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Unread 07-12-2017, 01:16 AM
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Default Saving Pro Wrestling in a (Reverse) Flash--WCW1991

Prologue Part I

Eobard Thawne felt his entire body stitching itself back together, and the pain was only made worse by the realization that he had been bested by Barry Allen yet again. Stupid bat was there too. All because that stupid blue guy wanted his help in his scheme to do something. Oh no, either my vision is still impaired or that's the blue guy right in front of me.

Welcome back, Reverse Flash. I presume you have some excuse for your failure, Thawne. Immortals like us can take the occasional loss, but judging by your screams, this one hurt more than most. At least the bat still doesn't know that I have Tim here, and you did keep them distracted for a brief time. I have come up with something I need your help to accomplish, if you're up for it.

Eobard has now fully recovered and is standing there with a scowl on his face and a flicker of red lightning in his eyes

Come now, Thawne, I promise you that there will be no interference from speedsters and cowls. I need to keep people distracted so my plans can continue from the shadows, and right now, the people are too aware of everything. I've tried changing the probabilities in the past, but despite my god-like powers, I can't seem to achieve a large enough distraction. One of the opiates of the masses though seems ripe to do the trick, which is where you come into play, Thawne.

I need Vince McMahon's wrestling empire to fail. He's done more to destroy pro wrestling in the last 30 plus years than anyone. They're much too entrenched now, though, so, I need a time traveler to go back when they are at their weakest. I have studied pro wrestling history, and I've found the perfect time, 1991. I presume you still have your DNA extractor (Season 1 Flash TV show). Thawne nods his head Then, I have the perfect person for you to replace as well. Your goal is to have World Championship Wrestling win the war while preserving pro wrestling instead of this flippy garbage and 15 minute talk-fests that no one pays any attention to in present day.

I see that smile on your face, Eobard. There are some ground rules that you have to follow, or I might just send a tip to a certain speedster of your location. You don't get to kill anyone other than the person you are to impersonate. No breaking laws of any kind, and you only get to use your powers to protect your life. I will gift you with the use of my powers 3 times. Just contact me via this button when you need it. Are we clear?
Dr. Manhattan, the key to your plan is to change pro wrestling history? If it gets me away from that stupid speedster and cowl, then I'll do it. Let me have a couple of hours to read up on pro wrestling and the person I'm replacing. And maybe I'll even alter things enough so you'll wear pants for a change! kra-caa-thooom as the Reverse Flash runs off

(OOC: Yes, this is cheesy. However, I needed something to explain a couple of weird things that have happened in this game so far, and plus, I'm loving the DC Rebirth comics. This is using the amazing, fantastic, wondrous 1991 mod by Justtxyank, and I recommend everyone play it. I have played until mid-March so there will be a Matt Shannon-esque summary to catch you up on what is going on, and the weird things that have happened.)
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Unread 07-12-2017, 01:18 AM
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Prologue Part II

Thawne exited the speedforce wormhole that allowed him to travel through time. Dr. Manhattan assured him that he would launch a distraction so no speedster would detect it. He quickly changed into era-appropriate garb and set off to find his target. As the cold set in, he wished that it wasn't December in Canada. He had studied his target and knew where to find him so it only took him 30 minutes to reach a seat next to his at the bar.

Eobard chatted him up for way longer than he had planned as the gentleman had an enormous charisma about him that just made you want to chat. They talked about pro wrestling, his biggest matches, why he turned down that offer with WCW earlier this year (1990) to remain in WWF, and just about life. Before either man knew it, last call was announced, and they staggered out to the parking lot. Well, not Thawne as his was just an act, but the drug he had slipped into his companion's beer had finally done its trick. He managed to steer his target towards the back corner of the building, and after throwing him down to the ground, he pulled out his DNA extractor. Eobard felt the life leave his target's body and then his own body change to become the carbon copy. Picking up his wallet and keys, he headed for the car feeling his long hair being grabbed by the wind. It was an odd feeling being in a different body, but he thought this one would do as he checked himself out in the mirror.

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Unread 07-12-2017, 01:20 AM
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Prologue Part III

Getting a meeting with a media mogul shouldn't be this easy, but as soon as he called up Ted Turner's office, he was told that whenever he could get to Atlanta, he should come to his office immediately. So here he was, sitting in a boring office across from one of the most important men of this time period.

They discussed his turning down the WCW offer, and it was clear to Thawne that Ted was desperate to bring Piper into his wrasslin' promotion. So, he went for the jugular. The only way he was going to sign was if he had complete control of the promotion. Herd out, the TBS flunkies out, he was going to be running it all. Your name would still be on it, but in reality, it would be all mine. He knew the likelihood of that approach working was low, but from everything he had studied of why WCW died, that had to be done.
Ted obviously balked at the idea and almost had him thrown out of the office.

It was time to go to the charts. Attendance was down...a lot. Herd had ticked off a large portion of the locker room. The incompetent staff had even seriously injured the next megastar, Sting. You are losing money, and all the shows are over-exposing your product. And quite frankly, you're getting your butt handed to you by Vince McMahon. While he couldn't disagree with a lot of what I said, the love was too strong for logic to overcome. He still said no.

Thawne looked to the sky and muttered "The blue guy better be happy with this." Here, read this, and he tossed him a tablet. "I'm from the future, and you're going to lose everything. WCW has been dead for 16 years in my present day (no need to tell him I'm from the 25th century after all). Some suits are going to sell your baby for peanuts to Vince, and you're never going to have a single profitable year. Not a one. You're going to be a punch-line, Mr. Turner. I'm going to fix all of that for you. You'll win the war. Hell, they'll be out of business by the end of the decade. I guarantee it." He pulled out the contract and signed with a sigh. "Treat my baby right. Just give me the names of who you want pink slips given to, and I'll sign them too."

Many people didn't have a Happy New Year. Most of the locker room did at the Jim Herd is fired party though.

Roster will be up later Wednesday
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Unread 07-12-2017, 01:21 AM
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Roster as of 2nd Sat. of March

Main Eventers
Rick Martel
Ricky Steamboat
Roddy Piper
Tito Santana

Arn Anderson
Barry Windham
Michael Hayes
Ric Flair
Rick Rude
Tully Blanchard

Upper Midcard
Brian Pillman
Junkyard Dog
Tommy Rodgers

Big Van Vader
Bobby Eaton
Butch Reed
Kevin Sullivan
Larry Zbyszko
Michael Wallstreet (Mike Rotundo)
Terry Gordy
Terry Taylor

B. Brian Blair
Bobby Fulton
Brad Armstrong
Eddie Guerrero
Hector Guerrero
Owen Hart
Ricky Morton
Shinobi (Al Snow)
Tim Horner
Tracy Smothers

Buddy Landel
Dan Kroffat (Phil LaFon)
Doug Furnas
Jimmy Del Ray
Rip Rogers
The Diamond Studd (Scott Hall)

Lower Midcard
Keith Hart
Steve Armstrong

El Cubano (Fidel Sierra)
Jason Anderson
Lt. James Earl Wright
Scott Armstrong
Sgt. Buddy Lee Parker

Bill DeMott
Bob Holly
La Parka
Ultimo Dragon

Dave Finlay
Dean Malenko
El Dandy

Robert Gibson (ACL-2 days)
The Juicer (Bruised Sternum-20 days)

Jimmy Garvin (37 days-Rehab) No one is surprised btw
Tommy Rich (3 months 2 weeks-Rehab)

Missy Hyatt
Trisa Hayes

Alexandra York
Diamond Dallas Page
Jim Cornette
Teddy Long

Announcers & Staff
A-Shows & Events
Jim Ross/Paul E. Dangerously/Tony Schiavone
Jim Ross/Magnum T.A./Lance Russell

Jimmy Jett
Mike Atkins
Nick Patrick
Randy Anderson

Road Agents
Harley Race
Jody Hamilton
Pez Whatley

Authority Figure
Dusty Rhodes

Franchise Players
1. Sting (and Figurehead)
2. Ric Flair
3. Roddy Piper
4. Rick Rude
5. Ricky Steamboat

Next Big Things
1. Brian Pillman
2. Eddie Guerrero
3. La Parka
4. Jimmy Del Ray
5. Buddy Landel

Hot Prospects
1. Eddie Guerrero
2. La Parka
3. Owen Hart
4. Jimmy Del Ray
5. Dan Kroffat

Time Decline
1. JYD (first level/occasional sign of slippage)
2. Larry Z (ditto)

Notable Development Workers
Jericho, Mick Foley, Luger, Nikita, Mysterio Jr., Storm, Steiner Brothers, Dustin Rhodes, Dr. Death, Austin, Regal, Ron Simmons, Shane Douglas, RVD (Some of them may very well be released as they got bad destiny rolls)

There's no one of value on the Hidden Gems list other than maybe Jerry Lynn (the TNA/ROH guy not the lesser version).

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Unread 07-12-2017, 01:53 AM
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You had me at the a bit of reverse flash lol. I'll be following
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Unread 07-12-2017, 12:22 PM
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I'm interested to see where you take this smartman! Good luck!
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Unread 07-12-2017, 07:45 PM
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Thanks for the comments. I hope I can channel Thawne adequately, though Piper has had times where I think he channeled him pretty accurately. Roster is up now in that 4th post.

Prologue IV

New Year's Day got started at 3pm. Did I mention that the Jim Herd is Fired Party was well attended and had a lot of liquor imbibed? I went to the guys that had been on the de facto booking committee to tell them the meeting started at 4pm, but I'd be there at 3 going through contracts.

Oh boy did I have contracts to go through. I decided one of the best ways to cut WWF out at the knees was to create what in the future was coined a Developmental Territory where trainers would work with wrestlers to get them up to the level where we could use them in WCW. I had several people on the roster that were clearly lacking in a few skills that needed to be sent down there pronto, and I had jotted down a list of future superstars that I could grab now on the cheap to make them even better than they turned out to be.

To no surprise, Jim Ross was the first one there. I showed him my list of people for the Power Plant, and to my relief, he agreed with almost all of them. Mainly, he didn't like the Samoans as he thought they couldn't work the WCW-style. I quelled that with the "We can always use a big monster heel every so often, and if it doesn't work out, it just doesn't work out." He did notice the other list I had jotted down of current superstars I was going to send down. "Wow! There are a lot of titles we're going to have to move around. Are you sure some of them are going to agree to that? One of them has an ego the size of Florida." "Hey, they're going to get paid either way, and if they don't, we can always use jobber fodder until their contracts are done."

Oddly, Ric Flair and Kevin Sullivan came in together 15 minutes later. I was going to make a comment about it, but frankly, Kevin scared me a little from watching all those videos from CWF. Not to mention that Flair soon had a contract needing a signature, and I knew that only a true moron would try and run that once-in-a-generation talent off. "Hey, Eric, the group is almost all here so bring in the coffee and food." The best way to deal with a weasel is to kill it, but since I couldn't do that (and I double-checked with Dr. Manhattan), I decided to keep him close. I had given them the lists to look at while we waited for the 5th and 6th members to arrive. They didn't quibble too much, though they'd both been a little too busy to know a lot of the names. The eyebrows did raise when they saw who I was sending down.

Any arguments got cut off when the final two members came in. Arn Anderson was to be expected, but when Jim Cornette came in, they all went over and thanked him for coming back. I let the "How stupid was Jim Herd stories go for 30 minutes" while I caught up on some of the paperwork. Jim put his signature on the contract, and I called the meeting to official order. It wasn't the Rogues, but it was a good group to use to make sure I wasn't going off course. And this body hadn't been in that locker room since 1983, so someone policing that would be good too. I did notify them that Dusty was coming back at the end of the month to be the 7th member once his contract was finished.

"You've all seen these two lists, and I know you have concerns over a few names on this list. They'll be given the two choices of go down there and be in my favor, or stay here and never have another title shot. What you haven't seen yet is this list of people who have contracts being delivered via courier today. I used the last few days up north to grab a few friends from under Vince's nose. Oh, and don't worry about the money. We need new blood. Sting vs Flair can't headline every single card." Flair was going to say something, but then he got to the end of the list which held the name I knew would get two of them practically giddy. "Giddy-up, Ric and Arn because the Four Horsemen are riding again! Sadly, without JJ though as his contract was ironclad."

We worked until midnight coming up with the plans for Clash of Champions XIV and beyond figuring out who were the best bets to take the belts. I also told them that we were truly breaking with the NWA this time so the final, for-the-time-being, Sting vs Flair match was going to be for the new WCW World Heavyweight Title. The other titles would be referred to as WCW then too.

Of course, things would immediately go wrong because everything does at some point...

One last Prologue that will include the storylines and the 3 things that I cashed in via Dr. Manhattan's powers aka the weird stuff TEW spit out.
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Unread 07-13-2017, 09:49 PM
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Prologue V
The best laid plans usually go awry

We left that initial booking meeting feeling tired but very upbeat about the future. Maybe it was getting rid of Herd and the TBS flunkies, my marketing plan that I had passed along to rebuild the house shows and TV attendance, only having 3 TV shows instead of what felt like 15 (Main Event, Power Hour, and WCW--later Sat. Night) so they meant something again, or all the new blood I was cycling in here that would grab a ton of new fans.

Here were the plans:

Sting vs Flair at Clash XIV would splinter into Sting vs the rest of the Horsemen for the WCW World Title and Flair vs Steamboat. Vicious was one of the first people I shipped down to Power Plant because he couldn't wrestle himself out of a wet paper bag and exemplified just how awful the previous regime viewed the best group in wrestling history. Luger would be there through Clash where he'd drop the US title to Windham before going down to development as well, just sold as an injury by the Horsemen as I thought he'd be there through April. I'd told him it would be no later than Superbrawl in May when we talked it over. I had an exciting up-and-comer slotted in for Feb. and on. Hopefully, the youngster would be up to the task.

The tag titles were kind of a disaster. First, we had two titles which I had wanted to reduce to one, but Cornette said that it was something we could actually turn into a strength. We had so many great young tag teams that could use a "lesser" title to battle over while the World title would have the bigger names. That meant a couple of extra teams got added to the hire list, but as things shook out, we needed every last one of them. The World titles had to be changed because while Butch Reed was an established talent, Ron Simmons needed some work. I saw big things in the future for him, but he needed some help to get there. The Diamond Exchange was going to get an expansion and a Freebird reunion as I was bringing back Dr. Death and Gordy from Japan, and I thought they'd be perfect foils for Strike Force who I brought over with me from WWF. Lots of pretty boy jokes to be had.

And then Jimmy Garvin had to show up high as a friggin' kite. That's not what Power Hour means, Jim. So, that shot that to ribbons. Thankfully, Steve was happy enough to go down to the Power Plant to rest up and recover from doing the grueling Japanese tours he'd been on for years. It didn't hurt that I had Jim Ross discuss it with him. That meant Clash had The Fabulous Freebirds defeat Doom and Strike Force via shenanigans that protected both other teams. Tito and Rick Martel have shown their good tag chemistry and are continuing to chase the weasels for the titles to much joy of the crowd (not to TEW who had that storyline heat bug when I was playing this way back when so I had to end the storyline early).

The US Tag Titles were going to be the property of the York Foundation as we all thought this group could go far. The issue was who was going to challenge them after they sent the Steiners down to development, as they desperately needed it. They'd been teasing a Ricky Morton heel turn to join the group while Robert was out with an ACL injury. I promptly said that that was the dumbest idea I think I'd ever heard. The biggest face-in-peril in wrestling history a heel? So, we bounced partner ideas for him to get us through until Gibson was 100%. We settled on Tommy Rich since he fit the best, which lasted for all of a couple of weeks until he misunderstood Power Hour as well. So, we scoured the roster again and were very thankful that we'd signed Blair to be an experienced gatekeeper aka JTTS. The pairing actually worked showing tag team experience is a thing. Their good chemistry hasn't been enough to defeat the computer yet though.

That left the Television Title. I'd been warned by Rick when I signed him that Tom Zenk was way more trouble than he was worth. We both remember the jerk from his Can-Am team in the WWF, but I had been told that he had improved his attitude. Evidently, it went from god-awful to merely awful because he was extremely unhappy with me bringing in Martel, and he just wouldn't shut up about it. He lasted until the Power Hour taping in Week 2 where I had to fire him. So, we did a 2nd title change before Clash with a 4-way match won by the guy who was going to get it anyway, Owen Hart. That turned into a boon for a certain Studd though as he got bumped to the front of the line. Those two are two of our biggest superstars of the future, and 2 years from now, that will be for a more important belt. I'm sure of that, just as I'm sure no one is ever going to do idiotic zipline ring entrances.

The weird stuff

First, as I stated before, this was started way back so my first use of power was to take Sting's psych up to 85 from 80 to avoid the now-neutered psych penalty. So that was my first use of Dr. Manhattan's powers.

Second, I had been checking things daily for weeks, and I just didn't see us reaching what everyone said was National status anytime soon (9 months, it was 9 months so Dec.). I let Dr. Manhattan know that we could wait it out, and that would still line up with the catastrophe. He said he'd see what he could do. I came in on Monday after the weekend shows to a huge reception as we had somehow hit National. The data was unmistakable as the importance of the North West inexplicably skyrocketed while the pop jumped a whole point (to stop the insane drop back down all in a single week). Bow down to Dr. Manhattan's powers. So, I'm just at National and will have a National battle at the end of the month.

Third, I didn't even ask for it. I just awoke to a message from a friend in WWF's legal department that said someone's contract was coming up that I'd be really interested in signing. Oh, this was going to simultaneously hurt Vince and our bottom line. But that's for April so you get the reveal then. (No it is not Hogan, and he's never coming to WCW. I am supposed to be Piper after all.)

Hall of Champions

World Heavyweight

Sting won at Great American Bash 1990 from Ric Flair

United States Heavyweight

Barry Winham won at Clash of Champions XIV from Lex Luger

World Television

Owen Hart won at World Championship Wrestling from Vacated

World Tag Team

The Fabulous Freebirds won at Clash of Champions from Doom in 3-way with Strike Force

United States Tag Team

The York Foundation won at World Championship Wrestling from Steiner Brothers
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Unread 07-16-2017, 06:14 PM
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January Recap

There was only one person I knew was going to be a problem. I really wanted to keep him around, but it was going to be a long shot. He came in on Tuesday and gave me his All Japan dates, and I sighed. "Look Stan, I have some big plans for you if you want to commit to us, but you're no good to us when I can't even book you once in the entire month of Jan. before the PPV." "Are you going to give me the World Title? Are you prepared to double this offer? I'm a king in Japan, and all the titles can belong to me. I'm not Flair, a Horseman-type, or Sting, so either give me some guarantees, or we can part ways." "Okay, Japan is a sweet deal for you, and you're right that you're not getting the World title. If they ever get tired of you or you get tired of working 5 nights a week, you can give me a call. You're a hell of a talent, and there will always be room for talent while I'm running things." "Heh, given the track record of the people in that chair, I doubt you'll be there in 6 months."

The first Saturday Night show had been sufficiently hyped during the week, and I just had to hope that the old "mystery tag partner" gimmick would bring in the viewers. Either things had leaked or Sting vs Flair still filled buildings because we had a packed house. It was a pretty vanilla show since we couldn't get most of the new hires in for the show. I'd payed off legal to let me keep the Piper's Pit segment, and that was the highlight of the show besides the 6-man tag main event between the 3 Horsemen & Sting, Luger, and myself. The crowd popped pretty big for me which was nice as I needed them to accept several WWF stars if this experiment was going to work. All told, a 15k sellout and an 88 gave the doubters in the back pause.

The only things I changed from week 1 to week 2 was moving WCW Sat. Night from taping on Thursday night with both B shows to airing live. That did a couple of things. One, it gave us the freedom to use Power Hour to hit areas outside of our two main strongholds in the South as we kept Main Event taping before WCW SN, and two, it gave us something to differentiate ourselves from WWF. Big house shows had already been booked for Saturday nights for Jan. so we just flipped the house shows and TV with minimal fuss from fans.

As Jim Ross is fond of saying, business picked up for the rest of the month as the roster filled out. We kept it safe by having yet another tag team main event, this time an 8-man tag as the reformed Horsemen aka w/Tully fought Steamboat and us in a massive double DQ brawl as is Southern tradition. It was even better than last week's show as Owen picked up the TV title as well. The show got a 91 in front of another sell-out crowd.

The go-home week, is what the booking committee called it, was the first with a full roster as some of the stragglers had finally gotten cleared. The main one being Rick Rude who was set to go into a program with me. Sting got to close the show by himself by defending the World Title against Kevin Sullivan. The 4 Horsemen let the crazy Bostonian do his work before striking to wear him down for the Iron Man match the next night. They even got to beat me and Ricky down too as the heels stood high to close the show. Another sell-out and an 88.

As we met Sunday morning, the booking committee was a little on edge. Oh how we wished we had another week to build things, but it was all we could do to allow it to be shown on PPV instead of on TBS as they had all been before. Honestly, we needed the Canadian exposure and the money that PPV would bring. It wasn't entirely fair to put almost all the pressure for the show on the main event, but Ric and Steve had been working on the match for a week now and assured us that it would be a suitable end to their year-long rivalry. Hopefully, the other feuds would start to gain some momentum for the next few months to come. The biggest risk was not having myself or Steamboat wrestling, but that was to focus on setting up the feuds for Feb. We all thought that we had done everything we could do when Eric came running into the room saying "It's a sell-out!" On that note, we ended the meeting.

That's still our #1 match btw. I praised Sting, Flair, and Luger who had finally agreed to go to the Power Plant after a slightly disappointing match against Barry. Everyone had stuck around to the end, and it had looked like most of the doubters had finally accepted that just maybe I had righted the ship. That was cemented the next Sunday when Vince put on one of the worst PPV's I've ever seen. Having Ted win the Royal Rumble was a good call, but taking the World Title off of Warrior to give it to Warlord? And having Curt lose his undefeated streak to Bulldog? That explained the call from a certain superstar the end of Feb. I'm not even the real Roddy Piper, and I'm glad I got him out of that nuthouse. It was a 67 show. Ooof...

Financially, the PPV saved us. It made us $725k giving us a net profit for the month of $953k. Hopefully, the economy will recover from this horrid recession as it is at 11 now while the industry is in the mid-60s and falling.
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February Recap

Finally, I had a chance to relax just a little bit. Everyone was under contract and wrestling for us, development was chugging along nicely, and we could take the time to build the Wrestlewar PPV with the 4 full weeks. Now, if we could make it a month without someone needing a trip to rehab, that would be great.

"Hey, Ole, what's up?" I'd just gotten his reports on how he thought everyone was improving so this was worrisome.
"I have no idea what in the hell you told Lex when you sent him down here, but I just caught the guy with enough steroids to kill an elephant! When I told him he didn't need that garbage, he just shot back that he needed something extra to get back to the main roster since they lost faith in me for over a year and now the new guy did in a month."
"Ole, I haven't lost faith in the guy, but this is really starting to make me do so. I'd been brought up to speed on what happened at the lead up to GAB'90, and it wasn't Flair's best work. Still he'd told me he had squared it with Lex. Just try to keep him from doing it outside of his apartment down there. None of the other boys down there need that crap."
This is a pre-set narrative with Lex starting a steroids habit. Sting got a buff to his skills though in a separate narrative so I'll call that a win.

It was crucial that we started diversifying our storylines away from "Flair vs Sting" have to carry the show. So, we dove head-first into the 3 main storylines that were going to be treated equally. First, Rude and I were going to face off as the vain egomaniac vs the guy who was sick of vain egomaniacs. It was a lot of talking by me and flexing and talking by Rude though we still made sure to tie it into the other two feuds as two WWF superstars feuding was a little risky to stand on its own. We did do a Street Fight match stipulation to add to the stakes as I was going to beat him ugly.

The Steamboat vs Flair feud just wrote itself, basically, since they'd wrestled each other 1 million times by this point. Sting announced that he'd found someone else who was just as sick of Flair and the Horsemen as he was, and he was putting together a group to run them all out of WCW for good. He was in Sting's corner for Clash and stopped Ric from using a chain to try and even the score in the Iron Man Match, keeping the belt with Sting. Flair spent all of Feb. livid at both Steamboat and Dusty who wouldn't give him yet another shot at the World title, and if that was the case, he'd just lock on the figure four and permanently retire Ricky.

Sting came out on Sat. Night saying that he'd finally gotten done with Ric Flair and the Horsemen since he'd beaten them all. That brought out Tully Blanchard to correctly state that he'd never beaten him, and that that belt he was wearing would look a whole lot better around his waist than some face-painted freak. The contact between the two was very minimal as we all thought that would heighten the anticipation, but mainly, I pushed for it because we needed to quickly build up Tully's popularity. He'd been away from WCW for over 2 years, and with that massive boost to Sting's pop from the narrative, he wasn't even in the same zip code pop-wise.

That was actually where the only fight came from in the booking committee. Half of them wanted to put Flair vs Steamboat in the main event. We argued back and forth for a week on it before I could craft a compromise that satisfied everyone but Flair. It was time to see what Sting could do on his own, and we had to protect the newly-re-christened WCW World Heavyweight title. It wouldn't look good to not have it main event the first PPV after its birth. So, the compromise was to put the Sting vs Tully match in a steel cage, which was why it had to go on last so they didn't have to waste 10 minutes tearing it down in the middle of the show. We sold it as Dusty using his power to screw the Horsemen/keep the match 1v1 depending on which side you were on.

We did move Brian Pillman into a feud with Windham for the US title. He'd spent Jan. helping out Strike Force against the Diamond Exchange/Freebirds and was progressing nicely. We used a US title match against Tito where it took both Arn and the Exchange to keep the belt with Barry as the launching point for the feud. Brian came out the next week and cut an amazing promo challenging him for the title. The night before the PPV we had the usual Horsemen mugging to setup the excuse for the rematch in March because this one needed to keep going for awhile before Brian was quite there to take it.

The tag feuds were basically unchanged. Lots of brawling and DQ's in the World tag feud and the numbers game was the focus. The announcers continually mentioned that 4-on-2 (DDP and Studd/Hall + Freebirds) was too big of an obstacle for Martel and Tito, even if Pillman helped make it 4-on-3. The US tag feud was similar until Rich got himself sent to rehab finally (first hit had gotten Blair to replace him as I awaited the 2nd hit). We brought up Trisa Hayes from developmental to even the odds. Her mic skills hadn't rounded out as much as I'd wanted them to, but boy could she and Terri (York) have some fights! Hey, we wanted to have something for the high school and college boys to look at besides Missy.

This was always going to be a filler PPV as Vince had already kind of set the baseline of 4 huge PPV's being the way to view wrestling. So, there was a lot of setting things up for the next month. Pillman showed a little of his crazy by resorting to swing a chair around like a loon causing Barry to get counted out. Hey keeping the title without getting hit by a chair is a good thing! The Freebirds DQ'd themselves to retain the World tag titles. The big one was having the ref stop my match against Rude. The premise was I rammed him into the ring posts to where he was too loopy to continue while I tried to bust him open.

Of course, everyone focused on the two main event matches. Flair vs Steamboat did everything it needed to do. Arn came out and helped Ric get the win to setup Arn vs Ricky for March and then Flair again in April as we wanted to kind of spread that out so the 3rd one was at GAB'91. Unsurprisingly, it was the best match of the night quite easily. Tully did an amazing job, which is why I congratulated him to the boys after the show. He just wasn't quite as over as we needed him to be. Still, for a filler PPV, this was a perfectly acceptable main event. We even covered it a little bit more by breaking out the old Horsemen vs Face in a cage beatdown to close out the show.

The gate was amazing as we stuffed that building that was kind of generic looking to 41,000 people. The PPV buys were actually lower, but we made more money with $802k. That was a troubling trend as that was still the majority of our profits for the month as we made $1.18 million. That extra $2 million we'd made for the first two months was going to get put to good use in March as the TV schedule was going to see a radical change.
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Partial March Update

This is the final "boring" post before I start posting show wrap-ups. I think I'm going to copy TFC's summary + one or two detailed write-ups, but instead of each post covering 2 weeks, it will be just 1 week at a time. You'll see why.

Evidently Vince was scared of Clash and just how badly putting the title on The Barbarian went because he had rushed out the first Feb. PPV ever as In Your House 1, and he promptly put the title on The Undertaker. Notably, Hogan and Savage didn't wrestle a match again (I presume they were in the Rumble but not in another match on the card like others were) as they just did a backstage interview with the two. No wonder legal tipped me off, though maybe Randy knew of the link and pushed her to send a message to me that way.

Yes, I was greeted by a bouncing Eric as he said in his weaselly-voice "You got a call from Stamford this morning with an urgent reply requested." Once I shooed the toady off, I dialed up Sophie who gave me the news that Randy's contract was coming up, and he was looking for leverage against Vince. "Heh, yeah, leverage. I have all the leverage I could ever need to get him away from Vince. Thanks for the call, Sophie." Yeah, I could tell him he'd never get the World title again, the banishment to the announce desk wasting his last prime years, the permanent banishment from WWF due to a certain daughter and one-night stand. Oddly enough, I didn't have to use any of that dirt. Turns out he was pretty fed up there, and he'd already figured out the no-World title run part. I just had to spend a fortune to get him as it turned out he was using Vince for leverage on me. $50k/month and 10% bonus per PPV later, and I had the superstar that won me the Star Power battle in perpetuity.

First came hitting National and now I had won the battle. Now, I just had to win the war. With that settled, I took my first gamble. 2 B shows and 1 A show was fine for a Cult company, but once I hit National, that needed to change. Power Hour was the perfect choice to go as it was all by itself on Thursday nights, but there was a problem. It had nearly 3 (5?) more years on its contract, and they were going to make me pay through the nose to cancel it. Bye bye budget surplus. It cost me over $3 million to cancel it. Yes, it was crazy, but I needed the boost to my main eventers without short-changing my midcarders their B show slots. Not to mention that I needed those extra A shows to keep boosting my pop in the Great Lakes and North West as they're sitting on 66 Importance, and I wasn't keen on dropping back down to Cult with victory in sight.

So, we now had a schedule of

Thurs.-(Live)Thursday Thunder (I love alliteration)
Sat.-(Taped for Sunday) Main Event (B) and (Live) World Championship Wrestling aka Sat. Night all on TBS and A shows in Primetime
Sunday-Week 3 PPV on Turner Premier and TV3 (Scandinavia) in Primetime (don't ask me how that works, guessing it's their Monday nights?)

As stated in Feb., we kept the feuds going pretty much the same with the exception of Ricky facing Arn. Not having Ric wrestle was more of the "Can we survive without Flair carrying us" that we needed to answer as his contract expires in 3 months after the PPV. He'd said all the right things, and he was so much happier now than he had been in Dec. However, Vince now had a giant hole in his roster, and sticking it to me and WCW would thrill him almost as much as that big, sweaty man main event Taker vs Barbarian did.

Speaking of possible malcontents, Paul Heyman had been a model citizen so far, but he'd already sued TBS once to force himself back into the company. I needed a back-up plan, and there was literally only one option on the entire market (80+ CC skills are just Paul and Jesse in the mod; that's it while Heenan is on a written with WWF), Jesse Ventura. I signed him to be the CC on Thunder first just to test chemistry (I'd found none up to this point) with the thought of pushing Paul towards managing full-time. A Dangerous Alliance stable would work even with the Horsemen still there, I think.

The big question that I haven't totally convinced myself on is should Savage be a face or a heel? I am bringing in Elizabeth (and Lex is being given a restraining order by me to keep away from her or be fired once he's called up).

Here's my rationale and I'd love to hear your arguments. Just don't tie it to historical thinking. You saw me wash 4 years away by having Tito and Martel re-team as Strike Force (my #7 favorite tag team of all time fwiw). So yeah, he's a heel in WWF.

Face-He'd be the 4th member of the Death to the Horsemen face group (Sting, myself, and Steamboat). I could cycle things around with the 3 top Horsemen and Rude for over a year, and if I ever wanted to put the title on him, I could bounce it back to Flair first and do a 6 month build-up with the "You've always been 2nd best everywhere you've been" too close to real life storyline. The biggest factor in it is that he's more over than every heel I have except Flair, and I want to keep the Horsemen as the top heels.

Heel-I'd be forced to shove Arn & Tully into the World Tag title feud with Strike Force, which would require them winning the belts first. Savage would then be thrust into a World Title program with Sting and merry-go-round with myself and Rude which would be 3 WWF guys (Rude's 50/50 really), which yeah, the game doesn't simulate as pop is pop, but that's a little weird to key up right off the bat. He's always been viewed as a better heel than face, though Elizabeth isn't. She does have a 50 heel rating which isn't atrocious. I could run a storyline of "The Future vs The Past" which would be odd when you remember that they're only 7 years apart but Sting was the fresh, hot thing while Savage wrestled in WM1.

So any input on that would be greatly appreciated. If you want to go into great detail (and as Mr. Wall-o-Text guy on here, that's fine), just PM that to me instead of posting here.

The go-home shows should be up by this weekend.
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I'd say start with savage as a face, your plan makes sense and can always switch it up in 6-12 mths if you lose flair for example
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WCW Thursday Thunder

Week 3 UIC Pavilion Chicago, IL 10,000 Sell-Out
Rating: 90 A
Announcers: Jim Ross, Jesse Ventura, Tony "No Mustache" Schiavone
We open the show with Windham and Flair banging on Pillman's locker room door. They get no response so they start insulting him, calling him crazy and a loose cannon unworthy of the US title. Then, they drop the bombshell announcement that their match on Sunday was going to be a Texas Death match. This gets Pillman to open the door with a big grin on his face. "That's one of those No DQ matches, right? And you can't run like a chicken like you did at War, right? Sounds lovely, and I have that $100 gift certificate at that hardware store that's about to expire." He slams the door as the 2 Horsemen look like they've just figured out this wasn't a great idea. Rating: 98
vs &
Fabulous Freebirds I w/DDP vs Holly & Octagon
Fairly straightforward squash match for the World Tag champs. The announcers hyped their match against Strike Force on Sunday. Rating: 72

Ricky Steamboat and Dusty Rhodes are backstage discussing Spring Stampede and his match with Arn Anderson and seeing if Flair could be banned from ringside. The Diamond Studd struts in and says "Yeah, you two old folks go have your match while the best wrestler in the world takes the TV title. You couldn't hang with me in the ring because I'm the Studd of professional wrestling, and you're just a dud." Dusty and Ricky look at each other, and Dusty says, "You two have a match tonight, and (looking at Studd) good luck because I think you'll need it." Rating: 93
& vs
The Fantastics w/Missy & Lightning Express vs State Patrol, El Cubano, & Jason Anderson
This was a build up 2 face tag teams match as both teams got to show what they can do while the heels put up a decent fight at times, but the end was never in doubt. Rating: 66

As we return from commercial break, The Rockin' Bees w/Trisa are standing in the ring. They start to hype their last chance at the US tag titles and how talent wins matches, not computers. The York Foundation charge out from the back, and a good, old fashioned brawl breaks out in the ring. A key trip by York on Morton turns the tide, and soon things look dire for the faces. There's a roar from the crowd though as someone comes running down the aisle.

Robert Gibson is back! York starts screaming for them to retreat, and Gibson helps them by dropkicking Taylor over the top rope. Ventura takes that moment to add "That's all well and good, Jim, but there's only two titles and 3 of them." Rating: 64
Rick Rude vs Ultimo Dragon
This was a quick squash match to let the crowd decompress and hype up the upcoming interview with his Stampede opponent, Roddy Piper. Rating: 81

Spotlight Segment
We're sent to what looks like Piper's house, but is actually just a set at TBS studios. We get the introductions and niceties out of the way before delving into the interview.
"Mr. Piper, you've made quite a name for yourself since you've been here in WCW, and you've been well known in wrestling for over a decade. The question I've gotten most from fans is why you joined WCW?"

"Well, Lance, wherever I've been has become the top wrestling company within 6 months of my coming there, and judging by how things have gone these past couple of months, it's clear that WCW has become #1. I'm ever so humble, Lance, (wink to the camera) but there are a lot of world class wrestlers here. I'm just happy to be in a place that values wrestling.

"Speaking of someone who isn't humble, it seems that Rick Rude has become a thorn in your side, lately. Why do you think he singled you out?"

"I'll tell you Lance that I've met some people with egos the size of Texas, but that self-proclaimed Sexiest Man Alive, might have the 2nd biggest one I've ever met. Honestly, I thought I'd scrambled his brains so bad at WrestleWar that I might have been rid of him, but the ego won't let him stay down. It's my job Sunday night on PPV at Spring Stampede to put him down for good."

"Well Mr. Piper, it's been set to an in-ring only match where you can't chase the opponent outside the ring and only a 5 second count-out. Rude wants to settle it in the ring going so far to claim that what you did to him last month was cowardly, and he's going to prove you can't out-wrestle him."

Stands up and gets in the camera's face "I am no coward, Rude! And I just ran out of bubblegum. See you Sunday, pretty boy!" Rating: 89 (I'm blaming it on Lance's low pop)
vs w/
Ricky Steamboat vs The Diamond Studd w/DDP
There were 3 goals for this match. The first was to see just how good Hall could be. The second was to continue the feud with Flair. The third was to get Studd out of the TV title match. The first question had a slightly disappointing answer, not terrible but not as good as some other young studs had shown already. I'll monitor whether it was because it was outside of Ricky's top two areas or due to Studd. The 2nd and 3rd goals were intertwined as Flair charged down to the ring and while DDP had the ref distracted, tried to execute his patented chop block on Steamboat. Alas, Ricky moved leaving Studd's right leg to bear the brunt of the attack. Ricky made a quick cover after that as medical came running out from the back to check on Studd. Rating: 87

To kind of placate Paul E., I went ahead and gave him a talk show spot tonight, and given how well this went, he may get to keep it as long as he wants. His first guests were Martel and Tito, Strike Force. Paul laid it on thick bringing up every loss they've had, ignoring the blatant cheating the Diamond Exchange had used to win. He also hinted at their past troubles, but mainly at their lack of experience against a team that had been wrestling together for over a decade. Rick and Tito held their own though pointing out that they'd both won top titles throughout their career, and they were on the same page. Come Sunday, those tag titles were going to be theirs. Rating: 99
Bobby Eaton vs La Parka
Another quick squash match to build up Eaton and let the crowd breathe before the main event. Rating: 72

The TV champ and his manager Missy Hyatt were backstage discussing the situation with Studd looking like he's not going to be able to go on Sunday. They both agreed that they were going to be defending the belt against someone, and Dusty said he'd make the announcement Saturday night. Missy said that 24 hours would be plenty of time for the best Hart to prepare to keep his title. Rating: 81
Arn Anderson vs Eddie Guerrero
The main event featured one of those young studs in Eddie Guerrero who was looking for a little revenge after Hector had taken Flair to the limit on last Sat. Night's show before tapping out to the figure four. Considering Arn's lesser pop to Ricky's, this was the better match, and Eddie gave it all he had. He just didn't have the experience that Arn did, and slowly but surely, Arn had grounded the high-flier picking up the win. Rating: 87

We ended the show by going back to our pre-recorded news conference publicizing the Spring Stampede PPV. This was the part hyping the main event World Heavyweight title match between Sting and Tully Blanchard. There was the typical banter back and forth, but the biggest news was Dusty announcing that to prevent a repeat of last month's mugging by the 4 Horsemen, the match would be a Lumberjack match with 10 guys he handpicked to keep anyone from interfering. Tully ended the segment getting into Dusty and Flair's faces saying, just loud enough to get picked up on the mics, that you could only screw over the Horsemen for so long before a reckoning will come. I'll take that title because I can beat your face-painted freak. Rating: 100

WCW Saturday Night

Week 3 Mid-Atlantic, 16,000 Sell-Out
Rating: 93 A
Announcers: Jim Ross, Paul E. Dangerously, Tony "No Mustache" Schiavone


We open not in the arena but in what looks to be a very posh nightclub. The Four Horsemen are seated around a corner booth. They say that they were more than happy to take the night off because Dusty didn't want anything to happen to his friends. Enough is going to happen to his friends tomorrow night as Arn was going to clip the dragon's wings, Barry is going to beat the living hell out of that loon, and Tully is bringing the World Heavyweight title back where it belongs. So we're going to party all night like only the Horsemen do while you can just stare at that clock counting down to your beatdowns. Rating: 100
The Fantastics w/Missy Hyatt vs Scott Armstrong & El Dandy
A quick squash match so the announcers can hype the PPV and the opening segment. Rating: 66

The York Foundation are in Dusty's office demanding that something be done about Robert Gibson and he better not be allowed to be at ringside tomorrow night. Dusty quips that he isn't tech support so if you precious computer isn't giving you satisfactory results go see them. As for Gibson, he promised Dusty that he would stay in the back unless you pulled some shenanigans like you have before. That was fine with him so that's how it was going to be. They storm out of the office stating that they're holding onto the tag titles by any means necessary. Rating: 84
w/ vs
Michael Wallstreet w/Alexandra York vs La Parka
Ross commented that maybe Taylor was looking for tech support. There weren't any laughs in the ring as an unhappy Wallstreet took his frustrations out on La Parka in a squash. Rating: 70

We return to another part of the press conference. This time featuring the Piper vs Rude match. We rehash the match stipulation of 5 seconds for countout, and you can't follow the other person outside the ring. Rude said that this would prevent the skirt-wearing, cheap-shot artist from avoiding wrestling me in the ring like a man. I retorted that I didn't see a man over there as you use more product in your hair than the entire managers do, and if you think you can out-wrestle me, maybe that junk had wrecked your brain more than I thought. Rating: 100
Teddy Long took a moment to hype up his client Butch Reed ahead of the 4-way #1 contenders match for the TV title. He promised that Reed was going to bring doom and destruction to the 3 fools in the match and take that TV title so that the powers that be couldn't keep his client off of TV anymore. Rating: 89
w/ w/
4-way TV Title #1 Contenders Elimination Match: Bobby Eaton w/Cornette vs Butch Reed w/Long vs Brad Armstrong vs Hector Guerrero
What's a great booker's trick for the go-home show? Don't book almost all of your main stars so they can't get hurt. This was an excellent match given who was involved, 2 mids and 2 upper mids. Given the fact that the two heels had managers and the faces didn't put them at a huge disadvantage and one that the heels took full advantage of by cheating non-stop. Hector went first followed by Brad. The end came when Butch ran into Long who was distracting the ref and got rolled up by Bobby for a cheap win. Rating: 83

When we get back from commercial, Owen and Missy are at the interview area waiting to go on to hype the TV title match tomorrow night when Cornette and Eaton come strolling by talking about how it is going to be so easy beating that dumb Hart and his even dumber manager. He doesn't even seem all that concerned when he realizes Owen and Missy heard everything. Cornette even adds "Beautiful Bobby is one of the best wrestlers in the world, and you aren't even the best in your family. That title is too much for you." Owen just laughs. "When you're the youngest in a big family, you're used to old people trying to bully you around. It won't work with me. Just be ready for tomorrow night." And Missy adds, "And in what world are you considered Beautiful Bobby?" Both heels are left stammering as Tony is trying not to laugh at the announce desk. Rating: 82
Brian Pillman vs Dean Malenko
A quick squash match for momentum for Pillman as the announcers hype the Texas Death Match tomorrow night. Rating: 79

Another first time talk show segment as Jesse Ventura brought his Body Shop to WCW. His first guest were The Fabulous Freebirds w/DDP. It devolved into a group hype as they spent most of the time talking about themselves and taking turns ripping on Strike Force. The Danger Zone this wasn't. I should have known better than to let Jesse get to take shots at Tito again. Rating: 83
vs w/
Sting, Steamboat & Strike Force vs Vader, Landel, Del Ray w/Cornette, and Furnas
This was called "Please God, don't let Vader hurt anyone!" and also, it was playing keep Vader from getting into the match. Vader got into the match enough to clear house a few times, but the 3 middleweights did most of the work. Cornette kept the crowd engaged by continually trying to use the tennis racquet on the top faces. Everyone looked good in the match, but the match was never in real doubt when Vader wasn't in the ring. Big thing is no one got hurt. Rating: 90

We ended the show with a hype video for the Spring Stampede PPV featuring the big matches and superstars, and dear lord was it way better than the 1994 one in real life. Seriously, go YouTube it. It is so utterly hokey. No wonder they were never a real threat to Vince except for that 2 year run with all of Vince's top guys (Taker and HBK excepted). Rating: 100

WCW Main Event

Recorded before Sat. Night airing before the PPV
Rating: 77
Announcers: Tony "No Mustache" Schiavone/Magnum T.A./Lance Russell

Robert Gibson & Trisa Hayes hype main event vs Larry Z
Kevin Sullivan & Rip Rogers def Keith Hart & Bob Holly
Missy Hyatt hypes her stable (Owen & The Fantastics)
Dan Kroffat w/Paul E. cheat to defeat JYD
Paul E. Hypes Kroffat & Furnas as future tag team champs
Robert Gibson def Larry Z by DQ as the ref caught him cheating
The Rockin' Bees w/Trisa taunt The York Foundation
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WCW Spring Stampede 1991

World Heavyweight Title
Lumberjack Match
Vader, Butch Reed, The Fantastics, Los Guerreros, Junkyard Dog, Shinobi, Robert Gibson, & Rip Rodgers

Sting(c) vs Tully Blanchard

Ricky Steamboat vs Arn Anderson

World Television Title

Owen Hart(c) w/Missy Hyatt vs Bobby Eaton w/Jim Cornette

5 Second Count-Out & No Fighting Outside the Ring Allowed
Roddy Piper vs Rick Rude

World Tag Team Titles

The Fabulous Freebirds(c) vs Strike Force

Filler Match
The Young Pistols vs Landel & Del Ray w/Jim Cornette

United States Heavyweight Title
Texas Death Match

Barry Windham(c) vs Brian Pillman

United States Tag Team Titles
Robert Gibson banned from ringside unless York Foundation cheats

The York Foundation(c) w/Alexandra York vs The Rockin' Bees w/Trisa Hayes

There is no prediction contest, but feel free to post your guesses and/or any diary feedback so far. The card will hopefully be up by this Thursday or Saturday (Friday has too much TV).
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World Heavyweight Title
Lumberjack Match
Lumberjacks: Vader, Butch Reed, The Fantastics, Los Guerreros, Junkyard Dog, Shinobi, Robert Gibson, & Rip Rodgers

Sting(c) vs Tully Blanchard

Ricky Steamboat vs Arn Anderson

World Television Title

Owen Hart(c) w/Missy Hyatt vs Bobby Eaton w/Jim Cornette

5 Second Count-Out & No Fighting Outside the Ring Allowed
Roddy Piper vs Rick Rude

World Tag Team Titles

The Fabulous Freebirds(c) vs Strike Force

Filler Match
The Young Pistols vs Landel & Del Ray w/Jim Cornette

United States Heavyweight Title
Texas Death Match

Barry Windham(c) vs Brian Pillman

United States Tag Team Titles
Robert Gibson banned from ringside unless York Foundation cheats

The York Foundation(c) w/Alexandra York vs The Rockin' Bees w/Trisa Hayes
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