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Unread 05-27-2016, 07:27 PM
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Default Proving Ground Championship Wrestling (FireProWrestling R)

Proving Ground Championship Wrestling: An indy-style promotion simmed in FPWR and aired on YouTube

(Note: Some links NSFW)


NAME: The Incredible !
HOMETOWN: Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico
THEME MUSIC: "Magic Man" by Heart
STYLE: Luchadore
FINISHERS: "Magic Missile" (Imploding Phoenix Splash)
TRADEMARKS: "Symbol of Sleep" (Delphin Clutch), "Symbol of Stunning" (Headscissors into a modified Delphin Clutch), "Symbol of Pain" (Straightjacket Triangle Choke), "Delayed Blast Fireball" (Angle Slam)
BIO: Formerly "The Incredible Wizard" and one of the rising stars of Mexico looking to make his mark in the US, with jaw drapping athleticism and agility. Also: The "!" is pronounced as "YEAH"

NAME: Eric "Action" Adventure
FACTION: Risky Business
HOMETOWN: Orlando, Florida
THEME MUSIC: "Old Time Rock And Roll" by Bob Seger
STYLE: American Junior Heavyweight
FINISHERS: "Adventure Time!" (Springboard Moonsault)
TRADEMARKS: Flying Armbar, Superplex, Cross Body
BIO: The high flying half of Risky Business, Eric Adventure looks to bring back old school tag wrestling.

NAME: Renegade Angel
FACTION: The Killer Knees
HOMETOWN: Angel Grove, CA
THEME MUSIC: "Metal Metal Land" by GWAR
STYLE: Junior Heavyweight
FINISHERS: "Morningstar" (King Kong Kneedrop), "Wrath Of The Angels" (Ki Krusher)
TRADEMARKS: "Seraphim" (Running Corner Knee + Splash Combo), "Heaven's Gate" (Hammerlock Guillotine Choke), Calf Branding
BIO: The more well-rounded member of the Killer Knees, Renegade Angel brings the muscle and technique to the Killer Knees tag team.

NAME: Ken Archer
FACTION: Arch Rivals
HOMETOWN: Hollywood, Florida
THEME MUSIC: "Ken's Theme With Lyrics" by Brentalfloss feat On Being Human
STYLE: Cruiserweight
FINISHERS: "Archer's Arrow" (Michunoku Driver)
TRADEMARKS: Flying Double Stomp, "Hurricane Kick" (Diving Kneelkick), Spinkick
BIO: The cocky and charismatic Ken Archer loves to mix high flying offense with dynamic throws and flashy kicks, but isn't above throwing a cheap shot or two as well, all while making sure his hair is perfect.

NAME: Tristan Belmont
HOMETOWN: Stuttgart, Baden-Wurttermberg, Germany
THEME MUSIC: "Out of Time" by The Megas
STYLE: European Technician
FINISHER: "Seras Victoria" (Inverted DDT)
TRADEMARKS: "Isolde" (Back To Belly Lift Into Neck Over The Knee Inverted Cross-Legged Stump Puller), Flying Armbar, Backbreaker
BIO: A rookie competitor who made waves in the UK, coming to the US to test his skills.

NAME: Mario Black
HOMETOWN: Royal Palm, FL
THEME MUSIC: "Paint It Black" by Rolling Stones
STYLE: 90s American Heavyweight
FINISHER: Piledriver
TRADEMARKS: Powerbomb, Iron Claw, Double Stomp
BIO: Known for his career in the Florida circuit and in the Northeast with Jacob Toombs, Mario is a physical competitor known for fighting dirty.

NAME: Karma Chameleon
HOMETOWN: The Culture Room
THEME MUSIC: "Karma Chameleon" by Culture Club
STYLE: Reptillian
TRADEMARKS: DDT, Moonsault, "Leaping Lizard" (Leapfrog), "Shining Lizard" (Shining Wizard)
BIO: Not much is known about the Karma Chameleon, other than that he possesses a well rounded offense and is highly athletic. Also there may be more than one of them?

NAME: The Black Cyborg
HOMETOWN: The Year 2084
THEME MUSIC: "Howling" by Abringdon Boys School
STYLE: Japanese Junior
FINISHERS: "Elimination Protocol" (Busaiku Knee), "Parameter Loop" (450)
TRADEMARKS: "Time Paradox" (Spinning DDT), Shining Wizard, Fireball
BIO: A total enigma, Black Cyborg's speed and lethal strikes makes him a formidible foe. Rarely speaks, and when he does it's in a robotic tone. Has been tearing it up in the Gulf Coast before coming to PGCW.

NAME: "Deadly" Danny Danger
FACTION: Risky Business
HOMETOWN: Orlando, Florida
THEME MUSIC: "Old Time Rock And Roll" by Bob Seiger
STYLE: Technical Cruiserweight
FINISHERS: "Dangerous Wizard" (Shining Wizard To A Standing Opponent)
TRADEMARKS: Fisherman's Suplex, Exploder Suplex, "Hidden Mickey Driver" (Volcano Eruption)
BIO: The technical half of Risky Business, who loves use suplexes to set up his devastating knee strike finisher.

NAME: Ben Davis
THEME MUSIC: "Crazy In The Head" by Three Bad Jacks
STYLE: Roughhouse
FINISHER: "Loco Driver" (Orange Crush)
TRADEMARKS: "Loco Lock" (Misawa Facelock), "This Move Is EVIL" (STO), "Knee Rack" (Stretch Muffler)
BIO: Formerly El Gringo Diablo, since losing to DESPAIR he's had a complete change of attitude, and has formed a new, sadistic attitude.

HOMETOWN: The Unending Abyss
THEME MUSIC: "Lavender Town (Orchestral)" by Vanitas
STYLE: Powerhouse Submission Wrestling
FINISHERS: "Hope Killer" (Modified Kimura), "Knee Rack" (Stretch Muffler)
TRADEMARKS: Bearhug, Torture Rack, Spear, Uranage Slam
BIO: This cryptic behemoth is an enigma to us all, but what we do know is that he likes to deliver devastating offense to the arms, legs, and back of the opponent to set up one of his painful submission holds. Never attacks the head for some reason.

NAME: Murder Dragon
HOMETOWN: A Realm Lost To Time
THEME MUSIC: "Awakening The Chaos" by Daisuke Ishiwatari
STYLE: Super Junior
FINISHERS: "Blooming Murder" (Running Flying DDT)
TRADEMARKS: "Neo Tokyo Explosion" (Top Rope Flying DDT), "Calamity Trigger" (Code Red), "Rune Blade" (Tornado Chop)
BIO: An unpredictable opponent, Murder Dragon's in-ring style is as flashy as his ring gear, and he's always ready to put a vicious exclamation point on the match.

HOMETOWN: Level 256
THEME MUSIC: "The Lord GOD" (God Rugal Capcom vs SNK 2 Theme) by Satoshi Ise
STYLE: Junior Heavyweight
FINISHERS: "Kill Screen" (Brainbuster)
TRADEMARKS: "SNK Driver" (Deja Vu Flipped Into A Tombstone Piledriver), "Child With A Chainsaw" (Sitout Spinebuster Pin), "Shadowlaw Suplex Hold" (German Suplex With Cradle Pin)
BIO: Winner of the Determination League, GAMEOVER is a rookie sensation notable for his unique look and his brutal style. Said to be the younger brother of famous wrestler Sam S McCloud

NAME: Spider Jack
HOMETOWN: The 66th Layer of the Abyss
THEME MUSIC: "Cry of the Banshee" by Brocas Helm
STYLE: Unorthodox High Flyer
FINISHERS: "Spiderweb Lock" (Modified Octopus Hold)
TRADEMARKS: "Daddy Long Legs" (Flying Leg Drop), Shiranui, Flying Rana
BIO: The fastest competitor in PGCW, the energetic Spider Jack is a daredevil without compare, and has the resilience one would expect from such a wild competitor.

NAME: Johnny Jones
HOMETOWN: New Orleans, Louisiana
THEME MUSIC: "Johnny B Goode" by Chuck Berry
STYLE: 90s Cruiserweight
FINISHERS: "Vanilla Rain" (Corkscrew Moonsault), Straightjacket Brainbuster
TRADEMARKS: Straightjacket Powerbomb, Straightjacket German, "Spin Class" (Bicycle Kick To Oncoming Opponent), Shotei, Figure Four
BIO: A charismatic rookie, Johnny Jones is sure to get any crowd behind him with his athletic style and versatile offense.

NAME: "Mister Photogenic" Alex Kelley
HOMETOWN: Baton Rouge, Louisiana
THEME MUSIC: "Scent Blaster" by The Megas
STYLE: Martial Arts Based Junior Heavyweight
FINISHERS: "AK47" (Tajiri Kick), "Kafka Lock" (Grounded Octopus Hold)
TRADEMARKS: "AK104" (Sliding Head Kick), Superkick, "K-Bar" (Kneebar), Gannosuke Clutch
ACCOMPLISHMENTS: U18 World Karate Champion, US Karate Championship Runner-Up, 4-1-1 Kickboxing Record
BIO: The half-Japenese Kelley is a world-ranked karateka who has turned his ambitions toward the wrestling ring. In addition to deadly kicks is also very adept at submissions.

NAME: "The Doom That Came To Sarnath" William King
THEME MUSIC: "Cthulhu" by Iced Earth
STYLE: Brawler
FINISHERS: "Cthulhu Clutch" (Modified Crossface Chickenwing), "Kingmaker" (DDT)
TRADEMARKS: "Noblesse Oblige" (Rainmaker), Knee Trembler, "Shadow Over Innsmouth" (Diving Splash), "King's Ransom" (Regal Stretch)
BIO: Self-described "Chaotic Evil", William King is a street fighter with a mean streak that goes straight from Florida to New England. His complicated submission move is hard to lock in but once it's in, it's all over.

NAME: Millenium
HOMETOWN: Mexico City, Mexico
THEME MUSIC: "Terra Nova" by Micheal Curran
STYLE: Luchadore
FINISHER: "Millenium Bridge" (Bridging Exploder)
TRADEMARKS: "Mariposa" (Delayed Butterfly Suplex), "El Dorado" (Delayed Release German), "Millenium Special" (NOSAWA Clutch), Shooting Star Press
BIO: Known as the "Suplex Genius", Millenium is one of the most respected grapplers south of the border. Was once the tag team parter of Incredible ! back when he was Wizard.

NAME: Water Mocassin
FACTION: Deadly Venom Society
HOMETOWN: Parts Unknown
THEME MUSIC: "Playing With Dolls" by Slayer
STYLE: Technical
FINISHER: Spinning Toe Hold
TRADEMARKS: Muta Lock, Knee Drop, German Suplex
BIO: A protege of Joey Venom, the hooded Water Moccasin is a mysterious figure, we only know that he's a master of the spinning toe hold and has shortened careers with the manuever.

NAME: "Here Comes" Mongo
HOMETOWN: Ft Lauderdale Psychiatric Hospital
THEME MUSIC: "Surprise! You're Dead!" by Faith No More
FINISHERS: "Mongo Boot" (Running, Diving, or Oncoming Big Boot)
TRADEMARKS: Standing/Corner Big Boot, Powerbomb, Giant Swing, "Padded Walls" (Boston Crab)
BIO: Allowed in work release as "alternative therapy" thanks to his manager Harland Sanders IV, the brutish Mongo combines punishing strikes and unbelievable power to crush opponents.

NAME: Electric Monkey
FACTION: The Killer Knees
HOMETOWN: Aurora, Illinois
THEME MUSIC: "Metal Metal Land" by GWAR
STYLE: High Flyer
FINISHERS: "Circuit Breaker" (PK), "9 Volt Frog Splash" (Mad Splash)
TRADEMARKS: "Blackout" (Go 2 Sleep), "Tesla Coil" (Stretch Plum), "Brass Monkey" (Springboard Moonsault Body Block)
BIO: The daredevil member of the Killer Knees, Electric Monkey is an unpredictable daredevil with seemingly unlimited energy.

NAME: "RIP" Richard Ian Prescott
HOMETOWN: Baltimore, MD
THEME MUSIC: "Don't Fear The Reaper" by Blue Oyster Cult
STYLE: Kickboxing with MMA influences
FINISHER: "Reaper Kick" (Back Spinning Thrust Kick)
TRADEMARKS: Roundhouse Kick, Thai Knees, Sprawling Knees
BIO: A legendary figure in Japanese MMA and master of the "Sprawl and Brawl" tactic, RIP has been brought to PGCW by Harland Sanders IV as his bodyguard. As skilled with trash talk as he is in the ring.

NAME: Kathy Queen
HOMETOWN: Arkham, Massachusetts
THEME MUSIC: "When I Am Queen" by Jack Off Jill
STYLE: Joshi with Street Fighting Influence
FINISHERS: "Mind Flayer" (Reverse STO), "Queen's Landing" Moonsault
TRADEMARKS: "Queenmaker" (DDT), "Cthulhu Clutch" (Modified Crossface Chickenwing), "Sin-O-Matic" (Entanglement Submission), "Eat At Kate's" (Shining Triangle)
BIO: Also known as the girlfriend and valet of William King, Kathy Queen, a self-described "Sexual Anarchist", is a dangerous and calculated competitor in her own right, adapting her boyfriend's street fighting mentality with junior heavyweight influences as well as mindgames involving sexually suggestive moves. Surprising fact: She's studying law at Boston University.

NAME: Jimmy "The" Razor
HOMETOWN: Manhattan, New York
THEME MUSIC:"Metal Dance" by The Megas
STYLE: Japanese Junior
FINISHERS: "Switchblade Kiss" (No Touch Enzuigiri), "Rainbow Bridge" (Bridging Butterfly Suplex), "Double Edge Press" (Corkscrew Shooting Star)
TRADEMARKS: "Sonnenblume" (Escargot), "Sonnenblume II" (STF) "Karma Code" (Osaka Street Cutter), "Papercut" (Cutter)
BIO: Known as a complete egomaniac, Razor's arrogance is backed up by his arsenal of brutal maneuvers and undeniable athleticism.

NAME: Jim Rival
FACTION: Arch Rivals
HOMETOWN: Doral, Florida
THEME MUSIC: "Hey Man Nice Shot" by Filter
STYLE: Puroresu
FINISHERS: "Rival Driver" (Tiger Driver 91)
TRADEMARKS: "Antagonizer" (Cattle Mutilation), "Rival Plex" (Tiger Suplex), Roaring Elbow
BIO: The stoic Jim Rival is an old school competitor, who specializes in skull-rattling elbow smashes. He's also known for zeroing in on an injured arm to set up his Antagonizer as well.

NAME: "The Man In Blue" Scott Saphyre
HOMETOWN: Ft Lauderdale, Florida
THEME MUSIC: "The Quick And The Blue" by The Megas
STYLE: Junior Heavyweight
FINISHERS: "Death Wears Blue" (Fisherman DDT)
TRADEMARKS: "Blue Monday" (Triangle Lancer), "Leben Lock" (Legscissors/Kimura Combo), Flying Dropkick
BIO: Florida's top commodity, the hometown boy is sure to be a fan favorite with his charisma and athleticism, and will surely win matches with his underrated technical skills as well.

NAME: Harland Sanders IV
HOMETOWN: Louisville, Kentucky
THEME MUSIC: "There Ain't Nobody Here But Us Chickens" by Louis Jordan
STYLE: Quick Fried
FINISHERS: "Extra Crispy Stuner" (Stunner)
TRADEMARKS: "Finger Lickin' Figure Four" (Figure Four), Dropkick To The Knee, Rollup
BIO: The (alleged) great-grandson of Harland Sanders and (also alleged) heir to the KFC fortune usually lets his clients do the fighting, but once in a while he'll step into the ring and show that he's a capable if extremely dirty competitor in his own right.

HOMETOWN: Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan
STYLE: Puroresu
FINISHERS: "Angel Lust" (Cobra Clutch Crossface)
TRADEMARKS: Death Valley Bomb, Tiger Driver, Kitchen Sink, German Suplex
BIO: Coming to the Proving Ground as part of a foreign excursion, the genderfluid BLACKBIRD Sora is a dangerous competitor capable of holding xer own against some of the best talent the world has to offer.

NAME: Jacob Toombs
THEME MUSIC: "Your Pretty Face Is Going To Hell" by Iggy Pop and The Stooges
STYLE: Strong Style
FINISHER: "Toombsday" (Reverse Chokeslam)
TRADEMARKS: "Toombsayer" (Kondo Clutch), Chokeslam
BIO: The brother of Mercy Toombs, Jacob is a vicious competitor, known for putting people on the shelf with his Toombsday finisher.

NAME: "The Woman In Black" Mercy Toombs
THEME MUSIC: "Killing Is My Business" by Megadeth
FINISHERS: "Mercy Kill '16" (Shining Axe Kick), "Mercy Kill" (Leaping Axe Kick To A Bent Over Opponent)
TRADEMARKS: Nerve Hold, Axe Kick, Shining Wizard, Triangle Choke
BIO: Sporting deadly kicks, punishing submissions and crisp judo, the martial arts offense of Mercy Toombs is sure to be feared in PGCW. Don't let the suit fool you, she's deadly.

NAME: Wrecker Jr
FACTION: Deadly Venom Society
THEME MUSIC: "Beat You To Death" by GWAR
STYLE: Brawler With Daredevil Tendencies
FINISHERS: "Homewrecker" (TKO Stunner), "Wrecking Ball" (Flying Senton)
TRADEMARKS: Front Powerslam, Spinebuster, "Original Wrecking Ball" (Running Cannonball Senton), "Feetfirst Wrecking Ball" (Top Rope Cannonball Senton)
BIO: Son of one half of the Demolition Men (Wrecker) and nephew of the other (Dozer), Wrecker Jr doesn't have the mass of his father but possesses his toughness and has shown a willingness to take insane risks to win matches.

NAME: Joey Venom
FACTION: Deadly Venom Society
HOMETOWN: Baltimore, MD
THEME MUSIC: "Playing With Dolls" by Slayer
STYLE: American Heavyweight With Puroresu Influences
FINISHER: Burning Lariat
TRADEMARKS: "Venom Spike" (Sitout Gordbuster), "Neurotoxin" (Triangle Choke), Fallaway Slam
BIO: A 15-year veteran, Joey Venom has competed all over the US and has come to Florida to further cement his status as one of America's top heavyweights.


Members: Harland Sanders IV, Black Cyborg, Mongo, Jim Rival, Ken Archer
Theme Music: "There Ain't Nobody Here But Us Chickens" by Louis Jordan

Deadly Venom Society
Members: Joey Venom, Water Mocassin, Wrecker Jr
Theme Music: "Playing With Dolls" by Slayer

The Toombs Family
Members: Mercy Toombs, Jacob Toombs, Mario Black, Richard Ian Prescott
Theme Music: "Queen of Rose II" by Daisuke Ishiwatari

Alex Kelley and Johnny Jones
Theme Music: "Scent Blaster" by The Megas

Arch Rivals
Members: Jim Rival and Ken Archer
Theme Music: "Make A Child Cry" by GWAR

Bizarre Adventure
Members: Johnny Jones and BLACKBIRD Sora
Theme Music: "Roundabout" by YES

Crawling Chaos
Members: William King and Kathy Queen
Theme Music: "Cthulhu" by Iced Earth

The Karma Chameleons
Members: Karma Chameleons
Theme Music: "Karma Chameleon" by Culture Club

The Killer Knees
Members: Renegade Angel and Electric Monkey
Theme Music: "Metal Metal Land" by GWAR

Plane Shift
Members: Murder Dragon and Spider Jack
Theme Music: "The Midnight Carnival" by Daisuke Ishiwatari

Risky Business
Members: Eric Adventure and Danny Danger
Theme Music: "Old Time Rock And Roll" by Bob Seger

Robot Chicken
Members: Harland Sanders IV and Black Cyborg
Theme Music: "There Ain't Nobody Here But Us Chickens" by Louis Jordan

Wreck N Razor Connection
Members: Jimmy Razor and Wrecker Jr
Theme Music: "We Are The Road Crew" by Motorhead

Senior Official: Matt Weston
Bio: A veteran referee, Matt Weston has called matches all over North America and has even officiated in Japan. Makes a mean chili burger.

Junior Official: Cindi Slam
Bio: A former wrestler, Cindi Slam has just got her referee license but with Matt Weston as a mentor is sure to be a reliable official.

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Championships + Rankings

PGCW Openweight - William King @ Episode 4
2. Scott Saphyre
3. Spider Jack

PGCW Tag Team- Robot Chicken @ Episode 21
1. Plane Shift
2. Arch Rivals
3. Alex Kelley and Johnny Jones

PGCW Creative Commons (Formerly Youtube)- Black Cyborg @ Episode 24
No Rankings: Random Opponent (Cannot be Openweight Champion)

History of PGCW Openweight
1. William King @ Episode 4
-1st Defense Alex Kelley @ Episode 10
-2nd Defense Black Cyborg @ Episode 13
-3rd Defense Mongo @ Episode 17 (Via DQ)
-4th Defense Mongo @ Episode 24

History of PGCW Tag Team
1. Risky Business @ Episode 9
2. Plane Shift @ Episode 12
-1st Defense #TeamDefendTheFort @ Episode 16
3. Robot Chicken @ Episode 21

HIstory of PGCW Creative Commons
1. Johnny Jones @ Episode 10
-1st Defense BLACKBIRD Sora @ Episode 11 (Draw)
-2nd Defense Jimmy The Razor @ Wk 12 (1st Win)
-3rd Defense Murder Dragon @ Wk 13 (2nd Win)
-4th Defense Karma Chameleon @ Wk 14 (Draw)
-5th Defense Kathy Queen @ Episode 15 (3rd Win)
-6th Defense Jim Rival @ Wk 16 (Draw)
2. Scott Saphyre @ Episode 17
-1st Defense Eric Adventure @ Episode 18 (Draw)
-2nd Defense Karma Chameleon @ Wk 19 (Draw)
3. Murder Dragon @ Wk 20
-1st Defense Mongo @ Episode 22 (1st Win)
4. Spider Jack @ Wk 23
5. Black Cyborg @ Episode 24

Title Policies:
1. No Automatic Rematch: Authority determines if rematch is warranted
2. Titles CAN change hands via countout or DQ
3. ONLY Top 3 Contenders can challenge for a title UNLESS a rematch is declared.
4. Openweight Title Must Be Defended Within 10 Weeks Of Previous Match
5. Tag Team Title Must Be Defended Within 5 Weeks Of Previous Match
6. Creative Commons Title Must Be Defended As Often As Possible
7. Creative Commons Title has 15 Minute Time Limit (except to declare champion when vacant)
8. When a Creative Commons Champion loses the title he is considered #3 contender, if he defends the title with a win (instead of a draw) 5 or more times he becomes #1 contender
9. Should a Creative Commons Champion become Openweight Champion (via scheduled challenger winning and maintaining title), he must vacate the Creative Commons title.
10. All policies subject to temporary suspension or amendment at authority's decision.

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PGCW Episode 1 Summary (Highlight to view)
PGCW's Victory Road qualifiers start off with veteran Iron X facing William King, accompanied by his girlfriend Kathy Queen. "The Doom That Came To Sarnath" showed Iron X no quarter, and while the masked man managed to escape several attempts at the Cthulhu Clutch, once it was locked on he had no choice but to submit.

Next up El Gringo Diablo, decked in Ft Lauderdale Strikers colors, faced off against the egomaniac Jimmy The Razor. Razor may have thought this was going to be an easy fixture for him but the local favorite gave him a fight, even dodging Razor's Switchblade Kiss finisher muliple times. However despite Diablo's best effort, Razor's roaring lariat allowed the Manhattan native to lock on his Sonnenblume submission to advance.

Finally we had a match between two individuals who some predicted to be the final two in the Victory Road Battle Royale, Alex Kelley and The Black Cyborg, with Cyborg coming out with Harland Sanders IV to everyone's surprise. With two of the brightest stars PGCW has to offer facing off for a chance to be the first Openweight Champion one would expect sparks to fly and these two delivered, the two kicking out of each other's favorite knockout blows while trying to put each other away with everything in their respective playbooks. In the end though Alex Kelley delivered a second AK-47 that gave Black Cyborg a Blue Screen of Death to give "Mister Photogenic" a win by KO, showing why he's a world-renowned karateka and why he's a favorite to win the Openweight title.
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You may have noticed at the end of the video there's a URL for a blog. That's because promos are going to be done in this. Not quite CHIKARA blog promos, at least not yet, but more post-fight interview deals.

Here's the promo block for Episode 1:
William King:

"PGCW, take notice. What you saw was only a glimpse of the brutality I can unleash in the ring. You're all probably thinking 'oh, that was just Iron X, anyone can beat Iron X'. I DIDN'T BEAT IRON X, I ALL BUT DISEMBOWELED HIM!

"I will be the Openweight Champion, I will rule over Proving Ground Championship Wrestling, and I will watch from my throne, with my Queen at my side, as you pieces of human waste fight to earn the honor of having your last breaths taken in my iron grasp. Carpe Mundus Per Jugulum."

Harland Sanders IV:

"Some of you inbreds may be asking what I was doing, coming out with The Black Cyborg instead of my registered client, Mongo. Well, you should probably check the Florida State Athletic Commission guidelines, which say, in part, that a licensed manager does not require to give any promotion due notice before accompanying a wrestler to the ring, so long as said wrestler consents to his presence.

"Well I am a licensed manager and Black Cyborg did consent to my presence, as I had a sit down talk with him before the show began and made it clear to him that he needs my guidance. Now, Cyborg didn't get the job done tonight. You can't win them all. But The Black Cyborg is a diamond in the rough and I will make him SHINE. And this won't be first recruitment I make here in PGCW, because the Chicken Club is officially open for business."

Alex Kelley :

"Yeah, I'm confident about my chances of being the first PGCW Openweight Champion. But cocky? Come on, I'm not cocky. I didn't give myself the name 'Mister Photogenic'. I'm not your ordindary pretty face, vainglorious jerkass. The reason why I look so good is nothing but a testament to my karate skills. Karate runs in my family, my mom came to the US to teach Karate because she couldn't run a dojo in Japan as a woman. My great-grandfather, he learned from Gichin Funakoshi, the founder of Shotokan Karate.

"See the way of karate is not just to hit someone, but to hit them without being hit yourself. And it's because I'm that good at hitting without being hit that I'm Mister Photogenic. And if anyone in PGCW wants to take that nickname away from me, well they're welcome to try. Just make sure to book an appointment with your dentist first."
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PGCW Episode 2 Summary (highlight to view):

The qualifiers for Victory Road continue as Jim Rival is drawn against his tag team partner Ken Archer. The two allies showed no quarter as Ken's junior style was brought up against Rival's physical elbow-based rough and tumble offense, and while Rival nearly took the win with a Rivalplex, it was Archer's Arrow that decided the battle as we gained our fourth entrant.

Special guest Megaton is the biggest man in the qualifiers, and normally he'd be able to overpower anyone he steps in the ring with. This time however, he was against the resident powerhouse, Mongo, accompanied by Harland Sanders IV. The two monsters went back and forth but when the action spilled to the floor, Mongo grabbed a chair and decked Megaton with it! Cindi Slam was distracted by Harland, so there was no disqualification, and it was also Mongo until a running Mongo Boot ended the bout emphatically.

Finally we had Wrecker Jr go one on one with Scott Saphyre, both men fan favorites. It's a hell of a back and forth contest, and Wrecker survived a brutal flurry of a Death Wears Blue, a moonsault, and a second Death Wears Blue. However after some back and forth offense a third Death Wears Blue became too much for Wrecker Jr to bear. Six men are going to Victory Road, who will be the final two to join him?

post-show promos to be posted later this week.
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Arch Rivals:

KA: "Yeah, I fought dirty against my own tag partner. So what? I fight dirty against everyone. He knew it was going to happen, right Jim?"

JR: "It's true. Besides, even if I didn't, who cares? We're not friends, our partnership, it's all business. As long as one of us gets the Openweight title, we become that much more in demand as a tag team."

KA: "That's right. We don't respect ANYBODY, not even each other, and I'm willing to gouge out the eyes and kick the balls of my own tag partner, well, you can only imagine what I'll do in Victory Road."

JR: "Archer and I are the most dangerous men in PGCW. He won because he can hit Archer's Arrow at any time, with deadly accuracy. I forgot that for one second, and that one second he capitalized on. No excuses. Next time might be different, but this time, he earned it, just like he'll earn the glory in two weeks time."


Harland Sanders IV:

"What you saw tonight is exactly why Black Cyborg accepted my services, and why everyone in PGCW will want to be part of CHICKEN CLUB. I took this man, this monster Mongo, who was rotting in a loony bin, and I turned his rage into a well-oiled machine of DESTRUCTION! That fat loser Megaton will be eating his meals through a straw! If they even sell solid food at whatever stupid comic book convention Megaton crawled out of. I don't know if they do, I'm not a loser like that fat nerd Megaton. I'm a WINNER. Mongo, is a WINNER. Black Cyborg, he's a WINNER. And we're going to take all the winners, bring them into CHICKEN CLUB, and take over Florida. CHICKEN CLUB, BABY!"

Scott Saphyre:

"Man, Wrecker Jr wanted to advance real bad didn't he? Usually I hit Death Wears Blue and the match is over. I hit him with it, and he kicked out. So I figured, 'Maybe I didn't do it right, maybe I didn't get the snap I usually do'. He's a big guy, and when big guys fight you even with leverage it's hard to heft em up the way you want to. So I winded him with a moonsault, hit em with another DWB and it felt like a perfect one. And he kicks out of that too and I'm like, "well hell, I KNOW I hit that one right! Now what?". I considered a submission, but at this point of the match my palms were getting wet, he was sweating, lights are really hot here in the Proving Ground and I knew I had to have it on TIGHT to make Wrecker tap.

"So I waited for him to make a mistake, and whatever his opening set himself up for, that's what I'd use. He wanted to suplex me, but he was tired, and was trying to lift his leg up to get some extra oomph in his hips to lift me. Well, that was the mistake, and it just happened to be perfect for another Death Wears Blue. It's a good thing he didn't get up from that one, I don't think I could have done a fourth! Tough guy, looking forward to tangling with him again. But for now, it's on to the Openweight title. Winning my first belt, in my own hometown? That'd make it all worth it, you know?"
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Episode 3:

Recap in spoilers (highlight to view)

We begin with a non-qualifying match between Risky Business and the duo of Iron X and Dr Mask. Risky Business show why they're Florida's premier tag team as they have their way with the masked duo from Parts Unknown, with Danny Danger getting the duke with a vicious Fisherman's Suplex.

Our seventh qualifying match would pit rookie sensation from Louisiana Johnny Jones and the masked Karma Chameleon. It was a fast paced battle but after some back and forth tussling Johnny took over, nearly getting the win with an overshot Vanilla Rain but delivering a second one right on the money for a three count.

Well the final qualifier was no surprise and it was exciting as hell, as Spider Jack faced off with Murder Dragon. The blinding speed of these two athletes made for absolutely stunning contest with both men taking to the air and wowing the crowd, including a flying knee from the top to the outside that nearly blew the roof off the Proving Ground. In the end, Spider Jack tried to hit Daddy Long Legs but undershot his leap. Murder Dragon took advantage of the younger wrestler's mistake, delivering a picture perfect Shooting Star Press for a three count and a standing ovation from the fans.
Now we have our eight competitors for Victory Road, but which one of them will become Openweight Champion? Find out next week!
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Episode 3 Promos:

Risky Business:

DD: "Last week we overheard Ken Archer and Jim Rival calling themselves the two most dangerous individuals in PGCW, and with them being the other registered tag team here, we felt we needed to give them the news."

EA: "They fancy themselves Florida's premier tag team, we've heard them call themselves that in other shows in the state, but apparently they didn't remember about us."

DD: "See you guys are great individual wrestlers, we don't argue that, but two great individuals can't beat a great tag team, that's what we are, and that's why we're focusing on tag gold instead of the Openweight title."

EA: "Drop some MATH on them, Danny."

DD: "Yeah... see, you guys may be five out of five wrestlers, you put that together as a pair of individuals and you get ten. Now we may not be the best singles guys, maybe a pair of fours, but you put my four, and Eric's four together, and we make sixteen, because we're a team and we don't add to each other's strengths, we multiply them."


DD: "So you better hope Ken Archer wins the Openweight title, because if you step into our turf, we're going to subtract teeth from both your mouths."

EA: "That means you'll lose them!"

Johnny Jones:

"What's the deal with my move being called Vanilla Rain? Well, my dad likes to drink after work, and his favorite drink is called a Vanilla Rain... basically, it's vanilla vodka and Mountain Dew. Now I know, how do I know that if I'm under twenty-one, well my old man had me make it for him now and again while he went to unwind from a tough day. Now around this time, I had this haircut that made me look like Vanilla Ice, cause I'm a teenager and I'm in high school, and people would respond by calling me Vanilla Ice. Which I took in stride, I laughed about it... anyway I spent my summers working at a local radio station, and the late night DJ got married, so they had me take over. Well I told my friends about it, they didn't believe me, so I wanted a name that they'd know was me to remove any doubt... I picked DJ Vanilla Rain, and that became my nickname for the rest of high school.

"But enough about that. I had a great time, great match, I feel really good about my chances next week. Lots of tough competition but, hey, I didn't come here for easy trips to the pay window, I wanna make a name for myself and this is the place to be to do it in. If you're a fan of me from before, thanks for getting me on this side of the Gulf Coast, if you were a fan now thanks for your support, and if you're not a fan of me, well... hopefully one day I'll win you over and you'll be chanting 'Go Johnny Go' with the rest."

Murder Dragon and Spider Jack:

The two didn't speak, but they did run into each other backstage, after exchanging a long glance, they shook hands, and Jack patted Dragon on the back as they headed off.

PGCW President Walter Cranston:

"Now that our qualifying competitors are set, I'm ready to formally announce the rules of Victory Road. We're going to be taking our qualifiers and put their names in a hat, drawing them in order. The first two will start the match, at the three minute mark, number three will come out, then at the sixth minute number four, and so on until all eight men are in the match. No countouts, DQs will be in effect, pin and submissions as well. No over the top rope. Last man left, he'll be our Openweight champion."
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PGCW Episode 4 Preview:
It's time for a champion to be crowned! Only one match tonight, the Victory Road Battle Royale, eight men have won the opportunity but only one man will be standing in the end. With a random order of entry and victory by pin, submission and DQ, just about anything can happen in this contest!

Order of Eliminations:
Johnny Jones by Murder Dragon (Dragon Sleeper)
Jimmy The Razor by Ken Archer (Double Lariat + Sneaky Pin)
Murder Dragon by Alex Kelley (O'Connor Roll)
Ken Archer by William King ("Cthulhu Clutch")
Scott Saphyre by Alex Kelley ("K-Bar")
Mongo by William King ("Cthulhu Clutch")
Alex Kelley by William King ("Shadow Over Innsmouth")
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Episode 4 Promos + Tag Brackets:
William King:

"My conquest was inevitable.

The fact that I was number eight was of no consequence. I could have been at number one and it would have made no difference. Well... no, if I had been at number one idiots like Jonny Jones wouldn't have lasted as long as they did. But like William of Normandy took a broadsword in hand and fought his way to conquering England, so I cut a bloody swath of destruction on the seven delusional fools who stood in my way to my throne.

I will watch as the rest of you fight over the scraps that is the tag team title, and see who is next to fall lifeless to my feet.

But what I'm looking forward to more, is what will come next week. Because next week... you'll see what my Queen can do in the ring."

Alex Kelley:

"Three minutes, and three seconds. Those are the two things that kept me away from the Openweight title. William King was three minutes fresher than me, and he managed to get my shoulders down for three seconds. But, I submit that if it was me who drew number eight, the result would have been far more different. No, I submit that if we fought one on one, I would have been the one on top..."

He's interrupted by Harland Sanders IV and CHICKEN CLUB.

HS: "Cry me a river, Kelley. Because YOU had a three minute advantage over my walking engine of destruction Mongo, and King had SIX. Put my monster against you or King... or the both of you... on even terms, and Mongo would be openweight champion, not your wannabe supermodel ass."

AK: "Funny, I remember you were just as confident when I kicked Black Cyborg's circuits in, how'd that go again? Oh no, wait, I know what you want. You want me to see if I can kick Mongo's head so hard his ugly face will be something more photogenic. I mean, I don't mind doing that, but hell all you had to do was ask nicely."

HS: "Really funny, Kelley. You won't be cracking wise once Mongo breaks your jaw and the doctors have to wire it shut. And we won't have to wait long, Kelley, because I just got off the line with PGCW matchmakers. Next week is you and Mongo, one on one, for the first shot at the Openweight Title."

AK: "And I was worried I'd have to earn that shot. You're on."

Kelley puts on sunglasses and walks off, leaving CHICKEN CLUB to strategize for next week.


In addition to established tag teams Risky Business and Arch Rivals, six more units have been registered to vie for the tag team titles. CHICKEN CLUB has been entered by Harland Sanders IV, as has Karma Chameleon under the team name "The Karma Chameleons", though he hasn't made it clear who his tag team partner is going to be. Iron X and Dr Mask have also registered as have Murder Dragon and Spider Jack (under the name Plane Shift), Scott Saphyre and El Gringo Diablo (as Team #DefendTheFort), and Wrecker Jr and Jimmy The Razor (as The Wreck N Razor Connection).

The brackets have also been drawn and are as follows:

Episode 6:
Wreck N Razor Connection vs Plane Shift
Risky Business vs Karma Chameleons

Episode 7:
Iron X and Dr Mask vs CHICKEN CLUB
Team #DefendTheFort vs Arch Rivals
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PGCW Episode 5 Preview:

We have two debuts tonight! William King's girlfriend Kathy Queen has obtained her license to wrestle in the state of Florida and tonight she goes against Iron X' sister, Iron XX.

Our other debut is the US debut of Japanese rookie BLACKBIRD Sora, who is on xer foreign excursion. BLACKBIRD has requested to face Johnny Jones in xer debut, and will get him one on one!

And last but not least our main event. "Mister Photogenic" Alex Kelley and CHICKEN CLUB member Mongo collide to see who faces William King for the Openweight title. Can Kelley's lethal kicks stand up against the sheer brute force of Mongo, or will the monster avenge his stablemate en route to facing the man he nearly crippled in Victory Road?

PGCW Quick Results
Kathy Queen defeats Iron XX via KO ("Mind Flayer")
BLACKBIRD Sora defeats Johnny Jones via pinfall (Death Valley Bomb)
Alex Kelley defeats Mongo via KO ("AK-47")
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William King:

"Kelley, Kelley, Kelley. You made a big mistake, going after my title. You see like I said last week, those three minutes didn't matter. We were both in that ring for over forty minutes, half of that focused on beating the hell out of each other. I beat you, and decisively at that. All those three minutes do is let you claim that you could have won, and maybe the gullible and stupid would believe you and consider you a possible rightful champion.

But now, I will remove all doubt. I will do as I did the last time we met: Take you all across the Proving Ground and beat you so bad you'll be calling me 'Mommy Dearest'. It will be so violent, what my Queen did to Iron XX will look quaint by comparison. I am going to torture you, Kelley. And it will be all your fault."

Alex Kelley:

"You know, I got to be give it to Mongo, he's as tough as he is ugly. I mean, when I hit him with that first AK-47, he got right back up like a goddamn movie monster. But he didn't get up from AK-47 number two, and that's what really matters doesn't it? But it just demonstrates why I know I can beat William King and claim the Openweight title. He'll need three seconds to pin me. I need one second to kick his head off."

Harland Sanders IV:

"Mongo might have a concussion. That's just great. Well you know what Kelley? An eye for an eye may make the world blind but it'll be worth it to hear you scream. I am offering ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS, American, to the person or persons who can put Kelley in the hospital. That's all, I'm done."

Bios and Rankings updated too

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Episode 6 Up:

This week we kick off the tag team tournament! The Wreck N Razor Connection of Wrecker Jr and Jimmy The Razor face off against Murder Dragon and Spider Jack collectively known as "Plane Shift"; and we see Risky Business in action as they face the Karma Chameleons!

Quick Results:
Plane Shift defeats Wreck N Razor Connection (Spider Jack submits Wrecker Jr via "Spiderweb Lock")
Risky Business defeats Karma Chameleons (Eric Adventure pins Karma Chameleon via Gedo Clutch after "Risk Management")
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Jimmy The Razor:

"Hey, you know what, that result isn't on me, that was all due to that overweight dork Wrecker Jr. He should have just stayed on the apron and let me dominate those masked nooblets. Soon, I'm going to go one on one with Wrecker Jr, and I'm going to prove to him that you always bet on Razor."

PGCW President Walter Cranston:

"I have two statements tonight, both of them regarding CHICKEN CLUB.

"First, I have talked to the Florida State Athletic Commission regarding Mister Sanders' bounty on Alex Kelley. While the legality of the bounty itself is under review, they have made a ruling on attempts to cash in on said bounty. Any wrestler, manager, official or crewman who attacks Mister Kelley outside of the confines of a wrestling arena- defined by the Commission as the ring and the immediate ringside area- will have any licenses revoked, will be subject to fines, and be banned from competition in the state of Florida, and their violation will be reported to other commissions in the United States who may fine, suspend, and/or ban the offenders if they choose to. In short, anyone who attacks Mister Kelley outside of a wrestling ring will be essentially choosing to end their careers for money that they may lose due to punitive fines.

"Second, I have an update on the status of Mongo. While conussion screenings have as of tonight come up negative, the Ft Lauderdale Psychiatric Hospital has requested that I impose a medical suspension for Mongo so that they may ensure that his treatment is not going to be hampered by such a severe blow like the ones he suffered from Kelley. However, CHICKEN CLUB was registered not as a specific pair as individuals but as a collective, therefore Harland Sanders may replace Mongo as he chooses. If he is unable to find a substitute, however, Black Cyborg will have to foreit the competition."
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Episode 7 up!

Episode 7 Preview:

It's more of the tag team tournament! Iron X and Dr Mask face CHICKEN CLUB. With Mongo under medical suspension, Black Cyborg needs a new partner, who did Harland Sanders IV find?

Also, Scott Saphyre and El Gringo Diablo, bonded over their support of the Ft Lauderdale Strikers, team up as Team #DefendTheFort to face the Arch Rivals!

Quick Results:
CHICKEN CLUB d. Iron X and Dr Mask (Sanders pins Iron X via schoolboy w/ tights)
Team #DefendTheFort d. Arch Rivals (Gringo pins Archer via schoolboy)
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