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World of Mixed Martial Arts 3

World of Mixed Martial Arts 3 s the third game by developer Adam Ryland depicting the World of Mixed Martial Arts. In WMMA3, you to take control of an MMA company and run it the way you want; amongst other things, you get to decide who to hire, what matches will take place, and who doesn't make the cut! Can you make it to the top of the industry?

World of Mixed Martial Arts 3 is available for download and can be purchased for U.S. $24.95. For detailed instructions on purchasing the game, please head over to our purchasing page. If you would prefer to try out our demo first, travel on over to the Demo download page. You can review the WMMA3 FAQ, Features List, and Screenshots. For all of the latest updates, be sure to check out the WMMA3 News page.

If you have any questions about World of Mixed Martial Arts 3 we'll be happy to assist you on our Website Forums.