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Unread 06-29-2016, 02:33 PM
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Default The London-Verse (Release/Beta)

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Hello everyone and welcome to the London-Verse, a database named after one of the first true greats of professional wrestling, Jackie London. The London-Verse has been in the workings on and off for the past 5 years and finally (as I am sure most of you would agree) we find ourselves ready for the beta release of the data.

The London-Verse started out as a one person team back in 2011 (that being me) and would go on to be fortunate enough to have people such as MHero, Timber and MJStark, the latter of whom created all the wonderful title renders found in this mod, provide their assistance along the way.

And then there was one forum member in particular who goes by the name of Tiberious4. Tiberious4 proved to be such a massive hand in terms of not only ideas, but character suggestions, data tidying, title history work and backstory, a truly invaluable asset on the project. He was so helpful in fact that it felt only right to instate him as co-author of the database, a title he very much deserves.

It is important to note that this is the beta release and cannot be counted quite yet as Version 1.1. Work will still be going on behind the scenes as you guys and girls play with the data and let me and the rest of the team know how you are enjoying things, which brings me to the question, why is the data being released now? Well, the data consists of 33 companies all with fully complete rosters as well as a good starting sized free agency pool from which to pick. A lot of title histories have been added with work still to be finalised in this department. The gaming world begins in January 2015 with all regions playable except for Europe and there are plans for continual growth in the database already in place (Europe being the first target addition).

The reason that the beta stage is being released for public consumption is due to the fact that the sheer number of people who volunteered to test could not be accommodated as a sample size. However, as there was a clear interest in people getting their hands on the data near release, it made sense to put the data out for everybody to have fun with and raise bugs for correcting in this thread.

Feel free to post thoughts and comments as well as raising errors for fixing so these can be dealt with. I would love to know what plays out in everybody's game to see how things unfold.

The current worker count stands at 1527 and the links for both the data and the picture folder can be found here:


Version 1.1 (Added 4 Playable Promotions in Europe) (13/01/2018)

Picture Pack:


(A massive thank you to MHero for uploading the data - finger crossed it works)

I'm sure I will also have a lot more to say shortly but just wanted to say a massive thank you to everybody who helped out throughout the process who have been duly credited in the credits section of the database as well as this thread:

Creators: London & Tiberious4

A brand new fictional universe for TEW2016 that features a host of brand new promotions and workers to enjoy and promote as you see fit.

Credits: jhd1, MJStark, MHero, aja_nyc, kamchatka, Timber, sockpuppet and everybody that contributed characters for the Your Voice competition and the promotional contests along the way.

Donations Blurb

Hey all,

As a few people have mentioned to me as of late that they would like/be interested in donating I wanted to let you guys and gals know that I have set up a patreon page which can be found here:

Please note the following excerpt from the page before considering donating:

Hey there. No doubt you all know who I am and what I create (if not, how the heck did you stumble across me!?). I go by the name of London on the Greydog Software forums and have been creating character renders for their published games such as the World of Mixed Martial Arts series, Comic Book Hero: The Greatest Cape and the Total Extreme Wrestling series. Some of you may know me as ScottBGaming on Youtube or Twitch (I really must get back to that soon) or maybe simply as Scott. Either way I just wanted to say a big thank you for anybody who is kind enough to send a donation for the work I produce.

My only rule: Any work I create (even for the second tier) must be made available for everybody to use. A few people had mentioned to me that they would like to offer a donation/s for the character renders I have been producing and I thought why not create a method for people to do so.

Long term I hope to be able to increase my output of renders in general and any donations will no doubt go toward buying more materials to use for future character creating (it can be a vicious cycle).

Please note that in no way are donations obligatory, expected, nor am I putting any of my work behind a paywall.

For anybody that does donate, please let me know your username on the GDS forums so I can duly thank you.

Please also note that I ensured approval of the powers that be from Greydog before exploring this avenue fully.

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