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Unread 04-24-2016, 12:55 PM
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Post Mods By Fleisch

Well here it is, the official thread for Real World Chronicles (and my other mods). There will be one thread which will be updated as and when releases occur so make sure to check it out in January, April, July & September to see if there is an update!

Version: January 2018

DATA: DATA - January 2018 31/12/2017
PEOPLE: PEOPLE PACK 3900 Pictures (previously 3740) UPDATED 31/12/2017
Alternative Picture Packs
blaustein has released one of the best picture packs I have seen in a very long while. Although it does not contain everyone in Real World Chronicles,
it is worth the download and just replace any pictures in my pack with those done in this pack.>>>NJPW Faction Packs (And More!)<<<

Dragonkandi has been working on a picture pack to update and refresh the current Blue/Pink Blast pictures - or the official RWC picture style. Again, while not a complete pack, it is worth downloading and selecting any pictures you wish to replace.
>>>Make Fleisch Great Again<<< (For the record, I am great! )

LazarN has taken over Dragonkandi's idea to make the picture pack great again. You can find the thread by clicking >>>Make Flesich Great Again Pt 2<<< These packs are a huge help to me as I don't have to constantly update pictures every release.

joemurphy has also released a picture pack that I believe is compatible with this mod (among others) and is actually a style I had thought about doing myself before settling on the current blue/pink/yellow burst backgrounds. If you are a fan of the nGo style, then this pack would suit you well. The thread is here >>>Super Awesome Modern Picture Pack<<<
A couple of things to remember, we're making a world, not the WWE Universe. Too many people have their WWE blinkers on and don't see the big picture, there is a wrestling world beyond the United States. In order to get a good balance, we need to realise WWE is the powerhouse promotion and #1 company, however they are not the only popular promotion in the world. People say, "do WWE and the rest falls into place," and that isn't actually true because WWE is different to NJPW which in turn is different to CMLL so a lot of work has gone into all of these and not just WWE. I've treated each promotion as it's own separate entity, all the while trying to balance it into the world. Title histories are done by Air date (if the company has a TV show) rather than Taping date due to the fact some people may not read spoilers and thus don't know that, for example, the TNA Championship changed 2 weeks before it airs. This is something that will not change while I continue doing this mod.

I listen to people who give polite, constructive criticism, and change things people find wrong, or explain my reasons for giving certain stats to certain people. If a promotion you want isn't in the data, it's purely because I don't know enough about it to do it justice and not because I can't be bothered. A lot of people in this thread have helped shape this mod through their informative responses and hopefully we can keep that level of maturity and mutual respect up. I do this data for myself so if you don't like playing it or find it too difficult/easy then please download another mod you would be happier using. You can also follow RWC on Twitter, @Fleisch_RWC which will be updated as and when updates for Chronicles are released.

Rules For Requests: If you wish me to add a promotion to the game database, please supply the following - which promotion you feel should be removed from the data to make room for your requested promotion and why. Wrestlers roster positions/gimmicks. My time these days is limited so I cannot watch the promotion myself like I could in the earlier days of this mod unfortunately. REQUESTS CLOSED
Real World Chronicles makes a change in scheduled releases going from once a month, to once every three months.
January Release (Build up to Royal Rumble)
April Release (Build up to Wrestlemania)
July Release
October Release
Q: Why aren't there more promotions to choose from?
A: I prefer a streamlined data set. It's very difficult updating 50 promotions every month so adding more would degrade the quality of the mod due to the time I can spend updating. The mod will never surpass 55 active promotions.

Q: Can I use this data as a base for my own mod?
A: Yes. Everything is free to use. The more mods there are, the better the choice.

Q: Do you take requests on promotions to be added? I really want to see XYZ in the game.
A: Currently I am not taking any requests as I have limitations on my time.

Q: I notice there are inactive promotions such as WCW and ECW in the data. Why?
A: Chronicles started out as a mod that would highlight the past as well as the present. Having WCW in the data meant I could add WCW specific gimmicks that people had in the past and when searching the "Characters" tab of a worker it would show they used a certain gimmick only then. The same reason you will see WRP and Lucha USA as closed promotions in the game. It was meant to add an extra layer to the data that I hadn't really seen done before.

Q: Why is there nothing in Australia?
A: Simply put, I know a big fat nothing when it comes to Australian wrestling and I've not found any one who is able to work on it for me who does know.
Promotions Included:
AAW: Professional Wrestling Redefined
Absolute Intense Wrestling
All Japan Pro-Wrestling
Alpha-1 Wrestling
Asistencia Asesoria Y Administracion
ATTACK! Pro Wrestling
Big Japan Pro-Wrestling
Championship Wrestling From Hollywood
Cho Sento Puroresu FMW
Combat Zone Wrestling
Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libra
DDT Pro-Wrestling
Desatre Total Ultraviolento
Dragon Gate
EVOLVE Wrestling
Fight Club Finland
Fight Club: PRO
Full Impact Pro
GBG Wrestling
German Wrestling Federation
Global Force Wrestling
House of Hardcore
Innovate Pro Wrestling
Insane Championship Wrestling
Internacional Wrestling Revolucion Grupo
International Pro Wrestling: UK
IWA: Mid South
Lucha Underground
Major League Wrestling
Melbourne City Wrestling
New Generation Wrestling
New Japan Pro-Wrestling
Northern Championship Wrestling
Over The Top Wrestling
OZ Academy
Pro Wrestling Guerrilla
Pro Wrestling ZERO1
PROGRESS Wrestling
Pro-Wrestling NOAH
Pro-Wrestling EVE
Revolution Pro Wrestling
Ring of Honor
Sendai Girls' Pro Wrestling
SHIMMER Womens Athletes
SHINE Wrestling
Smash Wrestling
Svensk Wrestling Syd
The Crash
westside Xtreme wrestling
World Wonder Ring Stardom
PREVIOUS VERSIONS ARCHIVE - Data Only (these will have all the mistakes, none of the newer workers and will be before the stat update. You download these knowing that I will not be updating any mistakes you find in them. Anything you want fixed or updated you will need to do yourself).

July 2017
May 2017
April 2017
March 2017
February 2017
January 2017
December 2016
November 2016
October 2016
September 2016
August 2016
July 2016

Version: 4.1

"Does 4.0 mean there will be new stuff?" Indeed there will, starting with one of the bigger changes, the exodus from Gotham Pro Wrestling by The Joker and Harley Quinn who have now set up "Joker's Funhouse" that will be full of villains! There will be other additions, whether it be workers, promotions or more, you will just have to wait and find out!

Returning to the roots of my original mod, this is the data that started it all in terms of fantasy booking - Rebuilt. Originally made on EWR before making an appearance on TEW 2004, Diablo X (at the time called Diablo Kombat) was the first solo mod I ever worked on. In 2010 the data was built from the ground up again to utilise all the new options in 2010's TEW. In 2016, I will be rebuilding the database again! Glutton for punishment I know! There are going to be quite a few changes. The picture pack is made up of fan art from Google. If I am using something that is yours and you would prefer I didn't, let me know and I will replace it. I don't mean to cause offence or "steal" someone's hardwork, it is acknowledged I merely resize images I find on Google and Bing to fit the mod and choose things I really think are amazing pieces of fan art. If you would like me to include a personal credit in here, then I will happily do that.

Games, Comics, Anime & Cartoons collide in a Universe so diverse, it really is for anyone. Whether you want to destroy the PWE as Skeletor, or save it as He-Man. Whether the Turtles will triumph over Shredder or Bebop and Rocksteady become the new threat in MAE. The only limit is your imagination. Nostalgia and Modern times smash into one another to create DiabloX. So enjoy!
RELEASED 4th November 2017

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Unread 04-24-2016, 12:55 PM
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Exclamation Rwc To Do List - *MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS*

Things to fix/update for RWC April release

Another W.I.P. - I am probably going to go through and re-do weight classes based on this formula. It then gives women classes too in a sense that while Charlotte or Tamina may not be as big as the men, they are a lot bigger than Alexa Bliss and so using Lightweight/Small/Very Small in a different way for women helps.

It is mainly based off the weight classes in TEW 2013 with a couple of tweaks at the lower weight classes to give women more of a representation by having the weights mean different things for women than men.

Giant - Special cases
Super Heavyweight - 380lb +
Big Heavyweight - 320 – 380lbs
Heavyweight - 290 – 320lbs
Light Heavyweight - 260 – 290lbs
Middleweight - 230 – 260lbs
Lightweight (Men) 175 - 229lbs, (Women) 140lbs - 200lbs
Small (Men) 140 - 174lbs (Women)115 - 140lbs
Very Small - most Minis, Women under 115lbs and most backstage workers who didn't used to wrestle.

So for example...

Very Small encompasses Alexa Bliss, Mascarita Dorada & Hornswoggle
Small encompasses Abbey Laith, Dragon Lee II, Mistico (formerly Dragon Lee) & Angel de Oro
Lightweight encompasses Charlotte, Finn Balor, Dolph Ziggler & Dragon Rojo Jr.
Middleweight encompasses John Cena
Light Heavy encompasses Brock Lesnar, Roman Reigns & Luke Harper
Heavyweight encompasses Bray Wyatt, Kevin Nash, Undertaker & Kane
Big Heavy encompasses Mark Henry
Super Heavy encompasses ???
Giant encompasses Big Show & Great Khali

Before anyone questions it, yes John Cena falls into the Middleweight category as he is 251lbs.
Employment Histories for major companies workers (WIP)
WWE Complete
NXT Complete
Things I've added/fixed myself
Company Additions
Major League Wrestling (Rough Draft)
Sendai Girls
OZ (working on)

Worker Additions
Akane Fujita
Ami Sato
Cassandra Miyagi
Chihiro Hashimoto
Dorami Nagano
Hanako Nakamori
Sonoko Kato
Mika Shirahime
Mio Mimono
Misaki Ohata
Natsu Sumire
Rin Kadokura
Risa Sera
Jimmy Yuta
Jason Cade
Leo Brien
Mike Patrick
Pagal Parinda
Gama Singh
Lacey Lane
Green Ant (New CHIKARA graduate)
Jonathan Coachman
Penelope Ford
Callux the Castigator
Thief Ant
Ursa Minor In The Night Sky
Still Life

Misc Fixes
Various Stat tweaks (especially to some of the female workers)
Jason Cade Blood Relation to Byron Saxon
Renamed Hakim Zane in Impact to Rohit Raju
Renamed Tony Cage in Impact to Gursinder Singh
Renamed Race Jaxxon in CHIKARA to Blank (New masked picture cut)
Renamed Ophidian II back to The Whisper and unmasked him (New unmasked picture cut)
Removed DUSTIN (also Mr. Azerbaijan) from CHIKARA
Removed Chuck Taylor TM from CHIKARA
Josh Matthews & Sonjay Dutt set as Impacts announce team
Removed Mario Bokara from Impact
Removed Laurel Van Ness from Impact
Removed Laredo Kid from Impact
Removed Garza Jr from Impact
Removed La Mascara from The Crash
Removed Maximo from The Crash
Removed Rich Swann from WWE
Removed Abbey Laith from NXT
Removed Sage Beckett from NXT (Set on Hiatus)
Added La Mascara to AAA
Added Maximo to AAA
Added Tenille Dashwood to ROH
Added Mahabali Shera to NXT
Renamed Cherry Bomb to Allie (Default name)
Removed Impact/Crash Working Agreement
Added Impcat/Lucha Underground Working Agreement
Bestia 666 set as Booker for The Crash
Record added for Sam Adonis lost his hair to Negro Casas
Set Chad Lail and Jayme Jameson to Divorced
Renamed the Impact Global championship to Impact World
Set Kenny Omega and Don Callis to Loyal (based on interviews with Omega)
Titus Worldwide tag team added (Individuals)
Apollo Crews renamed Apollo
Re-done the Japanese broadcasters and deals (work around to input tape delay viewers as well as those who watch live)
Few new Picture cuts
Titles up to date as of February 21st 2018
Originally Posted by kje3334 View Post
Change the NXT / Sportsnet 360 broadcasting deal to WWE Main Event / Sportsnet 360.

NXT hasn't aired on that channel since Rogers took over the WWE Network in Canada.
Originally Posted by RatedR185 View Post
-Kawato is leaving at the end of the month to wrestle for CMLL as an excursion
Originally Posted by Bluestillidie00 View Post
Gabe has signed with WWE, will still be working for WWN/EVOLVE according to PWInsider.

If you don't want to go on that site for obvious reasons
Originally Posted by TheElTaco View Post
Stardom stuff.
Natsu Sumire added to Stardom in Oedo Tai (
Mandy Leon no longer Touring with Stardom
Nicole Savoy touring with Stardom
Rachel Ellering touring with Stardom
Mayu Iwatani no longer injured
Yoko Bito retired in December
Originally Posted by mjmiller2010 View Post
I'm sure you've seen it but Ricochet has officially signed with the WWE and is at the PC
Originally Posted by TheWho87 View Post
Along with War Machine (Hanson & Raymond Rowe) and Candice LeRae.
Originally Posted by MHero View Post
Over Generation seem to be missing a few members. Gamma, Kaito Ishida and Takehiro Yamamura are all a part of the unit but not assigned in TEW.

Adding onto this, Naoki Tanizaki has sadly left the promotion. I'd be tempted to remove Kenichiro Arai from the promotion as he hasn't wrestled for Dragon Gate since July 2016.

Taku Iwasa and Takashi Okamura are purely behind the scenes now, Iwasa hasn't wrestled since 2012 IIRC.

It might be best to set Super Shisa as a semi-active worker, he's got a restaurant now and a lot of his time and energy goes into that.

If you've got the time as well, can Hyu Watanabe, Yuki Yoshioka and Takao Takashima -> Not Done as not enough Info easily available be added into the data to replace the 2/3 outgoing guys from the roster? I'll try and stat them if you need stats, I need to get back into watching DG. Alternatively, Bandido, Zachary Wentz and Dezmond Xavier are currently on tour, no idea how long they'll be on tour for.
Originally Posted by Liger!Liger! View Post
On other DG news, VerserK's new name is ANTIAS
Originally Posted by claxton110381 View Post
Just watched a Title Match Wrestling Network Shoot with Kevin Steen, and he listed a bunch of guys he considers brothers in the business. I wouldn't add all of them, because there are 7 or 8 people listed (The Bucks, Adam Cole, etc.). Steen said in the video that Franky is the Godfather of his son, so maybe add Best Friends relationship between the two?
Originally Posted by southside_hitmen View Post
Finally got a chance to check out the new data. As always, great work Fleisch!

Was combing through the update in prep for an AJPW save and noticed a few items.

Tag Teams
- Violent Giants - Suwama & Shuji Ishikawa - Individuals - Formed in 2017
- Yoshiken - Kento Miyahara & Yoshitatsu - Individuals - Formed in 2018

- Atsushi Aoki should be part of Evolution

- AJPW All Asia Tag Team - Add Record For Black Tiger VII (NOSAWA Rongai) and Taka Michinou (27.08.2017 - 30.09.2017 (34 days))
- AJPW All Asia Tag Team - Current Champions = NEXTREAM (Naoya Nomura & Yuma Aoyagi) - Won 30.09.2017
- AJPW Jr. Tag Battle Of Glory - Add record for Atsushi Maruyama [not in data] and Masashi Takeda - Won on 09.11.2017
- AJPW Real World Tag League - Add record for Violent Giants (Suwama and Shuji Ishikawa) - won 12.12.2017
- AJPW Royal Road Tournament - Add Suwama victory - Won on 23.09.2017
- AJPW World Junior Heavyweight - Change Ultimo Dragon title lost date to October 21, 2017

AJPW Roster Notes
- Setup Keiji Mutoh on 1 event loan to AJPW from W-1
- Shuji Kondo should be changed from exclusive PPA to regular PPA on W-1 contract (Competing in AJPW Jr. Battle Of Glory)
- Jake Lee should be out ~4 months with an ACL tear
- Atsushi Maruyama needs to be added (Added as a full-time member of AJPW on Jan 2nd)
- Yusuke Okada needs to be added
- Fuminori Abe needs to be added
(I can stat the folks above if you like)

Non-AJPW Notes
- Kaito Kiyomiya has returned from excursion and is back in NOAH (announced on Christmas that he was challenging for world title on Jan 6th show)
- Danny Jones set to be available to work in Japan (29 matches there last year)
- Kengo Mashimo should be out ~3 months with an ACL tear

Joshi Notes
- Hiroyo Matsumoto needs skills bumped up, moved to Lightweight as well (Had a HUGE year in 2017 holding 4 titles in 3 promotions, including the top title in Sendai Girls and Oz Academy - FWIW Joshi City had her as the #1 Joshi performer of 2017 - would specifically bump up Brawling to C+ range, Puro to C range, Basics to B/B+, Psych to C range, Selling to C range, Power to C range, Popularity to E/E- range - Would make her style Regular Wrestler or Brawler as well
- Mayu Iwatani injury length (currently set at 12 weeks, should be 3 weeks, returning for shows this weekend)
- Arisa Nakajima & Tsukasa Fujimoto should be in a tag team name "Best Friends" started in 2015 (46 matches)
- Kagetsu needs promo skills upped (mouthpiece for Oedo Tai)
- Kelly Klein to Lightweight
- Azumi should be very small
- Starlight Kid should be very small
- Viper to Middleweight
- Kaho Kobayashi is starting an excursion with CMLL just about now. - Needs a slight skills bump in performance skills maybe?
- Chardonnay is no longer with Stardom
- From Dr_Avalanche: Tsukushi returned from her long suspension. I don't know quite what happened between her and Kagetsu, but someone who's suspended for getting in a knife fight with rivaling wrestlers should perhaps not be listed as a "positive influence". Maybe bump her more towards ruthless and move personality sliders at least to the middle on the rest?
Originally Posted by maxicheezestick View Post
The Metrodome in Minneapolis, Minnesota should be replaced with U.S. Bank Stadium which opened in 2016 and has a capacity of 66,655-73,000. The Georgia Dome in Atlanta, Georgia should also be replaced with Mercedes-Benz Stadium which opened in 2017 and has a capacity of 71,000-83,000.
Originally Posted by alpha2117 View Post
Michael Hutter (Derek Bateman, EC3) is now being followed by NXT on Twitter and ahs been to the performance centre in the last couple of days. It's expected an official announcement will be made shortly.
Originally Posted by LewisHendo98 View Post
Grado is still signed to ICW in the file. He left about 6 months ago to work full time with Impact.
Originally Posted by alpha2117 View Post
Enzo Amore is suspended indefinitely

RAW spoiler in white

The Miz defeated Roman Reigns to win the Intercontinental title
Originally Posted by claxton110381 View Post
Enzo Amore has been released following sexual assault allegations.
Originally Posted by RatedR185 View Post
ICW News-
-Ashton Smith and Rampage Brown won the ICW Tag team titles

NJPW Notes-
-Jay White has returned from excursion you can take him off
-Henare is now going under the name Toa Henare

Noah News-
-Kaito Kiyomiya has returned from excursion you can take him off also. He has turned face.
-Add Ashley Istria to game
-Add Jyunta Miyawaki to game
-Add Leona to game
-Add Minoru Tanaka to company
-Add Seiya Morohashi to game
-Remove Randy Reign from company

Thank you again for all that you do, you are honestly one of the best modders in any game that I have seen. Thank you again.
Originally Posted by Spriter337 View Post
Fuka is retiring from Stardom as she is pregnant
Ruaka, Shiki Shibusawa, Natsuko Tora and Hanan's stats in general are too high for rookies who have just debuted in 2017
Mayu Iwatani's psychology is almost comparable to Io Shirai's
Momo Watanabe's and Hana Kimura's psychology is too high, should be around the mid 40s
AZM's stats in general should be bumped up a bit as she's improved over the years, stats should be similar to Starlight Kid
Kris Wolf's and Viper's psychology are also a bit too low and should be around the mid 40s
Miranda's psychology I feel is too high, it should be around the 30s - 40s as I feel she shouldn't be higher than other members of the roster like Toni Storm and Io Shirai
Tam Nakano has left Oedo Tai and has now joined the "Stardom Army" with Mayu Iwatani.
Originally Posted by miamarsden View Post
So a couple WWE things.

I think Elias's popularity should be increased in America by 10-15, maybe even 20. He's being received well by crowds and the WWE is putting him in feuds with John Cena potentially, so obviously, they see him as something. Also, I'd bump his entertainment skills a bit. Mic to maybe 65-70, Charisma to around the same level.

Chad Gable's aerial, flashiness, and chain wrestling should go up. Gable has maybe 80-85 in chain wrestling skills, 80 in submission, and does moonsaults, so maybe 30ish in aerial/flashiness?

Aiden English should probably have a mild popularity increase as well. He and Rusev are getting over in their alliance.

Thank you!
Originally Posted by claxton110381 View Post
Andrade Cien Almas should be able to speak at least SOME English. Won't say he's fluent, but passable at least.

Also, New Japan spoiler:
Minoru Suzuki is the new IWGP Intercontinental Champion
Originally Posted by alpha2117 View Post
New Japan New Beginning Night 2 spoilers

NJPW Has gone title change happy

Roppongi 3K defeated the Young Bucks to capture the IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Tag Team Championship for a second time

ay White defeated Kenny Omega to win the IWGP United States Championship via pinfall. Omega had been the inaugural champion, winning it last July at the G1 Special in Long Beach, California. After the match, Adam Page already looked to challenge Jay White, but Omega asked him to back off. Cody came down, they argued, Cody said Omega wasn't being a leader, and ended up putting Omega down with a cross rhodes. Cody grabbed a chair, but Koto Ibushi ran out to make the save for Omega. (Golden Lovers reunion - colour me happy)
Originally Posted by alpha2117 View Post
NXT spoilers

To the absolute shock of nobody EC3 is now in NXT and made his first appearance at Takeover Phily

Candice LaRae, War Machine and Richochet (Trevor Mann) all made appearances in the crowd with Candice also working an angle late with her husband when Tommaso Ciampa returned and laid Johnny Gargano out post match.

Blaster McMassive (Thomas Sharpe) of CHIKARA & Evolve was in as an offsider to Veleveteen Dream (Whose general stats probably need an upgrade). He also had a African American female offsider (unsure who she is).
Originally Posted by RatedR185 View Post
RPW Notes-
-Minoru Suzuki and Zack Sabre Jr won the RPW Tag Team titles
Originally Posted by TheWho87 View Post
Searched the thread for "Wagner" and didnt see this posted, it looks like Dr Wagner Jr is now going by the name Rey Wagner.
Originally Posted by Vagrant View Post
Rumble spoiler

ESPN is reporting Ronda Rousey signed a full time deal with WWE.
Originally Posted by Uncrewed View Post
Other Rumble Spoilers:

Shinsuke Nakamura won the Men's Rumble match.
Sheamus & Cesaro won the RAW Tag Team Titles.
Asuka won the Women's Rumble match.
Originally Posted by alpha2117 View Post
I'm guessing after the Rumble a few women might need their pop and stats upgraded. I don't think any of us ever thought that one of the big 4 PPV's would not only have a women's match to close out the show but that also the whole show would be built around them. They let the women go for it and people like Naomi proved that they can go to another level given the opportunity - Naomi is now Kofi with curves. There was never any doubt about Becky & Sasha but people like Nia & Carmella I didn't see those performances coming. How good did people make those vets look too, so many people sold like champions out there. The final angle worked it's butt off too. Everything that they have down since bringing Charlotte, Sasha & Becky up feels like it came to fruition at the Rumble. It wasn't perfect but after years of being treated like 2nd class citizens the women of the WWE well and truly stood up at that Rumble. I don't know if that's partly a reflection on how lacklustre the men's booking has been recently but irregardless I think some tweaks are going to be required to a fair few of those women.
Originally Posted by DatIsraeliGuy View Post
Shinsuke DEFINITELY needs a pop increase, same with Rusev, but especially Shinsuke, the crowd did not stop chanting for him and he really should be in the high 60's to low 70's.
I remember Dave Meltzer tweeted about Nakamura that he actually got less over after moving to national TV and thinking "that's wrong" I usually agree with him but that is plain false, he beat Cena clean for crying out loud.
Originally Posted by alpha2117 View Post
Jeremy Borash has signed with the WWE - the belief is he will be working for NXT & The Performance Centre.

Spud is now Drake Maverick the new 205 authority figure or perhaps a 80's action hero - that name is retro kickass wrestling greatness and so ill fitting for a tiny brit I'm unsure if it's a work of genius or insanity giving him it.

Roderick Strong is in the 205 champ tourney.
Originally Posted by alpha2117 View Post
Arguably but I think they are still trying to work on a few things with him to get him to make that jump in standard. Nobody questions his in ring ability, it's the mic thing that's holding him back. He's a throwback to the old pre 80's style guys - a real blue collar style worker who would have worked up a storm in that era when promo's weren't as important as they became post Mania 1. It's hard for those guys to cut through nowadays though because you look at the guys on the Main Roster and they can talk and wrestle. Gargano just needs to find that groove where his promo work cuts through. So arguably it might be that he's down there working on entertainment skills.

In news that may have slipped by

Impact Wrestling announced a new stable led by Gama Singh called 'Desi Hit Squad' will be debuting over the next few months. The group will consist of Rohit Raju (formerly known as Hakim Zane), Vikas Kumar, Gursinder Singh (Canadian indie talent Tony Cage), and Bhupinder Singh.

Here's the press release

Last year IMPACT Wrestling made history, taping our flagship IMPACT program in India for broadcast all over the world – becoming the first ever North American wrestling company to do so. Fresh off that huge success in Mumbai, we are excited to affirm our commitment to showcasing the most promising Indian performers. In the coming months a number of impressive new wrestlers will be featured on IMPACT in a group called Desi Hit Squad.

This group will be led by internationally renowned superstar Gama Singh and will also feature gifted athletes who are honored to represent India on a global stage. Today we're proud to introduce you to each member of this group.

Gama Singh
Few in the history of pro wrestling have had more experience and success in international wrestling than Gama Singh. Born in India, Singh and his family moved to Canada where Singh trained to wrestle in Calgary. Perhaps best known for his time in the famous home of the Hart family Stampede Wrestling, Singh travelled the world finding great success in countries such as Puerto Rico, South Africa and Japan. He now brings all that knowledge to help guide the next generation of Indian talent to success in front on an international audience.

Rohit Raju
Formerly known as Hakim Zane, the winner of the 2017 Global Forged competition – Rohit Raju has already made quite the impression on the IMPACT audience. Raju cut his teeth for years on the independent scene in the US and Canada before finally getting his shot on the big stage with IMPACT Wrestling. Raju's grandfather was from India and Raju, hailing from the southern Indian city of Hyderabad, is looking to represent his heritage in front of the world. "I am proud to represent my Indian heritage," Raju said, "and to carry the Raju name further as I enter the next stage of my career."

Vikas Kumar
Vikas Kumar is perhaps best known for his time as Pagal Parinda on the Ring Ka King program that was seen by millions on the Colors network in India in 2012. Born in the Indian state of Haryana in 1991, wrestling has always been a passion for Kumar. He is now moving to North America to further his craft with IMPACT Wrestling. Kumar, who also appeared on the IMPACT shows in Mumbai last May competing against Davey Richards, has seen great success in the grappling focused kushti form of wrestling – winning national medals at the Junior and Senior level, becoming a 4 time Bharat Kumar title holder and a 5 time Punjab Kumar champion. He looks to transfer that experience into success against some of the very best competition in the world in IMPACT Wrestling.
"I am anxious to leave my homeland to pursue this wonderful opportunity in North America and to make an impact on the pro wrestling industry." Kumar said about leaving India to further his career with IMPACT. "To leave India is a huge step but wrestling has been in my blood since childhood and I'm beyond thrilled to be alongside a legend in Gama Singh."

Gursinder Singh
Born in Crawley in West Sussex, England and raised in Australia – both Gursinder's parents are from Punjab, India (his father is from Gurdaspur and his mother from Hoshiarpur). Gursinder moved to Canada to train under Lance Storm at the Storm Wrestling Academy and pursue a career in professional wrestling. Having participated in the 2017 Global Forged competition, Gursinder opened the eyes of officials here in IMPACT and will now represent India to the world. A punjabi speaker, Gursinder's road to IMPACT Wrestling has passed through many countries as he seeks to make his mark in the world of professional wrestling.

Bhupinder Singh
Born in Chandigarh, India competitive combat sports has always come naturally to Bhupinder. From the age of 18 he participated in a number of bodybuilding competitions – winning many gold and silver medals in state championships going on to represent his city at national and North India bodybuilding competitions. Bhupinder went on to compete in kickboxing and wushu, winning double gold as he represented Chandigarh in nationals. Bhupinder, now 23 years old, then made the natural transition to professional wrestling – training under Indian legend The Great Khali at his Continental Wrestling Entertainment promotion and training academy. Singh will bring all that combat experience to IMPACT Wrestling and should prove a dangerous threat in the ring.

Under the tutelage of Gama Singh, this new generation of Indian wrestlers are sure to take the world by storm when they arrive on IMPACT in the coming months. There is no limit to the potential of the Desi Hit Squad.
Originally Posted by steesh07 View Post
Not sure if this has been noted but Nina Samuels is set to a male. I've searched the last few pages but nothing showed.
Originally Posted by alpha2117 View Post
Emma (Tenille Dashwood) debuted for ROH tonight and was announced as the last woman in the Woman of Honor title tournament.

Brackets for the tourney are in the article above

Here are the other 15 participants: Brandi Rhodes, Jessie Brooks, Karen Q, Kelly Klein, Madison Rayne, Mandy Leon, Deonna Purrazzo, Holidead, Sumie Sakai, Jenny Rose, Stacy Shadows, HZK, Hana Kimura, Kagetsu, and Mayu Iwatani.
Originally Posted by MrCanada View Post
TJ Marconi is an indy worker that might be worth adding.

6'6" 300+ pounder, most notably played "Nokken" in Chikara.

I know you are not always looking for people to add, but I feel filling out Chikara people (even from the past) is sometimes worth. (Revealing himself as Nokken in a throwaway line)


Sami Callihan & Mike Quackenbush should have at least strong dislike if not hatred. Callihan was the original Vokoder. Had to miss a show because a friend committed suicide. Quack asked for the costume which Sami had purchased himself and gave the gimmick away.

Last edited by Fleisch : 03-10-2018 at 02:25 AM.
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Unread 04-24-2016, 01:11 PM
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Good luck! I am excited as your mods have been great as of late
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Unread 04-24-2016, 01:29 PM
creepshow creepshow is offline
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thanks, as always, for your hard work!
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Unread 04-24-2016, 02:58 PM
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Wool!!! Can't wait Fleisch. But of luck to you, man!
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Unread 04-24-2016, 03:02 PM
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I'll be sure to check this out for this edition, you've done some great mods. Best of luck, Fleisch.
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Unread 04-24-2016, 03:24 PM
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Best of luck to you Fleisch. I'll try to help in any way I can.
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Unread 04-24-2016, 03:30 PM
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Using the newest release, I've noticed a few things that could be fixed for WWE.

- Natalya should have her starting injury removed
- Paige should be set to a babyface
- Maryse should have a contract with WWE
- Summer Rae should not be managing Tyler Breeze

Anyways, none of those are huge concerns - I'm looking forward to the 2016 release.
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Unread 04-24-2016, 03:32 PM
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Too much to take in!
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Unread 04-24-2016, 04:00 PM
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Is there anything I can help with when it comes to this mod, desperate to play it as soon as possible and have a bit of free time over the next few days to work on some stuff?
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Unread 04-24-2016, 04:14 PM
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Couple of things.....

First, I just wanted to say thank you Fleisch for all of the hard work you have put in to make RWC great!

Second, not sure if I am missing her or if she is just not in the data, but I haven't seen Kobra Moon/Thunder Rosa. If she is in, please point me in the right direction, and if not, please consider adding her.
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Unread 04-24-2016, 09:25 PM
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first things first thanks for making my favorite Mod consistently and i know that you don't want to add any new promotions BUT i think that in a future release you should consider adding wXw (Westside Xtreme Wrestling) they have became one of the biggest drawing companies in Europe, with a history of successful tours as well as a bunch of annual events every year. They have had a recent amount of increased success due to their annual 16 Carat Gold Tournament with the recent increase in popularity in Europe and other parts of the world i hope you'd consider adding them eventually. Cheers

EDIT: Also if you haven't already Kota Ibushi's starting injury should be gone
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Unread 04-24-2016, 11:09 PM
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For your pictures, are you doing them with background, or trying out the blank gif?

Personally, I'm kinda waiting to see how the blanks will look (since it cuts out a lot of time on the cutting process)

If that's the case, I'd be glad to help, as I'll be converting all my cuts, if they look ok. Still debating on whether or not I'll stay with the CW background, but, time shall tell.
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Unread 04-25-2016, 06:25 AM
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Injuries will be looked at closer to release. That way I don't put someone out just to have to take them back off the list.

With regards to wXw being added, at this point I've no time to sit and watch them so everything would be guess work as I've never watched them before. That's not to say they definitely won't be in some point in the future.

The picture pack is a recoloured version of the Red Blast background that Dave_Scott made. Blue and Pink versions. I'd forgotten about the .gif option.
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Unread 04-25-2016, 12:01 PM
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If you need stats for Nicole Savoy, I have them for a mod I've been working on in TEW 2013 (and will be updating to 2016; it's a joshi mod).
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