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Grey Dog Software Launches New Company and Website

Published By: Grey Dog Software- Tuesday, September 7 2004

Phoenix, AZ September 7th, 2004 - Grey Dog Software, LLC today announces the launch of its new website and product lineup. Critically acclaimed independent sports management developers Arlie Rahn (Total Pro Football, Tournament Dreams College Basketball), Gary Gorski (Total Pro Basketball), and Adam Ryland (Total Extreme Wrestling, Extreme Warfare series) team up to create a new software development company, Grey Dog Software, LLC. GDS will develop ground-breaking sports management simulations for the PC while leading the sport sim genre to new heights.

Total Pro Basketball 2005, developed by Gary Gorski, adds revolutionary features to the basketball management genre. With a state-of-the-art 2d engine and exceptionally accurate simulation engine, Total Pro Basketball 2005 tests your ability to run your franchise both on the court and off allowing for incredible depth and hours of challenging fun. Total Pro Basketball 2005 will prove to be the next step in sports management realism.

Grey Dog is proud to announce Total Pro Basketball 2005 has entered beta and is expected to release 4th quarter 2004.

Wrestling Spirit (WreSpi), created by Adam Ryland, takes its lead from its predecessor, Total Extreme Wrestling, and allows you to take control of the career of a professional wrestler, guiding his career through the world title wins, the tough matches, and the rivalries. WreSpi is due to release in the 4th quarter of 2004.

Grey Dog's website features contact information, press and news related items, game information, message forums, contests and weekly columns. Grey Dog is located at

GDS owner and programmer Arlie Rahn states, "As a developer for Grey Dog, I will produce games that both improve and innovate with each new version. My participation in Grey Dog will allow me the ability to maintain focus on making games as I continue to listen to the community and gain user feedback. This is a great situation and I look forward to the opportunity."

"To succeed you need people with similar goals and visions, creative enough to be able to visualize different paths to those goals and strong enough to put ego aside to agree on the best path," states Total Pro Basketball designer, Gary Gorski. "That's why I wanted to come here and work with Arlie and Adam. I look forward to the opportunity of working alongside GDS' developers in an environment that breeds success."

"I've always believed that there are three key elements in achieving this [a dynamic game world]: attention to detail, attention to feedback from the players themselves, and the willingness to be innovative; taking the risks and pushing the boundaries that allow you to find the spark that turns a good game into a great game, says Adam Ryland, Fighting Spirit designer. "I'm looking forward to the opportunity, and am happy to be part of a team that is going to be producing some amazing software over the coming years."

About Grey Dog
Grey Dog Software, LLC, a privately-held company based in Arizona, is a leading developer of sports management simulations for the PC. Grey Dog Software strives to provide ground-breaking features, enormous depth, and endless replayability with each game.