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Unread 09-17-2014, 01:56 AM
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Default City Sweeper:Wounds of War

(Just a quick note before I begin, I've wanted to attempt a CBH dynasty for some time now, I was reading some of the old dynasties for inspiration and the 2011 City Sweeper dynasty by Comradebot was what inspired me to make my own attempt at writing the character. So my thanks go out to Comradebot if he still posts on GDS and reads this)


Major Scott Valor was kicked out of the army, for beating up a superior officer, he returned to Ravenholme only to find it overrun by crime. He promptly took the code-name City Sweeper and set about cleaning the streets of "human scum”.

Following some successful efforts in the fight against crime throughout 2011 and into 2012, the City Sweeper vanished just as quickly as he originally arrived. Some people noticed, but times quickly move on in Ravenholme. The few people who cared to speculate held belief in a rumour that the City Sweeper had relocated from Ravenholme and it would only be matter of time before he showed up to fight crime...somewhere.

As the years progressed... That belief faded away

It’s now late 2014 and the truth is that the near 100% reclusive Scot Valor is still living in Raveholme, he never truly left the city. His war with crime on the streets may have stopped, but the War within himself was only just getting started…
Prologue:Part 1 of 2
Make them beLIEve

Pain….the one feeling I know all too well

Pain…the one feeling I at least know I can still believe in

Pain….I know you'll never leave me

Pain….how I've learned to love my hatred for you

Pain, The motivation you used bring me….to do my part, my little part in the grand scheme of humanity….with the thought, maybe my actions would end the pain of others.

That's the comfortable lie I have to keep telling myself…in the uncomfortable reality of this City…..Ravenholme.

It’s the same lie I used to tell myself when I was fighting THEIR war on THEIR terms.

That lie was once enough….

Years have passed by in the blink of an eye…
September 16th 2014


That was the time, at least it was the last time my eyes were clear enough to see…..and my mind was still able to focus.

FocusFocus...Focus..focus…f o c u s…..f o c u...

I dropped the beer can, I remember it falling to the floor and meeting all the others…..and then ….nothing


I awaken to the screams of a fallen comrade. I quickly realise it was a flashback in nightmare form. The memories of how I saw Joey go out are fresh, too fresh.

Some people thought of Joey’s demise as just another cog to replace to keep the wheels of War turning.

I thought of Joey as a friend.

Friendship…..I’ll never go down that road again. It’s best for me….best for anyone I encounter. I cannot let them too close.

The flashbacks in my sleep weren’t the real nightmare……the reality I've awoken to is.

I force my eyes to clear, something feels sore. I quickly identify the source. I raise my blood soaked right hand.

I force my body up from this blood and beer stained sofa, a sofa as rough around the edges and torn up as my soul. Do I even have a soul left anymore? Yes I do, or maybe that's just another comfortable lie I've told myself for so long now I've come to believe it.

I see a glass trail on the floor, it leads into the bathroom

Memories from last night come flooding back to me. I hadn't been asleep all of those hours after all. No substances on this Earth can subdue the rage within, it's ALWAYS AWAKE….even when my body wants to sleep.

I stagger to the bathroom and look to the floor, I see the reflective crimson stained remnants of a mirror, I remember…..looking deep into it, taking a swing at the face of the man I hate the most in this rotten World.

What have I become?

I should be better than this

I WAS better than this

I hear police sirens in the distance outside, those sirens sound just like cries, Ravenholme is CRYING for better!

It's time to tell myself that I’m the one to bring something resembling order back to this cesspool of humanity.

It may start as a comfortable lie…..but like I did once before, I'll make myself BELIEVE IT

I'll make them ALL….BELIEVE IT!

And if I fail…at least I'll distract myself trying

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Prologue:Part 2 of 2
War Stories

I bandage up my right hand, the pain is getting worse and I’m all out of pain pills. No matter…this is pain I can feel, pain I can trust. I must use this pain as motivation. I make it sound so easy…Hopefully it’ll get to be that way.

This is just a flesh wound. Flesh wounds heal, it’s the wounds of a mental nature that have an uncertain healing process.

In the past I’ve been in the middle of conflicts in war torn countries that have led to many mental wounds, wars in the type of places where you’d best dare not even blink for you’d have little to zero hope of living long enough for your eyes to reopen, and those who fell to such unfortunate circumstances were the luckier ones.

I watched Joey meet his end before my very eyes, he was a wise soldier, he never blinked. I saw how his eyes were open and they made contact with mine. He knew everything that was going on in those final moments that must’ve felt like an eternity for him. He wanted ME to do something, to pull a miracle out of my ass, a bunny from a hat…Anything that could bring hope to his hopeless situation.

I couldn’t bring him hope. I couldn’t go back in time just one short minute before and change the decision that I made for us both in the heat of conflict, the choice on which position of the battlefield to run toward to seek cover from the enemy fire. Maybe LEFT would’ve been the RIGHT decision.

I made one final decision out of desperation, it was better than the alternative and it was the best possible outcome for comrade, my friend…in that hellish situation.

It doesn’t stop me beating myself up about it in a marathon with my own tormented mentality, every single day, asking those same questions…"what if Scott? What if?"

When I came back from one hell to another, the hell of the concrete jungle that is Ravenholme, I tracked down Joey’s wife Vanessa. I found out she was living in Principal City. I wanted her to know what a great man her husband was, I wrote her a letter telling her what a hero he was right till the end. I couldn’t bare going and seeing her. She would’ve potentially asked me awkward questions about Joey’s last moments…I’ll never tell, some things are best left unknown.

My focus has to be solely on Ravenholme now. I’ve waged many wars on these blood soaked streets that are so poisonous that not even a cockroach would dare to rise from a concrete slab.

I have vague memories of my teenage years and a fascination with horror movies. Little did I know back then that those things are Childs play compared to the horrors of the real World. The real boogie men are worse than any work of fiction, they can be seen every night on the Ravenholme evening news, worse yet those are just the ones that the higher ups think that the general public can cope with hearing about. The puppet masters who remain in the shadows and keep their hands clean while giving the dirty orders are another level of horror.

All this reflection of War, both home and away….and I can barely bring myself to win this war with my own mind to motivate my tired ass to take off this old musky food stained Lynyrd Skynyrd shirt and get the old black camo war suit back on, that’s if it even still fits.

What have I become these past couple of years?
“Take a good long look at yourself Scott” I briefly tell myself, hearing my late father’s voice as I say it... before remembering I no longer have a mirror.

I’ve become an embarrassment to myself and an embarrassment to all those who ever believed in me.
Back in 2011 when I first took the war to the filth of Ravenholme I was starting to see some belief from the few people left who actually aren’t corrupt and actually want decency and order in this city.

But despite some press clippings and mentions in news reports about the scum who’d been put behind bars or in body bags due to my actions…..I vanished from the public eye in early 2012.

I gave up on fighting the war on the streets because I was losing another war, the hardest war I’ve ever been in. The war with myself!

It’s a war I still fight till this very day, I now see light at the end of the tunnel, hopefully it’s not just another comfortable lie I’m telling myself….or an oncoming train.

Enough with this deep thinking crap. It’s not good for me.

I’m now up on my feet and while losing myself in my own thoughts I’ve somehow put the old war camo on, it still fits…..only a little tighter than I remember.

I find myself swatting the beer cans and pizza boxes off the lid and opening my crate of weaponry, I take my old trusty Taser to hand and I cannot lie…it feels good, it feels…right!

But if that’s the appetiser, being reunited with my trusty rifle is the main course!

Stun grenades..ready

And Rifle…Oh yes!

Scott Valor can wallow in his own inner turmoil another time…..but now, it’s time for the City Sweeper to get back on the streets and take care of some scum!

I can feel it, I feel like my true self again, The City Sweeper is back in control now, nightfall arrives, I step out onto the streets and it feels right, a classic song I remember from my childhood plays in my head.

“Now it begins – LET IT BEGIN,
Cleanup Time!”

I’m going to show these scumbags how I DO IT!

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The Graceless Swan
Part 1

Friday Night: 10:45pm
The Warehouse district


With binoculars raised to my eyes, I look down from atop one of the many warehouses, warehouse 14… this warehouse in particular seems to be abandoned, nothing out of the ordinary there, it never was a popular spot as far as criminal activity was concerned. The beauty of this place, at least for people of my mind state, is that it provides a wonderful view of all the other buildings, the buildings that are pumping the Nightmarish Poison that keeps this city on its knees.

Narcotics have a stranglehold on all too many in this city, it’s been that way for as long as I can remember. If the scumbags in these buildings are the poisonous cooks, it’s NARCO who’s the head chef.

It disgusts me to say that Narco has even more influence in this city than ever before. I’m also disgusted with myself that I never got my chance to get my hands on him. I came close once before.

Close is not good enough!

My focus returns to the task at hand, I have a clear view of the busiest road into the district. I can see most incoming and outgoing traffic from this vantage point.

I remember back in the day that this spot would sometimes attract others like me, or at least. Those who thought themselves to be like me. The others who dared to take a stand against the scum of this city. They may share the same ideals as me, but that is where the similarities end. None of them have seen what my eyes have seen.

I used to get some of them approaching me, with good intentions... trying to get into my psyche. I tried teamwork with these individuals in the past, but not tonight. The last thing I need to do is to run into one of them tonight. I need to focus on what I need to do and it needs to be without distractions.

Forget the Ravenholme Resistance, tonight this is my ONE MAN RESISTANCE!

Besides, what have the so called heroes been doing lately? You only need to watch the news to see that things in Ravenholme are worse than ever before.

I’m back now Ravenholme, leaving you due to a weak man’s insecurities was a mistake.

Scott Valor and his self-pity have no place on the Frontline. The City Sweeper is calling the shots right now.

Like a moth to a flame, a fly to a web, bees at a family picnic...trouble in this spot is certain.

I prepare to wait it out…..and then I see a potential situation down on street level.

The doors to one of the warehouses burst open, four beefed up goons in black are dragging a distressed male toward a waiting van. The man looks to be mid to late 40s. It’s clear that this guy has been roughed up pretty badly inside the warehouse. Clearly these four beefcakes want to finish off the job elsewhere.

I cannot allow that to happen!

Forget about waiting…It’s time to prepare for action!

My skills may be a bit rusty but I know I could easily take out one of the targets with a precision shot from the rifle, but this would alert the other three.

I need to get closer to ground level before making my move, but they’re already at the truck. They’re trying to put the man in the back of it, he’s screaming and putting up a struggle. It’s a futile attempt to escape….but it gives me a little extra time.

I make the choice of action in a split second, then.. I make it happen.

Seconds later, I have the four goons in an instant state of shock and with blurred vision. The choice to throw down a stun grenade was a good one.

I repel down onto the scene, I walk toward my targets and it feels like I’ve never been away. I feel as good as Charlie did when he found a Golden Ticket.

I alert the goons to my presence…”Clean up Squad has arrived boys…and you all look to be real dirty!”

The four of them are still separated from their senses but one of them still feels the need to play tough guy…"Whoever you are…I’m gonna f###### kill you”

His big mouth has only gone and nominated him to be the recipient of my next move.

I raise my rifle and take aim at his right kneecap, I pull the trigger. He screams like the pathetic dying dog he could easily become, if I decided that’s what I wanted him to be….but this one is useful to me alive. He hits the floor and wails in agony….trying to feel for anything left of his right kneecap, he’ll find fragments at best.

The other three goons have come to their senses, quicker than I anticipated. I’m tackled to the floor by one of them, damn... That came out nowhere. This guy on top of me right now appears to be the biggest of the four, he has a considerable size advantage over me, and it wouldn’t surprise me if he had experience on the Gridiron.

I’m in a vulnerable position now, I incapacitated one of the four but it’s still 3 vs. 1

Or at least it would be if the other two were not now in the van and leaving the scene. I just hope that the guy they had captive isn’t in the back.

The big guy who’s on me with his hands around my throat is clearly distracted by the lack of loyalty of the other two, He turns around yelling “What the #### guys? Get your asses back here!”

This brief distraction is all I needed. I reach to my utility belt and pull out my pocket knife. One quick slice to the exposed Adams apple is all I need to do….a heap of dead weight falls on top of me, gushing crimson from the incision. I hadn’t had time to shower today. I guess this shower of red will have to make do.

I use considerable energy to push the pile of fresh death off of me. I regain my footing and the screams of agony from the one goon who remains lead me right to him.

I see him on the floor, he’s still clutching where his right kneecap used to reside. Tears roll down his face. Any façade of a tough guy is now gone.

If he plays this situation right and answers every question I ask him the right way, he’ll leave this situation alive…and not in a bodybag. He’ll live or die by his choices.

I stand over him with my Rifle raised to his face.

"You should be asking yourself punk….will you be alive to see another sunrise?

“Aghhhhh f### f### f###...please man, don’t kill me, please don’t kill me man”

“Your answers to my questions will decide if you live or die, so listen close and answer me good.”

“Aghhhh...ok, ok, ok…I’m listening”

“I know this warehouse is producing narcotics, most likely for a higher up that YOU’VE been hired by. Now tell me….who’s the man that you and you’re buddies were dragging out of this place?”

“Ohhhhh sh##…that’s Gerald…Gerald Douglas”

“Tell me more you gob stain….or I’ll put you out of your misery at the count of 5”

“Gerald oversees this warehouse, he’s meant to supply the goods to the boss… but that dumb #### has been caught going into business for himself, the boss gave me and the boys the order to come and rough him up. Then we got another message…telling us to take him elsewhere, where the job would be finished by…”

“Keep talking vermin……finished by WHOM?”

“F### you man, I’m not telling”

“Telling?… you want TELLING to be the last word to ever leave your mouth? Give me a NAME in the next 5 seconds or I won’t hesitate to end your miserable existence”

“MAGNI…’s MAGNI and MOTHI….aghhhhhh f###, you may as well kill me now….if you don’t…they will”

I broke this slime good. He didn’t just give me one name. He gave me two. Magni and Mothi. Two names from my past that I knew real well.

Magni and Mothi are the psychopathic enforcers for Narco, the drug Kingpin of Ravenholme. Narco was smart to pick these two as his enforcers because the sickness they’re capable of knows no limits. The cruellest of acts a man could imagine have been perpetrated by these two…just for the fun of it.

If the two heavies who escaped in the van had Gerald Douglas inside and they take him to Magni and Mothi…..his time on this Earth is limited.

But if he’s making for fresh police chalk lines this time tomorrow, I won’t give it a second of care. Not now I know that he was also selling drugs.

My only priority is finding Magni and Mothi….and then Narco too!

But first things first…what do I do with this quivering embarrassment of man lying at my feet?

“AGHHHHH…just kill me, you hear me…Get it over with already, F###...DO IT”

This guy was pleading for me to spare his life just minutes ago, now he’s asking me to end it. He’s scared ####less over the prospect of me ending his existence…but he’d take it any day over the prolonged suffering Magni and Mothi would subject him to.

I raise the slime up to his feet. I get right up in his face…

“You may very well die soon…but I won’t kill you….and if you give me the location of Magni and Mothi…maybe I’ll kill them BEFORE they come and kill you”

“We were told to take Gerald to them at the 3rd floor of the Swan Grace Hotel, the #### heap of a building that’s been abandoned for almost a year now”

I’ve got all I need out of him now, I need to wrap up the situation here and move on.

“I’m sure you’ve got a cell phone on you, and if you don’t…check the pockets of that dead pile of flesh over there….get somebody to come here and pick you up before you bleed out.

I want you to understand…..that dead pile of flesh you see and SMELL right before you, that could’ve been YOU tonight….and remember this. If you get that knee fixed can be 5 months or 5 years from now, I don’t forget a face, especially one as ugly as yours. If I ever see you again on MY streets, doing something you shouldn’t be…..I’LL END YOU……that’s not a threat, it’s a promise

And that’s a promise from the CITY SWEEPER….I want it to be known, I’M BACK!”

I throw him down to the floor as my words echo in his mind, I quickly reach for some surgical tape from my utility belt and I do a quick job of wrapping some over his eyes and around his face.

He’ll soon pull it off…but by that time I’ll be gone from the scene.

I’ve got a new destination in sights…..I’m headed toward the Swan Grace Hotel!

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Great start!
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Unread 09-30-2014, 11:31 AM
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Thanks Emark


The Graceless Swan
Part 2

I make my approach.

I'm a realist and it dawns on me just what I could be getting myself into.

I have no time to doubt myself....only time for preparation

"Hope for the best, but always prepare for the worst case scenario!"

If the two goons who escaped in the van were headed to the Swan Grace Hotel they’d no doubt be there by now, they could’ve told Magni and Mothi about me. I’m sure they’ll be ready for my arrival.

I won’t have to speculate much longer as I now have the Swan Grace Hotel in my sights.

It’s hard to believe this supposedly abandoned, filth and graffiti stained building with crumbling walls was one of the premier hotels for the wealthy of Ravenholme just one short year ago.

A famous singer by the name of Wendy Hyatt was staying here and it made Worldwide news when she was found slain in her V.I.P suite. Rumour had it that her husband Bruno was mixed up in the drug game, Bruno did something to get on the wrong side of Narco….and the murder of his wife was payback.

Bruno was under police investigation for his involvement in the dealing of Narcotics, until he was found at the bottom of the Ravenholme River just a few days before his Court Hearing.

I observe the Hotel from a safe distance and I see no sign of activity, no source of light from the 3rd floor or any other floor.

And then…I hear it. An explosion!

It came from around the corner, I head to the location and I’m greeted by the sight of a burning van. It looks to be the same van that the two thugs made their getaway from the Warehouse district in, I see no sign of them…..and no sign of Gerald Douglas.

Who blew up this van and why? I don’t have much time to think it over….I’m struck from behind with what feels like a Crowbar.

I fall to my knees. The blow wasn’t enough to make me lose consciousness.

I force myself to fight the pain and regain my footing.

I turn around and I see two figures from my past….but it’s not Magni and Mothi like I was expecting.

It’s the Demolishers!

Then I hear a voice talking to them, a voice from a figure in the shadows…I cannot make out who it is at first.

“Well what are you waiting for? Beat him down boys…..but remember, save some for me…I want the KILLING SLICE”

The figure emerges from the shadows and it’s Cut-Throat!

Cut-Throat is a ruthless killer whose depths of depravity know no limits. Many of sickest crime scenes this City has been unfortunate enough to see have been created by his beloved Machete.

He’s an Artist of Anarchy, his Machete is his paint brush and what he does to his victims with it….he considers them to be his Works of Art.

It’s clear why this animalistic excuse for a man is one of Narco’s Nightmare Gang.

I roll out of the way to try and get distance between myself and the Demolishers, while Cut-Throat keeps on running his mouth.

“We got a tip off that a wannabe hero could be coming to interfere in our business tonight…but you’re the last face I expected to see CITY SWEEPER, I thought you were dead after all these years? No matter…You soon will be!”

The Demolishers charge toward me but they stop in their tracks as I aim my rifle.

“I’d say it’s nice to see you again after all this time Cut-Throat, but I’m not one to lie. If you’re in the mood for acting smart tonight you’ll tell me where Magni and Mothi are….and if you really want to impress me…you’ll tell me where NARCO is!”

“Ohhhh, You get nothing about Narco from me, but I’ll happily tell you where Magni and Mothi are…..they’re on the 3rd floor of this hotel….putting that disloyal swine Gerald Douglas out of his misery.”

“And Narco has sent you and these Village People rejects along as the distraction right?”

“Very good City Sweeper…..unfortunately for you we’re the distraction you’ll never get past”

I remember from my past encounters with Cut-Throat that he has an ego that’s as big as his evil streak. I attempt to use his ego against him.

“I guess Narco is smart to realise that’s all you’re good for Cut-Throat, a distraction….while his MAIN PLAYERS Magni and Mothi, the guys he can REALLY count on….do the MOST IMPORTANT JOB…..killing Gerald Douglas”

It worked. Cut-Throat flies into a rage and rushes toward me with his Machete raised high.

Cut-Throat has let anger consume him and he’s not attacking me as skilfully as I know he’s capable of. I raise my Rifle to block a swing of his Machete to my face. I drive my raised right knee into his rib cage, he then lowers down and I swing my Rifle right into his face.

I have little time to think of my next move as Cut-Throat hits the floor, The Demolishers are headed my way….both of them are charging with their crowbars raised.

I roll out of their way as the two crowbars they both expected to meet my skull instead meet each other.

“I’ve been out of this game for some time now boys, I’ll admit I’m rusty… seriously, is that REALLY the best you’ve got for me?”

The Demolishers have regrouped and I see them ready to charge at me again…and then… they freeze in their tracks…the sounds of police sirens are heard.

The police are only a short distance away, arrival time is imminent. I have to use this to my advantage.

I throw down a stun grenade just as I see the blue glow of police lights from around the corner. I timed it perfectly.

The Police have come along prepared, patrol cars, riot vans…the works. For once I can say I’m impressed.

The police swat team focus on surrounding the dazed and confused Demolishers with their guns raised……while I jump through one of the open window frames of the abandoned hotel undetected.

The Demolishers are put into a police van, they’ll be off the streets….for a while at least.

Oh s###...where did Cut-Throat go?

He could also be inside the hotel by now. I leave the room I’m in and I quickly identify a staircase.

I’m headed up to the 3rd Floor….and whatever horrors await me.
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Amazing story! I love how you're writing City Sweeper, it's just like I had imagined. I hope to read the next chapter soon
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Thanks Adelwolf, I really appreciate the feedback


The Graceless Swan
Part 3

I carefully walk up the crumbling staircase of the Swan Grace Hotel. I step out onto the 3rd Floor.

No lightning, no noises, no welcoming party.

Something about this feels off.

I look down to the street level from an open window frame that I pass. I can see that most of the police swat team have left the scene, but some remain.

I then spot a figure stood beside one of the remaining police cars. It’s a man that I recognise…..It’s Detective Danny Dupin!

I worked with Dupin a few years ago to crack some small time drug operations. I worked with him begrudgingly at first…but he won my respect.
He’s one of the few men wearing a badge that I have time for….and he’s one of the few that has time for me. If only all people supposedly on the side of law and order were as straight up as Dupin. Maybe then there would be no need for men like me.

A time may come to have a catch up with Dupin….but I’m in no mood for a reunion tonight. Hopefully he and the other cops keep out of my way.


A scream of sheer terror draws my attention from the window frame and back to what awaits me on this 3rd Floor, I’m clearly not alone up here.

Hearing a scream like that, it brings back memories that are still all too fresh from my days on the battlefields. I picture Joey…in his final moments.

The Wounds of War…they can sometimes be ignored, temporarily forgotten….but they never truly heal.

I force myself to focus away from these memories….all too fresh, all too painful.

Focus…FOCUS…FOCUS on the Present Situation”…..I tell myself

Just as I identify where the scream came from….a light appears from that very room, its right down the hallway.

I rush towards the room…regardless of my gut feeling that a trap could be awaiting me. My presence is no doubt expected…especially if Cut-Throat got to this location first and tipped Magni and Mothi off.

I enter the room…….and

I see the horror

The horror of Gerald Douglas…..or at least, what remains of Gerald Douglas.

I try not to let the images that I see before me penetrate my mind. I don’t need more nightmare fuel. I already have more than a fair quota for one lifetime.

I pull out my pocket knife and I cut the mutilated and lifeless body of Gerald Douglas down from the rope tied tightly around his neck.

It was too late for him
But what’s in store for me?

I soon get my answer, a wardrobe positioned in the corner of the room begins to come crashing down on me.

I instinctively roll to the floor and dodge the impact of the falling wardrobe.

I look up and I see….The man known as Punishment!

I wasn’t expecting him at the scene…but he fits. I’ve never personally had many dealings with Punishment in the past but I’ve heard many of the horror stories. Punishment is a known psychopath with a lust for Murder that would rival any other evil vermin in this city. Plenty of the blood of the innocent that’s been spilt in Ravenholme is likely on his hands...and if it's not on his hands it's on his beloved Mace.

And now this dangerous animal with a lust for MY blood within his eyes…has got me in a vulnerable position.

He soon makes it clear that he’s not alone.

"Come on in and join the party my friends…we’ve got ourselves a new play thing!”

I see the animals that I was expecting…Magni and Mothi… they walk into the room. I cannot see the smiles that I imagine to be on their faces, but I can see the glow within their eyes.

They have the look of excited children on Christmas Morning…..I’m the present they’ve been wanting, they don’t care that I’m not gift wrapped.

They’ve got me right where they want me….and they know it.

“I guess the call we just got from Cut-Throat about the City Sweeper being on the scene was spot on right Magni?”

“I wouldn’t believe it until I saw him with my own eyes, but here he is. I came so close to butchering this piece of crap years ago….and now I finally get the chance to finish the job.”

“Close to butchering me huh? That’s not how I remember it Magni”

“Well I’ll happily refresh your memory City Sweeper….make sure you savour these memories I’m going to give you, these long and painful FINAL memories.”

“Yeah, don’t go out crying and screaming like old Gerald did over there. I guess he didn’t want to HANG OUT with us!”
“I don’t know about you two, but I say we forget waiting for Cut-Throat to join us. I say the three of us all have our fun slicing the City Sweeper up just like we had fun with Gerald….and then we can take their bodies to Narco and get a nice payday for two jobs well done!”

I get up to my feet and I prepare to fight it out with these three. I won’t go down easy….but I’m a realist. This is a small room with little space to use to my advantage. I’ve got three of the sickest bastards this City has ever known stood before me. The reality of the situation is that this could be the last war I ever fight.

All the more reason for me to make it count!

I attempt to raise my rifle but Magni wastes no time charging at me in a murderous frenzy with his blade drawn.

“I’m going to make you SUFFER…Ohhhhh yes..SUFFER..SUFFER…SUFFER!”

Maybe its skill or just downright luck…but I manage to dodge most the swings from his blade.

But most is not all…..Magni gets one stab of his blade in. He makes it count.

My lightweight body armour did its job…..but still... The wound to my midsection is fairly deep. I try to ignore the blood loss and the stinging sensation. If I get out of this warzone with this wound being my only problem, I’ll consider myself fortunate.

I fumble around with my Rifle before making the quick decision to throw down a sonic grenade, I jump backwards and cover my face as I throw it to try and lessen its effects on me.

Using a Sonic in such a small space was not the best option…but at least it buys me some time.

But not enough time, I see Mothi charging at me with his Sword.

I jump backwards to avoid his sword slice and I hit the wall behind me in the process.

Mothi then jumps forward and holds me against the wall with his Sword raised to my throat.

I realize that this could be the end for me.

And then I hear Punishment speak up…."Don’t kill him yet Mothi, Let me play with him first.”

Mothi takes a moment to think about Punishment’s words, He presses his Sword right into my throat….he then eases off.

Then…I fall to the floor after a well-placed knee to my stomach from Mothi, I look up and see an annoyance in Mothi’s eyes as he steps back from my fallen body……reluctantly allowing Punishment to approach.

I press down on my right hand as I try and regain my footing. I’m met with a forceful kick to my face from Punishment.

I crumple into a heap and I feel myself losing consciousness, I briefly contemplate that being unconscious may the best option for me when I see Punishment raising his Mace with my blurred vision.

But I must keep fighting…

I use all my energy to jump to my feet and swing my rifle to meet a Mace Strike from Punishment.

Punishment drops his Mace but at the same time I fall back down to the floor.

“By all means..Keep struggling City Sweeper, it’s only going to make it more satisfying when I get the kill”

Punishment charges at my fallen body and lays a flurry of kicks into me, I try to fight him off but Mothi and Magni rush over and hold me down.

I hate myself for admitting it, but I’m out of options.

They’ll kill me soon….I have failed…..but at least I’ve gone out fighting.

I feel terrible pain rush throughout my body as the beating continues. I’ve never felt any pain quite like this. I wonder if this was how Joey felt?

The pain gets too much

I slip into unconsciousness. So this is it? So much was meant to come beforehand according to the words of Jim Morrison in those songs I used to listen to in much more innocent times in a childhood I can barely remember amongst all the fresh pain. So much for another chance at bliss, somewhere the Crystal Ship may be being filled, but the egg timer on my life is running empty.

And then, I’m finally gone….I cannot even focus on the darkness…..there is nothing



And then….I AWAKEN

I can see…..

After a few moments, I can feel too!

My relief at having feeling soon sours when I feel the crippling pain that ravages my body.

I cannot even get the strength to turn my head.

What is this, some kind of afterlife? Am I dead?

I then hear footsteps…approaching me.

Maybe I’m still alive? Maybe I’ve had the misfortune of waking just before Magni, Mothi and Punishment finish the job?

The footsteps stop…..a face looks over me

“Holy s### you’re finally awake!…it’s been days. I’d almost given up hope!”

It’s Detective Danny Dupin

“Welcome back to the land of the living Scott”

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Nice, hopefully we'll see the Ravenholme Resistance on the next chapter.
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