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Unread 11-25-2011, 11:25 AM
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Default Timelines and Alternates (sort-of)

Let's say I want to create several timeline, where people are at different stages of their carreer... I can do that, but I have to make a totally different character everytime. This is no problem at all, with the new features we have... the problem is with the Name of the character.. and it having to be different. I figured out a way to get around it (Hulk 1990's, Hulk 2k, Warworld Hulk, etc.), but Captain America is still Captain America in these time frames...

My suggestion for a future game, would be to have the alternates screen also be able to make Alternates/Duplicates, of the original character, solely for the purpose of being in a different time... Be it a year ago, or 20 years in the past or future. Where this character, at that stage of his carreer, is going to be if a player character decides to visit that time. Where it's possible to have Brainiac (the different Brainiacs are all the same person) fight himself as the good Brainiac from the future visits our current timeframe... where Kingdom Come Superman is the exact same person, the only difference being his abilities have become stronger from solar absorption over the years.

Bassically, a way to keep the same name on these people, without having to do something like add a "." or "!" to the name (and short name).
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