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Unread 03-19-2015, 04:54 PM
Arlie Rahn Arlie Rahn is offline
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Default Steam guides

We be choosing a few steam guides posted here to help us get new users more comfortable with the game. For anyone chosen, you will get a Steam key for the game (so you can post it) and a free elicense for the game of your choice!

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Unread 03-20-2015, 11:13 AM
Arlie Rahn Arlie Rahn is offline
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I have some steam keys and the first few good guides posted here will get one (as well as a elicense of their choosing).
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Unread 03-22-2015, 10:12 AM
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Default Total Extreme Wrestling 2010

Total Extreme Wrestling 2010 is a booking simulator where you take the role of one of the most important people in the company. You will need to sort out incidents backstage as well as outside the ring.

Keep in mind if you want to play real-world you will need to download a database from the GreyDog Software forums or somewhere like

Starting a new game:

When you start a new game in TEW 2010 you will be greeted with which world areas you would like active, If you untick/mark a area it will make the area inactive and all promotions based in that area will be removed as well as wrestlers who only wrestled in that area. This will reduce loading times and processing your computer will have to do.

Once you've finished with that you will be able to choose how many players you want to be able to play and once you've chosen you can choose each players user characters, from here you can change the user talents which change your characters abilities and skills. You can also change your game preferences which can make the game easier to play for a beginner.

Finally you've reached the last page before you've accessed the game and that is your promotion choice. Each promotion has a unique roster and set of titles and champions.

Your Office:

In your office area you have 8 tabs in the top left as well as a advance button which advances time.

The first tab is called "web site" which will show you the latest news happening in your game world as well as results from each show, the world diary which shows you when shows are happening, the promotion wars which
shows you the top promotions in the world rated on popularity or influence, the power 100 which will update each game year with the new top 100 wrestlers in the world, the end of year awards which are awarded for things such as "Wrestler of the Year" "Veteran of the year" and the most important to the player "Promotion of the year". Finally you have the hall of immortals which is like a hall of fame showing the top wrestlers in the game worlds history.
The second tab "Control Room" is where all the magic happens and is split into four sections, Creative, Assistant, Corporate and Personal.

The first section is control room and is where you can check your roster and change there gimmicks, contracts and skills and also hold a creative meeting to find out the best and worst wrestlers in your company.
On the right from that there is "Talk to Worker" where you can ask workers about there push, priorities and there opinion on the titles. You can also give them time off and bonuses.

On the second line down you can check chemistry which will show you good and bad combinations of matches which you have held before or on house shows (Cult and above), tag teams and stables. Then you have titles which will show you the champion and the previous holders and storylines which are key for certain companies. Here you can also check the heat and create new storylines. You can also change your announcers and create/edit a brand split.

On the second section you have emails where you can see messages from wrestlers or important news regarding them. After that you have decisions which are like emails but you need to make choices such as contracts and drug punishments. You also have your diary which will tell you when TV Networks will start accepting shows and contract expiry. The last part is the extreme eye which will explain what it is when you click on it but it's basically things that need to be sorted.

You now have the third section you have the schedule which will show you when your shows are and you edit around with the house shows. Also you can book your shows in advance and in the business section you can check your goals from the owner and edit the product which is the most important thing about booking shows. There is also a finance section in there which can usually operate on it's own. You can also check the company size, popularity and influence and check your coverage in the world and also check the company's show history and edit the development territory. You then have medical and backstage which will show you injuries and the backstage rules which are editable.

The last section is all about your user and his stats, you can also check his career log which can be pretty interesting if your booker as had a long career.

The next tab is the companies tab where you can view each individual company and view there roster, history and champions and everything else you can view of your own.
The fourth tab is characters which will let you view each individual wrestler as well as his skills, popularity, match history and contracts.
The fifth tab is the dojo tab which is basically showing you each wrestling school with it's trainer and graduates.
You then have the media tab where you can check the TV Shows and request TV Shows from networks and try to sign a PPV carrier
The penultimate tab is game world where you can see the economy of each country, battles and the wrestling industry state and whether it's rising or declining/falling.
The last tab is game options where you can edit the world or change the options around, you can also change the user preferences which you chose earlier in the game.

When your on the booking screen you can see if you have any locker room incidents which will affect the backstage ratings and sometimes give you a choice of action.

You can set the venue which is where you're hosting the show and you need to pick it thinking about attendance numbers and popularity in that region.

You are finally on the final booking screen. To add a match you click the button at the bottom and it's the same with angles. You then pick the angle/match participates and match type or angle.
Keep in mind that you need to book angles.
You can also choose road agent notes and the referee.

For each segment you will get a rating and the overall show rating and the comments from the road agents.

Thanks for reading if you have any more questions you can message me on the GDS forums or on steam

Steam Username: ukguy007
GDS Username: LoadedBrawler
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Unread 04-07-2015, 04:03 AM
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About the Game

Total Extreme Wrestling is a management simulator in the world of professional wrestling. Using a fictional wrestling world entitled the Cornellverse, players will either choose to be the head booker (matchmaker) or owner of their company. The goal of the game is to either reach the apex of the wrestling industry as the #1 promotion in the world while maintaining popularity through economic and wrestling interest shifts.

This game features no real life wrestlers or wrestling promotions. Mods that feature these promotions, however, can be found at

Getting Started

After pressing the new game tab, you’ll be given a prompt to see which countries you would like to include in the game. After choosing a name for the save file, you can choose how many players you would like to add. The game supports up to four players via transferring save files to each player upon completions of a turn.

Following this, you’ll be prompted to choose a user avatar for your game. The game provides a series of avatars you can choose from.

User talents can also be spent before the game begins. These are based on four factors. High negotiating skills will make contract negotiations easier, motivation will have wrestlers have better matches, creativity will ensure a better chance of successful gimmick (character) transitions, and leadership will create a better backstage environment. For every 100 shows, you’ll be given an additional user talent point to improve upon these skills.

Players can choose between being the Owner of a promotion or a Booker of the promotion. Owners get to run the company the way they see fit. The Booker has limited freedom and is given tasks by the owner to complete. Failure to adhere to the Owner Goals could lead to serious consequences, including termination.

Managing Your Promotion

The game is split up into two sections of the game, AM and PM. Here, I’ll give you details of what you’ll see in each section.


In this mode, players will be able to to make everyday business decisions, such as hiring and firing wrestlers, maintaining business relationships, and seeing how your promotion is doing overall.
The first section you’ll see upon starting the game is Web Site. This is where you can see news, results, promotion ranking, the top 100 wrestlers in the world, and other information that relates to the overall wrestling industry.

Control Room gives you a variety of options that help you run your business. It is split up into four sections, and they are as follows:

Creative is where you’ll see the creative aspects of your promotion. You can hire and fire workers in the Roster area, see who the stars of your promotion in Creative Meeting, talk to workers, see the chemistry of workers (who work well together and who doesn’t), manage stables (groups), modify titles, create storylines and set up announcers here. This area also has the Brand Split screen where you can create up to three separate rosters for your promotion.

Corporate- In this section, you can advance book matches, see and change your schedule of events, control the business aspects of your promotion, see the size of the promotion, see coverage and history, control developmental talent, see the backstage area, as well as view medical updates of your workers. If the development area of this section is disabled, that means you do not have a developmental promotion. In order to obtain one, either Invest in one in the Business area of this section, or create a pact between you and another promotion, which is also in the Business area.

Assistant is where you’ll see your email, make business decisions, see the Extreme Eye (which gives you situations you’ll need to keep an eye on, hence the name) and see a diary of when talent’s contracts are up.

Personal is where you can see stats, keep track of who you’ve hired, see your own information and keep track of your shortlist of talent. You can also start your own promotion here with your own settings, however a Highest reputation is required.

The companies section lists all the active wrestling promotions in the game, including your own. Visiting the company profiles will lead to history results, seeing the active roster, and who the champions of the promotion are.

Characters are where you can hire and see characters in the game. You can use the filter option to sort out what characters you’d like. Those with written contracts cannot be hired; however you can use the shortlist option for when their contract is up, and negotiations can begin there if the other party is interested. Unless you are a national company or above, you cannot hire anyone from outside your home country unless it’s specified in their profile.

The dojo section lists all the dojos, or wrestling schools, in the game. All of the new wrestlers that enter the world will come from these schools. Setting up your own dojo can be found in the Investments screen under Business in the Control Room section of the game. Here you can set up what trainees will have emphasis on and who the head trainer will be. The more respect and proficiency in performance skills a head trainer has, the better reputation the dojo has, which enables better wrestlers to graduate from the dojo.

Media is where you can see tv shows, PPV carriers, schedules, ratings, and buyrates in the wrestling world. You can negotiate for PPV coverage here, as well as television, although there are only certain months in which you can negotiate with them, usually at the end of a season (February, May, August and November).

Game World is where you’ll see how many promotions, workers, and dojos you’ll see in the game, as well as what countries are represented and what National and Regional battles are ensuing at the moment. These battles are based on size; it can either range from battles between two local promotions or battles between two companies in an entire area.

Game Options is where you can edit settings for the game as well as the game world. My recommendation is to have Multi Advance enabled as that can speed up the game quicker, especially if you are unemployed.

Advance will move the game to the next day. Multi Advance will allow you to move several days in a row, which you can set here.


This mode is where you will be booking shows, making matches, and seeing how these events turn out.

Locker room is the initial area you’ll see upon entering this mode. It will list the TV show and give you backstage information. Any incidents before the show will be shown here.

Your Promotion is the same area you see in the daytime. However, decisions, the ability to start your own promotion, development and brand split screens are disabled here.

Venue selection is where you can choose what area and venue you would like to book your show at.

Booking screen is where you will make the matches and angles (storylines) on your show. You can also view the roster, stables, title histories and other information here.

Booking a Show

You are given the following options when booking a show.

Add a match is where you can add a match to the card. You can choose what format, what kind of details you would like in the match (interference, who wins, who loses, who looks strong, who should not look strong) and who should announce, be the road agent, and who will referee the match. In the Booking screen, you can move up and down storylines and angles to spots you would like on a show. The show’s rating (ranging anywhere from a F- to an A*) will be determined based on who you book, how you book, and what the crowd likes and doesn’t like. Following the road agent notes for each match will help you determine how to book a more successful show. Keep in mind that the main event match or angle has a huge impact on the Final Rating for each event, so it would be best if the card is headlined by workers who are of Main Event status.

What a crowd wants differs from each promotion. You can set how you want to run shows via the Product screen in the Business screen during AM mode. The Product of a promotion determines how much wrestling and storytelling appears on each show.

How a show effects your popularity is based on your size. Getting a B Final Rating on a promotion with C size will increase your popularity. But having a D+ event with the same size will result in a promotion losing popularity.

Booking events has a major impact on how you move up size wise in the game. The more you move up in size, the more opportunities you’ll have in the game, such as singing talent to written contracts and snagging top stars from other promotions.

Tips and Tricks

If you still feel lost upon playing the game for the first time, that’s understandable. There are many options to choose from that have an affect on your promotion and it seems daunting at times. My recommendation is to do a test run with a promotion with 100% matches on TV and events. That way, you only have to worry about putting on good matches as opposed to that AND storylines and promos. Multi advance is also a great tool that speeds up the game quicker. And of course, the smaller the promotion, the less shows you run, so keep that in mind.

To speed up the matchmaking process, you can always highlight a workers name on the right side of the screen and drag the name over to the left hand side of the screen as opposed to scrolling.

A development territory is a great tool to have for bigger promotions. I always have one for a company at National level or higher. Not only is it a good training ground for talent you feel will be a great asset to your promotion, but sending seasoned talent down there creates more space on your roster as well. Road agents and wrestlers in their thirties are more likely to agree to go down there if you assign them to train the younger talent. This is handy for when you have no role for a talent on the main roster, but want to keep them under contract.

Keeping talent happy is also important. Unhappy workers, especially at the main event level, will result in lower match grades and shows. The best way to resolve issues quickly is by going to the Talk to Worker screen in the Control Room. Giving them time off or a bonus will improve morale quickly.

Chemistry is also very important in getting higher match grades. For tag teams, anyone who has great to excellent chemistry should be made a team. Tag teams with great chemistry will lead to higher match grades, which improve overall show grades which will help your company rise to the top. If you want to make your main event and card ratings really stand out, push wrestlers who have great chemistry with one another in singles matches. Additionally, tag teams will also have higher match grades the more experience each team has, so two tag teams with excellent chemistry and a high experience level are almost always going to have high marks.
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Unread 08-31-2015, 08:18 PM
bradula bradula is offline
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I repurchased TEW 2010 on Steam Gaming and can't figure out how to get different mods in the game. I'm very familiar with TEW Games but its different through Steam. There's no database or picture folders, like when I bought it through GDS. Is this feature not available through Steam?
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Unread 09-01-2015, 02:16 AM
Adam Ryland Adam Ryland is offline
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They would just be in a different place - a search for TEW2010.exe would show you where the game is installed.
Adam Ryland
Designer of TEW, WMMA, WreSpi, and Comic Book Hero
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Unread 09-01-2015, 03:01 PM
bradula bradula is offline
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Adam Ryland, as usual... YOU DA MAN!!! Thanks a ton!
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