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Unread 08-11-2017, 09:21 AM
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Default BCW Presents Wk 1 June 17 results

BCW Presents TV Show Wk1 June 17
Welcome to BCW live from The Altrincham Ice Dome in the North of England as we are only one week away from our anniversary show celebrating BCW presents live on TV.

We expect to hear more tonight following the shocking turn of events at Highland Fling 2 and the new mysterious saviour of BCW who is looking to bring sanity to our ranks.

Who is this Ricky Storm and what does he have in store for the BCW faithful? Only time will tell.

Morgan you brought him to BCW yet it seemed you were caught off guard with some of his sentiments last time out?

Thatís right, I still believe he can lead BCW to new heights however I have some concerns about his messaging so letís see where this takes us.

Announce team Ė Wahid Dahl, Peter Anderson & Morgan Penny


In a pre-show bout that had sub-par wrestling and little heat, Ryze defeated Todd Blade in 12:45 by pinfall.
*Blade still rusty
*Ryze soft drug use an issue
Rating D

In a pre-show bout that had decent wrestling but didn't have much heat, Johnny Gallo defeated DeVonte Smith in 15:24 by submission.
*DeVonte improving performance skills
*DeVonte soft drug use an issue
Rating D+

In a pre-show bout that had decent wrestling but didn't have much heat, The Northern Lights defeated Power Connection in 26:01 when Riddick Jordan defeated Mike Frobel by pinfall with a Lights Out.
*Konrad improving in performance skills
Rating C

Main Card

Another Promo hitting the opening of the show out the park as Redskull and Helga turned up the thumb screws on all those thinking of challenging for the Hardcore title.
*Helga was superb working without a script and had the crowd in the palm of her hand throughout
*Strong start
*crowd hotter
Rating B

In a bout that had decent wrestling but didn't have much heat, Alroy Farrelly defeated Braveheart in 12:41 by submission after interference from Ricky Storm.
Rating C

We see Ricky confront Alroy following his victory, he claims his presence at ringside brought about the change in fortunes for the Irishman and he should align himself with the saviour of BCW if he wants such good fortune to continue. Alroy nods thoughtfully.
*Storm was masterful here
*Alroy was also good without a script
*Crowd hotter
*Storm looked good
*Alroy underperformed
Rating C

In a bout that had good wrestling but little heat, Marie Chevallier defeated Kairi Eriksen in 12:01 by submission.
*Too long
*crowd a breather
Rating C-

In a bout that had great wrestling and good heat, Ryan Jarvis defeated Viktor Beskov in 27:16 by submission after interference from Ricky Storm.
*lack of selling on display
*crowd hotter
Rating C+

Again we saw Storm come out to ringside causing a distraction allowing the win, and again he declares this is proof of his divine right to rebuild BCW in the image of Sanity. He tells Jarvis he is a main event star yet he is clearly drifting back down into the shuffle without having achieved his true potential, only under the guidance of the Saviour can he reclaim his Sanity and reach what should be rightfully his here at BCW.
*Storm struggled here off script
*Jarvis did a masterful job
*Crowd hotter
Rating B-

In a bout that had great wrestling but little heat, Sabine Maier defeated Emily Jay Cobbs in 14:47 by pinfall.
*lack of psychology
*far too long
*crowd a breather
*Sabine was clearly on soft drugs tonight
*the rating is harsh given the performance warranted at least a C+
Rating D+


In a bout that had superb wrestling and good heat, Ricky Storm defeated Thomas Beaumont in 28:41 by pinfall with a Super Kick.
*Crowd hotter
*Ricky improving his technical skills
Rating B

Following the match Storm stands atop the entrance ramp and two men come out to join him.
Itís Alroy and Jarvis, both men look totally different wearing similar style gear.

Storm speaks to the crowd, this is the start of something special here at BCW, this is where Sanity is brought back to the teaming masses by any means necessary.

For I am the saviour of BCW and I will bring a Storm to rebirth your Sanity.

We see a sign flash up on screen with a new logo for the SSC lead by Storm and now with its first two members.

*Alroy did not look too good here
Rating C-

The Altrincham Ice Dome in the North of England
Att: 2,525 (343,100 Viewers, 0.45) BBC Local TV
Show Rating: B-
Increased pop in 45 regions

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