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Unread 12-01-2013, 05:56 AM
Adam Ryland Adam Ryland is offline
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Default Latest Temporary Patch (March 14th 2016)

This thread contains the latest WreSpi3 temporary patch; it is used to fix errors and apply suggested additions without the need for a lengthy wait for an official "proper" patch.


Temporary Patch Installation
- Download and unzip the file
- Copy the WreSpi3.exe file that you find inside
- Paste it over the top of your existing copy (normally found in Program Files \ GDS \ WreSpi3)

Temporary Patch Log
(March 14th 2015)
- Fixed crash the could occur when generating potential storylines
- Fixed crash that would occur if you tried to mass edit Overall Rating
(September 19th 2015, at which point the game version becomes 2.0)
- Tag Stars storyline could become frozen
- Master Tactician attribute could incorrectly be blocked
- It was possible to gain the same attribute twice as a reward from storylines
(July 18th 2015)
- Rare crash when generating possible storylines if masks were involved
(January 3rd 2015)
- Issue with tag team partner eligiblity if partner gained popularity above user's
- Chance Of Win could become incorrect if manager interference left opponent downed
- Crash when filtering characters in league mode
- Importing company relationships could glitch and crash in some circumstances
- 10th of the Twelve Labours storyline had a typo in description
- Tag Team Clash storyline had incorrect losing criteria
(Pre January 3rd 2015)
- Fixed possible error that could occur with the Giant Killer storyline
- Rare RTE3021 in independent scene
- First Blood matches mistakenly said that finishes required high or finisher level moves
- Become A Legend screen could glitch occasionally
- Referee could be down and the match could still finish in some gimmick bouts
- Potential fix to crash that can happen after a 5* match in Streak mode
- Fixed RTE3265 when filtering moves by gender
- Multi-man submission matches were not falls-count-anywhere as the description said they were
- Fixed issue where CoW could be increased past the 990 upper limit
- Fixed issue whereby AI contract steals \ signings could become glitched
- Adrenaline rushes were working incorrectly
- Partners could be missed from profile for tournament titles
- Trophies could become unlockable due to end of year screen reporting on 13 storylines rather than 12
- Copying tag teams or company relationships in the editor could cause crashes
- Ref could be knocked out in first blood and tables matches when he shouldn't
- Fixed issue with some storylines that weren't setting partner correctly
- Adjusted CoW from failed moves that were countered with Move
- Added set of three "Impact Player" attributes and then adjusted as they were initially accidentally set to be free
- Some debuts were appearing under the wrong filter heading
- RTE3078 when trying to copy companies
- Some storylines were available to women's division wrestlers when they shouldn't have been
- RTE3021 during exhibition matches when viewing profile if a specific promotion was chosen and the worker had a manager who did not have a contract with that company
- Contract setting for turns were being ignored and using the worker's default setting instead
- RTE3021 when AI on attack in certain situations
- Added ability to view profiles of 'supporting cast' when choosing a storyline; you should download a new View Profile button HERE and place it in your Skins \ Buttons folder to fully activate the feature, although it will auto use the Roster button instead if you forget
- Blocked ability for "Jr" prefex when creating a legacy for someone whose name already ends with it
- Made criteria for ending table matches clearer
- Managerial interference could result in client 'teleporting' to the top rope
- Altered PBP log to use custom text
- Fixed issue where wrestlers could be mistakenly blocked from major contract offers due to certain pact settings
- Converter was leaving manager links in contracts when manager was not converted over; added auto-correct to data check facility
- Titles were not being vacated (visible in Profile) when wrestler left company in some circumstances
- Copying attribute sets could cause duplication if the copy was then removed
- Wrestler AI Control was not saving in the editor (either one)
- RTE3021 could occur immediately after a match in Streak and Tag Trauma modes
- Custom move commentary could be blocked if using short names
- Popularity could fall to Inactive if working for a small company while at Local Talent level
- RTE91 when filtering for unemployed while in exhibition mode
- Crashes when saving in 'live' editor on companies or title belts
- Made 'raise' buttons in Skills screen fade out when not in use
- Legacies were not working correctly in some situations
- In some situations the final 2 boxes of a 5x5 exhibition match were not filled in
- The bracing text could sometimes give the wrong figure
- Medical DQs were incorrectly active during iron man matches
- The 'Under Siege' storyline would end as neutral, not a success, when completed properly
- Manager contracts could fail to save
- Copying managers could fail
- Tag tournaments could cause a crash if certain criteria were met
- Altered best of five storyline to end after 3 wins at user request
- Altered generated workers' initial stats to be less powerful
- Live-game editor move filter would not reset Trademark Of correctly
- The move list filter in a match could disappear temporarily if you were warned about DQs
- Added calculations for brace-created shrug off, including extra text pop-up for when it fails
- Fixed the two independent storylines where your tag partner wasn't filled in correctly
- Enhanced "has signed with" news story to include contract type
- Freeze when between days in career mode and rosters being balanced
- Added ability to stay on attribute \ move set editor screens to allow easier auto assigning
- Added 'auto assign' choice when importing move and attribute sets
- Increased the number of items that would be added to the PBP log, including blood reports and random events
- Stopped AI spamming pinfall attempts while the referee was unconscious
Adam Ryland
Designer of TEW, WMMA, WreSpi, and Comic Book Hero

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