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Unread 07-30-2018, 05:38 PM
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Default Spot Shows/House Shows For Companies Smaller Than Cult

Let me say this, I really enjoy the house show feature for Cult and above. I really do. I would just like to see it extended to smaller wrestling companies.

I look at house shows like spot shows. This is particularly important if you're running a historical mod or just want to play as a small, but full time, wrestling promotion.

I'd love to be able to book spot shows, maybe I can't run as many as a Cult Promotion, but maybe I can run two or three spot shows a month that I don't have to book (like my big show), but can get my guys out there getting work. I know that with Cult and higher the workers have to be under written contracts to work on them, but perhaps that can be over hauled that you can either be written, or PPA but not working for other companies.

I just think it would add an element of realism and also an added revenue stream/way to get guys experience/etc...

I look at it like Ohio Valley Wrestling in the early 2000's. Yes they had weekly TV, but they were running three additional shows a week as they built to their big shows. The old territories used to run five to seven nights a week but were still building to bigger shows.

Maybe it's a secondary feature called spot shows instead of house shows.
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