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Wrestling Spirit 2 Frequently Asked Questions

What style is the game?

WreSpi2 is primarily an in-depth wrestling match simulator, which has different modes that center on the actual fighting. These include an in-depth career mode where you control a specific wrestler through his entire career, and a league mode where you compete in an organized league of wrestlers.

Is this simply WreSpi with an upgrade?

No, this game has been programmed from scratch, taking into account the feedback from the first game, and ideas given on the various suggestions forums.

What new features does it contain?

See the WreSpi2 feature list.

What security will be used?

WreSpi2 will use ELicense, the same as all the other Grey Dog Software wrestling titles.

I have built up a huge resource of pictures and logos for the previous wrestling games, will these still be usable?

The sizes of the pictures (workers and logos) are the same in all the wrestling games, so everything you've collected can be used.

Will TEW2005 or WreSpi databases be able to be converted to WreSpi2?

A converter will be made available before the release. Some work will need to be done after the conversion, as many of the new stats have no equivalent in the older games.

Is the same team as Wrestling Spirit \ TEW2005 working on this game?

Yes, with a few new additions.

Will there be a trial?

Yes, there will be a trial version of the game.