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Unread 08-07-2018, 07:48 AM
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Default Couple of suggestions

I have a couple of things that have come to mind when playing through my current game:

- I'd like to have an excursion option when setting up an alliance like NJPW have with a couple of companies. It's not always financially possible to set up child companies and allowing them to go on PPA deals means they still take a morale hit when you don't book them. In this case you'd be able to send them off for a period (3, 6, 9, 12 months) and they would be unavailable to you during that time.

- The option to book child companies. I know this comes up a lot but I think it's something that would be good to do. The challenge of having to book what wrestlers they gave you and having to deal with call ups changing long term booking plans would be good. It would be similar to having owner goals turned on but rather than you can't hire wrestler over x age and pop must be greater in this area etc. It would instead be things like wrestler X is being called up in 1/2/3 months and needs to be x pop or a particular level of push (would need to auto push to that level).

- I know I'm in the minority with this but I like the old storylines that gave you certain requirements that needed to be met to progress the storyline. I think this was a better way of keeping track of where storylines are currently at and where you were progressing with them especially if you don't play a save for a certain amount of time. I know you can write this in the description but I often run out of characters to do this, especially for my longer term feuds. And you could still have the unchained storylines for those that prefer the current method.

- I'd like to see adverts placed within your booking screen if you are showing them on those type of broadcasters. As an example, when WWE is on TV they will often have commercial breaks during matches and they have to book their show around this. This would mean you might have commercials during a segment that effects the rating of that segment. Or you have the option of booking within each commercial break but sticking to those time limits. So your 30 minute main event might get an A* when it's on PPV but only gets a B when it's on Raw with two/three commercial breaks.

- And then in relation to the above when negotiating a deal with a commercial type broadcaster you could include an option to negotiate the number of commercial breaks during the show. There might be a minimum (e.g. 1 break for every 15 mins so a two hour show would have 7 commercial breaks) but you could negotiate additional breaks that would restrict how good your show could be but would increase the revenue that show brings in. I think that this would add another challenge to the game but would also reflect real life booking. You could also potentially add those as options when negotiating with subscription and PPV providers though they wouldn't be mandatory in those cases. So you may let youtube show an advert in the middle of the show or the kind of thing they do on WWE network.

- An option to have a good bye show. When booking smaller companies it's good when your wrestlers move onto bigger companies, but at the same time it would be nice to be able to negotiate a farewell appearance. So if the wrestler is your champion they can drop the belt to somebody, if they have been on the roster for ages then they get to say goodbye to the fans. As part of negotiating with them you could say what you wanted them to do (farewell match, farewell promo, drop a title belt and the person they would drop it to etc.) So if you said to Bret I want you to stay for one more event to drop the belt to HBK then he might refuse or he might agree if you don't ask him to drop the belt and you can replicate the montreal screwjob with it possibly leading to pop gains or losses depending on how the crowd react. Their willingness to stay for one more event could depend on their morale, longevity with the company, what you want them to do etc.
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