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Unread 01-01-2017, 04:00 PM
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Default Hate the Game

The date is Saturday, December 23rd, 2000.

Our scene is a Christmas party, a rich man’s party. Champagne and caviar flows freely, as well dressed guests chatter amongst themselves about stocks, bonds, rental properties, vacations, and other general things that the “one percenters” care about most. One finely suited guest, the man throwing this entire shindig, floats around the room shaking hands and small talking as he moves past his fellow business owners. He then notices a man sitting alone at the in-house bar, not in a fine suit but clad in a leather jacket and blue jeans – which doesn’t suit the gray haired man wearing them.

But this is the man who was sent an invite, despite how many people said that it wasn’t a good idea. Our host walks over to him, watching him sip at a bottle of beer, before greeting him.

“Hey there, Eric; you look like you need some company.”

He glances up from his bottle briefly, a defeated look in his eyes. “What am I even doing here? I barely work for the company anymore, and once the merger goes through, I’ll be out the door even more; Hell, we probably all will be on our asses.”

“Well that’s why I invited you! Because you were the man who made it happen. You turned my baby into a profitable man for years, and I think you could do it again.”

“That’s just a pipe dream now. Vince is breathing down our necks. We won’t last until April at this rate. I spoke to that Kellner at the party earlier, and as soon as the merger goes through, he’s kicking us off the air.”

“It isn’t that bad. Our last shows were pretty good! The fans can come back, we just need to keep with what’s working.”

“With what? We barely have two dimes to rub against one another at this point.”

“That’s where I can come in, one final time, my friend.”

“What are you talking about? I thought your whole amount was tied up in legalities?”

“The company is still mine at this point, I don’t care what they keep pushing on the news. And that means I can still sell a part of it off if I want to, especially a part that they don’t want. Kellner knows some of the other guys, and they’re a little shady… I don’t want them to have the fate of my baby. You go home, and on Monday, stop by the offices. Come right into my office. I’ve had a paper drawn up for months now, just waiting for your signature. It won’t promise any money, but what it does promise is three months of hope.”

“I can’t pay anything for it. My investors aren’t guaranteed yet.”

“Don’t worry about it. Just come on Monday.”

“But why would you do this, when you can make more money by selling?”

“Eric, I’m getting to be an old man. My company is being merged out of my hands. Jane sleeps in a separate room, I think she wants a divorce. And the last thing I want to see is Vince’s faces on my networks ever again. What I want is to be able to sit down at the end of a long Monday and watch some ‘rasslin’.”

The fire is in Eric’s eyes, the defeated man gone, as he listens to the speech.

“I don’t want to lose my baby without having a say in it. So come on, Eric; make me some good ‘rasslin’ again.”

The date is Monday, December 25th, 2000.

A secret board meeting has just happened. There were only three people in the room.

Ted Turner, Eric Bischoff, and Sophie Burns, the secretary, as a witness.

As Eric heads back home, his signature on legal documents that sell him World Championship Wrestling as of January 2nd, 2001.

And all he had to give for it was one dollar and a promise.

That he would take the company and continue making good ‘rasslin’ for Ted Turner.

“Let’s get back to work.”


The date is Monday, January 1st, 2001.

Vince McMahon is just biding his time, waiting for WCW executives to call him.

But the call has never come.

The ratings have been declining slowly, not enough to be a problem yet but also just enough to be a concern. He has cranked up the McMahon drama to unseen levels, knowing that is what the crowd wants for sure. That’s what he can count on. The crowd just doesn’t know it yet.

Why in the Hell hasn’t Kellner called yet? Heyman has already been on the phone, the deal is about as done as it can be without ink on paper yet. My monopoly is so close to being completed, but the major player hasn’t showed his hand yet.

The show for tonight has already been taped, and there is no new Nitro to oppose it. If fans want wrestling tonight, they’ll watch. And then next week, we can start building for the Rumble. That always brings them back around. And then WrestleMania, my baby, my greatest creation! They always come in droves for WrestleMania!

But why in the Hell hasn’t Kellner called yet? Vince appeases himself by sitting back and thinking about the past year.

“It should only be a matter of time.”


So yes, this is my new toy. Is 1994 dead? Well, for now, yes. I needed something new, fresh, and shiny, and now I have it, thanks to MrCreative and his brand new January 2001 mod.

And yeah, a few people knew I had this planned out for a few months now... I did not rip off TFC by starting a WCW 01 diary!

The way I’m doing this is not as complicated as I’m about to make it sound. I am playing all three major American companies in this, WCW and WWF and ECW, as Eric, Vince, and Paul. But I am only going to be really giving a weekly write-up to WCW. The WWF will be given a brief, brief look, while ECW is only going to have one final show: the pay-per-view Guilty as Charged. I am only playing as Paul basically long enough to let ECW die, so that the AI doesn’t try to rescue it. I know that is likely to be an unpopular decision, but I hope you’ll stick with me despite it.

The stage is set for World Championship Wrestling and Eric Bischoff to make one more big go at the top here – so it’s time to see what they could do now that they aren’t on the chopping block.

Just remember; make sure you don’t hate the player. Just hate the game.

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