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GDS announces Finish Line Ultimate Racing

Published By: Arlie Rahn- Monday, September 29 2014

Ever wanted to own your own stock car racing team? Now you can with Finish Line Ultimate Racing, an in-depth text simulation from Grey Dog Software! Development has started on this unique sim, which will feature:

- Intricate, detailed driver and crew stats help dictate the outcomes.
- Play 2 ways: Use a randomly generated fictional race circuit, crew and drivers, or use player-made databases in the game.
- Attractive, bold and easy to use interface with music and sound put you right in the mood.
- Manage your budget, court sponsors and hire drivers and crew. Do it all!
- You can sim races quickly, or jump right in and view the races yourself, helping to make key decisions at important points.

Take the owner's chair with Finish Line Ultimate Racing, targeted for a late Winter release. To find out more about additional features, feel free to visit our forums.

Grey Dog Software announces price cut on Arcadia and Imperium!

Published By: Arlie Rahn- Friday, August 15 2014

Grey Dog Software has announced it is lowering the price of both Arcadia: Guild of Heroes and Imperium: Arena of Death to $14.95. This price reduction is intended to continue the growth of the Heroes/Arena genre and allow more fans the chance to check out both titles. The prices have been updated on our webstore for immediate purchase. If you would like to try either title, go ahead and down the free trials below:

Arcadia trial

Imperium trial

You can also download the full version games below and purchase via credit card:

Arcadia Full

Imperium Full

If you have any questions, feel free to visit our forums.



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