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Unread 12-16-2012, 04:35 PM
Adam Ryland Adam Ryland is offline
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Exclamation TEW2013 Temporary Patch (14 March 2016)

This is the latest TEW2013 temporary patch. It is used to fix errors found so far without the need to wait for an official "proper" patch. Temporary patches are only available for the retail version of the game.



- Unzip the file
- Copy the TEW2013.exe that you find
- Paste it over the top of your existing copy (normally found in Program Files \ GDS \ TEW2013)

Fixes for version 1.2
(March 14th 2016)
- Added ability for owner to block player from accepting working agreements \ non-hostility pacts
- Potential crash with owner goals if adding in new players to take control of company previously user-controlled
- Potential crash if complications arise from surgery
- Potential for wrestler to beat someone on his own team through an odd combo of road agent notes
- Company relationship dropdown menu could become populated with duplicates in some circumstances
- Added owner firing block to development roster
- Possible to skip a player's event through a specific combo of adding and removing new players
- Using a narrative loss could have the amount show up as a gain, thus causing potential taxation on phantom payment
(October 30th 2015)
- Fixed small issue with minimum popularity not setting
- Altered incident handling to be clearer
(October 16th 2015)
- Deleting companies did not clear location's 'owned by' field, causing crashes if location then accessed
- Child companies could have illegal announcers if formed and split on the same day
- User could resign earlier than 5 years after forming own company as block would be accidentally deleted after 6 months
(October 4th 2015)
- Minor issue with owner goals applying incorrectly
- Minor rare issue where a worker could appear for two different companies on the same day
- Minor typos
(June 10th 2015)
- Issue with some negotiations not being blocked when they should
- Some issues with regard to renegotiating deals for workers in child companies
- Mass Delete filter could show incorrect results
- Possible crash if number of title defences went past 255
(May 22nd 2015)
- In some cases re-signing a development worker could be impossible without a call up first
- Possible crash if a narrative to close networks happened when the user had a show active on that network
- Failed surgery could cause the recovery time to end up less than when it began in some rare circumstances
(May 3rd 2015)
- Fixed issue with resigning development workers that was accidentally introduced in previous patch
(April 17th 2015)
- Blocked rare instance where a development worker could end up on the same roster twice
- Old storylines could remain attached to AI-controlled promotions, causing issues if later taken over
- Attendances could be different if an A and B TV show were run on the same day
(January 21st 2015)
- Lowered stat increase rate at user request
- Altered AI bids to use same owner finance limits as player
- Some combinations of road agent winner\loser notes could cause incorrect results in multi-man matches
- Altered way workers learn languages
- Added extra block to stop loophole where loyal workers could be stolen by promotions at war with their home company
- Locker room leader status was not consistent throughout game
- Crash could happen if editing an event of a company that had gone out of business
- Filtering by no brand twice could cause a crash
- Altered text when trainer wants to be called up to be clearer
- User character could refuse some matches due to content \ injury risk
- Altered product change code to allow minor changes without requiring official period of change
- Various typos \ textual errors
(Pre-January 21st 2015)
- Fixed cosmetic issue with display of maximum child fed size
- Added Remote Assistance code to help with 'frozen' pending decisions
- Fixed issue with cancelling shows not removing decisions when doing it via TV profile
- Adjusted rates for TV deals regarding advertising revenue splits
- Fixed minor issue with loaned wrestlers causing inadvertent block on resigning due to working agreements
- Fixed crash when trying to purchase a belt that didn't exist
- Fixed crash when mass editing hair
- Fixed minor issue where occasional female wrestlers could autopush as active in male-only companies
- Some 'bad press' incidents could increase rather than decrease prestige, now fixed
- Wrestlers who no-showed events could still be booked
- Networks could block risky segments before their deal technically became active
- The editor's Estimated Roster count could glitch slightly if three brands were present
- Added code that auto creates established tag teams when sending workers down to development
- Fixed Employment History glitch that could occur when disbanding a company
- Added specific 'finish' versions of Distraction and Botched Interference notes to clarify booking process
- Adjusted title prestige impact
- Fixed rare issues with title changes not happening
- Fixed issue with moving pre bookings from TV to event (or vice versa)
- Fixed crash that could happen with a narrative that had picture but no subject
- Fixed conversion problem that set all regions to maximum of 1%
- Minor cosmetic and textual issues

Fixes for version 1.1
- Fixed issue introduced with 'days left' being incorrectly displayed if weeks and days were both 0
- Altered so that titles do not show Vacant as first champion in the lineage
- Altered AI booking so tag main events have priority booking
- Adjusted working agreement code
- Wording when owner blocking PPV bonuses could be confusing
- Complaints about push could sometimes not match what was said in morale screen
- Problems could occur if turning a wrestler into a user avatar while he's an announcer for a different promotion
- Working agreements didn't always block exclusive deals
- Mails regarding open booking positions would only be sent to the first four players
- Adjusted skill cap generation for core skills to tie in with earlier alteration regarding skill progression
- RTE91 could occur if using the "X" of the window rather than the correct exiting method
- Blocked potential loophole where worker could complain about push if he came back from vacation on same day
- Adjusted TV network AI during negotiations to take into account major and minor markets
- Added babyface \ heel performance improvements to angles
- Was possible for a worker to sign for a promotion that was at war with the one he just signed for
- Multiple title changes that happened within the same week could put title history out of order
- Blocked loophole regarding moving TV taping day
- Addressed issue with occasional unsolicited mails regarding failed pacts
- Adjusted AI for PPV negotiations
- Added ability for AI to create women's division belts and then adjusted as could cause inconsistency if replacing existing women's title
- Blocked loophole involving b-shows
- Adjusted AI reaction to non-aggression and working agreement proposals
- Resilience was not falling with age as intended
- Some narratives involving habits could fail to launch
- Adjusted skill increases from matches for core skills
- Injured \ unavailable workers could be added to a card via pre booking without an being blocked under some circumstances
- Added code to stop wrestlers at 0 popularity never gaining any further popularity if left on the independent scene
- Error could occur when cancelling a TV show slot if it was the only one you had left
- National battle achievement was being counted as regional instead
- Error could occur if only filling in the slot for the last of the three announcers for a match
- Assistant booker matches would not be visible on booking grid if done after a post-show match had been added
- Pre-assigned injuries could prevent a worker appearing in angles or other non-wrestling roles
- Narratives using pictures from the TV folder could cause a crash if clicking on the image via the web site
- PPV Revenue split was not being applied correctly when calculating income
- Adjusted popularity caps for generated wrestlers
- Adjusted 'natural' time-based skill increases for some skills
- Temporary angle roles were not being deleted after use, meaning they'd get attached to any imported angles
- Could pre-book temporary angles, causing a crash once they'd been deleted
- Data check did not take freelance loyalty into account correctly
- 'Never on PPV' setting could be ignored in certain circumstances
- Predator hiring ignored foreign worker hiring rules
- Made agers occur on birth month for convenience
- Cancelling a PPV contract with a renewal awaiting could cause a crash in some circumstances
- Renaming a TV show from the Schedule screen (only) then immediately returning to it could cause a crash
- Sending a new signing to development could cause gimmick and turns to be set \ unset incorrectly
- Made assigning an alter-ego by player more user-friendly in regard to use of masks
- Crash could happen if worker was in over 255 segments in a single storyline
- Altered thresholds for tag team experience regarding AI usage
- Fixed two rare crashes that could occur in AI bookings if specific roster conditions were met
- Blocked user cancelling negotiations with a worker while Decisions screen was still open, to prevent crash
- Workers who were unavailable due to certain situations could still be booked
- Altered contract blocks as XPPA deals could sometimes be incorrectly applied
- Altered PPV revenue rates to be higher
- Altered house show schedule
- Removed incorrect "fast jump to media screen" from PM mode
- Mass Edit skill by X% could take workers over 100% \ below 0% and cause crashes
- Taxes would be zero if within a certain narrow profit range
- Added code to stop workers push demands appearing to fluctuate
- Rare crash if a new team was created that had a lengthy name in a company with lengthy initials
- Fixed issue with AI attendances if A \ B show run on same night
- Fixed issue with unemployed player leaving game mixing up decisions for other players
- Fixed rare RTE 3070 from TV rating calculations
- Fixed rare crash in Backstage screen
- Fixed issue with importing titles that had no company attached
- Fixed issue with importing eras
- Fixed issue with non-reporting of bid changes
- Fixed typo in number of minutes when overbooking pre \ post show matches
- Fixed worker getting penalised for wrong language in segment where unrated
- Fixed 'phantom' third brand that could appear when adjusting brand names
- Fixed RTE3021 that could occur when filtering in rare circumstances
- Added gimmick changes for interfering \ run-in workers
- Fixed RTE400 when loading a second worker profile via shortlist when one already open
- Entertainment skills could be listed twice (cosmetic error) in skill overview in some circumstances
- Cosmetic & minor changes

Fixes for version 1.0 (applies to retail version only; demo may be slightly behind as updated less often)
- Freeze on AI promotion doing rosters while branded
- Freeze on generating new workers while on top two levels of frequency
- Crash during TV negotiations
- Crash on some narratives
- Crash when declaring war on another promotion
- Freeze if owner signed a worker to a contract on his own initiative
- Crash when cancelling some PPV contracts
- Field Too Small error if TV name was large when signing new \ expanding TV deal
- Dojo price could be taken off twice in some circumstances
- Crash when saving angles in in-game editor
- Cosmetic issue that rival bids were showing PPV bonuses with an extra 0 at the end
- If COTY or MOTY was an independent one it could cause a freeze
- Tag finishers during match outputs could cause runtime error 3265
- Could cause a crash if booking a match with no possible draws to end in a draw
- E-mail freezes if went into Promotion -> History via link then back again
- Crash when entering TV renewal screen
- Crash if trying to loan \ trade a worker while having negative cash balance
- Having players leave could cause inboxes to become misaligned
- Pillaging another promotion meant getting all their workers
- Contract screen did not correctly show days if worker hadn't yet joined
- 'Next show' could miss out monthly shows
- Six man tag team tournaments would cause a freeze
- Show ratings could go beyond A* in some cases and appear as "-"
- PA could tell you about other promotions' TV shows by accident
- Attendance levels could be incorrectly penalised in some cases
- A worker leaving a user-led company while still in a pre-booking could cause a crash
- Joining a new promotion as owner \ booker in-game could cause screen problems
- Workers in a user-led promotion could have their stat increases from matches nullified
- Backstage rating could become incorrect if running a non-branded show with a brand split
- Networks screen did not show media groups
- Tag team names altered to be unique for editing purposes
- Couple of minor alterations to in-game editor promotion filter
- Could not view previous storylines if a worker involved had left
- Altered expanding a TV show to show only one error message per network
- Proteges could be back to front
- Previous save game fix introduced an error, now re-fixed
- Contract extension negotiations were not removed when contract expired
- Possible for some workers to be missed in a "Not Awful In Ring Workers" search
- Deleting angles in in-game editor could cause errors
- New Employment Histories were not being generated properly for human companies
- Import data gave an erroneous "duplicate error" message even though it was working fine
- RTE3022 when running AI shows in rare circumstances
- Email order could go out of chronological order if deletion done in certain order (re-fixed December 20th)
- National \ regional battles were taking into account all shows, not just previous month (will automatically fix after one month)
- RTE3021 could happen on some corrupt relationships \ tag teams
- Imported workers were not correctly having gimmicks and movesets reset, so could cause errors
- Cancelling TV from office could cause crash (same as earlier error, different section)
- Workers could be blocked due to touring elsewhere for tours that hadn't yet started
- The Worker Profile -> Availablity calendar could crash in some circumstances
- Inheritance processing could freeze
- Auto-fixing data error regarding loyalty could crash
- Face\heel divide could mistakenly get turned on when it should be off (and therefore cause disposition errors throughout card)
- Cosmetic issue: house show booking would hide match-ups if one worker was unavailable for selection
- Cosmetic issue: non-wrestlers could complain about gruelling schedules
- Hiring owner goals were being incorrectly applied to re-signings
- Women's fed name suggestions ignored unisex names
- Auto push could ignore minimum push clause in contract in some circumstances
- Cosmetic error: birthday tab showed age before birthday but said after
- Cosmetic error: vacations and suspensions could use the wrong text
- RTE3021 could occur in random places if data was corrupt (usually because gimmicks, movesets or media group links were not present), can be fixed by running the Data Check button (fixes database) or using remote assistance code "refreshdb" (fixes save games)
- Could access developmental button during PM portion of day, block added
- Cosmetic error: match history on booking screen could show out of chronological order
- Tweak: increased sponsorship money to smaller promotions by user request
- Pillaging could take workers not selected in rare instances
- Tweak: altered booking analysis screen to take into account off-screen status in angles
- Tweak: minor alteration to overness penalty for declining workers
- Tweak: altered era to take into account overnight date change
- Running with an almost entirely empty database could cause crashes
- Tweak: Added extra warning about handling incident prior to booking at user request
- Small AI promotions were bumping their event size up incorrectly and getting charged more as a result
- Filtering angles in a certain combination on certain editor \ import screens could cause a crash
- Networks, carriers and dojos could fail to open on schedule in some cases
- Tweak: Added note to "?" button that owner goals do not apply to negotiations already finalised
- Match content filter was slightly off
- Swapping in and out players could move promotion ID numbers incorrectly
- Video game tournament incident could cause a crash if applied to a worker with a long name
- Scroll bar added to schedule screen for people with more than 15 events
- Fixed potential tangle that could occur with last player leaving while multi advance activated
- Lessed impact of length of contract valuations + PPV bonus being reset when re-entering negotiations
- Options editor didn't have the newer narratives added correctly
- Autobooker could leave first announcer slot empty, causing issues that are blocked elsewhere
- Tweak: AI keeps tag teams active for duration of title reign even if wrong dispo \ push, so that name remains in use
- Tweak: Reduced sponsorship back to near original level for local promotions at user request
- Deleting angles via the in-game editor could leave unused files in place
- Tweak: Made it clearer that multi advance cannot be used in multiplayer
- Signing an existing employee to a dev deal could cause a duplicate on the roster
- Dev workers could walk out via indy sleaze
- Cosmetic: PA didn't update after product screen exit
- Having multiple players leave at once could cause negotiations to collapse
- Lineage entries where a name was given but no worker would show as 'vacant' in promotion profiles
- Entering narratives editor could cause a crash due to typo introduced in a previous fix
- Loyalty could be ignored in certain rare occasions during negotiation proceedings
- Cosmetic tweak: Booking Analysis altered to show all workers, not just in-ring, at user request
- Tag team display during booking could show injured workers \ ignore pushes of unused workers
- Cosmetic: The hiring rules screen could clone a (harmless) blank version
- Workers refusing to sign because of unhappiness wouldn't actually block negotiations
- Couldn't save events with Year as their postfix (in main editor only)
- Cosmetic: User Stats screen showed wrong event name for best PPV buyrate
- Mass Add Relationship would stop after first addition
- Dojo filter (in-game) would not show all inactive dojos (fix will only work on games started with Dec 27th patch or later)
- Warning message that other PPV decisions would be delayed after signing a new deal was not being properly displayed
- Runtime Error 3061 on some screens when filtering by gimmick performance
- New Show \ Expand Show were not correctly blocked when applied to the same network
- Tweak: AI limited to top bid of $125k, same as player
- Tweak: Limited number of tag teams the AI can make per worker
- Employment histories were not working correctly when 'first refusal' signing a graduate from a dojo
- RTE 3161 could occur after last segment \ before show summary if the event name was particularly long
- Issues could arise when adding media groups to an empty database
- Re-signing while your avatar was a champion could cause a freeze
- Worker momentum, when at very low levels, could reset to nothingness
- Signing an existing employee to a development deal could cause erroneous employment history and wrong name in news feed
- Freeze when taking over new company in some circumstances
- Altered filter by no picture to take into account physically missing files at user request
- PPV contract signing could cause crash if the name of the carrier was too long
- Tweak: Bosses are more proactive at keeping their friends and family when user tries to fire them
- Tweak: Altered contract negotiations to stop warring promotions constantly battling over talent at user request
- Changing a TV show's name in the media screen could cause issues with the list not being updated
- Between game loading could freeze if a specific worker had worked more than 255 times that year
- Workers who should have been unavailable could sometimes slip into available list for booking
- Looking at Tour screen when linking from an e-mail could cause a crash
- In-game title editor had 10 characters less for belt names than the main editor
- Cosmetic: Development report could repeat lines
- Cosmetic: Added code to display angle even if illegal characters had been used
- Putting TV rating unit down to extremely small could cause a crash due to enormous ratings
- Development promotions could sometimes hire people directly to dev deals even when player owned
- Cheap wins would not count as successful title defences even if the champion won the match
- Cosmetic: Tag team of the year awards did not show up in awards section
- Cosmetic: Six man tag team title matches would incorrectly show as wrong champs in booking analysis screen
- Wrestlers dying \ leaving business could leave open-ended employment histories
- Cosmetic: Altered medical screen to give days before injury name to avoid the former being cut off
- Cosmetic: Altered skin change to auto-update taskbar immediately at user request
- Employment histories could mess up in some circumstances
- RTE3625 if a new company opened and the new owner was currently in negotiations with a user character
- Backstage rules regarding smoking and drinking were back-to-front
- Tag team title matches could get blank opponents in extreme circumstances, added blocks to prevent
- A blank third brand could appear on some screens if set-up in a certain way
- Workers could leave due to signing with a promotion "at war" when they weren't actually at war
- Cosmetic: Reputation could go under 0 (displayed as "-") from incident handling
- Cosmetic: Brands with lots of spaces after their name could cause issues due to displaying
- Cosmetic: Type of finish, when not specified, made more random at user request
- AI companies could get around working agreements to sign workers they shouldn't in certain situations
- Cosmetic: Made worker death e-mails 'important' at user request
- Hiring rules would be saved to wrong place in in-game live editor
- Legacy-created blood relations would exist but be hidden from view
- Tweak: Altered so that retired wrestlers still check fatigue in case they have been set to be active in a contract
- Cosmetic: Appended death \ closure date to existing biography text
- Cosmetic: Calendar unavailable workers have all companies listed inside brackets rather than separately
- Cosmetic: Simmering turn text in road agent notes could be duplicated if a turn note was used
- Adding new user and pillaging could leave open-ended employment histories
- Open negotiations with a worker who leaves to a rival bidder who are at war was not correctly blocking subsequent offer
- Rosters containing more than 255 workers would cause crash when dealing with pushes
- Tweak: Made importer set companies at no drug testing by user request
- Cosmetic: TV ratings could be displayed in wrong order
- Mass Delete filter had a couple of fields that were not filtering correctly
- Cosmetic: Skills could be seen out of FOW mode when in TV -> Announcers
- In six man matches, if more than one team was present then experience could get mismatched
- Workers called up from development could turn into PPA deals (unsure if fixed entirely as could not recreate consistently)
- The filter in mass edit did not take into account missing pictures correctly in all circumstances
- Re-entering to view a contract where the amount offered was less than the lowest smart offer could cause a crash
- Viewing invalid angle commentary from via the cloning screen could cause a crash
- Some moves would not be used during commentary
- If signing a worker from another company's development to your own development could cause invalid blocks
- Cosmetic: Pre-booking lists dormant events last by user request
- Cosmetic: TV Expansion screen would list shows multiple times if they had more than one slot
- RTE91 when trying to display tag team finisher during match reports (caused by typo in previous patch)
- Tweak: Removing contracts automatically updates power structures
- Dojo filter wasn't working correctly on min \ max reputation
- Tweak: Added e-mailed note to clarify popularity changes post-fall at user request
- Tweak: Owners can give themselves written deals when promotion rises to National or above, at user request
- Company Of The Year achievement could be won via Most Improved Company
- Entering a new player would mistakenly not remove existing pending decisions for that company
Adam Ryland
Designer of TEW, WMMA, WreSpi, and Comic Book Hero

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