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Unread 07-20-2018, 07:57 PM
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Default Voting on Alliance Title Changes, Alliance Events, Owning/Booking an Alliance, etc.

1. Voting on Alliance Title Changes: I feel like this feature is needed after playing a save where I "Made NWA Great Again" in the late 90's. My promotion NWC was the biggest NWA promotion, and the one with the most coverage, and the one with the biggest stars when I made Shane Douglas my NWA World Champion for example. However, he still lost the title to some guy I've never heard of in ECCW, a promotion far smaller than mine.

I feel like there should be a majority vote, that works in the Decisions system, whenever a Alliance Member tries to book a title change. The AI companies would vote based on the drawing power of the workers involved, the length of the current title reign, and the visibility/coverage of the promotion trying to make the title change. So if the title reign has gone on for a long time, the other feds would be more willing to let the championship change hands, but only if the future winner is relatively over enough and the parent company of the wrestler is visible enough.

This would best simulate situations like TNA, where you wouldnt see Jeff Jarrett, Ken Shamrock, AJ Styles, Raven, etc. dropping the title to a random indy wrestler in another country, since they would be more over in their home region, and in a company with more visibility than the other alliance member.

2. Alliance Events: I feel like the player, or the AI working as the Alliance itself, should be able to book Alliance-promoted events. We can sorta do this through Alliance Loans/Talent Trades, but my Idea would allow the use of anyone, or everyone, from any Alliance Member Promotion without limit, as long as the promotion is willing to be a part of the event (which would depend on the Openess/Hostility of the Owner of the fed).

The events would get a boost in ticket sales and tv/ppv ratings depending on the talent you use and the Alliance Momentum. So for example, if you had all of the figureheads of the member promotions on the same event, theoretically you would gain the benefits of having them all on your Alliance event, same as if the Alliance has high momentum.

3. Owning/Booking an Alliance: I think in the next game, you should be able to run the Alliance as a quasi-promotion in a sense, playing as the President of the Alliance. You would be able to promote and book events and tv shows for the Alliance, with the proceeds and expenses being divided between the Alliance Members that partake in the events/shows.

Being the President of an Alliance will also allow you to have the final say in any pending Title Matches for Alliance-owned Championships, and will even allow you to select the winner of the title matches in the Decisions section. You will have to have tact when booking championship winners and losers though, because if you make too many left field choices that the Alliance Member or Workers don't like, it can lead to tension between you, the Alliance Member, and/or the worker, which would lead in either you having heat with the worker, or the Member Fed possibly quitting the Alliance.

You will also obviously have the power to invite or dispel any promotion without question, which could give you a good or bad relationship with the Owners of the promotions. Instead of pleasing your Owner as a Head Booker, you would be trying to please the Owners of the Alliance companies, so booking their wrestlers more or less favorably during Alliance-Run Shows/Events, or approving or vetoing any planned title changes will please or displease them into either loyalty to you and the Alliance or Quitting the Alliance and having a bad relationship with you.

4. Alliance Momentum: I think Momentum should be the foundation of a well-run Alliance in future games. This will be more challenging or strategic to maintain over time, and I think will give Alliances some more purpose, especially if you run it. The better shows (relative to the Member Fed's size) the Members put on, the more your momentum rises, and the worse the shows are, the more your momentum falls. Main Event Talent or Alliance Champions being signed away to written deals by Non-Alliance Companies, or Simply Quitting or defecting to Non-Alliance competition will lower your momentum.

Better or Worse Alliance-Run events will affect Momentum the most, events run by the smallest Alliance companies will affect momentum the least. Likewise, if a small/local alliance company quits the Alliance, it wont affect your momentum a whole lot unless most or all of your Members are the same size, but Large Regional and above promotions leaving will greatly affect your momentum to your detriment.

Momentum will also be the basis on which your Alliance can find and maintain Broadcaster Deals for its TV Shows and Events, can convince promotions to join , stay or leave the Alliance, and can convince workers to join or stay with an Alliance Member rather than sign an exclusive contract elsewhere.
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Unread 07-21-2018, 07:21 AM
Adam Ryland Adam Ryland is offline
GDS Developer
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I wouldn't get your hopes up: I can't see any scenario where 1, 2 or 3 would ever be in the game.

1 is a decent idea in theory but I don't think you've thought through the implementation consequences (or, to be more accurate, I think you've looked at it only through the lense of a 1 player game). For a player-controlled event it isn't too bad, as the AI members can certainly make instant decisions on any match you've booked, but if you're in a multiplayer game you'd need to have a system where all the other players can log in just to register their decision. That's going to be pretty clunky in any implementation, especially if you rebook the match or change the winner as then all the players have to come back and vote a second time.

For AI-controlled events where one or more players are in the alliance it's much worse - you either have to stop the game mid-load and allow each player to log in and give their vote, or, make it so that the AI makes its booking decision a day in advance to allow the players to register their vote. Both of those would require the game to be radically rewritten.

You'd be far better off with a much simpler system of having a list of "approved" champions that any member can veto wrestlers off. You get the same effects but without the messing about with pausing every time there's a title match so everyone can get their say.

Idea 2 has been discussed to death in the past, and again is very unlikely to ever be in TEW.

Idea 3 I think is a cute idea (although I think you're being overly optimistic in your belief that it'd be an amazing experience where your machiavellian plotting and political nous allow you to use subtle strategies - even dedicated political simulators struggle to get even close to that sort of experience, I doubt it's going to work any better inside a wrestling sim) but I would seriously doubt that'd ever come to pass as that's more a political simulator than a booking one - it's so different from anything else in the game it'd be like grafting a sub-game onto TEW.
Adam Ryland
Designer of TEW, WMMA, WreSpi, and Comic Book Hero

Last edited by Adam Ryland : 07-21-2018 at 07:27 AM.
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Unread 07-21-2018, 03:25 PM
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Originally Posted by Adam Ryland View Post

You'd be far better off with a much simpler system of having a list of "approved" champions that any member can veto wrestlers off. You get the same effects but without the messing about with pausing every time there's a title match so everyone can get their say.
I would totally love to see this being implemented. OP does have a point of our biggest stars losing the title to nobodies, things that wouldn't happen irl.
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Unread 07-23-2018, 07:05 AM
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Originally Posted by shawn michaels View Post
I would totally love to see this being implemented. OP does have a point of our biggest stars losing the title to nobodies, things that wouldn't happen irl.
I agree. I see it kinda' like a list of possible figureheads. The list is composed of people who "could" win the title.
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Unread 07-23-2018, 08:11 AM
Skummy Skummy is offline
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Point 1 is an interesting one - I don't think a vote is necessarily the best way to make it work, for the reasons Adam mentioned, and because it could soon become tedious, but some degree of potential conflict over alliance titles would be a welcome addition.

I played an early '90s WCW game, as an NWA member, a while back, and had a feud built up over the NWA World Title, only for the champion to drop it to a complete nobody in another promotion. I ended up borrowing him for a show, getting a low rated match, and getting the belt off him, and on to Antonio Inoki in the hope that he'd be less likely to willingly job to anyone!

I think "approved champions" may be too prescriptive; I'd hate it as a player if I wanted to put the World Title, or the Tag Titles, or whatever, on someone, only to find that they're not "approved" - Tag Titles in particular, I could see being especially problematic.

All I can think is of a pop-up along the lines of a wrestler being unhappy with a proposed finish, of another promoter being unhappy with you taking the title off one of their roster, and it affecting your relationship with that promotion, and maybe even having the risk of getting you kicked out of the alliance if you go against other members' wishes too often. The larger the promotion, the more say they would have over decisions within their alliance. This could still get needlessly fiddly on multiplayer games, though, and I'm not sure there's an adequate solution for that.

The only other addition I can think of is for the alliance to have either a lead promotion, or a president, and they would have the equivalent of "creative control" over title changes - so if you tried to take the title off a big star and on to one of your midcarders, the president could step in and veto the decision.
Similar to owner types, the president of an alliance could be set to various different roles - lifetime, bought, appointed, or serving a term of X number of years - and could potentially be able to give something akin to "owner goals" to any promotion under their jurisdiction. Though, again, that's possibly just introducing too much needless bureaucracy to the game.
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Unread 08-10-2018, 10:00 AM
dragonster dragonster is offline
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Thinking about the "approved champions" list:

Maybe it could be possible to ask for a wrestler, or team to be considered to be put on that list. Then, during other promotions turns they have a decision whether to vote for or against this new addition to the list.

Maybe you could also propose that a wrestler or team should be taken off the list which would be voted on in a similar way. This option wouldn't be available until the wrestler(s) had been on for a period of time without holding the title.

Promotions would then be able to book any of the "approved" wrestlers or teams to win the title.
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Unread 08-10-2018, 10:36 PM
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One thing that could be a possibility (again i'm not a programmer so I don't know the behind the scenes code) is the alliance does a sort of check for AI criteria on possible figureheads for the alliance. When the current champion faces someone who would actually be better suited for the title the AI checks to see if that person would be a good figurehead for the Alliance.
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Unread 08-12-2018, 04:16 PM
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What about at the beginning of each year all companies in the alliance could nominate one or two of their workers to be candidates for a potential title change and hence only workers on this list could dethrone the current champion.

This would make for an interesting decision at the beginning of the year and not completely unrealistic as I read in a book about the NWA that something similar was done in order to choose the champions.
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