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Unread 11-06-2019, 05:19 AM
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Originally Posted by Zeel1 View Post
Life comes at you fast...
Scary true to life.
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Unread 11-07-2019, 11:28 AM
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I'm up to cult with CZCW and everything's going pretty smooth.

Problem is, Frantic Ali has turned into a weird asshole. First, he turned my entire locker room against Miller Fforde of all people. That worked out since Fforde didn't have great top row skills and I could afford to release him for a morale boost to like half my locker room.

But now, he's turned the locker room against Marvel Malloy, who in addition to being part of one of the best tag teams in the world has turned into a massively talented singles guy too. And now because Frantic got weird and wants to stir things up backstage I have to worry about face of the company and all around nice guy having a strong dislike relationship with Malloy because I tried to meddle in their relationship and it backfired.
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Unread 11-07-2019, 11:32 AM
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Made it through the second year of my game. I ended up taking a job at a small Australian promotion as a booker which was rough. It took a while for the federation to build some momentum and for the wrestlers to get popular with the crowds (in part because of my own error in not checking all their dispositions so we debuted with almost all faces, lol) but by the end of year 2 things are finally shaking out.

Bishop Sommers is our reigning Global Champion and Spaceman Dacey holds the Arena Championship. Tag team champs are Einar Ironside and Luke Santamaria. I'm just working as a midcarder after a brief stint as a main eventer, though that was a fluke because I was the only working heel in the fed. I keep applying for jobs in Japanese regional feds as they open up but no luck so far.

Last years random event was a total misfire. I took a bonus to my Brute performance stat but I lack any of the other stat requirements for Brute gimmicks. Whoops.

For this year's random event, one of my wrestlers Josh Page became an internet sensation which gives the company, and him, a boost.
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Unread 11-07-2019, 12:00 PM
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AWA July 1990

We are on track to advance from Cult to National by/before the end of the year. Just need to inch up "Size" score in NW and SW.

After 7 months as World Champion, Sting dropped the World Title to Curt Hennig.
Sting was a good enough champion, but in an effort to differentiate from the WWF I wanted to move away from high profile "characters".

Adrian Adonis continues to reign as TV Champion (he defeated Shane Douglas in April). Adonis started a gimmick where he only faces low level competition...but that idea was twarted when he was tricked into facing Scott Steiner. Adonis keeps managing to keep the belt from Scott in very close matches.

The World Tag Titles are still owned by Tully Blanchard and Arn Anderson. They've gotten thru everyone they face, yet Barry Windham keeps returning with partners to try to pry the titles off of them.

Hennig, Blanchard and Anderson are in a stable called The Family, along w/Scott Hall as the muscle and JJ Dillon the manager. The goal was to next get the TV title on Scott so they had "all" the titles...but Hall was injured 2 weeks ago and is out for a month.

The months of July and August will see several face/heel turns in order to freshen up the roster to create new feuds. I've also formed relationships with all 3 MEX companies so I can import new challenges for Sting and Hennig periodically.

I lost Ted DiBiase and Big Van Wader to the WWF when their contracts came up for renewal. I could have afforded to match the offers, but it was SO high that I worried my other Main Eventers would start looking for higher pay, also.
Terry Gordy left when his freelance contact ended.

Ray Traylor, despite a huge push, has asked for his release. Given the amount of effort I've put behind his push (and the fact that WWF or WCW would snatch him up in minutes) I denied him his release.

Other top stars in the AWA include Michael Hayes, Punnisher Marc Callous, Brian Pillman, Dick Slater, Jimmy Garvin and Jerry Lawler.
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Unread 11-07-2019, 03:15 PM
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WWF July 1997

I finally got a new computer and everything moves so fast right now. Can forward through a week in no time. Perfect time to get my one last save going again before it is time to move on to new game.

It is all about Eddie Guerrero at the minute. One of those things you don't really plan ahead for.

Anyway, he was full on villain from 1993. His greatest moment was defeating Rey Mysterio Jr for the cruiserweight title at Wrestlemania 12. He had a year + long reign with average rating of 88. During the run he was starting to show compassion you don't expect to see from the bad guys. Fans are falling in love with him.

Jeff Hardy defeats Eddie for the title at Canadian Stampede with a 90 in a 14 minute match. (April 1997) Sacrificed a few points rating but they did me proud. Jeff is now on fire because of how hot Eddie is. In real life, Eddie would have lost 7/10 times and then Jeff Hardy winning the title would be like another day at the office. I know how to book.

Bret is in full anti-USA mode, along with Owen, Anvil and Teddy Hart. Chris Jericho was kicked out.

British Bulldog is using a gladiator gimmick. (think Spartacus tv show) I've called him Gannicus even though he behaves and looks more like Crixus. Yeah, this is my universe. He wants no part of the Hart Foundation. Doesn't believe in things like that, or something. Different woman with him each week and they all love him.

Eddie's momentum is strong again after losing the cruiserweight title. He wins the king of the ring, defeating The Rock in the final. One of those times when I don't really make much use for the king gimmick apart form the fact that it wins you a WWF title shot.

Bret has been watching on. He asks Eddie to join him. Owen gets the trumpet out and starts playing mariachi music with Teddy. Eddie is blown away by the performance, before the obvious refusal.

Vince Russo has this aliens are here style gimmick. He has been spreading the word that Bret Hart fears Eddie Guerrero. They have only had 1 1v1 match for me before. No negative chemistry hits or anything. It should be awesome. One of the rare times I'm still trying to figure out what to do. Eddie feels so hot that maybe it has to be done right now.

The other part of me is keep it on Bret until Wrestlemania. Austin finally gets him again. Austin vacated the WWF title in late 1996 after winning at Wrestlemania 12. The injury and vacated title was caused by long term enemy Randy Savage. They finally settled up at Wrestlemania 13.

Austin got a shot a month later and would have defeated Bret, but a masked man interfered and hit Austin with Chair after ref had been knocked down. Bret was not amused with this. He said he did not want to win the American way.

Just ask any Canadian at all, any real Canadian. They will tell you that I am not capable of such a disgusting move. Austin might be a low-class piece of American scum but I have full respect for his wrestling ability. The ring is sacred ground.

You guessed it. It is eventually revealed that Chris Jericho was the man wearing the mask. He lost the plot after losing a 100 rated WWF title match to Austin. Has been plotting his revenge for a long time. Bret is furious at this but there is no attack or drama. Jericho says that he fully understands.

Austin and Jericho just have it together. They had another 100 match. I've had less than 10 100 matches in this whole save so that is pretty amazing from them. Jericho is finally going to have his moment at Summerslam. Gonna do some sort of recreation of Wrestlemania 13 and Summerslam 1997. Jericho will do a middle top tombstone style move, Austin will be prepared for it. Jericho then locks Austin in the walls for long time baby. Of course, Austin would never tap out. He eventually goes unconscious and Jericho gets his win. ( and IC title. Austin won the IC title from Jericho in their previous match.)

Other Summerslam plans.

Road Warriors defend tag team titles vs Dudleyz in a tables match. I've booked the Warriors stronger than any team I've done before. Proud to win a tag team of the year with them and that just doesn't happen for me. It's usually A team from Japan. But nothing lasts forever. This is their third reign with 12 successful defenses. The time could be now for the Dudleyz.

The Rock vs Hulk Hogan

I don't have this game lined up with real life. Certain events happening years before. Hogan defeated The Rock at Wrestlemania 13 and then went off to do a movie. He will return just in time for Summerslam and I believe the time is now for The Rock. He has the nation with him this time. (Harlem Heat and D'lo.)

Hogan left for WCW in early1992 and has been back since September 1995. Came back as a heel but that didn't last long. Rock was part of the heel group as Hogan's protege.

Jeff Hardy defends cruiserweight in 4 man elimination match. Rey Mysterio Jr, Juventud Guerrera and The Gambler.

Kurt Angle recently made his debut. The Owner character is JR Ewing. He's full on fanboy of Kurt. He asks Angle what he would like at Summerslam.

If it is not crispy then it is not bacon. I don't think I have ever seen anything as crisp as a Ricky Steamboat arm-drag. Oh, it's damn true.

We're going to do Angle vs Steamboat. Steamboat is on time decline and thinking the time is now to move him to road agent. Kurt will be pushed.

Kane vs Brian Pillman

This all started because of Pillman asking some questions he shouldn't have on his talk show. Mocking Paul Bearer wasn't a wise move either.

The Undertaker is going off with his music band before Summerslam. Kane will be part of his exit. Just not sure on the details yet. The Undertaker has been using the Jedi gimmick for a long time. Mankind is a fellow Jedi. Why not? Going to change him into ministry style look and music when he returns as a SITH!

I've been thinking ahead for this one. Undertaker will come out and say that Paul Bearer was right etc. Of course, he doesn't forgive or forget. Kane then chokeslams Bearer as Undertaker gives us a creepy laugh.

Harlem Heat vs Tojo Clan (Hayabusa and Kiryu Kizawa.) Yeah, you know the drill. I play the Yakuza games and just have to get Kiryu involved in my TEW game.

Other stuff to get organized on next Raw.

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Unread 11-08-2019, 12:39 PM
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Coming up on year 3 of my real world, easy mode (infinite money) RTG inspired playthrough. I'm still working at a small Australian, daredevil focused promotion. The last year was rough. The high daredevil meant that every show has two people out with injuries from the last show. I've had to expand the roster to make sure that we have coverage when there's injuries which I avoided for a while, but it had to be done.

Last year's viral internet sensation, Josh Page, has become the big draw of the fed. He's our top star, but due to a tendency to botch moves has injured nearly every other wrestler in the federation and now everyone hates him. He's feeling really isolated from the rest of the roster, and he might not stick around for much longer. But in the meantime he's become our most prestigious Global title holder, hanging on to the strap for 41 defences.

My character is still working as a midcarder. His skills are improving and he puts on D- performances which are the best the fed can manage really.

Currently Gabriel Wolfe holds both my Global (main event) and Arena (midcard) straps, and Einar Ironside and Luke Santamaria are my tag team champions (with some title changes since last year.)

This year's random event gives my character a +5 to psychology from his training.
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Unread 11-08-2019, 05:34 PM
merrykieran2 merrykieran2 is offline
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It's fair to say that 2025 is the year that MAW became the best promotion in the world led by the insane performances of James Diaz, Ernesto Diez and Anthony smith. This time last year I was celebrating us equalling our best ever match with a 78 B and then this year we went and smashed it out the park by beating it 8 times and equalling it once. This is the year James Diaz went mad as he started getting 100 A* ratings for all his entertainment angles and over the course of the year he went for C- minus popularity to 86 B+ pop despite the fact we are still not a Cult company. If he doesn't get signed very soon it would be really unrealistic as in the Mid Atlantic region he is one of the most over in the world. As well as him going insane, January saw the debut into the world of 18 year old Tommy Cornell Jr. and I did something I don't do very often and edited it so that he would not go to 21CW as his dad had left their in controversial circumstances and I don't see his son going there because of that. Also, I just really wanted to use him.

So in January there was only one option to win the Rip Chord Invitational and that was Tommy Cornell Jr. who beat Travis Funk, Jose Cruz (New signing), Ricky Muscles and then Japanese legend Eien Miyamoto in the final to be my 9th winner of the tourney. The ratings weren't great but right from the start Cornell Jr came in as one of my top guys.

At the Wrestling Classic our main event saw the tag team titles change for the first time in nearly two years as Smooth Heartbreak defeated The Caballeros to become MAW Tag Team Champions for the first time in their careers.

Super Showdown was a huge show for us as the main event was a Super Showdown indeed. Anthony Smith would put his MAW Title on the line against the former champion James Diaz and the man who had won number one contendership at Night of the champions, Ernesto Diez. In an 82 B and what was at that point the best match in MAW History, Ernesto Diez would shock the world and become MAW Champion ending Smiths reign before it really got the chance to take off. Also, on this show we had a 77 B as Tommy Cornell Jr. defeated Ricky Muscles.

Next up was Americana and we would have another sensational match as the two losers from the triple threat last month, James Diaz and Anthony Smith, battled for the number one contendership to that MAW Title. In a fantastic 81 B James Diaz would get revenge on Smith for Where it all begins again and get himself a future rematch for the MAW Title.

Old School Rules was main evented by two of our biggest stars facing off as Tommy Cornell Jr defeated Bradford Peverell in a great 77 B.

Another B rated match came next month as Ernesto Diez picked up a huge victory over James Diaz to retain his MAW Title for the first time in an 81 B. And then following the match Danny Goodridge confronted Ernesto Diez wanting to be the next challenger for the title only for James Diaz to start beating him down. However, Diaz' long time rival Nate DeMarcus came down to make the save only for DeMarcus to make a shocking heel turn and ally himself with James Diaz. This was what Nate needed as since he lost his American Title he has been pretty lost but since the heel turn he has been becoming really good and I am considering putting the MAW Title on him next year although there are a lot of heels that I want to put that title on at this point.

The next shois one of my least favourite shows of the year if I'm going to be completely honest: The Sam Keith Classic. However, I really enjoyed this years show as this year I have focused on revitalizing our pretty meh tag team division. The winner of the tournament this year ended up being the team of Danny Goodridge and Tommy Cornell Jr. as they defeated James Diaz and Nate DeMarcus in the finals.

The main event of the Battle of the Middle Atlantic was a MAW Championship match and another 78 B as Ernesto Diez retained his title against Danny Goodridge following interference from Nate DeMarcus. Also on this show Quentin Queen defeated the first ever 2 time Mid Atlantic American title Beneteau to take the title away from him. Last year him and Cameron Jones traded the title back and forth but since then he had been dominant and Queen came in and rolled him up to take that title.

Our final show before Where it all begins again was The Clash and we had a great show that began with an 80 B as James Diaz defeated Danny Goodridge closely followed by a 72 B- as Tommy Cornell Jr. defeated Nate DeMarcus. Then, in the semi main event we had a 78 B as Anthony Smith defeated Bradford Peverell to let him go to the Where it all begins again main event for the 2nd year in a row. The main event ended up only being a 76 B- as Ernesto Diez retained his MAW Title against Hurakan meaning next month's Where it all begins again main event is Ernesto Diez vs Anthony Smith for the MAW Title.

I'll post about Where it all begins again tomorrow or this would be far too long
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Unread 11-11-2019, 12:22 PM
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Year 3, still working as a midcarder in a small Australian federation. We're starting to hit D- shows and I'm really hoping to hit regional at some point in the next year or two.

Current champions:
Global - Kai Drake
Arena - Josh Haze
Tag - still Luke Santamaria and Einar Ironside. It changes now and then but always comes home to them.

Random event - war is good for business, so we're declaring war on another small Australian fed. That should be interesting.
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Unread 11-12-2019, 01:57 AM
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Well I'm playing NYCW and I'm discovering that the mere presence of Chance Fortune on my card is capable of undoing all the carefully laid booking I'd been doing the entire year in game.

KP Avatar and Jack, an upper midcarder and a midcarder respectively, suddenly drop to the lower midcarder as soon as Chance appears on the card. Phillipe LeGrenier, who'd just begun climbing out of the Lower Midcard is dropped down to Opener status. The Silencer who was gearing up to be top heel is dropped to the midcard and the friggin Old School Principals, who I was starting to phase out have their old top of the card push again for some reason.
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Unread 11-12-2019, 12:11 PM
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Year 4 - finally hit regional! The war with the other Australian federation hasn't amounted to much since we blew past them in size (we're currently the largest Australian federation). I've tried to engage with it some by hiring their talent when the opportunity arises but usually that means passing up on better talent so I'm trying to strike a balance.

We're starting to hit D shows which is cool. I should probably clear some cruft from my roster and hire some better talent but I'm always really reluctant to do that and try to fill spots as they open up organically.

I'm still working as a midcarder. I think my mistake was starting with a 0 star power. It grows so slowly compared to everything else and seems to be a major consideration in who should be a main eventer.

Current title holders:
Global - Leigh Sampson
Arena - Spaceman Dacey
Tag Team - my character and Rhys Youngblood

My random event - "The Real Rock n' Rolla". I gain some microphone and charisma and I'm now a musician.
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Unread 11-12-2019, 02:32 PM
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In my RW playthrough with WWE 2019 Randy Orton just failed the steroid test for a fourth time, so I fired him, while he was in my WWE Championship feud with Braun Strowman. My plans are completely messed up now, but hey. A policy is a policy -_-

Jinder Mahal and the Singh brothers failed it at the same time, btw.
So they're gone to, but I wasn't renewing their contracts anyway
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Unread 11-12-2019, 04:54 PM
johndango johndango is offline
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I've been playing a very heavily modified game that is a blend of fiction and non-fiction. When I started my save a couple of years ago I had just returned to wrestling fandom after paying zero attention for a lot of years. So I took a real-life mod (can't remember which one) and then took over from there and now the world is more non-fiction than fiction after only 4 in-game years. Example: I started as a re-born WCW in 2005 (since WCW was the last thing I watched as a fan) but now my company has been re-branded into a fictional ACW (a not so subtle allusion to my NEW fandom: AEW).

I'm playing with essentially infinite money and no owner goals, so I'm playing on easy but I didn't want my creativity to be stifled by these restraints. One by one I turn on more advanced features as I get more comfortable with TEW.

Right now I'm in the business of using the old stars I have (Goldberg, Sting, Shawn Michaels, Undertaker, etc) in tag teams or to put over a younger generation. Edge and Christian have had a good long run as the best tag team in the world winning my titles 5 times over the course of 3 years so now I'm using them to build up the next set of tag team super stars as well. I'd list names, but they're all fictional workers or real-workers (that i didnt recognize when i started my game) with fictional names and gimmicks (some of which DEFINITELY did not match the person, now that I know them haha). I only have one A show, because I wanted to hand-book everything while still having time pass at a decent rate. I'm at like 600 hand-booked shows or something now (I USED to have more than one show a week).

I've also created or bought child promotions in all areas of the world and put them in an alliance, started my own 24 wrestling TV channel, and put all of those child promotions on TV. I've got an affiliated hardcore division in America, an affiliated Candian promotion, luchador promotion, and woman's promotion. I need to open a European one eventually. No other areas of the world are active in my game.

I'm having a ton of fun and am really into my extremely customized world, even if it's not realistic or anything like that.
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Unread 11-14-2019, 07:13 AM
Zeel1 Zeel1 is offline
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Okay so I'm running this custom-made fed in an early 2000s real world mod. It sorta uses a sports presentation, it's called the Wrestling Premier League. Admittedly just an unused C-Verse promotion name that I'm really fond of and like to go with.

After a few in-game years, I've recently grown to the point where I was comfortable making a developmental promotion. In going with the theme, I just named it Wrestling Minor League. Not super fond of WML as an acronym, I ended up just having 'Minors' as the shortened name.

And that's why this screencap exists.

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Unread 11-14-2019, 02:17 PM
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Well...I would say your company is in Danger, but seems that Ziggler was quicker with that
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Unread 11-14-2019, 04:25 PM
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Should change his name to Dolph Danger
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