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Unread 01-11-2019, 09:59 PM
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Default The Hammers of Time: A TEW Diary

January 1st, 1997


"Hello everybody, this is Wrestling Observer Live. Ryan Aldo here soon to be joined by Wade Feltzer, and apparently there is going to be a major news announcement. Hello Wade, are you with us?"

"Yeah... Burning Hammer just got taken over"

"WHAT?! Just last week you were discussing the possible directions they may take in their upcoming tour and here you come and say they got TAKEN OVER?!"

"I know right, I was just as surprised when I first heard, and so was everyone in the office. Apparently no one besides the upper level of management even knew."

"So what actually happened here? Was it another company? PGHW surely can't have that much money already? Did Komine have debt to the Yakuza?"

"It's apparently a swedish businessman, I haven't got a name yet, but...."

"But what?"

"Now this is the weird part, apparently Komine just sold his shares to this guy. And not only him, most of the other shareholders as well. It doesn't make any sense really. Financially they were as strong as ever, coming out of a major gate from Night of The Burning Hammer."

"There was to more to this Wade, surely!"

"Yeah, one would think so, but that's not all. He's apparently changing their entire touring schedule. They will have 2 tours from now on, with June and December being the off months. And Night of The Burning Hammer is being moved to January. Its this Friday infact."

"Wade, Wade, Wade, how can you say this with a straight face!"

"You can't see my face, we're on a call remember."

"Dammit Wade! How are they going to draw a gate with a 1 week build?"

"They won't, but it more or so symbolises a soft reset of sorts. We'll know more after tonights TV. And Haruki Kudo returns after his after his 3 year spell with NOTBPW in Canada, so we'll have to wait and see."
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