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Unread 04-16-2019, 06:29 PM
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Default Leniency With Broadcasters Due to Star Power

I will use a real life example for the feature I'm suggesting, but I always heard that the predominant reason why Spike TV did the deal with TNA to air Impact on their network was because TNA either signed Sting or promised they could, which they did in the long run.

Likewise, I feel like since the star power of a roster will determine the attendance that a show can draw, I also feel like the star power of a roster should also determine if a Promotion can secure an otherwise unreachable Broadcasting deal.

I'd call the feature "Popularity Leniency", which can be turned on or off each individual Broadcaster profile, so some Broadcasters will be Lenient, and some wont. If it's turned on, you can set the minimum number of workers with a minimum number of popularity in their coverage area that you would need in order to strike a deal with them despite your lack of popularity requirements. You would also be able to set the minimum company size you are willing to be lenient towards.

For example, Spike TV might normally require a Cult Sized Company or above to do a deal, but if their minimum size is Regional and their minimum star power is 5 workers at C or above Popularity in their coverage area, TNA in 2005 would cover that between Jeff Jarrett, Sting, Jeff Hardy, Kevin Nash, and Team 3D or Rhino. Through that, Spike TV would be Lenient and do a deal, but the smaller company would still have to have the minimum production levels that they require from the company sizes they usually go for.

That way, it wouldn't be as easy as snatching up any and every old guy. You would have to pay production fees you might not be able to afford, and you will have to sign past their prime guys, but their popularity can help close deals you wouldn't get otherwise, and you can use their popularity and experience to draw bigger houses, add exposure to your younger, better wrestlers, and you will also help make those younger wrestlers better in skill level as well. The younger guys will put on better matches, which will help your show rating, and it will also help your company grow pop nationwide faster. You do have to be careful at the older guys ruining main events because they cant cut it anymore as well, which could mean signing them can offer diminishing returns depending on how over the hill they are

Ultimately, it would be a game of high risk, high reward that could either work or not depending on some variables
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