Greatest Fears

J-Ro is in another nightmare where she's getting beaten up badly by Steph Blake. None of her attacks are working on Steph. Steph touches J-Ro with just one finger and J-Ro flies across the ring to the turnbuckle. She collapses onto the ground. Steph puts one finger on J-Ro's chest and J-Ro just couldn't move.

The scene changes to an autograph signing session. She's about to sign a shirt for a little girl, but at the last second, the little girl pulls away and tells J-Ro that she no longer wants to look up to a loser. Suddenly, J-ro is surrounded by little girls pointing and laughing at her. One of the girls takes a kendou stick and whacks J-Ro in the stomach.

J-Ro: AHHHH!!!

J-Ro wakes up. Purple Viper is woke her up by hitting her in the stomach with a kendou stick. J-Ro is tied to a chair and is at Viper's mercy.

Viper: Hehehehe... Looks like tonight's gonna be reaaaal long for you.

Segment 2: Jaime Quine def. Crocketts Tubbs

Over the course of the match, we see Zack, Bossman and Angel Eater watching the match. In WWE fashion, they are watching the TV Screen sideways with their hand on their chin, just like any normal person watching a TV screen would do. Except Angel Eater. He's just standing there, looking scary.

Segment 3: Refused Alliance

After Jaime Quine's victory, Zack, Bossman and Angel Eater come out.

Zack: Very good, Jaime. What do you desire? You saw how powerful Angel Eater was after we fed him the Serum. Join us, and you too shall join your friend. You too will attain ultimate power. Do you seek power?

Zack extends his hand for a handshake. Jaime slaps his hand away.

Jaime: No, I seek Angel Eater, my friend. You... YOU KILLED HIM!

Jaime charges towards Zack and tries to attack him, but Angel Eater steps between them.

Jaime: No! MOVE!

Jaime tries to shove Angel Eater out of the way. She pounds on his chest. The two of them look at each other, eye to eye.

Jaime: MOVE! Angel Eater... please...

Their eyes meet. Slowly, Angel Eater moves out of the way. Jaime moves towards Zack. Zack backs away. He looks over to Angel Eater, but no response. Jaime continues stepping towards him, when suddenly, Angel Eater grabs her and starts viciously attacking.

Segment 4: A King?

Remmy Skye is standing atop a mountain, looking down toward a city. We see a flash back of his previous feud, where he's running around shooting a paintball gun, then losing to Zoe Ammis.

Splashdown May and Inkredible Tetsu walk up to him, worried.

Skye: I said leave me alone.

May: Remmy... you're not still thinking about the Northerners, are you?

Skye: I said...

May: Remmy, you have to move on. You have to keep fighting. This isn't like you. You... what did you call yourself? A king?

Remmy's wides go wide. He turns around, pushes May and Tetsu out of the way and keeps walking.

Skye: I have no right to call myself that. Never mention that again.

Segment 5: Helpless Friend

We see a defeated Anna Ki with Krissy Angelle standing over her.

Krissy: This is the power of the Ki clan... pathetic. And the two of you call yourselves champion. Before my power, you are merely human. How could you hope to help your friend if you don't even have the power to help yourself?

Anna: What? What about Lindsay...

Krissy: Vamp is hunting her down as we speak. Has business with her. I don't really care to be honest. Let me just tell you, Vamp is strong. Your friend stands no chance. Hehehe.

Krissy turns around and starts leaving. Anna is on the ground, closes her eyes, clenches her fists.

Anna: Lindsay... no... Lindsay... LIIIINDSSAAAYYY!!!!

Anna gets up on her knees, a blue ball of flame forming in her right hand. Krissy turns around, eyes wide in surprise. Suddenly, Anna Ki's head slams into the ground. The camera zooms out and we see Brute Kikuchi's foot stomping Anna's face into the ground.

Brute: Krissy... I am sorry. I was not powerful enough to stop Joanne Rodriguez. But I have learned a lot about our enemies. Please, allow me back into your group.

Krissy looks at him and smiles.

Segment 6: Cloud Ascension wins a 4-way Tag Match

Segment 7: Jack, into Northern Territory

Jack is walking around in a village with a lot of straw huts. He sees a huge 370 lbs man bullying the villagers, pushing them around, smashing up a local shop keeper's wares, forcing people to carry his bags etc...

Jack: Hey.

Boneyard: WHO ARE YOU!?

Boneyard walks toward Jack, gives him a shove and starts laughing. He takes one step towards Jack.

Jack: Hey, one more step and...

Boneyard: And WHAT?!

Jack: I'm going to stop your reign of terror. These villagers can't defend themselves against the likes of you, but don't think I'm any different.

Boneyard: BWAHAHA! You picking a fight with me?

Segment 8: Jack Avatar def. Boneyard

Segment 9: All Hope is Lost

Divine Hope is running. He has a flashback to last episode, when Honey Golightly ran off.

Divine: Honey... Where are you?

He stops, panting, tired from all the running. He then hears screaming in the distance.

Divine: Honey!

He runs off.

After some running, he finally finds what he's looking for. Ouroboros, Taku, Howlin Hell Henry and Honey Golightly are all grouped up together.

Divine: Honey!

Honey looks at Divine.

Honey: Not who I wanted to see. Divine Hope... I'd rather play with the devil than be with you. I wanted... I wanted nothing more than to be your friend. But you have lost all hope, all your desire to fight. You are as good as dead to me.

Divine: Honey! Stand aside. I won't let this demon take you away.

Ouroboros grabs Honey's hand and starts walking away. A portal forms in front of him. He starts to walk through it. Divine Hope chases after him, but Howlin Hell Henry is in his way.


The two of them jump towards each other and deliver a super-man punch to each other. Right before their punches land, the screen fades to black.

Segment 10: Vampiric Powers

Lindsay Sugar is in the ring, ready for her match against La Estrella. Her opponent does not show up. Suddenly, Vamp's music hits. She makes her entrance and rolls into the ring.

Vamp: You may be wondering what happened to your match for tonight. Well... let's just say, I made short work of him. (She opens her mouth and there's [s]ketchup[/s] blood dripping down her teeth). The witch known as Emma Chase has stolen my powers and I must restore them. Lindsay Sugar... YOU are the key to restoring my power. You will fall where you stand, and I will restore my power.

Lindsay: You disgusting little... Just... Just try it. I'm a champion, you know. Don't underestimate me.

Segment 11: Vamp def. Lindsay Sugar

Vamp has the upper hand for most of the match. She keeps trying to bite into Lindsay's neck, but Lindsay is able to counter at the last moment. Finally, Vamp does succeed in biting Lindsay's neck. Lindsay's neck is bleeding, she's staggering, trying to stay conscious in spite of all the blood loss. She fights back valiantly, to Vamp's surprise, but before delivering the finishing blow, she faints. Vamp wins via blood loss.

Segment 12: Bring out J-Ro

Steph Blake is in the of the ring, pacing back and forth. She's pissed.

Steph: As you have all seen, over the past month, I have gained unfathomable power. Last week, I fought Joanne Rodriguez. That woman had been a thorn in my side for so long. But you all witnessed that even her vast power is no match for me. I outmatched, outstrengthed, outskilled her. I would have ended her if it weren't for Emma Chase and her interference. Joanne Rodriguez... Come out, RIGHT NOW and face me. And Emma, if you come out and interfere again, I swear...

Emma's music hits.

Emma: Steph Blake. Your power is undeniable. But in the end, you are just a pawn. No, even less than a pawn. For all of the times you tried to best Joanne, you failed, time and again. Yet I, without even lifting a finger, have broken her. Her spirit, her will to fight. I am the Lord of Nightmares. I will enter people's minds, destroy any shred of hope and devour them from the inside.

Steph: What is this nonsense. Lord of Nightmares? What are your goals?

Emma: To save the world... from Dawn. For now, I only wish to prove to you that everything you are doing is fruitless. Nothing will come of it. In the end, it is I who will terrorize OWE and save it from itself. When my Knight appears onto this world, you and Joanne will only know one emotion. Fear.

Steph starts to get out of the ring and confront Emma, but J-Ro's music hits. Purple Viper walks out to the ring with a J-Ro, hands tied behind her back, her head down, looking defeated.

Emma: What's wrong, Joanne? Had a bad dream? Enjoy the time you have left, for my Knight will soon arrive. Knight of Dawn or Knight of Emma Chase. No matter how you struggle, you will lose in the end. Sweet dreams, Joanne.

Emma walks off. Viper unties J-Ro and tosses her into the ring. Steph Blake smiles, ready to beat Joanne down.

Segment 13: Joanne Rodriguez def. Steph Blake

The match starts off with Steph dominant. It looks like J-Ro has no fight in her. However, she starts kicking out of Steph Blake's devastating moves. Her fighting spirit has returned. She claws her way back into the match, eventually beating Steph Blake. After her victory, J-Ro collapses onto the mat.

Epic Announcer Voice: Once again, Joanne Rodriguez has collapsed. Will her nightmares continue to haunt her? What will become of Anna Ki and Lindsay Sugar? How will Jack Avatar influence the evil barbaric North? Will Jaime Quine be able to get through to her friend, Angel Eater? What Hope does Divine Hope have against the entirety of the Serpent Clan? Find out NEXT TIME on OVERDRIVE WRESTLING.
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