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Unread 04-23-2017, 09:27 PM
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I was somewhat surprised that you came back to this, but I'm not complaining! Sometimes a little break really is all it takes to rejuvenate your interest.

I liked the way the Tully vs. Steiner fight was laid out (and good call on making it a fight/angle instead of an actual match.) The Flair bit is interesting too. Wonder why he left?
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Unread 05-01-2017, 03:19 PM
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Golly gosh, where have I been hiding these last few months that I've missed a new dynasty from Beejus?? Just finished reading past Sin, and am really enjoying this so far.

Looking forward to seeing where you take this from here.
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Unread 05-02-2017, 02:44 AM
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Oh boy!! I'm all caught up now (great diary so far Beej), and looks like there's still time to predict...

WCW World Heavyweight Championship Match
“Big Poppa Pump” Scott Steiner w/Midajah vs. Booker T
Comments: I think you've built Steiner up too strongly to have him lose here.

Chain Match – First man to touch all four corners wins!
“Da Man” Goldberg vs. Animal w/Madusa
Comments: NEXT!!!

Tag Team Grudge Match
Kronik vs. Totally Buff w/Madusa
Comments: Both these team stink, to be perfectly honest. Totally Buff stinks less, I guess.

Six-Man Tag Team Tables Match – all men on one team must go through a table to be eliminated!
The Insiders and “The Prodigal Son” Dustin Rhodes vs. Team Canada w/Major Gunns
Comments: You're building up Team Canada, and to do that, the Insiders need to eat a loss here.

WCW Commissioner Powers vs. The Services of Ms. Jones
“Above Average” Mike Sanders vs. Ernest “The Cat” Miller w/Ms. Jones
Comments: Ugh, SURELY it can't go to Miller, can it??

WCW World Tag Team Championship Match
The Natural Born Thrillers (Sean O’Haire & Chuck Palumbo) vs. The Filthy Animals (Rey Mysterio Jr. & Billy Kidman) w/Tygress
Comments: They only just won it, I don't think they'll lose it straight away.

Tag Team Match for the WCW Hardcore Championship
“The Franchise” Shane Douglas & Crowbar w/Daffney vs. The Mamalukes
Comments: Mamalukes STINK!! I'm assuming Douglas needs to make the pin to retain??

Six Man Tag Team Action
The Misfits in Action (General Rection, Corporal Cajun, and Lieutenant Loco?) vs. “The Chosen One” Jeff Jarrett & The Harris Brothers
Bonus Point: Who takes the fall? Corporal Cajun, because of Chavo
Comments: Not a big fan of the Harris brothers in any save I've ever played for WCW, WWF or TNA, but Jarrett should pick up the victory here before he takes back the US Title.

Dance Dance Revenge!
“Sugar” Shane Helms & Jamie Knoble vs. 2 Count
Comments: Who cares?? Haha

Tiebreaker Question: How long will the main event last? 24 minutes
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Unread 06-01-2017, 03:57 PM
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Default WCW Thunder and WCW Worldwide: Week 3

Originally Posted by OOC
Guess who's back?! I think I've finally gotten things in order on my end for the most part, so it is time to get back to work on this! I feel like I've been letting everyone down with it so far, but if all goes well, that stops now. If I can manage to achieve my goal, then SuperBrawl should be posted next weekend (or at least very shortly thereafter) and we will start chugging along a little better after that. But for right now, please enjoy the go-home episode of WCW Thunder and Worldwide!

WCW Thunder
Aired February 14th, 2001 (Week 3)
Held at: The KSU Convocation Center in Kennesaw, Georgia (South East)
Announcers: Tony Schiavone, Mike Tenay, and Scott Hudson
Attendance: 4,792 people (sold out!)

The show starts with The Steiner Brothers coming to the ring right away, “Big Poppa Pump” getting a microphone and it is quickly apparent he is in a very, very bad mood. He says that he didn’t get beaten up by “that broken down old man,” he got attacked from behind by a punk named Booker T. Steiner tells Ric Flair to come out and make things right, but Flair says that there’s nothing for him to “make right” because he wasn’t in an actual match against Tully. Flair informs Steiner that both Blanchard and Booker are not in the arena for Thunder under his own orders because Booker was not to be on Nitro. But he was forced to leave Nitro because someone called him and said that his daughter Ashley was ill, and he rushed home to find that she was perfectly fine and in bed, so it looks like Booker staged something to do with Flair’s own family just to get his hands on Scott! So with Flair not very happy about Booker T right now either, Scott is just going to have to stew for the next few days until SuperBrawl: Revenge so that he can get his hands on him. Scott starts screaming about how he took out Sting, Sid, Booker, etc… I’ve typed that out so many times anymore that you know the drill. This is why I can’t wait to be rid of Thunder. It really does only serve to drag out storylines that should be short, sweet, and either over by now or else in their second or third PPV match already. But it looks as though the mystique of the champion is shaken, as Sid Vicious comes out of the back saying that he wants a title match, right here tonight – and then he’ll face Booker at SuperBrawl! “The Total Package” Lex Luger comes out and implores Ric Flair to give him a World title shot, a shot he hasn’t had in some time. Finally, Kevin Nash comes out, saying that if there’s anyone back there who should have a World title match, it’s the big wolf! Steiner tells them all to get in the back of the line because they aren’t worth his time, but Flair decides to book the three of them in a triple threat match tonight to determine who gets the title shot after SuperBrawl: Revenge is over! (B+) What a mess of an off-night. Flair improvised well and Nash worked the crowd pretty well, and all the big names arguing got the show off to a good start and got the crowd hot for the rest of the show. But neither Scott Steiner nor Sid did well for themselves without a script, and Luger was just terrible. Flair’s performance was good as he talked about why he had to rush off of Nitro, though. This deserved better color commentary though.

General Rection and Corporal Cajun defeat The Jung Dragons after Leia Meow pulls the top rope down accidentally on Kaz Hayashi! He groggily re-enters the ring and walks into Cajun’s Whiplash 2000 for the pin. (C-) Cajun seemed off his game. The chemistry issues between the Dragons are starting to rear their ugly heads and become it’s own storyline, if you haven’t noticed. The announcing quality lifted the match, having Tenay to talk about the crazy flips and stuff the Dragons were using helped. As planned, this match brought the crowd back down a bit.

“The Chosen One” Jeff Jarrett comes out and starts talking about how he is going to take down the Misfits at SuperBrawl and then put the US title in a place where it belongs, around his waist. It turns out to be a diversion, as the Harris Boys come in from the crowd to attack the MIA! Where is Chavo at now? But even without him, Hugh and Lash are able to turn it back around, sending Ron and D out of the ring with a clothesline and dropkick, respectively. Jarrett is livid at the top of the aisle as the MIA hold their hands high in the air in victory! Will it be that way when they team with Lt. Loco at SuperBrawl: Revenge? (C-) Jarrett improvised well throughout the segment and came out of this looking excellent as a true chickenshit heel, but Lash did not come out of this looking very good.

We find that Chavo Guerrero Jr. is backstage in the interview area along with “Mean” Gene Okerlund. The Cruiserweight champion is talking about how he looks forward to donning the fatigues again this Sunday and being Lt. Loco to help his old teammates actually score a decisive win for a change. Gene pressures Chavo about what just happened in the ring, with Chavo saying he was back here, so he has no idea what happened. Gene then gets on him about when he’s going to defend his title against the number one contender, Corporal Cajun. When Guerrero dances around the question, Ric Flair appears! He tells Chavo that it has been over a month since he defended the belt last, so he has one of two options: hand it over, or defend it right here tonight! Guerrero says that he can’t defend it against Cajun because it would throw off their tag team symmetry – but Flair forces him to agree to a match tonight anyways, against five other top cruiserweight contenders! Chavo calls it unfair, but he has no choice in the matter! (C+) Flair worked the segment well here and was a real star in this segment, but the surprise was that Chavo clearly enjoyed the freedom of being off-script and really performed well. Gene looked out of place, we could have just put a microphone stand there and gotten this much accomplished.

“The Prodigal Son” Dustin Rhodes was intentionally disqualified on Nitro, but tonight he wrestles evenly to defeat Alex Wright with the running bulldog in a short match of 3:38. (C-) Quality of announcing helped the match.

Lance Storm is with Major Gunns backstage, having promo time tonight to talk about their match at SuperBrawl. But before Storm can get into the pay-per-view, he hears the chuckling off-screen of Kwee Wee and Paisley. Lance asks them to be serious for a moment, so Kwee Wee stands at attention and jokes that maybe he would look better with a rat tail styled onto his hair. Paisley says that Major Gunns’s maple leaf half shirt is “about as dated and loose as you are” which leads to the men having to hold the women apart! It looks like we are going to have – of all things – a mixed tag team match tonight! (C-)

Alex Wright is packing his bags up after his match, not very happy about having another loss on major television. He is approached by Disqo, who tells Alex that they need to get back together and then, with the help of his new self-help guru, the two can maybe even get back the World Tag Team titles! Wright agrees to give Disqo another shot as a team, reuniting the Boogie Knights! (D+)

“Mean” Gene is backstage in the locker room area, and he and the cameraman notice an open door. They peak inside to see Jeff Jarrett berating the Harris Boys, telling them that if they fail him one more damn time, they’ll be out of here! Jarrett notices the door and closes it, telling “you story-seeking slapnuts” to get out of here before he gives them the acoustic equalizer! (C+)

There is a commotion going on nearby that the cameraman turns toward, and it looks like Sid Vicious is being forced out of the building! CEO Ric Flair is stone faced and trying to keep the situation calm among all the screaming but Commissioner Mike Sanders is egging Sid on to keep him upset. We finally get close enough to find out what’s happening, as it appears Mark Johnson had unexpectedly arrived in the building, and so Sid had to leave! Vicious is not happy about being thrown out of the arena when he had a shot at getting a World title match! (B+) Tony and Scott were weak on commentary during this, as they talked over half the dialogue. Sid and Flair’s performances were good, but Sanders performed poorly. I was actually a little surprised that this angle got the crowd as hot as it did. Sid sells? Who knew?

In the mixed tag team match, Lance Storm and Major Gunns defeat Kwee Wee and Paisley. The match is designed to rile the crowd up, including a comedy moment when Gunns tries to rip her shirt off to distract Kwee Wee but it doesn’t work. Finally Storm has enough of this foolishness and rolls through Kwee Wee to lock in the Canadian Maple Leaf for the tap out victory at 4:57. (D+) This crowd were downright hostile toward the women, apparently they only cared to see men in the ring tonight. Oops. We had told these guys to lift the crowd, but Sid already did that, so it didn’t achieve much. Major Gunns was really poor in the ring, I should probably never do this again. But the great performance given by Lance really stood out.

“Mean” Gene is backstage surrounded by the Natural Born Thrillers, asking Sanders why the other Thrillers are here when he gave them all the night off? He says that they had the night off from in-ring action, but he made sure they were here to cheer on his upcoming great performance tonight. The commissioner says that while “The Cat” has been complaining about having to wrestle every show while Sanders hasn’t, he is going to have a very even match for both of them tonight. He tells Miller to just be in the ring in a little bit to find out his opponents. Gene asks who Mike will be facing, when he says that he had an idea thanks to Lance Storm. In the matches that have been had between his Thrillers and those Animals, one of them hasn’t seen any ring action; Tygress! Okerlund calls him a slime, but the NBT laugh and joke about how difficult the match will be to handle. Sanders closes by saying that despite the grueling battle that is to ensue, Tygress will be SOL – and we know what that means! (C) Okerlund was very underwhelming, just looking like a stodgy old man who got lost and walked into a frat party. O’Haire looked a real star though, and Palumbo’s performance was good as he feigned fear for the NBT’s lead mouthpiece.

Goldberg makes his entrance into the arena, and he tells everyone that he isn’t here for a match tonight, only to give a warning. He warns Animal that none of the matches in his new streak have meant quite as much to him as the upcoming one, so instead of taking someone down tonight, he’s saving win #40 specifically for Animal at SuperBrawl: Revenge. He’s next! (B) Short and sweet but effective.

“The Cat” Ernest Miller and Ms. Jones come out to the ring, with Miller saying that he’d rather give the people of Kennesaw a dance than a match. But he’s interrupted by…
“The Franchise” Shane Douglas and Crowbar come out, with Daffney skipping behind them wearing her blue wig and shirt reading “Bluebird of Despair”. Douglas says that he and Crowbar are going to take on Miller in a handicap match under order of Mike Sanders, non-title unlike at SuperBrawl when they’re going to break those Italian flunkies the Mamalukes in a hardcore match. Daffney keeps trying to pet Miller’s coat, but he keeps pushing her away. She finally has enough of that and screams, and that is time for Douglas to attack “The Cat” from behind to start the match! (C-) Douglas’s performance was good, riling the crowd up like only he can. The announcing was good here, but it really should have had better color work.

Ernest Miller appears to defeat Shane Douglas and Crowbar after The Mamalukes attacked the two with stickball bats and “The Cat” pinned Crowbar, but it’s a Dusty finish as Mark Johnson comes out to inform Billy Silverman about the interference; handing the victory at 4:24 by DQ to Douglas and Crowbar! (D+) Ms. Jones did good work at ringside. But yet again the crowd were already still hot, so they didn’t need working back up like I felt they would have.

Tony, Mike, and Scott take time to talk about what we’ve seen happen this evening, saying that after our big opening segment that Sid was thrown out of the building by Mark Johnson. So it looks like tonight, it’s Kevin Nash against Lex Luger in our main event, and the winner will receive a World Heavyweight title match in the near future. (C)

“Mean” Gene heads backstage to Totally Buff’s dressing room, where Buff is warming Luger up. Madusa rubs lotion on Luger’s chest as the two talk about the huge opportunity that Lex has tonight. He says that nobody knows Kevin Nash in the ways that he does, so this should be a piece of cake, but not as much cake as they’ll be having at SuperBrawl when they face Kronik. Bagwell points out that they don’t eat cake because they aren’t fat boys like they have all over Georgia, but it’ll be like a protein cake that they are going to eat all up, leading them back to the biggest sponge cake of all, Goldberg. Luger says that Scott Steiner is a good champion, but “The Total Package” will make a better one. (B-) Scripts and reshoots are Lex’s friend.

Chavo Guerrero Jr. retains his title in a six man match over Evan Karagias, “Sugar” Shane Helms, Shannon Moore, Jamie Knoble, and Elix Skipper by taking advantage of the feuding between Helms/Knoble and 2 Count by waiting until everyone is doing dives out of the ring and then pulling Karagias into a roll up, putting his feet on the ropes to get the three count in 8:02! (C) Jamie seemed a little sluggish. The announcing was good though, lifting the match by way of Mike Tenay’s knowledge.

Mike Sanders is seen leaving the Thrillers’ dressing room confidently. Stasiak gets up to follow after to go get a snack, but the door won’t open – it turns out Ernest Miller and The Filthy Animals were hiding on the other side of the door, and they moved a bunch of crates in front of the door! Sean O’Haire kicks at the door, but even he can’t get it kicked in! “Above Average” is on his own! (C)

This intergender match is mostly comedy where Mike Sanders is watching for backup when Tygress gets the upper hand. Mark Johnson is the official here though, and he stops to tie his shoe when Tygress actually has Sanders down for the pinfall. Mike gets a foreign object out of his trunks and nails Tygress with it, and despite it being right in front of him during the cover, Johnson counts her down and gives the match to Sanders at 3:17. Mike then starts to celebrate as though he won a grueling match! (E) Tygress apparently isn’t as funny as we thought she would be, not doing very well in a comedy match. She also seemed very sluggish, possibly thrown off by the brutal reaction this pro-men-only-wrestling crowd gave her. But the match did its job by giving the crowd a breather. The announcing and color work helped boost the match, but we saw a lot of Tony and Tenay getting in each other’s way while Tenay and Hudson called the match well on their end.

The commissioner is celebrating his “huge” win in the ring, when Ernest Miller slides into the ring behind him! However, Miller ends up just being the distraction, as he points behind Sanders… to Ms. Jones, who kicks him between the legs! Sanders is down on the mat as “The Cat” and Ms. Jones dance in the ring! (C-)

Before our main event, we go to a recap video to see the opening segment and then Sid being thrown out of the arena, leading to our singles match that is next. (B)

Again before we get started, Kevin Nash gets a microphone and talks about how he isn’t forgetting about Team Canada, but tonight “Big Sexy” has more on his plate than that. He hopes Scott Steiner and Booker T are watching, because after he wins tonight, he is going to be gunning for whichever of them is holding that “ten pounds of gold”. (C+) Kevin improvised well.

Kevin Nash defeats Lex Luger despite Mark Johnson taking over from Nick Patrick during the match. Johnson almost seems to hand the bout to Luger, but Nash’s feet hit him during the Torture Rack, which brings out Goldberg! He spears Luger, and then the Jackknife Powerbomb delivers the final touch at 7:39. No matter how long Mark waits to count, it’s a definite three count, giving Kevin Nash a future World title match! (C+) There was a severe lack of selling on display. The announcing quality was good, the crowd got hotter, and Madusa did some good work though, so all in all a good match.

After our final commercial break, Scott Steiner comes to the ring again. He says that he doesn’t care about Kevin Nash, he doesn’t care about Sid, or Luger, or anyone but himself – and for right this moment, Booker T! “Big Poppa Pump” goes on a tirade about how the fans might have thought they saw something happen on Nitro to him, but it ain’t in any win-loss records because it wasn’t a match; and if Booker hadn’t gotten involved, it would’ve ended with him murderin’ a damn old fool! As Scott talks though, a camera goes backstage to see Rick Steiner – and as Scott is heard asking why the TurnerTron isn’t showing him, we find out why as Booker T attacks from behind the camera! He lays Rick out with a vicious attack, ending it by putting him through a table with a Book End! Booker looks into the camera and addresses Scott, saying that “We just saw a brotha’ for a brotha’, and at SuperBrawl, I’ma get my own revenge on you! When I do, don’t hate the playa’, just hate the game, sucka!” Scott goes wild in the ring as Thunder closes. Make sure to join us this Sunday night for SuperBrawl: Revenge! (B) The segment needed better color commentary. Scott continued his off night, being very poor when improvising dialogue here. The crowd got hotter though, so well enough.

Show Rating: B-
This show has increased our popularity in 10 regions.

WCW Worldwide
Aired February 18th, 2001 (Week 3)
Held at: Archer Hall in Atlanta, Georgia (South East)
Announcers: Mike Tenay and Scott Hudson
Attendance: 1,000 people (sold out!)

  • Jamie Knoble defeats Yang with a rollup after Kaz Hayashi tries to interfere but inadvertently shakes Yang off the top rope (C-) Yang and Meow as well as Tenay and Hudson showed good chemistries during this match.
  • The final SuperBrawl Series video before the show itself tonight goes to SuperBrawl VIII when Sting defeated Hollywood Hogan for the vacant WCW World Heavyweight championship; could we see a new champion on tonight’s SuperBrawl: Revenge? (B-)
  • Kronik defeat The Boogie Knights with Wright experiencing High Times when Disqo is too busy talking to the fans about his self help guru to tag out (C) This match got the crowd hotter. Adams and Clarke showed great chemistry teaming together.
  • Mike Tenay and Scott Hudson go down the list of matches scheduled for SuperBrawl: Revenge tonight; order now, only on pay-per-view! (B-) Tenay looked lost out there and Hudson did not come out of this looking very good either.
    Show Rating: C-
    The crowd didn’t like having less than three segments… whiners.

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Unread 06-05-2017, 08:32 PM
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From the desk of Eric Bischoff:
“The backstage area was lively at Nitro as Jimmy Yang set up a waffle bar for everyone.

There were a lot of opinions this week. Guys seem to be enjoying my suggestions box policy, where they can write down thoughts about someone anonymously – well, I know who it is, but I’ve been anonymous about the opinions to the rest of the locker room. Funny enough, during Nitro most of the remarks came at the expense of Ron Harris. Sid Vicious and Bryan Clarke both seem to feel he doesn’t connect well with the fans, while Booker T thinks Ron just can’t sell. I also saw a note from Ric Flair where he doesn’t feel Shane Douglas is charismatic, and thinks I could just cut him and hire someone better. Now, I know Shane made his name calling out ‘Dick Flair’ forever, but does Ric really need to fan those flames in this new generation? After his match on Thunder, Kaz Hayashi came to me personally to ask if he could please stop having Leia Meow as his manager, because their bad timing just throws him off. I assured him that we are working on that issue. Kevin Nash may be feeling a little insecure, because he claims that Mark Jindrak ‘can’t work a WCW style’ so he should be jobbed off the roster. Maybe he sees a little of himself in Mark and he doesn’t want him to eventually outshine him? Scott Steiner however had no reason to call out Evan Karagias as being uncharismatic and should be released. Especially given that his valet has been a charisma black hole ever since we let Midajah ride along with him.

Nitro actually gained well this past week, moving to a 3.16 rating on TNT, with Thunder getting a 2.61 on TBS! I’m really looking forward to what sort of buyrate we will end up for SuperBrawl after this fairly successful week. Worldwide drew a very similar 0.08 to where it was last week; with it being just on syndication, I’m not really expecting much more out of it than that.

However, Turner executives have made it known that they don’t care what the ratings look like. I was privy to some information from Bill Busch, who sat in on an AOL/Turner meeting, and they said that without a shadow of a doubt, WCW are out by the end of March. I’ve racked my brain trying to come up with new ideas and a new station to go on, but even my best option, FX, aren’t willing to take on a company in such high debt. I need to do something about this, but the only place I can really cut some costs is on some of the contracts of the boys. However, how do you convince people to take so much less money when they signed for so much more? This will be my finest smooth talking if I can manage to get people to give up money – even if I am offering a longer contract to make up some of the difference. I am going to have to start with people I can appeal to, who would worry about the future of the company. I’m sure Flair would care about the future of WCW, but no way would I be able to talk to him. He’s still constantly giving me the evil eye anytime we are in the same room together. Goldberg has listened to too many guys like Hulk, who convinced him to make as much as he can in as little time as he can, so that would be a no go as well. I shudder at the amount of expletives Scott Steiner would scream if I brought this up to him. No, this is going to require some of my friends. Namely, Kevin and Dallas. Perhaps those guys would be willing to ‘take one for the team’ so to speak, as long as I make sure that they are going to be happy with what I offer them and as long as it makes up for their investment. Especially since both of them are making a killing, Kevin pulling in $300,000 a month and Dallas with $250,000 a month! I probably only have one shot at this, because once I have talked to one of them about it, they will definitely put the other on their guard. But which one do I talk to? Which Insider would take the pay cut to help ensure WCW survives?

The only way I am gonna be able to do this will be to get one of them aside and talk to him after SuperBrawl.”


So, dear readers, this is where you can come in. The prediction prize this month will be to determine which of the two Eric talks to about renegotiating their contract. I wanted to hype it this way, even though I won't be posting the actual conversation until after it has already been long done, because I think you will all like seeing how it goes, and trust me; since I'm already booked through the WCW shows on the post-SuperBrawl week, it will definitely help lead to some mysterious intrigue!

SuperBrawl is all written! I will be posting it Thursday evening, so you can be excited for that, everyone!
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Default World Championship Wrestling presents SuperBrawl: Revenge

Apparently they repurposed this song for the actual show, so this isn’t me just using an older, cool theme.

WCW SuperBrawl: Revenge
February 18th, 2001
Held at: Rabobank Arena in Bakersfield, California (South West)
Announcers: Tony Schiavone, Mike Tenay, and Scott Hudson
Attendance: 8,641 people (sold out!)


After the opening fireworks display, the show opens with our WCW CEO, “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair coming down to the ring. Flair gets the crowd all pumped up with a big “WOOOOOO!” before welcoming everyone in the Rabobank Arena and everyone watching at home on pay-per-view to the tenth anniversary of WCW SuperBrawl! Flair talks about how he was in the main event of the very first SuperBrawl in 1991, getting his revenge and winning back a World championship. He says how fitting is it that ten years later, we will see someone else trying to get revenge and win back the WCW World championship right here at SuperBrawl: Revenge!

The sirens bring out the incumbant champion, “Big Poppa Pump” Scott Steiner marching to the ring with Midajah carrying the title behind him. Steiner gets Flair’s microphone and gives him a piece of his mind.
“Yeah I guess that’d be a fitting, lovely story, Ric. But the problem is, in 1991, you were facing some out of shape, washed up Jappie who you shouldn’ta’ lost to in the first place. You winnin’ that belt back back then means NUH-THING to anyone in 2001, because now you’re just as outta’ shape and washed up as that guy was back then! Meanwhile, the champ isn’t some unfit piece of sake drinkin’ crap, it’s the ‘Big Bad Booty Daddy’ Scott Steiner. And the challenger is someone who shoulda never won the belt the first time, let alone two more times, he only held it because I was busy pumping up my peaks and pumping down my freaks! Booker T, that punk, flea ridden, two bitch piece’a crap better not even show up to the ‘rena tonight, because I’m gonna hit him, hurt him, throw him around, and then keep the belt around my sexy waist. I ain’t gonna need no Mark Johnson to keep the belt, I don’t need Ricky to keep the belt, all I need is the largest arms in the world to wrap around his neck and break him in half! And when I’m done with Booker T, I promise that I’ll still have enough stam’na left to show some of these ‘Bakersfield bitch freaks’ my own personal California Redwood!”

Out to rebut comes Booker T, the challenger tonight. At Flair’s urging, he stops at the top of the ramp, but he’s handed his own microphone.
“Scotty, I don’t care what you say, you been runnin’ scared of Booker T ever since Mayhem! Because I don’t fall for your crap about the largest arms in the world, I don’t fall for your crap about how dominant you are, because you ain’t shown to be nothin’ but a big mouthed, jacked up sucka! I would ignore you, but you got what I want; my WCW World championship. And when I win back my title that you stoled from me in November, I’m gonna be the four time, four time, four time, four times World’s Heavyweight champion, sucka! When you left layin’ on your back countin’ the lights of the Rabobank Arena and you look up to see me puttin’ that title back around my waist, whatever you do… don’t hate on the playa!”
Booker holds the microphone up as the crowd chants “hate the game!” for him, as Scott starts yelling at Booker off the microphone, telling him to come down to the ring. WCW security stand in front of Booker so he can’t go to the ring, but he mouths to Steiner that he’ll see him tonight in the main event! What a show it’s going to be tonight, fans; welcome to SuperBrawl: Revenge!

Rating: A* (97)
Eric’s Thoughts: This was a really good start to the show, as the crowd ate it up. It needed some better color commentary to hold up that end of the segment, but Scott definitely enjoyed getting to work off script and performed well on this night.


2 Count vs. “Sugar” Shane Helms and Jamie Knoble
Announced Time Limit: 20:00
Official: Charles Robinson
Ringside: Nobody

While a lot of matches featuring 2 Count have been comedy affairs, this time they were all business as they took on their former partners. There were bodies flying everywhere in this match, as they wowed the audience with some crazy maneuvers which most of them likely had never seen before. It was also a match given plenty of room to grow, so they could make it as best as they could. The end came down to Evan and Helms fighting in one corner while Shannon and Karagias traded punches in the other. 2 Count got the lead, but when they tried to whip their opponents into one another, Helms leap-frogged over Knoble and the two hit stereo dropkicks on the band mates! Helms set up Moore while Knoble hooked Karagias, and they were both planted with the Vertebreaker and Tombstone piledriver in the center of the ring, with both men covering their former partners while Charles delivered a stereo three count.

Match Time: 12:04
Rating: C-
Eric’s Thoughts: A solid high spot type of cruiserweight match to get the crowd really going. We didn’t need it to have the crowd hot, because they were still so hot after the opening segment, but it certainly helped to give them a pretty hot match right after. With this, we end this short feud and everyone can move on.


“Mean” Gene Okerlund stands backstage in the interview area alongside the entire Natural Born Thrillers. Gene says that tonight is a huge night for these men, as the World Tag Team titles as well as the WCW Commissionership is on the line right here at SuperBrawl: Revenge! “Above Average” Mike Sanders tells Gene that he needs to stop worrying so much, because tomorrow will be the same as yesterday. He says that not only will his best men “go all Bob Barker” by spaying and neutering the Filthy Animals, but he himself has a “master plan” that will ensure victory when he skins “The Cat” and brings home the prize of Ms. Jones. With that, it’s time for our next match, so they leave, with Gene saying that he supposes if you’re going to be confident, why not be overconfident?

The Filthy Animals hip hop their way down to the ring, with Konnan rapping along with “Reason” as it plays in the background. When they enter the ring, Konnan goes into his opening spiel, asking where his dawgs are at and speaking on this with an “orale” and “arriba la raza”. He says that the Animals aren’t the biggest dogs in the fight but they’re gonna fight like dogs to get the titles around their waists, “So bring Big and Ugly on out here to see what happens when you mess with familia! Orale!”

WCW World Tag Team Championships
The Natural Born Thrillers (Chuck Palumbo & Sean O’Haire) {c} vs. The Filthy Animals (Rey Mysterio Jr. & Billy Kidman)

Announced Time Limit: 25:00
Official: Charles Robinson
Ringside: Tygress (Filthy Animals)

Konnan leaves the ringside area at Charles Robinson’s behest, which Scott Hudson wonders if that wasn’t a Mike Sanders ruling, but Mike Tenay says that it’s only fair since the Thrillers don’t have anyone at ringside, while the Animals still have Tygress out there. Kidman starts the match with Palumbo, and the two trade a few hammerlocks, reversals, and headlocks before Billy hits a slick dropkick that puts Chuck in his corner. O’Haire comes into the ring, but Kidman outmaneuvers him as well for a few moments, leaving him on the ropes with a dropkick into the ribs. Mysterio enters the ring, and he avoids danger at all costs with his small stature and quickness. The Animals seem to be on top of things with some double teaming on Palumbo, but they kip up after a double elbow drop right into a double clothesline from O’Haire! From there, they single out Mysterio, specifically his historically bad knees. Kidman tries to interject himself, but he keeps getting pushed back out of the ring by Charles. Mysterio and his never-say-die attitude keep the Animals in this match though, and he eventually slips out of Sean’s grasp and quickly springboards into a dropkick that puts the big man down and out of the ring! That gives Rey ample time to make the tag, bringing Kidman into the ring. He runs through Palumbo and keeps O’Haire out of the ring. Kidman turns back into a kick in the midsection, but Chuck messes up when he tries to powerbomb Kidman. I guess he didn’t pay attention to every Kidman match since 1998, because you just can’t powerbomb Kidman! A face buster gets a two count, as Shawn Stasiak heads down to the ring. Stasiak slips into the ring behind Charles Robinson and runs right through him, before attacking Kidman. Mysterio springboards up and hits a dropkick on Stasiak, sending him out of the ring, but O’Haire comes back in and grasps up Mysterio, hitting him with a fireman’s carry DDT! Sean goes to the top rope, and he leaps for the Seanton Bomb – but Stasiak tries to climb back into the ring, and he inadvertantly shakes the ropes, causing O’Haire to crotch himself on the top rope! Mysterio knocks Stasiak away from the ropes, and he quickly hits a springboard frankensteiner on O’Haire! Kidman knocks Palumbo and Stasiak out with a springboard Shooting Star Press from the ring to the floor as Mysterio goes for the cover – and Charles Robinson calls for the bell!

There’s a bit of confusion, but it’s quickly solved as the announcement is made that Charles has disqualified the Thrillers! The Filthy Animals won the match, and they should have gotten the pin – but thanks to Shawn Stasiak, they won’t be taking home the titles! Tenay says that there should definitely be another shot for the Animals after this night, but Tony points out that it depends on who wins the commissionership later in the evening.

Match Time: 9:02
Rating: C / C+ / C+ (match)
Eric’s Thoughts: Definitely a good night for Konnan on the mic, he had the crowd in the palm of his hand just like he used to in the Wolfpac. I told these guys to just do what they could to steal the show, knowing that is how Rey likes it. It also was a test for the Thrillers to see how they would deal with it, and I’d say they held up their end of the bargain, and the match left the crowd buzzing. Kidman was really off his game though, and Tygress did good work. It was kind of a Dusty finish, but not exactly; this should really build the future dynamic.


“Mean” Gene is in the interview area again alongside Totally Buff, Animal, and Madusa. Gene talks to Madusa, asking her if he could get her to invite him along to the celebration party that it seems Totally Buff are planning when Animal retires Goldberg, but she looks at him with disgust. Bagwell says that everyone will be invited to Goldberg’s retirement party except for two people – those two big, bloated buffoons Adams and Clarke! Luger talks about how Kronik have thought that Totally Buff were afraid of them, but they are afraid of nothing! It doesn’t matter how big they are, “The Total Package” and “Buff Daddy” are bigger, meaner, and have more experience, and so they’re going to introduce Kronik to something they should get used to: the ‘losers’ column! Animal closes the promo by saying that there have been a lot of big, musclebound, unstoppable beasts in pro wrestling’s history, but when he’s done tonight, the only one that’ll go down in history will remain the Road Warriors, because Goldberg is finished, by his hands!

KroniK vs. Totally Buff
Announced Time Limit: 30:00
Official: Billy Silverman
Ringside: Madusa (Totally Buff)

Totally Buff start the match by stalling, using veteran ring positioning to their advantage. Mike does briefly point out that actually the guy who’s been wrestling the shortest time in the match is Buff, but he glosses back over it by saying that Bagwell and Luger definitely have more “big match” experience compared to Adams and Clarke. “Buff Daddy” poses for the crowd, but while they boo him, they cheer loudly when Clarke flexes his muscles back at him! Adams gets caught in the wrong corner of the ring when he misses a charge into the turnbuckle and gets his bell rung by a clothesline from Lex. He gets the hot tag to Clarke though, who runs through both of Totally Buff with clotheslines and powerslams! But when he goes to the top rope, Madusa grabs his leg, leaving him wide open for Luger to grab him by the hair and slam his head into the ringpost itself! Clarke’s head is completely woozy as “The Total Package” shows his strength by lifting Clarke over the top rope and pull him into the Torture Rack. Clarke is unresponsive, so Billy Silverman ends up having to call for the bell.

Match Time: 6:43
Ratings: B- / C+
Eric’s Thoughts: Everyone from Madusa to the announce team did a great job in this match. Kronik had some great team chemistry on display. The only weak point was Marcus, who seemed to be off his mark just a little. I had told them to calm the crowd down, and they succeeded at that, but not in a way that bored them. All in all, mission accomplished here.


The Harris Boys follow “The Chosen One” to the ring for their upcoming six man tag team match, but Jeff takes a microphone first. He talks about how ever since he gave up the US title and moved up to the World championship back in April, that belt “has gone from one slapnut to the next” and he feels it’s time to change that. He says that not if, but when Hugh gives him a title shot, that belt is coming back to a place it never should’ve left: the waist of “The Chosen One”!

But General Rection and the Misfits in Action have something to say about this! Hugh has a microphone of his own, and he tells Jarrett that while he’s been in the main events fighting – and losing – to guys like Sid, Booker T, Sting, and playing second fiddle to Scott Steiner, he has been making this championship, this crowd, and this country proud of him by defending this belt against all challengers! The General says that tonight, they will find out just how “chosen” Jarrett really is, because while he’s been out of the US title picture, it’s become the land of Misfits!

The Misfits in Action vs. “The Chosen One” Jeff Jarrett & The Harris Brothers
Announced Time Limit: 30:00
Official: Scott James
Ringside: Nobody

Scott James has his work cut out for him trying to control this match, as it begins with everyone in the ring throwing wild fists! The MIA force their opponents out of the ring and celebrate the small victory. But when Chavo pulls Hugh’s attention to talk to him and show off for the crowd, Big Ron and Heavy D pull Corporal Cajun out of the ring behind Scott’s back and they hurl him into the ring barricade! Jarrett re-enters the ring along with Lash, and he takes full advantage of the damage done by his bodyguards as Morrus chews out Guerrero on the ring apron. Cajun suffers quite a bit through this match, and each time he tried to tag out, “Lieutenant Loco” would always seem to be unavailable. General Rection finally tags in, and he runs wild on Ron and Don along with LeRoux, but Jarrett slips a low blow in on the US champion, taking control of the match all over again while Scott James was chasing Chavo out of the ring! Lash and Chavo exchange glances on the apron but Hugh is getting practically triple teamed. The Harris Boys take out LeRoux before he can tag back into the match, and it looks as though Chavo is finally going to get tagged into the match! He looks around at the crowd, getting them behind him… and then drops off the apron! Chavo throws his MIA shirt to the wind as he walks backstage, leaving his partners high and dry. Morrus falls prey to the H-Bomb and Jarrett humiliatingly pins him with one finger, cementing himself as a United States championship contender once again.

Match Time: 14:07
Ratings: C- / D+
Eric’s Thoughts: Fans saw Chavo “turning” (he was already a heel) coming a mile away, so the match was held down slightly because it was almost written in stone that he wasn’t on the level with his partners. Lash was really off his game, but the announcing really helped sell the match. Jarrett’s great performance really stood out, probably showing off because he knew he was winning this one.


WCW Hardcore Championship
“The Franchise” Shane Douglas & Crowbar vs. The Mamalukes

Announced Time Limit: 20:00
Official: Billy Silverman
Ringside: Daffney (Crowbar)

This was your pretty generic hardcore match brawl where they used varying weapons that they picked up throughout the building, used in conjunction with some of the signature moves leading to near falls. You pretty much can picture the whole match just based on that. In the end, Daffney pulls out a rubber chicken and hits Vito with it, before revealing that inside the chicken was one of the Mamalukes’s own stickball bats. Douglas picks him up and hits the Franchiser for the win and retaining his title.

Match Time: 4:12
Rating: D+
Eric’s Thoughts: I thought that the crowd was going to be hotter at this point, so cooling them off with a weak hardcore tag match wasn’t a good move. Definitely not my fault. Vito was off his game here, whiffing on a bunch of his weapons hits. Announcing was amusing at least.

We go from there to another big time matchup, the six man tag team tables match. But first, we see a video recap starting from the night after Sin when Team Canada decided to attack the Insiders during their World Tag Team championship rematch. The Insiders fired back by bringing back “The Prodigal Son” Dustin Rhodes to even the odds, and the two teams have been brawling both in and out of the ring since. Tonight, we see which team is the better in a tables match!

Before the Insiders come to the ring, Lance Storm gets a microphone and talks about how California isn’t even land that Canada’s cool breezes find it fit to flow through. He tells WCW production crew to play the Canadian national anthem, but before it starts going…

The Insiders come out with their own microphone, Kevin Nash saying that “Big Sexy is in the house!” Rhodes and Page give generic threats about getting revenge tonight at SuperBrawl: Revenge for being put through tables, and when they charge the ring, the match is on!

Six-Man Tag Team Tables Match
Team Canada vs. The Insiders and “The Prodigal Son” Dustin Rhodes

Announced Time Limit: 30:00
Official: Nick Patrick
Ringside: Major Gunns (Team Canada)

Tony points out the rules for this match, as it is tornado style with no tags, and it is elimination style, so all three members of a team have to be put through tables for the victory. So this is a pretty big brawl to start, as all six men open up on one another. Skipper uses his quickness to evade Dallas while Dustin fights with Storm. That leaves Kevin Nash to throw big punches with Mike Awesome, as commentary talk about how this could very easily come down to three men on one side and only one on the other. Dustin is sent out of the ring hard, and that gives Storm and Skipper a chance to double team Page for a few minutes. “Big Sexy” hits Elix with the snake eyes, dazing him, before firing him out of the ring and nearly through a table. Awesome and Storm go at it with the Insiders, but Nash and Page get the better of that and DDP hits Mike with the Diamond Cutter to take him out of the equation! That gives Nash a chance to hit Storm with knees and framed elbows in the corner. On the outside, Dustin has set up a few tables, and he slides one into the ring. Dustin tries to hip toss Elix through the table, but Skipper flips to his feet and hits a dropkick to cause separation. The first man out of the match ends up being Skipper though, as Nash catches him coming from a plancha and drills him to the mat with a powerslam, before picking him up and dropping him with the Jackknife through a table!

With the odds three-to-two, Team Canada need to rally back, and fast. With Skipper being escorted away from the ring, Storm and Awesome are on their own. “The Prodigal Son” and the Insiders push their advantage, but a slip up between Nash and Page leads to Dallas getting hit with Kevin’s big boot and then Dustin takes a ride in the Awesome Bomb through a table! It’s an even matchup now, but one of these teams are former World Tag Team champions while the other has only teamed together a few times. That type of tag team symmetry cannot be discounted, and the Insiders bounce in with Nash fighting off Lance and obliterating him with a one armed chokeslam when Storm was coming off the ropes at him. Mike Awesome backs down from no men, and he hurls Page out of the ring. He charges the opposite side of the ring and comes back, leaping over the top rope to hit a no touch suicide dive over the top rope onto DDP! “The Canadian Career Killer” feels Page is done as he goes after Nash, and the two big men go at it with forearms and punches. The former nWo founder dodges a clothesline before delivering a pointed elbow to the chin of Awesome. Awesome fights back tooth and nail though, hitting Nash with a leaping clothesline off the second rope. Mike goes up to the top rope, but DDP catches him there, and he pulls Awesome to the floor and through a table with a Diamond Cutter! It’s the former Tag Team champions against only Lance Storm!

But Lance Storm has his own pride, and he refuses to back down. He gets his wits about him and takes Nash down with a basement dropkick to the big man’s knees. Storm then goes after DDP, hitting a spinning kick and then going back to stomp Nash’s leg. Mike Tenay talks about how Storm is using his own divide-and-conquer style at this moment, keeping Nash at bay while attacking Page. That only works until Kevin shoves Storm away, and DDP hits the discus clothesline on him! Dallas takes time to set a table up in the center of the ring, and he looks poised to send Storm through it. He looks to do another Diamond Cutter from the ropes, but Storm holds on, shoving Dallas off and through the table! It’s down to Lance Storm and Kevin Nash, who Storm has already weakened. Lance kicks the fallen Kevin a few more times while Page is being escorted away, and he does more work to Nash’s knees, Tony calling that it’s a smart move that could eliminate the possibility of another Jackknife powerbomb. Kevin comes back with a vengeance though, catching Storm coming off the ropes and drilling him to the mat with a sidewalk slam! Nash puts Storm over the middle rope and hobbles to the other side of the ring for momentum, coming back and dropping his weight down across Storm’s back and neck – or he would, but Storm moved, and Lance again dropkicks Nash right in the knee as he was hung up in the ropes! Lance hooks in the Canadian Maple Leaf, but there are no submissions; he has to release the hold. When he does, he gets two tables and sets them up in the ring. Nash fights back when Storm has the tables set next to one another, and he tries to set up for the Jackknife, but the knee buckles and he winces in pain. Storm gets a chair and hits Nash with it, then hits a superkick that lays Nash over the tables. Lance heads to the top rope, but “Big Sexy” is up, and he catches him! Nash hurls Storm off the top, and he goes through both tables! This match is over!

Match Time: 17:15
Ratings: C- / B- / C+
Eric’s Thoughts: Major Gunns helped make Storm look good during the pre-match promo. The match itself was a good long match that saw a lot of twists and turns. I kept Storm strong here, so even in defeat he would come out of it looking like he belongs; which he does. The announcing helped sell the match really well, and the six got the crowd buzzing. Lance and Dustin did a good job at slow building the match. The only low point was Elix; he was really off his game, and as a fast paced wrestler, he struggled trying to build the match. All things we will work on in the future.


Tony is told that there is a bit of a commotion going on backstage, and cameras catch the Natural Born Thrillers looking to be at one another’s throats! Sean O’Haire is incensed at Shawn Stasiak, who very nearly cost them the championships earlier tonight. The other Thrillers are holding him apart from Shawn, with Sanders finally telling O’Haire to go cool down, get a shower, and then watch him beat “The Cat” to keep the commissioner powers safely in their camp. O’Haire isn’t very pleased, he was out for blood, but he begrudgingly listens, leaving the scene.

Rating: B-
Eric’s Thoughts: It’s time we pulled the trigger on this angle, and we put these guys in the positions that they deserve.

Up next is going to be another of our main events, this being the Chain match. We go back to Sin where Animal turned on Goldberg, and then sound bites of him explaining why he did so. It shows Totally Buff and Animal destroying one of Goldberg’s motorcycles, with Animal calling Goldberg a “Road Warrior wannabe”. Goldberg, meanwhile, says that he is saving victory number forty in his new streak for tonight over Animal! Who will come out on top in this brutal match up?!

“Da Man” makes his grand entrance first, popping the crowd by standing in his fireworks. He makes his way to the ring, just as intense as ever, as he looks ahead to the fight ahead of him.

But whereas most opponents will get psyched out by that, Animal is not so easy to intimidate! He comes riding down to the ring on his Harley motorcycle, his black shoulder pads reflecting off the fireworks going off for him. Madusa is riding on the back of the bike and they get off the seat never taking their eyes off of Goldberg. Animal was trying to intimidate Goldberg, but it looks like it didn’t work on either man!

Chain Match
“Da Man” Goldberg vs. Animal

Announced Time Limit: 45:00
Official: Scott James
Ringside: Madusa (Animal)

Both men are chained together at the wrist with a heavy biker chain. It doesn’t come into play very uniquely though, as they tend to just use it to whip one another now and then. This match is mostly just two big bulls rushing and hitting each other. It is the most generic power match that they will put on. Madusa gets involved once by pulling on the chain to distract Goldberg, but he pulls her right back with it, which takes her out of the picture when she slams into the ring apron! Animal nearly gets the pin with a big powerslam, but it’s not enough to keep Goldberg down. Animal runs the ropes, as so does Goldberg. Goldberg ducks a clothesline and hits the ropes again, before hitting the Spear! Goldberg then lifts Animal off the mat to plant him with the Jackhammer, and he goes up to 40-0 over Animal!

The bell has barely sounded until Totally Buff rush out and hit the ring! Luger and Bagwell grab the discarded chain and start using it to beat on Goldberg. But Goldberg runs through a clothesline attempt and makes them run together! Animal attacks from behind, and Goldberg nearly fights off all three of them, but “The Total Package” chopblocks the leg, and from there it becomes a three on one beating. Kronik rush out, still hurting about the way the match went earlier, but they are unable to stop the beatdown as Animal wraps the chain around his fist and starts punching both of them! Goldberg and Kronik are all left down on the mat as Totally Buff and Animal stand over them tonight! Tony Schiavone states the obvious that this situation is definitely far from over!

Match Time: 8:52
Rating: B- / B- / B / B- / B+
Eric’s Thoughts: All the hype, from the video to the entrances, were kept a little short so that the fans could stay focused. Neither guy was selling very much, but man did the crowd get so hot during that match. Animal was really off though, stumbling through a few of the sequences. Madusa did some good work at least. During the attack, Goldberg looked like a real star by almost fighting off all three men. The announcing lifted the segment, but Buff seemed very underwhelming as he just stood and posed for most of it. Probably should have milked it a little longer though.

A hype video plays to give the crowd a bit of a breather, this one for our next match of “The Cat” Ernest Miller against “Above Average” Mike Sanders. It shows Sanders abusing his power as commissioner to help his friends and harm his enemies, until the previous commissioner, Miller, starts challenging him for it. Sanders seems to have caught an eye for Ms. Jones though, and so now we have a match where the commissionership is on the line against the “services” of Ms. Jones!

“Above Average” gets a microphone before the match, running down The Cat by calling him a “dancing fool” who wouldn’t know how to run a company to the top if they gave him a steering wheel and a map!
“So with that in mind, we are going to require a free thinking, free spirited, straight shooting official who won’t hold grudges or play favorites. And so I give you… Mark Johnson!”

Much to the complaint of commentary, out of the back walks Mark Johnson! Tony, Mike, and Scott talk about how Johnson seems obviously to be on Sanders’s side, and he is definitely out here to keep Mike as the commissioner of WCW.

WCW Commissionership vs. Services of Ms. Jones
“Above Average” Mike Sanders vs. “The Cat” Ernest Miller

Announced Time Limit: 30:00
Official: Mark Johnson
Ringside: Ms. Jones (The Cat)

The Cat is on the defense right off the bat as Sanders attacks him as he gets into the ring, which is ignored by Johnson. Ms. Jones pounds on the mat in hopes that Miller will fight back, but he has problems doing so. He dances back to his feet despite all Mike is doing against him, and uses some dancing and martial arts kicks together in tandem to bring it to his favor, but Mark Johnson won’t count for him! Finally Ms. Jones has had enough and she enters the ring, and – as commentary call it – she kicks Johnson in the johnson! She reveals her own referee’s shirt, gives Ernest Miller the red shoe, and he hits Sanders with the Feliner! Ms. Jones grabs Mark Johnson’s hand and forces him to count the three, and we have a new WCW Commissioner!

Sanders leaves the ring, disgusted and calling to the back asking where everyone was. Ernest Miller takes the microphone and thanks the fans and, most of all, Ms. Jones, for always supporting him. He says that he is going to be a fair commissioner once again, and give WCW a much more fan-friendly atmosphere. He says that means no more crooked referees, telling Mark Johnson that he has a surprise for him. As the new commissioner of WCW, he is revoking the paperwork that Johnson filed earlier this month!

Sid Vicious comes down to the ring! He chases Johnson around the ring, but Mark cannot get away, and finally Vicious goozles him. He sets Mark Johnson up, and finally Sid gets his own revenge on Johnson by delivering a huge Powerbomb! “The Cat” and Ms. Jones dance around the crumpled body of Johnson as Sid celebrates.

Match Time: 4:55
Ratings: D / C+ / C-
Eric’s Thoughts: Sanders really worked the crowd up in his pre-match promo, he has a great grasp with the audience on the microphone. Ms. Jones did good work at ringside, and it turned out Miller and Sanders showed some great chemistry against one another. Commentary chemistry played against itself as Tony and Mike repeated several of the same points, but Mike and Scott gelled perfectly. We did this as a comedy match, and it gave the crowd a nice breather between the two main event matches. In the post-match, Johnson didn’t come out of it well as he looked like he almost took the powerbomb wrong, but man did Sid come out of it looking like a monster.

It is time for our main event, and we go to a video detailing the feud between current World Heavyweight champion “Big Poppa Pump” Scott Steiner and the former champion, Booker T. It shows their match at Mayhem 2000 where Steiner won the championship from Booker. Booker disappeared for some time after that, but Booker came back the night after Sin. Since then, Booker and Steiner have been at one another’s throats, even with both men beating up the brothers, both Stevie Ray and Rick Steiner. Tonight, we see the rematch that has been four months in the making!

Booker T is backstage pacing around his locker room, waiting for his cue. He gets a surprise visitor though, as Stevie Ray steps in. Stevie tells his brother that he’s here to watch Booker win the World title for a fourth time, and the whole family is back home watching on pay-per-view because they know Booker can take “that punk ass, fruity booty boy” down and take back what belongs to him. Booker gives his brother a handshake and hug, telling him that if he’s breathing, he’ll be fighting, just like always. A knock comes to the door, and Booker leaves the room. Time for our main event!

WCW World Heavyweight Championship
“Big Poppa Pump” Scott Steiner vs. Booker T

Announced Time Limit: 45:00
Official: Nick Patrick
Ringside: Midajah (Scott Steiner)

The match opens with the two slamming one another with heavy right hands, after they talked trash right as the bell rang. Nick Patrick tries to restore some order, but that doesn’t happen until Booker finally gets the better of the situation by ducking a big haymaker and clotheslining Steiner over the top rope! Tony takes a moment to point out that a few years ago, that could have caused a disqualification, but this isn’t the old WCW anymore, this is a new millennium, and it should be the greatest time in the history of our sport. Scott slows things down with a lock up and headlock, but Booker is what Mike calls “explosive” and he fires the champion off to the ropes and hits a leaping sidekick that gets him a surprisingly early near fall! “Big Poppa Pump” decides that perhaps discretion is the better part of valor, and he slows things down even further by stalling outside the ring, trying to cause Booker to get angered and make a mistake. That mistake comes when the challenger gets distracted by the presence of Midajah on the ring steps, and that’s when Scott slides into the ring and clubs him in the back, sending Booker crashing into the turnbuckles. A dazed Booker inadvertently backs right up into a release belly to back suplex, and Scott takes over.

The champion relishes every moment that he is in control, punishing Booker with reverse chinlocks, big clubbing forearms and stomps, and loads of verbal taunting. The challenger does his best to fight back up from under Scott’s massive frame, but anytime he does, Steiner tends to take advantage again with the use of his power, his suplexes, the ropes, and Midajah. Midajah at one point outright grabs Booker’s leg as he was hitting the ropes, which leads to a big Steinerline from Scott that nearly takes Booker’s head off! He then grabs Booker and delivers a big belly to belly suplex that nearly drops Booker right on his neck! Steiner only gets a two count, but the damage has been done. Hudson wonders if perhaps it was not a good idea by our CEO Ric Flair to have kept Booker out of the ring for the extra month that he did, as perhaps he has a little more ring rust because of it.

The ring rust argument seems to have some real merit, as Steiner moves to the back of Booker T, punishing it as he works up to the Steiner Recliner. Booker moves with caution, in some real pain as he refuses to give in to his enemy. The three time former World champion suffers from more of Scott’s verbal and physical abuse as Steiner drops him with a big gorilla press slam before doing push-ups in the ring. When he finally covers, Booker kicks out at an easy one-and-a-half count, but this time he starts fighting back. He hits Steiner in the midsection as Scott as pulling him up, firing into the chiseled ribs of Steiner with all the force he can muster. Booker begins to get to his feet for what feels like the first time in about ten minutes, and he rallies the fans behind him with a series of rights and lefts before delivering a Harlem Sidekick that puts Steiner on the mat! Booker goes for a quick cover, but Steiner is still too strong, as he muscles Booker off his shoulders fairly easily. The challenger stays on the attack, hitting the ropes and delivering a knee drop right to Steiner’s forehead. Booker tries to follow up, but Steiner slips a low blow behind Nick Patrick’s back, before body slamming Booker back to the mat. But when Steiner takes a moment to flex his muscles towards the crowd, Booker does the spinaroonie! He’s back on his feet, and he hits a big leaping kick that puts Scott on the mat hard! The crowd are all behind him as Booker climbs the turnbuckles, Hudson saying that he must be going all in to try for the Harlem Hangover! Booker looks confident, but Midajah again gets on the ring apron. He kicks her away though, but Steiner looks like he’s beginning to get to his feet. The challenger notices this, and he changes his tactic up, leaping off the top to hit a missile dropkick! Booker goes for the cover, but again only a two count! The challenger stomps on Steiner’s chest, and goes back to the turnbuckles again. This time, Midajah does the trick, as Scott gets back to his feet while she’s distracting Booker, and he shakes the ropes to cause Booker to drop crotch-first onto the top turnbuckle! “Big Poppa Pump” wastes little time, going up the turnbuckle and shocking everyone by performing a Frankensteiner! It takes Steiner a moment to recover his wind, but he makes the cover, “This has to be over!” shouts Tony!



Booker’s left shoulder pops out of Steiner’s grasp as Nick’s hand was coming down to the mat! Mike is shocked that Booker got out of that one, especially following all the punishment that he’s gone through in this bout. Steiner tries to follow up, but he meets some lively resistance as Booker is digging deep to pull out all he has left. A strong powerslam puts an end to that though, and Booker is pulled into the Steiner Recliner! Scott puts all the pressure he has into the hold, as Booker screams in pain! The constant taunts from “Big Poppa Pump” continue, as he keeps telling Nick Patrick that Booker is done, he’s giving up soon, keep asking him, even calling Booker a punk who can’t get it done. Booker continues to say no anytime Patrick asks him though, and finally he has enough. Booker starts climbing to his feet, and he lifts Steiner up on his back, before slamming him back into the turnbuckles! That causes a break, and once Booker gets some wind back, he rushes the ropes. Steiner is ready for him, but Booker is more ready as he ducks a clothesline, but he stops running. When Scott turns around, he’s met by a boot to the midsection, and THE BOOK END! Booker nailed the Book End, and this one should be over!

But Booker is unable to cover right away, he’s too winded! The crowd cheers his name as Midajah slams her hands on the ring apron to try and get Steiner back up. Booker finally rolls over and puts his arm across Steiner’s chest!



NO! Steiner kicked out just as the hand was coming down! This would be over if Booker had been able to cover sooner!

The announcers even seem exhausted by this point as Nick Patrick begins to give the two a ten count to see if either of them are completely out. By the time he gets up to six, both are starting to stir, and at eight they are back on their feet on opposite sides of the ring. But it becomes very apparent that Midajah has slipped Scott his lead pipe, and she climbs on the apron to distract Nick Patrick. With Patrick out of the way, Steiner swings the pipe, trying to take Booker’s head off – but Booker ducks, and he takes the weapon away, nailing Steiner with it himself! He throws the pipe out of the ring as Midajah slinks back to the floor in horror, and Booker falls into the cover right away!



This match has gone on for so long now that both men are still on the mat yet again. Booker comes back up to his feet, looking to capitalize while Steiner is still down. Booker sees Steiner rolling onto his stomach, and he takes an inspired idea – and he locks the Steiner Recliner on Scott! “Big Poppa Pump” is getting a taste of his own medicine now, as Tony starts listing off the people who Scott claims he put out with this hold and saying that Steiner himself could be the next man on the list!

Steiner muscles out actually pretty quickly though, getting to his feet and then delivering a belly to back suplex that puts Booker on the mat again. But the two are back on their feet sooner than before, as Hudson talks about the adrenaline pumping through each man. They throw much weaker punches at one another than they were at the start of this match, but they are just as devastating because of how tired and worn out they are. Steiner gets the better of it, hitting a bodyslam and staying on top for a two count. He goes for another cover right after, and gets another two count. When Steiner stands up and yells at Nick Patrick about it, Booker rolls him up from behind – another two count! Scott rushes in, angry now, but Booker hooks a small package – another two count! Steiner is looking tired from kicking out, but he charges – and when Booker ducks, Steiner hits the ropes and knocks Midajah down to the floor! A stunned champion turns around, and right into the Book End! The Book End is hit, and this time Booker is able to cover right away!



*di3ng ding ding*!

It’s over! It’s over! We have a new……………….

No! Nick Patrick is informed that the time limit expired! Scott Steiner is still the WCW World Heavyweight champion, and Booker T looks physically sick to his stomach! “The Big Bad Booty Daddy” steps over Midajah as he goes to the timekeeper to get his belt, and he shows it off to Booker from the outside of the ring. Booker starts asking Nick Patrick about it, but he looks completely apologetic about it, there’s nothing he can do.

Suddenly, Scott Steiner attacks Booker from behind! He lays into Booker with kicks and forearms, before sending Booker to the ropes. But Booker ducks the clothesline, kicking Steiner in the midsection and hitting him with a scissors kick! Booker grabs the World’s Heavyweight title and holds it above his head to big cheers from the crowd, but it’s all for naught because despite how close he came… it isn’t his.

Match Time: 45:00
Ratings: B / B- / B (match) / B-

Eric’s Thoughts: I’ll have more to talk about once I’ve caught my breath, but I did notice that during the match, Scott really was off his game. He helped pull it together though, building the long match very well. It deserved to have better color commentary overall. The crowd are left buzzing after the match is over. The post-match attack and confusion seemed a little rushed, but we have more post-match wrap-up to go.


“Mean” Gene is back with “The Nature Boy” and “The Enforcer” who are all in awe at how that title match went. Okerlund asks Flair about the bout, with Ric saying that he and Arn have had their share of 45, 50, and 60 minute matches in their career, and it messes with your head just like it’s going to mess with both Scott and Booker’s heads about whether they could have won with five more minutes or not, whether Scott would have kicked out at that last second or not. Gene prods for any news from the CEO about Booker getting another shot, perhaps next month at WCW Greed, but Flair says that he will have to think about it and will let everyone know tomorrow night on Nitro.

We cut back to the commentary desk, where Tony, Mike, and Scott discuss the future of WCW from here. They don’t know what’s going on with the World championship now, as it appears Ric Flair doesn’t really know any answers either. Tony sends us back to Gene again, who is now with our – we suppose – current reigning WCW champion.

“Big Poppa Pump” is in a screaming fit backstage, with Gene appearing a little timid as Steiner’s rampage could explode at any moment. Scott screams that he wasn’t beaten, he wasn’t pinned because the time limit ran out, but he would have kicked out and beat the crap out of Booker with thirty more seconds! Steiner tells everyone that this title isn’t going anywhere, Booker got his shot now, so he can go to the back of the line with the rest of the garbage! He isn’t giving any rematch to Booker, and if they try to make him, he’ll rip Flair’s head off!

Tony, Mike, and Scott are shocked by those words, as it appears Scott doesn’t want to give Booker another chance. They debate whether or not Steiner would have kicked out of the Book End, but it’s all speculation. Schiavone thanks the cable companies for sticking with us past our allotted time for this post-match wrap-up, but that in regards to our fans, they deserve to hear from both Scott Steiner and Booker T after that incredible match that may have just changed our entire sport of professional wrestling. They send it to Gene one final time for the night, who is with Booker T.

Booker T is an emotional wreck, as he’s standing backstage with Stevie Ray. Okerlund asks him some questions, but Booker isn’t answering well as he wracks his brain, going back over the match. He finally snaps to, telling Gene that the belt was as good as his, one more second and he’d have been the champion yet again. Gene gives Booker the news that Steiner has said there will be no rematch, but Booker says that he and the fans will call, write, and petition WCW officials and CEO Ric Flair until he does the right thing and gives Booker the rematch he deserves. Dustin Rhodes, Diamond Dallas Page, and Billy Kidman stop by the scene to offer their sympathies to Booker on this heartbreaking evening as Gene, on behalf of Tony, Mike, Scott, and all of WCW, says goodnight to all our fans who stayed with us!

Ratings: B- / C / B / C / B
Eric’s Thoughts: Gene improvised really well to close the show each time he had to, but had worn out by the interviews with Steiner and Booker. I guess it was past his bedtime by then. Steiner improvised well and came across great as a monstrous heel champion. Booker’s raw emotion really got the crowd hotter, and closed the show beautifully.
Show Rating: B
This show increased our popularity in 10 regions.

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Never would have called the main event going 45 mins, so that was a surprise. Really looking forward to seeing what happens next after that. Also, have to admit that with the way you wrote the six man tables match, you had me believing that Storm would actually knock off both Page and Nash for the upset win, but even though he didn't he still came out of the match looking great, which I think was the right move. I also really liked the opening promo with Flair, Steiner and Booker, some solid hype for the main event there and a good start to the show.

Overall this was a pretty great show I think, and I'm looking forward to finding out what you've got planned next.
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Good show with Superbrawl Beej. If anyone is going 45 minutes in this era, you gotta make it Booker and Steiner. Both came out great.

It does show how bad the roster is however. The pair got 1/3 of the ppv in total time! But, when you look at the roster depth, you have to do it!

Keep up the good work!
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From the desk of Eric Bischoff:
“SuperBrawl: Revenge certainly came off as a night to remember. I may have expected a little too much out of the tables match, because I felt they didn’t live up to what I was hoping, but otherwise most of the show went off without a hitch. There was one minor setback: Booker T came down with a pretty weird neck strain following one of Scott’s suplexes. There’s no bad blood between the two from it, and he worked through it well enough, but to the trained eye, it was pretty clear he was hurting through at least the last thirty minutes of the match. I can understand if fans were upset about not crowning an actual winner to the World title bout, but I think most will understand and could probably even enjoy the hearkening back to the old days of champions putting on marathon matches like this. I don’t look to employ all these old strategies like Dusty finishes, time limit draws, or intentional count outs too often, but it definitely keeps fans on their toes for it to happen once in awhile. Even ending the show with the commentators talking and Gene backstage getting thoughts from people is something that really feels like a return to the 1980s style of making it look like a real athletic contest, which I thought that our older fans would appreciate. At this point, I don’t care if we have old fans or new fans, as long as people are still buying my show!

“We got a pretty solid buyrate for the show actually, given our handicaps; a 0.28 is higher than Sin and is our highest actual buyrate since Starrcade 99. We made over a solid $403,000 on the show (rounded down) that means we must be on our way somewhat. At this point, we are losing less money than we did last month. This feels like a win. Hey, if we can keep going until this time in 2002, maybe then we’ll actually make a few dollars at the end of the month!

“During the show, Lex Luger commented that he is feeling like he needs some time to heal after his match. The match was barely six minutes long! I know he’s getting old, but he shouldn’t be that decrepit. Maybe Brian and Bryan roughed him up a little more than it appeared. My anonymous box saw notes from both Nash and Scott Steiner saying that they don’t think Chavo will ever make a pimple on Eddie’s ass in the fans’ eyes (Scott’s words) so he should be written off so I can bring someone in better. Chavo may not have their level of charisma, but I do see him as a potential diamond in the rough, so to speak, as far as helping to carry the cruiserweight division in the future. So no, he may not be the most comfortable on the microphone, but as long as he keeps bringing it together in the ring, he’s going to keep maintaining his level. Some – I think – good news regarding our champion was that he was praising up Johnny the Bull some. It seems he’s taken a liking to Stamboli, and decided to make him a sort of protege. I don’t know if that’s good for Johnny or not, but I’m sure he’ll like having the strong voice pushing for him, even if from what I saw, it looks like he is stuck carrying Scott’s baggage around. And for once, I don’t just mean Rick.

“I got everyone together after the show – which I actually didn’t tell Turner suits that I had planned to run over like it did, so good on them for allowing us to continue it past our allotted time frame – and apparently am still surprising people by being pleasant to everyone. I let them all know the situation; that we only have one final pay-per-view on Time Warner’s deal, next month’s Greed, before we are effectively off pay-per-view. Beyond that, we will only have two more episodes of Nitro on TNT after Greed, before our future becomes completely uncertain. I assure everyone that I have plenty of feelers out with companies, so they don’t need to worry for their jobs at this point. In order to turn the mood lighter again, I gave out big compliments to Scott and Booker for doing a 45 minute Broadway, something that just isn’t seen on pay-per-view anymore. I also shot some kind compliments to old ‘Naitch’, feeding his ego a little bit by saying that even though he wasn’t on SuperBrawl itself much, his presence as the on-screen authority figure is doing so well for us on a show-to-show basis. I wish I could say I was being 100% honest with it, but I know Ric doesn’t want to stay out of the ring like this forever; I just hope that by stroking his ego, he won’t bitch at me for keeping him on the sideline until I’m ready for his eventual big return match. All three men seemed pretty pleased with my words, and before everyone dispersed for the evening, I decided whether to call out to Kevin or Dallas…”

Prediction Contest Results
DGenerationMC: 8
crackerjack: 7
smw88: 7
The Final Countdown: 6
Satyr24: 6
onewithsergio: 5
TheBigBad1013: 5
The Nickman: 5
Warhawk8492: 5

Okay, so DGMC will be getting a prize sent to him shortly, but the biggest prize is, as I said, helping me figure out between Nash and Page.

Thanks to all who predicted and to BigBad and crackerjack for their comments! Lance was meant to look strong in defeat, because I want him to eventually look like he could so easily topple big names like those. As for the state of the roster, I honestly could have made longer matches elsewhere, buuuuuut... I just didn't feel like they needed the time like Steiner and Booker did. This blood feud over the title is bound to get more and more bloody as time goes on!

I had some family staying over this past week so I got a bit behind on where I wanted to be, but I hope to have Nitro posted this weekend. So please, stay tuned!
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Forgot to comment after reading the PPV!

The Booker/Steiner match was presented really well. I got sucked into the story and at the end was thinking, "Man, Steiner, you got lucky!"

I think we can all agree that whoever made the call for Booker to get that title shot is a creative mastermind.
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Default WCW Monday Nitro: 2/19/2001

Last Week in WCW: “WCW SuperBrawl: Revenge saw a heartbreaking time limit draw for the WCW World Heavyweight championship, but a joyous return to the role of commissioner for ‘The Cat’ Ernest Miller! The Insiders are riding high after a six-man tag team tables victory, and Goldberg’s streak moved to 40-0 with a win over Animal! What will happen now as we find out who will have the most Greed?”

WCW Monday Nitro
Shown Live on February 19th, 2001 (Week 4)
Held at: The Pyramid in Long Beach, California (South West)
Announcers: Tony Schiavone and Scott Hudson
Attendance: 5,000 people (sold out!)

Sirens blare out over The Pyramid as The Steiner Brothers enter the arena. Rick stands behind his brother alongside Midajah as Scott gives his version of what happened at SuperBrawl: Revenge last night. He talks about destroying Booker T so badly that he could barely move, that Booker was begging and pleading for “The Big Bad Booty Daddy” to go easy on him just like all the other wannabe freaks do, “because a true freak likes it harder and harder, more and more!”. He says that people have asked him about a rematch, but the way he sees it, he successfully held off his challenger to be standing here tonight wearing his World’s Heavyweight championship, so now Booker goes to the back of the line.
This brings out Booker T, who has a much different version. He says that sure, he’s pretty banged up tonight, but he’s still standing right in Steiner’s face. Booker calls Steiner a paper champion if he doesn’t give Booker a rematch, because while Steiner survived for forty-five minutes last night, had it been forty-five minutes and one second, we would have had a new champion! Scott tells Booker to “shut your whore mouth before I slap it closed!” but before any action happens, our CEO “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair joins us. Flair tells everyone that he commends both men for having such a great match last night, as it’s what defines WCW compared to other wrestling companies in the world. But… Booker will not be receiving the next World title shot. Booker is clearly upset, but Flair tells him that he has something for Booker to do at Greed as well as Scott. Ric goes on to talk about how he blatantly is keeping Booker out of the match as punishment for what he did a few weeks ago by telling Ric that his daughter was seriously ill just to get him out of the building. But Flair says that he will not be pulling him from any action; he may not be at “the back of the line” but he does have to work back up to a World title match. Instead, at WCW Greed on March 18th, at the UIC Pavilion in Chicago, Illinois, Booker T will take on the man he attacked last week, “The Dog faced Gremlin” Rick Steiner! Rick smiles at that, but Booker is still disappointed; he wanted a Steiner, but he got the one who isn’t holding the title he wants.
“The Nature Boss” turns his attention to the Steiners, with Scott beaming in victory that Booker is not getting another title shot. Scott tells Booker that he needs to forget about chasing him for the belt, he needs to get in touch with his health insurance company and raise his rates because Rick is gonna finish the job that Scott started to put him in the hospital! Ric again breaks this up before anything else happens, saying that Scott needs to not worry so much about Booker T, because he’s going to have his own World Heavyweight challenge at Greed to deal with!

The Insiders come to the ringside area, with Kevin Nash saying that it looks like “Insiders are in the house!” Ric says that, as per Nash’s victory in the number one contender match last week on WCW Thunder and then the big win last night over Team Canada in the tables match, he is next in line for a World championship match and Flair has set that match in Chicago for March 18th at Greed! Nash tells Scott that “Since we’ve gotten rid of the comic relief of all these little vanilla groups that wanna make a name off of ours,” now it’s time to turn the attention of the Insiders back to what really matters: the WCW championship. Kevin tells Steiner to polish the belt up, because there is no one who knows more about greed than Kevin Nash, so at Greed, daddy is coming home! Scott is upset, but his mouth works faster than his brain sometimes as he tells Nash that at Greed, there will only be “The Big Bad Booty Daddy” and he’s gonna take “the biggest reach-around team of wrestling” and make that big dumb wolf his bitch just like he did to his blond girlfriend over there! DDP takes exception, telling Scott that he barely defeated him a few weeks ago on Nitro, the only “crying bitches” around here are the Steiner Brothers! More harsh words are shared as Booker is there trying to tell Ric Flair to add him to the match, but Flair finally says that is enough! He says that he was going to allow them to rest up tonight after SuperBrawl, but if everyone still wants to fight, then tonight in our main event, the Steiner Brothers can face the Insiders in tag team action! Nash and Page seem ready for this, leaving the ringside area to prepare for the match while Flair is hounded by Booker and Scott Steiner about the announcements! The show has started off with tons of fireworks, with Booker and Page standing out in this segment due to some great off-script quotes that could find a home in future video packages. (A*, 96)

“Mean” Gene is backstage now meeting up with The Insiders. Gene asks them for some words about the huge announcement of Kevin Nash getting a World’s championship match on March 18th at Greed and how that pertains to their partnership, with Dallas saying that he is going to support his friend as he goes for the World championship, because he knows that once Nash has the belt he would just have to ask in order to get a shot at it himself. Nash says that he knows Scott very well, because he was throwing Steiner around a few years ago before he became a refrigerator box. He warns Steiner to not think about freaks, peaks, his brother, Booker T, or Dallas, just think about “the big bad wolf” coming to take what he wants. Gene starts to ask them about tonight, but Booker T comes into the frame, cutting him off. Booker scolds both of them, saying that it was all well and good for DDP to offer his condolences last night when Booker didn’t leave with the title, but now that his buddy is getting the shot, Booker T is forgotten? He tells them that they both know that Nash doesn’t deserve the next title shot at Greed, it should be his match to win, sucka. Booker leaves without another word, with Nash saying that he doesn’t care, he’s coming for the belt on the 18th and that’s all that matters to him. (B+)

Mike Tenay is elsewhere backstage, and “The Professor” has someone else who was victorious in a huge match with him, “The Cat” Ernest Miller! Tenay congratulates him for becoming the WCW Commissioner again, with “The Cat” saying that it’s just too bad Mike Sanders seems to have disappeared rather than face the music now that he isn’t in power anymore. Miller says that as his first blockbuster announcement as the new commissioner, he’s putting together two winners from last night against one another as – in a non-title match – Shane Douglas takes on Goldberg! (C)

In our first match of the evening (literally about a half an hour into the show) Shawn Stasiak returns to the ring in a losing effort against Konnan, as he gets locked in the tequila sunrise and has to submit at 3:43. (C-)

Backstage, the cameras catch Stasiak getting talked down to by his companions. The Natural Born Thrillers, sans Mike Sanders, are warning him that first he nearly cost them the titles last night, then he loses to Konnan tonight? “Shape up or ship out,” says Sean O’Haire, as the NBT leave Stasiak standing there, trying to state his case to deaf ears. (C)

In an odd segment, it appears we have a handheld camera recording Kwee Wee. He and Paisley are seen going to a spa together, but the footage is shown from across the street. Who is recording this and showing us this footage? (E)

In a short match, Jamie Knoble stands no chance as Animal simply runs through him, finishing this with a ring shaking powerslam at 1:42. (C-)

Back to “Mean” Gene again, this time standing by with General Rection and Corporal Cajun of the Misfits in Action. Okerlund asks them about their thoughts from last night. Hugh says that they knew Chavo wasn’t on the level with them, but they felt he would have enough honor to stand by them one more time; apparently, he didn’t. Cajun says that he is even more steadfast in wanting to take the Cruiserweight title from their former Misfit now. Hugh then says that it was a travesty that Jeff Jarrett pinned him, it was only after Chavo left them that Jarrett got the victory. Gene reveals that he’s been told both men will get matches on March 18th at Greed, as Corporal Cajun will take on Chavo Guerrero Jr. for the Cruiserweight title and General Rection will defend his US belt against “The Chosen One” Jeff Jarrett. Both men seem pleased with this, saying that the Misfits in Action will divide and conquer their enemies and win this war with all the spoils intact! (C-)

Another short match as “Primetime” Elix Skipper puts his feet on the ropes to pin “Sugar” Shane Helms in 3:08 with a roll up in the corner. (C-)

The rest of Team Canada joins Skipper in the ring, with Lance Storm taking the microphone. He says that it looks like Elix had a lot of fun winning his match so dominantly, but it’s time for Storm to be serious for a moment. He talks about last night’s six man tables match, claiming that he did not really get defeated because Nash didn’t put him through a table, his own body weight put him through the table so that means Lance Storm is the only one who could have defeated Lance Storm. He says this is just like anyone else who comes from Calgary, Alberta, Canada, they can only be beaten by themselves or someone screwing them over, unlike Americans who only think he lost the match to Nash because only stupid Americans would fall through a table like that. He starts to call for the Canadian National Anthem to be played in honor of Skipper’s win a few moments ago, but instead he gets “The Prodigal Son” entering the arena! Rhodes says that while his partners from last night have moved on to bigger things with the World’s title, “The Prodigal Son” still has his sights on the Canadians because they need to shut up about his country! Storm dismisses him, saying that his partners abandoned him because he was taken out by Mike Awesome last night, and since there is only one of him as opposed to three of Team Canada, he is no threat. Dustin retorts that they need to either love America or leave it, and if they’re leaving they need to do it quickly because he found another all American partner to be his backup!

Dustin and Sid Vicious charge the ring, and Team Canada quickly evacuate it! It looks like Dustin has someone on his side again who wants to take Team Canada out of WCW and the USA! That certainly got the crowd hotter! (B-)

In a high flying matchup that saw all four men take huge risks, the Filthy Animals defeat 2 Count in 7:59 when Kidman pins Evan with the Kid Krusher. Evan looked really off his game, but Mysterio’s performance stood out in making this match one to remember. (C+)

The Steiner Brothers come to the top of the aisle and stand in the shadow of the TurnerTron as Scott has a microphone. He says that “the incisors” had another chance to talk tonight, so he’ll be damned if he ain’t gonna hijack this show until he gets a chance to tell everyone what he thinks. He calls it “a load of bulls*** how Nash beats some old piece’a **** *** ** a bit** (love that WCW half-assed censoring) like Lex Loser and somehow that makes him eligible to come after me? You gotta be kiddin’ me! Just like Ric Flair and some bunch’a cronies in suits to think Kevin Nash would be worth carryin’ a World title without tanking the company – AGAIN. It didn’t work in ‘95, didn’t work in ‘99, and I ain’t gonna let you try it in 2001!” Scott closes by naming off his list of victims; people who couldn’t get it done like Sid and Booker, guys who tucked their tail and ran like Flair and Sting, and guys who are so far gone they just hit and disappear like rats in the night like Arn and Tully. Steiner says that Nash has two choices: either add to the list that get out of his way like Sting, or add to the list that just can’t do it like Booker! “Big Poppa Pump is yer hookup, holla if ya hear me!” Scott was on fire tonight, working the crowd into a frenzy. (B)

“The Chosen One” Jeff Jarrett comes to the ring with his hired Harris Boys, Jarrett ready for a match but first he decides to talk. Jarrett says that it looks like Flair can’t stop him now, because after he decidedly pinned General Hugh last night at SuperBrawl, he must be given the United States title shot that he deserved all along. Jarrett blames them for not wearing the belt already (even though it was actually Chavo who commissioned the six man tag so he didn’t have to defend his belt, which is pointed out by Tony Schiavone) but he says that in Chicago at Greed on the 18th, Jarrett will achieve his goals of wearing gold once again, and “The Chosen One” will strut into a whole new WCW! Jeff poses and struts to emphasis, it looked like he had the crowd in the palm of his hand this whole time as his opponent starts coming to the ring. (C)

The paison Johnny the Bull holds his own against the number one contender for the US title, but overall Jeff is just far more well rounded. The match has weird timing as it appears the two men’s styles just do not work well off one another. Mark Johnson is very noted by the announcers as being the official in this match, but he plays by the rules, even though he is definitely moving a little slower after the powerbomb he suffered last night at the hands of Sid Vicious! Jarrett pins Johnny in 4:28 following the Stroke. (C-)

“Mean” Gene comes out and catches Mark Johnson on his way to the backstage area, Gene asking him how he is still an official. “The Cat” and Ms. Jones come to the arena to cut off Johnson before he “tells any lies” as Miller says. Ernest says that as commissioner, he could have fired Mark very easily, but he feels Mark is a solid referee when he has his head on the right way. So “The Cat” has Mark Johnson on a short leash, telling him that if he doesn’t stick to the straight and narrow, there’s a six-foot-seven master of the powerbomb who Miller can call upon to set him straight again! Johnson looks terrified of that threat as he vows to play fair! (C)

Another strange handheld footage of Kwee Wee and Paisley, as we see them backstage doing one another’s hair. They have no idea they are being filmed or broadcast, and again commentary wonder where this footage came from? (D+)

The Mamalukes are backstage looking grim over their misfortunes both last night and earlier, until they are joined by Disqo. Disqo tells the two that since he remembers their time as a group so fondly, he’s been talking to his self-help guru about them and he would love to meet and talk with them! The two are uninterested, but Disqo doesn’t want to take no for an answer, chiding them and calling them losers until they get pissed off! That Italian temper runs hot! Vito produces a stickball bat from his jacket and swings it at Disqo – but it hits Alex Wright instead, who was just walking toward his Boogie Knights partner! Wright goes down as Disqo flees, with the Mamalukes stomping on poor Alex to take out their frustrations. (D-)

Dustin Rhodes and Buff Bagwell are two of the veterans of WCW, but this match between the two suffered from a slight booking malfunction as they were told to work a crowd who ended up already hot. Elix Skipper becomes involved behind Charles Robinson’s back, hitting Rhodes with the Play of the Day to hand the victory to Bagwell at 6:44. (C)

“The Franchise” Shane Douglas brings the WCW Hardcore title to the ring with him along with his Crowbar, and Daffney. Daffney is wearing a pink wig with “Too much pink energy is dangerous!” written on her shirt. Douglas has a microphone and says that he outsmarted the Mamalukes last night just like he outsmarts wrestling fans, bookers, and writers each and every night! Shane says that he’s going to outsmart one more smart guy tonight, as he uses a clause in his contract that was placed there by Mike Sanders when he was commissioner, that as long as he is a teacher with a protege, he can bow out of any match he chooses, and so tonight, Crowbar will be in this match for him! Crowbar looks confused as it appears he had no idea about this plan! (C)

Crowbar tries to hold his own, but he’s against “Da Man” Goldberg; there was no chance here. Douglas continues to yell to him from ringside, giving him tips on how to defeat Goldberg, but there’s nothing you can do once Goldberg hits the spear. The Jackhammer follows, and at 3:05, Goldberg’s streak has moved to 41-0. (C-)

Goldberg is posing in the ring when Totally Buff and Animal crash the party! They stay on the microphone and outside the ring, as they say that Goldberg keeps “getting lucky” against them, winning only by cheating and smoke and mirrors! Animal says that the three of them just came back from Ric Flair’s office, and they’re setting up another match against Goldberg in his home of Chicago at WCW Greed! They finally decide to try and close in on Goldberg, but Kronik appear and rush the ring to make it an even field, and security come out to break things up before it ever got started. Goldberg looked like a real star, being smart enough to have his own backup in case something like this happened. But it looks like we will be seeing these men tear one another apart at Greed! (B+)

In handicap action, Sid Vicious defeats the Jung Dragons by hitting each with powerbombs and then pinning Yang in 2:38. This match did a good job in cooling the crowd back down. (C-)

This time we see Kwee Wee with regular WCW cameras, but this time we see him down on the ground underneath a pile of chairs and tale pieces! Was this a targeted hit on Kwee Wee? Who did this? (D)

The Insiders are seen backstage fist bumping as they leave their dressing room, our main event is next! (B-)

The Insiders and The Steiner Brothers put on a great TV tag team main event, even if neither team are the best at selling for the other and Nash was working slower than usual. Both of them still show great tandem chemistry, and this match could have gone on all night long except when he tried to use the lead pipe on Nash outside the ring, Rick Steiner met the ramp courtesy of a Book End from Booker T! That left Scott all alone, and he turned right into the Diamond Cutter! Bang! DDP makes the cover, and Nick Patrick comes to just in time at 11:34 to count three! (B)

With the match over, it looks like this is going to become a brawl all over again, but instead “The Nature Boss” Ric Flair comes to the top of the ramp. He starts out by saying that these type of actions are why Booker T isn’t getting a World title match again, which brings some boos from the crowd and a disgusted look to Booker’s face. But Flair says he cannot overlook that Diamond Dallas Page just pinned the World’s champion, and so he is officially making the WCW World championship match at Greed…… a triple threat match! Scott Steiner defends his title against Kevin Nash AND Diamond Dallas Page! Steiner is livid, kicking the ring steps and throwing chairs around. Flair really improvised well here, getting the crowd all worked up like only he can, his performance as well as Scott’s coming off as good. The show ends, however, on the Insiders, standing in the ring staring at one another – best friends, but also now in the same match for the WCW World title on March 18th at Greed! (B+)

Show Rating: B+
This show raised WCW’s popularity in 10 regions.

Originally Posted by OOC
Haha, thanks TFC. Glad to know I was able to suck you in, I felt like I went back to some of my old 2004 e-fed roots with that match so I'm glad it was enjoyed!

Just as food for thought, DGenerationMC chose one of the two men for Eric to speak with, but you're all not going to find out who it is just yet. But it is one of the two challengers for the World title! Will things get settled on the contract front? Will one of them ask for something special to make the contract worth their time? Or will they use this opportunity to walk out on WCW and try their hand elsewhere?! Find out next time, on Hate the Game Z: Kai!

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Default A few words with “Big Sexy”

“So Eric, you come to me, on this, the day of my daughter’s wedding, and want to ask me a favor?”

“Um… yeah, something like that, Kev.”

I had gotten Kevin Nash to come meet privately with me in between Nitro and Thunder, with him not seeming to realize the severity of what I wanted to transpire given that he came to me doing that ridiculous Godfather impression.

“Kevin, we’ve done some great things in WCW together. The New World Order, the Wolfpac, you’ve made a lot of money here in WCW since 1996 and had a ton of popularity and merchandise sold. Your pockets are really well lined, right?”

“It’s never enough, obviously, but yeah… What’s your point?”

“Well Kev, as you’ve probably heard me saying, WCW is in some pretty serious debt.”

“Yeah, I read some of the dirt sheets saying that it’s around Crockett levels.”

“Wait, dirt sheets know about this? And they’re calling it that?”

“You’ve had your head too busy Eric, you’re losing sight of the little guys again.”

“Well, anyways, money is what I’m here to talk to you about. You have one of the highest paying contracts in WCW right now, and I just don’t think we can keep it that way. I would like to renegotiate with you – I can offer you a longer contract, for less money per month.”

I slide a document to Kevin, and he starts to read it. I see his eyes change in a heartbeat; no longer is this my buddy telling jokes, he is instantly a broker eyeing up a way to make sure that he holds the advantage.

“This is a lot less money, Eric. Like, a third less. And in exchange all you’re offering in return is a few more years?”

“If you do the math, it comes out to be the same amount of money, just over a longer term.”

“I’m already 41, do you really think that ten more years will make a difference to me? I need more than this, or else I have no reason to do it. You know I could give a call to Hunter and head up north anytime I want.”

And there’s the bluff. He definitely could jump right to the WWF in an instant.

“And I don’t even see my creative control here, you aren’t giving me any less dates, not covering travel, nothing; the only thing different to this from any common midcarder is the name at the top.”

“Now, you’re being a little quick to dismiss this contract, it gives you a few things.”

“I’m not stupid, Eric, and neither are you. I know why you’re doing this. You’re hoping that within the next year or so, paying less per person all at one time, you want to start turning profit. I get it. But we also know I’m not some young, wet behind the ears workhorse that you can buffalo into killing himself every night for peanuts. You came to me with this because we’re friends and you think you can use that to negotiate a little wiggle room with me, but you forgot that I’m a businessman, and the business is my life. I’ll get a lesser contract for you, but you’re gonna have to pay up in other ways.”

“Other ways? Kev, I can’t give you creative control. I’m not doing that anymore, the playing field has to be more level around here so we can get some new stars. If we can’t make new stars, then WCW won’t be around long enough to pay you anything.”

“Hey, you can throw me some clauses in here. But there are two that I’m looking for in particular. Or else I call Vince and take my show up north. I see you look kinda disappointed, Eric, but I know Vince will give me anything I want to have me back, and Hunter will make sure I get anything that Vince doesn’t.”

He’s right, I am a little disappointed. I was hoping to have some way of convincing him without going into clauses and special favors, but it looks like I need to put the negotiating pants on.

“What sort of things are you thinking?”

“Well, I can’t be doing house shows, for one thing. I have to protect my knees. I’m not saying I couldn’t do them, but you don’t want to pay me the extra money that I’d want to do the extra shows. So let’s just strike that right now. You don’t want me to have creative control; well, I want more money to make up for that. But again, you don’t want to pay me extra. Where do we stand on letting me agree on who you hire?”

“You’re just messing with me now, aren’t you?”

“I don’t play around with my contracts, Eric. Hey, at least I’m not going to try for my wage matching again.”

“These are all things that I don’t know if I can pull. I know you want a special contract, but I’m trying to get away from those; because once one person has it, then everyone wants one.”

“How about something not in the contract, then? What about something just between you and I?”

“What do you mean?”

Kevin lays the contract down on its face, and he looks like he’s about to drop a phrase that he knows I’m not going to like.

“One guaranteed World title run.”

“Kev! I definitely can’t do that! Those type of guarantees are what put WCW in the place it’s in right now, I can’t repeat those same mistakes. It’s the same reason I don’t want to give out creative control! You know that damn well, why would you even ask?”

“Like I said, I’m 41 years old. I know where my place in the company is right now; you just had me and Dallas lose to those kids at Sin. I know that you want Scotty to run with the belt for now, and that’s all well and good. But I need to make sure that my stock stays up, and I can’t do that if you bust me down below where I should be. You already asked me to slim down a little, and trust me, when you are an Adonis like myself, that gets pretty hard to maintain.”

I had asked Kevin about two months ago to maybe drop a few pounds so he could feel better, but it was for his health, not really for his job. But I suppose that is not his point right now.

“Look at Jarrett, how’d you even convince him to go back to the midcard like this? I don’t even care about him, the point is I’m not gonna let it happen to me. But I have you another out, Eric. One last option.”

I look in his eyes, and now I know why he brought up the title run first; because it is actually the lesser of his two suggestions. While he would have happily taken it, it isn’t what he really wants.

“You… you can’t be serious.”

“Of course I am. I’m always serious when it comes to family.”

“Kev… I’m trying to save money here. I can’t bring back Scott Hall!”

Kevin has wanted Hall back ever since he was released, and while he hasn’t been the most vocal about it in public, there’s been snide comments and jabs here and there about it. It’s usually pretty easy to ignore, but now it is right in my face. In a way, I’m a little surprised that he thought so fast to bring it up here, then again that is why I wanted to try and surprise him. But I suppose Kevin is a little tougher to rattle than he has ever let on.

“Eric, you know business was best when Scott and I were here together. He had his problems, but he’s been having a great time in Japan. You can dog him about how he acted the past few years, but he’s had nothing but the best matches of his life this year so far. The only times he’s performed better was against Shawn and I. So you can’t pull that whole ‘he might work drunk again’ crap on me. And before you go further on money, I can do the math. With the amount of money you’re dropping in this contract you offered me per month, you can bring Scott back as well and still be saving a huge chunk of cash. Scott can’t obviously do anything until he comes back from New Japan, but if you give me your word that he comes back to WCW as soon as that contract is up, then I’ll sign this one – no house shows, but also no creative control. It doesn’t even have to be for the full term that you were going to put on this contract. All I ask is just get Scott and I working together again, making WCW the best again. Of course, you could always just give me the title guarantee, too.

“But hey, there’s always a third option. If you need money that badly, you can just get me out of my contract altogether. But I know you don’t want to lose all of this,”
he says, gesturing to himself, “especially not when at this point I could probably still find myself a starring role in Houston by the first of April.”

Kevin has definitely done his homework. I had heard that Scott was doing some great work in Japan, though I hadn’t seen any of it to know if it wasn’t possibly just some great workers carrying him drunkenly through some solid gold matches. But the point does stand that some of those internet writers who got to see the matches have rated them at four to four and a half stars, which is really good for a post-1996 Scott Hall. I can’t say I didn’t intend on bringing Hall in again at some point, but I wanted to have more money in the bank and more guarantee that he had gotten past his personal demons finally. Kevin is trying to force my hand on the deal, but do I trust him or not? I do need the star presence that he brings, and what Scott brings as well. But that threat about appearing at WrestleMania is definitely legitimate…

Do I call his bluff, do I give in, or does Kevin Nash leave World Championship Wrestling?
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Well, I'm definitely not disappointed with these developments.

Oh, and welcome back
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Give the man one more run and bring Scott back

Glad this is going again, really enjoyed lurking in it for a while and I quite like the differences in all the 2001 diaries
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With the roster that WCW had around this point, you really need to keep Nash around.....and Hall if possible, if just for the name value that they bring. WCW is full of names that are full of potential, but they're not going to give you the ratings (or grades) if you're working a pop>perf product? Although ideally you would want a shorter term contract, no creative control....and Hall and Nash actually putting the less popular talent over to move them up the card. So long answer short, bring back the Outsiders. Hell, you could have had Nash win the belt at the aptly titled Greed PPV, with Hall debuting to screw Page.....but then you've done such a good job building Steiner up I don't know if you would do that.
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