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Unread 03-07-2018, 02:58 PM
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Default New NCAA History

I'm back! You may remember me as the guy who tried to do a Grand Canyon University career twice. The first time I got frustrated as a rookie in the game and the 2nd time disappeared out of nowhere because my computer broke and I lost my file! It is March Madness time and my Richmond Spiders are out of it so I figured I'd start something up again. Like I've said in my previous threads, the biggest reason I do this is so that I can see the history of my file but if anybody ever has any suggestions or comments feel free to do so. I still am pretty new to the game since I have only owned it a year and if any vets have any suggestions I am all ears. In the past I reached a point of frustration and getting burnt out so I'm hoping this is something I can do much more long term but sometimes at a slower pace.

I thought about taking over my Richmond Spiders but I still love the thrill of taking over a low prestige team in an awful conference and seeing if I can make some noise. I made some serious progress last time around and hoping I can learn from the experience and improve on my mistakes.

With that being said I will again be taking over at Grand Canyon University. The year will be the 1938-1939 season which was the first year of the NCAA tournament. We will use the modern 68 team field and also include the NIT, CBI, and CIT. Player ratings will be 1-100 and all the settings are normal. I have imported a coaches file but have edited all wins and losses to 0 for their careers. I have allowed conference movement as well as prestige changes for conferences.


The Grand Canyon University Antelopes play in the WAC (Western Athletic Conference) and have a prestige of 0 to start out. The conference has 8 teams and is a prestige 1 conference. New Mexico State seems to be the powerhouse but we are hoping we can build something up here and eventually turn the program into a Gonzaga and up the prestige of the entire conference!
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Unread 03-07-2018, 03:17 PM
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Default Preseason Actions

First up in the offseason is hiring our assistant coaches! This took forever as we could only offer the bare minimum of $30,000 and were constantly being declined. Due to the real coach file it is interesting to see the names that fell. There were so few teams offering big money because so few teams have money, so some of these big time coaches instead had to settle for smaller gigs. I don't expect we will be able to keep them long but it is a HUGE boost. So we actually ended up with better than what we should have gotten. Instead of saying this is unrealistic we will instead say that we were able to attract some big time players since we are transitioning to D1 basketball and are the only for-profit school in the NCAA! I kid you not I offered to probably 24 coaches before one accepted and then it took a few more rounds before we were able to fill out the other 2 spots! With that being said here is our coaching staff for the 1938-1939 season!

Recruiting Director: Phil Martelli
Lead Scout: Rodney Wood
Coaching Assistant: Joe Bobbit

Like I said, these names were not ones I expected. Us being spurned by the bad talent early opened up these opportunities for us. I really hope it doesn't make it too easy to recruit but I think it will give us a bit of a boost which I won't be opposed to. I don't think we will be able to keep them long though! They are all on 2 year deals and after that will pursue much nicer jobs.

Next up is getting the schedule and roster set and that will be coming in the next couple posts.
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Unread 03-07-2018, 03:42 PM
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Default 1938-1939 Team Roster

Here is your roster for the 1938 Grand Canyon Antelopes! We have a lot of locals as the team is made up of 9 players from Arizona, 3 from California, 1 from Oregon, 1 from Washington, and then 1 from Mississippi. This team has 3 scholarship seniors and 3 scholarship juniors which means in 2 years we will be much improved with 6 new players in who are more than just warm bodies! Unfortunately we have 4 scholarship sophomores and 3 freshmen so those 7 scholarships will be on the books for a while. So far the starting lineup has not been decided but I can tell you that it won't be great! We are really looking towards the future here as none of the current players have much potential outside of, in my opinion, PG Odis Deck who has the potential to be a solid starter for us.

 Player               #  Pos   Yr    Ht   Wt  Sch  Acd  Status            Hometown
 Edward Nardone       2   PF  Sr*   6-6  230  Yes   36      OK          Parker, AZ
 Thomas Swain        31    C   Sr  6-11  249   No   51      OK       Los Banos, CA
 Spencer Ledet       13    C   Sr   6-7  228  Yes   48      OK         Phoenix, AZ
 Tony Rees            3   PF   Sr   6-7  238  Yes   73      OK     Los Angeles, CA
 Ike Dendy           11    C  Jr*  6-11  243  Yes   21      OK        Lakeside, AZ
 Rodney Hills        54   SF  Jr*   6-5  202  Yes   82      OK         Phoenix, AZ
 Charles Odaniel     22   PF   Jr   6-7  237   No   17      OK         Phoenix, AZ
 Cortez Puryear      25   SF   Jr   6-5  215  Yes   82      OK        Portland, OR
 Tony Veliz          50   SF   So   6-9  241  Yes   29      OK     San Lorenzo, CA
 Tracey Marrs        42   SG   So   6-3  196  Yes   70      OK   Bullhead City, AZ
 Odis Deck           35   PG   So  5-10  183  Yes   66      OK       Senatobia, MS
 James McLeod         0   PG   So   6-2  203  Yes   55      OK   Mohave Valley, AZ
 Omar Backman        20   SG  Fr*   6-2  175  Yes   30      OK         Raymond, WA
 Horace Williams     23   PG  Fr*   6-4  190  Yes   59      OK          Tucson, AZ
 Marvin Davis        53   SG   Fr   6-7  216  Yes   23      OK           Tempe, AZ
Next I want to preview our 20 player call list. We have 3 scholarship players graduating at the end of the season so we will have 3 scholarships available. The 3 seniors we are losing are not all that great and are definitely not the type of talent we are hoping to bring in. Right now with recruiting I'm not going to focus too much on positions and focus on getting the best talent we can. Our recruiting budget is very small with only $6,000 available per month which means we will mostly recruit locally so we can evaluate as many players as possible. Our call list features all of the highly rated guys with High interest and then a lot of guys with very high interest who have put up great stats in highschool and we want to scout further.

 Name                 Pos    Ht   Wt  Rating   Interest       State
 Andre Rodriguez       SG   6-1  184      **  Very High       Texas
 Lindsay Johnstone     SF   6-6  228       *  Very High  New Mexico
 Michael Bashaw        SG   6-1  176       *  Very High     Arizona
 Renato Gaylor         SF   6-7  223       *  Very High       Texas
 Galen Sandy            C   6-9  203       *  Very High      Nevada
 Irving Derose         SF   6-7  227       *  Very High     Arizona
 Dalton Broomfield      C   6-8  233       *  Very High  New Mexico
 Rod Gilbreath          C  6-10  222       *  Very High     Arizona
 Lamar Smith           PG   6-0  176       *  Very High     Arizona
 Hans Brown            PF   6-7  208       *  Very High     Arizona
 Jack Hall             SG   6-1  175       *  Very High       Texas
 Jude Mader            PF   6-6  234       *  Very High     Arizona
 Jacques Whelan        PF   6-7  214       *  Very High  New Mexico
 Daniel Boley           C   6-6  227     ***       High       Texas
 Jerry Conrad          SF   6-6  210     ***       High     Arizona
 German Johnson        PF   6-9  233      **       High       Texas
 Archie Frasier        SF   6-6  225      **       High     Arizona
 Ismael Eslinger       PG   6-2  174      **       High      Nevada
 Harold Bost           PG  5-10  153      **       High       Texas
 Simon Jankowski        C   6-8  234      **       High       Texas
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Unread 03-07-2018, 04:14 PM
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Default 1938-1939 Schedule

Here is the schedule for the upcoming season! As you can see we essentially scheduled all of the other terrible teams with low prestige. The only exception is the University of Richmond and I figure why not schedule my alma mater. I'm not expecting much this year. I'd be shocked if we reach double digit wins and am expecting something in the 5-7 win range with a lot of blowout losses.

 Date        Opponent                     Record  RPI  Result  Score  Record
  11/11/38    Abilene Christian               0-0  348                       
  11/15/38    at Incarnate Word               0-0  349                       
  11/19/38    North Dakota                    0-0  338                       
  11/22/38    at SIU-Edwardsville             0-0  343                       
  11/25/38    at Northern Kentucky            0-0  346                       
  11/30/38    Omaha                           0-0  345                       
  12/05/38    at Bryant                       0-0  337                       
  12/10/38    UMass Lowell                    0-0  347                       
  12/15/38    at Maryland-Eastern Shore       0-0  151                       
  12/18/38    at Houston Baptist              0-0  327                       
  12/21/38    at Richmond                     0-0  218                       
  12/26/38    at NJIT                         0-0  333                       
  12/30/38    at North Carolina Central       0-0  335                       
  01/03/39    at New Orleans                  0-0  350                       
  01/07/39    Howard                          0-0  109                       
  01/12/39    at UT-Rio Grande Valley         0-0  272                       
  01/14/39    at Utah Valley                  0-0   24                       
  01/19/39    Chicago State                   0-0   47                       
  01/21/39    Cal State Bakersfield           0-0  341                       
  01/24/39    at Austin Peay                  0-0   18                       
  01/26/39    at New Mexico State             0-0  179                       
  02/02/39    at Seattle                      0-0  332                       
  02/04/39    at UMKC                         0-0  287                       
  02/09/39    Utah Valley                     0-0   24                       
  02/11/39    UT-Rio Grande Valley            0-0  272                       
  02/16/39    at Chicago State                0-0   47                       
  02/18/39    at Cal State Bakersfield        0-0  341                       
  02/23/39    New Mexico State                0-0  179                       
  03/02/39    Seattle                         0-0  332                       
  03/04/39    UMKC                            0-0  287
Here is our starting 5 for the season:

C: Ike Dendy (JR*)
PF: Spencer Ladet (SR)
SF: Rodney Hills (JR*)
SG: Horace Williams (FR*)
PG: Odis Deck (SO)

Odis Deck should be the best player in the lineup and will lead the team. He's an athletic PG who has a decent shot and can handle the ball. His assist numbers won't be great but hopefully he can limit turnovers. Horace Williams has the potential to be a very good outside shooter so we will see how he develops this season. Hills is a solid player once he gets inside and Ladet is mostly around for his defensive prowess. Ike Dendy can't do all that much but shouldn't turn the ball over much.


6th - PF Edward Nardone (SR*): Nardone is a solid inside scorer and rebounder. He may be in the lineup at some point this year.

7th - PG James McLeod (SO): McLeod is a pass first PG with no shooting skills, hopefully he can create for others on the team.

8th - PF Tony Rees (SR): Rees doesn't bring much on offense and is mostly a warm body.

9th - SG Tracey Marrs (SO): Marrs can shoot a little but is a huge liability on defense and can't create his own shot, pass, or handle the ball.

10th - SF Cortez Puryear (SF): Puryear probably won't see the court too often and doesn't bring much.

I don't see us going much deeper than this ever! We also had Junior PF Charles Odaniel be deemed academically ineligible. Luckily he was already the last player off the bench so this won't change much! Now it is time to get the season underway! I will be posting monthly updates and keep things updated on recruiting.
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Unread 03-07-2018, 08:54 PM
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Default November 1938

November 1938

Just to see how things go this season, Syracuse, UCLA, Mississippi State, Creighton, and Wisconsin round out the top 5 in the preseason poll. Pittsburgh came in 6th but did receive 1 first place vote.

  Date        Opponent                     Record  RPI  Result  Score  Record
  11/11/38    Abilene Christian               0-6  163       W  55-54     1-0
  11/15/38    at Incarnate Word               1-4   79       L  63-59     1-1
  11/19/38    North Dakota                    0-2  101       W  51-50     2-1
  11/22/38    at SIU-Edwardsville             0-6  140       W  65-45     3-1
  11/25/38    at Northern Kentucky            0-5  210       W  72-63     4-1
  11/30/38    Omaha                           0-6   34       W  75-67     5-1
November 11, 1938

Abilene Christian (0-0) vs. Grand Canyon (0-0)

Final Score: Abilene Christian - 54, Grand Canyon - 55. We started off very slowly, only scoring 4 points through the first 12 minutes but ended the half strong and down 29-22. We were able to overcome an 11 point deficit and won on a 3 pointer with 22 seconds left! Rodney Hills had 13 points and 6 rebounds while Odis Deck had 12 points and 5 rebounds. Tony Rees led the team in rebounds with 8 off the bench. This one was an absolute shock to win and I am thrilled we came away with the win! We shot 34% from the field to their 40.5% but they turned the ball over 4 more times than us.

November 15, 1938

Grand Canyon (1-0) vs. Incarnate Word (0-1)

Final Score: Grand Canyon - 59, Incarnate Word - 63. This one was back and forth but we weren't able to pull out a win once two of our starters fouled out late in the 2nd. We went 29-39 from the free throw line and those missed free throws were big. Odis Deck had 15 points (11-13 from the free throw line) with 5 rebounds. Rodney Hills had 14 points and 5 rebounds. Spencer Ledet had 7 points and 10 rebounds.

November 19, 1938

North Dakota (0-0) vs. Grand Canyon (1-1)

Final Score: North Dakota - 50, Grand Canyon - 51. Man we tried our best to blow this one. Our final 6 possessions consisted of making 3 of 6 free throws and three turnovers. Luckily after back-to-back turnovers North Dakota was unable to win the game at the buzzer. Spencer Ledet had 14 points and 8 rebounds. Rodney Hills had 10 points and 9 rebounds. Ike Dendy had 8 rebounds as well. We had 18 turnovers to North Dakota's 11 so we were able to sneak out a lucky win.

November 22, 1938

Grand Canyon (2-1) vs. SIU Edwardsville (0-3)

Final Score: Grand Canyon - 65, SIU Edwardsville - 45. I didn't expect a win this big this season but we shot 55% from the floor and only committed 8 turnovers. Horace Williams had 18 points, while Odis Deck did it all 14 points, 5 rebounds, and 6 assists. Dendy and Ledeet both had 7 rebounds and Rodney Hills had only 2 points but 5 assists.

November 25, 1938

Grand Canyon (3-1) vs. Northern Kentucky (0-3)

Final Score: Grand Canyon - 72, Northern Kentucky - 63 in overtime!The refs were whistle happy in the first half as we were called for 16 fouls and Northern Kentucky for 13. Neither of us could take advantage though as we shot 60% from the free throw line and they show 52.2%. We were able to hold a 10 point lead at halftime. The refs didn't change much in the 2nd half as there were a total of 57 fouls called in the game and five players fouled out. Spencer Ledet had 24 points and 9 rebounds and Ike Dendy had 10 rebounds. Rodney Hills had 14 points and Odis Deck had 10. I honestly thought we would lose this game as we committed an ugly 22 turnovers to Northern Kentucky's 14. So far it looks like the schedule of all terrible teams is paying off! But remember now we have 2 wins by 1 point and one win that came down to overtime. We could just as easily only have 1 win.

November 30, 1938

Omaha (0-5) vs. Grand Canyon (4-1)

Final Score: Omaha - 67, Grand Canyon - 75 in overtime! Down 8 points with 50 seconds left we were somehow able to send the game to OT. This even included us committing a turnover with 30 seconds left. Once things got to OT we really turned it on and never looked back. The one thing I like about this team is that they are normally pretty balanced as far as who "the guy" will be for any game. The one problem though is that they normally rely on one player too much during a game. Rodney Hills had 29 points with 7 rebounds in this one in a stellar performance. Odis Deck had 13 points and Edward Nardone had 10 rebounds off the bench. We committed only 15 turnovers in this game but it was still 4 more than Omaha committed. If we can cut down those turnovers we may be able to win a couple conference games.

Overall Record: 5-1
Home Record: 3-0
Away Record: 2-1
Ranking: NR
RPI: 343

Season Stats


SF Rodney Hills - 13.7
PG Odis Deck - 11.7
PF Spencer Ledet - 10.3


C Ike Dendy - 6.5
PF Spencer Ledet - 6.2
SF Rodney Hills - 6.0


PG Odis Deck - 2.5
C Ike Dendy - 1.7
SF Rodney Hills - 1.7

Recruiting News

Unfortunately not much news yet. We had offered scholarships to 2 players but they instead chose Northern Colorado and Cal State Northridge. We are now aggressively pursuing PG Lamar Smith from Arizona who is a great 3 point shooter and could add some great depth on offense. Outside of him we are still doing our due diligence on scouting everyone else.
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Unread 03-09-2018, 05:30 PM
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Default December 1938

December 1938

  Date        Opponent                     Record  RPI  Result  Score  Record
  11/11/38    Abilene Christian              0-13  164       W  55-54     1-0
  11/15/38    at Incarnate Word               4-9   34       L  63-59     1-1
  11/19/38    North Dakota                   0-11  121       W  51-50     2-1
  11/22/38    at SIU-Edwardsville            0-14  170       W  65-45     3-1
  11/25/38    at Northern Kentucky           0-13  294       W  72-63     4-1
  11/30/38    Omaha                          1-12  215       W  75-67     5-1
  12/05/38    at Bryant                      3-10  288       W  61-60     6-1
  12/10/38    UMass Lowell                   2-11  177       W  68-46     7-1
  12/15/38    at Maryland-Eastern Shore      2-11  201       W  63-58     8-1
  12/18/38    at Houston Baptist             2-10   52       W  72-56     9-1
  12/21/38    at Richmond                    11-0   38       L  74-35     9-2
  12/26/38    at NJIT                        0-14  316       W  65-56    10-2
  12/30/38    at North Carolina Central      1-11  310       W  70-48    11-2
December 5, 1938

Grand Canyon (5-1) vs. Bryant (0-5)

Final Score: Grand Canyon - 61, Bryant - 60. This was a crazy ending as we fouled Bryant on a buzzer beater layup which obviously makes no sense as they would never attempt a layup while down 3 at the buzzer. BUT we fouled them so they had a shot but missed the free throw to send it to OT! Odis Deck had 14 points, Rodney Hills had 13, and Spencer Ledet had 10. Ledet had 9 rebounds as well. We only had 10 turnovers in this one and that played a huge factor in our win.

December 10, 1938

UMass Lowell (2-4) vs. Grand Canyon (6-1)

Final Score: UMass Lowell - 46, Grand Canyon - 68. I'm shocked we keep winning games but I'll take it! It is amazing that the guys we are recruiting and are highly interested have better current ability than our starters. BUT like I have said before. We play a cupcake schedule which is the only reason we have these wins. Right now I'm just trying to get the school a little bit on the map and raise our prestige up from 0. Spencer Ledet had 15 points and 8 rebounds in this one and Odis Deck had 10 points. Rodney Hills and Horace Williams both had 10 points.

Update: After that win we actually were named in the "others receiving votes" of the Mid-Major top 25 and would have been ranked #36. It seems we are at least getting some attention just from looking at win-loss record and not at the actual scheduling.

December 15, 1938

Grand Canyon (7-1) vs. Maryland Eastern Shore (0-7)

Final Score: Grand Canyon - 63, Maryland Eastern Shore - 58. We seemed doomed in this one down 7 with less than 3 minutes to play but 5 turnovers by our opponents in that time span helped us come back and win it. We still committed more turnovers than them in the game but we were able to overcome then. The one thing that does dismay me is that even when we play and beat these other awful teams, we are turning the ball over at an alarming rate compared to them. Rodney Hills had 16 points and 9 rebounds with 4 assists and Spencer Ledet had 17 points and 8 rebounds. Odis Deck had 14 points and Horace Williams had 11.

December 18, 1938

Grand Canyon (8-1) vs. Houston Baptist (1-8)

Final Score: Grand Canyon - 72, Houston Baptist - 56. Rodney Hills went off with 20 first half points but sat the entire second half with foul trouble. Spencer Ledet had 15 points and 17 rebounds for the first double-double in school history and the 17 rebounds will probably stand for a long time in the top 10 rebounds in a single game for the school's history. Odis Deck added on 13 points of his own in a game where we shot 61% from the floor and still committed 19 turnovers!

Update: We are #25 in the mid-major top 25! Our RPI is currently 350 which shows our easy schedule but it is nice to get some recognition after the 9-1 start! Our fans will surely be disappointed once we hit conference play. Next up is a match-up with a Richmond team that is 8-0.

December 21, 1938

Grand Canyon (9-1) vs. Richmond (8-0)

Final Score: Grand Canyon - 35, Richmond - 74. This one was always going to be rough as I mentioned Richmond is close to being ranked and all our wins have come against teams who have 1 or fewer wins. It started a bit rougher than even I would have guessed though! We went down 21-0 and didn't score our first bucket (a 3) until 7:34 left in the first half and after that shot we were shooting a robust 5.6% from the field! I got a pretty big chuckle out of that since I knew we wouldn't win so I at least got to see some craziness! I feel like Pitt against UVA this year as we were down 37-7 at half. Odis Deck, Horace Williams, and Rodney Hills all had 7 points and Horace Williams had 5 assists.

December 26, 1938

Grand Canyon (9-2) vs. NJIT (0-12)

Final Score: Grand Canyon - 65, NJIT - 56. A great bounceback from the Richmond loss as we beat a winless NJIT squad. Spencer Ledet had another double-double with 20 points and 13 rebounds. Rodney Hills had 16 points and 9 rebounds and Horace Williams had 12 points. We have 3 nonconference games left and I'm hoping we can win them to pad our record! Also just a reminder that outside of Richmond the highest prestige any of our opponents have had is 4. The lowest in our conference is 5 and the highest is 60. 5 of our opponents still have not won a game and and 5 others have only one win.

December 30, 1938

Grand Canyon (10-2) vs. North Carolina Central (1-10)

Final Score: Grand Canyon - 70, North Carolina Central - 48. A nice 17-0 run midway through the first half set us up in a nice spot in this one. Spencer Ledet had another amazing game recording a double-double with 13 points, 13 rebounds, and 5 assists. Horace Williams had 14 points and Rodney Hills had 10. The bench came up big as well with 18 bench points as well.

Overall Record: 11-2
Home Record: 4-0
Away Record: 7-2
Ranking: NR (6 votes in Mid-Major top 25)
RPI: 337

Season Stats


SF Rodney Hills - 13.4
PF Spencer Ledet - 12.0
PG Odis Deck - 10.8


PF Spencer Ledet - 8.7
SF Rodney Hills - 5.6
C Ike Dendy - 5.2


PG Odis Deck - 2.3
SG Horace Williams - 2.0
C Ike Dendy - 1.8
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