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Unread 01-12-2019, 07:31 AM
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L-Ring Presents Voluntary Confinement 2016
Live From The Sanctuary
Holualoa, Hawaii
June 9, 2016
338 in Attendance

Broadcast Team:

Dane O'Hara | Sue Danes

Cal Sanders & Kirk Drury vs. El Ladron & Seth Whitehead

El Ladron teams with Seth Whitehead to fight against Canadian competitors Kirk Drury and Cal Sanders. Sanders seems familiar with Drury. Early on, the Canadians take the advantage, working together to topple the bigger opponents. Whitehead can’t seem to trust Ladron. He tags himself in, and muscles around the smaller Kirk Drury. Beaten, Drury goes for the tag, but Whitehead leapfrogs him and knocks Sanders to the floor! He kicks Drury and slaps on the Minnesota Stretch! Kirk Drury has to tap out!

El Ladron & Seth Whitehead defeat Cal Sanders & Kirk Drury when Seth Whitehead forces Kirk Drury to tap out to the Minnesota Stretch!

Roy Edison is backstage with his chosen referee, TFW’s Jackie Goldstein. “Pathetic!” he yells. “Clark, you are pathetic!” Edison continues. He stares straight ahead wildly moving his eyes. “I see you here, holding your arm, trying to get back in the ring with me. Yeah, last time, you “won”. But what have you lost? A month in the ring? A month’s pay? Food on your table?” Edison smirks.

Well, tonight, there are no DQs. You’re going into a real fight in the ring. And, I guarantee, Clark, this will be the last fight you participate in!” Edison jeers.

Barry Griffin vs. Masked Patriot

Masked Patriot faces off against the British veteran Barry Griffin. Griffin jumps the bell! He immediately begins to work over the leg. He lays several stiff stomps onto the Masked Patriot. The British submission specialist wrenches at the fan favorite. On instinct alone, the Masked Patriot manages to grab the ropes. For several seconds, Griffin refuses to let up, but eventually gives in under threat of disqualification. Patriot pulls himself up, hobbled, moving with a slight limp.

Barry Griffin goes after the Masked Patriot. He lands several stiff strikes to Patriot. He pulls the patriotic grappler onto the top turnbuckle. Griffin lands a punch to the Patriot. He lands a second, a third… Patriot grabs his arm! He jumps from the turnbuckle wrenching Griffins arm, and tosses him towards the ropes! Masked Patriot slams Griffin with a lariat! Griffin is down!

Patriot pulls himself onto the top rope – Moonsault! He hooks the leg for the cover. Griffin kicks out… just after three! Masked Patriot scores the pinfall victory!

Masked Patriot defeats Barry Griffin by pinfall after hitting him with the Moonsault!

Raphael sits at a table near the bleachers. He has Korean barbecue grill set set up on a table. Taking some chopsticks, he puts the meat in his mouth, after gently dunking it in the sauce.

"Raphael, don't get an upset stomach"! Heather says. "It might make you lose"! Heather worries.

"Heather, I need my protein, my strength, in this battle against Steadyfast, in the cage. I need my muscle to push him around those close quarters." Raphael informs.

"Here, Heather, you try this food." Raphael has fixed a plate for Heather, a little sandwich with greens and sauce. He displays remarkable dexterity to pick the loaf up, carry it a foot or more with chopsticks and force it into Heather's mouth! Heather smiles as sauce falls down her chin.

"Raphie, I'm sure that you'll be fine." Heather says. The two embrace.

Paul Steadyfast vs. Raphael
Cage Match

Paul Steadyfast goes up against Raphael in the Cage. Raphael and Steadyfast both look for an opening. Raphael begins an exchange with Steadyfast, the two locking arms, with Steadyfast landing a stiff kick to Raphael’s mid-section. Raphael falls back to the ropes and launches at Steadyfast, who sweeps his leg!

Steadyfast works over Raphael on the floor. He lands several kicks and gets into the clinch, laying on several hard punches to Raphael. Raphael manages to reverse the hold. He grabs Steadyfast and attempts a take down. Steadyfast slams a knee below the belt! Raphael winces, and falls to the floor. Steadyfast, eager to finish off his opponent, charges towards Raphael. Raphael rolls through his attack and nails him with a dropkick!

Raphael charges at Steadyfast. Paul launches him into the cage walls with a back body drop! “Bai Bai” is in big trouble! Paul slams Raphael into the cage wall, slamming knees, elbows and eventually throwing “Bai Bai” face first into the wall! Bai Bai busts wide open, blood seeping onto the mat.

Paul Steadyfast grabs Raphael. Slingshot Suplex! Steadyfast covers his rival for the pinfall.

Paul Steadyfast defeats Raphael by pinfall after nailing "Bai Bai" with the Slingshot Suplex!

Clark is in the nearby warehouse adjacent to the ring. Heather Halo, his sister, stands by him. “Clark, are you sure that you want to go through with this? For what’s he’s done, and what he’s promised to do, we could get him arrested.” Heather continues.

Clark looks at her. He sighs. “Yes, I’m certain. I’m sure.” Clark says. His sister looks at the tape covering his hurt arm. Clark puts his head down and moves towards the ring.

Clark” his sister says, anxiously “I’ll be at ringside. The EMTs are on call. You can do this.” Heather says.

Clark Alexander vs. Roy Edison
Cage Match

Clark Alexander enters the ring. Roy Edison walks slowly down the entranceway, before entering the cage.

Rain begins to fall on the cage. Referee Jackie Goldstein checks both fighters.

He instructs Clark to unfurl the bandages on his arm. Clark does so. Jackie signals that he can re-apply them. Clark, needing help, gets his sister to wind up the bandages.

Both fighters look up at the rickety cage, wonder how much abuse it can take.

Edison jumps the bell and spears Alexander, sending him into the ringpost. He lands several stiff knees to his opponent. He pulls Alexander atop the turnbuckle – Alexander counters with a hurricanrana to the mat! With his right arm, he pulls himself up by the ropes. Edison, furious, charges at him. Superkick! Clark slams his foot into Edison, sending him into the turnbuckle.

Low blow! Edison grabs Alexander’s hurt arm and twists it. He gets up on the ropes, and with agility, walks along the top rope, before wrenching his opponent's arm to the ground. He continues to work over his opponent’s left arm. Alexander winces in pain. He then throws Alexander across the ring with a hip toss. Edison charges for the lariat – Alexander counters with the back elbow drop! He throws a standing dropkick to Edison! Alexander slams him with a flying forearm! He hops onto the middle rope and hits a hurricanrana to Edison!

Alexander struggles up to his feet. Edison charges – he hits a spear to Alexander! Edison goes into the clinch, landing several hard punches to Alexander, before driving his knee into his opponent’s left arm! He pulls the limp combatant up – knee strike to the gut – before wrenching the hurt arm and applying the arm bar! Alexander struggles for several seconds before tapping out!

After several seconds, Edison is declared the victor by submission. Edison relents – before driving his knee into Clark Alexander’s arm again! Medics rush the ring to prevent more damage. Edison laughs at his fallen opponent.

Roy Edison defeats Clark Alexander after forcing him to submit with the Arm Bar!

Show Results:

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