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Unread 05-04-2018, 05:56 PM
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Overdrive Wrestling – Episode 8: Our Darkness
September Week 4

Segment 1: A New Evil?

We see a truck pull into a military compound-looking area. The truck enters a warehouse area. A group of workers open up the back door of the truck and start unloading things from the truck. There are weapons, test tubes, weird looking electronic contraptions. One worker remarks that they have no clue what any of this stuff is. Another replies with “They don't pay me to think. I just do what I need to do to pay the bills.” After a while, everything is unpacked and the warehouse area is emptied.

The camera pans to the top of the truck. J-Ro is lying there. She wakes up. Looks around. “Where am I?”

She slowly climbs down from the truck. She looks around and the warehouse area shocks her. There are huge test tubes with monstrous looking humans inside of them. She walks over to a computer console and reads the reports on the screen. “The Artificial Angel Project. Subject 451. We are so close. The Angelic Soldier Serum has successfully morphed the subject's brain into a more Angelic makeup. His mental and combat ability closely match the data we've received from OWE. Unfortunately, the Serum was unable to transform Subject 451's tissue makeup to sustain this power. Subject deteriorated in 34 hours of testing. As we only have 26 subjects left, we must request more funding and test subjects.” Joanne gasps as she reads this. “No... Way...”

Segment 2: Purple Viper vs Alina Rose

Purple Viper and Alina have a tightly contested back and forth match. Eventually, it looks like Viper has the upper hand. Alina is on the ground, crawling her way to the ropes. Viper is just stalking her. Alina uses the ropes as leverage to try to get up.

Suddenly, Jack Avatar comes in and starts attacking Viper. He bashes her with his shield. The bell rings.

Segment 3: Jack's inner darkness

Jack is beating the crap out of Viper. “Stop! Please stop! Hahaha!” Viper is simultaneously begging for mercy while laughing mockingly. It's hard to get a handle on what she's feeling.

“You FIEND! This is for Dawn.” He's really pissed and continues beating her.

“I'm sorry! Forgive me! I'm sorry for leaving her in a pile of her own blood!” That only aggravates Jack more and the beating gets more vicious, even uncomfortable.

“Jack...” a voice can be heard from the titantron. “Jack... please stop.” It's Dawn! She's tied up, but she's been watching. “You can't fight violence with violence.” (nevermind that this is a wrestling show, where the entire point is to fight violence with violence) “Please, fight your own inner darkness.”

“Dawn... no...” Jack looks at the titantron. “You're...”

Viper hits Jack in the back of the head with a shield. Dawn gasps!

Segment 4: Ascendant Steph

Brief recap of last week, where we see Steph Blake and Krissy ready to shoot fireballs at each other. Emma Vamp and Brute stop Krissy from firing, but Steph fires at Krissy. Emma Vamp pushes Krissy out of the way and takes the blast. (also, I used to refer to Emma Vamp as Emma. I, and the characters in the show will now refer to her as Vamp. Totally not a spoiler and completely unrelated to who I'm trying to sign)

Krissy's eyes go wide. “Vamp! Noooo. Don't go! Don't leave me behind! You... you're my... only... friend...” she starts crying.

Brute tells Krissy that they must retreat. Krissy refuses. “No... we stay here, and we fight. UNNNNNGH!” Her right arm starts to glow. Steph's right arm also starts to glow and the glow is pulsating. Krissy and Steph's arms are pulsating in sync with each other. “UNNGHHHHHH!!” Krissy grabs her glowing arm in pain.

“Hahaha! The Ascended Angel wants to take ME on?” says Steph. “How disappointing. If this is all you got, you don't deserve a place in this world.” Steph extends her hand.

She is surprise tackled by Brute Kikuchi. “Come on, Krissy! Let's go!” He grabs Krissy and Vamp.

“Ascendant Arrival...” Krissy says. “Steph... that is our battle ground. This Sunday.”

Segment 5: The Hooters def. Desert Storm and Sprite

Segment 6: Broken Heart

Jaime and Angel Eater are once again chilling by a stormy beachside. Jaime is staring out into the distance, running her hand through her hair.

“My heart...” Jaime says. “I can barely take it anymore. I want it to end... I don't want to be immortalized. I don't want to be written in history. I don't want these Tag Team Championships. The glory... I can't stand it...”

Suddenly you start hearing an acoustic guitar in the background. Jake Idol is singing, Britney walking next to him. Angel Eater doesn't look pleased, but Jaime tells him to tolerates them. “We'll have a chance to eliminate them on Sunday, at Ascendant Arrival.”

“Hey hey! Why the sour face.” Jake Idol takes a seat beside Jaime on one side, Britney the other. Angel Eater remains standing. “Everything can be broken. Even your broken feelings. When the two of us shine some sun into your heart, your brokenness will be broken.”

“That's not how it works...” Britney tries to make sense of Jake's inspirational speech, but Jake continues.

“Hey look! I've hit some rough times. But no matter what, I've kept my chin up. I've kept a smile on my face. I've put a smile on the faces of all my fans. And you'll be no different. Jaime. Be proud. Be happy for who you are. People like you. Even this guy.” He points to Angel Eater. “If only you could accept yourself...”

“Enough.” Jaime gets up and leaves. “Jake Idol. Britney Hollywood. This Sunday, at Ascendant Arrival. That is when I show you how wrong you are. If we win, we will continue to destroy this world's history. If we lose, you will win the Tag Team Championships, thus erasing our names from history. It makes no difference to me. Angel Eater, let's go.” Jaime leaves.

Segment 7: You can run, but you can't hide

J-Ro is in the warehouse area looking at the computer console. The alarms sound. The door opens and three people in soldier uniforms with guns in their hands enter, back first, shooting whatever is outside the warehouse.

The warehouse door closes. J-Ro is in the ducts, listening in.

“We should be safe for now. The Special Forces Unit should be able to take care of...”

“Uh... that... THING! What is it?”

“Beats m...”

The wall gets torn down and it's Howlin' Hell Henry. “HAHA! JOANNE! I KNOW YOU'RE HERE!” Camera quickly cuts to a wide-eyed J-Ro, who quickly escapes through the ducts.

“OH MY GOD!” the soldiers yell. One of the soldiers runs away. Two of them start shooting at him, but he quickly charges them. He spears one of them, grabs another and slams him to the wall. The third soldier that ran is now holding a rocket launcher. He fires. Direct hit!

The rocket hits. There's tons of smoke. The dust settles. HHH is walking through the smoke, unphased.

“What... ar...” HHH quickly charges the soldier and gives him a clothesline.


Segment 8: Alicia Strong def. Inkredible Tetsu, Nadia Snow and Cristobal Pardo

Segment 9: Outside Destruction

J-Ro is running through a forest area. She's all covered in mud and dirt. She's grasping onto her knee as though she's hurt, but she keeps trying to tough through it. HHH is hot in pursuit. J-Ro trips over a tree root.

Howlin Hell Henry towers over the fallen J-Ro. He grabs her and throws her against a tree. She falls face first to the ground. He pulls her by her hair and choke slams her on the floor. Again, he pulls her up and throws her against a tree. This time, the tree falls over and lands on her.

“Soon... brother will take Celestia. Brother will take OWE. And there's nothing you can do about it. HAHAHAHA! And if you try, I will be there to hurt you. Over and over and over. MWAHAHAHA”

He leaves J-Ro, stuck underneath a fallen tree, completely destroyed. “Uggh... Howlin' Hell Henry. The destructive force of the Serpent Clan. I guess it's true. I must face you, head on. Asc...Ascendant... Arrival...” she passes out.

Segment 10: Freya Fish def. Bear Bekowski

Segment 11: Diversion

Freya Fish looks down at Ouroboros, who was sitting at ringside during the match. Ouroboros gets up from his chair, snaps his fingers. A bunch of men in robes start marching toward the ring.

“Is that all?” Freya extends her right hand, balled in a fist, high up in the sky. She slams it down to her other hand. CLAP! A bunch of men and women in angel robes flood into the ring. “You are fooling yourselves if you think you can defeat the Celestials.”

“Mwahahaha. Simpleton. Complete, utter victory is always what's on your mind. You think I seek victory?” He signals his robed army to enter the ring and there's a huge brawl. He leaves.

“Wait!” Freya runs after him.

Segment 12: Cloud Ascension, The Revival!

Taku approaches a giant staircase leading up to the clouds. She's about to enter Celestia completely uncontested. “Lord Ouroboros was right. This is empty. Haha, fools. Leaving your most important line of defense uncontested. Tactical failure.”

The camera changes scene to a dark hospital room with Cozelle and Crusher. Camera pans to Cozelle. BADUMP! Heart beat sounds. Pans to Crusher. BADUMP!

“AHHHH!” Cozelle and Crusher wake up in a cold sweat. Cozelle holds a hand against her head. “No... Freya...” quick flashback to Freya's apology scenes. “Freya... there's no need to be sorry. You were always there for me. No...” she looks over at Crusher. “For us. And now, we will be there for you.”

Cozelle and Crusher stand side by side. She embraces Crusher. Suddenly wings grow out of her back. She flies through the window, Crusher in her arms.

Camera goes back to the stairs of Celestia. Taku is about to walk up the stairs, but she sees an unusual light in the distance.


There's a huge gust. Taku braces herself.

Cozelle flies into the scene, descends slowly. Lands.

“What?! Reinforcements?! This wasn't part of the plan.”

Epic announcer voice: With the return of Cloud Ascension, how will the Serpent Clan attack Celestia? How will the Sunshine Duo prevent Broken History's legacy from being erased from this world? Who will be the #2 Contender for the Tag Team Championship? How will a flustered Jack Avatar deal with Purple Viper and her mindgames? Who is stronger between the Ascended Angel, Krissy Angelle, and the Ascended Demon, Steph Blake? Will Joanne Rodriguez be able to defeat the indestructible Howlin' Hell Henry? Find out, Sunday, on OWE: Ascendant Arrival.

OWE: Ascendant Arrival: Advertised Matches:
Joanne Rodriguez (c) vs Howlin Hell Henry
Jack Avatar vs Purple Viper
Serpent Clan vs Celestia?
Krissy Angelle vs Steph Blake
Broken History (c) vs Sunshine Duo
#2 Contender Tag Match
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noknuckles noknuckles is offline
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Overdrive Wrestling – Ascendant Arrival
September Week 4

Segment 1: Champion Collapsed

A brief recap of last show, where J-Ro is stumbling around in the mud, Howlin Hell Henry dominates her and tosses her around, through a tree. HHH leaves her body underneath the fallen tree.

The camera goes to an unconscious J-Ro's face. A nightmare sequence begins where J-Ro is trying to punch HHH. HHH grows into a 30 foot monster, lifts his foot and squashes her. As his giant foot is about to crush J-Ro, she's on the ground, bracing herself. She looks up and all of a sudden, she's surrounded by four HHH's. “No... no... how can I possibly... beat him.”

“AHHH!” She suddenly wakes up, body still underneath a fallen tree. She musters all of her strength to lift the tree just enough to slide out. She uses the tree as support to get herself to a standing position. “I... can't... give... up... I don't know how to beat him... but, I must...” she collapses in the mud.

Segment 2: The Hooters def. The Strongest Team, Secret Society and Coastal Guard

Once again, the Strongest Team are not able to pull off a victory. They look strong. At one point in the match, the two of them clear out the six others.

During the match, Lindsay Sugar gets in trouble many times, but Anna Ki manages to save her. At the end of the match, Dusty Bin tries to deliver a devastating face plant onto a chair on Anna Ki, but Lindsay Sugar saves her. Anna Ki DDT's him onto the chair and wins the match.

The Hooters are the #2 Contenders for the Tag Team Championship

Segment 3: The Dawn of Mindgames

During Purple Viper's entrance, she wheelchairs Queen Dawn down to the ring. Dawn is chained to the wheelchair.

Purple Viper grabs a mic. “Stupid simple Jack.” She's holding a dagger. “There was no way for me to kill Queen Dawn with this. The Serpent's Claw has the power to destroy, but its power has not had time to charge up yet. Infusing Steph Blake with demonic energies has drained it of its powers. But today, it has replenished JUUUUUST enough to do real lasting damage to your Queen.”

“Yet, you believed every bit of it. Every bit of the vision. Any NORMAL superstar from OWE would have saw right through it. But you know, your mind sees only what it wants to see. What you wanted to see... what you wanted to see... GAAAASP!” She points to Dawn. “It was you, lying in a pool of your own...”

Jack's music hits. Viper continues. “Oh here comes the villain of evil. We have all seen the uglier side of you. Let's see it again. Keheeeheeheehee.”

Jack rolls into the ring, shield in hand. Viper holds the dagger to Dawn's throat. She tells Jack to throw his shield away. Slowly, but keeping an eye on Viper, he sets his shield aside. Viper, too, tosses the dagger aside. Before the bell could ring, she suddenly kicks the wheelchair over. Jack immediately goes over to Dawn to help her up.

Segment 4: Purple Viper def. Jack Avatar

Jack is tending to Dawn, who is chained to a wheelchair that has toppled over. Before he's able to unchain her, Viper attacks Jack from behind.

The match continues, Dawn stuck in the middle of the ring. Jack carefully and skilfully wrestles around the wheelchair, careful not to bring harm to Dawn. Viper on the other hand is just wild, “accidentally” kicking Dawn every chance she gets. Eventually, Jack is able to get the wheelchair upright so that Dawn doesn't have to lie on her side the entire match.

There's a spot in the match where Jack has the wheelchair in a corner, working on unchaining Dawn. Viper is holding Jack's shield and just bashes him over and over again. The visual is that Jack is in the corner, protecting Dawn from Viper's vicious shield attacks.

Over the course of the next few minutes, the chains have loosened a bit and Dawn tries to get out.

Jack manages to counter Viper's offensive and unleashes fury on her. He DDT's her face onto his shield. He crawls out of the ring. Grabs her dagger. Rolls back in.

Dagger in hand...

Viper is face first on the mat, barely even aware of her surroundings. She tries to get up, tries to push herself up to her feet. Fails. She falls back onto the mat, face first. Jack is standing over her, dagger in hand.

He raises the dagger. “RAAAAAAAAAGGGGGH!!!!”

Dawn suddenly hugs him. “NOOO! JACK!!!!”

Jack's rage slowly cools down. He turns around, looks Dawn in the eyes. He drops the dagger.

Viper hits him in the back with a shield, knocking her into Dawn. She hits him with the shield a couple of times until finally turning him over and pinning him. One... Two... Three.

Segment 5: I'm sorry. Goodbye

Viper continues to attack Jack. She goes over to Dawn and picks her up. Dawn is hurt, but she's in better shape than Jack. She's holding onto her ribs. Viper has the dagger in hand. She pushes Dawn into the corner turnbuckle. She raises the dagger high up in the air. “Any last words, my Queen?”

“Jack... It's over. Sorry. Goodbye.”

“Jack Jack Jack. I'm tired of hearing that word. Well if you don't value your own life, I won't either.” She brings the dagger down to stab Dawn.

“AAAARGHH!” Jack musters all the strength in him. With sheer willpower, he jumps in front of Dawn and gets stabbed by Viper. “AAAAAAAAARRRRRGHHHHH!!!!”

The lights go out. A purple orb of light appears. The lights turn back on and Viper is holding a purple orb. Jack is unconscious. Dawn is sitting on the ground, devastated. She's trying to shake Jack awake. “JACK! JACK!”

“KKKUWAAAAHAHAHAHA! Jack is no longer with us. He is HERE.” Viper extends her hand holding the orb. “His soul is trapped in the orb. I hold his life in my hand. MMUUUUUUAAHAHAHAH!”

“Nooo.” Viper slowly leaves the ring. “NOOOO!” Dawn tries to get up to run after her, but she trips over herself. “NOOOOOOOO!”

Segment 6: Let me put a smile on your face

Broken History and Sunshine Duo are in the ring, about to start the match. Jake Idol grabs the mic. He says that his music touches people's hearts. In fact, this morning, when he was leaving to go to work, a 6 year old little girl went up to him and asked for his autograph. He went one step further and gave her his sunglasses. The smile on that girl's face was priceless and reminded him of how much there is to live for.

“I've made my mark on this world. If you truly want to eliminate history, you will eliminate mine right here. But I know that's not the case. Tonight, I will entertain you as I have ALL these people. I will make you smile and show that there is beauty in this world. Life is worth living. In fact, I wrote a song for you to bring a smile to your face. Ahem... do... re... mi...”

Broken History start attacking Jake.

Segment 7: Broken History def. Sunshine Duo to retain the Tag Team Championship

The Sunshine Duo show their willpower by enduring devastating moves, but eventually, Broken History is too much. Too powerful. At the end of the match, Jake is on the ground, Jaime standing over him, hesitating. Angel Eater tags himself in and pins him.

Segment 8: Hybrid Energies

Krissy, Brute Kikuchi and Vamp are in a small room, Vamp lying in bed. Vamp tells Krissy to come closer. “I know... I have given you the gift of angelhood. I sucked Cozelle's blood and transferred it to you, transforming you into who you are. Kriiiiissssy... I know you are more than just a giant ball of power. Come closer. I want to see who you are inside...”

Krissy edges closer. Vamp grabs her and bites her in the neck. Krissy gasps!

“It's done... When Steph Blake hit me with her demonic energy beam, I managed to absorb some of the power. Krissy... you are now an angelic demon.”

The scene cuts to Brute and Krissy outside. Krissy says that it's time to confront Steph Blake. Brute asks if he should stay behind to take care of Vamp. Krissy strokes her chin, thinking.

We, the audience, hear her thoughts. “Hmmm... I don't trust him. If Brute were to betray us, now would be the time to do it, while our team is fractured. If I bring him along to the fight, he may side with Steph Blake. But... with Vamp in the shape that she's in...”

She speaks out loud, “No Brute. Come with me. I'll need you in this fight.”

Segment 9: Krissy def. Steph Blake

Before the match even begins, the crowd already knows they're in for a treat. There are LED screens around the ring showing flames. It looks like the ring is on fire, burning down. The titantron screen shows Krissy on one side, Steph on the other. Each of them has a power bar, much like a fighting game.

Krissy and Steph Blake stare each other down. On the titantron screen, Krissy and Steph's right arm start to pulsate with light.


The match starts off like a regular wrestling match. (Grapple, headlocks, shoulder tackles, all that good stuff) Every time one of them does a move on the other, the power bar on the titantron increases. It looks like a normal wrestling match with cheap fire effects on the outside, but every once in a while, the lights would go out. The Titantron would show Steph Blake firing a fireball while screaming. It shows Krissy blocking the giant fireball and a huge crater forming around her feet. She's grunting as though it was Dragon Ball. When the lights turn back on, Krissy is on her knees.

The match continues and the two of them trade special moves. Eventually, there's a part in the match where Steph Blake fires a fireball at Krissy, the titantron shows a flashback of Vamp biting into Krissy. “These energies... it's the same... I figured it out!” Krissy absorbs the fireball into her hand, then fires it back at Steph. This time, as the lights turn back on, the pyro goes off. “AAAAAAAAAARRRRRRGGGHHHH!” Steph falls over to the ground.

Krissy goes for the pin. One... Two... Three.

Segment 10: Return of the Snake

Brief recap of last episode where Taku is about to enter Celestia uncontested, but Cozelle and Crusher are blocking her way.

Taku is at a loss. This is not a fight she can win, but at the same time she doesn't want to disobey Ouroboros. Luckily for her, Ouroboros shows up!

Taku asks whether he dealt with Freya. Ouroboros answers, “Of course, muuuahahaha. She's on her way here, but her arrival will be... shall I say... delayed? And now... these two are Celestia's last line of defense. It's over, Freya. We've won.”

Segment 11: Serpent's Claw def. Cloud Ascension

In the early goings of the match, Cloud Ascension looks very strong. Ouroboros is surprised and frustrated that he can't easily run over the two of them. Eventually, with some crafty maneuvers (like eye pokes for example), Serpent's Claw gets back into the match.

The teams go back and forth, but eventually, Purple Viper interferes and attacks Cloud Ascension. As she leaves, she tosses the dagger into the ring. Ouroboros looks at her distrustfully while pinning Cozelle.

Segment 12: I can smell you!

Howlin Hell Henry is standing in the middle of the ring. He is laughing, overjoyed that he won't be bored tonight. “TONIGHT! I will enjoy myself, just as I have for the past week. That puny, foolish Joanne Rodriguez is coming here. I know... I can sense her... I can smell her... And even if YOU don't come to ME, I will continue to hunt you. Hunt you over and over and over until BROTHER has accomplished his goals. This has been fun. I must thank BROTHER for letting me play this game. HAHAHAHA”

J-Ro makes her entrance. She grimaces in pain, both hands holding onto her ribs. She rolls into the ring. Violence ensues...

Segment 13: Joanne Rodriguez def. Howlin Hell Henry be count-out and retains the OWE Championship

HHH looks strong most of the match. J-Ro gets a bit of offense on him, but it is short-lived. At one point in the match, J-Ro uses the ropes to help herself up. HHH charges her, misses and he goes over the ropes. He's completely unphased and grabs J-Ro, pulling her out of the ring and continues the destruction outside. He swings her into the barricade. He barrels into her, but she dodges. She gets back into the ring at the last second and wins the match by count-out.

Segment 14: Anger or Fun?

After the match, HHH goes back into the ring, furious and starts attacking J-Ro. As the carnage continues, his frustration slowly turns into joy. He grabs a table and power bombs her through it. He sits on top of her, hands on her shoulders and starts laughing. MUUUAHAHAHAHAHA.

IMO Best PPV in the history of all histories. I can retire from wrestling now, knowing that I wrote the single most heart-wrenchingly amazing show in the history of everything and that it is literally impossible to top it. Ratings-wise, pretty good show, considering how hard I worked to make the main event bad. Short match with keep strong note, still pulled a good rating, I guess because J-Ro is THAT good. The overbooking made my match ratings go down. A straight up match between Jack and Viper would probably pull atleast 85, maybe even 90+. But I don't care. I like stupid BS matches. Krissy's match probably deserved a 35, if only the game could simulate how powerful that match was. Jaime was amazing. Can't wait for Broken History vs Hooters.

Financially I'm doing OK. Spent 600k on buying RAW's popularity. PPV revenue jumped up by 300k. Good, I was a bit anxious because I didn't know how much I'd get. Now I have more room to overpay people.
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Overdrive Wrestling – Episode 9: Descent to despair
October Week 1

Segment 1: Everyone needs a hug

There's a short video recap of Ascendant Arrival where Purple Viper stabbed Jack Avatar and explains that his soul has been sealed in a purple orb.

Purple Viper is in a dark room, holding and caressing the purple orb inappropriately. “Oooohhh, Jack. I looooove your new body. Oh you feel so good. MMUAAHAHAHAHAHA!”

The scene changes over to another room. Jack is sleeping in bed. J-Ro has bandages all over her, all glum. Dawn is also in a gloomy mood. She's sitting by Jack's bedside, holding his hand. “Jack! Nooo... Why?! Why did it have to be you?” She starts crying.

J-Ro's voice is narrating. “I've never seen Dawn like this. She's always been a positive force. Hopeful. Cheerful. To see her like this... Ascendant Arrival was not exactly good for me either. But for these two...”

J-Ro gets up, walks over to Dawn and hugs her.

Segment 2: Shadow Society

Krissy and Brute Kikuchi are walking back home. Brute comments that Vamp's powers were really the difference between victory and defeat against Steph.

We see footage of Vamp biting Krissy, infusing dark powers into her body. We also see Krissy absorbing Steph Blake's fireball and turning it back on her.

“Vamp is a true friend. I will reward her for her loyalty.” The two of them stop. They have arrived back to where they left Vamp.

Suddenly, we see a cloaked figure leave the house. Krissy gasps! “Vamp!” She rushes into the house.

Segment 3: Howlin Hell Henry def. Sara Marie York, Tetsu and Huey

Segment 4: Will you watch the fight, bro?

Lindsay Sugar and Anna Ki are working as waitresses. The restaurant is lively, many of the people talking about fights. The TV in the restaurant is promoting some MMA fight involving Emma May.

“Hey!” one of the customers is calling to Lindsay and Anna. “You got a big fight coming up too! You were awesome at Ascendant Arrival. And we'll be sure to watch you by ordering on MySelectUSA, Rivera Pay TV or 1-Choice TV!”

“Well... I don't think it's that big...” Anna is trying to downplay their tag team title match that they have coming up.

“YEAH!” Lindsay is fired up. She slams her fists against the table and knocks over a glass of water. “Anna is AWESOME! She's the BEST! And I'll work my hardest! Oh uh... sorry sir! I'll clean that up for you and get you a new glass of water.” She starts walking away. Anna starts laughing, embarrassed. Lindsay returns “BUT YEAH ANNA'S THE BEST!”

Segment 5: Brilliant Ray of Hope

Freya is running toward the stairs to Celestia. “Oh no... did I make it in time? Ouroboros! Where are you?” She looks up the stairs leading up to Celestia. She sees the gates at the top of the stairs. The gates are on fire. The cities behind the gates are all up in smoke. “No... I didn't make it.” The camera zooms down, back down to earth and we see Cozelle and Crusher's unconscious bodies.

“GASP! No... Cozelle, Crusher! I... I didn't know.” She rushes over to them and embraces both of them. She starts crying. “I'm so sorry... Again... I left you behind. NO! Stupid stupid stupid!”

Cozelle stirs. She raises her hand to Freya's face and wipes the tears from her face. “Fre....ya... It's not your fault... Don't blame yourself... There's still time. Ouroboros... He must be stopped...”

Tears fall from Freya's face. The camera zooms in to her tears. From her left eye, the tear falls onto Cozelle. From her right eye, the tear falls onto Crusher.

The camera pans out. Cozelle and Crusher start glowing. They are covered in a brilliant light!

Segment 6: Angel Eater def Britney Hollywood

Segment 7: Scripted Wrestling Match

Jake Idol is in a theater, alone, eating popcorn and watching a movie starring Britney Hollywood. In this movie, Britney is a superstar wrestler, fighting in a match to defend her own soul. “I won't let you erase history. I won't let you erase me and all I believe in! Begone, evil doer!” Next thing we know, Britney is on the ground, pinned. She lost the match.

The lights to the theater go back on. Jake Idol leaves the theater, seemingly content. Outside the theater, he meets Britney. He compliments her on her supreme acting skills. He was absolutely convinced that what he was watching was real. “It's almost as though I was actually watching you lose. It felt so emotional and real to me.”

“Oh you... you're just saying that...”

The two of them walk off, holding hands, having a some laughs together.

Segment 8: Destruction of the Mind

Joanne Rodriguez is in the washroom, washing her face. We hear her thinking to herself. “With all that's happened... What can we do? What can I do against such a terrifying force? What can Dawn do against Viper's power?”

She looks up into the mirror. “AHHH!” She sees Howlin' Hell Henry in the reflection. She turns around and is about to elbow him, but it turns out it's Queen Dawn. Her elbow stops millimeters away from Dawn's face.

“DAWN!!!!” J-Ro is panting hard. “I'm... I'm so sorry. My mind is not in the best shape...”

“Joanne... I'm sorry. I've been talking so much about my worries that I forgot about you. I didn't take the time to listen to you and your problems. What's going on? We'll get through this together.”

Segment 9: Alina Rose def. Lucky Lexie Littlefeather, Tracy Brendon and Desert Storm

Segment 10: More opportunities for the Strong

Alicia is in the locker room, reading some letter. Huey walks in. “Hey! What's up. I never see you reading.”

“Hey! Oh Huuuuuueeeeey! Guess what?”

“Don't tell me it's another Title Contendership match.”

“Nope! It's a TITLE MATCH!”

“WHAAAAAA?!” Huey grabs the letter from Alicia's hands and starts reading:

Dear Alicia Strong,

I recognize how strong you are. As a member of the Strong Clan, wrestling blood runs through your veins. You deserve nothing less than a shot at the OWE World Title. Simply present this to the champion, at any time of your choosing, and you will be awarded a Title Match.

A Force From Above

“WHAAAAT?! You actually believe this obvious scam?!”

“HEY!” She grabs the letter back. “HUMPH! It's worth trying you know! That's the difference between me and you. When given a chance, I take it! You! You're too meek to accept how good you are!” She pushes Huey out of the way and leaves.

“Alicia! Alicia! Wait!” Huey chases after her.

Segment 11: Desire for Turf Wars

Remmy has a magical paint bucket and he sloshes Club DESIRE with it. Every time he tosses the paint, it's magically a different colour. He's making crazy graffiti on the walls of Club DESIRE.

Inside Club DESIRE, there's lots of smoking, hot girls dancing. Steph Blake and Honey are sitting at a table, Steph Blake has a bad headache. Honey hears some weird splashing noises outside. “Hey, Miss Security. Do your job.”

“Ughhh. Fine.”

Steph walks out, hand on her head. “The hell is going on? I'm not exactly feeling the best. Get the hell out of my yard.”

“YOUR yard? This is MY turf. You see that?” Remmy points to the painted wall. “That tells you that this is MY turf.”

“Huuuh? Got one hell of a crazy weirdo here... I didn't sign up for this. Well... Ugghhh” She points her right palm toward Remmy while keeping her left hand on her head. She still has a headache. “Get the hell out. Or else.”

Her hand starts charging up for an energy shot.

Suddenly, the camera zooms behind Remmy Skye. The Inkredible Tetsu is holding a plastic gun and fires a shot. The camera slow-mo follows the bullet. A purple pellet. As it's about to hit Steph, a force field surrounds Steph. The pellet bursts into a purple splotch of paint.

“The hell. I don't have time to play with kids.” Steph gets back.

“MWAHAHAHA! Another victory for Team Splatter.”

Segment 12: Purple Viper def. Hombre

Segment 13: Celestia in smoke

Ouroboros and Taku are in a village. A lot of the buildings are ruined. The villagers are on their knees, begging for mercy. Ouroboros and Taku leave the village. They thank them for sparing their lives.

Ouroboros turns to Taku. “What exactly is sister thinking...” We see a flashback to Ascendant Arrival, when Viper helped them win against Cloud Ascension, then threw the dagger into the ring. “Well... I can't think about that. I could never predict or control that little brat. Sometimes she hurts us. Sometimes she helps us. Taku... do it...”

Taku takes out the dagger. She turns around, points it towards the village. Suddenly, a roof of one of the huts catches fire. “AHHHH!” The villagers start to scream. As they try to leave, a barrier prevents their escape. “AAAAAHHHHH!!!!” The village is forced to suffocate in the fires caused by the dagger.

Epic announcer voice: The Serpent Clan has free reign over Celestia. Will Freya and Cloud Ascension be able to stop them before they continue to destroy the nation? Who is this mysterious cloaked figure that threatens the Mythics? How will the Knights of Dawn deal with their darkest, most desperate time? Find out next time on OVERDRIVE WRESTLING.
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Overdrive Wrestling – Episode 10: On the March Towards the Capital
October Week 2

Segment 1: To the capital

Recap of last episode. We see a burning village with a barrier around it, preventing the villagers from escaping. Taku is holding out a dagger with light rays coming out of it.

This episode:

Ouroboros and Taku wait until the entire village has been destroyed.

“HAHAHAHA!” Ouroboros is delighted in the destruction that they caused.

“Heeheeheehee,” Taku is looking toward the capital city. “I can't wait to burn down the capital!”

“The capital... hmmmmm... Give me the Serpent's Claw.”

“Yessir,” Taku hands Ouroboros the dagger.

“Freya is certainly on her way. I'm going on ahead. Delay her.”


Segment 2: Remmy Skye def. Alina, Alicia Strong, Colossus and Desert Storm

Segment 3: Just here to enjoy a meal

The restaurant that Anna Ki and Lindsay Sugar are working at is busy. The two of them are busy serving customers. Two people enter the front door. We get a close-up of one of their hands as they ring the reception bell.


“Coming!” Lindsay starts headed toward the entrance. “How can I h...” she sees Jaime Quine and Angel Eater at the door. “ you...”

Jaime asks for a table for two.

Segment 4: Failure of the Shield

We see a glowing purple orb on a pedestal. Then we see an unconscious Jack in bed. The camera zooms into his head. We get a dream sequence.

A giant devil demon thing is shooting a ray of death at Dawn. Jack is trying to protect her with the shield, but the shield cracks. He tries to take the hit for Dawn, but he turns transparent and the ray of death goes through him an disintegrates Dawn. “NOOO!” The camera swirls around.

Jack is on his knees. He looks up and sees Dawn with devil horns, pointing at him. “You have failed me. Good for nothing pathetic excuse of an Avatar. You failed your village and you failed me.”

Jack reaches out to Dawn. “Please, forgive me.” but as he reaches out, Dawn floats further and further away. “NO! DAAAAAWN!”

Segment 5: Sunshine Duo def. Coastal Guard and Secret Society

Segment 6: Ki power awakening?

Lindsay walks up to a table with the bill. “So... how was everything?”

“Ah, just great.” Jaime replies. She looks over and sees Anna at the bar, talking to a customer. “Umm...” Jaime reaches over to the bill. She suddenly knocks over a glass. The glass is starting to roll off the edge of the table. As Lindsay tries to grab the glass, Angel Eater grabs Lindsay and holds her still. “AAAAGHH!” The place starts to panic.

Anna runs over and tries to help. The glass tips over the table and falls to the ground. Anna extends her hand. “Nooooo.” The camera zooms in to the falling glass. The glass suddenly glows, floats and gently lands on the ground. Nothing shatters.

Angel Eater lets go of Lindsay. Jaime gets up. “Hmph. I thought I sensed something weird with you.” Jaime starts talking to Anna. “Ki... That's not a name that's in the history books. Yet, you are clearly a somebody. Who are you? How did you mask your own name from history? 3 weeks from now, at Tarnished Trust... That's what I intend to find out. Let's go, Angel Eater.” Broken History leave the restaurant.

Segment 7: Assassin Appears

Vamp is sitting in bed. Suddenly she wakes up. She hears soft footsteps. She jumps through a wall and grabs someone wearing with a cloak. “GRAAAAHHH!” False alarm... She just grabbed a piece of cloth.

“Die...” she suddenly gets stabbed in the back. It's Nadia Snow. There's a sword impaled through Vamp's chest. She's bleeding. She's about to lose consciousness. Nadia Snow suddenly turns around. She hears something. She puts on a cloak and runs off.

Outside, we see Krissy and Brute. The two of them see a cloaked figure run off. “Brute! Give chase!” Brute chases the cloaked figure. Krissy rushes into the house. “Vamp! Vamp! Vamp!”

Segment 8: Hopeless?

“I see,” Dawn says. She's with J-Ro. “A monster that's hunting you down. And a lab creating Angelic super soldiers out of humans. That's not good.”

“With Jack the way he is, it's going to be hard dealing with all of this. So... What are you going to do?” J-Ro looks intently at Dawn. Dawn stays silent. She's looking at an unconscious Jack. “I see. You want to save Jack. I need to get away from here. We can't afford to have Howlin Hell Henry attacking you.” J-Ro starts to leave.

“Wait! After all that he's done, after seeing his strength... How do you intend to fight him?”

“Worry about Jack. I'm still conscious...”

J-Ro goes outside. As she gets further from Dawn, she falls to her knees and fights back tears. “She's right... How can I possibly hope to fight that man?”

Segment 9: Brute Kikuchi def. Nadia Snow by DQ

Brute Kikuchi catches up to Nadia Snow. The two of them start fighting. The match ends with Brute chasing Nadia around the ring. Nadia stabs Brute with a sword and gets DQ'd. She disappears into the distance.

Segment 10: Director Viper

Jake Idol and Britney Hollywood are affectionately hugging each other. “I just got a new role,” Britney tells Jake.

“Great! I'm looking forward to it.”

“I actually have to meet with the director today...” Brit starts to walk out of the room. She opens the door. “Oh, hey director! I didn't expect you to meet me here.”

The camera slowly pans toward the door. It's Purple Viper!

Segment 11: Handshake

Inside Club DESIRE, there's a lot of drugs, hookers etc... We see a big guy in a nice suit and sunglasses sitting around, smoking.

Honey walks over. “Zack...”

“Honey! Good to see you again!” The big guy, Zack, gets up from his chair and offers a handshake. Honey's arms remain crossed. “OK... OK... let's just talk business.”

“You know what I want. Can you do it?”

“Oh, what were you calling it? A 'cure'? Hehehe, let me study your friend. I want to dissect her and...”

“Enough!” Honey gets up and starts walking away.

“Wait wait wait! I was just kidding. I can do it. Her out-of-control demonic powers. I have just the antidote to reverse it. To neutralize it... The Angelic Serum. Now... we just gotta talk... ahem. Business...”

“Name your price.”

“Hmmm... How about that old man that works for you? In a club like this, with so many sweet, young women, I doubt there's room for a crusty old man like that.”

“Bossman Brayfield? Fine. Deal. I don't know what you see in him.”

“Hehehehe. Happy doin' business.” Zack extends his hand. Honey hesitantly shakes his hand. Zack takes his leave.

“Oh, one more thing.” Honey tells him before he leaves. Zack turns around. Honey throws a bright green pellet at him. He catches it and looks at it. “We've had a recent itch that we can't quite scratch. See what you can do to deal with it.”

Segment 12: Hurry to the capital!

Freya, Cozelle and Crusher are walking through a burnt village. “Terrible...”

The three of them are walking house to house, seeing dead people all over the place. They help close their eyes.

Freya tells them, “Ouroboros is aiming to cripple Celestia. He's headed to the capital. We need to hurry.”

Taku is in their way. Freya tells Cozelle and Crusher to head over to the capital. “I will deal with this.”

Segment 13: Freya def. Taku

Epic announcer voice: Taku has delayed Freya from reaching the capital city of Celestia. Will Cozelle and Crusher be able to get there on time to stop Ouroboros? Who exactly is Anna Ki and what role does she play in the history of the world? Why is the assassin Nadia Snow targeting Krissy Angelle? How will the Knights of Dawn deal with this desperate situation? And what exactly is Zack after? Find out next time on OVERDRIVE WRESTLING.
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Overdrive Wrestling – Episode 11: Confrontation at the Capital
October Week 3

Segment 1: Krissy in panic mode

“Vamp! Vamp! Vamp” Krissy Angelle is panicked. She's tending to Vamp's wounds. Vamp is bleeding badly. Krissy is wrapping bandages around her body. “No! Vamp! I'm so sorry! If only I left Brute here to defend you. I'm so stupid. Me and my distrust of him. No! Vamp! Can you hear me?”

Krissy is about to perform CPR on Vamp. As she's about to do mouth-to-mouth, Vamp gains consciousness and hugs Krissy. She brings Krissy's ear to her mouth and whispers, “Brute... Where is Brute...”

“I got him to chase the assassin.”

“I'll be OK. Krissy... you must go to where Brute is. Save... him... Nadia... Snow...” Vamp loses consciousness.


Segment 2: Howlin' Hell Henry def. Alicia Strong

Segment 3: The broken history of Ki

“What was that?! Who are you?!” Lindsay asks Anna Ki after their shift is over. “That was the craziest thing! That glass just floated in mid-air!”

“Umm... Uh... It's... It's nothing. Just forget you saw anything.”

“Did Jaime call it KI?!”

“NO! No... I'm... I'm nothing but a failure...” Anna gets up and starts running away. Lindsay chases after her.

They run around in the rain for a while. Lindsay catches up and hugs Anna. “Come on, Anna. I don't care about your past failures. You're still you. You know what? I don't care about this whole Ki thing anymore. We're still friends right?”

Anna stays quiet. She doesn't say a single word to Lindsay. Lindsay slowly releases Anna. She looks a little sad but starts to walk away.

“Yes.” Anna replies. “I... I was scared. Running away from my failures. From my past. I didn't want any part of it. So I started a new life. New friendships. I wanted to forget my childhood. BUT! I must stop running now. You, my friend, deserve to know the truth.”

Segment 4: Have your medicine!

Steph Blake is lying in bed with a huge headache. Things around her (chairs, lamps on desks etc...) are floating around wildly. She's having trouble controlling her powers.

Honey walks in with a bowl of weird pink coloured soup. She tells Steph to drink it, and that this concoction was made by the famous Zack Zucks, owner of the premier research firm in the world. “Have this, you'll feel better. I promise you.” She puts it down on a table beside Steph. Steph swipes it away and the bowl crashes onto the floor.

“What am I? Your daughter? How many times do I have to tell you, I don't want this stupid medicine.” Steph gets up from bed, pushes Honey aside and walks out for some fresh air.

Segment 5: Broken History def. Coastal Guard and Performers

Segment 6: Initiation

Zack Zucks is in a limousine with Bossman Brayfield. Bossman says that it is a pleasure to work for the famous Zack Zucks and that he looks forward to continuing this relationship.

“Hahaha, pleasure is all mine. I could use someone as talented and experienced as you. People like you are rare in this world. I need someone who has witnessed demon summoning to head my R&D department.”

He pours wine. The two of them toast.

The limousine stops. Zack tells Bossman “You must be wondering what kind of project you'll be leading. Well, let me show you.”

They get out of the car. They're in a warehouse with test-tubes, computer consoles, flasks. It's the same warehouse that J-Ro found with the Angelic Serum project!

Segment 7: J-Ro's Training

We see J-Ro in a gym training. She's practicing on a punching bag, doing weights, pull-ups, cardio, etc... During this training montage, we hear her narrating her plan.

“I'm not a God. I'm not a demon. I don't have any sort of special powers. I'm just me. Joanne Rodriguez. Normal, plain human girl. I have built my career around toppling foes way out of my league. Yet, here I am, standing as the champion. Two weeks from now, I will be facing a force of destruction beyond my wildest imagination. A monster. Yet, confrontation is unavoidable. If I don't face him, he will hunt me down. I must endure. I must stand up to him.

With hard work. With perseverance. I will be able to defeat him. With skill... strength... finesses... speed. I may not have Krissy's powers, Jack's shields, Freya's immortality. But, I have a plan. A path to victory. I will carve my own path to...”

Suddenly the wall in the gym crashes down and Howlin Hell Henry emerges. “JOANNE!!! MWAHAHAHAHA!!!!” He tackles her. He picks her up and throws her against the mirror, which shatters on her (totally her and not a dummy). He chokeslams her onto a bench, kicks a bike machine over so that it falls on her and leaves her in a mess. “MWAHAHAHA! JOANNE! TWO WEEKS FROM NOW! AT TARNISHED TRUST! I WILL END YOU ONCE AND FOR ALL!!! MWAHAHAHAHAHA”

Segment 8: Remmy Skye def. Alina and Dusty Bin

Segment 9: Director Bully

Britney is chained up, bruised and battered. Cameras are pointed towards her. “Must... endure... This gig is going to be great for my career.”

Purple Viper says “That's the spirit. Now...Lights. Cameras. Aaaaaand ACTION!” She jumps right in the scene. She starts beating the crap out of Britney, punching, kneeing, slapping her and is getting a rise out of it. “MWAHAHAHAHA! This is soooo fun! MWAHAHAHHAHA!”

Jake Idol smashes through the set.

“Hey! You're not invited here!” Purple Viper tries to shoo him off the set. Jake looks really pissed.

“Viper! This... WHAT IS THIS?! This isn't a movie. This isn't acting. This is just you living out your desires. I won't forgive this.”

“Oooh heheeheeheehee. What are you talking about? Britney is a hired actress. Isn't her performance convincing?! HEEHEEHEE.”

“PERFORMANCE? Enough!” Jake grabs Viper by the collar.

“Jake...” Britney gasps. “That's... enough... Please... let us finish this scene... we're almost there... this'll be a masterpiece.”

Segment 10: Trapped in Celestia!

Freya, Cozelle and Crusher enter the capital city of Celestia. Freya comments that things are weird. “Where is Ouroboros? Did we get here before him?”

Suddenly a huge forcefield wall surrounds the capital city. Freya and Crusher are stuck inside, Cozelle on the outside. Cozelle bangs on the forcefield wall. “FREYA! CRUSHER!”

Taku shows up. She's beaten and covered in mud, but she's continuing to try to do all she can to halt Freya's plans. “This is it. This is the end. You and your pathetic citizens are trapped in there. Soon, Ouroboros will fire his superweapon and destroy this capital. And he'll destroy you (points at Freya) along with it.”

Cozelle tells Freya and Crusher to gather the citizens and prepare their evacuation. “I will deal with her and release this forcefield.”

Segment 11: Cozelle def. Taku

In order to keep the forcefield up as long as possible, Taku does delay tactics. But eventually, Cozelle is able to wear her down and defeat her.

Segment 12: Taku's tenacious spirit

“Cozelle!” We see Freya on the titantron. Crusher is beside her. “This was a decoy. Ouroboros never intended to come to the capital in the first place! I don't know what he's up to, but we must find him, quick!” Freya starts running toward the camera.

“No!” Taku, defeated and coughing out ketchup (I mean blood) is gasping. “I won't let you. RAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGH!” She slams her fists against the mat. She starts coughing up blood even more violently. A forcefield re-forms around the capital and Freya is stuck. “UUUUGGGGHH!!!” She's coughing blood harder and harder.

“Taku... stop!” Cozelle puts her hand on Taku's shoulder. “Stop it! Your body can't take it anymore. You won't...”

“I don't care... master... COUGH COUGH... master... I hope... I bought you enough... time...” Taku collapses.


Freya runs toward the camera, then enters arena. She and Crusher roll into the ring with Cozelle. “Cozelle! We must find Ouroboros before he...”

Suddenly, on the titantron, we see and hear a huge ray of red light in the background. “BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!”

“No... it can't be...”

Epic announcer voice: Ouroboros has finally made his devastating move. What is it that he achieved? How will Freya defend her homeland? Who exactly are the Ki clan? Will Nadia Snow be able to assassinate Krissy Angelle? How will Joanne Rodriguez prepare for the menacing Howlin' Hell Henry? Find out next time on OVERDRIVE WRESTLING.
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Overdrive Wrestling – Episode 12: Celestia's Final Stand
October Week 4

Segment 1: Krissy's enemies

Krissy finds Brute in the middle of the street, bleeding from his stomach. “Brute!” She runs over to Brute. Brute is holding onto his wound. “Brute! Don't move. I'll help...”

“Krissy... Listen... Over the past few months, you have acquired great power, and with that power, great enemies. This Assassin... She isn't after Vamp. She isn't after me. She's after you... You are marked. And I'm certain she isn't the only enemy.”

“Assassin? Who is it?”

Suddenly, the camera slow-mos and we see a dagger flying in, about to hit Krissy from behind. Krissy slowmo turns around and dodges. The dagger hits the wall. Her shoulder starts to bleed. “AGGH!” She holds onto her shoulder in pain.

“Let me answer that for you,” Nadia Snow is walking towards her. “Nadia Snow.” She draws out her sword. Krissy's arm starts to glow. She extends her arm out and tries to blast Nadia Snow with an energy blast, but Nadia slashes her arm with her sword.

“UNGH!” Krissy grabs her arm. Her arm stops glowing. “No...”

Nadia is about to assassinate Krissy, but Brute blocks the blow with his arm. Blood (not ketchup) is gushing out of his arm. “Not today. This Sunday, we will hunt you down. I am in no shape to face you, nor is Vamp. But Krissy will hunt you down. Even with her power sealed, she will stop you. I don't know who ordered this assassination, but know that this will not work. Until Sunday...”

Brute disappears.

Segment 2: Directed Madness

Britney Hollywood is chained up and hurt. Jake Idol is pissed off and wants Viper to stop hurting Britney.

“MUUUAHAHAHA. Can't you tell fiction from reality? This is going to be a MASTERPIECE!”

“You... You MONSTER!”

“Oh! That's right. That's excellent. Now give me that expression one more time. For the camera this time. TEEHEHEEHEEHEEHEE!”

Segment 3: Purple Viper def Jake Idol

Segment 4: Encore

“MWAHAHAHAHA” Purple Viper is laughing. “Excellent, excellent. Now... let's do a second take.”

Jake Idol is on the ground, defeated, barely conscious.

“Ooooh, don't have the energy? That's OK. Just stand there and I'll do the same thing to you again. TEEHEEHEEHEE!”

“Enough...” Britney's breathing gets heavier. “That's... quite... enough...” Britney rips the chains from the wall. “Viper! You... You used us. You just wanted to satisfy your inner desires. No more. Jake... I'm so sorry for dragging you into this. I'm so sorry for not realizing it sooner.”

“MWAHAHAHA! That's what I like to see. The passion!” The camera pans to Purple Viper's face and she's laughing hysterically.

Segment 5: The Ki Clan

Jaime is in a library studying. Angel Eater is standing beside her. “Interesting... interesting... Back in the ancient days, the path to Celestia was blocked off. There was only one way to get in. The power of Ki. The Ki clan had the power to open a gateway to and from Celestia. They were the only ticket to and from the heavenly land. Anna... what is your role in all this. How were you able to mask yourself from history's eyes?”

The scene changes to Anna Ki and Lindsay Sugar sitting together outside. “That was the role of the Ki clan.” Anna explains to Lindsay.

“But... I mean... I understand that. But... what about YOU?!”

Anna is taken aback by the question. She puts her hand on Lindsay's shoulders. “Don't you worry, Lindsay. This whole Ki business doesn't concern me anymore.”

Segment 6: Alicia Strong def Sprite

Segment 7: Woman among Monsters

Joanne is in a gym training. She's punching a punching bag, doing footwork drills. We hear the door opening.

We see three monsters enter. Boneyard (370 lbs), King Kong Kennedy (470 lbs) and Lil Henry (375 lbs). “You sure you wanna do this?”

“Yeah. To defeat a monster, I must train amongst monsters. In the state that I'm in, I don't stand a chance against Howlin Hell Henry. Please, give me everything ya got. Don't go easy on me. Howlin Hell Henry certainly won't.”

Segment 8: Joanne Rodriguez def 1,200 lbs OF MAN by DQ

My announcer, Samuel Curran will pretty much be yelling “OH MY GOD” and calling J-Ro crazy nonstop. The one phrasing he'll constantly use is “1,200 lbs of MAN!” He'll constantly be saying things like “OH MY GOD! HOW CAN ONE WOMAN DEFEAT 1,200 lbs OF MAN?!”

All three of these men physically overpower J-Ro. Every time she manages to wear one of them down, another one tags in. It looks like she's finally gaining momentum and unleashing a flurry of offense to one of them, but before she can turn the match around...

Howlin Hell Henry comes out and attacks her!

Segment 9: Destruction can't wait

Howlin Hell Henry attacks J-Ro (powerbombs, chokeslams, all sorts of power moves). He pulls J-Ro by the hair up to her feet and brings his face within inches of hers. “HAHAHA! I wanted to hurt you at Tarnished Trust. But I couldn't wait! I couldn't hold it! I had to get my fix! Don't get me wrong. I'll still hurt you at Tarnished Trust this Sunday. MWAHAHAHAHAHA”

Segment 10: Steph def. Tetsu

Segment 11: My turf

Steph takes Tetsu's plastic gun and starts beating him over the head with it. She takes a bucket of paint and starts pouring it all over him.

Remmy comes out for the save and starts running towards Steph. Steph breaks the plastic gun in half, paint splashes out of the gun and hits Remmy in the face. Remmy sells it as though he's been hit by a truck.

“If you're so stupid as to come on my turf again on Sunday, I swear, that will be the end of you and your stupid Team Splatter. I don't care if you call yourself a King. Come on MY turf and play by MY rules.”

Segment 12: Blood of Celestia

Freya, Cozelle and Crusher are following the red ray of doom. They reach the destination. A city in flames. Horrific.

“Mwahaha, I've been waiting for you.” We see Ouroboros sitting on a flying throne. He's holding a dagger in front of him. A barrier forms around the city. “This Sunday, we will end this, Freya. We will decide, once and for all, who the rightful ruler of Celestia is. Freya! THIS will be our new home. The Serpent Clan will find a new place to stay. I will defeat you and claim this as MY land!”

“Ouroboros,” Freya begins. “You have spilled enough blood. I will not let your madness continue. The cities you've destroyed... the lives you ended... It pains me to say that this all happened under my watch. But THIS SUNDAY, this all ends. Ouroboros, no longer will you kill. I will prevent it all from happening.”

Epic announcer voice: Ouroboros is about to complete his invasion of Celestia. Will Freya be able to defend her nation? How will Joanne Rodriguez fight against the Monster of Destruction? Will Britney Hollywood be able to fight Purple Viper's illusion? Will Remmy Skye be able to claim more turf? How will the Ki clan's history unfold? With a target on Krissy Angelle's back, will she survive the ordeal? Find out this Sunday on TARNISHED TRUST.

Advertised Matches for TARNISHED TRUST:
Joanne Rodriguez (c) vs Howlin Hell Henry for the OWE Championship
Ouroboros vs Freya Fish for control over Celestia
Broken History (c) vs The Hooters for the OWE Tag Team Championship
Purple Viper vs Britney Hollywood for Britney's sanity
Krissy Angelle vs Nadia Snow in an assassination attempt
Remmy Skye vs Steph Blake in a turf war
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Overdrive Wrestling – Tarnished Trust
October Week 4

Segment 1: Promise

Dawn is walking around with Jack in a wheelchair. Jack is unconscious. He's obviously shirtless (the girls in the audience can thank me later. In fact they can thank me now by buying his merch). Dawn pauses and looks up. J-Ro is standing there.

“Dawn... Jack... I promise you. I will save you.”

“Joanne. Thank you... Please worry about getting through tonight in one piece.”

“Dawn... Thanks for your concern. But I won't lose. I can't...”

Segment 2: Remmy's stupidity

Steph Blake is meditating outside of Club DESIRE. Dark energies are swirling around her. The paint on the walls start peeling off and the paint forms a tornado wall around Steph Blake.


“After I told you to stay away... You truly are stupid,” Steph Blake says as Remmy Skye and Tetsu walk up to her.

Segment 3: Remmy Skye def. Steph Blake

A quick paced back and forth match where Steph and Remmy are evenly matched. Steph gains the upper hand briefly, but suddenly her headaches act up. She soon recovers and continues her offense on Remmy.

Zack Zucks comes in with a syringe in hand. Steph is distracted and gets rolled up by Remmy.

Segment 4: Shut up and let me cure you

“Stay away!” Steph screams at Zack. Zack rolls into the ring. “No! Go away! I don't need you.”

“Your pains... Don't you grow tired of them? Let me help you.”

“No! No!”

Zack pounces toward Steph and injects the syringe into her neck.

Segment 5: Director Viper video recap

We see a recap of the Viper/Britney feud where Viper hires Britney to star in a movie. Viper abuses Britney, who thinks this is part of a movie that'll make her famous. Jake, seeing this, tries to stop Viper, but Viper beats Jake up. Britney, finally seeing through the ruse realizes what's real and what's not.

Segment 6: Purple Viper def. Britney Hollywood

Viper defeats Britney Hollywood handily. After being pinned, Britney just stares blankly at the ceiling, completely unresponsive, but still somehow conscious.

Segment 7: My real target

Nadia Snow is in the ring first. Krissy Angelle makes her entrance.

“I've been waiting. Time to end you, little angel.”

“Hmph. Who was it? Who was it that put you up to this task?”

“All the pieces are set in place.” Nadia ignores the question. “Your friends aren't with you. Did you really think I'd be so clumsy to reveal myself to you and Brute when I attacked Vamp? I wanted Brute to give chase. Divide and conquer. Defeat you one by one, when you're separated. And now... your powers are sealed. You can't win.”

“If I do, tell me who hired you.”

“Farewell, false Goddess. You've made many enemies. Tonight, they will all rejoice.”

Segment 8: Krissy Angelle def. Nadia Snow

Krissy Angelle and Nadia Snow have a wrestling match. That's right. A wrestling match. After Krissy defeats Nadia, Nadia flees before Krissy can get any information out of her.

Segment 9: Broken History def. The Hooters to defend the OWE Tag Team Championship

Broken History win a tough fight. At the end of the fight, Angel Eater is about to power bomb Anna Ki. Lindsay Sugar goes for the save and attacks him from behind. Angel Eater turns around, power bombs Lindsay, then turns around and power bombs Anna Ki. Both of them are destroyed. Angel Eater pins Anna Ki.

Segment 10: Abduction

Jaime kneels next to Anna Ki. “Just who are you? What is your relationship with the Ki clan. Why are you so reluctant to use your powers? All I need to know is how you were able to erase your own presence from history. Anna Ki, if you tell me that much, I can live the rest of my life in peace. If you don't want to tell me, then...”

She gets up and looks over to Angel Eater. She looks over to Lindsay. Angel Eater nods and slings Lindsay over his shoulder.

Anna sees her friend in trouble and tries to will herself up, but she's beaten up too badly. She helplessly watches as Jaime and Angel Eater leave the ring, Lindsay over Angel Eater's shoulders.

Segment 11: Joanne Rodriguez def. Howlin Hell Henry to retain the OWE World Championship

We have a long match for no reason. J-Ro starts the match off hot, avoiding most of HHH's offense, running the ropes, doing aerial maneuvers. She unleashes a flurry of strikes, leg kicks, drop kicks but isn't able to get HHH onto the mat. Finally, she manages to get HHH onto one knee. As she goes for another kick, HHH suddenly grabs her by the throat, tosses her around and starts his offense.

Every time he throws J-Ro across the ring, J-Ro tries to crawl away but is too dazed to avoid him.

HHH gets J-Ro up on his shoulders for a power bomb, but J-Ro punches and elbows him in the head. They end up on the corner and she does a 2nd rope DDT followed by a top rope splash. HHH kicks out at 1.

J-Ro is shocked. She rolls outside and HHH chases. She kicks the steps into him, does everything to keep her distance away. She dodges a spear and HHH crashes into the barricade. Forgetting that she's in a wrestling match and there are rules she has to follow, she searches under the ring for a weapon.

The ref stops her. HHH charges them and the ref gets knocked down. With the ref knocked down, we get a bunch of chair and table spots. J-Ro hits HHH wildly with a chair. Eventually, HHH is able to fight back and slams her through a table. He pins her. It takes maybe 10 seconds before the ref gets back in the ring. Ref is still hurt, but manages to count. J-Ro kicks out at 2.5! (of course, the ref doesn't even question why there's a broken table and a bunch of bent chairs in the middle of the ring).

HHH sets up a chair in the corner and whips J-ro towards the chair. He then tries to spear her in the corner, but she manages to get out of the way. He spears himself into a chair! J-Ro gets on the second rope and DDTs him onto another chair. She pins him. The ref somehow missed all the chair madness, but is able to catch J-Ro pinning HHH.

One... two... three... J-Ro wins!

Segment 12: Cashing in. Fight! Joanne! Fight!

J-Ro is limping through the hallway, hands holding onto her ribs, grimacing in pain. She collapses, breathing heavy.

“AH HAH!” Alicia Strong shows up and points at J-Ro. “Do you know who I am?!” Huey is standing in the background, facepalming.

“Cough... cough... yeah... Alic...”

“I am ALICIA STRONG! And I challenge YOU to a championship match!” She holds out a piece of paper. “It says so here! Present this to the champion and I can have a match! I want one NOW! Because I'm a STRONG and I want my opportunity.”

“Umm...” Huey is trying to stop her. “I don't think she's in shape to...”

“Grab a referee!”

“I'll... I'll take you on...” J-Ro struggles to get up on her feet.

“Umm... Alicia... what about our match?”

“Oh yeah! It's coming up NEXT isn't it? Well it's your lucky day. Until next time!” Alicia runs off.

Segment 13: The Strongest Team def. The Performers

Huey steals the win. Alicia goes up to him. He thinks he's in trouble, but Alicia hugs him and rejoices.

Segment 14: The Fate of Celestia

Ouroboros is in the ring. Freya makes her entrance and rolls into the ring. Ouroboros holds out the Serpent's Claw dagger. “Hehehehe. This is it. This is our fated battle. I have sealed all entrances and exits. Noone. I mean NOONE can enter or leave. Freya... burn in hell. No... watch as your entire nation burns.”

“Ouroboros... Why have you chosen this as our battleground? Why not just meet me at the capital and face me there? The result would be the same. Me vs you. Your subject fought her hardest and collapsed. If we had met at the capital, we would have this very same confrontation. Only we would have avoided her c...”

“Mwahaha. Have you wondered about what happens afterwards? After I defeat you? The energies in this place. They are in OVERDRIVE! I needed to extract the energies to charge my superweapon. That fool Taku... I used her to buy time. And NOW! Thanks to that fool, I have the power to bring ALL of OWE to my knees. MWAHAHA...”

“Enough. I've heard enough, mad demon. Now... Now I won't feel any remorse for what I plan to do to you.”

Segment 15: Ouroboros def. Freya for control of Celestia

Ouroboros and Freya give it all they got in a long, grueling match. A lot of striking, trading punches, being on their knees and hitting each other. Just good ol' quality one on one wrestling.

Segment 16: Supreme Surprise!

Ouroboros is standing tall over Freya. He grabs a mic. His breathing is loud and heavy. “I've done it. MWAHAHAHA! I've done it. It's time to eliminate you! Freya, your days are numbered. Everyone's days are numbered. And there's nothing anyone can do. ANYONE! AAAAANNNYYYYONE! MUUUUAHAHAHAHA!!! I saaaaid... AANNNNNYYYYYY...”

EMMA CHASE'S MUSIC HITS OH MY GOD!!! Emma Chase walks toward the ring. My announcer, Samuel Curran is selling it like the biggest deal ever and that there isn't any star in wrestling at Emma Chase's caliber. “MY GOD! MY GOD! IT'S THE SUPREME QUEEN! MY GOD!”

Emma walks into the ring. Ouroboros looks over at her. “You think YOU can stop me?”

Emma simply looks over and smiles at him. The lights go out. (did I mention? Samuel Curran is yelling OH MY GOD this entire time)

Great show with great wrestling. I am stunned that J-Ro/HHH actually outperformed the tag match, though I guess if I went 20 minutes with the tag match it would have done better. I didn't want to do that because 1) J-Ro/HHH is the championship feud 2) Broken History/Hooters is going to continue. I am super hyped about Emma. She's gonna give me another way to spam easy 100 angles (as if I don't already have 6 different ways to do so). I'm actually more excited about forcing my announce team to sell it as though I signed Tommy Cornell and pretend that she's the greatest national star ever.

Financially, doing great. Good... Emma wasn't cheap and I still want to implement a more expensive drug testing policy.
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Overdrive Wrestling – Episode 13: The Chase is On
November Week 1

So after Episode 12 (1200 lbs OF MAN), I thought that it would be fun to force my announcer (Samuel Curran) to yell a cringeworthy phrase over and over again. I'll try to have a phrase-of-the-day to hammer home the point that I'm trying to get across. The word of the day is obviously going to be “Supreme.” Emma Chase is really the first super-star that I poached from SWF so I'll be forcing Curran to describe her as “Supreme” a lot.

Segment 1: Ouroboros' mad Chase

Ouroboros makes his entrance. He's holding out his dagger. “This area should have been sealed. Noone should be able to enter. Yet...”

Emma Chase's music hits and she enters the ring.

“How... Better yet, why are you here? Do you truly think you can stop me?”

“You should stop worrying about minor things. First off, if I wanted to stop you, I could. BUT, lucky for you, that's not what I'm here to do.”

“WHAT?! You DARE defy...”

“Instead of worrying about how I got here, or why I'm here, you should be worrying about... hmmm... how should I put it? After all this hard work you put into finally conquering Freya... conquering Celestia... You need to find a way not to lose this kingdom. Who is it that can dethrone you? Who can defeat you?” Emma shakes her head. “It's not me. I'm just an average, helpless little girl. But there IS one girl strong enough to take you on.”

“Joanne Rodriguez...”

“Hehehe. Maybe... But no... I'm talking someone Strong. REALLY Strong.”

“Sam's kid...”

“She's not much now, but if you let her grow... Well, I have an eye for talent. I've been doing this for a veeeeery long time. And that girl... she's...”

“What exactly do you want? You think I'll do your bidding? You think I'll just bend to your will?”

“Hmmmm? Well, do as you please. I just came here to deliver a warning. I'm not here to tell you what to do.” Emma bows and takes her leave.

Segment 2: Remmy Skye def. Charity Sweet

Segment 3: Northern Turf

Remmy Skye and Tetsu are together in the ring. Remmy once again declares himself the king and that he will continue his conquest across OWE. He will ink his turf and continue to claim his land. “OWE right now is in crisis. Wars are tearing people and families apart. But under King Remmy Skye, the people will be protected. A true king protects his people from all...”

Edd Stone appears and attacks Remmy and Tetsu!

Segment 4: A Weak Link

Queen Dawn, J-Ro and Jack Avatar are in a room. Jack Avatar unconscious in bed (obviously, he's shirtless and the blanket isn't covering his abs).

J-Ro gets up and starts to leave. Dawn asks “Where are you going?”

“Isn't it obvious? My Queen... We are the only two that can save him. Tonight, in the main event of OWE... that woman will be there. That is when we're going to strike.”

As J-Ro leaves the room, the camera zooms in on Jack. We get a dream sequence.

Jack is standing in a dark room alone. Suddenly, Dawn materializes behind him and hugs him. Her head resting on his shoulders. He moves his hand over to carress her face, but as he does so, her face turns into a Purple Viper mask. Alarmed, he pushes her away. As he does, the Viper mask disappears and it's Dawn again, except this time she's double the size of Jack. She points at Jack and starts laughing. “Weakling. Weeeeeeaaaaaaakling. Weeeeeeeakling. You are weak. You are a burden. And now I have to save you? Why should I bother?”

“What... no...” Suddenly, J-Ro embraces him from behind. He turns around. She hugs him with one arm, the other rubbing his perfect abs. She draws closer, about to kiss him. Suddenly, her face turns into Purple Viper mask.

The dream sequence ends. We see Jack in bed, mouthing something. The camera zooms in. He's whispering “yes... please... oh yes...”

Segment 5: Howlin Hell Henry def. Kathy Neptune

Segment 6: Rose of Destruction

Howlin Hell Henry stands over the defeated Kathy Neptune. He hasn't had enough. He picks her up to unleash more carnage. Suddenly, the lights go out.

When the lights come back on, ropes that are painted green (I mean... vines) are tied to HHH's arms and the corner turnbuckle. He's surrounded by a circle of roses laid out on the floor.

“I cannot allow you to return to your brother.” It's Alina Rose. “Howlin' Hell Henry. Agent of Destruction. Begone. I will banish you forever and the Serpent Clan will never see each other again.”

“RAAAAAAAGH!” HHH struggles against the ropes. Alina now rolls into the ring. “I will CRUUUUUSH you! You can't hide from me! I... I'll get your scent! Then, you...”

“My scent... Here... Remember it well.” She takes out a rose, stuffs it in his face. She leaves the ring. As she leaves the ring, fireworks around the ring go off and HHH howls in pain.

Segment 7: Angelic Crisis

The skies are red. There's a castle surrounded by walls. We see giant laser beams shooting out into the sky. Ouroboros is laughing maniacally, standing at the rooftop of the castle. Freya is unconscious against a wall, her arms tied above her head. “MWAHAHAHA! 4 weeks from now, at Vortex of Violence, which you can catch on MySelectUSA, 1-Choice and Rivera Pay, the world shall see the end of an era. They will see the first ever EXECUTION on live Wrestling TV. You, Freya will fall and I will be the undeniable GOD of Celestia. MWAHAHA!”

The camera zooms to just outside the castle walls. We see Cozelle and Crusher. Cozelle starts to speak.

“No... Freya actually lost. Times are dire... What can we do? Crusher... we must stop Ouroboros. We must not let him do as he pleases. Freya is our only hope. Hang in there Freya...”

Segment 8: Steph Blake def. Yuma Maruya, La Estrella, Jake Idol and Sara Marie York

Here's some Steph Blake kicking ass, cuz why not?

Segment 9: Gatekeeper

Anna Ki is lying in her bed, contemplating what to do. “I'm sorry Lindsay... I didn't want to drag you into this. But now... what should I do...” She falls asleep. A dream sequence starts.

We see a bunch of robed men sitting in a circle. One of them is standing, holding a young Anna's hands. “Anna. You have the greatest affinity with Ki that I have ever seen. You will succeed me and lead the Ki clan to greatness. But for now, just watch as we perform our craft.”

A royal family riding a horse carriage pulls up to them. The Ki man holds out his hand. The royal servant hands him a piece of paper. The Ki man reads it and nods. The entire circle of robed men get up and start chanting. The stairs to Celestia appear and the royal family walk up.

Anna's eyes are filled with wonder. “Woooow!”

“Anna, we are the gatekeepers to different worlds. Our role in history is great. Bear this responsibility with pride.”

Segment 10: Chasing the Seal

Krissy is standing on a cliff ledge, waves crashing against it. She's staring off into the distance. Her right arm limp. She grabs her right elbow...

The scene shifts to Vamp and Brute in a cabin. “I don't get it,” Brute says. “Your friend hasn't been the same ever since that encounter with Nadia Snow. We averted the assassination. We won. We're alive and well. So why...”

“Krissy... I don't know what happened to your powers. But I will restore them.”

“And there's only one way to do that.” Vamp and Brute are startled. It's Emma Chase! “Krissy Angelle is just a normal, mortal girl. Strong... Beautiful... But she shouldn't have access to such power.”

“Shut up...”

“But she does. How did she gain that power? It was you, Vamp. Wasn't it? You... the angels... Freya... You'll need their power to unseal Krissy's.”

“Hmph. And you want me to just march on up to Celestia and ask them kindly to unseal her power?”

“Exactly... Right now, Freya is in trouble. I bet those lackeys of her would sure appreciate your power?”

“Declare war on Ouroboros...” Vamp mutters.

“Exactly. That's what Krissy was planning on doing anyway, right? That's why she's so bummed out. Without her power, how would she defeat Ouroboros? You and the Celestials have a common enemy. I'm sure you can reach an agreement. Well anyway, I better get going.” Emma is about to leave, but Brute stands in her way.

“Emma Chase. Supreme Star of the wrestling world. Why is it exactly that you came to OWE? Why are you here right now, telling us how to unseal Krissy's power? This is... suspicious.”

“Let her go,” Vamp tells him. He lets her go and Emma leaves. “Brute... Prepare for war.”

Segment 11: Purple Viper def. Nadia Snow and Huey Cannonball

Segment 12: Purple dyed soul

Queen Dawn walks out Jack Avatar in a wheelchair. “Viper... where is he? Tell me!”

“Who?! HIM?” Viper points at Jack's unconscious body. “EEHEEHEEEHAHAAHAHA! Right THERE! Aren't you blind?”

“I'm not playing games here, Viper. Tell me, where is he?”

“HEEHEEEHEE. You may not be playing games... I AM! He's THERE!”

J-Ro appears out of nowhere and starts attacking Viper. The two of them brawl but eventually J-Ro gets the upper hand.

“Ah! Ah! Stop!!” Viper reaches into her pocket and grabs a purple orb. The orb is glowing. “Haha. See? His soul... It's strong and vibrant and healthy.”

“Give it.” J-Ro commands her. Viper slowly gets up. She holds the purple orb in front of her and starts walking toward J-Ro.

“Oops.” Viper tosses the orb. J-Ro dives for it, grabs it before it hits the mat, but that gives Viper enough time. She stomps J-Ro. Dawn tries to grab the soul orb, but Viper manages to grab Dawn in the neck and push her into the turnbuckle. Viper grabs the soul orb. “HAHAHA! That sure was fun. Try again next time. HAHAHA!” Viper leaves the ring, J-Ro and Dawn defeated.

Epic Announcer Voice: With Celestia in shambles, it seems that multiple powers are collapsing in on a single point. The Serpent Clan is planning on executing Freya and creating a new era of chaos in Celestia and across OWE. How will Cozelle and Crusher respond to this? Will Vamp and the Mythics be able to turn the tide against Ouroboros? What exactly is Emma Chase after? What will become of Jack Avatar's soul? Find out next time on OVERDRIVE WRESTLING.
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Overdrive Wrestling – Episode 14: Beginning of the End
November Week 2

For today's episode, Samuel Curran's cringe-phrase of the day is going to be “This is the beginning of the end!”

Segment 1: Transfer of Power

Vamp and Brute are together in a cabin sitting at a table. The two of them get up and start to leave.

“Where are you two going?” Krissy asks.

We see a brief flashback of Emma Chase telling them to confront Ouroboros and siding with the angels.

“I'm going to save you,” Vamp answers. “We're going to find the angels. They'll unseal your powers.”

“Maybe we should take her with us,” Brute suggests. “It'll probably be safer traveling together, with all the enemies and assassins roaming around.”

“No! We're going to be headed into a battle zone. With Krissy in the state that she's in...”

“Vamp. I'm coming along. I won't get in the way. Actually...” she walks toward Vamp. She points at her own neck.

“Krissy... are you sure?”

“It's not like I can use my powers. If we're going to fight Ouroboros, we'll need some firepower.”

Vamp bites into Krissy's neck. As she does, she starts seeing visions of Brute Kikuchi stabbing them in the back.

Samuel Curran announces that “This could mean the beginning of the end, as the Mythics begin their war on the Serpent Clan. Which one of these great factions will prevail? This scene we just saw is the beginning of the end for one of them.”

Segment 2: Edd Stone def. Cristobal Pardo

I know Overdrive Wrestling is barely even a wrestling show, but I do a very “wrestling” thing and have a guy that debuted strong just have a wrestling match for no reason. Besides... where he comes from, I'm sure he's used to having wrestling matches for no reason.

Segment 3: Northerner Invasion

Edd Stone grabs a mic and explains that he's from the great Northernlands. He mentions that the Stone Tribe is the dominant superpower of the North and that he, heir to the Stone Throne, is hungry for conquest. “As a part of the Sacred Stone Ritual, a man must prove himself worthy of the throne. The Stone Tribe's conquest of the Northernlands is an inevitability. I come to the South... to OWE... for conquest and glory for my family. I come here to disappointment. There is nothing to conquer. The “King” Remmy Skye doesn't even own his own turf? Whatever little he owns is but a stepping stone. A gate... a way in. Remmy Skye... If you have the STONES to stand up to me, you may try. But, at the end, the Stones will conquer the South, just as they have the North.”

Remmy Skye comes out with Tetsu with a bucket of paint and a mop, painting the floor. “Interesting proposal.”

“Proposal? I just declared war on you.”

“We are the same, you and me. We go out and we conquer. We claim our turf. I have always been going out and claiming. But never has Team Splatter needed to DEFEND our turf. Edd Stone. You will find that claiming turf in OWE is not as easy as it sounds.”

“I'm a Stone. Conquest comes easy. I will show everyone how natural it comes to me.” Edd Stone starts attacking Remmy. The two of them brawl. Tetsu tries to help, but he gets kicked into the bucket of paint that's just conveniently lying at the perfect spot for him to fall into. Remmy gets whipped into the corner. Edd kicks the bucket into the corner, splattering all of the paint onto Remmy.

Samuel Curran puts over how powerful this mysterious man from the North is. He says that with the Stone family mobilizing, this could be the beginning of the end for OWE.

Segment 4: Get Strong

Ouroboros is sitting on a throne room. It's lit red, torches on the walls. He recalls his encounter with Emma Chase where she told him that Alicia Strong would threaten him.

On the ground is an unconscious Taku. The camera zooms in on Taku. There's a brief flashback where it shows her sacrificing her life to delay Freya at the capital city. Back at Ouroboros' palace, Taku starts to stir. “M... Master...”

“Finally awake.”

Taku struggles to get up. She's beat up and worn down from her previous encounters with Freya, Cozelle and Crusher.

“You leave me alone during my greatest hour of triumph. You rest when opposition is at its strongest. You call yourself a servant.”

“Sorry, Master! What can I do for you? I'll do anything!”

“Hmph. Go back to Earth. Get me Alicia Strong. I don't care if you bring her back alive.”

“Yes sir!” Taku starts making her way out.

“I said, NOW!” Taku starts running out. When she's out of his sight, she collapses on the floor.

“No... can't let master down again.” She gets up despite her pain and continues to run.

Samuel Curran makes a statement that Ouroboros is evil and doesn't care about his subjects. Sending Taku out to a difficult mission while she's still hurt? This is the beginning of the end for Taku.

Segment 5: Broken History def. Lindsay Sugar

Broken History bully Lindsay Sugar in an unfair handicap match.

Segment 6: Ki to losing

After defeating Lindsay Sugar, Broken History isn't done yet. They continue hurting her. Anna Ki comes out. Jaime signals Angel Eater to stop. Anna stands face to face against Broken History.

“You have finally come. Will you use your powers?” Jaime asks Anna.

“Lindsay... I've failed my clan. I've failed my elder. But I won't fail you.”

Broken History start attacking Anna Ki. Anna is no match for their combined might. The two of them pummel Anna.

“Anna. Why are you so reluctant to use your powers? Even when your friend is in danger, you still refuse to use them.” Jaime signals Angel Eater to pick up Lindsay. Again, Broken History leave with Lindsay, leaving Anna's defeated body in the ring.

Samuel Curran says that if Anna doesn't use her Ki powers to save her friend, this could be the beginning of the end.

Segment 7: A plan hatches

Dawn is sitting by an unconscious Jack at bedside. “Jack... I'm sorry. We failed to defeat Viper last week. But I promise, we will retrieve your soul soon.”

“Dawn...” J-Ro says. “Last week, I saw it...” quick flashback of last week when we saw Purple Viper take out a purple orb. “I saw where Viper holds the orb. This week... If I can lure her out, I can retrieve it. I can get the orb and Jack will regain his soul. Dawn, stay focused, we must work together!”

Segment 8: Alina def. La Estrella

Segment 9: Rage of an Animal

After Alina's victory, we hear Howlin Hell Henry come out. “ROOOOOAAAR!”

HHH comes running out. He rolls into the ring. Alina backs up, but is prepared to fight him if he charges in. As HHH charges toward Alina, the fireworks go off and HHH falls to his knees. “RAAAAAAGGGGH!!!!”

Alina slowly walks up to him and kicks him in the face. “You beast. Relying on instinct all the time. If brute force is all you got, you'll never defeat me.” Alina kicks him in the face again.

“ROAAAAAAR!” HHH lunges toward Alina, but she simply sidesteps him and continues kicking him down.

“ROAAAAAR!!!!” Again, Alina kicks him but this time, HHH completely no-sells the kick, gets up and holds Alina's shoulders. Alina looks panicked and tries to kick HHH, but HHH does not react to any of her blows. He runs her against the turnbuckle. Shoulder tackles her against the corner. She tries to fight out, but he's too strong. He whips her against the opposite corner and runs into her. Alina falls to the floor, barely moving. He picks her up and gives her one deadly powerbomb.

“ROOOOOAAAAAR!! Puny human. I will carve a path of destruction, no matter who is in my way!”

HHH leaves the ring, Alina knocked out in the ring.

Samuel Curran says that even though everything went according to Alina's plan and HHH fell right into her trap, she still got destroyed. This could signal the beginning of the end for Alina.

Segment 10: Training time with a demon

Steph Blake is training with a punching bag. Bossman is observing her. She looks drowsy and out of it, but she's continually punching the punching bag. There's a brief recap of Ascendant Arrival when Zack injected her with something...

“This semi-demon is rejecting the Angel Serum, but at the very least, she's under our control. Very interesting. Zack... this isn't quite the soldier you wanted, but I think we're far closer to our goals than we initially thought. Your goal of world conquest isn't far off. With this Angel Serum... MUUAHAHAHA!”

Segment 11: Lowered Guard

Cozelle and Crusher are looking at Ouroboros' palace. They see Taku leaving. Cozelle looks over to Crusher. “That's it. He's alone. Now's our time to strike. Between the two of us and Freya, there's no way Ouroboros can keep us at bay. Remember... our goal is Freya. Now, let's go...”

The camera pans out and they are surrounded by ninjas with demon horns. “Oh no... our cover's been blown.” Cozelle and Crusher are back to back. They look at each other and nod.

The camera zooms out and the ninja start attacking and the battle begins.

Samuel Curran says that he's curious about how the battle went. But with Ouroboros being fully aware of what Cozelle and Crusher is up to, this could be the beginning of the end for them.

Segment 12: Joanne Rodriguez def. Sprite

Segment 13: Divergent Soul

Purple Viper comes out and starts attacking J-Ro. The two of them start brawling. Eventually, J-Ro gains the upper hand and throws Viper into the corner. She reaches into Viper's shirt (completely does not look perverted). Viper tries to fight J-Ro, but it's a lost cause. J-Ro grabs a purple orb. It is very very dim. Viper slaps J-Ro. She falls to the ground and drops the orb.

Viper starts headed towards the orb. “Hehehe, look how dim it is. It seems his soul is losing its will to live.” Viper starts to bend down to pick it up, but before she can pick it back up, J-Ro grabs Viper and starts tugging her away.

“DAWN!” J-Ro yells at Dawn. Dawn nods at J-Ro and jumps into the ring. She grabs the orb and rolls out. J-Ro continues to yell. “DAWN! There's not much time! His soul! There's not much time!”

Purple Viper tries to fight but J-Ro is keeping her away from Dawn and Jack. “NO!! NOT FAIR!! NOT FAIR!!”

Queen Dawn is standing in front of Jack (who is in a wheelchair, unconscious). She holds the orb in front of her, reaches towards his heart. As the orb touches Jack, the lights go out. On the titantron, we see a graphic of an unconscious Jack. A cheesy graphic of the purple orb starts going toward his chest. The purple orb starts to glow... then it shatters!”

The lights go back on. Jack is still unconscious! “Nooo!” Dawn falls to her knees. “We were so close... what happened? Jack! Jack! Jaaaaaack!”

J-Ro is in disbelief! Purple Viper laughs! “HAHAHAHAHA! You seriously believe I would let you get Jack's soul so easily? That was a diversion! I KNEW you'd go after his soul. That was a FAKE! If you want his soul back, you'll have to defeat me at Vortex of Violence, which you can catch on MySelectUSA, Rivera Pay and 1-Choice TV. But you have to EARN it! Next week, you'll have to win a match of my choosing. Or else, it's BYE BYE to Jack's Soul. MWAHAHAHAHA!!!!”

Epic Announcer Voice: Although the path to saving Jack's soul is becoming more clear, it is yet more distant. Purple Viper will certainly not make things easy for our valiant heroes. How will Joanne Rodriguez overcome the odds and win a match of Purple Viper's choosing? How will Cozelle and Crusher succeed in saving Freya's life? How will Vamp and the Mythics factor into all of this? What is holding Anna Ki back from using her full power? How will OWE deal with the new Northerner threat? Find out next time on OVERDRIVE WRESTLING.
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Overdrive Wrestling – Episode 15: Double Resolve
November Week 3

For today's episode, Samuel Curran isn't going to have a specific theme for what he's going to say. However, in the main event, he will say “How is this fair?” atleast 17 times.

Segment 1: Tainted Soul

The show opens with a brief recap of last week's ending sequence, where Dawn tries to merge Jack's soul back with his body, but nothing happens. It turns out the soul was a decoy and that J-Ro will have to win a match of Viper's choosing to even get a chance at reclaiming Jack Avatar's soul.

We see a dream sequence with Jack. He's apparently somewhat aware of what transpired last week, but everything is blurry. He's in a dark room in a wheel chair. He sees Dawn walking toward him with his soul in her hands. Suddenly, her face becomes a devil mask. She touches Jack in the chest.

The scene suddenly changes. Queen Dawn is sitting on a throne with excessive amounts of jewellery around her fingers and neck. She's wearing an extravagant royal garb. A man and congratulates her on taking over OWE and Celestia. He asks her what she wants to do with the last remnants of the resistance force. “Eliminate them. Burn down every last village that they could possibly be hiding in. Nothing can oppose my rule.”

Jack begins to protest, but Dawn snaps her fingers and ninja garbed men immediately inject Jack with some sort of needle.

Suddenly, the scene shifts back to the dark room. Dawn (in a devil mask) is holding an orb that is now glowing red. She places the soul on Jack's chest. “AAAAAAAGGGGHHHHH!!!!!”

Segment 2: Alina def. Lucky Lexie Littlefeather

Segment 3: Stupid Daughter

We get a short recap of Ouroboros demanding Taku to bring Alicia to him. Taku is limping around. Emma Chase makes an appearance. Taku is on guard, ready to attack Emma, but Emma tells her she's not here to cause any trouble. Emma throws a newspaper at Taku. Taku looks at it. Camera pans to it and it's a paper from earlier in the summer when Sam Strong died. “Why are you showing me this? Everyone's already heard the news.”

“Everyone but that man's daughter. That stupid daughter. While the world was moaning his death, she was busy adventuring in OWE.”

“What are you suggesting?”

“Your master gave you an assignment, no? How do you plan on bringing Alicia to Celestia with your injuries? You think you can drag her there through brute force? Especially with that boy by her side? Well, anyway, don't mind me. I'll be on my way.” Emma leaves.

Taku looks at the newspaper and starts thinking.

Segment 4: Double Siege

Cozelle and Crusher are panting, many ninja garbed warriors fallen down around them. Cozelle looks over at Crusher and says, “Hurry, we need to save Freya.”

They rush into Ouroboros' fortress. They find Freya in one of the cells, but are intercepted by Ouroboros. “What do we have here? Intruders?” He holds out his dagger. All of a sudden, pillars of flames engulf Cozelle and Crusher.


“Here for your dear Goddess? Well, I was anticipating you. There's no way I will allow you to stop her execution.”

Suddenly, there's a loud explosion. “Whaaaat?!” The ground starts shaking. “What... What is this? I don't believe this. No... Not now...” Ouroboros releases the pillars of flames. Cozelle and Crusher fall to the ground, barely conscious.


Ouroboros runs over to Freya, grabs her and runs off.

Segment 5: Broken History win a 4-way Tag Match

Segment 6: Remnants of the Ki Clan, Past and Present

We get a glimpse into Anna Ki's past. Anna Ki is meditating underneath a waterfall. Rocks are floating from the ground. After the training, the elder tells her that she's ready for her first assignment. She is to open the gates of Celestia to let a nobleman down to Earth. Anna rejoices that her Ki powers are finally strong enough that the Ki clan trusts her.

The next day, we see Anna and a bunch of robed men standing around on the top of a grassy hill. Anna Ki sits down and begins to meditate. Golden stairs to the heavens appears. However, the ground begins to shake.

“Something's wrong,” the elder says.

Anna opens her eyes and she looks afraid. “What...? What went wrong? I performed the ceremony as I was taught... what happened? AAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!” Anna faints. A huge beam of light emanates from her body.

The camera pans out. Then it zooms to some desolate ruins. A huge beam of light decimates the ruins. Underneath the land, a red crystal gets revealed and we see a reflection of Ouroboros' face on the crystal.

We pan back to Anna Ki and the elder around a campfire, Anna looking really bummed out. The elder explains that everyone aside from the two of them were eviscerated by the light, and that the pathway to Celestia is permanently opened. This is a huge blight to the history of the Ki Clan. He tells her that if she were to return to the Ki Clan, he doesn't know what they would do to her. He tells her to run away and live life as a normal woman. He will erase any record of these events from the Ki Clan's history.

Back to present day, Anna is in her room, looking at photos of her with Lindsay Sugar, having a lot of fun together.

“Since that day, I had been afraid of my own power. I had been afraid to use Ki. After all that, I had finally been able to erase my past. I have finally made new friends, made new memories. I thought I had finally left those days behind me. I thought I could forget all about Ki. But... I can no longer run away from my past. I need to look toward the future. I need to save my precious friend. Lindsay... I'm sorry to have kept this from you. My shameful past.”

Segment 7: Failed Turf Defense

Tetsu is shooting a paintball gun at Edd Stone. Remmy has a bucket of paint and he's sloshing it around like a madman. “Hahahaha! This is so fun. Inking our turf, just like old times!”

Edd Stone is taking cover behind a big rock. Suddenly, Tetsu and Remmy lose sight of him. They cease fire and walk toward the rock. Tetsu jumps around the rock and points his gun to where Edd was, but he's not there!

Edd appears behind him, grabs the gun and snaps it in half with his fists. He hits Tetsu in the head with the broken gun, knocking him out. Edd runs off.

“Nooo! Tetsu!”

Segment 8: Delayed alliance

The Mythics have arrived in Celestia. Vamp is holding her arms out towards Ouroboros' fortress. She was the one that destroyed it! Brute is holding Krissy in his arms. “Let's go,” Vamp commands Brute.

They walk into the fortress. They find Cozelle and Crusher unconscious. “Hmm... Looks like we interrupted a fierce battle. Lucky angels. Brute, we're setting up camp here. Krissy... I hope this works.”

Segment 9: Zack Zucks def. Yuma Maruya

Worst match in OWE televised history, lol.

Segment 10: Meet your father in Heaven

Alicia is talking to Huey, saying that she plans on taking the title off of J-Ro tonight. She has absolute confidence that J-Ro will defeat whatever opponent Viper wants to throw at her, but AFTER the match, she's going to challenge J-Ro to a match. Huey questions how ethical it is to beat up a fatigued J-Ro.

Suddenly, Taku appears! “Hey!” Huey is on edge. “Get out of here. You're not welcome.”

Taku simply tosses the newspaper onto the table. Huey looks at it and suddenly tries to cover it up. Alicia's eyes go wide. “No... daddy...”

“You had no idea, did you? While you were fooling around here in OWE, you were completely unaware of what was going on in the outside world. And THIS fool didn't have the courtesy to tell you.”

“Alicia... it's not like that!”

“It's a sad story. Daughter, not able to say goodbye to her father. But, the story doesn't have to end there. There is a way for you to meet with Sam. Alicia... He's waiting for you in Heaven. He wants to see you really badly. If you want to see him one last time, meet me at the gates of Celestia.” Taku leaves. Alicia is shaking.

Segment 11: And your opponent will be...

Purple Viper is in the ring and invites J-Ro out as she announces who her opponent is going to be. She bans Queen Dawn from ringside, wanting this to be a fair match.

J-Ro makes her entrance. Purple Viper says that she respects J-Ro, who is an inspiration to all! “You've managed to overcome all odds to become a great champion. You defeated the evil demon Steph Blake. You defeated the unbeatable monster, my BROTHER, Howlin Hell Henry. And now, today, you will once again prove why you are such a heroine to all the little girls out there. When your back is against the corner, you simply don't let anyone down.”

“Get to the point, Viper. Who am I facing tonight?”

Desert Storm makes his entrance and rolls into the ring. “Disappointed? Heeheehee,” Viper rolls out of the ring. “Don't be...”

Suddenly, BB Colossus comes out of nowhere and starts attacking J-Ro from behind!

“Your opponent... I mean opponents are going to be Desert Storm and BB Colossus! Oh, and to make sure things remain fair, I'm going to be the referee!”

Segment 12: Joanne Rodriguez def. BB Colossus and Desert Storm

J-Ro and Desert Storm start the match. They trade blows but J-Ro quickly gains the upper hand. As soon as BB Colossus tags in, he shows muscles her around and tosses her all over the place. The match goes outside the ring, where J-Ro manages to DDT Colossus onto the concrete floor. She wins by countout, but Purple Viper disallows it and says that the match won't end in such a wishy-washy fashion.

The tables turn back to Colossus and Desert Storm's favour. Desert Storm is holding J-Ro while BB Colossus prepares to strike. J-Ro ducks away at the last second and Colossus mows over Desert Storm. J-Ro drop kicks Colossus outside, pins Desert Storm and wins the match!

Epic Announcer Voice: After overcoming all odds to win the unfair match, Joanne Rodriguez has kept hope of saving Jack Avatar alive. What does Purple Viper have up her sleeve? Will the Cozelle and Crusher agree to unseal Krissy's powers? How will Anna Ki once again change the course of history? Will Remmy Skye be able to rebound from his devastating defeat at the hands of Edd Stone? Find out next time on OVERDRIVE WRESTLING.
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Overdrive Wrestling – Episode 16: Shattered Soul
November Week 4

Tonight, we're going to have to wait until Segment 8 until we hear Samuel Curran's cringe-phrase of the day. I'm going for a powerful, touching moment. I want Samuel Curran to convey that.

Segment 1: The Dream

Purple Viper is watching a recap of last week's main event, when J-Ro overcame all odds and won a 2 on 1 handicap match to save Jack's soul. Viper is holding the glowing purple orb and rubbing it against her face. “Ooohhh! Look at that Jack. Your friends are doing all they can to return your soul to you. Oh... that Knight, Joanne Rodriguez. She is soooo powerful. What would happen if Dawn were to take the throne of OWE?

The scene shifts to a still comatose Jack. The camera zooms in on his head and we see another dream sequence.

Dawn is sitting at a table with a chess board. Two pieces look like Freya and Ouroboros. She moves a piece that looks like J-Ro to knock over Ouroboros and Freya's figurines. “Check, and checkmate. It's done. OWE is mine.”

“No! This isn't what I wanted. This isn't what I fought for!” Jack is protesting against Dawn.

“Hmmm? What is this? My precious knight complaining? Well, no matter now. It's already too late. I have no more use for you.”

Jack is raises his shield to protect himself as Dawn gets up from her chair. Dawn takes one step forward. “AAGGGHHH!!” Jack falls to the ground, paralyzed. Dawn extends her hands and starts choking out Jack.

Segment 2: Howlin Hell Henry def. Jake Idol

Segment 3: Last ditch destruction

Alina comes out. “No... I will not allow you to go any further.”

“HAHAHA! Puny woman. Do you really think you can prevent me from reuniting with my brother? You think it's worth it to delay my arrival for even one second? You desperate little bug.”

Alina rolls into the ring. “No... I'm not the desperate one. As we speak, your brother is getting attacked from all sides. You are his only glimpse of hope. And I will squash it. You are the one who is desperate.”

HHH attacks Alina. She ducks underneath his attack and starts attacking his feet, but he is far too powerful. He shoves her into the corner. He tries to run into her, but she dodges and continues to attack him in the head. However, HHH's power is too much. He eventually is able toss Alina to the ground. He powerbombs Alina one last time for good measure. He leaves the ring, but as he leaves, Alina stirs. She's crawling toward HHH, badly hurt. HHH looks back, continues to leave. Halfway up the ramp, he looks back again, thinks... He goes back into the ring for some more. As soon as he enters the ring, fireworks go off. The lights go out. When they come back on, HHH is unconscious in the middle of the ring. Alina is badly hurt. She crawls around a little bit, but eventually, she, too, collapses.

Segment 4: Uneasy Alliance

The Mythics, Cozelle and Crusher are gathered around a campfire. Cozelle has her eyes closed, her hands holding onto Krissy's right arm. Light emanates from Cozelle's hands. Krissy's right arm starts glowing...

Flashback to 5 minutes ago...

“So, you want me to unseal her powers. The Angelic portion of her powers... and why would I do that?” Cozelle questions.

“I desperately need to save a friend. You're the same too, aren't you? If we don't act soon, Ouroboros will execute Freya. Help Krissy and we will use her powers to help Freya.” Vamp is trying to negotiate.

“Why should I believe you?”

“You shouldn't, but know that we have a common goal. The destruction of Ouroboros. Regardless of how you feel about us, you want to see us destroy the Serpent Clan.”


Flash forward to now. “AAAAHHHH!” Krissy screams. The camera zooms out, a giant beam of light comes from the campsite. Camera zooms back in. Krissy is standing and looking badass, swirling winds around her, right arm glowing brightly.

Segment 5: Anna Ki def. Sprite

Segment 6: Accepting the past

Anna Ki grabs a mic and apologizes to Lindsay Sugar. “I was afraid of my past. My power. But I realize I must look ahead to the future. I was reluctant to use my Ki powers. But to save my friend, I need to give it everything I got. Broken History. I don't know what the deal with you is, but you have to stop being so afraid of the past. I will show you the way. The future. The unlimited potential that the future brings.”

Jaime Quine and Angel Eater come out. “What... What is this power? The ability to erase the past? The true potential of Ki? Hehehehe. Vortex of Violence. This Sunday. That will be our battleground. If you don't come with every intention to wipe us out from the annals of history, then you yourself will be wiped out. Just as the Coastal Guard were before you.”

“Jaime... Angel Eater... I am not afraid. Not any longer.” Anna leaves the ring. As she walks by Broken History, Jaime suddenly grabs her heart and falls to the ground. Anna glances over at Jaime, then leaves.

Segment 7: Be at ease, Your King will protect you

Inkredible Tetsu is bed-ridden, coughing up multi-colour paint. “Edd Stone... The Northerners... They are strong. King Remmy... Please be careful.”

“Tetsu... Edd is indeed powerful, but be at ease. We didn't paint ourselves an Empire by backing down. The Northerners have advanced far, but we'll draw the line right here! Do not worry. Your king will not let the Northerners get any further. Those violent barbarians will NOT take us. Vortex of Violence... That is where we will make our stand.”

Remmy steps outside the house. He sees Edd Stone holding a Canadian flag and an army marching towards him.

Segment 8: Instant Betrayal

The Mythics, Cozelle and Crusher are walking toward the capital, Krissy leading the way. “I can sense them... This is where Ouroboros is... This is where your precious Goddess is.” Krissy is telling Cozelle and Crusher. They are near the gates to the capital, Ouroboros shows up at the top of the gate, holding Freya in one hand, a dagger in the other.

“Hehehe, indeed, it was you afterall. Cozelle, Crusher... Who would have thought you would make such an unholy alliance?”

“Quiet, Ouroboros.” Krissy takes aim at Ouroboros. She fires an energy beam. Ouroboros blocks it with his dagger. The energy beam is too powerful, so he lets go of Freya and tries to fight it with both his hands. Freya falls from the top of the gate onto the ground.

Cozelle and Crusher rush towards Freya. Krissy stop firing her beam at Ouroboros and takes aim at Freya.

At this point, Samuel Curran is yelling “NO! But you PROMISED! NO Krissy, How could you! YOU PROMISED!”

“What...” Cozelle and Crusher are not even close to Freya when Krissy fires her beam of death at Freya. The ground from underneath Freya cracks apart. Freya falls through the floor. The camera zooms to Cozelle's face. “Nooooo!” Then to Ouroboros' face, laughing. Zooms to Freya who is now falling down from the cloud to the earth. Back to Cozelle's face. “NOOOOOOO!” she has tears in her eyes.

Any chance of this scene being good was ruined, I mean conveyed properly by Samuel Curran yelling “BUT YOU PROMISED!” over and over.

Segment 9: Steph Blake def Cristobal Pardo

Segment 10: Sweet Success

“Hmmm,” Zack Zucks is watching Steph Blake. “This experiment is quite a success, wouldn't you say?”

“Zack... This... this isn't what I wanted,” Honey protests. “Zack! Stop this at once!” She runs over to Zack and strikes him in the chest, but to no avail.

“Hehehehe. Oh? You're in no position to stop the experiment. You yourself fed her the Angelic Serum. You can't stop it.”

“I can, and I will.”

“Oh... then prove it. At Vortex of Violence, I will give you a chance to stop this yourself. You will go one on one in head to head competition with Steph Blake. Let's see if you can get through to her. Muuahahahaha!”

Segment 11: I'll see him soon

Alicia, Huey and Taku are at the gates of Celestia. Alicia looks up. “Dad... I'll see you soon.”

Alicia and Huey are about to head up the stairs, but Taku stops Huey. “Hey, what are you doing?” Taku asks Huey. “Your friend is about to have a touching reunion with her father. Let them have their time together.”

“What? But...” Huey tries to argue, but Alicia holds his shoulder and nods at him. “Oh... fine.”

Taku looks over at Alicia. “When you get up there, you'll know what to do. You'll be able to sense it. His strong spirit.”

“Alicia... Please be careful!” Again, Alicia nods at him and starts heading up the stairs.

“Alicia... I have a bad feeling about this...”

Segment 12: Path to his soul

Viper is in the ring and calls out to J-Ro. “Heeheehee. This Sunday, at Vortex of Violence, we will do battle for possession of Jack Avatar's soul. BUUUUUUTTTT, that is if you even make it to Sunday. TONIGHT, you will have to do battle once again. If you survive tonight, you will get the opportunity to put your title on the line against ME! If you don't... too bad. Jack's soul is FINISHED! UUUUUWEEEEHEEHEEEHEE!”

J-Ro comes out. Viper continues. “And now... for your OPPONENTS! Heeheehee. Just kidding. Just one opponent today. Heeheeheehee”

Segment 13: Joanne Rodriguez def. Charity Sweet

Yup, after all that about “surviving until Vortex of Violence,” J-Ro gets a one on one match with Charity Sweet.

Segment 14: Shattered Soul

J-Ro is victorious. Purple Viper looks over at her and grabs a glowing purple orb. She throws it on the ground and smashes it in pieces. “Noooo!”

“Ooohh! There goes his soul. Guess we're not fighting on Sunday. Heeheehee.”

“Noo...” J-Ro runs out to the outside of the ring and starts picking up the pieces of Jack's soul. Purple Viper backs away and starts leaving.

“Hehehehe, just kidding. That wasn't his soul. That was just a regular glass ball. Heeheeheehee.”

“Purple... Viper...” J-Ro looks up at Viper, really pissed off. “RAAAAAAAAAAHHHH! You'll pay for this! This Sunday, you will regret ever messing with us. Jack... Dawn... All of the lives of OWE. Purple Viper... You will feel our combined wrath.”

“I look forward to it, heeheehee.” Viper disappears into the distance.

Epic Announcer Voice: Did Purple Viper make a tactical error in provoking Joanne Rodriguez, or will her mindgames play a key part in her match on Sunday? Will Alicia Strong be able to meet with her dad? Will Remmy Skye be able to stop the advances of the barbaric Northerners? How will Anna Ki shape the future of OWE? Will Honey Golightly be able to save Steph Blake? How will Cloud Ascension react to the Mythics immediate betrayal? Find out Sunday at Vortex of Violence.

Advertised Card:
Joanne Rodriguez (c) vs Purple Viper for the OWE Title
Broken History (c) vs Hooters for the OWE Tag Team Title
Steph Blake vs Honey Golightly
Remmy Skye vs Edd Stone
Alina vs Howlin Hell Henry
Cloud Ascension vs Mythics
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Overdrive Wrestling – Vortex of Violence 2012
November Week 4

For a PPV, I'll be pretty tame and actually let Samuel Curran enjoy the show. The main thing is I want him to say “That madwoman!” to describe Purple Viper. Just to convey the fact that she's mad.

Segment 1: A Ki Story Begins

Broken History make an entrance with Lindsay Sugar, hands tied behind her back. As they enter the ring, they untie Lindsay's hands.

Suddenly, on the titantron, we see Anna Ki meditating. Suddenly, her eyes open. She gets up. There's wind swirling around her, her hair whirling around in the wind. She floats in mid-air momentarily, lands on her feet and causes a shockwave. She starts making her entrance.

She makes her entrance and rolls into the ring. Lindsay throws herself in Anna's arms, they embrace each other.

“Is this... this must be KI!” Jaime looks excited. “The power to erase history. Show it to me, Anna.”

“Jaime. Today, I use the power of Ki, not to destroy history, but to create it. You've seen what happens when you try to erase history. It always comes back. It always surfaces when you least want it to. I have embraced it. I have come to terms with my past, and embraced the future. Jaime. Let me show you the way. Let me show you my true power... The power of HOPE.”

Segment 2: Hooters def. Broken History to win the OWE Tag Team Title

Good wrestling to start the night. Don't get used to it, good wrestling certainly won't be a theme tonight.

Segment 3: Steph Blake vs Honey Golightly

Zack Zucks injects Steph Blake with some sort of drug. She makes her entrance, walking like a zombie.

Honey Golightly makes an entrance with ring gear. Honey pleads with Steph. “Please, I know you're in there. Listen to me. I know you hate being experimented on. Stop this madness. I know you can hear me.”

Steph puts her hands around Honey's neck and starts choking her out. “Steph... please... that man... is... using you...”

Steph loosens her grip. She slowly turns her head and looks at Zack. Zack tells her “Ignore that woman. You know what to do. End her.”

“Steph...” Honey is on the ground, choking.

Steph turns around and confronts Zack. Zack is shocked! “No... Steph... Impossible...”

“Fool... You think that medicine can control me? You think you can make me your personal super soldier?” Steph goes face to face with Zack.

Suddenly, she turns around and kicks Honey in the stomach.

“Hehehe, you're somewhat right. To be honest, that medicine... it offers me relief. I knew how I was SUPPOSED to react. I played along, just because I looved that serum so much, hehehe. Honey... I have no use for you. Be gone...”

Zack and Honey are both in disbelief, not knowing what's what. Steph has her right hand around Honey's neck and pulls her up. Suddenly, the lights go out!

When the lights come back on, we see a man standing between Steph and Honey! Who is this man?

Zack looks disgusted. “Subject A147. You are a disgrace. A failure.”

Subject A147 looks completely expressionless. He turns around, looks at Honey. He holds her hands. Lights go out. Honey and Subject A147 disappear.

Segment 4: Remmy Skye def. Edd Stone by DQ

Edd Stone gets DQ'd as Zoe Ammis runs in and attacks Remmy Skye.

Segment 5: Queen of the Northern Flame

The evil and barbaric Northerners, Zoe Ammis and Edd Stone violently attack Remmy Skye while he's down. They pour gasoline all over Remmy. Zoe grabs the mic and introduces herself as the Queen of the Northern Flame. “The Northerners are at the forefront of creating techniques to keep ourselves warm. In the North, they call me Queen Pyro. In the South, they call me the Queen of the Northern Flame. My fire burns the brightest. Remmy Skye. Burn... Feel the hopelessness as you get engulfed in my magnificent flame.

Zoe and Edd start to leave the ring. Halfway down the ramp, the two of them kiss. Zoe snaps her fingers. The lights go out, and about 15 seconds later, the ring is in flames and we hear Remmy's screams.

Segment 6: Monster in a Garden

Howlin Hell Henry is walking around in a garden with lots of flowers and vines around. Vines shoot from the ground onto his hand. He tears the vines out from the ground, but that distracts him enough for Alina to jump him from behind. She tries to choke him out from behind, but HHH is too powerful. He grabs Alina and throws her. Alina flies through the air, so far that she flies through a wall and into the arena. Before she's able to recover, HHH is already on her and punches her through the wall.

The entrance area gets torn down and Alina's body tumbles through the entrance area. HHH walks out and chases Alina, who is trying to get to the ring. HHH grabs Alina, tosses her into the ring to continue the beatdown.

Segment 7: Alina def. Howlin Hell Henry

HHH loses, because 5 days from now, all the fans are going to forget anyway and I'll continue pretending he's this unbeatable monster.

Segment 8: Beatdown

HHH beats down Alina and slams her through a table. “You've FAILED! You FAILED to slow me down. I shall meet with brother. MWAHAHAHAHA!”

Segment 9: Unforgivable

We see a recap of last episode, when Krissy Angelle attacked Freya with a death beam, causing her to fall through the floor. Cozelle, tears in her eyes, looks at Freya who is falling through the air.

She looks back at Krissy. She is filled with anger. “Krissy Angelle! You... you betrayed us! After all we've done for you. We unsealed your power. We had a common goal. To fight Ouroboros. And you betray us NOW?!”

“Quiet Angel. My goal was Ouroboros. Your Goddess was in the way. Move aside and I will end the Serpent Clan.”

“Give back Freya... Whaaaaaa?! NOOOO. YOU!!!!!”

“What? Are YOU betraying us now? You wanted to defeat Ouroboros, no?”

“I wanted to save Freya!”

“Move aside, Cozelle.”


Segment 10: Mythics def. Cloud Ascension

Cozelle is shaken up. Her offense is wild. She often gets blindsided by Vamp as she's focusing on Krissy. She's completely out of sync with Crusher. Uncollected and wild, Cloud Ascension is unable to overcome the Mythics. Although it was a long battle, the Mythics defeated Cloud Ascension.

Segment 11: Say Hi to Freya

The Mythics drag Cloud Ascension to the back. We see them on the titantron. They are in Celestia. There's a huge crack in the ground (where Freya fell through). Krissy tells Cozelle and Crusher “You're going back down to Earth. Say hi to Freya for me.” Vamp and Krissy push Cozelle and Crusher through the hole in the ground.

“Annoying bugs. Hmm? Where's Brute?” Krissy asks.

“It appears he left us during our battle.”

“Hmm. It's begun. No matter. We'll deal with him later.

Segment 12: Not so Strong afterall

Alicia is in Celestia. She looks around. “Father... Where are you?”

She sees a huge red beam of light in the distance. “Father...?” She makes a run for it.

Suddenly, she runs into the arena/ring, Ouroboros already sitting in the ring. “F... fa...”

“Fool, hahaha. Taku actually managed to lead you here. HAHAHAHA! Your father isn't here. He's long gone. You'll NEVER be able to speak to him again.”

“No... father...”

“You are the last of the Strong lineage. And it is here that the mighty Strong Lineage will end.”

Segment 13: Ouroboros def. Alicia Strong

Ouroboros beats Alicia. Badly.

Segment 14: Fooled

“You... you deceived us! I knew it!” Huey is yelling at Taku. “Sam... Alicia's dad was never going to show up. I knew something was wrong.”

“Yet you didn't stop me, hee hee, cough cough,” Taku is still hurt and coughing, but she's delighted that she was able to help Ouroboros. “Must be that guilt. The guilt of keeping the truth from your friend. And now... she is at Master's mercy.”

“You... Alicia! I'm coming! Just hold on.”

“Not so fast. You have someone you want to protect. I, too have someone I must absolutely protect...”

Segment 15: Huey def. Taku

Segment 16: Mirrored Soul

J-Ro makes her entrance, accompanied by Dawn with Jack in a wheelchair. Jack is obviously shirtless so the girls in the crowd can see his abs.

Purple Viper makes her entrance. She too is wheeling around a wheelchair. A glowing purple orb is on the wheelchair.

Segment 17: Purple Viper def. Joanne Rodriguez to win the OWE World Title

Hope you weren't expecting good wrestling, just because my two best wrestlers are in a main event title match.

The match starts off like a regular good wrestling match. As soon as Viper gains the upper hand, she rolls to the outside of the ring and checks out Jack Avatar. She starts rubbing her hands over his abs. Dawn tries to stop her, but Viper just pushes Dawn to the barricade. Viper takes Jack out of the wheel chair and throws him into the ring. J-Ro is right behind her and attacks her, then throws her into the ring. The match continues, with Jack's body in the ring. Similar to the Jack/Viper fight (with Dawn), J-Ro carefully tries to wrestle around Jack's body, being careful not to collide into him. Viper on the otherhand is more reckless and has no qualms about kicking him in the stomach while he's down.

J-Ro's caution puts her at a disadvantage and Viper is able to gain the upper hand again. She rolls out of the ring, grabs the purple soul orb and starts attacking J-Ro with it. After several wacks, J-Ro manages to hold onto Viper's arm as she tries to wack J-Ro with the orb again. J-Ro knees Viper, Viper drops the orb. The orb rolls right beside Jack Avatar.

J-Ro positions Viper for the DDT, but suddenly, Jack Avatar gets up! It seems as though the purple orb was close enough to Jack's body that the soul and body merged. He looks like he doesn't know where he is. J-Ro looks at him, stunned. She loosens her grip, stares at Jack. “Oh... my...”

While distracted, Purple Viper rolls up J-Ro for the win! OH MY GOD WE HAVE A NEW CHAMPION.

As Viper is leaving the ring (with the belt), she's blowing kisses at Jack Avatar. Jack still looks like he has no clue where he is.

Post-Show Comments

More or less expected, with some disappointments and some positives. My debuts went well (Subject A147 and Zoe Ammis). I've built Zoe Ammis on my brand split show a bit, so she's got decent popularity in the South West. Hope she can help out Edd Stone, who kinda sucks right now.

Tag Teams were disappointing. I really thought Broken History vs Hooters was gonna knock it out of the park. It ended up doing OK, but it even performed worse than last month where they got less time to work. Broken History is probably the right team to hold the championships, but I needed this result to move on with both stories.

Strong vs Serpents have hilarious chemistry. Both matches had poor chemistry (Alicia vs Ouro, Huey vs Taku). Oh well, I don't really need this feud to produce good matches.
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I know it's been a while, but Overdrive Wrestling is BACK! Basically, I burned out doing a whole bunch of shows in a short period of time and it takes me almost 2 hours to do one episode (hey, don't judge, it takes WWE 342 writers to write the shows they give us). So I got tired and took a very extended break

I was considering starting a new game in 2016 with the same wackiness to it, but felt that I had plenty of unfinished business and ideas for this universe. I'll try to take it a bit easier.

So anyway...

Overdrive Wrestling – Episode 17: Headed into Uncertainty
December Week 1

Early in the show, someone's gonna show up and Samuel Curran is going to start saying “Making a Splash.” This will continue throughout the show, even in segments not involving this person.

Segment 1: Welcome Back Jack

“Welcome back, Jack. It's so good to have you back. We were so worried about you,” Dawn is ecstatic that Jack Avatar is alive and well, soul still intact. She hugs Jack.

Jack has visions of Dawn taking over the world and ruling with an iron fist.

Back to reality, Jack thanks J-Ro and Dawn. “Thank you. But there is one thing...”

“Purple Viper,” out of nowhere, Emma Chase shows up. “She's running loose, and she has YOUR (points to J-Ro) championship.”

The camera shows Dawn starting to get agitated. The camera zooms in on her chest and we hear her heartbeat get louder and louder (yes, the heart beat. That's the reason why the camera is zooming in on Dawn's chest. The heartbeat...)

“Get out! Get out! I don't know what you want, or what you've been doing in OWE, but get out. Stay out our business! You're not going to be manipulating US! Now get out!” Dawn freaks out and pushes Emma away.

“OK... OK...” Emma leaves. Jack and J-Ro look a little confused at Dawn's outburst.

Camera pans to Emma, seething. “Tch... that Dawn...”

Segment 2: Edd Stone def. Kathy Neptune

Edd Stone wins because I hate my fans and I'm gonna continue shoving this Northerner invasion angle down your throats.

Segment 3: Making a Splash

Zoe Ammis gets on the stage. Edd and Zoe kiss. Zoe reiterates that she is the Queen of the Northern Flame. Together with Edd Stone, prince of the Stones, the most ruthless and powerful Northerner Clan, they will bring the Northerner's ruthlessness South and burn down OWE. Edd on his own was able to push King Remmy off his own turf, but together, the two of them are unbeatable.

Remmy and Tetsu come out, both of them injured and seemingly unfit for a fight. Zoe and Edd taunt them, telling them to get in the ring. Suddenly, a large balloon floats overtop of the ring and explodes, popping a lot of paint onto the Northern duo.

Splashdown May appears out of nowhere and beats up the Northerners. She chases them out of the ring.

Samuel Curran yells “OH MY GOD! It's Splashdown May. She is making a SPLASH!” He also references that she's undefeated in MMA with a staggering 1-0 record. I make sure he talks about how she is the most promising young talent in the world of mixed martial arts and has a bright future.

Segment 4: In absence of Honey

Charity Sweet is dancing in club DESIRE, pleasuring her clients. After her shift is done, she's talking to Jeremy Jazz and Keith Vegas. Jeremy Jazz wonders where Honey Golightly is and what their next move is. He says that Club DESIRE is in dire need of leadership in Honey's absence. Charity Sweet simply winks at him and walks away. The Performers are staring at her as she's walking away, mesmerized.

Samuel Curran yells, “OH MY GOD! Charity Sweet is making a splash in Club DESIRE”

Segment 5: Zack Zucks def. Findlay O'Farraday

Segment 6: Divine Hope

We get a brief flashback of VoV where Subject A147 saved Honey Golightly from Zack Zucks. The video editing places emphasis on Zack calling A147 a failure.

A147 is holding Honey in his arms and lays her down. Honey asks “Who are you?”

“Subject A147. I am nothing but a failure.”

“That's, what Zack said. But... who?”

“I do not recall. I only recall that I am a failure.”

“Come on... you must recall something...”

“Hmmm...” A147 tries to think. “D...Divine...”

“Umm... Better I suppose. Divine! I don't know what just happened, but you aren't a failure. You are... our Divine Hope...”

Segment 7: Warmth of Friendship

We see a flashback/dream sequence where The Hooters defeated Broken History. Anna Ki is kneeling next to the fallen Jaime Quine, holding her hand out. A blue energy is emitted from her hand and going to Jaime's chest.

We see a heart beating, tons of cracks in the heart. A blue energy swirls around and heals the heart.

Angel Eater hugs Jaime after the loss, Jaime hugs him back.

Jaime suddenly wakes up in a room. She sees Angel Eater. He grins and looks ready to destroy something. “Good! Awake! Now we destroy!” Angel Eater starts to leave the room. Jaime jumps out of bed and tells him to wait.

“Wait... Angel Eater... I've done some thinking. Let's think about what's really important.

Segment 8: Weak Last Words

Ouroboros is standing tall over Alicia Strong after his victory at Vortex of Violence. “Freya may have escaped my grasp, but I won't fail with you. Once I bring complete destruction and chaos onto OWE, YOU and YOU ALONE have the potential to restore peace to OWE. I will not allow that possible to even exist. Any last words, child of the Strong?”

Alicia stares off into the distance, her eyes empty. “Dad... I'm... so... sorry...”

“No? Words of the weak. It seems you've lost the will to live anyway. At any rate...” Ouroboros takes out his dagger and stabs Alicia.

Segment 9: Hooters wins a 4-way tag match

Because what better way to reward The Hooters' big PPV title win than to put them in a hectic 4-way match.

Segment 10: DESIRE's first move

DESIRE, seemingly led by Charity Sweet, come out and attack The Hooters 4 on 2 (none of the 6 competitors from the match are helping, cuz reasons) with BB Colossus doing most of the damage. Colossus stomps on Lindsay's hand and she screams in pain.

“Oh, what's wrong? You got work tonight? You kinda need your hand to serve people, don't you? Well, call your boss and say you're not showing up. You're not serving anyone in the shape we're about to put you in.” The Performers grabs a chair and Charity violently smashes Lindsay's hands with it. Anna tries to get up and help, but Colossus powerbombs her onto Lindsay.

Samuel Curran is yelling about how this new-look DESIRE is making a Splash.

Segment 11: Huey's determination

Huey is running up the stairs to Celestia. “Alicia... Hang in there... I'll be there for you...

Segment 12: Fracture in the Mythics

“Where is Brute,” Krissy is wondering. “Just when we need him. Just as we're about to make our move, he goes ahead and disappears. I never did trust him.”

“You don't know that! He might be doing something to help us. Maybe confronting Ouroboros. We don't know... At any rate, we must continue onwards. We must proceed without him.” Vamp tries to get Krissy to focus.

“Grrr... that Brute. Vamp. Keep an eye out for him. I don't like this...

Samuel Curran is saying that the Mythics is about to make a splash, and they must now do so without the help of Brute.

Segment 13: Joanne Rodriguez def. Lucky Lexie Littlefeather

Segment 14: Rematch, who holds the cards?

Purple Viper comes out. “I may not hold the cards that I did leading up to Vortex of Violence. I don't have Jack Avatar's soul. But I still have something you want.” She gives the championship belt a pat. “4 weeks from now, at Overdrive Awakening, which you can catch on MySelect USA, Rivera Pay and 1-Choice TV, we will have our rematch but only on ONE condition. I'm defending my championship. I have everything to lose. YOU? You have a lot to gain, but nothing to lose. So... you must put something on the line.”

“I've lived every day, fought every match as though it were my last. Every single battle I've fought has been do or die. I will put everything on the line in our fight at Overdrive Awakening.”

“Heeheehee. Glad you could be so agree-able. At Overdrive Awakening, you will be putting YOUR SOUL on the line. Heeheeheehee. When you lose, I wonder if Jack and Dawn would put everything on the line for YOUR sake, heeheeheehee. I mean, afterall, Dawn only manipulated you to save Jack because she has the hots...”

Dawn and Jack come out to interrupt. “Joanne... You don't have to... You don't have to put everything on the line. Please listen to reason.” Dawn is trying to get J-Ro to opt out of sacrificing her own soul. “This is madness. We have each other. We have everything we want.”

“Everything YOU want!” Purple Viper responds. “You tyrant queen! You've used your two pawns and now you're about to be Queen of OWE. This isn't YOUR problem. This is between me and Joanne. Yet here YOU are, trying to benefit from her hardwork. This isn't your decision to make.” She walks up to Jack. “Oh, and Jack, I have to thank you. Know this. At Overdrive Awakening, your decisions will once again be key in all of this. You know what Queen Dawn is capable of. You know what kind of a world OWE would be with her in charge. Make the right decision.” Purple Viper rolls out of the ring and leaves.

Epic Announcer Voice: Joanne Rodriguez finds herself in a tough situation. Does she put her soul on the line for the OWE Championship Title? Can she afford to refuse and allow Purple Viper free reign over OWE? Will Huey Cannonball be able to save his friend Alicia Strong, who has given up the will to live? Will the undefeated Splashdown May be enough to turn the tide against the evil Northerners? What exactly is Zack Zucks planning on doing? Will Lindsay Sugar be able to serve at a restaurant again? Find out next time on OVERDRIVE WRESTLING.
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Overdrive Wrestling – Episode 18: Unserving Hands
December Week 2

This week, Samuel Curran will be talking about Anna Ki and Lindsay Sugar's hands a lot. In a completely non-sexual and not awkward way.

Segment 1: All out War

We have a short recap of last week where the Mythics, Krissy and Vamp discuss Brute deserting them, and Vamp saying that they can't let that deter their true plans.

The Mythics have made their trek towards Ouroboros' castle in Celestia. Krissy's right arm starts glowing.

Krissy: It's about time. All things must come to an end. This cruel world doesn't distinguish between false Gods and real ones. I may be a false God. I may not be supposed to exist in this world. But that doesn't matter. What matters is power. And I hold true power in my hand.

Krissy extends her hand, points her palm toward the fortress and a huge energy beam gets shot from her hand. As her energy beam hits the fortress, a pillar of lava gushes out from the ground to block the beam. Behind the lava, we see Ouroboros holding a dagger. His dagger sparkles and suddenly, a forcefield forms around his castle.

Krissy: Unnnngghhh.

Krissy isn't giving up. She's continuing her assault. A crater forms under her feet. She does dragonball style grunts louder and louder.

We see a camera shot of her hand. Blood starts to sputter from her hands. Then we see another hand hand rest on top of hers. It's Vamp. They are combining their powers.

Vamp: Krissy! I won't let you lose. After all that's happened, after how far we've come. We can't lose! AAAAAAGGGGGGHHHHH!!!!

Huge explosion. Lots of smoke. Krissy and Vamp are on their knees, covered in dirt.

Krissy: Did we do it...?

The two of them collapse on the ground.

As the smoke clears, we see Ouroboros holding a dagger, grin on his face. He stands over the Mythics.

Ouroboros: Foolish...

Ouroboros collapses.

Off in the distance, we see Emma Chase. She walks toward the battlefield. She stands over the Mythics and Ouroboros and smiles. She kneels down (the camera work will be... how do I say this? Let's just say the teen boys will like it) and picks up the dagger. She smiles and walks off.

Segment 2: Alina def. La Estrella

Segment 3: My job

Anna Ki is visiting Lindsay Sugar in the hospital. Lindsay is sitting in bed with a cast over her arm.

Anna: I'm sorry! If I weren't so weak, if I had better control over my Ki powers, you wouldn't be like this. With your hand like this, you might never be able to come back to the restaurant with me again!

Lindsay: Anna, stop beating yourself up over this. It's thanks to you that I had such an amazing experience. Both at the restaurant and in the ring. You... you really are the best. If only I was just a bit stronger. Winning the OWE Tag Team Titles was awesome. I just... I just wish we had a chance to keep it for longer. Anna, I'm sorry for letting you down as a teammate. I don't know when I'll be cleared to do either of my jobs. In the ring and at the restaurant.

Anna gets up and starts leaving.

Lindsay: Anna... what are you planning to do?

Anna: My job.

Anna leaves the room. As she slams the door, we hear the entrance music for the next segment.

Segment 4: Northern Fireworks

Team Splatter (Inkredible Tetsu and Splashdown May) led by Remmy Skye come out.

Samuel Curran will repeatedly tell us that Splashdown May won her fight weeks ago and she is undefeated in the world of MMA.

Remmy: For the past month, we have seen, no EXPERIENCED first hand how powerful the Northerners are. I can respect their strength, but I cannot respect their honor (because only evil Northerners would spell it honour). To bring fire to a fist-fight...

The lights go out. We hear barbaric war music with drums and see a giant Canadian flag on the titantron (because nothing screams scary and war-like like Canadians). A spotlight shines on the entrance and we see Zoe Ammis together with Edd Stone.

Zoe: Me? Bringing fire to a fist-fight? What do you call this? (she brings out Team Splatter's plastic toy gun) Wait wait... I know what YOU would call it. YOU would call it a firearm. I, and everyone up North, would call it a toy. You think this toy threatens us? I am the Queen of the Northern Flame. THIS is fire.

The lights go out and we see tons of pyro. When the lights go back on, May is on her knees. Tetsu is unconscious. Remmy is splashing around like a magikarp, overselling how powerful the fireworks were.

Zoe and Edd walk toward the ring. They roll in. May tries to get on her feet to fight them, but the two of them destroy May and leave her laying. They then turn their attention towards Remmy and attack him as well.

Segment 5: Performers def. Coastal Guard

Segment 6: Colossal Impact

The Performers, Charity Sweet and Colossus are in the ring. Anna Ki's music hits. She walks toward the ring with a serious look on her face. Charity smiles. She motions The Performers to get out of the ring. She and Colossus will handle it. Charity and Anna stand face to face. Anna starts backing her down. Colossus grabs Anna.

Segment 7: Anna def. Colossus by DQ

Very short match. Colossus grabs Anna and throws her to the corner. He tries to run into her, but she ducks out of the way, climbs onto Colossus' back and starts pounding him in the head. Charity Sweet comes in with a chair and hits Anna.

Segment 8: Handily Destroyed

Charity Sweet and BB Colossus gang up on Anna Ki. Charity places Anna's hand against the turnbuckle and hits it with a chair. Colossus choke slams her onto the chair.

Samuel Curran is constantly talking about how Anna has to work tomorrow. “No! Not the hand!”

Segment 9: Super Soldier

Zack: Hmm... What do you think? Are we any closer to creating an army of Super Angels?

Bossman: This... We can't recreate this. These results are meaningless to us!

Steph: What?

Zack and Bossman are staring at Steph. Steph doesn't look impressed. She walks over to Bossman and grabs a syringe from him. She injects herself in the neck.

Steph: Hehehe. That soldier... A147 I believe is what you called him? Hehehehe. I can sense it... He's just like me. I want to meet him.

Steph walks off. Zack and Bossman just watch her leave.

Bossman: Are you sure it's OK to let her leave like that?

Zack: Don't worry. She'll be back. She won't turn her back on the Angel Serum. In the meantime... show me some more... ahem... meaningful results.

Bossman: Yes sir!

Segment 10: Where is she?

Huey is running up the stairs leading into the clouds. He enters Celestia. As he enters, he sees Emma Chase leaving.

Huey: Alicia! Alicia! Have you seen her?

Emma: Alicia Strong? No... But know that she is safe, atleast for the time being. Ouroboros no longer has the Serpent's Claw in his possession. But you may want to hurry. It's going to begin soon.

Huey: What? What's going to begin s...

Emma: I don't think you have time to find out. Go. You're wasting precious time.

Huey looks off toward the distance where there's lots of smoke. He runs off.

Emma: Fool...

Segment 11: Joanne Rodriguez def. Angel Eater

Segment 12: Stealing more than a Soul

Purple Viper wheels herself out in a wheelchair, captain America shield on her lap, Jack Avatar mask on, grasping her heart. She's mocking Jack Avatar from a few weeks ago. She wheels herself to the ring. She takes out a J-Ro mask and puts it on. She rolls into the ring.

Viper: First, I captured Jack Avatar's soul. Soon, at Overdrive Awakening, I will capture yours. The result at Overdrive Awakening will be the same as Vortex of Violence. Purple Viper, standing over Joanne Rodriguez. The only difference is that after Overdrive Awakening... GAAAAAH!!

Viper clasps onto her heart and falls to the ground. She then breaks out into laughter.

J-Ro starts attacking Viper, but Viper manages to fight back. She's sitting on top of J-Ro. She puts her hand over J-Ro's chest. J-ro starts screaming as the soul is starting to get sucked out of her.

Dawn comes in and starts attacking Viper! Viper is just laughing at her as she's taking Dawn's hits. Dawn then takes a wooden stick and starts whacking Viper in the head with it.

Suddenly, Jack appears and separates them.

Dawn: Let go! Joanne's soul...

Jack: Noo... My Queen! Do not succumb to your darkness. This is exactly what Viper wants!

Dawn calms down. J-Ro is standing and helps Dawn up. Viper walks up to Jack.

Viper: Uh uh... What I really want...

Jack: You want me to stop Dawn's ascension. You really think I believe those phony visions?

Viper: Nonono, Jack... What I really want...

Viper suddenly grabs Jack and kisses him. Dawn and J-Ro run over to separate them, but Viper pushes Jack into them. She waves and leaves the ring.

Epic Announcer Voice: Chaos begins to envelop Celestia as the war becomes more hectic. However, all of OWE is in danger as many pieces are beginning to move simultaneously. How will the war in Celestia unfold? Is a fracture beginning to form within the ranks of the Knights of Dawn? Who will stop the barbaric Northerners from taking over OWE? What manner of destruction will the new-look DESIRE unleash? What is Zack Zucks planning on doing with his Angel Serum? What is Emma Chase's role in all of this? Find out next time on OVERDRIVE WRESTLING.
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Overdrive Wrestling – Episode 19: Believe in Yourself
December Week 3

Belief and friendship is a theme in this show, so Samuel Curran will say “What's wrong with you? She believes in him” sort of things all the time.

Segment 1: Partial Arbiter

The show starts with Purple Viper's theme music and entrance. She rolls into the ring. Samuel Curran recounts that last week, she gave Jack Avatar a kiss. He constantly calls her crazy (because kissing the handsomest man in the entire industry is totally a crazy thing to do)

Purple Viper: I have spent the last month and a half with Jack Avatar. Not his body, but his soul. In his hour of greatest need, I was THERE for him. I was THERE when he needed help. I was THERE when he needed a soul to lean on. We understand each other like no other. Where was Dawn? Where was Joanne Rodriguez? Wheeling his corpse around? No no no, I was the one that spent quality time with him.

Purple Viper: I am the one that understands him the most, and he certainly understands me. We know how the other feels. We COMPLETE each other. As such, I have one last declaration about Overdrive Awakening. Joanne Rodriguez... Our match will be a Title (Viper pats her championship belt) for Soul. But there is one more stipulation. The referee for the match will be... JACK AVATAR! If he accepts, that is.

Purple Viper: Jack, oh deaaaar. You know what will happen if Queen Dawn were to take the throne of OWE. With her power uncontested, she will be an uncontrollable force in OWE. You do NOT want that. NOONE in OWE does. Jack, if you know what's good for you, if you know what's good for all of OWE, you will help me vanquish Queen Dawn and her pathetic little knight, Joanne Rodriguez. And to Queen Dawn, if you really believe Jack to be your friend, you should trust him. ALLOW him to referee this match. This can only work in your favour. Unleeeessssss of course, it doesn't. Then you've lost Jack. You've lost Joanne's soul. And what's left then? MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Dawn... Joanne... cya at Overdrive Awakening. And Jack... Hope I see you too...

Viper leaves.

Segment 2: Zack Zucks def. Findlay O Farraday

Segment 3: Divine Calling

Honey: Divine... Is it OK if I call you that? (Divine Hope nods) Divine... What are you thinking?

Divine Hope: I must return.

Honey: To THAT man? No! You're crazy! I don't know the history between you and Zack Zucks. I don't know the deal with you. But you have your freedom now. You aren't just a test subject. You aren't A147. You are Div...

Divine Hope: Divine Hope. That is what I am. And I feel it. My Divine Calling. I must return to that man. Only then can he make me complete again. You have seen that woman.

Honey: Steph?

Divine Hope: Your friend. That medicine makes her complete. I must return to him. I am a failure, but I can turn things around. I need to show my appreciation. Without that man, I would never have even existed in this world. I have... Hope... Divine Hope...

Honey: No...

Divine Hope: Do not try to stop me. I... I... I appreciate you...

The camera zooms in on his lips. We hear him very quietly say “friend.”

Segment 4: The Strong Friendship

Huey Cannonball is walking in a burned down city, sky is on fire. Off in the distance, he sees Alicia Strong, standing there expressionless.

Huey: Alicia! Alicia! Are you OK?

He runs towards her. Alicia just stares off in the distance, lifeless look in her eyes. Huey gives her a big hug, but she doesn't respond.

Huey: Alicia! I was so worried. I'm so glad you're OK. Hey Alicia! Let's get out of here. Alicia?

Alicia collapses into his arms.

Huey: Alicia! Noooo!

Alicia's arm is slung over Huey's shoulder as he tries to drag her to safety.

Farrah Hesketh (the colour commentator) will comment on how Alicia doesn't seem to be willing to go along with Huey. Samuel Curran will get super angry and say “What's wrong with you! Huey believes in their friendship!”

Segment 5: The Performers def. Team Splatter

Charity Sweet interferes the match, costing Team Splatter the win.

Segment 6: Relevant Face-off

Charity Sweet instructs BB Colossus to start attacking Team Splatter. He monsters his way through the two, but Remmy Skye comes out for the save. Remmy strikes Colossus. After much effort, Remmy brings Colossus to one knee. Remmy goes for a strike to the head, but Colossus grabs Remmy by the throat. At this point, Tetsu and Splashdown May recover and start helping Remmy.

Suddenly we hear FIREWORKS! Zoe Ammis and Edd Stone come in to help Colossus (WWE logic of heels helping heels for no reason) and the three of them wipe out Team Splatter. Remmy, May and Tetsu are on the ground, defeated. Charity and Colossus have a face-off with Zoe and Edd (oh no, big-time feud that all the fans definitely want to see), but then roll out of the ring. Zoe and Edd laugh at Team Splatter's defeated corpses.

Segment 7: Find her NOW!

Ouroboros is unconscious, sleeping in a gold-plated bed decorated with gems. He stirs.

Howlin Hell Henry is with him.

HHH: Master...

Ouroboros: Unnnghh.

Ouroboros is holding his head in pain. Suddenly, flashback of him being assaulted by Krissy Angelle. His vision is fading and he sees Emma Chase grabbing his dagger.

Ouroboros: Unnnghhh... Emma Chase... Krissy Angelle... you little... wait. Wait. WAIT! The Strong One. Where is she?

HHH: Alicia Strong. I never saw her.

Ouroboros: ARRGGHH! Get her. GET HER!

HHH: Yes sir.

HHH leaves.

Segment 8: Believe in yourself

Jack is sitting in a room thinking to himself. He has flashbacks of his dream sequences where Dawn is evil and wants to take over the world. He then has flashbacks of Viper giving him a kiss. Then another flashback of tonight's events with Viper offering him to referee their match at Overdrive Awakening.

Dawn walks into the room.

Dawn: Jack! Jack! You can't believe that woman. She's trying to manipulate us. She's trying to break us apart. You have to protect what you believe in. Do the right...

Jack: What I believe in? You mean what YOU believe in!

Dawn: Jack... no...

Jack: Dawn... I'm... I'm sorry for the outburst. I've had a lot on my mind.

Dawn: Jack... What's on your mind? Talk to me. Please...

Jack gets up and shoves Dawn out of the way.

Jack: Give me space. I need time to think.

As he leaves, he bumps into J-Ro who is entering the room. They nod at each other, Jack leaves.

Dawn: Jack!

Dawn chases after him, but J-Ro stops her.

Dawn: Joanne! Aren't you concerned?

J-Ro: Of course I am. But... This is a decision only Jack can make. Believe in him, Dawn. Please. Believe in the goodness of his heart. Believe in him. So that he can believe in himself.

Farrah Hesketh will be unsure of what Jack's intentions are and Samuel Curran will fire back with “What's wrong with you? They believe in him!”

Segment 9: Broken History win a 3-way tag match

Just to remind people that Broken History is still alive.

Segment 10: Enter Sara Marie York

We see a recap of Freya falling through the sky. We see her falling down from her POV. She sees Cozelle screaming “noooooo!”

Suddenly, we're in a wilderness area. SPLASH!!!! Freya's body lands in a river. Her body flows through a river. We see someone jump into the river to save Freya. When they get back on land, Freya is still unconscious (she fell from 8,000 m in the air, give her some slack). The camera pans to her rescuers face... It is Sara Marie York!

Segment 11: Overworked

Anna Ki is unconscious in a hospital. Lindsay Sugar is standing over her, gloomy. Lindsay is still hurt and in a cast.

Lindsay: Anna... You always were the hard working one, to a fault.

Earlier this evening...

Anna Ki is working at the restaurant, carrying around people's food and drinks, serving people. Suddenly she collapses...

Then we get another recap, this time it's last week when The Performers 4 on 1 attacked her brutally.

Back at the hospital, we see Lindsay holding the Tag Team Belt in front of her.

Lindsay: Damnit! This... this thing! It's caused nothing but pain and suffering. I hate you! I hate you! I... I can't defend this thing. I'm going back to OWE and...

Suddenly, the unconscious Anna raises her hand and holds Lindsay's hand. Blue glowing swirls engulf their hand.

Lindsay: A... Anna?

Lindsay looks surprised.

Segment 12: Jack Avatar def. Crockets Tubbs

Segment 13: Scandalous!

Jack Avatar walks backstage. He hears Purple Viper laughing.

Viper: Hahaha. Congratulations on your win, dear. So, have you decided?

Jack: What do you want?

Viper: Oh nothing. Just an answer. Will you help me... I mean your friends win at Overdrive Awakening? An answer is all I want.

Jack: What YOU want? What YOU want? It's not about what YOU want. It's about what I want.

Jack starts walking towards Viper. He pins her against the wall by her shoulder. She hits the wall so hard the camera-man falls over. We hear struggling, things falling on the ground, glass shattering. There's a conflict. A struggle.

The camera-man recovers. The camera slowly pans to where Jack/Viper are struggling. The two of them are out of focus. As the camera focuses, it shows Viper in Jack's arms, Jack kissing Viper.

Epic Announcer Voice: The Agent of Chaos has taken hold of Jack Avatar's heart. Whose side will Jack Avatar take? Will Huey Cannonball get through to his dear friend, Alicia Strong? How will the Hooters deal DESIRE's vicious assault? What will happen when Divine Hope returns to Zack Zucks? Find out next time on OVERDRIVE WRESTLING.
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