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Unread 06-19-2017, 11:38 AM
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The SWF's Jessie is one of our favourites here at Wrestle Gossip and we're delighted to hear that Hollywood has come calling for wrestling's most reliable valet.

Announced on and all over the SWF's social media earlier today, Jessie has landed a role in the new big budget fantasy blockbuster, "Artimus's Quest". Jessie will be playing Agnes Winterbreath, fittingly enough a trusty friend and companion to lead character Artimus Phee, played by Colin McKinley, who ventures to a mystical land of dragons (it's always dragons) in search of a mysterious artifact. The character has been described as "good hearted, brave and reliable", which we think suits Jessie down to a tee.

The news means that Jessie will be leaving our screens and her husband Angry Gilmore's corner temporarily when filming commences, some time later in the year.

However, the good news is, we'll soon be getting to see Jessie kick some butt for a change and slay some dragons on the big screen, which sounds like a fair trade-off.

Stay tuned to Wrestle Gossip for all the latest news about the movie and Jessie's foray into the movie world as we get it.


(I forgot to write up RIPW's June Week 2 show Driven, so here's what happened. Avalanche over High Flyin' Hawaiian and Charger Siaki in a three way (E+), Robbie Wright over Chill by DQ in a USA Title match (D-), Backstage segment with Kirk Jameson and Ekuma, let's pretend Ekuma warned him not to cheat again (C-), Primus Allen over Ranger (D) and RIPW Champion Kirk Jameson defending against Regular Joe (D+).)


RIPW returned to action to close out June with the Joust In Johnston, featuring two big match-ups. In the show's main event, Primus Allen aimed to become the first man to win the RIPW Championship on four seperate ocassions, as he took on reigning champion Kirk Jameson for the first time. Recent run-ins with Ekuma had forced the RIPW Champion to straighten up and fly right in his defence of the gold, but with the big Hawaiian not in Johnston and out of Jameson's hair for good, there was nothing to discourage the RIPW Champion from doing what he needed to remain champion. Primus proved to be a physical mis-match for Jameson and Jameson needed to pull out a few tricks to stay in the match. The presence of Maryam Vega at ringside didn't hurt though and she proved valuable with some distractions to help Jameson along the way. Her biggest contribution came in the form of her trusty clutch bag though, as with Primus seemingly closing in on victory, Vega handed off the weighty bag for Jameson to use as a weapon, ensuring the most decorated RIPW Champion in history wouldn't add to his list of reigns at Jameson's expense. At least not this time around.

The other main match on the evening's show would pit Matty Faith against the bigman known as Scythe. Faith was coming in off the back of yet more disappointment in a frustrating year. Faith had beaten Scythe in the first round of the March To Victory tournament, but since then things had been going downhill for the Tag Team Champion. Bested by Spencer Spade in the final, Faith would lose in the match to crown a new RIPW Champion against Kirk Jameson, before coming up short again in a second shot later in the same month. And fortunes didn't improve any for Faith in Johnston. Scythe proved too much this time around and avenged his defeat from the March To Victory, meaning another high pressure loss for Matty. The second generation star looked particularly dejected after the defeat, a fact which Scythe seemed to take great interest in, as he watched Faith leave the ringside area.

Also on the show, Deever Arnold picked up a victory over Charger Siaki in the opening match of the night, before Robbie Wright made another successful defence of his USA Title with a win over "No Nonsense" Nick Booth.

Up next for RIPW will be it's seventh annual Ultimate Showdown, the night after SWF's Supreme Challenge 36.

RIPW Joust In Johnston- Deever Arnold d. Charger Siaki (E), USA TITLE: Robbie Wright (c) d. Nick Booth (D-), Scythe d. Matty Faith (D-), RIPW TITLE: Kirk Jameson (c) d. Primus Allen (C-)
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Unread 06-19-2017, 03:10 PM
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National Battle Finish: 1st
Monthly Finance: $999,546 profit

Big Show Of The Month: Times Of Trouble 2016, B
Main Event: Skull DeBones defeated Remo by DQ (Remo retained the SWF World Heavyweight Championship), B
Match Of The Month: Joey Morgan versus Rogue versus Jimmy Hernandez versus Hollywood Bret Starr to retain the SWF North American Championship, Times Of Trouble, B+
Title Changes: SWF North American- Joey Morgan vacated, Jun W3

Hirings: Skull DeBones (Contract Extension), Black Hat Bailey (Contract Extension), Remo (Contract Extension), Jefferson Stardust (Contract Extension), Robbie Retro (Contract Extension)
Releases: Jungle Lord (Contract Expiry)
News and Notes: N/A

National Battle Finish: 3rd

Big Show Of The Month: Americana!, B
Main Event: Steve Frehley defeated Rick Law to retain the USPW World Title, B+
Match Of The Month: Nicky Champion defeated Rich Money by DQ, USPW American Wrestling, A
Title Changes: USPW National- Jack Marlowe defeated Trent Shaffer, Jun W2

Hirings: N/A
Releases: Tiffany Jade (Contract Expiry)
News and Notes: N/A

National Battle Finish: 2nd

Big Show Of The Month: Excessive Force, B+
Main Event: Aaron Andrews defeated Rocky Golden to retain the TCW World Heavyweight Title, A
Match Of The Month: Wolf Hawkins and Bryan Vessey defeated Rocky Golden and Ricky Dale Johnson, TCW Presents Total Wrestling, A
Title Changes: N/A

Hirings: Laura Catherine Huggins (Contract Extension)
Releases: Ricky Dale Johnson (Contract Expiry)
News and Notes: Dropped to Cult


Poor TCW. They actually came first the past couple of months, but having Ricky Dale Johnson leave (and announce he's retiring, which I guess explains letting him go) probably cost them and they drop to Cult. Meanwhile, USPW seem to be chugging along just fine regardless.

Jessie getting a movie role is a pretty great result. I get the benefits of all the boosts and it's one of the few people where it kind of doesn't matter that they're off TV.
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Unread 06-24-2017, 06:14 AM
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Written By Alvaro De Steffano
July 2016 Edition - On Sale Now

When Spencer Spade made his debut on Supreme TV at the side of Kristen Pearce and found himself propelled into battles with the likes of Valiant, Angry Gilmore and Brandon James, it could be considered by many as a big break for a young up and comer. For Spencer Spade though, it represented the culmination of a six year journey to the big time of the SWF.

Spade graduated from the Supreme Wrestling University in 2010 at the age of just twenty. His first exposure to fans of the SWF came around that same time, with Spade featured prominently in articles on on the training facility and footage of his matches shown on the website as part of the coverage. When the articles stopped, Spade faded from the public conscience. But he was still confident that his time was coming soon.

"They weren't shy about it. Everybody would tell me, I was one of the best guys who'd come through those doors. They knew they had something special. And it was pretty obvious, they wanted to make sure I made it."

Having completed his training and gained people's attention even before officially debuting, Spade would spend the next few years toiling and grafting, getting better and waiting for his opportunity to come. That opportunity that would be afforded to him when Kristen Pearce brought him to the SWF in search of a new competitor to be her first managerial client in May. Immediately, Spade found himself competing alongside former World Heavyweight Champions and established SWF names. Confidence has clearly never been an issue. Even amongst esteemed company, Spade clearly believed he was ready for the challenge.

"It was long overdue. When I walked out and I stepped in that ring with people like Gilmore and Valiant, most guys would have felt like they were in over their heads. But not me; that's where I belonged. I'd been working up to that moment my entire adult life and I was more than ready for it, whether anyone believed it or not. I just hadn't gotten the chance to prove it yet. Maybe to SWF fans, they thought who's this guy, he's not in their league, but that's no reflection on me or my talent. They just hadn't gotten a look at me yet. Talent-wise? Well, people have found that out, real quick, I'm made for this stage."

Since his arrival in the SWF, Spade has made quite the splash in a short period of time. On top of some impressive wins, competing in marquee PPV matches with the likes of Valiant and Gilmore has quickly put Spencer's name on the SWF map. The once unknown has been catching people's attentions all over again. For Spade though, this is just the tip of the iceberg.

"At twenty two, I had people telling me I was a natural. I'm twenty-six now and I'm this good. In three years, four years; who's going to stop me? People haven't seen the best of me yet, not by a longshot. I'm only going to get even better than I already am. This is just the introduction. People are going to see a whole lot more, real soon."

As far as his relationship with manager Kristen Pearce goes, Spade is pretty matter of fact.

"I got sick of waiting. It took Kristen to come to me with an offer, a reason to put that foot through the door. She was smart enough to see the potential and she was bold enough to do something about it. In some ways, we were in the same boat. It's mutually benefical."

That business relationship has put Spade in the path of a man he one day hopes to emulate, in the form of Angry Gilmore, one of the SWF's most respected stars and former World Heavyweight Champions. And while Spade holds a begrudging amount of respect for what Gilmore has accomplished, it's clear he doesn't seem impressed with what he's seen first hand.

"The thing with Gilmore is, the guy's got tenure and for good or bad, that counts for something. He's been around for a long time and people respect that. Fine. The fact he's been around for fourteen years and has a cup of coffee with the World Title to show for it doesn't make him a great in my book, but that's just my two cents. As far as his reputation goes, that's all it is, a reputation. I haven't had my chance to make my reputation yet. Does that make him better than me, the fact he's got fourteen years of tenure on me and people know his name? Are matches won on opportunity or are they won on pure ability. The guy's had his chances, I haven't. We'll see how many World Championships I have in fourteen years time."

Whether Spade is getting ahead of himself or not, it seems he has his sights set on great things. And that confidence is clear in everything he says and does.

"I've never stopped believing in myself, because I know that I'm destined for the top. From my early twenties, I've been groomed for great things, I've got all the tools and all the attributes. It's just a matter now of showing everyone what they've been missing all this time. Whether people realise it or not, they've got a supreme star on their hands."
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Unread Yesterday, 05:29 AM
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(Tri State; 14,000 in attendance)
11.59 Rating - 8,696,070 Viewers

After Duane and Emma introduced us to the show with just over a week remaining until The Supreme Challenge 36, the most supreme stage of all, the music of Skull DeBones would hit to a big pop from the crowd. As DeBones made his way down to the ring Duane would go over the events of last week, where DeBones dared Remo to meet him face to face in the ring and prove that he truly didn't fear him. Remo answered the call and then some, as he laid out DeBones with The Destroyer in the centre of the ring, sending a huge statement to his challenger come The Supreme Challenge. But it remained to be seen what effect that would have come next Thursday.

DeBones took the microphone and was his usual, intimidating presence. But surprisingly, he didn't seem angry about what happened last week. Going over what happened for the crowd's benefit, DeBones claimed that Remo had proven last week that truly, he wasn't afraid of stepping into the ring with Skull DeBones one more time. Remo stood face to face with him and didn't blink, which meant he was ready for The Supreme Challenge. That didn't mean he would leave as champion, however, it merely meant he would enter as a worthy test for him. DeBones told Remo that by driving him into the mat and leaving him at his feet, he had earned some respect. By challenging him in the first place however, he had ensured that his days as champion were numbered. At Supreme Challenge, he would give Remo no free shot. He wouldn't be there to stare into his soul, he would be there to test if he was truly worthy of the hubris he possessed to challenge him. And at Supreme Challenge, when he fought back, fear may be inevitable. DeBones went on to explain that the last time the World Championship belt was in his possession it was a dark time for the SWF. Being champion was not the driving force for Skull DeBones. However, he felt some obligation to write those wrongs and make up for past days as champion. And when he defeated Remo next Thursday night at the most supreme stage of all, he would carry that championship with the pride and the integrity that it deserved. And he told Remo to mark his words, he would be looking to leave as champion this time and there would be no easy way out for Remo to stop him. (A)


Monty Trescarde vs. Oliver Kobb
Monty stepped away from his dealing and maneuvering for a rare foray back into the ring on Supreme TV. Having been hard at work organising the North American Title Supreme Sixway Ladder Match for The Supreme Challenge, tonight Monty looked to remind everyone that he was very capable in the ring as well as out of it. Controlling much of the match, Monty was briefly tested when Kobb mounted a comeback and had the business magnate reeling with right hands. An elbow to block a charge in the corner proved to be Kobb's downfall though and Trescarde would put this one away with the Cash Bonus, in business like fashion.

Winner: Monty Trescarde, via pinfall, in 5:58

Backstage, Ana Garcia stood by to interview Hollywood Bret Starr, on the aforementioned North American Title Ladder Match at The Supreme Challenge. Starr wore a big smirk on his face as he said this was the opportunity he'd been waiting for for too long now. Starr pointed out that two weeks ago, he proved Jimmy Hernandez was a loser, just like everybody else in that match was compared to him. He told Mikey Lau months ago that he was the hottest prospect the SWF had to offer and recently, he'd been proving it. And now, thanks to Monty Trescarde, he was going to prove it to the world at the most supreme stage of all, The Supreme Challenge and become $50,000 richer in the process. He advised Monty to "make the cheque out to Hollywood now and save yourself the time" and said tonight, he was going to show everyone why he was the true star in the making once again. (C-)


Before we could get into our next match, The Awesomeness would take the mic, looking to address the situation regarding their Tag Team Titles. Huey pointed out that Supreme Challenge was just over a week away and it was clear to everyone watching, nobody in the tag team division had done anything to deserve a shot at them. He described the other tag teams "goofing around" and failing to make an impression, while he and Jefferson were setting new standards for the tag team division and the World Tag Team Titles. Huey made it clear that they wanted to be on the most Awesome stage of them all, but really, it didn't matter who the SWF found to face them because nobody was on their level. Jefferson would state, in his usual, loquacious way that the crowd should prepare to be "mesmerised by magnificence" and "dazzled by desire", which was his way of saying he was going to be competing in singles action, Huey wrapping things up a little more succinctly for his partner by saying Awesome is Everything and they were about to find out why. (C+)

Jefferson Stardust w/Huey Cannonball and Emmy vs. Masked Patriot w/American Machine and BJ O'Neill
This was Masked Patriot's first taste of singles action since coming to the SWF and without American Machine in his corner, he actually acquitted himself pretty well. Coming out of the traps quickly, Patriot's straight ahead attack caught Jefferson by surprise and it was nearly all the masked man to start. A high back body drop had Jefferson hurting, but a thumb to the eye was enough to slow Patriot down. Patriot still proved to be game, but a springboard kick found the mark. And with Patriot down, Jefferson rose to the top for the Stage Dive, connecting to secure the one, two, three.

Winner: Jefferson Stardust, via pinfall, in 4:37
Huey would celebrate with Jefferson, but the champions noticed American Machine coming to check on his friend and seemed to get an idea. And with Machine's back turned, they jumped him from behind. Duane chastised the champions for their needless assault, as they stomped Machine two on one and ignored the referee's demands to stop.

The Awesomeness's show was about to be interrupted though, as two rather large individuals would hit the ring. One was instantly recognisable, that being the returning Des Davids, who leveled Jefferson with a clothesline that bounced him clean across the ring. The other, slightly bigger guy would then lock eyes with Huey, who was aghast to see his partner taken out and even more aghast at what stood in front of him. He opted to make a move anyway, but paid for it, as he was flung overhead with an impressive throw. The champions very quickly regrouped and got out of dodge, shocked at what just happened, as the pair that ran them off stared them down from the ring, Davids glancing over his shoulder down at Machine briefly before returning his focus to The Awesomeness. (C+)

Meanwhile in the locker room of The Fabulous Three, currently Two, Joe Sexy is with James Prudence, apparently having seen what just went down as he comments on what The Awesomeness had to say. Sexy claims that clearly, the two of them must be top of the queue for a Tag Team Title shot right about now, because who had a better record than them. He reminds Prudence that he and Frederique were Tag Team Champions and while Frederique might be out of the picture right now eating French pastries and drinking wine, the two of them were every bit capable of filling his shoes. Prudence seemed a little more receptive to all this than last week and nodded along, as Sexy said maybe the two of them needed to set their sights on some gold and prove that Awesome was no match for Fabulous. (C+)


Mikey Lau, Jimmy Hernandez and Marshall Dillon vs. Hollywood Bret Starr, Sammy Smoke and Bear Bekowski
These six men had been intrinsically linked over the past three months after the $50,000 agreement with Monty and at The Supreme Challenge, it will all lead to a Supreme Sixway Ladder Match to crown a new North American Champion. Fittingly then, before they got to that match, the six would clash one more time in six man tag team action and get closely reacquainted before their big clash at The Supreme Challenge.

With a title shot and a guaranteed winner already set up, it seemed to relieve a little bit of the tension, at least between the team-mates. Getting a win was still important, but nobody needed to stand out from the group quite so much and working together wasn't quite as much of a problem. Besides, there'd be plenty of time to fight amongst themselves in just over a week's time. As a result we got a pretty traditional six man tag out of this not so traditional situation. The team of Starr, Smoke and Bekowski were able to isolate Dillon from his corner and work over the big cowboy. Starr and Smoke allowed Bekowski to do much of the heavy lifting, coming in to add their own extra damage in between. After finding himself on the receiving end for much of the match Dillon was eventually able to make the tag to Lau, who's kicks proved as lethal and hard to defend against as ever. A big shoulder tackle from Bekowski send Lau tumbling back towards his corner, but that simply led to Hernandez getting the tag and running wild in his own right. Hernandez fared well, undettered by that recent defeat to Starr. Having taken care of him though, Hernandez would take his eye off of the ball somewhat. And Sammy Smoke would capitalise with a blatant kick low behind the referee's back. Hernandez crumpled to the mat and Smoke wore a massive grin on his face, as he made a lazy cover, knowing full well Hernandez wasn't kicking out after that.

Winners: Starr, Smoke and Bekowski, via pinfall, in 8:10

Back in the interview area, Ana was with The Legion Of Liberty and BJ O'Neill, after what happened earlier on. BJ spoke for her team saying that were a little battered and bruised, but they had plenty of spirit and they were going to dust themselves down, regroup and come back stronger next time. Before she could go any further however, the two men who came to their rescue earlier on in the night walked into shot, causing her to trail off. With Des Davids at the front of the two, American Machine took a bit of a step forward, not sure what to make of his former partner's surprise re-appearance. Davids told Machine that he understood what was going on. He went down on the shelf and Machine needed to find a replacement, that was fine and he got it. But now, he was back and 100% good to go. And since Machine had gone out and found a new tag team partner, he'd done the same thing. Des introduced the man behind him as Primus Allen, former defensive nose tackle out of West Missouri Tech. Together, the two of them were going to get back his World Tag Team Titles. And as far as Machine went, it was nothing personal. But as of right now, they weren't team-mates any longer and that meant they were just another team in the way of them getting a championship. Machine nodded, but clearly there was at least a little tension lingering, as Davids and Primus left and Machine turned to Masked Patriot and BJ, taking all of this in. (C)


Everest vs. Ekuma
With a date with Eric Eisen set for The Supreme Challenge 36, it was time for the newcomer Ekuma to show what he could do. Eric decided to join commentary to get a close-up look at what he was in for. And fittingly enough, Ekuma's first opponent would be the now former bodyguard of Eric, Everest, who'd shed his nice looking suit and was back to his old attire. The change of look didn't help, as this was all Ekuma. Ekuma was big enough not to be overwhelmed by Everest, but quick enough and athletic enough to run circles around him. A big spear set up the finish, an impressive spinebuster Duane called as the Hawaiian Crush and Ekuma made light work of a not very light man in his debut.

Winner: Ekuma, via pinfall, in 4:20
On commentary, Eric had grown more and more unconvincing during the match in keeping up a confident facade. And as Ekuma had his hand raised in victory, it was clear Eric was trying to mask his concern. Duane took great joy in prodding Eric and pointing out how impressive Ekuma looked, Eric noticeably stammering as he tried to claim that he wasn't concerned and that Ekuma was just a rookie. The look on his face told a different story though, as Ekuma calmly left with his first win under his belt. (C-)

Ana's next interview of the evening would be with Angry Gilmore, on his defeat last week to The Crippler and how that was going to affect his momentum. Gilmore was open to admit that Crippler was one of the top in ring competitors in the entire SWF and losing to him was no shame. The fact he had this new edge to him just made him all the more dangerous, whether he was a fan of it or not. As Gilmore continued he would be interrupted though, as Kristen Pearce wandered in from off screen and she claimed to want to know what the problem between them was, pointing out that they hadn't spoken in ages and things didn't have to be that way. It was all a complete set-up though, as before Gilmore could even really answer, Spencer Spade ran in from the opposite side of the shot and jumped Gilmore with his attention distracted. Kristen immediately flipped to smirking and urging Spade on, as Spade beat down Gilmore, mounting him with a flurry of punches and delivering a hard kick to the side of the head. With Gilmore left dazed, Spade backed away satisfied with his work, as Ana returned to check Gilmore was okay once it was clear Spade and Kristen had gone. (C+)


John Greed vs. Steven Parker
This was a rematch from Times Of Trouble, where Greed picked up a questionable win with a handful of tights. Parker was in big need of a win, but had revenge on his mind as well, giving him plenty of motivation going into this one. That motivation might have worked against him as the match went on, as Greed was able to take advantage of a number of mistakes in Parker's game. Greed's colder, more methodical approach seemed to be working much better, the gothic star able to cut most of Parker's offensive bursts off and keep the match at his own pace for much of it. It would all be for nought however when Parker escaped the Crash Diet and surprised Greed with a quick wheelbarrow into a pin, for the three count.

Winner: Steven Parker, via pinfall, in 6:45
Greed's demeanour quickly slipped having lost the match and he immediately took Parker out with a lunging clothesline before going on the attack, furious to have lost. Greed hammered away on Parker and then dragged him up off the mat, making good this time and hitting the Crash Diet. Too little too late, but Greed was left standing tall anyway, posing over Parker with his frustration quelled somewhat from the attack, but as Duane pointed out, Parker picked up the victory, even if as Emma noted he didn't look like a winner. (C-)


Brandon James w/Krissy Angelle vs. Robbie Retro
After his disqualification loss two weeks ago, Brandon James saw fit to get back into action tonight, even if it wasn't the big PPV payday Krissy had spoken at length about last week. This was two big guys going at it and it made for a real slugfest. James proved to be the harder hitter of the two though, having enough to take Retro's best shots and, after some effort, pound him back down to the mat. Retro did his best and was able to dig into his bag of disco tricks late on, somewhat. His upper hand would only be short lived though and James proved too much, as he left Retro prone for the Big Money Move to put this one away and pick up a victory.

Winner: Brandon James, via pinfall, in 6:49
Pleased with her man's work, Krissy decided to gloat a little afterwards, proclaiming James to be the biggest and the baddest in the SWF, not to mention the biggest money player. Someone would take issue with this claim, that being Valiant, who made his way out onto the stage, without his usual smile. Valiant said he'd heard Krissy lay out the challenge last week from home and incase they couldn't guess, he accepted. Valiant said it wasn't about the money, he'd face James any time, any place to settle this issue between them, including tonight. Clearly James didn't feel the same way, but that was okay, because getting to beat him at the most supreme stage of all, Supreme Challenge 36, sounded like a great idea to him as well. James nodded intently, clearly happy to have the match set in stone, as Valiant pointed out that he beat James last November, James beat him in January and what happened two weeks ago proved nothing. As far as he was concerned they were one and one and it was about time they fought this out one more time to settle the score. He'd see Brandon at Supreme Challenge and he hoped the consolation prize was enough to console himself with. (B+)

In the interview area, a busy Ana Garcia was back with one final interview for the night, standing with The Fine Upstanding Gentlemen ahead of the main event. She didn't get much chance to speak as she was rudely interrupted by Huntingdon before she could finish her question, as Huntingdon didn't wish to hear it. He said that they were Gentlemen and carried themselves in a gentlemanly fashion, but doing so was proving tough with two ruffians such as the Bumfholes around. Even saying the name Bumfhole brought a quiver to Huntingdon's lip, as Squeeky took over and claimed they were fed up of the Bumfholes hanging around and causing a bad smell. They'd already beaten them, fair and square and yet everywhere they turned, there they were. He claimed the Bumfholes were proving to be a scourge on them and tonight, it was time to deal with them, once and for all. Huntingdon then concluded by saying the Bumfholes weren't in their league and if they continued to mess with them, they wouldn't be in their company either. (C)



Jack Bruce and The Amazing Bumfholes vs. Kurt Laramee and The Fine Upstanding Gentlemen
Our main event would pit the Bumfholes against The Fine Upstanding Gentlemen in six man tag team action, with two interesting choices of partners. The Bumfholes had the one and only Jack Bruce by their side, returning to action for the first time in almost three months and preparing for a Last Man Standing Match with The Crippler at The Supreme Challenge. With the Gentlemen meanwhile was one half of The Pain Alliance, Kurt Laramee and considering how last week went that might have been a problem. But if it was then the Gentlemen certainly weren't going to broach it and the three seemed to work together just fine.

Bruce and the Bumfholes would start out hot, out wrestling both of the Fine Upstanding Gentlemen and clocking Laramee any time he tried to get in the ring to try and clean things up. Duane claimed that Jack was fitting in like a third Bumfhole and they were certainly on top in the early going. A twisting crossbody from the second rope by Randy would be sidestepped by Squeeky though and from there, the Gentlemen and Laramee would take over. Jack and Zimmy were left to look on and try to rally Randy back into the match, which was easier said than done with his three opponents making quick tags to keep a fresh man in on the offensive. Big Smack added some insult to injury from the floor, but the three in the ring seemed to be handling things just fine. Right up until an enziguri from Randy to Huntingdon and an escape through the legs of Squeeky, to make the tag to Bruce.

The crowd popped, as Bruce was in and looking to make up for some lost time. He took it to both Squeeky and Huntingdon, before low bridging a charging Laramee to take him out of the equation. Jack would hit a reverse DDT to Squeeky which Huntingdon had to prove up, while Zimmy attempted a diving crossbody from the apron onto Laramee. He was caught and sent into the post though, while Jack double clotheslined the Bumfholes. The referee was losing control and got caught up with the Gentlemen as Laramee went after Bruce, but got rocked with a jawbreaker. Big Smack would see this as his chance to get involved and turn the tide for his team. That wasn't quite what happened though, as Bruce sidestepped and sent Scott into Laramee, before dropping Big Smack with the New York Minute. Huntingdon was still the legal man and he went after Jack from behind, getting the jump on him. A whip into the ropes proved costly though and Jack caught him with his head down with the New York Minute as well, with Randy grabbing Squeeky's foot to prevent him breaking up the three to give Jack and the Bumfholes the win.

Winners: Bruce and The Amazing Bumfholes, via pinfall, in 15:18
As the replays of the match ended, just Jack would be left in the ring, taking the mic as chants of "Jack" rang out around the arena. Jack called for quiet and took a second to gain his breath, before addressing that "stinky crab", The Crippler. Jack said it felt great to be back inside this ring and he felt pretty good, not quite back to his sharpest but pretty close. Come Supreme Challenge though, he'd be at 100%. And it didn't matter if there was still a little ring rust to knock off, because what happened at Supreme Challenge wouldn't be an ordinary match, it was going to be a fight. Jack pointed out that Supreme Challenge wouldn't be about out wrestling a man, or proving who the better man was, it was about putting someone down and keeping them there for the count of ten. And The Crippler had put him down before, but he'd found out that Jack Bruce was a hard man to keep there and at Supreme Challenge, his event, the place where he'd won championships, settled scores and made history, nothing was going to keep him down for that ten count.

The Crippler would come out to interrupt and by this point Jack was fired up again, ready for him to come down and face him. Crippler stayed safely on the ramp though, peeling back the hood from his face and scowling at Jack as he asked who Jack was trying to kid. His little display tonight didn't prove anything to him, or to anyone watching. The SWF fans had seen what he could do to Jack Bruce and he'd do it again at Supreme Challenge. And as far as their match went, a ten count was the least of his worries. The tombstone on the chair kept him down for five months. The tombstone on the floor, three. Crippler asked what made him think that this time would be different and what made him think that Supreme Challenge wouldn't keep him down for good. Jack replied that he'd faced some of the very best at Supreme Challenge and he should ask some of them what made Supreme Challenge different, but Crippler just shook his head. He claimed Jack wasn't trying to convince him, he was trying to convince himself. At Supreme Challenge, he'd leave Jack laying and deep down, Jack knew it. Jack however claimed the only thing he knew was that at Supreme Challenge, he would be the last man standing and The Crippler was going to find out just how hard it was to keep a good man down. (B+)

OVERALL- B (Increased pop in 3 regions)
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Post Show Report

  • Incidents of note
Retro was fined for showing up late. Nothing much more to note on that.

  • The Positives
As odd as it looked on paper, James and Retro turned out to be a great pairing. With the gimmick, I think it's easy to forget Retro can go in there and fight when called upon, so him and James turned into a pretty entertaining big guy brawl along the way.

I think a lot of guys are starting to find their footing in terms of character. Smoke, Bekowski and Greed in particular are beginning to really feel established in their roles. Getting a big win seemed to help Ekuma too, I think he looks more of a Bad Ass when he's doing it in the ring as opposed to standing around and being out-talked by Eric.

  • Debuts
Primus Allen made his first appearance as Des Davids's new tag team partner. Playing off of their former college football pasts makes them a natural fit, we'll see how things progress with them beyond that. Primus throwing The Awesomeness around was probably a good first impression.

  • Gimmick Changes
There is one problem with our new team though. I don't think we're going to have much of a problem getting people to buy into Primus as a Dual-Sport Superstar, but I don't know if it's really going to suit Des. He's got the background, but I'm not sure how he's going to be able to play it up on screen and others seemed to think relying on that might not suit him. It also might not help that he's come back from his injury a little out of shape compared to when fans last saw him.

  • Talent Concerns
Retro might not have complained about his fine, but he has complained about he's been faring recently. I imagine he's still annoyed about losing to Spade last week and having him lose again this week, perhaps he's concerned about where we're going with him.

Everest is done after tonight, his contract's up and he managed to stink things up one more time on the way out. Way to go.

Ranger will be finishing up with Rhode Island after this week as well. We'll see where things take him from here and maybe keep an eye on his progress.

So with all the other contracts up around the same time, I must have forgotten to re-sign Ranger, which is kind of annoying. Since I can't sign him straight back, I'll wait it out and see what happens to him.
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