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Unread 02-02-2018, 04:04 PM
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Default 3CW Encore


Three Count Wrestling is back! And now you can relive many of its classic moments through our on demand service! Established in 2004 and primarily based in the North East of England, the original 3CW was (and is) a huge staple in the regrowth of British professional wrestling, which shows no signs of stopping today!

Classic events now available such as Mid Summer Showdown when Dale Kid Richie and Chris Whitton did battle in a TLC match! Darkest Deeds featuring the ever dangerous Darkest Draw! All Star Iron Man when multi champ, Alex Shane met his maker in Conscience! What about when the hottest US Indy stars of the day, Low-Ki and Amazing Red turned up to play?!

Witness the birth and early years of careers such as Martin Kirby, El Ligero and Prince Ameen and relive the PAC era (Neville in the WWE), the ongoing battles between Dragon Aisu and Stevie Lynn, the rise and turn of Blake Norton, the last survivor of the world famous Hart family dungeon and the Pro Wrestling NOAH and
FWA invasions when international stars, Takeshi Morishima and Doug Williams took the gold!
3CW successfully returned with 3CW Encore in late 2016 and have gone from strength to strength, bringing in some of England's finest whilst retaining originals such as Dragon Aisu/ICE XVII, Chris Whitton, Kid Richie and Si Swan/Lance Thunder.

After all the years of being fan favourites, Whitton, Richie and Swan stunned the 3CW fans by turning their backs on them and rebranding themselves as the Dormo Dynasty.

Rolling into 2018 and the company has decided on taking a new turn, British wrestling legend Johnny Kidd has bought out the promotion in the hopes his knowledge for the business can help them return to the heights they once seemed destined for, they've also brought in European wrestling icons Davide Simeone and Diego Digou in to try and add more star power to their 3CW on Demand service.
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Unread 02-02-2018, 04:20 PM
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Title Histories


#4 Rampage (2)
w3 Mar 2018 - CURRENT
Coulby Newham, England

#3 Davide Simeone
w3 Feb 2018 - w3 Mar 2018
Redcar, England

#2 Rampage Brown
27.01.2018 - w3 Feb 2018
Middlesbrough, England

#1 Alex Gracie
20.05.2017 - 27.01.2018
Hartlepool, England

#20 Si Swan(2)
w3 Feb 2018 - CURRENT
Redcar, England

#19 Amir Jordan
11.11.2017 - w3 Feb 2018
Darlington, England

#18 Prince Ameen (3)
15.04.2017 - 11.11.2017
Northallerton, England

#17 Si Swan
12.11.2016 - 15.04.2017
Hartlepool, England

#16 Prince Mohmed Ameen (2)
11.03.2011 - 12.11.2016
Billingham, England

#15 Dan Evans
11.03.2011 - 11.03.2011
Billingham, England

#14 Mick Falls
21.08.2010 - 11.03.2011
Durham, England

#13 Martin Kirby
10.07.2009 - 21.08.2010
Billingham, England

#12 Dragon Aisu
21.11.2008 - 10.07.2009
Billingham, England


#11 Prince Mohmed Ameen
31.08.2007 - 21.11.2008
Ormesby, England

#10 Cameron Kraze
23.03.2007 - 31.08.2007
Billingham, England

#9 Blake Norton
08.12.2006 - 23.03.2007
Northallerton, England

#8 William Grange Esq.
15.09.2006 - 08.12.2006
Billingham, England

17.06.2006 - 15.09.2006

#7 Pac
25.02.2006 - 17.06.2006
Billingham, England

#6 Kid Richie (2)
15.10.2005 - 25.02.2006
Dublin, Ireland

#5 Anthony Idol
07.10.2005 - 15.10.2005
Middlesbrough, England

#4 Kid Richie
15.07.2005 - 07.10.2005
Billingham, England

#3 Chris Whitton
20.02.2005 - 15.07.2005
Dormanstown, England

#2 Dave Styles
07.11.2004 - 20.02.2005
Middlesbrough, England

#1 CJ Hunter
17.09.2004 - 07.11.2004
Billingham, England

#19 Chris Whitton & Kid Richie (6)
09.12.2017 - CURRENT
Hartlepool, England

#18 The Rogues Gallery (Leon Mercer & Stan Kellit)
11.11.2017 - 09.12.2017
Darlington, England

#17 Chris Whitton & Kid Richie (5)
30.09.2017 - 11.11.2017
Northallerton, England

12.04.2013 - 30.09.2017

#16 Drunk And Disorderly (Chris Cannon & GBH) (2)
12.04.2013 - 12.04.2013
Northallerton, England

#15 BMW (Damian O'Connor & Scott Renwick)
20.05.2011 - 12.04.2013
Billingham, England

#14 Team Cameron Kraze (Cameron Kraze & Prince Mohmed Ameen)
01.10.2010 - 20.05.2011
Billingham, England

#13 Andy Swan & Chris Whitton
12.02.2010 - 01.10.2010
Billingham, England

#12 Team Dormanstown (Chris Whitton & Kid Richie) (4)
20.11.2009 - 12.02.2010
Billingham, England

#11 Project Ego (Kris Travis & Martin Kirby)
30.01.2009 - 20.11.2009
Billingham, England

#10 Team Dormanstown (Chris Whitton & Kid Richie) (3)
25.10.2008 - 30.01.2009
Middlesbrough, England

#9 The Lost (Jordan Way & Michael Wentz)
16.05.2008 - 25.10.2008
Billingham, England

#8 Team Supremacy (The Last Ninja & Vincent D. White)
14.03.2008 - 16.05.2008
Billingham, England

#7 Team Dormanstown (Chris Whitton & Kid Richie) (2)
11.11.2007 - 14.03.2008
Middlesbrough, England

#6 The North East Bulldogs (Anthony McIntyre, Lance Thunder & Spitfire)
23.03.2007 - 11.11.2007
Billingham, England

#5 Team Dormanstown (Chris Whitton & Kid Richie)
24.06.2006 - 23.03.2007
Gloucester, England

#4 The Vegas Connection (Dan Evans & Vincent D. White) (2)
25.02.2006 - 24.06.2006
Billingham, England

#3 Cutting EDGEucation (CJ Hunter & William Grange Esq.)
07.10.2005 - 25.02.2006
Middlesbrough, England

#2 The Vegas Connection (Dan Evans & Vincent D. White)
15.07.2005 - 07.10.2005
Billingham, England

#1 Chris Cannon & GBH
10.06.2005 - 15.07.2005
Billingham, England
2018 - Doug Williams
2008 - Martin Kirby
2005 - ICE XVII
2004 - Adam Brown
2009 - Cameron Kraze
2007 - Chris Whitton (2)
2006 - William Grange Esq.
2005 - Chris Whitton
2004 - Jayson Mayson

#21 Chris Whitton
12.04.2013 - 12.04.2013 (<1 day)

#20 Martin Kirby
20.05.2011 - 12.04.2013 (693 days)

#19 El Ligero (2)
30.04.2010 - 20.05.2011 (385 days)

#18 Darkside & El Ligero (2)
25.09.2009 - 30.04.2010 (217 days)

#17 Darkside
06.06.2009 - 25.09.2009 (111 days)

#16 Cameron Kraze (2)
29.05.2009 - 06.06.2009 (8 days)

#15 El Ligero
10.04.2009 - 29.05.2009 (49 days)

#14 Cameron Kraze
21.09.2007 - 10.04.2009 (567 days)

#13 Dragon Aisu (5)
15.09.2006 - 21.09.2007 (371 days)

#12 Pac
28.05.2006 - 15.09.2006 (110 days)

#11 Takeshi Morishima
12.05.2006 - 28.05.2006 (16 days)

#10 Doug Williams
24.03.2006 - 12.05.2006 (49 days)

#9 Stevie Lynn (2)
09.09.2005 - 24.03.2006 (196 days)

#8 Ice XVII (4)
10.06.2005 - 09.09.2005 (91 days)

#7 Stevie Lynn
28.05.2005 - 10.06.2005 (13 days)

#6 Ice XVII (3)
11.02.2005 - 28.05.2005 (106 days)

#5 Conscience
17.09.2004 - 11.02.2005 (147 days)

#4 Ice XVII (2)
12.05.2004 - 17.09.2004 (128 days)

#3 Lance Thunder (2)
18.04.2004 - 12.05.2004 (24 days)

#2 Ice XVII
17.04.2004 - 18.04.2004 (1 day)

#1 Lance Thunder
25.03.2004 - 17.04.2004 (23 days)

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Unread 02-02-2018, 04:23 PM
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Events History

February 2018: Draw The Line
March 2018: Free For All
April 2018: Revival
May 2018: Enthrone
June 2018: Revolt
July 2018: Mid-Summer Showdown
August 2018: Euphoria
September 2018: Darkest Deeds
October 2018: No Remorse
November 2018: Encore
December 2018: The Fight Before Christmas

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Unread 02-02-2018, 04:47 PM
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I don't particularly like Real world diaries just because its hard to get invested in them as I know the characters outside of the diary. However this has talent I know but not too much about.

Edit: Sign Bubblegum

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Unread 02-02-2018, 04:51 PM
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Wow, 3CW...not often I get flashbacks on here. A few of the 3CW guys worked for me at Scottish Championship Wrestling, Ice being one of them, and we sent a few guys down for a show at one stage (came inches from a hell of an accident at a roundabout on the way down...Redcar maybe).

Good luck with this.
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Unread 02-02-2018, 06:10 PM
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3CW have announced that their upcoming show, Draw the Line, held at Redcar and Cleveland Community College, will see new 3CW Champion Rampage take on one of 3CW's newest additions, Davide Simeone.


Davide Simeone has booked new 3CW Tag Team Champions Team Dormanstown of the Dormo Dynasty to defend their titles against fellow 3CW originals Project Lucha, Martin Kirby and El Ligero, and also against the team of everyone's favourite Bro Matt Riddle, and Olympian Jeff Cobb.
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Unread 02-02-2018, 08:00 PM
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New 3CW Head Booker Davide Simeone has today announced that at this months Draw The Line event will see new signings Bram, the former Magnus, Nick Aldis, and the former Wade Barrett, Stu Bennett will make their3CW debuts.

BritWres has learned that Johnny Kidd is teasing an announcement to be made at Draw The Line. Rumours are that this announcement has some historical aspect to it, however no other news is known as yet.



The 3CW Original who was due to retire in November last year has today learned that he will be challenging Amir Jordan and Prince Ameen for the North East Championship.

A far cry from it's Young Lions roots, the title was never vacated by Ameen after 3CW originally folded, Swan won the title during 3CW's return show only to lose the title back to Ameen. Ameen then held onto the belt up until facing Amir Jordan. Now the three go up against each other, who will come out victorious?
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Unread 02-03-2018, 05:47 PM
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Redcar and Cleveland Community College - 379 in attendance

For the first time ever, 3CW is airing live on the 3CW On Demand streaming service, so please bare with us if there's any lagging or buffering that may happen!

Dragon Aisu vs Joseph Conners vs Keith Lee vs Liam Slater

The opening contest of the night sees former 3CW Heavyweight Champion Dragon Aiso take on WWE UK's Joseph Conners, a 3CW fan favourites in Keith Lee and Liam Slater.

Slater struggled to get into this match as the 2 big men used him as batting practise, Conners was left in a heap at one point towards the top of the walkway. Keith Lee spent time playing up to the crowd until turning into a Michinoku Driver XVII by Aisu who picked up the win.

Dragon Aisu defeated Joseph Conners, Keith Lee and Liam Slater in 16:26 when Dragon Aisu defeated Keith Lee by pinfall with a Michinoku Driver XVII.

With new lead announced Greg Lambert away with ICW, Mark Adams and Diego Digou took to the announce table, they hyped up the recent additions of Nick Aldis and Stu Bennett to the 3CW roster.

3CW Tag Team Championship Match: Team Dormanstown vs Project Lucha vs Prospect vs The Chosen Bros

A match that had everyone excited, the 3CW Tag belts were to be defended in a 3 way match, that was until James R. Kennedy showed his face and demanded that former 3CW Champion Alex Gracie use his rematch clause in a tag match instead of going back after the title he had just lost to Rampage! Kennedy introduced Lucas Archer to the shocked crowd as this was now a 4 way!

A match that had two fast eliminations saw Prospect as the first to be eliminated as Cobb landed a mean looking German Suplex on Archer, before Kirby then eliminated Cobb with a Schting kick, leaving the 2 teams of 3CW Originals in the ring.

The two teams gave the fans a good back and forth match with several falls finishes, before fellow Dormo Dynasty member Si Swan came to the ring and distracted Ligero

Team Dormanstown defeated Project Lucha, Prospect and The Chosen Bros. in 12:54; the order of elimination was Prospect first, then The Chosen Bros., and finally Project Lucha. Team Dormanstown make defence number 1 of their 3CW Tag Team Championship titles.

Dormo Dynasty stay in the ring and take the ring announcers microphone, Kid Richie starts screaming at the fans asking them "Who's the best!" Whitton's up next, he tells the fans that they are, just as his nickname once was. is now, and forever will be, "Simply the best" before handing the mic to Swan "I don't know about you 2, but i'm done with being Mr. Nice Guy, Mr. 3CW, Mr. For the fans, I'm here to win titles, screw retirement, I'm not stopping until Dormo Dynasty own all the belts 3CW has to offer!"

Bram vs Nathan Cruz

The first of 3CW's newest signings, Bram steps out to take on Nathan Cruz.

A very intense fight that saw the fans turn on it a little, Bram tried his best to overcome the 3CW regular, however Cruz hit an Exit Stage Right for the win.

Nathan Cruz defeated Bram in 11:59 by pinfall with an Exit Stage Right.

New 3CW owner Johnny Kidd steps onto the stage as Bram slowly makes his way to the back, Kidd tells the fans he's delighted to be here and is looking forward to sharing his knowledge with the next generation of British wrestling, but in order to move forward he must respect the past, and with that, next month's 3CW Free for All will see the return of the Free for All rumble!

Darkside vs Gabriel Kidd

Following the turn by Team Dormanstown on Kidd, he's seemed a lost cause, now is his chance to show he can stand out on his own as he takes on a 2 time former 3CW Heavyweight Champion in Darkside.

Darkside, being the ring vet he is kept a hold of his moves that second longer, made sure everything was locked in as tight as he could. Kidd struggled to stand but got to his feet every time of asking, Darkside, beginning to get frustrated, became lax, and after missing a Darkest Driver got caught with a strange looking strangle hold by Kidd and ultimately tapped out.

Gabriel Kidd defeated Darkside in 9:33 by submission.

Davide Simeone comes out to greet the crowd, he assures them that just because he's the new man in charge doesn't mean that's the reason he's taking on Rampage tonight.

3CW North East Championship: Amir Jordan vs Prince Ameen vs Si Swan

Amir Jordan dances his way around the college hall getting the young fans to dance along with him, one fan doesn't seem too fussed by him and ends up blind sighting him, the fan turns out to be Chris Whitton! Prince Ameen charges the ring, telling the referee to get this match started as he attempts to drag Jordan into the ring, as the referee's hand comes down for 2 Si Swan's music interrupts and he rushes the ring, hitting Ameen with wicked rights and lefts.

Jordan plays the face in peril before managing to get he better of Ameen, Jordan climbs the top but is pushed off by Swan and lands hard into the front row of chairs!

Prince Ameen gets to his feet and lands a DDT on Swan, as Ameen stands over him ready to lock in a Camel Clutch only for Kid Richie to run ringside, he attempts to get in the ring, distracting both the referee and Prince Ameen, Swan manages to get to his knees, he hits a huge low blow on Ameen, and then hits a Thunder Driver for the win! We've got a new North East Champion!

Si Swan defeated Amir Jordan and Prince Ameen in 13:40 when Si Swan defeated Prince Ameen by pinfall with a Thunder Driver following interference from Kid Richie. Si Swan wins the 3CW North East Championship title.

Instead of celebrating his title win, Dormo Dynasty triple team Prince Ameen, once they're done there, they turn their attentions to a downed Amir Jordan who's being seen to by medics, Swan pushes them away before the Dynasty drag Jordan to the merch table, Whitton and Swan lift Jordan up into a suplex before Richie hits a crossbody through the table.

Marco Petrucci vs Nick Aldis vs Stu Bennett

Davide Simeone's hand picked protege makes his 3CW debut along with former TNA star Nick Aldis, and former WWE star Stu Bennett.

A show case from these 3 showed just why WWE and TNA had two of them, Petrucci comparing well with them.

With Aldis and Bennett going at each other hammer and nail, Petrucci bumped Bennett into Aldis who topples over the top rope, Petrucci hits a Petrucci Drive on Bennett for the surprise win!

Marco Petrucci defeated Nick Aldis and Stu Bennett in 15:46 when Marco Petrucci defeated Stu Bennett by pinfall with a Petrucci Driver.

With Petrucci celebrating, everyone's favourite Bro Matt Riddle hits the ring, he goes to shake Petrucci's hand then drops him with a huge knee to the jaw!

3CW Championship: Rampage vs Davide Simeone

Main event time! Rampage walks the ramp ready to defend his title for the first time, Simeone's music hits and out walks the challenger!

Simeone and Rampage put on a show for the fans in attendance, several false finishes and a lot of back and forth between the two.The fans seem unsure who to get behind as both men are taking the other to their best.

Simeone hit a Spinning Face Buster for a close count, Rampage landed a piledriver for an even closer count before Simeone hit a second SFB for the win and the title change!

Davide Simeone defeated Rampage Brown in 18:25 by pinfall with a Spinning Face Buster. Davide Simeone wins the 3CW Championship title.
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BritWres once again bringing you the latest news there is to find around the British wrestling scene, and we'll be covering 3CW in this edition of Insider!

Several fans in attendance were upset at how intense some of the fights were at the recent Draw The Line event, officials seemed to have listened as they were seen talking with talent backstage after the show by those who had purchased the V.I.P Meet and Greet packages.

We've learned from a source within the company that Liam Slater, Chris Renfrew and Joe Hendry have all been told that they won't be needed by the company for the foreseeable future.

A new alliance has been started this month and 3CW will be a part of it. The Global Wrestling Alliance, GWA, will see 1 company from every area join together as a unit, sharing one Heavyweight title and one set of Tag titles that can be used on any show should they wish, those companies that have agreed to work together are: 3CW, IMPACT, Melbourne City Wresling, All Japan Pro Wrestling, German Wrestling Federation, The Crash Lucha Libre.

According to one source backstage Davide Simeone was seen going ballistic with referee James Oxtoby after his match with Rampage, if our source is correct, Simeone wasn't supposed to win the title and Oxtoby counted faster than he shold have, not allowing Rampage the chance to kick out.

Finally from us, Johnny Kidd's announcement is apparently going to see a lot of former 3CW stars, including those from across the world, make an appearance in the Rumble match.
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3CW has today learnt that several names have already been announced for this months Free For All Rumble event.

Dormo Dynasty will all be entering the event, which was first won by Adam Brown way back in 2004, along with previous winners Dragon Aisu and Martin Kirby.

The list announced so far is:
Dormo Dynasty (Chris Whitton, Kid Richie, Si Swan)
Dragon Aisu
Martin Kirby
Gabriel Kidd
Joseph Conners
Prince Ameen
Keith Lee

3CW Free For All may be hosting its first Rumble event for 10 years, but there will be other matches on the card. Already announced is Marco Petrucci's MMA warm up fight with Matt Riddle. Petrucci has agreed to take on his first MMA fight with North East MMA promotion Made4TheCage and will begin his camp training immediately after FFA, and following Matt Riddle's recent assault, it only makes sense for 3CW to pit the 2 against each other.

While Dormo Dynasty may have all confirmed their slots in the Rumble however they do have titles and they all need defending! Team Dormanstown will defend their Tag titles against Damned Nation members Alex Gracie and Lucas Archer, while Si Swan will defend against former 3CW North East Champion Amir Jordan.

Finally, new 3CW Champion Davide Simeone defends against Rampage who has cashed in his rematch clause.


It's true, for one night only, following his release from NOAH, former 3CW Heavyweight champion, possibly the biggest name to have ever held the 3CW title, Takeshi Morishima comes out of retirement to make an appearance in the Free For All Rumble!

Morishima retired from in ring action after contracting diabetes in 2015, and had been working on NOAH's board of directors before recently transitioning to behind the announce desk.

3CW would like to assure fans that Takeshi has been medically cleared by his doctors for this one off return to the ring, and while the winner does recieve a title shot at their chosen event, should Takeshi win, he gets to sleect his own challenger to the title.
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Rainbow Centre, Coulby Newham - 300 in attendance.

Harlem Bravado vs Jeff Cobb

The opening match of the night sees Jeff Cobb in singles action against American import Harlem Bravado.

A quick match which neither man manages to get much of a hold over the match, Bravado gets the win with a very tame looking dropkick!

Harlem Bravado defeated Jeff Cobb in 5:43 by pinfall with a Dropkick.

3CW Tag Team Championship: Team Dormanstown vs Prospect

Team Dormanstown walk to the ring without Si Swan in sight, maybe they'll be going at this on their own tonight? James R. Kennedy leads out Damned Nation members Prospect and fans don't know who to cheer for!

Kennedy tries to get the victory for his team, constantly distracting Team Dormanstown by using his own microphone.

Kennedy's tactics seemed to hinder his team more than it did help, as Whitton hit a superkick to Lucas Archer before Richie landed a Swanton Bomb for the retain.

Team Dormanstown defeated Prospect in 12:35 when Kid Richie defeated Lucas Archer by pinfall with a Swanton Bomb. Team Dormanstown make defence number 2 of their 3CW Tag Team Championship titles.

Marco Petrucci vs Matt Riddle

A grudge match of sorts here for the MMA bound Marco Petrucci, Matt Riddle comes out to massive cheers.

A good exhibitiom of styles between these two, Riddle tries not to rely too heavily on his MMA background, trying out a lot more entertainment style of wrestling while Petrucci starts to incorporate a new heavy striking offence.

Riddle landed the same knee to the jaw he did last month, but showboated a little too long before going for the cover, only managing a 2 count, Riddle picks up Petrucci and tries for the knee again, only to be caught and hit with a Petrucci Driver for the match.

Marco Petrucci defeated Matt Riddle in 10:52 by pinfall with a Petrucci Driver.

3CW North East Championship: Si Swan vs Amir Jordan

A match that Swan completely dominated, he made very short work of Jordan, but constantly teased the youngster and the fans before putting him and them out of their misery with a Thunder Driver in just under 9 minutes!

Si Swan defeated Amir Jordan in 8:53 by pinfall with a Thunder Driver. Si Swan makes defence number 1 of his 3CW North East Championship title.

Bram/Nick Aldis vs Nathan Cruz/Stu Bennett

Former TNA stars Bram and Nick Aldis take on one of Britain's finest in Nathan Cruz and former WWE star Stu Bennett.

Bram and Aldis never seemed on the same page, Cruz had a strong following from the crowd and Bennett just went in hammer and fist beating anyone in his way.

Despite their dominance, Cruz and Bennett never looked likely to win, and with Bram keeping Bennett occupied, Aldis hit Cruz with a Tormentum for his team's victory.

Bram and Nick Aldis defeated Nathan Cruz and Stu Bennett in 12:13 when Nick Aldis defeated Nathan Cruz by pinfall with a Tormentum.

3CW Free For All Rumble

Penultimate match of the night here, the Free For All Rumble!

El Ligero's music hits and out he comes first, the crowd awaits anxiously for who #2 will be, and out comes Martin Kirby! The Project Lucha team stare each other down for what seems an eternity before the countdown begins... 3...2....1...... BUBBLEGUM IS HERE! Immediately Ligero seems stuck! Who does he team with? Kirby? or his Hubba Bubba Lucha partner Bubblegum? Gum goes after Kirby, Ligero pulls him away, Kirby goes after Bubblegum, but Ligero pulls him away! The countdown begins again, and out next is former 3CW Tag Champion, a former 3CW Young Lions Champion, and a former 3CW Lord of the Ring winner, William Grange Esq!

5th out was Si Swan who immediately threw out Ligero, out next saw former 3CW Champion Doug Williams make his return!

There were several notable returns made during the rumble, Jonny Storm came down immediately after Doug Williams, Liam Thompson came in at 11, Low-Ki, Sean David, Alex Shane, Keith Myatt, Grado (formerly appeared in 3CW as Grant Dunbar), Mark Sloan and Takeshi Morishima from 13 to 19, Morishima elimiated Sloan and Thompson before being thrown over the top Dormo Dynasty!

The next wave if returns saw Ollie Burns, Mohammed Yone, Amazing Red and Joey Hayes between 21 and before Mad Man Manson made his return to the ring at 28, and Jody Fleisch came out at 30.

With the fans struggling to get over each new return the final 4 saw Alex Shane, Low-Ki, Doug Williams and Jody Fleisch remain.

Alex Shane was eliminated by both Fleisch and Ki, who then both turned on each other, a rapid fire amount of kicks from each other saw both men go over the top rope, Ki eliminated Fleisch before Williams pushed him off the apron as he tried to re-enter the ring! Doug Williams wins the Rumble!

Doug Williams won a battle royal in 60:01. The other members of the 'final four' were Low-Ki, Jody Fleisch and Alex Shane, with Low-Ki being the final elimination. Alex Shane managed to record the most eliminations while Doug Williiams recorded the longest survival time. Doug Williams wins the 3CW Free For All Rumble title.

3CW Championship: Davide Simeone vs Rampage

Main event time, the fans seem worn out after the hour long rumble, but Simeone and Rampage don't seem to care as both men take the fight to each other, fighting around the leisure centre hall, using the walls, the fans seats and even signs they've made as weapons!

Referee John Myers manages to eventually get the 2 men back into the ring and this match is back underway!

Simeone hits a SFB for what he thought was the victory, only for Rampage to kick out! Rampage steps it up a gear and lands a Spinebuster for 2, he can't believe it! PILEDRIVER! 1....2....NO! Simeone kicks out of the Piledriver! Rampage starts to lose his head a little, Powerbomb! Rampage doesn't go for the cover! He stalks the Champion... Brainbuster from Rampage! Cover...1....2....3! Rampage is a 2 time 3CW Champion!

Rampage Brown defeated Davide Simeone in 15:24 by pinfall with a Brainbuster Suplex. Rampage Brown wins the 3CW Championship title.
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As witnessed at this months 3CW Free For All, Rampage is now a 2 time 3CW Champion, while this match was never originally planned for the event, the match was well received by those in attendance and praised backstage. As noted this match wasn't due to be booked for this event and fllowing James Oxtoby's error last month it knocked booking plans back a month in regards to Rampage, however while Davide Simeone was seen to have told Oxtoby off last month, the official is not due to be punished any further.

Harlem Bravado made a surprise and unadvertised appearance at Free For All, it is believed to have been a one time only deal, no word as to why Lance did not make an appearance.

The Free For All Rumble was deemed a massive success and officials were happy with how the older stars were received, the likes of Alex Shane and Sean David, 2 now retired wrestlers did well, with Shane clocking up the most eliminations. While Doug Williams may have won the event, he was no the original planned winner, as our source leaked copies of one of the shows scripts which showed Chris Whitton to be the original winner, with others having Takeshi Morishima as a potential winner. No word as yet to when Williams will use his title match.

Here is the entrance numbers of those in the match:
#1: El Ligero
#2: Martin Kirby
#3: Bubblegum
#4: William Grange Esq.
#5: Si Swan
#6: Doug Williams
#7: Jonny Storm
#8: Gabriel Kidd
#9: Kid Richie
#10: Joseph Conners
#11: Liam Thompson
#12: Chris Whitton
#13: Low-Ki
#14: Sean David
#15: Alex Shane
#16: Keith Myatt
#17: Grado
#18: Mark Sloan
#19: Takeshi Morishima
#20: Dragon Aisu
#21: Ollie Burns
#22: Mohammed Yone
#23: Amazing Red
#24: Joey Hayes
#25: Darkside
#26: Keith Lee
#27: Drake
#28: Mad Man Manson
#29: Prince Ameen
#30: Jody Fleisch

Dormo Dynasty have renewed their contracts to stay with 3CW for a further 3 years, this is big news for the company as Si Swan was due to retire last November, while Whitton and Richie were thought to be leaving the wrestling business in 2018.

Also renewing their contract this month was Gabriel Kidd, he has agreed a 1 year extension and 3CW officials are hopeful that Kidd can build this year to become a possible title winner.

Just to clarify on a rumour that has been tweeted to us quite a lot lately, 3CW has no plans to make a weekly return to shows like they had during their previous run, and the previous venue, North Ormesby Community Hall have told the company they are available for one off shows if they wished.

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Some news from 3CW today, several people have noted that Keith Lee's wrestler profile has been removed from the active roster page and placed into the alumni section.

Johnny Kidd has personally extended the contracts of Alex Shane and Jody Fleisch, Simeone was the one who brought them in, both for a one off appearance in the Free For All Rumble, however Kidd was impressed with Shane's backstage work during the event, and apparently believed Fleisch has enough about him to be a big part of the new look 3CW.

There's a big rumour flying around backstage that Simeone is looking to cut the 3CW wage bill as he looks to bring in a former 3CW champion, while there are a few names that spring to mind, none of our list seem realistic as many are out of the business or moved onto bigger and better things.


Team Dormanstown will defend their 3CW Tag titles in their toughest match yet as they take on current 3CW Champion Rampage and his partner T-Bone. While many may see this as strange, Rampage and T-Bone are former Tag champs in their own right, and were the longest reigning PCW Tag champs under their Team Single moniker.

While the Tag straps are on the line, Si Swan defends against Dormo Dynasty's first nemesis, Gabriel Kidd.
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In what can be considered a huge coup for 3CW, new GWA Champion Austin Aries will be making an appearance at 3CW Revival and will be bringing his GWA title with him!

When news broke backstage a lot of people put their names forward to be his challenger, however it is believed that Nathan Cruz will be given the chance to take the title from him.


The whole Damned Nation stable are due to appear and take on the team of Amir Jordan, Darkside, Jody Fleisch and Prince Ameen.

We haven't seen the Nation team together outside of tag matches between 2 of its members so we're not sure what to expect, but if history is to repeat itself then chaos is in order!
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