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Unread 11-22-2005, 12:04 AM
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Thumbs up The Death of the Territories Released

TEW05: Death of the Territories ‘83

Author: Eric Baker

Japanese Data Provided by: Ryan Russell

Scenario Graphics: Johnny Fenoli, Gpanic, Eric Baker, Ryan Russell, and Troy Perry

Supplemental Data Provided by: Gpanic

Adapted from:

* Wrestling Spirit: DOTT v1.75 - Authors: Eric Baker & Rick Arnold
* TEW04: 1983 v1.3 scenario - Authors: Eric Baker, Ryan Russell, and Damiende


*Click on Link Above - in the Files Section

For those that may have problems with the Flash content of the website, Here is a link to a post further along in the thread that has the individual file links.

Current Release: v2.0

Required Files:,,,,,

Optional Files:

*It is Highly Recommended that you use the Optional Files, as it greatly enhances the scenario. If you do so, though, I strongly suggest making backups of your Screens and Music folders - just in case you want to play a CornellVerse game.

Note: Please read the TEW05 DOTT Microsoft Word Document, located in the There you will find scenario background information, a history of professional wrestling from 1982-85, a list of alter egos for wrestlers, and full scenario credits.


Scenario Details:

Starting Date: January 1983

Workers: 1,019
Locations: 1509 (Modified from tnafan’s Locations File – Used With Permission)
Promotion Pacts: 89
Gimmicks: 318
Angles: 900
Storylines: 90
Tag Teams: 713
Stables: 35
Worker Relationships: 1,048
Titles: 89
Events: 221
TV Shows: 26
TV Slots: 22
TV Networks: 70
Other TV Shows: 50

Promotions: 26

U.S.: World Wrestling Federation (Cult/Traditional/Tri State), Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling (Cult/Traditional/Mid Atlantic), American Wrestling Association (Cult/Traditional/Mid West), Georgia Championship Wrestling (Regional/Traditional/South East), World Class Championship Wrestling (Regional/Traditional/Mid South), Mid-South Wrestling (Regional/Traditional/Mid South), Championship Wrestling from Florida (Regional/Traditional/South East), Central States (Regional/Traditional/Mid West), World Wrestling Council (Regional/Hardcore/Puerto Rico), Championship Wrestling Association (Small/Sports Entertainment/South East), Pacific Northwest (Small/Cutting Edge/North West), Southwest Championship Wrestling (Small/Hardcore/Mid South), Southeastern Championship Wrestling (Local/Traditional/ South East), Polynesian Pro Wrestling (Local/Family Friendly/South West)

Canada: Maple Leaf Promotions (Regional/Traditional/Ontario), Calgary Stampede (Regional/Hybrid/The Prairies), International Wrestling Montreal (Small/Traditional/Quebec), Atlantic Grand Prix Wrestling (Small/Traditional/Seasonal/The Maritimes), All-Star Wrestling (Local/Sports Entertainment/British Columbia)

Japan: New Japan Pro Wrestling (Cult/Hybrid/Hokkaido), All Japan Pro Wrestling (Regional/Traditional/Honshu)

Mexico: Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre (Cult/Lucha Traditional), Universal Wrestling Association (Small/Lucha Entertainment)

U.K.: Joint Promotions (Cult/Pure/South UK), All Star Wrestling UK (Small/Hybrid/Midlands)



DOTT – The Grumpy Mentor, Parts One and Two (Mr. Wrestling II turns on Magnum T.A.)
DOTT – The Turning of the Superfly, Parts One and Two (Jimmy Snuka turns on Lou Albano after a series w/Bob Backlund, which leads to a second storyline/feud with Don Muraco)
DOTT – Superstar’s Quest for the Gold (Masked Superstar and The Grand Wizard scheme to get a series with Bob Backlund. Superstar loses a Loser Leaves Town match at the Blow Off, and honors it like a gentleman)
DOTT – Hot Rod and The Superfly (Infamous Piper’s Pit leads to a mini feud)
DOTT – Rock and Wrestling (Hilarity ensues after Piper crashes an award ceremony for Lou Albano)
DOTT – Dynamic Duo Split Up (Tully Blanchard turns on Gino Hernandez)
DOTT – Heel Saves Brother from Allies (Buzz Sawyer saves Brett Wayne from Paul Ellering’s henchmen; thereby revealing that Wayne is his brother)
DOTT – The Turning of Hacksaw (After Junkyard Dog leaves Mid-South, Bill Watts tried to recreate the African-American Superman by turning Butch Reed face)
DOTT – Midnights v. Rock’n’Rollers (Jim Cornette and The Midnight Express do battle with the Rock & Roll Express)
DOTT – The Rich v Sawyer War (The last ten months of the epic Buzz Sawyer v Tommy Rich feud, which ends with The Last Battle for Atlanta cage match)
DOTT – The Devil and the American Dream, Parts One and Two (Kevin Sullivan turns to satan in his battle against Dusty Rhodes)
DOTT – Arm Wrestling Challenge (Generic arm wrestling storyline between muscle heads)
DOTT – Howdy Doody to Hulkamania, Parts One and Two (In an effort to get the belt off Bob Backlund – and on to Hulk Hogan, Freddie Blassie challenges Backlund to match the Iron Sheik in a Persian Club Workout Routine. Bob accepts, gets attacked and injured, then loses the strap to Sheik. A newly arrived Hogan clears house, wins the title, and Bob is shafted to the corner)
DOTT – The Persian Club Challenge (Typical storyline wherever the Iron Sheik went, used to quickly build him to the area)
DOTT - $5,000 Body Slam Challenge (A Manager and a Villain Big Guy make a $5,000 Body Slam Challenge. A Hero wins it, has the money stolen, and the feud erupts into a three match series)
DOTT - Billy vs. Pedro (Superstar Graham goes after Pedro Morales),
DOTT - The Gladiator Unmasked '76 (Bob Roop's brilliant masked Gladiator angle in Florida),
DOTT - The Bad Street Chronicles, Part One (Part One of the many exploits of The Fabulous Freebirds - this time in Georgia. The Birds set up Austin Idol and Kevin Sullivan, slashing Idol's tires to cause the Universal Heartthrob to miss a tag team bout between Idol & Sullivan v. Gordy & Roberts)
DOTT - The Badstreet Chronicles, Part 2 (Mid-South, 1980: After the formation of the Freebirds as we know it, a feud breaks out between the 'Birds and Junkyard Dog & Buck Robley. After a tag team match, Michael Hayes blinds the Dog with Hair Cream, leading to a Dog Collar blow off)
DOTT - I'm From Hollywood (Andy Kaufman v. Jerry Lawler),
DOTT - The Evil Russians ver1 (Two Comrades make life miserable for a hero),
DOTT - Everybody's got a Price (GCW - Larry Z and Paula Orndorff feud over the National Heavyweight Title),
DOTT - Dirty Money (In homage to the excellent cross over angle done between CWF and CWA, involving Jos Leduc - After video proof of former bad deeds, a worker turns on his partner),
DOTT - The Samoans go for the Gold (The Wild Samoans target and defeat the Strongbows for the WWF Tag Team Title),
DOTT - Flair for the Gold (After losing the NWA Title to Harley Race, Flair fights through a bounty and a betrayal to get the strap back),
DOTT - Tournament for Vacant Tag Team (4 team tournament for a vacant tag team title - Team 1 wins),
DOTT - Pose Down Challenge (Typical story between bruisers who want to show off their muscles for the girly men in the audience - Heel loses, trashes a set)
DOTT - The Cobra Clutch Challenge (Typical 'Break this hold, or you are a Wimp' story - this time, it's Sgt. Slaughter's Cobra Clutch)
DOTT - I Broke Wahoo's Leg (Greg Valentine breaks Wahoo McDaniel's leg, and loves every second of it)
DOTT - A Victory Cigar (In honor of the great angle which saw Boris Malenko's cigar being used by Masked Superstar to almost put the Mighty Igor's eye out)
DOTT - Hypodermic Madness (It what was considered a tasteless angle in Angelo Poffo's ICW promotion, 2 workers attack another and inject him with a 'controlled substance'. Inevitable madness soon follows)
DOTT - The Freebirds v. Von Erichs, Parts One and Two (Weeks after the first shot was fired in the Freebirds/Von Erichs war, Kevin starts the ball rolling by challenging Terry Gordy. The war quickly escalates.)
DOTT - Battle of the Valets, Part One (World Class - 1983: Jimmy Garvin and Sunshine have their hands full with David Von Erich, losing a 'Valet for a Day match')
DOTT - Battle of the Valets, Part Two (Jimmy Garvin beats Chris Adams for the TV title and rewards Sunshine with a valet of her own, Precious. Precious worms into Garvin's favor, resulting in the firing of Sunshine. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned...)
DOTT - Battle of the Valets, Part Three (Sunshine's thirst for revenge ends with her teaming up with Chris Adams to battle Jimmy Garvin and his new valet, Precious in an epic war)
DOTT - Mask vs. Mask (A Masked Man arrives in an area and puts out an open challenge to anyone that can beat him by pinfall or submission. If they do, the masked man will unmask AND pay the opponent $5000. A Masked Hero accepts, and a war takes place...)
DOTT - Tag Team Mega Push ver1 (After winning a tournament for vacant belts, a tag team receive a mega push into the main event of a roster)
DOTT - Tag Team Mega Push ver2 (A tag team receive a mega push into the upper card of a roster while being guided by a manager)
DOTT - Free Agent Bidding (A worker fires his/her manager and declares themself a Free Agent. Three Managers then get into a bidding war over the worker)
DOTT - Free Agent Bidding ver2 (A worker declares themself a Free Agent. Three Managers then get into a bidding war over the worker)
DOTT - Ted Dibiase vs. Mr. R (After beating Tommy Rich in a Loser Leaves Town match, a mysterious stranger appears - Mr. R. After an excellent swerve which sees Brad Armstrong donning the mask, Dibiase loses the National Heavyweight title)
DOTT - The Sawyers v. Road Warriors (After saving Brett Wayne and revealing they are brothers, Buzz and Brett Wayne Sawyer battle the Road Warriors. The actual series would see the Sawyers winning the National Tag Titles every night on an Ohio tour - not officially credited)
DOTT - The Dirtiest Player (A Villain champion continually uses underhanded tactics to save his title against a rampaging hero. The series sees a bizarre finish during a match that results in the title being held up. The two face off for the coveted belt... you decide winner)
DOTT - The Saga of the Midnight Rider (After Losing a Loser Leaves Town match, a mysterious friend of the loser appears on the scene, vowing revenge. Everyone in the world knows who it is, but the race to unmask the Rider still takes place)
DOTT - The Stable War (Two stables go to war with each other. Stable 1 is comprised of Manager 1 and 3 Goons (1a-c) - Stable Two consists of Manager 2 and 3 Goons (2a-c). In the end, Stable 2 wins the war)
DOTT - Masked Man Challenge ver1 (A masked man makes a challenge where if he loses 2 straight falls in a 2 out of 3 falls match, he will unmask. In homage to Don Jardine; AKA The Spoiler, though it is alignment generic)
DOTT - Masked Man Challenge ver2 (A masked man and his/her manager makes a challenge where if he loses 2 straight falls in a 2 out of 3 falls match, he will unmask. In homage to Don Jardine; AKA The Spoiler, though it is alignment generic)
DOTT - The McMahon Formula (A favorite formula of Vince McMahon Sr. - a Champion (protag) gets into a three match series with a Challenger (antag), losing or drawing the first two on DQ-types, only to rebound in the Final Match to win clean)
DOTT - The Hero's Quest (After witnessing a friend fall to the hands of a group of villains, a hero makes it his goal to exact revenge on the brutes)
DOTT - The Villain's Revenge (After a hero has humiliated them, a villain sets about a plan to utterly destroy the hero. *Meant to be a spin-off of the Hero's Quest storyline)
DOTT - Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow (Two workers feud their way to a Hair v. Hair match, which the antagonist loses),
DOTT - Hotstuff International (Missy Hyatt really got her biggest break in this, a storyline originating from Memphis. Eddie Gilbert and Jerry Lawler feud to the death. In the process, Gilbert and Hyatt con a young buck into attacking Lawler with a date opportunity w/Missy)
DOTT - The Saga of the Saddle, Parts 1 and 2 (CWF: A gloriously goofy storyline involving Ron Bass stealing Dusty Rhodes' prized saddle. A peppy Barry Windham attempts to reclaim the saddle, only to have Bass ride him around like a donkey. A humilated Barry leaves... and a masked man appears: The Dirty Yellow Dog)
DOTT - The Bounty Hunters (After a bounty is called upon a wrestler, a series of bounty hunters is brought in to 'do the job'. The third attempt seemingly succeeds in injuring the hero, resulting in a pay off),
DOTT - The Hero's Revenge (After seemingly being injured by two villains, a hero makes his just (and quick) revenge known)
DOTT - Man with the Cast Iron Stomach (In homage to the Pepper Gomez v. Ray Stevens feud in San Francisco: A hero proves his cast iron stomach by allowing wrestlers to leap upon his abdomen from a ladder. A heel tries and fails. When trying again, the heel leaps off onto hero's throat)
DOTT - The Rat Pack v. Junkyard Dog (Mid-South, 1982: A feud erupts between recently turned villain Ted Dibiase and his cohorts in the Rat Patrol: Matt Borne and Jim Duggan versus The Junkyard Dog. Leads to Duggan donning a gorilla suit to help JYD lose a Loser Leaves Town Match)
DOTT - The Ballad of Stagger Lee, ver1 (Mid-South, 1982: After a Loser Leave's Town match against Ted Dibiase & Matt Borne, the Junkyard Dog departs... to the arrival of a masked man, Stagger Lee. Lee, there to avenge the kid (JYD) who Lee would steal lunch money from, vows to make good)
DOTT - The Rat Pack get Poisoned (Mid-South, 1983: The Rat Pack, a stable consisting of Ted Dibiase, Jim Duggan, and Matt Borne splinters when Dibiase aligns with the Anti-American Skandar Akbar. Duggan, not able to stomach the betrayal, turns hero in defense of his country)
DOTT - Charlie Brown from Outta Town ver1 and ver2 (Mid-Atlantic, 1983: Jimmy Valiant, one of the most popular men in the area, became entrenched in a bitter war against The Great Kabuki and Gary Hart. After several twists, Valiant would lose a Loser Leaves Town Match... you know the rest)
DOTT - Feud Blow Off, Cage Match (Two workers feud their way to a Cage match)
DOTT - Feud Blow Off, Indian Strap (A feud specialty of Chief Wahoo McDaniel: Two workers feud their way to an Indian Strap match)
DOTT - Birth of the Masked Superstar (In his continuing feud against Wahoo McDaniel over busted dentures, Boris Malenko secures a Loser Leaves Match between Wahoo and Bolo Mongol, played by Bill Eadie. Bolo loses. The next night, unbeknownst to anyone, Eadie transforms into the Masked Superstar; an unbelieveable character transformation that to this day amazes people)
DOTT - Formation of the Horsemen, ver1 & ver2 (Centering on the formation of the Four Horsemen stable (Ric Flair, Tully Blanchard, Ole & Arn Anderson w/ James J. Dillon) through a multi-pronged war with Dusty Rhodes and Magnum T.A.)
DOTT - Magnum T.A. vs. Tully Blanchard (Tully Blanchard's ongoing quest to destroy Magnum T.A. leads to an infamous I Quit match. ** Spin off of the 'Formation of the Horsemen, ver2' storyline)
DOTT - The Best of Seven Series (In homage to the series of matches between Magnum T.A. and Nikita Koloff during the Great American Bash '86. The villain wins the series, despite the comeback by the plunky hero. This is Allen's last major story before his career-ending accident)

* Angles that are created for the above storylines are keyworded ‘DOTT'


Update in Progress: v2.25

Changes/Corrections/Additions: All Louisiana locations/arenas have been moved to the Mid South region to better help out Watts' Mid-South promotion ** Several storylines corrected ** Rescaling of workers Entertainment skills ** GCW staff fleshed out (Jake Roberts & Don Jardine added to booking staff) ** restructuring of the overness levels, starting money, rosters & Prestige of the Big Four U.S. promotions; GCW, AWA, MACW, WWF ** Gimmicks rescaled ** Captain Redneck gimmick added ** a series of Superstar Billy Graham relationships have been added ** WWF/UWA promotion pact added (Working Agreement) ** Vic Steamboat added ** Various worker relationships added involving Jerry Stubbs

Angles Added: Interview: Manager Issues Denial ver1 ** Interview: Managerial Faux Pas ** Interview: Worker Faux Pas ver1 ** Interview: Singles Self-Hype (an announcer leads a promo - used to help the twerp wrestlers) ** Interview: Tag Team Self-Hype ** Skit: Worker Gives Worker a Gift ver4 ** Announcer Hypes Singles ver1 (singles worker is off screen)** Announcer Hypes Tag Team ver1 ** Skit: Steal Title Belt ver4 ** Announcer Hypes Alliance (Singles) ** Announcer Hypes Alliance (Tag Team) ** Promo: Tag Team Self-Hype ver2 (in this case, one of the workers acts as mouthpiece) ** Promo: Revealing as Real Champion v1 and v2 ** Attack: Interview Confrontation v1 **Video: Recovery from Injury ver1 and ver2 ** Skit: Demonstration Of Insanity Ver1 (for Roddy Piper to bust beer bottles over his head - heh) ** Attack: Interview Confrontation v2 ** Video: Worker looks for Another v1 and v2 (for the awesome 'Looking for Mad Dog' videos to set up the Piper v. Buzz Sawyer feud in Georgia) ** Video: Replay of Events for Another ** Post Match: Snake Attack v1, v2 ** Interview: Interrupted, Argument ** Promo: D.I. Challenge ** Promo: Accepted D.I. Challenge v1 and v2

Storylines Added: DOTT - The Turning of King Kong Bundy (GCW, 1984: Needing a new good guy to face the terror of the Legion of Doom Stable, King Kong Bundy arrives in the Georgia area as a monster-in-training. Paul Ellering, the stable leader, eventually scoffs at the thought of Bundy in the L.O.D., insulting the Big Man when he thinks he is off camera. Bundy then turns good when he attacks Ellering) ** DOTT - Karate Billy Strikes Back (WWF, 1982-83: After a couple of years absence, Superstar Billy Graham returns to the WWF with a new look in tow. Gone is the brilliant Superstar - in his place is a strange Karate Master gimmick. Regardless, he targets Bob Backlund in an effort to reclaim the WWF Heavyweight Championship. Involved is a somewhat cringe worthy moment where Graham destroys the WWF belt.) ** DOTT - Flair for the Gold, part Two (Continuing the first part: After losing the NWA World Title to Harley Race, Ric Flair has a bounty placed on his head by Race - leading straight into Flair's reclaiming the title at the Starrcade '83 cage match) ** DOTT - The REAL Champion (Shortly after Starrcade '83, Dick Slater creates a replica of the NWA World Title and claims he is the true champion - much to the chagrin of Ric Flair) ** DOTT - The Final Conflict (MACW, early 1983: After winning the NWA Tag Team Titles, Sgt. Slaughter & Don Kernodle enter into a brilliant feud with Ricky Steamboat & Jay Youngblood - leading to the Final Conflict card, in which the losing team dismantles forever) ** DOTT - Dynamic Duo Split Up II (Chris & Gino Hernandez have troubles brewing w/in their relationship, leading to Gino blinding Adams with hair remover. This was meant to start off an epic feud, but ended prematurely when Hernandez passed away.)

As always, I hope you enjoy!

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Unread 11-22-2005, 12:12 AM
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Two words, sex and y :P
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Unread 11-22-2005, 12:50 AM
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Ok, did you have a picture of Freddy Miller with GCW, color commentator at all?
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Unread 11-22-2005, 12:59 AM
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WOW, First run, All Star Wrestling on Tour topped out with 9 people in attendance
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Unread 11-22-2005, 01:01 AM
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Thank you for this wonderful scenario! Of course now my schoolwork is going to go to hell but what's 3 thousand dollars anyway?
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Unread 11-22-2005, 01:05 AM
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man man man, I miss Terry Taylor pre-Red Rooster days THANKS for this mod, this is great!!! JYD went to a DQ with Nikolai Volkhov in Mid-South Wrestling :P Also, I'm playing as GCW and tried to get Bret Hart out of Stampede and of course, he doesn't want to move due to focusing on his career there. EXCELLANT
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Unread 11-22-2005, 01:19 AM
eskimo38 eskimo38 is offline
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I haven't even advanced a day yet, and I am already immersed. Trying with MACW to start and the promotion pacts in place are mind-boggling. Awesome. Just Awesome.
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Unread 11-22-2005, 01:43 AM
dbeanerz dbeanerz is offline
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Amazing. Thank you. CALGARY STAMPEDE!
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Unread 11-22-2005, 01:52 AM
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so, anyone have any A* matches yet?? I've had two so far..

Ole Anderson df. Tommy Rich for the National Heavyweight Title
Buzz Sawyer df. Paul Orndorff *crazy enough they match up very well*

I can now delete all other MOD's thanks D. Boon!!
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Unread 11-22-2005, 02:58 AM
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Congratulations, Eric! Now it's time for you to taste the fruits of your hard work and enjoy the game!

I thought I'd give Mid-Atlantic a shot, starting off with the "Flair for Gold" storyline whichi is somewhat similar to the basic 1v1 storyline. The first singles match between Harley and Ric ("Ric Flair defeated Harley Race in 25:37 by pinfall with a Small Package.") received an A* rating. Nice way to kick things off.

My face is red! I can't believe I let this one go, but New Japan should be set for Honshu... Pretty much every Japanese promotion is based out of the main island aside from Michinoku Pro.

Additionally, here are a few extra worker pictures that are early to mid 80s specific:

Tony Schiavone:

Arn Anderson:

PS David Crockett is My Main Man. It won't be long until he feels the Russian Sickle! (*high pitch shriek!*)
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Unread 11-22-2005, 05:48 AM
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Wow, just wow Just gave it a run and I was emersed immediatley. The music and screens give you the feel of the kayfabe days for sure, great work to all those involved. Is it just me or does everyone automaticaly associate The Talkig Heads with the mid 80's
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Unread 11-22-2005, 08:24 AM
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I tried to download, it kept saying cannot find server.
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Unread 11-22-2005, 09:31 AM
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The server is obviously having some problems. Gotta love technology!

I just sent a support ticket to my web hosting service, so I am hoping to have an answer shortly. Apologies all around.
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Unread 11-22-2005, 09:35 AM
SirFozzie SirFozzie is offline
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Hope someone who has it can put up a temporary download link on YSI or something similar. This is what I'm waiting for
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Unread 11-22-2005, 09:38 AM
Big Dirty Big Dirty is offline
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Great work, thanks!
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