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Unread 11-18-2011, 01:37 PM
Adam Ryland Adam Ryland is offline
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Default CBH Latest Patch - 2.1 (03 February 2017)

A patch is a small replacement program that is used to quickly and efficiently deal with any issues that are found. It allows us to solve errors without requiring a full patch and the associated big download. It is highly recommended that you download the latest patch whenever a new one is released.

Please note that these patches are only available for the Elicense version of the game. Steam users will get full patches when they are released.

Retail Version Patch 2.1 (03 February 2017)


Download and unzip the patch.

- Inside you will see CBH.exe. Copy (or Cut) this file and go to your CBH folder (normally Program Files \ GDS \ CBH). Use Paste to replace your existing copy. CBH must be closed before you do this! If you have done it correctly then you will see the latest version number in the taskbar when you run the game.

- Detective attribute(s) only gave extra rolls for unmasking situations, not puzzles as well
- All Posession attributes gave 30% chance rather than increasing from 10% up to 30%
- Increased Density 2's cost was missing a zero
(Prior to 2.0)
- Team mission results screen would link to the hero's profile even if villain won
- Dampening Field levels 2 and 3 didn't reduce damage by the amount stated
- Increased Density (all levels) increased rather than reduced defensive rolls
- Merge could incorrectly set Follower details
- Fix to crash that happens when entering a puzzle or unmasking when the user has already been knocked out
- Fix to merge utility (incorrectly handled the ID numbers of any travel companions)
- Warning message regarding running in admin mode
- Improved AI regarding use of energy and health healing powers
- Fixed ID number issue that would occur if copying or importing into a live game when in a non-roleplay game mode
- Fixed crash caused by character using certain reality warp powers
- Fixed crash caused by character using power negation attribute against certain opponents
- Fixed crash when request for team up is rejected
- Fixed issue with Nearly Permanent status removing base location from character
- Fixed crash when unmasking certain characters
- Added Magical requirement when purchasing Mystical powers
- Fixed bonus points not saving when achievement and trophy won at the same time
- Altered so that removing powers does not introduce a gap into the sequence of powers
- Updated graphic to remove typos on moral decision screen
- Added Copy Character button to primary editor's abilities, attributes and powers screens
- Altered so that unavailable characters cannot object to relationships
- Altered "Claws" attribute to only apply to melee attacks
- Fixed error 91 that happened post-combat after searching for someone
- Fixed crash \ data reversal in relationship editor
- Fixed issue with new skin not saving and not updating taskbar
- Fixed issue when certain technology enhancements were used during schemes
- Updated travel selection screen to include notable residents
- Fix to minor crash when searching for teams in the editor
- Fix to typos
- Fix to crash if trying to import minions before their masters
- Fixes crashes that could happen after importing character with alter-egos into a live game (requires new game to be started)
- Fixed very rare crash with white collar crimes
Adam Ryland
Designer of TEW, WMMA, WreSpi, and Comic Book Hero

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