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Grey Dog Software Announces Wrestling Spirit 2 Demo

Published By: Tara Clover- Thursday, June 22 2006

In recognition of our Wrestling Spirit 2 upcoming June 29th release, Grey Dog is proud to present a Pre-Release Demo. Beginning today, players will be able to download and try out the entire game and be permitted to continuously repeat 1 month of career mode, or 25% of a league season.

Wrestling Spirit 2 is the sequel to "Wrestling Spirit: Rookie to Legend?, and is scheduled to be available for digital download exclusively through Grey Dog Software for U.S. $24.95

Wrestling Spirit 2, created by Adam Ryland, takes lead from its predecessor allowing players to take control of a wrestler, guiding his career through the world title wins, a competitive league, and all the rivalries. With improved graphics, innovative game play modes, and a fine-tuned AI, Wrestling Spirit 2 turns matches into a battle of wits, proving to be every thinking person?s fighting game.

You are able to download our free demo here. Please feel free to stop by our forums if you have any questions or would like to further discuss Wrestling Spirit 2.