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Unread 12-11-2017, 09:32 AM
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Default WIRE: Kings of Wrestling [CVerse - Multiplayer]

We are...

We are... the Kings of Wrestling

We are...

- it's CVerse
- it's Multiplayer
- it's Pro Wrestling versus Sports Entertainment
PGHW = @willr0ck
NOTBPW = @Uncrewed
TCW = @southside_hitmen

Booking Committee = @Dr_Avalanche

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Unread 12-11-2017, 09:33 AM
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How This Works:
- This is a "lite" version of multiplayer. The participants listed all create their own shows, handle their own rosters, events, etc... However, the main file is ran by me. We don't "pass" the file around as that seems to be a big friction point in past multiplayer games. By keeping it to one person, we don't risk someone dropping out and ruining the file for all. Hopefully, if successful, it can provide a template of how multiplayer games can work consistently.
- We communicate via Slack. I post up shows, the latest file, graphics, etc... all in the Slack channel. This way, if I get hit by a bus, the file can keep rolling
- Every company was able to sign 5 workers at game start, and will be able to sign 1 worker per month going forward (details below)
- Each company also has a "waiver" list of 20 workers currently on written contracts with other companies. This list is not shared with others. The idea behind this is that it prevents people from "hoarding" workers
- The only "pre-game" editing done is the creation of the alliance and signing of any PGHW worker on a touring contract to a written deal


1) 5 workers will be signed to written contracts
2) Send 8 workers in your list, ordered in most important to least important
3) If more than 1 person has the same worker, the highest ranking will be given priority
- Ex. If 2 people have same guy on list, but one ranked #1 and another ranked #3, the company who ranked themat #1 will be given priority
4) You can sign any type of worker (staff, wrestler, etc...)
5) The worker must be unemployed or on a PPA deal and available in your region
6) If the worker is loyal to another company, they will be signed on a PPA deal instead of a written contract
- If 2 or more people have a person rated the same, we will do a random roll to decide
7) Once the 5 workers for each company are determined, send me contract details (sans $, I will make sure you get worker on money) and length (up to 3 years)

Future Months
1) You can sign 1 worker every month
2) Order of signings will be determined by highest rated show in previous month
- If 2 people have the same “Max” show rating, the average of their shows in the previous month will be used as a tiebreaker
- If both Max and average shows are the same, we will use the ratings from 2 months ago
- If all of the above are the same, we will do a random roll to decide

“Flex” Signing
1) Every 4 month period you also have 1 “flex” signing that can be used on:
- An existing tag team out of your company (see example 1 below)
- A worker who is part of an existing tag team with someone already in your company (See example 2 below)
- A worker whose written contract comes up in another company (see “Waivers” section)
>>> Ex. 1) You could bring in the Ring Generals as a team in the same month
>>> Ex. 2) Say you are PGHW, they could use their extra signing on KAZ since he is in an existing tag team with Eien Miyamoto. You could then use your other pick that month
2) The 4 month periods for this Dynasty will be:
- Feb-May
- Jun-Sep
- Oct-Jan

1) After worker signings are complete, we will each have a "blind" waiver list of 20 workers who are currently on written deals with other companies (available in your area)
2) If a worker's contract comes up, the person with them rated higher on the waiver list will be given priority for the next round of signings
3) Workers not on any waiver list who come up for contract renewal, will be offered to owners with highest show first
4) If you choose to invoke your waiver claim on a worker, it will use your following month’s signing slot or you can use your "flex" signing
5) If a worker is rated the same by 2 or more users, waiver priority will be determined by highest rated show in previous month

“Bonus” signings
1) Each month after PPV’s, you will choose 3 people for your own company as signees
2) Whatever forum member wins the “pick ‘em” contest can choose a worker from 1 of the company lists to grant that company an extra signing for that month
3) Other bonuses will take place throughout the year

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Unread 12-11-2017, 09:33 AM
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Unread 12-11-2017, 09:35 AM
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Total Championship Wrestling (TCW)

ROSTER (Click to expand)



The Syndicate

| - - Wolf Hawkins - - | - - Jay Chord - - | - - Human Arsenal (The Machines) - - | - - Brent Hill (The Machines) - - | - - Greg Gauge - - |


Adrenaline Orchestra

| - - Sammy Bach - - | - - Guide (The New Wave) - - | - - Scout (The New Wave) - - | - - Nelson Callum - - | - - Matt Hocking - - |


- - - - - SHOW RECAPS - - - - -
They're Back....
A Surprising Debut
By Any Means Necessary
Go Home For Malice In Wonderland
TCW Malice In Wonderland 2016
TCW Junior Heavyweight Cup Gets Under Way
Speed Bump
TCL Qualifier and Junior Heavyweight Cup Semifinal
Turn It Up To 11
TCW The War To Settle The Score 2016
TCW Total Champions League - Night 1
TCW Total Champions League - Night 2
TCW Total Champions League - Night 3
TCW Total Champions League - Night 4
TCW Total Champions League - Night 5
TCW Total Champions League - Night 6
TCW Just Another Day? 2016 - TCW Total Champions League Final

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Unread 12-11-2017, 09:41 AM
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(Tokyo, Japan)
In a dusty, dim-lit backroom the leaders of the 4 preeminent work-rate promotions in the world meet to discuss the rising tide of Sports Entertainment in wrestling.

| - - Kyle Rhodes - - | - - Jeremy Stone - - | - - Nobuatsu Tatsuko - - | - - Tetsuzan Kaneko - - |

As we join the conversation, TCW Owner Kyle Rhodes speaks with the help of a translator.
Kyle Rhodes (TCW): "SWF and USPW are killing us at the gate. And with Tommy gone.... It's just tough for us right now"

Jeremy Stone (NOTBPW): "USPW is a pain in our rear-end too. CGC isn't much of a threat in the immediate future, but I worry about SOTBPW expanding to Canada as well."

Nobuatsu Tatsuko (PGHW): "I still don't see why you called this meeting Kaneko-san, we have been at odds for years. Why am I here?”

Tetsuzan Kaneko (BHOWTG) "Kajahara's Modern Japan Movement is only the tip of the iceberg as a threat to our business and way of life. The public saw Burning Hammer's move to a full-time schedule as a move towards the MJM, but it couldn’t be further from the truth. We are just trying to survive. USPW, SWF, SOTBPW, and 21CW aren't going anywhere either and will reach the Japanese audience sooner or later. Their mere existence is a disgrace to the wrestling business"

Kyle Rhodes: "So what are we going to do about it?"

Tetsuzan Kaneko: "Between our 4 companies, we have the best wrestlers in the world. Screw 'Sports Entertainment', this is about Puroresu. We are the only ones capable of fighting against this. And we can only do it if we work together.”

Nobuatsu Tatsuko: “Ha! You want us to work together? This is ridiculous, I’ve wasted my time in coming here.”

Jeremy Stone: “Is it ridiculous? We have no shot of reaching an audience like USPW with that damn network of theirs. I have no interest in giving up what my father built just so Allen Packer can add a few more subscribers to Reverie. But maybe, just maybe, if we work together...”

Kyle Rhodes: “It’s not just USPW either. If I see Champagne Lover on one more daytime soap while I'm changing channels in SoCal, I might just puke. Unfortunately, their take on Wrestling is clearly getting eye balls, whether we like it or not”

Nobuatsu Tatsuko: “I hear you all, but we have almost been run out of business by Kaneko-san here many times. What's to say he doesn't try another coup with our companies like he did with Burning Hammer? I have just about run out of patience with the complaining of threats from foreign lands. Give me one good reason to not pack up and leave right now”

Tetsuzan Kaneko: “The Elite Series, Tatsuko. It holds the key to driving back these imposters. Despite our differences, I have long-admired the idea of the Elite Series and what it represents. Let's take your idea of putting best vs best to a global scale. The top workers of PGHW, BHOTWG, NOTBPW, and TCW battling it out to see who is the top wrestler on the planet. All the soap operas, subscription networks, and raunchy entertainment in the world can’t hold a candle to seeing who the best in the world really is.”

Nobuatsu Tatsuko: “Our best versus your best, Kaneko? You have my attention now. The boys would love to prove what we already know, that PGHW is the best in the world.”

Jeremy Stone: “I think the Stones will have a little something to say about that Mr. Tatsuko. Mr. Kaneko, NOTBPW is in."

Tetsuzan Kaneko: “Mr Rhodes, you've been quiet. Are you with us against 'Sports Entertainment'?”

Kyle Rhodes: "With you? Heck, yes. SWF and USPW's brand of 'wrestling' as the number 1 promotion in the US has gone on far too long. TCW is in. Let’s show the world that Wrestling Is Real Entertainment

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Unread 12-11-2017, 12:37 PM
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OOC: Before we start, I just want to say that I'm stoked to be a part of this. I loved this idea when it came out, and hopefully I can hold up my end of the bargain with Burning Hammer.

Speaking of which, we're hitting leadoff with the very first show of this thread's existence, so here we go! Hopefully, this format works for everyone. If it doesn't, let me know.

- - - - -

BHOTWG Lords of the Ring
January 2016, Week One
Location: New Mei Sports Stadium
Attendance: 10,000


- - - - -

MATCH #1: Helikaon, Hijo Del Relampago, and Crimson Ghost vs. Gonkuro Kamioka, Hirokumi Saito, and Jin Miyamoto

Tetsuzan Kaneko: "As booking rationales go, this is pretty simple. One team is comprised of guys who will be heavily featured in this company for years to come. The other is not. It's my goal to get these guys some exposure and slowly groom them for success going forward."

Kaneko: "Not a bad opener, but it's disappointing that Crimson Ghost had a bad night. Hopefully, we can go back to the drawing board and come up with something that suits him."

MATCH #2: Matthew Keith vs. Java

Kaneko: "Matthew Keith is the best long-term prospect we have. He's a very good worker, and he's good enough on the microphone to provide value to our alliance partners in North America. We need to start establishing him as a major force in Burning Hammer, and I plan to pull out all the stops."

Kaneko: "Matthew Keith dominated this match, since I don't have any plans for Java given his age and lack of in-ring ability. This was fine."

MATCH #3: Marihito Masuko, MYSTIC Dragon, and Heihachiro Sakai vs. Hyosuke Kokan, Kansuke Konda, and The Incredible Koyama

Kaneko: "Our juniors division is a real strength, and this was a good way to get most of the high-profile ones on the card. Kokan and Konda have the junior tag belts, but I'm not sold on the idea of running with them long-term since we've got prime young talent on the roster."

Kaneko: "This turned out well, although the losing team didn't exactly have a good night. Thankfully, the other three carried the match and heated up the crowd."

MATCH #4: Elemental III, American Optimus, and Red Panther vs. Shimedzu, Golden Scorpion, and The Awesome Kiyaru

Kaneko: "Remember what I said about the other six-man match? Pretty much the same stuff applies. Elemental III is one of our most valuable commodities, Optimus and Panther are a fun tag team, and the other three guys are, at the very least, useful veterans to have on the roster."

Kaneko: "Elemental III is freakishly gifted. While nobody else mailed it in, he carried this match and certainly justified getting the pinfall. He's obviously one of the faces of our company."

MATCH #5: Koshiro Ino, Yasuhiko Taira, and Yasunobu Masuno vs. Natsu Miyamae, Toshiki Shibanumo, and Nissho Yuasa

Kaneko: "Shibanumo and Yuasa are our tag champions, but Shibanumo is in terminal time decline, and he's showing his age in the ring. Meanwhile, NEO is one of our hottest acts. They're all hugely popular, and it's time to give them a bigger role within the company."

Kaneko: "Once again, one team carries the match. Shibanumo clearly had an off night. If that continues, change will be justified in the tag team division."

MATCH #6: Sensational Dragon vs. Bairei Yasujiro (Burning Junior Championship)

Kaneko: "I wanted a title defense on this show, and this made the most sense. Dragon is one of the best performers in the world, and while Yasujiro is older, he can still work and has enough of a following to justify the title shot."

Kaneko: "Well, that's unfortunate. The match was moving along quite well until Yasujiro strained his wrist. It's nothing serious, thankfully, but the match really suffered after he got hurt. It wasn't bad, far from it, but it could've been so much better."

MATCH #7: Kinnojo Horri vs. Maaaki Okazaki vs. Tasuku Iesada

Kaneko: "It's important to me that we get all of our top stars on the card, and this was a good way to do that. It's a nice semi-main event, and hopefully it sets the table nicely for the top match."

Kaneko: "Horri wasn't receptive to taking the loss, but we kept him strong and that seemed to satisfy him. Iesada is one of the best and most popular heavyweight workers we have, so it's important to keep him on the right track."

MATCH #8: Hiroaki Nakasawa vs. Eisaku Hoshino

Kaneko: "This is our main event, and the winner will get a title shot against Tadiyuki Kikkawa later this month at our first pay-per-view. It's my hope that the match provides a conclusion to the show that our fans can be proud of."

Kaneko: "That will work. Nakasawa advances to the main event of the pay-per-view, but Hoshino loses nothing in defeat. That's important, because he's one of our top stars."

SEGMENT: Kikkawa, Nakasawa square off

Kaneko: "We needed to build anticipation for the match, and that's what this did. There's no denying Kikkawa's presence, and Nakasawa's popularity makes him a worthy challenger."

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Unread 12-11-2017, 11:48 PM
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January 2016, Week 1
Attendance: 12,000 (Tri-State)
Shown On: USA Sports 1

Announce Team

| - - Jason Azaria - - | - - Kyle Rhodes - - |



Match #1

In a poor pre-show match, Giant Tana defeated Flying Jimmy Foxx and Jeremie Courtney in 7:59
Result: Giant Tana defeated Jeremie Courtney with a Big Fat Samoan Squash
Grade: C-

Booker's Note: I needed a match with an odd number of participants with 35 guys on roster, and I want Tana to have a little momentum for a singles match next week (more on that later)


Match #2

In a pre-show bout that had decent wrestling but didn't have much heat, Devine Fortune defeated Benny Benson and Elliot Thomas in 7:50
Result: Chance Fortune defeated Elliot Thomas by pinfall with a Stroke of Luck
Grade: C

Booker's Note: Standard fare here. Devine Fortune get the pinfall over an Enhancement guy.



Opening Segment

Kyle Rhodes kicks off the show and announces the creation of WIRE: Wrestling Is Real Entertainment. The alliance will feature workers from Burning Hammer, PGHW, NOTBPW, and of course TCW competing to see who the best wrestlers in the world really are. There will be cross-promotion competitions throughout the year, and he will announce the first big competition at Malice in Wonderland.

Tonight, Rocky Golden and Aaron Andrews will be in six-man action as they prepare for their rematch later this month. Aaron Andrews will be out to address the TCW crowd later tonight.

Every wrestler on the TCW roster will be in action tonight, so Rhodes says to expect to see all your favorites. Whether you are checking out TCW for the first time or are a long time fan, there is something for everyone.

In the main event we will see Wolf Hawkins and Joshua Taylor square off in tag-team action in advance of their World Heavyweight #1 Contender match at Malice in Wonderland.

Rhodes also announces the creation of the TCW International Cup. A tournament which will be held throughout the month of January, with the Final occurring at Malice In Wonderland. The winner of the TCW International Cup will get a shot at the TCW International Championship at Total Mayhem in May.

Rhodes also announces the tournament kicks off TONIGHT with two first round matchups. He throws it to a video and that highlights the participants and ends with a bracket of the tournament
Grade: C-

Booker's Note: Needed to explain the first bits of the alliance and announce the International Cup. Also wanted to setup expectations for the card


TCW International Cup Participants and Tournament Bracket

Grade: B-

Booker's Note: This is just a short (3 min) video package with all 8 participants off-screen. It's a safety net if an angle bombs later in the show


Match #1: TCW International Cup - Round 1

In a decent match, Sammy Bach defeated Joel Bryant in 15:14
Result: Sammy Bach defeated Joel Bryant by submission with a Bach on Your back
Grade: B-

Booker's Note: Sammy gets a singles win and good match vs one of our top performance skill guys (got the note that Bach did improve in performance skills after as well)

Updated TCW International Cup Bracket


Goldworthy Introduces His Monsters

Floyd Goldworthy comes out to hype up 3 of his monsters who will destroy Ricky Dale Johnson
Grade: B

Booker's Note: Goldworthy has a "Great" rated gimmick, good entertainment skills + three guys with high menace. Rating safety net in case something bombs. Handle a gimmick tweak for Killer Shark before a match.


Match #2

In a decent match, American Buffalo and The Behemoths defeated Ricky Dale Johnson, Eddie Peak, and Dazzling Dave Diamond in 9:35
Result: American Buffalo defeated Dazzling Dave Diamond by pinfall with The Stampede
Grade: C+

Booker's Note: Need behemoths to get in there vs. some guys who can work in the ring to up their skills. RDJ and Buffalo are in a starting storyline, so a 6-man match makes sense here.


"Ace" Andrews and Rocky Golden Face-Off

Aaron Andrews comes out and talks about how this isn't Tommy Cornell Wrestling anymore, this is HIS TCW. He's earned if by beating the best and taking the title off Rocky. Rocky Golden takes offense to that and reminds Andrews he won the title in a 4-way and Rocky wasn't part of the pinfall. It may be Andrews now, but not for long.

The two stare-down in the center of the ring as the locker room empty's to pull-them apart. They will square off in a 6-man match later tonight
Grade: B

Booker's Note: Catch people up on the "Rocky's Rematch" storyline, good chance the rating is high (though I was a little disappointed in the grade)


Match #3

In a decent match, Bryan Vessey, Marc Speed and The Elite defeated Troy Tornado, Matt Hocking and The Canadian Animals in 10:09
Result: Bryan Vessey defeated Matt Hocking by pinfall with a Vessey Driver
Grade: B-

Booker's Note: Vessey and Tornado are both in Time Decline, but have good skills to pass on. The 2 teams kind of have similar gimmicks and everyone else but Vessey and Tornado got multiple "improving in..." notes post-match


Match #4 - TCW International Cup - Round 1

In a bout that had good wrestling and decent reaction from the crowd, Human Arsenal defeated Brent Hill in 11:37
Result: Human Arsenal defeated Brent Hill by pinfall with the Ammo Dump
Grade: B

Booker's Note: 1st round match-up, guys with history (as you will see below) so not many chances to pair them off in a 1v1 going forward. Fishing on Arsenal to see if he prefers 1v1 matches for some match-ups down the line.


The Machines Bury The Hatchet

Post-Match, The Machines bury the hatchet and shake hands.
Will we see The Machines, one of the most dominant teams in TCW history, back together?
Grade: C

Booker's Note: Setup, setup, setup. That is all

Updated TCW International Cup Bracket


Match #5

In a bout that had good wrestling and decent reaction from the crowd, Rocky Golden and The New Wave defeated Aaron Andrews, Danny Fonzarelli and Bart Biggins in 15:21
Result: Rocky Golden defeated Danny Fonzarelli by pinfall with a Rocky Road
Grade: B+

Booker's Note: Continue the Rocky vs. Ace storyline. Add some setup for others down the road


Match #6 - Main Event

In a bout that had good wrestling and decent reaction from the crowd, Wolf Hawkins and Jay Chord defeated Joshua Taylor and Mighty Mo in 20:13
Result: Wolf Hawkins defeated Mighty Mo by pinfall with a Full Moon Rising
Grade: B

Booker's Note: Continue 2 storylines heading into Malice in Wonderland. And...this


Post Main Event

The match is over and Taylor and Mighty Mo are left down. Hawkins and Chord are celebrating, but then stop and see their opponents are still on the ground. Seeing their intent, The Machines come down the ramp, to confront Hawkins and Chord. As the teams square off, Hawkins gives the group a wry smile as they all turn towards the fallen Taylor and Mighty Mo.

Hawkins, Chord, and The Machines attack beating both Taylor and Mighty Mo into the canvas. Wolf and Chord put the exclamation point on the beatdown hitting tandem Full Moon Rising (Wolf) and Cradle Piledrivers (Chord) with The Machines assisting.

Hawkins grabs a microphone, looks into the camera, and says,

"This may not be Tommy Cornell Wrestling anymore, but it's for sure not Aaron Andrews or Rocky Golden's TCW either.
It's my time to lead the pack.
It's my time to reconvene the most powerful group in the history of TCW.
It's my time to lead...........
The Syndicate

Grade: A

Booker's Note: They're back....

For those not indoctrinated into CVerse lore, The Syndicate was Tommy Cornell's elite heel stable similar to Evolution in WWE. Unlike the most recent Evolution run though, The Syndicate will try to "make" a young guy like Chord like Evolution did in it's original form with Orton/Batista. Wolf and The Machines were part of the original stable, with Tommy Cornell as the leader and Sam Keith as the vet. Wolf becomes the new leader and sets up some "faction" warfare leading to Malice In Wonderland.



Booker's Note: Increased our pop in 26 regions. That move to cancel the Pop! Network deal and switch to USA Sports 1 pays off (and it better as it cost me ~$2 million to do so). No negative booking notes on the show recap. All-in-all, we will take it as a success. And... The Syndicate is back!!!

Thanks for reading!

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Loving this so far! So much beautiful work put into it already, can't wait to see the minds collaborate.

Thinking Human Arsenal could go the distance in the International Cup.
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There's a lot of promise for this diary and I'll keep watching. The Syndicate's return at TCW got me intrigued.
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Originally Posted by Kijar View Post
Loving this so far! So much beautiful work put into it already, can't wait to see the minds collaborate.

Thinking Human Arsenal could go the distance in the International Cup.
Thanks for the kind words! Arsenal did get the (motivation) note of getting a bonus so he seems to be setup to deliver just that little bit better in 1v1 matches. Something I will keep in mind going forward.

Tournaments are an easy way to add "stakes" to matches throughout the month and you will see them heavily as the focus of the dynasty is on competition.

Originally Posted by MisterRomanini View Post
There's a lot of promise for this diary and I'll keep watching. The Syndicate's return at TCW got me intrigued.
Thanks! I think there is more to their story to be told, and an Americanized puro fed needs it's stables for multi-man tags so it seemed like a natural fit. If I can ever pry Tommy away from 21CW, it sets up for some interesting scenarios as well.
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Erik Strong defeats Mark Griffin after the Strong Sault (Moonsault) in 4:36 (C)
Stone's Notes: Mark Griffin actually did almost as good as Erik Strong, I don't know if it says more about Mark or Erik.

NOTBPW Championship Wrestling, January 2016, Week One
Attendance: 7,983 at Victoria Royal Athletic Park
Commentary Team: Samuel Curran & Tom Townsend


The first episode of NOTBPW Championship Wrestling starts off with Duane Stone making his way down to the ring to a huge pop. Stone says that he's had a thorn in his side over the past couple of weeks in the form of Steve DeColt. After Duane continues to talk about DeColt...

Steve DeColt makes his way down to the ring to a chorus of jeers!

DeColt says that he doesn't care about the Stone family, he only cares about winning the NOTBPW Canadian Championship! DeColt says that if Stone thinks that he is a thorn in his side, then he'll gladly face him tonight in the main event. Both men stare each other down and we go to commercials.

Stone's Notes: Duane & Steve are good on the microphone, especially Steve.


Stone's Notes: Shooter Sean Deeley is really good, but we already knew that. I'm more impressed by Michio Gensai, it's a shame he's only on excursion.


After the match is over, Shooter Sean Deeley stands tall in the ring until...

The Can-Am Blondes run in and attack him!

Owen Love & The Natural beat the living daylights out of Deeley until they hit him with the Culture Clash! The Can-Am Blondes stand tall as we go to commercials.

Stone's Notes: I smell a handicap match!


Stone's Notes: This was a number one contender's match. Plum will now face Brooke Tyler for the NOTBPW Women's Championship at Big City Brawl.


Stone's Notes: The Aces will now face Haynes & Brown for the NOTBPW Tag Team Championship at Big City Brawl. Maverick & Frost will be teaming regularly from now on.


NOTBPW Television Championship Match

Stone's Notes: Cameron Vessey is the next top guy in NOTBPW, that's all.


After that match is over, we cut to Johnny Bloodstone backstage. Bloodstone says that the sun has set for a NOTBPW legend, Sean McFly. Bloodstone says that McFly has felt his wrath before and he has seen the blood & fire of Bloodstone. Bloodstone finishes by saying that a new era of destruction will encompass NOTBPW.

Stone's Notes: What can I say, Bloodstone is a beast at promos.


Stone's Notes: Harrison Hash is getting up there in age, he's definitely moving down the card. Bloodstone was amazing in this match, but when isn't he?


After the match is over, Johnny Bloodstone celebrates his victory silently until...

Sean McFly runs in and attacks Bloodstone!

McFly takes Bloodstone down to the mat with a double leg takedown before he picks up Bloodstone and attempts the Delorean Driver (Spinning Northern Lights Bomb)! Bloodstone manages to rake McFly's eyes and quickly flees up the ramp. McFly yells at Bloodstone as we go to our final commercial break.

Stone's Notes: I'm ready for an early match of the year candidate, are you?



Stone's Notes: DeColt/Stone delivered, Westybrook/DeColt will be good.


After that hellacious match, Steve DeColt decides to celebrate by attacking Duane Stone. DeColt hits Duane with an exploder suplex before attempting a DeColt Stampede (Running Bulldog)! Before Steve can hit it...

Tim Westybrook runs down for the save!

Westybrook blasts DeColt with a lariat before attempting the TNT Whirlwind (Spinning Elevated Powerbomb)! Before Westybrook can hit it, DeColt wiggles out of it and flees up the ramp. NOTBPW Championship Wrestling comes to a close as Westybrook helps Duane Stone to his feet.

Stone's Notes: Standard show closer to hype up the PPV. Overall, I would say this was a very solid episode of NOTBPW Championship Wrestling, I got some good plans for the next couple months.
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OOC: Okay so you will eventually notice that I am running PGHW on a full time schedule. Just wanted to explain why in a little further detail b/c I am one of those traditional Puro guys that likes to run a touring schedule. Since this is a 4 player game and the alliance has several tournaments throughout the year it made more since to shift to a full time schedule. Especially with the 3 other companies in the alliance running full time as well. Plus it makes it easier on me to only have to book one show a week as I'm busy with my mod and work and real life stuff.

PGHW The King’s Road
Primetime On Japanese Sports Vision 2
Thursday, Wk 1, January 2016
Kanto, Japan - Tochigi Sports Stadium
Attendance - 10,000
Rating - 6.75
Announce Team: Keiji Takeda & Sosa Morri



Goemon Komiya & Stone Yoshikawa VS Gonnohyoe Kada & Tsurayuki Kamachi

Kada & Kamachi come out hot and take the fight to Komiya and Yoshikawa with a flurry of offense but eventually the experience of Yoshikawa and the strength of Komiya prove to be to much for the younger duo. Komiya traps Kada in the Stretch Muffler and Kada quickly taps.
Winners: Goemon Komiya & Stone Yoshikawa
Rating: C-
Notes: Thanks to Kamachi everyone improved their performance skill

Main Show:


As the show opens fans are treated to a video package showcasing the rising tension between Yoshimi Mushashiibo and Akinori Kwakami as they head into their Glory Crown Championship match at Night Of RESPECT.
Rating: B-
Notes: None


Art Reed, Bryan Holmes & Totoyo Munakata VS SATO, Hirobumi Takimoto & Hirokazu Yamanoue

All six workers try to push the pace in this match at the start. Great wrestling all around by both teams. Reed, Holmes and Munakata get the win when Art Reed hits Dark Matter on Takimoto.
Winners: Art Reed, Bryan Holmes & Totoya Munakata
Rating: C
Notes: To summarize; Hirobumi Takimoto is hot garbage


After the match Art Reed challenges SATO to a championship match at Night Of RESPECT.

“SATO, I just beat your team and at Night Of RESPECT I’m going to beat you and take your belt. Are you man enough to step in the ring with me?”

SATO gives Reed a long hard stare and simply nods his head as he leaves the ring.
Rating: D
Notes - I knew this would bomb, but I like to set up my title matches on the tv shows regardless so I just rolled with it.


Jimbo-Yashi VS Naga-Mori

The match starts out with lots of back and fourth offense from both teams. Naga-Mori use their experience to their advantage and work over Kobayashi for a bit until he makes the hot tag. Jimbo isolates Nagahama and locks in the Seiji Ocean Lock. Nagahama has no choice but tap out.
Winners: Jimbo-Yashi
Rating: C
Notes: Seiji Jimbo is better than everyone else in the match - Shocker! Also Kobayashi & Moriaki shouldn’t work matches called in the ring. Well that is kind of required at PGHW so let’s just ignore that.


Defenders Of Honor (Yasuda, Ugaki & Muruyama) VS PRIDE Warriors (Kamasaka, Yano & Kikuchi) VS Renegade Nation (Kunomasu, Makiguchi & Kitoaji)
Elimination Match

The match quickly becomes a knock down, drag out slobberknocker, with all nine men brawling in the ring at the same time. Eventually the referee regains control, separating the men and getting them to their corners. The Defenders Of Honor are the first to be eliminated when Kunomasu submits Muruyama with the Roll-Through Kunomasu Vice. Renegade Nation wraps up the victory when Chojiro Kitoaji nails Kikuchi with the Kitoaji Lariat and the 1,2,3!
Winners: Defenders Of Honor (Yasuda, Ugaki, Muruyama)
Rating: C+
Notes: Brute Kikuchi is also terrible at calling matches in the ring, but he is very good at power bombing the @#$% out of people.


Kozue Kawashima VS William Hayes

With a focus on storytelling, Kawashima and Hayes start the match slowly, feeling each other out. Kawashima eventually takes control, dropping Hayes with a big lariat and nailing the Kawashima Driver 2005 for the pin.
Winners: Kozue Kawashima
Rating: B
Notes: These two are good at wrestling, they wrestle good matches. Everything is good.


After the match Kawashima is in the ring celebrating when suddenly Raymond Diaz runs in and nails him with a big boot. Diaz picks Kawashima up like a rag doll, drags him over to the corner and hits a wicked tombstone piledriver from the second rope. As Kawashima lays lifeless in the ring Naizen Uboshita comes out to the dismay of the crowd. Naizen looks pleased as he motions for Diaz to follow him to the back.
Rating: B
Notes: Diaz smash!!! Raaaarrrrrrrrrrr!!!


Yoshimi Mushashibo & Eien Miyamoto VS Akinori Kwakami & Noriyori Sanda

With both Mushashibo and Kwakami wanting to build as much momentum as possible going into their showdown in three weeks both men wanted to have a good showing, much to the fans approval. Miyamoto and Sanda, wanting to support their stable mates both brought their A game as well. Mushashibo and Miyamoto looked to have the upper hand when Kwakami, much to the shock of the crowd, threw Mushashibo out of the ring and powerbombed him on the apron. With Mushashibo down, Kwakami locked Miyamoto in the Kwakami Pain Lock and he was forced to tap.
Winners: Akinori Kawakami & Noriyori Sanda
Rating - B+
Notes - Mushashibo suffers chronic knee pain after a Kwakami botch. Son of a ……! At least he won’t miss anytime. Everyone in the locker room hates Kwakami for injuring the companies top draw. Now he has morale issues, wrestlers can be so sensitive. (Time to hand out some bonuses to cheer everyone up!)


After the match Mushashibo crawls back into the ring, hunched over, recovering. Kwakami stands over the kneeling Mushashibo, giving him a 1000 yard stare and simply points the Glory Crown as the show goes off the air.
Rating: B
Notes: None

Overall Rating: B -
Notes - Honestly, I’m not that happy about the B- but I can live with it. I was pulling B’s & B +’s during the test save but them’s the breaks. I had several guys off their game tonight and my top guy got injured but can still compete so I can’t complain too much.

Danger Kumasaka, Hirobumi Takimoto and Stone Yoshikawa were overused. I guess your right TEW, using them once was way too much.

After the show Masaru Ugaki emails me and tells me Hirobumi Takimoto is the worst and I should fire him. He also says that until I fire him the entire locker room will now refer to him as Hirobumi Crappymoto.

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