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Unread 04-15-2019, 03:24 PM
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Default TEW 2020 Suggestion: Road Agent Notes for Common Situations

I saw someone else had a post suggesting new road agent notes, but I saw Adam said it is easier to find things if they’re not in a thread so I’m posting this on its own.

-There should be a ‘visual pinfall or submission’ note.
This is really common, where someone gets a pin while the ref is down before going on to lose. Or you could simulate that weird finish in the Brock/Taker match where the ref missed Taker's tap.

-Similarly the ‘blown call’ note would be great.
I had to book a finish where one worker reached the ropes in a submission with his foot, but the ref missed it and he was forced to tap. Since there was no way to do that in the notes I went with ‘tainted finish’ and was told by the game that my top babyface used a steel chair :P

-‘Banned from ringside’ is a really common wrestling trope that should be simmable.
The spot where the manager interferes and then the ref sends them to the back is really common. It could have the effect of lessening the manager’s impact on the match, and improving the gains of the heel if they win despite their manager’s absence, or lower the penalty on their loss. Alternately you could have it give the match a boost based on the managers acting.

-‘managers brawl’ or ‘outsider workers brawl’ note could be helpful
Sometimes you want action on the outside that doesn’t affect the participants in the ring. Right now there’s no way to do that.

-‘Interupt match with promo’ is probably needed
I don’t think it’s good, but it happens. On the wrestlemania pre-show they moved the cruiserweight match into a split screen to run a promo for the main event. On WWE superstars they would run an inset promo during the squash matches. Matches being interrupted by a live promo can lead to a distraction finish, but still function as a promo as well. This could have the advantage of adding a angle to a card without using up the time, but being offset by making the people in the match look like lower midcarders.

-‘worker overcomes interference’ might have a place
There is a difference between someone interfering in a match and the wrestler coming back to win, and people trying to interfere and getting their butts handed to them. The first can be simulated by an ‘interference’ note and then having the aggrieved wrestler be the ‘victor’. But there should be a second note for what Johnny Gargano did at takeover which makes the winning wrestler look like a star at a cost to those who interfered and the loser.
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